Run Away from My Honey a Thousand Times


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Even though Mu Xiaotong is from a wealthy family, no one ever loves her. Stepmother wants her to leave. Her sister snatches her boyfriend. Her father wants her to marry a fool to get investment for his company. On the wedding day, she resists and takes her fool fiancé hostage. When she holds the knife up to his throat, she realizes he doesn’t seem as s*upid as rumored…

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koco2018 rated it
January 22, 2021
Status: c9
Alright, listen up. This novel is peculiar, skim the whole review before you assess the novel.

The Male Lead:

  • He is the Third Young Master of the powerful Ling Family, he is very handsome (according to the FL) and has a cold and indifferent temperament.
  • He has autism, I don't know much about the different types however, he has a possessive fixation on the "things" he likes and is indifferent and cold towards everything else.
  • He has a violent temper, one that the people (maids & butlers) around him have adjusted and grown used to (even commenting that it wouldn't be unusual for him to kill). He somewhat restrains his violent temper in front of the FL (restraining himself not to hurt her).
  • He has not hit the FL (yet I suppose) but he has...
    1. Put too much strength in his grip on her.
    2. Grabbed her neck and yanked her back.
    3. Dragged her by the hand (strongly, see first point) without considering her well-being.
Those are just a few points of the ML that have made this story hard to read.

... more>> The Female Lead:

  • She is the Eldest Daughter of the Mu family, she has a strong, willful, stubborn personality.
  • She had a 6-year relationship with Song Ruchen.
    • Her family mentioned that Song Ruchen was Pepe (FL's younger sister) 's fiance... Is he cheating?
  • She does not have a good relationship with her family-> Father uses domestic violence to force her.
That summary should suit her, I'm only at chapter 9 after all.


Chapter one started with the FL in a forced wedding ceremony with the ML, she refused the marriage vow, took the ML hostage with a cake knife (don't ask why there was a cake knife next to them swearing their vows). Long-story-short the situation is defused, the Ling's leave and the Mu's take the FL. The Mu father drenches the FL in cold water and beats the FL heavily (super uncomfortable scene), just as the Father was about to hit again the ML arrives.....

Now listen up.

The ML's feelings towards the FL are of the "attractive toy" sort. He chose to marry the FL by looking at her picture in a compilation of "eligible brides in the area", he saw her photo and developed a sense of "I like it, it's already mine, time to go pick it up" affection towards her. He already developed a relationship with her in his head without even meeting her.

Thus, when he saw the FL getting beat up by her father he was angry. Angry at her father for hitting her, and angry at her for "letting herself be bullied". But he doesn't know how to express his feelings, so he grabs her hand strongly (not the reassuring kind, the "I'm angry at you and you are in trouble" sort of painful grip) and drags her into his car to take her to his place. The FL is confused and terrified BTW, she is more afraid of the ML than the abusive father.

But the ML doesn't notice, because taking her to his home was something "where she should be" to him. In the car, this ML grabs her by the neck and "pulls her into his embrace" like tf man? No romance in that grab, it's the type of stranglehold you'd put on an unruly dog that's trying to lift its head to bite someone.

Chapter 9, is where we see more of what his thoughts are. Considering that he noticed the dire state of her body when she passed out from a suffocating forced kiss that escalated her fever... shows that the ML will have some character growth throughout the story... What am I saying, giving him the benefit of the doubt...

I won't lie, I stopped reading after chapter 9, but his actions of helping her remove her cold wet clothing, and staring at her feverish sick state calling it "seductive"... I'm not kidding when I say those leading scenes may lead to an unfortunate forced intimate behavior scene.

So if you wish to read about a ML with Autism, that has a violent temper. And a FL that is tricked and forced to be his bride by her abusive family... Then give it a read. I'm stopping here. <<less
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