Revenge of the First Daughter


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Yun Xiao used to be the Empress of this country, but she loses everything overnight. The Yun family has been accused of treason. Her mother commits suicide, her father executed, and all the servants are publicly beheaded. People tell her that she should be thankful that the Emperor didn’t kill her. Only she knows that their marriage was merely a business deal. She helped him to become the Emperor. But the first thing he did after he became the Emperor was to get rid of her. After being poisoned by her maid, she sinks into despair. However, she magically goes back to being 13 years old again. What will she do with this chance?

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ptaszek rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: c34
So, it looks like I'll be the first to write the review. First and foremost, the translation is awful. It is so bad my eyes and brains hurt when I'm trying understand what every second sentence is meant to mean. You should really consider whether you're ready to spend your time trying to discern who's talking and what gender the charachters are (and don't think your struggles will end here).

The beginning is very typical, with... more>>

malicious cousin who overthrew the MC and MC's family&child getting killed

The ML is introduced very soon, and he appears kinda adequate. Also the protagonist is not overpowered, has decent reactions and not too calm when she meets her enemies.
The thing that left me unsatisfied is that MC's schemes feel somehow unnatural and I also extremely disliked

that in 30th or so chapter another rebirthed person appeared, and I don't like seeing more than one transmigrator per story. Adding up, she hates MC for almost no reason at all, especially given the fact that she could've start fixing her own life and making sure she won't end up suffer grievances this life instead of randomly pestering MC

but it's me who doesn't like seeing this type of plot, it may be fine with you.

In general, I can't recommend it with the current translation quality on TapRead. If there's better version, it may or may not be worthy of your time. <<less
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Yoppo rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: c315
MC only relies on the strength of ML, thinks too much, the story goes round and round, the emperor is too s*upid in solving a case. The path of hatred from unclear characters, such as Xiao Yuqi and Huining, is exaggerating too much, after all, how could Xiao Yuqi's strength be almost equal to ML's strength, making it difficult to eradicate, when there is an opportunity not resolved, instead giving the opportunity to kill the MC, in essence, the MC is too weak, either in the plot or in strength,... more>> very bad, for some people who do not like twisted plots, and misunderstood love lines, this story is highly discouraged, I misread it, wasted my time. <<less
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