Nine Stars Killer


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Ye Feng wakes up in bed. He touches his face and mutters, “Didn’t I just die in an explosion?” Suddenly he feels a headache and new memories pop into his head. He knows at once he has been reincarnated. Before this, he was a vampire who had lived underground for decades. An explosion at an abandoned factory killed him but now he had a chance to relive his life. Now he doesn’t have to live in the dark anymore. But soon, he finds out that he can’t give up his desire for blood…

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1 Review

New riida
Mar 23, 2021
Status: --
Wow. Unbelievable tr*sh.

Shallow, unintelligent, logical loopholes and contradictions.

Most simple and braindead plot structure. Always magic power-ups right on time for the next mind numbing s*upid confrontation.

Barely edited machine-translation.
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