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Group Name TapRead
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
12/05/19 The Divine Martial Stars c270
12/05/19 Reborn Girl’s New Life c126
12/05/19 Sovereign to Immortality c80
12/05/19 Full-time Anomaly c76
12/04/19 The Divine Martial Stars c269
12/04/19 Reborn Girl’s New Life c125
12/04/19 The Tale Never Ends c143
12/03/19 The Divine Martial Stars c268
12/03/19 Reborn Girl’s New Life c124
12/03/19 Sovereign to Immortality c79
12/03/19 Full-time Anomaly c75
12/02/19 The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess c169
12/02/19 The Divine Martial Stars c267
12/02/19 Reborn Girl’s New Life c123
12/01/19 The Divine Martial Stars c266
12/01/19 Reborn Girl’s New Life c122
12/01/19 The Tale Never Ends c142
12/01/19 Sovereign to Immortality c78
12/01/19 Full-time Anomaly c74
11/30/19 The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess c168
11/30/19 The Divine Martial Stars c265
11/30/19 Reborn Girl’s New Life c121
11/29/19 The Divine Martial Stars c264
11/29/19 Reborn Girl’s New Life c120
11/29/19 Sovereign to Immortality c77
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