The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich


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This is the story of a crazy lich carrying a game system and terrorizing an entire world.

”Let’s look at the daily quest today… These two bullshit choices again, destroy any city with 30 thousand and above people, rewards of 10 thousand evil points. Take the lollipops of three little kids, rewards of 1 point. If both are not done then -2 points.”

“Cuih! You think I’m stupid, if I really destroy a city I’m guaranteed to spawn a squad of medieval paladins full of epic ranks to come and subdue me. At that time I won’t be able to spend anything. I’ll just kindly be my lollipop bandit.”

I’ve already had enough of being a notorious lich, who says that liches can’t be good people? I definitely have to beat this damned system and be an upright good person.

The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich average rating 4.5/5 - 289 user ratings
Associated Names
One entry per line
Crazy Lich's Experimental Diary
Feng wu yao de shi yan ri zhi
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January 11, 2017
Status: c82
Definitely a good comedy novel with proper plot. It's really interesting and fun to read if you can ignore the info dump that dominated the the whole story.
Yup, 80% consist of info dump, 20% plot = The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich.

Even so, the author able to create a good laugh from the massive info dump in every chapter. What you need is willpower, maybe you will be able to stay sane, or end up as a crazy Leech.
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icerror rated it
January 10, 2017
Status: c122
It's the finest piece of chinese fusion novel I've ever read on the site. An easy humor that never fails to pour cold water on serious development but not overbearing to the point of diluting it, okay-ish plot yet somehow full of surprise and makes you wonder how much times you've spent reading, EPIC character portrayal, the author rarely goes out of his way to describe a character, making full use of the long series to give it depth and build them up from impression to impression... A somewhat more... more>> realistic approach to the game element, compare to similar works, that brings out the bona fide badass-titude of the MC, there's really the impression that he is someone with 300 yrs of experience at his belt and more, the ideal image of a sage(if you overlook his "mundane" calling).
The first few chapters might feel weird, but give it some time, the charm of oriental(the novel's) humor takes some getting use to. I guarantee you won't be able to go back to some stale joke where there is a need for obvious punchline. <<less
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
August 28, 2016
Status: c70
This story Is very fun. Starts off really silly and reads almost as a parady of many popular fantasy games and media, much of it western. After a few chapters though some serious plot gets introduced and now I'm hooked.

Surprisingly, the world itself is heavily based on Dungeons & Dragons with some Planetscape, WoW, gamer, and other media thrown in. Some of the terminology is translated odd but you quickly realise that most of it is supposed to be D&D classes, gods, and such. (Edit: TL in recent chapter... more>> awknowleged mistranslated names/terms and will fix at a later date). I think this adds a fresh feel. The fantasy system in most WN/LN tend to all be variations of the same generic fantasy tropes.

Another refreshing change is the MC himself. Rather than start from the beginning, a young boy starts a journey, we start with a veteran who had already acomplished much and experienced love, betrayal, revenge, and sacrifice. He is an old man with a youthful energy and a rich history. He has lost and given up much but is still driven and spirited. He is an experienced soul playing on a much grander scale than just heroics, he is playing to change the world. And all through this are silly jokes, media references (Tom Riddle among them), and funny banter. I think the potential for the story is high. It is really unique.

Main character starts off ridiculous and silly but then slowly bits of history and other darker traits are revealed. As the story progresses the MC cleverness becomes increasingly apparent. The author never info dumps character tidbits but shows it through dialogue and action making things more believable and enjoyable to read.

The translation quality is good but in need of an editor. No engrish, or awful sentence structure but fair amount of grammatical errors, overly literal translations, and some unclear structure. Nothing bad and easily fixed with a good proof read. Overall, it's very readable and not that distracting. <<less
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starvecleric rated it
August 13, 2016
Status: c50
Quite an interesting book which is quite humorous. It is a book with little plot holes and the content is well-developed. Also, while the MC may not be the strongest character from the start, but then he is quite a schemer which makes him often ahead of things and well-prepared.
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ZedOud rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: c70
Warning upfront: if you're the type of reader who NEEDS to know about everything that's happening, to have the omniscient perspective of narration to know everything before any of the characters, you will not like this.

This story is very much about an exploration of the backstory of the characters and world that the story takes place in. The plot is expansive and set at a slow brew; it will take a while for it to reveal itself to you. There is frequent, sporadic chunks of exposition because the story... more>> needs it for the plot to grow into its own the way it has.

Every chapter of this story is worth reading.

There's a twist or new idea in every chapter.

Great comedy, even if sometimes it's only slapstick.

Great characters and great world.

Good use of cliches and running gags (not overly milked).

Western fantasy setting with mixes of Japanese RPG.

I definitely recommend this story to both veteran and introductory readers of the types of stories found on NU. In fact, this story can really serve as an introduction to the type of novels found on NU if sold on Amazon or other online publishers. <<less
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Guradu Gilgida
Guradu Gilgida rated it
August 25, 2016
Status: c32
The way how the MC put his everything to pranks is simply wonderful. The comedy is simply brilliant, in addition the quirky (read:crazy) characters are lovable. But behind all those happy stuff the MC also actually bears great burdens. This story tells us about a person in a very negative conditions facing his tribulations with very positive attitudes.

The system is a troll! The characters are crazy! The comedy is GOLD!
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Alundric rated it
September 12, 2016
Status: c58
Translation flow: 4.8/5
Readable: 5/5
Story flow: 5/5 solid
Plot: 5/5 cunning plot

Simple word, "great".
You have cunning, twisted, clever, slippery, pranksters and good mc.
You got mad, unfair, pranksters and sore loser world systems which torturing mc almost all the time.
You got Plot inside Plot inside Plot as you read the story

... more>>

Mc is reincarnated and now is the 4th times. But even he tried the best in his past life, all ended with him being killed and the world destroyed while facing armageddon.
In this 4th life. He became realist and apathetic while inside he is still struggling against the world system that toying him all the way during his plan to save the world and avoiding his death future.

To put it simple "world system toying MC, MC toying others to avoid bad circumstances on MC lives and goals, the world system disagree and play it's card againts mc while mc desperately trying to slip off the system.


Read up to chapter 65. This is when romance story goes really wrong. It's bitter sweet story with a lot of laughter.


Up to chapter 65. Mc really struggling. While putting his funniest faces, he is wreck inside. He is aiming to change the whole world system, but to change it lots and lots of thing he owned he must sacrificed (include the possibility of his future). If you are asking why he push himself to do it? Well the answer if he didn't do it, he must face repetitive despair in his circle of reincarnation (not to mention repetition of world destruction). It's a vicious cycle.


Confuse? Well its the most funniest and clever novel I ever read. Really recommend. <<less
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dim100 rated it
August 23, 2016
Status: c31
To be honest this series put a smile on my face, MC is OP, ruthless but you know he is also cunning, sly, and fair (well non-standard fair). He lies while telling truths, he tortures and commits inhumane acts and he is probably the most law abiding person you will encounter. Yet out of all these things destroying armies, managing an undead theme park, being a judge, jury and executioner, and even being a former last boss he is someone that makes me smile. That is all that matters though... more>> I think one or two chapters is hard to understand due to information overload. Still I prefer it to the standard cultivator wuxia or the like give this a go but also give it about 10 chapters before stopping if you think this isn't your cup of tea or you start and it isn't doing it for you, a complete picture forms around then.

The main issue with this series despite there being only 31 chapters out is that most of the other characters haven't been developed beyond giving a few a backstory and setting, the interactions between characters are entertaining but it hasn't reached a masterpiece level, but the world building, main character are on the right track. There are few series that do reach this level but I'm hoping in the later chapters it achieves this. <<less
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July 17, 2016
Status: c7
Interesting read. The main character originally just comes off as a mad villain that is making a half hearted effort to be 'good'. However, when you learn his actual role in the city, and the systems he has put into place, you come to understand how he used to be 'good', and he can logically understand 'good'.... but the system and his own bitterness force him into petty villainy.
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Tatticky rated it
November 29, 2016
Status: c85
If I had to describe the story in four words, it'd be "UNCLE BONES WILD RIDE".

Action: B
Character: C
Detail: B-
Humor: A
Story: B+ (surprising!)
Translation: C

This story is really like a roller coaster. Sure, its content is mostly cheap thrills, but they keep coming and flow into each other very naturally. In some places you're given a chance to glimpse the same scenery from a different angle, which changes how you view things. Then the track suddenly darts in a direction you didn't expect, and you discover an... more>> entirely new section laid out before you.

The MC really is his own worst enemy. But it's funny, because it always *looks* like the right thing to do at the time, and he never fails in the exact same way twice. The end result is a lot of absurd situations with 'perfectly reasonable' explanations, plus a sprinkling of schadenfreude.

Astonishingly, this series actually has a good amount of plot behind it. You can't even tell until you're several dozen chapters in. It's slowly filled in, just a little bit at a time, shaping into something that would be worthy of an epic, if it wasn't so rediculous!

The greatest weakness is the quality of translation, but thankfully it improves with time. <<less
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DarkD rated it
August 28, 2016
Status: c37
Good story, poorly translated, goes off topic and turns into a standard action series after about five chapters.

First of all, I love the crazy lich idea. My favorite part is when he's experimenting on people. Given that, it was to my immense disappointment that he only really experiments on anyone once and the whole story starts changing gears into a more standard action series after a few chapters.

The translation is utterly terrible. There are points where a paragraph is repeated. There are a multitude... more>> of times where the translation makes no sense given the context.

I don't know if it's the translators fault or the original authors, but the POV changes are schizophrenic and disorienting. There is basically no real indication on when we change POVs. Sometimes there are, but it's far more common for them to go completely unlabeled.

I would still recommend the series, only because I believe most people can just ignore the flaws. And dumping the most interesting part of a series is unfortunately common in light novels.... <<less
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ninthlite rated it
August 26, 2016
Status: c33
The story is brilliant. The main character is a cunning and wise person who keeps his enemies and allies off kilter by being mad half the time. I eagerly read every chapter as he starts to challenge the world.
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Rat rated it
December 10, 2016
Status: c99
In the story there's comedy the tragedy the battle and hype the scheming and others. It's a slow paced story with a lot of twist. There's A lot of crazy characters that will make you laugh. One of the best story i have ever read.
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Stark3 rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: c70
I normally avoid reviewing a series until I'm past the 100th chapter, as a lot of series that seems good goes tepid later on. I'm making an exception for this one because regardless of whatever else happens, up til the 70th chapter this series has been unique in how it mixes humour, fantasy / D&D elements and tragedy in its storyline. Even if it does go down south from here it would have still been a worthwhile read.
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Aina Seira
Aina Seira rated it
September 5, 2016
Status: --
I'm a fan of this crazy lich so read it okay!!!!!!!

Well, it is funny. The MC is COOL and his random antics are good in making people laugh. Though there are many exaggerations, this is fantasy so who cares. This story is good.
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June 27, 2016
Status: c1
Fresh and fun point of view. Hopefully, some proper translator will pick it up. WWForums version needs heavy editing or total rework though. So, definitely bookmarked and shelved while waiting for somebody to pick it up.
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yoshim241 rated it
January 18, 2016
Status: --
this novel is refreshing and funny it would be super if someone will continue scanslating it
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Iris Lazuli
Iris Lazuli rated it
December 5, 2016
Status: c86
A great and very funny novel to read. The change of pov's quite confusing sometimes but all in all it's one of those novel that you want to read from the beginning to end in one go.
Well Roland is quite the schemer and humorous mc that you will really love let's also add the system that always help(?) him.
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Bib rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: c70
Really great novel. During the first few chapters, it seems it's all about comedy but later in the story, get ready for the feels. I would have never thought that this kind of work where it had me laughing so much would also make me feel melancholic at the same time. Despite the silliness and seemingly "evil" side of the MC, he really cares a lot about the people around him. This is definitely a must read.
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Kuriz rated it
September 16, 2016
Status: c16
This story is one of THE BEST that i have ever read considering the Comedy factor very stunning especially Chapter 16 when the intruder is the victim to the traps that were designed for the lich

But my rating:

Comedy 9/10
Plot 7.5/10
Character 6.3/10 (I'll give you a six on this because there was a lot of excessive details that was not needed)
Attitude 9/10 (The Shameless Attitude of the Protagonist contributed the most in this rating)
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LastKing405 rated it
July 15, 2016
Status: c1
At First when I started reading I thought It was gonna Be one of those annoying MC who is very reluctant to act because of some morals and shit. But man was I wrong Funny as Hell Worthy of 5 stars, Quite refreshing and Original, I would highly recommend this Novel, only downside is it's quite slow on translation, but nevertheless I love it.
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May 31, 2016
Status: c1
A really funny book, for once you got an MC that has a reputation of just being that town(this case city) crazy person, in a city of crazy people which is very impressive.
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