A Cheeky Kendo God


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An ordinary juvenile who just wants to eat and drink by cheating. An Archaic Divine sword. An impressive and sacrificing love.Wu Chi never knew what kendo was,but his whole life was the legend of kendo. He has never been graceful, but destined to be a most unusual and quite individual man! He was called a shameless swordsman, but he was very strong. He was born for the sword, mad for the sword!

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Sean Gilbert
New Sean Gilbert rated it
March 16, 2019
Status: --
it's nice, thank's for your chaper, I played five stars because

The feeling of propagating the plot is particularly active. Many places are very detailed and very colorful, but the explosion after the suppression is very smooth, and people have a different sense of oppression, and there should be a lot of people accepting. The most surprising is the author's new cultivation system and realm. Different from other fantasy novels.
Heart abuse's novel
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New MariaRSegura rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: c8
I have now updated to Chapter 8, I just finished reading. But NU has not been updated yet.
I see this novel en spoilers and read the raw, I'm soooo happy someone is translating this. To people that hate lolicons, I dont know if this is in the tipical loliconmania novel with hecchi touch. ML began to love MC early, but the puberty hit him hard, and he is a little possesive, but he's resolute to not touch MC till she has grown, and taking notice that MC lookls like7... more>> and is an inmortal, ML mught have to wait at least 100 years. The truth the series is super funny, about a master that inside of 200 years and behave and looks like 7 years. And a ML that is the discipul and is the adult that want to protect the master against her rectless actions. Maybe sound dull but the nivel is really good and funny。Looking forward to the follow-up chapters,hope。 <<less
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