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Group Name TapRead
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
09/16/19 Sovereign to Immortality c40
09/16/19 An Exclusive love c244
09/16/19 Super Urban Master c244
09/16/19 The Transcendent Immortal c240
09/16/19 Supreme Emperor of Swords c240
09/16/19 Full-time Anomaly c36
09/16/19 Super Soldier c191
09/16/19 The Emperor Reigns Them All c191
09/16/19 The Devilish Immortal c191
09/16/19 Sweet Chief Secretary c244
09/16/19 The Best Actor’s Courtship: Miss Scriptwriter, Please Love... c240
09/16/19 Give Me Your Hands and Marry Me c240
09/16/19 The King of Special Warfare c240
09/16/19 Cyber Ghosts c131
09/16/19 Changning’s Imperial Army c44
09/16/19 Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy c35
09/15/19 Amazing Doctor With Super Vision c144
09/15/19 Don’t Heal the Others c153
09/15/19 The Fantastic Super Vision c153
09/15/19 Immortality Cultivation Era c161
09/15/19 The Venerable Swordsman c153
09/15/19 Lady Su’s Revenge c35
09/15/19 Destined Wife: The Apple of My Eye c161
09/15/19 Top Furious Doctor Soldier c161
09/15/19 The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess c130
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