Path to Heaven


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Wei Suo, a low level cultivator from the Spirit Peak City was scammed in a transaction. He ended up purchasing a damaged low level magical treasure. However, this worthless damaged magical treasure had an artifact spirit that already lived for several tens of thousands of years… On top of that, compared to several tens of thousands of years ago, many of the rare and sparse things were abundant now.

The first thing Wei Suo discovered was that the materials used to make a Fire Talisman that was worth half a Low Quality Spiritual Stone were extremely abundant now.

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The Road To Heaven (Manhua)
Thông Thiên Chi Lộ
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NoobaLoob rated it
December 19, 2016
Status: c62
Alright. I got over the s*upid as sh*t incident with the MC peeing all over the face of the old man/artifact spirit. It was a moronic act in which no sane person would do - but whatever, I powered through it.

Why did I drop the book 60 chapters later?

... more>>

“Holy f*ck, are you kidding? She’s truly willing to do that to survive?”

Wei Suo was dumbstruck by the fact that the yellow clothed young woman across from the full bearded cultivator, in order to survive at this crucial moment, was actually really stripping off her clothes one by one.

In merely a short moment, this yellow clothed young woman had taken off all of her clothes. Her white, smooth and soft b**bs and a mysterious black color underneath her belly were all exposed before Wei Suo and the full beard’s eyes.

Facing this sort of woman, Wei Suo became unhurried to act.

After all, if he was to wait for the full bearded cultivator to start his battlefield operation, the success rate of him killing the full beard would be even higher

The full bearded cultivator seemed to be extremely satisfied with the yellow clothed young woman’s figure. “Your sister, remove this light cover of yours. Also, turn around for me. Lay on that large piece of stone over there and face your bu*t toward me.”

The yellow clothed young woman who had completely disregarded shame turned around in an extremely obedient manner. She placed her two hands on the large piece of stone that the full bearded cultivator mentioned and made a posture that caused Wei Suo’s blood to pump a lot stronger.


First off, the MC had already killed like 6 of these bad guys friends on his way to this scene (one of which was a realm higher than him, these 2 guys are just 1 level higher than him), he was completely hidden with numerous powerful artifacts which would make this a non fight - he literally has an artifact to spray needles in these peoples eyes....

Yet what does he do? he lets the girl get killed. Oh he thought she was just going to be r*ped? Oh that's fine I guess..

Wait, no it's not. Not only does he let the girl get r*ped (to his 'credit' he didn't know they were just going to kill her) he even talks about her shame? f*ck you author..

I am a straight adult male. I have obviously never been in a situation where I would choose to be r*ped or die, but I think I would be getting r*ped given the choice between the 2. Is that shameful? no.. and to try and act like it is, is rage inducing to me.

I just read this scene, maybe I'm a little angry, but I wish I could punch this author in his round Chinese face..

I also wanted to add, besides the scene mentioned above, this novel does not deserve 4-5 stars. The MC is an ungrateful person, quick to anger when something doesn't go his way even though he's been handed a golden spoon with the old man/artifact spirit.

He does not deserve his good luck, he did not suffer greatly or pay dearly to get what he has. Since the beginning of the novel he has been on super easy-streak going from rank 2 to rank 4 (Realms in this series only have 5 ranks each) in like 2 months. He practices a low level spirit art that his parents left him, it wasn't low level+strange it was just low level, yet magically the artifact spirit gave him some pills to make it basically not matter what level the art is.

I don't think the MC has grown at all, it's just by chapter 62 he has friends. He isn't bloodthirsty or crooked, which is why it infuriated me that the author shoe-horned in the part about the girl giving up her 'shame'. And it even gave a line that the MC get turned on slightly by the scene.. what the hell man.. <<less
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acoleman2 rated it
June 20, 2016
Status: c15
I had to put this down, I couldn't take the MC anymore. The premise of the story isn't bad, but that MC is so annoying. He has no self control, he is like the class clown that doesn't realize no one is laughing at his jokes but him. It's completely unrelatable. If you've ever babysat for a particularly obnoxious third grader, that's what it feels like to read this.
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keklel rated it
November 22, 2016
Status: c1286
Updated review: 4.5 stars for first half, 3.8 stars for second half.


- Overall a quite forgettable work.
- Okay first half, boring second half.
- No interesting characters or events. Quite cliched.
- Happily ever after ending though lots of loose ends.
- Nothing particularly memorable (unlike the first half of TTNH).


- The author doesn't forget about any of the characters important to the MC, in fact all of them stay with the MC through to the end. His harem doesn't grow beyond 5 people which was a pleasant surprise since it was already getting pretty unmanageable at that size.

- Cultivation scenes are pretty short and there aren't many of them. Any cultivation sequences are at most 1-2 paragraphs long, nothing like in other works where you have entire chapters describing cultivation.
- Exposition is handled quite well. We don't get entire chapters of pure exposition, at most a character will have 1-2 paragraphs of exposition which is usually central to the plot. Crucial details are usually revealed in the nick of time so as to not bore the reader.
- Story arcs aren't overly long. Nothing too dragged out.
- For the first half of the story (first few hundred chapters at least), most of the main characters are have unique personalities and feel like real people.

- TTNH I feel is a very comparable novel - excellent start, boring towards end. I feel like forcing the MC into nonstop battles in both novels is just a bad idea in general and makes things predictable and boring. The replacement of exploration with fighting is also a sign that the author has ran out of ideas and that the novel world has begun to implode. Writing a good ending is never easy but resorting to cliched tropes like suddenly aliens doesn't quite cut it.

- At parts it felt like the author was just making sh*t up as he went along. Like the extraterrestrial demons for example, it was such an obvious asspull when aliens suddenly invaded earth and the MC had to battle all the aliens by himself near the end. There was no foreshadowing or even hints at the existence of aliens beforehand so it was just completely random. Similarly just random OP demons and monsters popping out of f*cking nowhere and we just have the author's word that "this one is the last of the demon race!" and then another one pops up a few hundred chapters later. Such bullshit.
- Main character turns less intelligent and more white-knighty towards the end of the novel. I guess he feels that since he's the strongest human alive he can do that, but since there are so many stronger beings out there he shouldn't be so confrontational. This is a bad thing to me since I mainly liked the MC for his pragmatism so things like declaring that he will destroy some sect to avenge one of his harem members felt out of character.
- Side characters aren't interesting. When the story is presented from their point of view it feels like when you have those reaction shots during an anime, they're basically just there to say "how is that possible! No way! How can the MC be so OP!" or "oh no! The MC is f*cked!". This becomes increasingly noticeable in the latter half of the story and makes the story significantly less interesting. The vast majority of the speech by any of the characters are about obvious things or just plot devices, nothing really insightful. None of the characters have any interesting quirks or any notable personality traits, other than trademark phrases that quickly lose their meaning as they are repeated. Actually in the first half of the story characters like Ziya and Nangongyuqing actually felt like they had some personality to them. It was mainly in the second half of the story that it felt like everyone became the same person and dialogue was driven mainly by events rather than personal agency.
- The villains are very one dimensional and stereotypical. The typical greedy and lustful "you are courting death!" type thugs that you see in any cultivation novel. I didn't like the black-and-white type morality presented in the story where the world is split between greedy genocidal thugs who want to kill, rob and r*pe everyone else and white knights who stand up for justice and freedom. It would have been better to have a more realistic factional conflict where factions are truly self-interested and regard each other with real suspicion and paranoia and not act in a cardboard naive-hero or idiot-villain fashion.
- Main character is put again and again into seemingly inescapable situations where he faces certain death (this becomes more and more obvious later on i.e chapters 700+). As the chapters drag on we hear more and more the thoughts of ignorant side characters who keep thinking "oh no! How will the MC possibly survive this!" but not the thoughts of the MC himself who is usually cool and has a plan - but we don't hear what the plan is until AFTER the MC has resolved the problem, which makes his actions seem asspullish. This is okay if done sparingly but almost every important event is resolved this way in the latter half of the novel.
- The MC is too lucky. In too many occasions he just wanders around and bumps into someone carrying a ridiculously powerful OP artifact and steals it not knowing what it does, then when he's about to die later suddenly the artifact saves his ass. This happens on multiple occasions. By the frequency of this you'd think people are carrying around super OP artifacts with them ALL THE TIME, which is obviously not true because they are apparently extremely rare and unheard of. It is never explained how the MC can keep bumping into these rare artifacts all the time when others never see any in their entire lives. I think the worst one was how he bumped into the last survivor of some race that lived over 70000 years ago. It was by pure luck and no other survivors were ever found. Seems pretty lucky to keep bumping into these incredibly rare beings that lived for 10, 000s years - the only ones of their kind in the entire world.
- Deus ex machinas up the ass. The most obvious one was where the MC was being chased by OP antagonists but while he's sitting in a cave he suddenly discovers the location of a top secret OP skill that he then learns and beats all the bad guys instantly. I can think of many other instances where he's about to get killed in a few days but suddenly discovers some OP skill or artifact that helps him beat all his enemies. I would have MUCH preferred it if the old artifact-spirit he found in the beginning told him all the locations of OP skills/artifacts. It would make way more sense than him just bumping into all the OP sh*t by pure luck. Better still would have been to just list out all the OP skills that he would get later on and have him obtain them systematically instead of just randomly having him encounter sh*t that just happens to be useful for the next fight.
- The explanations by the author about how high level skills work felt pretty s*upid - apparently you just need to "understand" how the laws of nature work and you can control the world, lel. If that was the case then all scientists would have superpowers.
Old review:

To any prospective readers, PLEASE do yourself a favor and read the first chapter before deciding whether or not to read this novel. If you like the first chapter, then keep reading. If not then you can drop it. A lot of the low-star reviews are complaining about relatively minor, trivial things like the MC pissing on some artifact spirit. Do yourself a favor and decide for yourself instead of relying on these ridiculous reviews (like the one by Kingchristian333). I made that mistake and ended up almost missing out on a fun and exciting experience.

Here's an example of what you'd be missing out on (from chapter 42) :

>“Vulgar, truly vulgar.” Wei Suo who wore his cyan colored ordinary clothes back on and left the house, also felt that he was pretty vile. He also felt not used to wearing a silky smooth female cultivator’s dudou. However, once he thought about that or his life, he immediately determined that his life was more important. Wei Suo decided to thicken his skin and wear the female undergarment and then change to another one in the future when he found something more suitable.

Hilarious and yet at the same time shows the MC's character and determination to survive at all costs. He chose to wear an embarrassing piece of defensive equipment (naturally, he wore it inside so nobody could see) over not wearing it, prioritizing his personal safety over his pride. These character-building moments are what makes this novel so great.

To give an example of how well-thought out this novel is, take a look at this passage from chapter 52:

> If you wish to level up your Purple Mystic True Technique from the mid-level Profound level equivalent to a high-level Profound level equivalent, you would need a minimum of four times the amount of Heaven Mending Pellets, close to thirty of them. From high-level Profound level to low-level Earth level, you would need four times again. That meant that you’ll need at least a hundred and twenty Heaven Mending Pellets.

It actually states exactly the difference between different power levels! A lot of other webnovels will just say "a level 2 is many times stronger than a level 1" without going into detail, whereas here it lays it all out nice and clear.

Also, the fight scenes are amazing and well thought out, the MC uses tactics both pre-planned and improvised, making the best use of his items at hand. The more you read of this the more you realize how good it is.

Also I have read up to 241 and it does not get worse at all, in fact it keeps getting better in terms of character relationships and interactions, the story gets more exciting and there is almost no text wasted on describing useless cultivation scenes and such. Very well written in my opinion.

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thissisnate rated it
June 13, 2016
Status: c30
Quite early but the MC is a poor, shrewd, shameless man who found a special item holding an ancient spirit willing to teach him the ways of making talismans, medicinal pills, and other rare treasures.

MC is hilarious and full of character. Quite similar to Zuo Mo in World of Cultivation in his penny pinching ways. For the first couple chapters, it seems to break some of the common xianxia tropes (rare treasures from 10, 000 years ago has become common grass, a dumb useless beauty, and some others) but still... more>> too early to be riveting.

tl;dr Novel is quite interesting with funny MC but not enough chapters to tell if the story is a BTTH copycat. <<less
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LeeEzekiel rated it
June 17, 2016
Status: --
An interesting premise ruined by an insufferable, disgusting brat of an MC. Extremely crude and childish attempts at humor; we're supposed to think that pissing on a treasure spirit for no reason is somehow funny? Shame, I usually like stories that start out with MCs building their wealth.
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Beel rated it
August 9, 2016
Status: c451
This is one of those novel in which the author had no idea what to do after the start so he just keeps on recycling things. The character of the MC becomes really annoying and his plans are usually s*upid.

This is how the chapters go on 70% = describing the weapons or thinking about the weapons and remaining 30% is nothing but thinking about females doing childish stuff.

There are no mysteries in the world like ISSTH nor does he have any strong desire to be the best and have some... more>> unique cultivation like in IET novels. <<less
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Kingchristian333 rated it
August 8, 2016
Status: --
tr*sh, the MC is simple minded, ungrateful and above all way too childish. The comedic relief is close to none, the jokes mostly stem from mean spirited actions, for example would you find amus**ent in watching and elderly gentlemen being peed on by some kid, I doubt it. The plot is without sensible direction, ultimately this novel failed to peek my interest after 50+ chapters I still recommend giving this a try tho since the author invested countless hours in order to bring his vision to life.
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Dusk rated it
June 19, 2016
Status: c28
Early review so it may be subject to a change in the future. Oh, and beware of slight spoilers below, read at risk!

Path of Heaven is a classic xuanhuan/ xianxia where the MC, who was weak and poor (not crippled though, genuinely poor with no great heritage or bloodline whatsoever) stumbled upon a jar with an artifact spirit inside it. Hence, meeting a ' grandpa ' who would help him on his path to cultivation, but the artifact spirit does not provide him with a huge amount of advantage,... more>> compared to most other ' grandpas ' in other stories. Due to some circumstances, it also could not appear for a full day till where I have read, and because it is a jar instead of an easily portable thing like a ring, the MC had rarely took it out with him. Thereby, the MC must be quick-witted and capable to survive on his own on the oustide world.

Style : The style of the story felt a bit different to me but still had some similarities with regular Qidian novels. It has lots of interactions and good amount of jokes, albeit vulgar ones mostly. The jokes doesn't feel forced and with just a few chapters in, we can already have a vivid understanding of the MC, whose personality cause us to naturally laugh at him. The translator is pumpkin, which we may all know as the translator of Stellar Transformations, so you can be assured of speed issues.

Story : Up till where I am, the MC is not OP at all and is not showing any hints of someone that could be challenging a cultivator of higher cultivation in the near future, therefore he is forced to use talismans to survive, much like many other low leveled cultivators in the story where talismans is an important part in them surviving.

The story may not pick up until a set amount of chapters, which to me is around chapter 12 or so. So you have to be a bit patient while reading, there is a bit of information flooding in the early chapter, around 8 if I'm not wrong which causes us to be confused of the terms but it is not important to remember it at all.

All in all, Path of Heaven is a great addition to the myriads of the current xianxias & xuanhuan list in the web, I wrote this review when I had just reached chapter 28 so my opinion may differ in the future, but I hope it will turn out to be a long-term favorite in the future since the premise is very interesting. Rated 8.2/10 <<less
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moonkiller rated it
June 14, 2016
Status: --
This book is quite different from other classic xianxia/wuxia novels. It's not a reincarnated MC who has some extreme cheat to gain a lot of advantages. Instead, MC is an average cultivator who happens to find a magical treasure that provides him some help. However, it's still not a cheat that gives him such a big advantage in cultivating. If you're into novels with some erotic/pe*verted "snippets" whilst still having that Martial Arts type of feel, then you'll probably like this one. I give this a 4/5 just because the... more>> story doesn't progress very quickly like other ones, but for me, it's not so bad because you can actually get to feel that cultivating is a daily thing and there are changes each day. Not like other CN novels where some guy just goes for some epic cultivation for a long ass period of time due to a sudden profound insight that he's discovered.

P.S. The synopsis at the top doesn't say anything about the strong points of this novel so don't let it deter you from reading it!! <<less
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gokucloud rated it
July 16, 2016
Status: c56
I like it like the MC is similar to sharr from conquest. Seems to have rpg elements mixed into the story like xuanhuan mixed with rpg. Wasn't going to read cuz the guy in here said it wasn't worth it till 500 but to me its like any other book. As it probably will be better at chapter 500 but its still good enough to read now. So dont let other peoples opinions on here shake you to much and give it a try I found it really fits my... more>> taste already. ;D <<less
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Novelupdatesaccount1 rated it
August 5, 2016
Status: c74
I will start with this: Quite a few people it seems are turned off by the MC's personality, but I find it makes sense in the context of the story (i.e. He isn't a five year old outsmarting adults ala close combat mage). Additionally after about 10 chapters or so the author begins to tone them down considerable.

Up to now we have had a couple of fights, a couple of crafting scenes, and a lot of comedy - most of it relying on the interactions between the MC and his... more>> enemies.

It is funny, it is engaging, and it has a decent to good fleshed out crafting system - which is something most crafting/refining/pillmaking webnovels fail at.

I would definitely say that Path to Heaven is worth a read, and would place it around I shall seal the heavens or world of cultivation. <<less
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Brohatter rated it
July 5, 2016
Status: c45
Wei Suo a pe*verted, poor MC that isn't a grand genius, shows an incredible background, -neither trains like seriously, much less is a reincarnated dude, his main points are his miser attitude, ability to think in a pe*verted way in any situation, and luck with girls albeit good and bad.

All in all the dude is ok, seems like a doormat, he is a shameless and his life of being a poor avarage looking cultivator has made him so stingy he would run nude for spirit stones, there is no act... more>> he wouldn't do for surviving and trying to strike it rich, also an old dude that is demoralized joins in and becomes the start of his road to fortune and females. <<less
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Ske1th rated it
March 13, 2018
Status: c212
One of the best stories I have read. I am actually too lazy to go into details, so I will only say a few things.

You should not judge this novel by the first few chapter and their strange humor. Later it gets better.

Opposite of what many may think the MC is not ruthless, sure he is not some hero but I also feel like his reactions are a lot more reasonable than most other MC in novels I have read. He is not some know it all reincarnated guy with... more>> OP cultivation technique and even the Old man does not know everything, there are a lot of times when both of them are in the dark and have to improvise.

Translation and editing quality is nice but quite slow and lately there have been no updates at all. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: c62
Protagonist lets a girl on his side almost get r*ped and then she gets killed for no reason. He could do something, he just didn't.

Story was going fine, character was acceptable (a little scruffiness and selfishness =/= letting an allied girl get r*ped/mu*dered, please don't play apologetics for garbage writing), author just suddenly had a stroke and decided to make a ret*rded chapter.

(Also, Translation Nations website is buggy and won't let me make an account. I wanted to comment on the website itself but I couldn't.)
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I your Father
I your Father rated it
June 11, 2017
Status: c144
After reading so many negative comments, I needed to write my own review.

Besides the slow releases I think this one might be one of the best "cultivation novel" i've read, mainly because the MC is the most normal i've seen.

He is shameless, a coward, he only acts when he is forced or sure of his victory and put his life above else and he is right, because most of his foes are strong and even those who are at the same level cannot be understimated because they can still threaten... more>> him.

So when he is not trying to be a hero, I approve, he would be deader than dead if wasn't as shameless as he was.

This one is a must read for those who are fed up with most cultivation novel for it is quite refreshing. <<less
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badiyee rated it
October 8, 2016
Status: c75
This is a story that's quite fun to read.


1) There's an artifact that has previous knowledge, but MC doesn't have the strength to fully utilize it.
2) MC gets what he wants, (although not on the fast track / fast lane), he's definitely learnt to understand that he may need to live on the fast lane.
3) Typical tropes but no bad execution.
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shuiko rated it
June 12, 2016
Status: --
It's a funny interesting story, driven by a MC that you sort of want to punch in the face.

Lets be honest though this story doesn't really pick up till half way which is around chapter 535ish (Story Wise not chapter #).

Don't waste your time on this if your an English Reader till it gets translated far ahead. If you can read raws, then go for it, it's enjoyable.
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anythingwilldo rated it
August 10, 2016
Status: c77
The MC is a miserly fellow that has a shrewd mind hidden under a guise of perversion. What I appreciate the most about this novel is that the MC is honest and simple while also being quick witted in tough situations. He is realistic in that he has his quirks and is not overwhelming and arrogant, but relies on treasures and quick decision making to get through tough situations. Also he's not one of those characters hypocritically preach to their enemies all the time, which is always a big plus... more>> for me. <<less
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aliasxn rated it
August 7, 2016
Status: c75
I found this novel by pure chance and I'm loving it. I like that the MC isn't "the reincarnation of the heavenly god", or the son of some super-powerful warrior or anything. He is just a regular guy with no background who has to use his wits to get resources. I also like the fact that crafting is a major part of the story, that's really interesting.

It's an interesting setting with a really likable MC, definitely worth checking out !
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Killerspintt rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: Completed
I read the complete novel on lnmtl (I just give minor spoilers, I think anyone can read it). Lots of humor, young shameless MC goes from a orphan miser to a great rogue cultivator. The schemes and plot are ok/good, novel really accelerate past the first act (when the MC is forced to leave the heaven continent, it should be around chapter 200), then it becomes really very good. In certain ways the MC reminds me of Yue Yang from LLS but he is quite different also (PtH MC isnt... more>> a natural born genius to start off). The world building of the stroy is one of the best I've read so far, a cultivator word with "sacred" continent protected by the so called "heaven's dome", outside the heaven dome is wilderness controlled by beasts. Beasts can't pass through heaven's dome no matter their rank/power/wisdom, humans can. MC is born in a weak era in terms of cultivation (no true immortals for more than 10 000 years), but unexpected major event/events will make this era quite unique and many changes will happen to the global world structure/configuration. I like how fights are described in the novel, no matter the cultivation rank of the MC, there is also some really epic fights situation that are well written and described. To make it simple a cultivator is defined by : his cultivation stage (which define the quality of his true yuan and its quantity), his martial technique (defining the quantitiy of his true yuan for a given cultivation stage but also defining the cultivation pattern and for high level techniques it can also give various things, like an aura or other things), his martial arts (offensive of defensive techniques using true yuan to be inspired), his magic artifacts (offensive or defensive, using true yuan to be inspired) and his divine consciousness (possibly influenced by cultivation stage, martial techniques/arts and magic artifacts, divine consciousness permit to attack from afar, but it can also be damaged). <<less
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