The Last Rock Emperor


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Zhu Yifan perishes fighting with his enemy during the apocalypse. Then he is reborn. He stares at his hands, which are smooth and youthful. It’s hard to imagine that he fought for many years with this pair of hands. It turns out that he has returned to five hours before the apocalypse. What will he do to get ready?

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04/19/21 TapRead c221c221
04/18/21 TapRead c219
04/17/21 TapRead c217
04/16/21 TapRead c215
04/14/21 TapRead c211
04/13/21 TapRead c209
04/12/21 TapRead c207
04/11/21 TapRead c205
04/10/21 TapRead c203
04/09/21 TapRead c201
04/08/21 TapRead c199
04/07/21 TapRead c197
04/06/21 TapRead c195
04/05/21 TapRead c193
04/04/21 TapRead c191v5
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