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After Liu Yun perishes with his enemy, he gets a second chance. He goes back ten years. On that day, his sister expelled him from the family, and his fiancee called off their wedding. It was also the third day after the game, Profound Realm, had released. Now Liu Yun gets to start over. Will he change his fate and prevent the death of his parents and sister?

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kenjirou05 rated it
February 3, 2021
Status: v1c3
Typical chinese novel, largely embedded with chinese culture. Everyone seems to know martial arts like its a regular exercise. Everyone likes the same phrases as other chinese novels like courting death, you dare etc. Nothing original.

Translation is very poor. Usually Doesnt make sense and its hard to follow as well due to the author having poor naming sense. Most names of characters are so similar that youd think they were the same person when they are not. Last names are blending with each other. Author doesnt even think of a... more>> name unique enough to separate the characters. If a western person with little to no knowledge of chinese culture read this, they be confused and lost the first few chapters <<less
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