Limitless Sword God


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Su Yun was a prodigy who was blessed by the gods. However, life was not always so smooth sailing. After reaching the 6th stage in the Spirit Novice Realm, his progress stagnated due to having incurred a rare medical condition.

A few years went by, and Su Yun spent all his time gambling and drinking, wasting his youth away, but one day everything changed. Qing Er, the only one who stood by him, was forced by her clan to be a sacrificial bride for someone she didn’t love, only to be executed by the groom on the wedding night for fleeing. Revengeful, he scoured the world for a cure for his rare medical condition from both the righteous and villainous sides.

Countless years go by, and Su Yun not only finds a way to cure his rare condition but also gains immense knowledge of a myriad of martial techniques in the process.

But before he could fully cure himself, he receives news that the groom had suffered an assault that damaged his internal organs. Rather than wait for decades to become fully cured, Su Yun decided to hatch a plan for the assassination of the groom. Unfortunately, he underestimated the strength of the groom’s family and was killed instead.

Then he regains consciousness. He comes to a realization that he had been taken back to 15 years in the past. This time, he vows to protect Qing Er, first curing his rare medical condition. Will he learn from the mistakes of his previous life or will everything still be set in stone?

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Ultimate God of Swords
Wu Ji Jian Shen
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
May 2, 2016
Status: --
Ill have to give this story 2 stars. The Main Character is incredibly selfish and he realizes this himself. With the excuse of protecting everyone.

-Things are not well thought

-The writing is not bad but so-so

... more>> He is beyond reckless and is not the strategy or smart type. He just moves without thinking.

The Harem is not bad. Good Heroines with their own personalities and the moments with the MC are very heartwarming and epic. Quin Er and Xu Yue and the Immortal Goddess. The circumstances and situations with each one of them are good ideas but its not used to its full potential.

He meets the immortal Goddess in a disguise. But c’mon make use more of the idea! Not just “oh its her ill just be on my way then”. Quin Er is very interesting and caring and to much for her own good. I like the fact that she’s cold as stone and a very complicated character with so much potential not being used! Xu Yue. Well she’s just there, sometimes it feels that she should be Quin Er instead because she’s been with the MC a lot more since the beginning.

And yes there is NTR. But you can justify his choice


She was a mass murderer after all and he was trying to get stronger. You can tell she’s already fallen for him since he did that. I still simply just don’t like the Author ways of doing things. You could had made him gain her abilities in a cooler way you know? Lets not forget she has a body of a 13 year old and called “beautiful”


-There’s a lot of corny moments

All he brings back from his previous life is “Knowledge” I really like that but the way it was written you’d think he was OP in the end of his first life. Even the way he died was s*upidly reckless. I really wish the Author was more clearer in the beginning.

I really like the fact that he uses his knowledge that he learned in his previous life. And I like the fact he uses Demon techniques to defeat Humans and even Demons themselves. But again hes reckless and doesn’t think through it most of the time. He is like s*upid dog who keeps biting things bigger then him. Since Chapter 1 he spills important secrets and is way to open! He should had just wag his tail and pretend to be ignorant and let his family underestimate him. Not very intillegent just desperate to change fate and gain power even if its through evil deeds. He realizes this himself. He doesn't care how many sins he's committing as long as he can save her. Its like a Robber justifying robbing a Bank just for the sake of his poor family. I don't like that. Don't try to justify your deeds. But at least he admits what he is doing. In truth he can be a even better character, he even stopped drinking and helped the Immortal Goddess from being scam. He even hugged the girl he r*ped at the very end... even so I hate how he is a huge hypocrite. In the end its not for Quin Er but to benefit him


The story is a good time waster and I’d recommend it if you like Wuxias but don’t choose if your looking for something serious.

I enjoyed some moments but I really wished it was more well written and well thought of. So much potential not being used is disappointing. <<less
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watny rated it
May 10, 2016
Status: --
This novel is about he who was once a genius at young age but when became ten years old he stop leveling, he started gambling and drinking and the only family he had supported him with all her monthly allowance. She was married off by their clan but she tried to escape from her husband clan but was killed. Her death cause the Main character to wake up take revenge for her by going on a ten year journey around the world to try to cure his leveling problem. He... more>> learn many things, like how to make medicine, alchemy, evil arts, and more. When he heard that husband of the person he loved was sick, he thought it was the best time to kill him but the clan was too strong, he got killed then he was reborn to when he was 18 years old. He made a vow that he would do anything for the people he loved. UnknownSaint171 review was that the main character was selfish and reckless and not the strategy type. I have to disagree with you. The main character is not selfish because he is willing to take the risks to gain power for his love one. You must remember in his first life he was so hopeless he couldn't save anyone he loved. That event hurt him mentally, when he trains he doesn't stop, he keeps training days at a time. There was one time that he train for almost 2 months at mountain but stop because his family summon him from a talisman (like a pager that was big in the 80s)

The MC is not just the reckless type but he does plan and moves while thinking. UnknownSaint171 if he moved without thinking then the MC would have died a long time ago. A Strategy is not always perfect because if it was then that mean he could see in the future. By the MC thinking when his strategy doesn't go his way, it always works out and he is always calm (he is the wise type).


dawn_ you give this novel a rating of one star because the MC r*pe the fox woman for more power. Haha, The main reason he r*pe her wasn't for more power but he had to because if he killed her, then her sect would cause trouble for him and his love ones, so because she had a special body, that if one r*pe her then she can't kill him or she would mess up her cultivation.

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keklel rated it
May 3, 2016
Status: c1191

I want to rate this 3.5 stars but can't so I'll round up to 4.

The good thing about this novel is the imaginative setting and the expansiveness of the world, as well as the OP as f*ck bullsh*t abilities that come out of the cultivators' ass every so often. This is both a blessing and a curse because these OP as f*ck bullsh*t abilities would come back to bite the story in the ass later on when they'd be very helpful and the author conveniently forgets about them.

One time the MC spared some cultivator's son and was granted the ability to read people's memories provided that they cooperated with him. HE NEVER USED IT. NOT EVEN ONCE. IT WAS NEVER MENTIONED IN THE STORY AGAIN. I want to ask the author WHY WOULD YOU INTRODUCE AN ABILITY IN A STORY, AND THEN NEVER MENTION IT EVER AGAIN. Here's a tip: If it's not essential, don't include it in the story. Including such an OP as f*ck bullsh*t ability in the story is basically saying "use me! use me!" and then to never ever mention it again, well that's just f*cking lazy writing. Especially since later (like hundreds of chapters later) on the MC gets an even more OP memory reading ability that doesn't even require the target to cooperate at all (and in fact low-level targets won't even know that they had their memories read) and can be done remotely instead of having to touch the person's head.

Another time (chapter 769) the MC acquired a mirror (回天镜) that can literally RESURRECT THE DEAD. By that I mean it can bring back those who had their souls destroyed (in the story, if your soul is intact you can just prepare another body. but if your soul is destroyed then you're really dead). There were no limitations described whatsoever, the ONLY problem mentioned in the story was that he had to acquire it from the Single Greatest Sect (太一门). NO COSTS OR LIMITATIONS WERE MENTIONED WHATSOEVER. He literally just had to use it and it would bring back the dead. No costs or limitations. HE ONLY EVER USED IT ONCE AND IT WAS NEVER EVER MENTIONED EVER AGAIN, EVEN WHEN IMPORTANT CHARACTERS DIED. Just what the f*ck is the author smoking. If it's single-use item at least say that. But the author never said that. He just said that the MC used it and then never mentions it ever again. For all we know the MC still has the mirror and just forgets to use it like a ret*rd. Also, the author never said that only one resurrection item exists, so even if the mirror can only be used once the MC should still look for other similar items. But nope. When the demon elder died (one of the most important characters who helped out the MC on numerous occasions and cared deeply for him and is like a parent to the MC) the MC grieves for a bit and then that's it. No mention of any attempt to resurrect him or anything even though the MC has previously resurrected people who had their soul destroyed before (Huai Rou Mu Yu). Is this cheap drama or what? Once you bring the power of resurrection into a story, you can't just take it away. With a ridiculously OP item like the resurrection mirror the MC should not be afraid of anyone dying on him as he could just resurrect them whenever he wanted without any cost or limitations.

Another item mentioned is a token that allows INSTANT COMMUNICATION ACROSS MULTIPLE REALMS. He used it multiple times in the story early on to communicate with his sect in the demon realms and later on (past like chapter 1000 or so) it was NEVER MENTIONED EVER AGAIN. Even when his sect in the celestial realm was under attack and they really needed his help they just shrugged and was like "oh sh*t we're under attack guess we're f*cked now". They didn't even send a messenger to the MC or anything. It's like. Oh the MC isn't here? guess we're f*cked. yeah he's away and it would be really nice to have his help but... what? notifying him? that's crazy. what's a communication token? never heard of it. Even though the MC used it multiple times in the past WITH THE EXACT SAME SECT (the true demon sect). It's really f*cking s*upid how the author creates pointless drama by having all the characters suddenly forget about the existence of items that had been repeatedly used previously. Just really dumb.

There's another item that can INSTANTLY TELEPORT EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE REALM TO THE ITEM'S CURRENT LOCATION. The MC only used it once and it was never mentioned ever again.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. There are so many different bullsh*t hax powers in the story that common sense logic no longer applies to it. In the story magic to instantly find a person's location NO MATTER WHERE HE IS is commonplace, with the result that hiding is no longer possible. There is magic that can read people's minds. There is magic that can tell you exactly what happened at a place, just like replaying a video. You can trace the residual magical energy left by a person to know exactly which sect he came from. With this kind of magic being abundant, common sense in our world no longer applies. Sneak attacks should not even be possible anymore and yet the MC somehow carries out multiple sneak attacks without using any special magic whatsoever and still manages to not get caught. It's just ridiculous.

This is not even the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is that the MC is rash and hot-headed. On multiple occasions he kills people even while knowing that it wasn't the best choice. For example in competitions, killing was forbidden but he kills people during competitions anyway and gets disqualified. Why didn't he just wait until the competition was over and then kill them? Because "hurr they want to kill me so I have to kill them no matter what I'm a moron and can't wait 2 minutes to kill them when it's safe have to kill them now no matter what". What a dumbass.

After his teacher got killed while protecting him, he immediately activates his treasure's power to go back to kill the person who caused his teacher's death even though it would place him in great danger. This is especially dumb because it had absolutely no benefit for him (nor his teacher) and it was purely to vent his rage, and it almost jeopardized his long term objectives. When you consider that the reason the MC died in his previous life was because he went to avenge Qing Er before fully scouting out the enemy's abilities then the actions he takes in this life are especially ridiculous. A lot of battles he fights later on, especially against Xian Ting (Celestial Court?), are like this:

1. New enemy appears before MC. MC has no idea what the enemy is capable of.
2. MC rushes at enemy blindly.
3. Enemy uses some bullsh*t power like reverse time and f*cks up the MC.
4. Suddenly some deus ex machina appears and saves MC's ass
5. MC gets into even more trouble because of this later on

This kind of thing happens repeatedly. It's like the MC just doesn't learn. How hard is it to first find out the enemy's abilities before attacking? Especially since later on MC has the OP-as-f*ck mind-reading ability which literally allows him to read anyone's memories he wants, remotely. He never ever uses this ability to find out about someone's abilities before fighting them. He only used it on people he captured, even though there's literally nothing preventing him from just using it offensively since it was used against him offensively to great effect.

I'm giving this a 4 because the world is imaginative and expansive and the harem was pretty cute. I think he tried to make it believable even though it isn't really. I mean he r*ped the fox girl and then she fell in love with him even though she swore to kill him at the time. That's just unbelievable to me. And the merchant girl who fell in love with him, that felt a bit forced as well, not to mention the sect elder. It was also never explained why Qing Er went through so much for him even 1191 chapters into the story. Maybe it would be explained later on but I just can't be bothered to read it at this point I'm falling asleep while reading.

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Slimikyi rated it
December 12, 2015
Status: --
I saw the fairly okay rank and a few people mentioning it in the forum and so, I decided to give it a try. I read the raws and read up to Chapter 110 or so.

It’s a very standard "xianxia-style" novel:

You got your protagonist who is OP in one way or another.

... more>> You got your protagonist with some powerful artifacts.

You got your reincarnation to the past with a vengeful past.

You got your reincarnated protagonist with a ridiculous library of knowledge.

You got a lame ranking/level system.

You got the childhood friend (girl). The question is does she stay?

You got the harem candidates. The question is how big of a role do they play?

I can probably list more but I am lazy.

The premise is mentioned by others, so I won’t dig too deep into it. But I will outright say that this novel is not very... innovative, unique or anything like that. His most OP skill, which is the ability to control many swords, is rather mundane and very boring. It’s one of those ideas/themes that often occurs in Wuxia novels. The ability to control swords such that they can flight and be manipulated at a very fast speed is supposed to be the strongest skill of all time (or something like that). So, anyone with a Chinese novel background will see that this is not attractive at all. If you put it into superpower terms, it’s just telekinesis but limited to only controlling swords instead of random objects.

The vast knowledge that the protagonist has is ridiculous.


What the author is telling us is that within that 15 years he tried to cure himself, he went around the whole country/continent learning new things. And somehow, he is able to rival the #2 doctor in some really famous valley when he only supposedly stayed for a “short time”. And afterwards, he went to the demon continent and able to learn some of the strongest magic circles just like that? I mean, what about working from the lowest rank and up? You know? Him, being the weakest piece of sh*t ever, won’t be recognized by anyone. Even if you say that he gained some knowledge/talent here and there, you still need a ton of time to master it before he’s useful. And let’s remember that out of those 15 years, he spent 3-4 of those doing nothing. He only snapped out of being useless when his childhood maid died.

As for the protagonist’s personality, it’s likable. Who doesn’t like a badass protagonist that doesn’t mind doing whatever he needs to “protect” his loved ones? He’s viscous and smart. He’s also rather selfish to his goals. But he’s also fairly “fair”. If you help him, he’ll help you. But if you’re his enemy, he won’t help you as much (he’ll still help if you did, just not much). He’ll only kill if you want to kill him; else, he’ll just beat you up.

The author previously wrote a lot of web novels that are in a game setting. And he brings it into this novel. This novel is item based. You want to get stronger? Eat a lot of magical fruit or something that’ll boost your power. You want to master a certain skill? Eat a lot of magical fruits or something and you’ll be able to learn faster. You want an instant boost? Go buy a bunch of ingredients and use it as part of a magic circle. See the common denominator? MONEY. This is a “pay to win” novel. If you can get your hands on a lot of money, resources or whatever, you’ll become the strongest dude ever. If you like this kind of getting stronger, you’ll like it. If you like the ones that go on an adventure and gets stronger due to their own selves, you might not like this as much.

I do understand that I'm complaining about most of this genre.

In short, if you’re looking for a very typical "Xianxia-style" novel, this is not a bad one. Don’t expect a lot though, as there are many “forced” plots/situations and many parts that aren’t well written/conceived. <<less
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krakers rated it
May 28, 2016
Status: --
Guys this novel is great on it's own way. I like the mc's attitude, it's unique and fresh.
1. He's not arrogant or humble. He acts according to circumstances.
2. He focuses on his single goal and all other things are trivial.
3. He's firm with his resolve. Other reviews say that he is wrong in raping that fox girl., he really did wrong but so what? He needs to become stronger, his goal is to save his love one. Does he need to care about every single people? Not... more>> to mention the girl herself killed people for her own interest and protection. Su Yun just did the same concept. It is her fault for not being the main character but at least she is destined to be a waifu.
4. He is OP and fortunate but he knows how to distinguish what to do and what not to. He is not like those shitty hero whana be, he's not putting himself in other people's business except if it will benefit.
The novel is descent and currently it is moving the proper pathway. Read and enjoy!!! <<less
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Hitexh rated it
November 11, 2016
Status: c205

I have to say that I was expecting a good moment when Su Yun make his enemies And fiance regret, but only to find a better flow of story and harem relations. Forget about his fiance, the way this Su Yun become like superhero who remain lowkey and consider weak actually using mask to become batman is really interesting. Not all his enemies has to die, especially when they know how to back out.

His harem is interesting, im more into the one he r*ped. But Qing Er is also a good choice. I feel bad for the third elder though after being reject by MC. She is not smart enough to be on par with MC. But with these 3 girl, the harem turn out to be very refreshing.

I also want to point out that the summary should tell reader that MC actually not wasting 15 years being useless drunkard. He is actually become a spirit doctor and demon array master. So after rebirth, he can now build strength. Guys this novel is not worse than TDG and any other rebirth novel.

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Astaroth rated it
July 2, 2016
Status: c126
I give up.

I used to be super hype for this novel, so many great ideas.

But nope. All the MC know is how to be reckless and get cold sweats when he luckily survives time after time again of making half-assed plans which always involves a mix of getting his ass saved, overestimating himself, underestimating his opponents, and plain dumb luck.

And he could become a demon disciple or whatever and walk around freely in the "demon world" and even learn their super powerful secret techniques and formations in his previous life... more>> as a "tr*sh" who lost his talents. But for some reason he absolutely can't take Su Qing'er and his two friends from the Su family and get the f*ck out of there because Su Qing'er thinks that she has to stay in the Su family to protect the MC, Su Yun...

It's long overdue that I dropped this novel, hopefully I can come back and binge read this next year but I'm not optimistic. <<less
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Llamia rated it
April 4, 2016
Status: --
I give this a 5/5. I don’t agree with the review of dawn_, so if it spurs you off, please read my spoiler.

... more>>

The “heroine” would be pitiable if she wasn’t such a murderous woman. She killed a ton of people just to obtain something. She has no problems with threatening innocent people to get what she wants from the MC. She’s psychotic in a way. Before the r*pe, they do portray her as more human and as an innocent girl, but in the end all her promises to not kill him are lies. You can tell from her personality. The only way out was to make it so that she couldn’t kill him (i.e r*pe). You’ll understand when you read. You will feel a little sorry for her, but you also have the feeling that she brought it on herself. Her words cannot be trusted. She’s deceitful and murderous. I honestly didn’t even think of her as a possible heroine because of her personality. Her personal story is a sad, but ultimately she is not a good person.

Sounds like I'm justifying r*pe, but I'm justifying his choice to take the only route in which they both survive. Otherwise, he'd have to kill her. He did get benefits though to make him stronger, but meh. I'm content with the outcome.
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Araragi Koyomi
Araragi Koyomi rated it
February 13, 2016
Status: --
*read till chapter 63 as of time of review *

Like the others said this is indeed like TDG

But what makes it different is the Protagonist and how maybe he wont be tied down by his feelings to just one girl but that is just hypothesis.

... more>> What really makes this series shine for me is that the Protag is in life and death situations and unlike some other MCs out there he instead plans ahead for his actions And knows there will be consequences.

Even tough his unique power might be OP its not like he could just kill everyone he wants in one go

The part about the MC thinking through all of his actions and deriving a good strategy is what makes this shine for me, 5 of 5 rating from me. <<less
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Legalt rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: c350
***Update at c350***
This novel is still really great and interesting to me. Just like anything, peoples opinions and tastes differ. Someone who's new-ish or has only read stuff like HSSB, Emperor's Domination. Coiling Dragon or any IET novel or Er Gen novels will probably be unsatisfied with most CNs because of a few very high quality ones... But to people like me who're reading dozens of different CNs, I would think that we look at things a bit differently. If you've read dozens, like me, you know you've seen... more>> your really low tier ones, but we still read them because we love this genre. As someone who's read so much, Limitless Sword God is in the upper tier of this genre. My reviews on other novels are very similar as I only really write one for those I like and feel had a "meh" rating or barely any reviews at the time... Like this one. LSG always manages to hold my interest and keep me wanting to come back. Everything about it is truly better than most of those in this genre, at least at this point.

Even though this is a review and me trying to convince you to read this, try not to listen to these that much. If you like the tags, try it out regardless of everything else. Dislike the r*pe tag? I wrote about it below, but I'll still talk about it here. I absolutely hate r*pe in any form, but I still thoroughly enjoy LSG. It was far, far less infuriating compared to others I've dropped because of that. The situation sucked and it did irritate me, but it was something that was "justified?". It wasn't like others where they would r*pe someone for some like Netori sh*t or someone innocent or some kind of pretty grievance... A small spoiler

It was someone pretty "evil" and trying to kill the MC. Instead of him killing her off, he forces himself on her because of a certain situation. She lives and they both heavily benefit from what happened.

Anyway, as you can see from the tags, they also become lovers. I said this below, but she's definitely very interesting and a great character. She's not just discarded and never to return. Imo, all of the love interests are interesting and great characters. LSG has some of the best character development I've read in this genre and it's not limited to just the MC and his love interests.

Listen, just try this one out. And do the same with other novels. Reviews aren't everything. Something that's a 5* you might dislike and something that's 3* you'd love. Look at the tags more than anything :D.


*Updated for current chapters (264) since I caught up. Opinions still hold!

*Caught up at 296 now. Still the same opinion. This story has just been really holding my interest. I'm reading a ton of different Xianxia/Xuanhuan etc novels and not many make we wanna come back and catch up when there aren't many chapters piled up, but this is one of them, and LSG shares this excitement with great novels like LXY, Emperor's Domination, Swallowed Star, TTNH, Invincible Conqueror, etc etc. It really even surprises me that a novel under 4 stars on here can hold me so much. Like I'll say in my review below, definitely give this story a shot, especially if you like most of the tags.

Not REAAALLY an in depth review, but I honestly really like this one. I'm reading/read a lot of different Xianxia/Xuanhuan/etc novels and LSG is one of the few that I really look forward to reading when chapters pile up.

My biggest concern when coming into this was the r*pe tag, but it's honestly not that bad at all. It was pretty "justified" I guess. r*pe is a HUGE turn off for me and can make me literally drop a novel because of it (didn't try to continue reading MGA for a LONG time), but it's really nowhere as bad as other sh*t I've read (imo obviously). **r*pe tag is gone as of now, and it makes sense. It's very minor as far as I'm concerned since it's NOWHERE near MGA levels of that bullshit.

MC is like most reincarnated/second chance MCs, personality wise, but that just makes me like him even more. I just love when you get a more mature and knowledgeable MC compared to the usual (which LSG does right imo). He can definitely be a bit rash when things stir his emotions, but it's a CN, comon. The MC and his interactions with his "harem?" and side characters have been really great so far. Not to mention his "harem?" so far has been waaay more interesting than other novels, and is actually refreshing tbh. I especially like

The girl that was r*ped, as weird as it may sound. Like I said above, the r*pe isn't as bad as people make it out to be, seriously, and nowhere close to as bad as other novels. Anyway, I quite like her and her interactions with Su Yun. They have the most complex relationship compared to the others and I just really like their interactions. Very refreshing haha.

This is definitely better than a lot of Xuanhuan in that regard.

The story has been really fun to me and hasn't dimmed my interest even in the 264 chapters I've read so far and I love it. Cultivation is typical, but MCs speed is pretty slow for a while, but it's not a big deal at all. His past (being second chance and all) is a cool part of the story. It obviously won't last forever, as he wasn't like some omnipotent/omniscient existence (Emperor's Domination style) in his past life, but it has definitely been a good foundation for things. He has some solid expertise in stuff, but he doesn't know everything and hasn't been everywhere, and the latest chapter's have really started to open up the possibilities of things, especially his abilities, which seems like it'll be interesting.

Point is, it's a good read and I've liked it a lot so far. Obviously I'm not sure how it'll hold up with it being 1500+ chapters, but yeah. The tags are accurate and if most of those appeal to you, definitely check this out. The 3.9 rating doesn't do it any justice imo because there are MANY novels out there that are worse. If it's like 3.5 or below, that's when I start worrying a bit. It's a Xuanhuan, how high of a rating are you expecting? It won't always be as fresh and exiting as the first few you've read (but I still love this one).

And again, if the r*pe tag bothers you, please still give this a shot if you like the other tags. For real. <<less
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fallen dust
fallen dust
May 11, 2016
Status: --
Average story. Average plot. Translation quality is not that good and sometimes it quite confusing.

... more>>

The MC is slightly not that s*upid and he’s a genuine rapist. The first of his kind. In most novels the MCs commit r*pe accidentally (?) but this guy did it on his own will to gain more power. Some people tried to justify this r*pe by portraying the female as ruthless and evil but when I read the chapters couldn’t find anything evil about her. Yes, she killed a lot of people and is ruthless but the ones she killed were the real evil people and the scene with the massacred villagers was just an illusion to trick that female elder who helped kill her master so I found nothing wrong either.

Yes, she was trying to kill MC. So, in turn the MC should have just killed her too. Also, it wasn't sure that she would have killed him. Some even called her a villain too. But the way I see it something like r*pe is something only a low quality villain would do.

So I can’t believe how some people can be so hypocritical justify this act by making themselves believe that the female was evil and was a villain.

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eveneel2 rated it
January 20, 2016
Status: --
Awesome series! If you like a bit of fresh air from normal xianxia novels then this is a good one to pick. Although it is still building up to the good parts, the way it was translated helps keep the reading nice and smooth. However, I do hope that more action takes place soon, but that is probably just the arc atm.
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1234gary rated it
February 10, 2018
Status: c433
This novel should be renamed Limitless Rapist Gods because every male except for the MC acts like a horny rapist doing drugs. Oh wait, the MC is a rapist too. At least his r*pe was justified! /S

Jokes aside, the MC is impressively ret*rded for a second chance novel. He's impulsive and often pure luck gets him out of his dumb shit. Its no wonder he was such a failure. I'm not even sure why this even started with a second chance premise, as it only changed the MC from an... more>> absolute ret*rd to a ret*rd who happens to stumble on impressive luck completely unrelated to his first life.

Writing 1/5

Enjoyment 2/5 <<less
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renecop545 rated it
July 19, 2016
Status: c135
Poorly written, but has a popular premise (tr*sh returns to to a previous part of his life and redos it over). Good for killing time, but not much else.
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Rouge Asura
Rouge Asura rated it
January 20, 2016
Status: --
Different kind of storyline with exciting fights. And translator is doing his best. Can’t comment on whole story at this point. But I think it would build up into a good story. Read if you like xianxia with ‘ I don’t care about consequences’ type MC.
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kekkojoker90 rated it
January 19, 2016
Status: --
A good series. Probably need some more originality because has many clichè but the overall balance is good.
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BusyBee rated it
November 22, 2015
Status: --
Smart MC, Comedy, and no harem tag. +5 in my book.
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Eaglearcher rated it
August 15, 2016
Status: c150
As of Ch. 150, I say this one is pretty fun. MC is like a superhero with dual identity. He's pretty powerful but he's not untouchable, so there's some suspense there. But he's more of an anti-hero, he's fiercely loyal to his friends, but doesn't give a crap about others unless it benefits him (well... usually. There are moment of kindness here and there). It was a good binge reading.
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Kaishou rated it
August 11, 2016
Status: c147
As of chapter 147,

This novel is one of the few that are at the top of my list. I really enjoy the fact that desite being reborn the MC actually doesnt know much about the events that are going to transpire which leads to him having to figure things out him self. The premise itself of him doing everything in order to save the main female character really justify's everything he does. Kill the young master? R*pe a potential killer? Kill your own clansman? Nothing is off limits because... more>> it is all for the one person he cares about!

Love it <<less
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chipum2 rated it
January 19, 2016
Status: --
Good reading, Regular chapter releases makes this one of my favorite Web Novels. The storyline doesn’t drag along or make repeated comments about the same thing in chapter after chapter as so many Web Novels do. Only thing I have a problem with is waiting to read the next chapter. The Rating on this page wouldn't allow me to vote but I give this story a 4 1/2 star rating.
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