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Group Releases
Date Title Release
10/18/19 Reign of the Phoenix c39
10/18/19 Sovereign to Immortality c56
10/18/19 Full-time Anomaly c52
10/18/19 Changning’s Imperial Army c76
10/17/19 Lady Su’s Revenge c58
10/17/19 The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess c146
10/17/19 Reborn Girl’s New Life c77
10/17/19 The Divine Martial Stars c221
10/17/19 Reign of the Phoenix c38
10/17/19 Changning’s Imperial Army c75
10/16/19 Lady Su’s Revenge c57
10/16/19 The Divine Martial Stars c220
10/16/19 Reborn Girl’s New Life c76
10/16/19 The Tale Never Ends c128
10/16/19 Reign of the Phoenix c37
10/16/19 Sovereign to Immortality c55
10/16/19 Full-time Anomaly c51
10/16/19 Changning’s Imperial Army c74
10/15/19 The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess c145
10/15/19 The Divine Martial Stars c219
10/15/19 Reborn Girl’s New Life c75
10/15/19 Reign of the Phoenix c36
10/15/19 Hunting for Love for 101 Times c56
10/15/19 Changning’s Imperial Army c73
10/15/19 Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy c56
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