Super Elation Under the Sun


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Li Fuyao, a mysteriously young storyteller, wins over the villagers with his fantastic original tales in a peaceful and secluded town. Actually, born in Luoyang City, he used to be a prestigiously selected child, who should have been cultivating in the holy palace. However, life has treated him otherwise. He was expelled to this remote town, unattended.

Notwithstanding, like a hidden leopard, he is always lurking around to get himself back on the road of cultivation and seek revenge when he becomes strong enough. One day, a masterly cultivator and an injured snake demon paid him an unexpected visit, breaking the peace of his life from then on. To his surprise, the snake demon offered him a demonic core for cultivation, which granted him the chance he has been yearning for. Is it really a turning point of his life or will it just put him into inconceivable danger?

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Meloonseed rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: c8
This is one of those weird novels where you never have any idea what's going on. It's not horrible if you're going around trying to find interesting stories, but if you're a person that knows what they want to read and doesn't have the patience for this sort of stuff, it isn't for you.
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