The Legend of Sun Knight


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I am a knight. To be precise, I am the Church of the God of Light’s Sun Knight.

The Church of the God of Light worships and serves the God of Light, and theirs’ is one of the three largest religions on this continent.

As the whole continent knows, the Church of the God of Light has the Twelve Holy Knights, and each one has his own unique personality and features.

To be the Sun Knight is to have shining golden hair, sky blue eyes, a compassionate nature, and a brilliant smile.

“The benevolent God of Light will forgive your sins.”

I must have said that line at least a million times in my time as the Sun Knight.

However, the greatest wish in my life is to be able to stand before the entire continent and roar, “Damn your ‘the whole continent knows’! This Sun Knight just doesn’t feel like smiling! I just don’t want to forgive these human trashes! I just want to pepper my sentences with ‘f***’!”

Unfortunately, even to this day, I continue to wear a smile as I say, “The benevolent God of Light will forgive your sins.”

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Mệnh Kỵ Sĩ
Wu Ming Qi Shi
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Keimichi rated it
August 7, 2016
Status: Completed
I really liked the story. I'm rating it a five star because I definitely think people should read this. It's extremely rare to see someone write such an interesting first person perspective. Or perhaps I've read way too many awful first person narration (that are apparently popular novels). While most first person narration feels horribly dry and gives the impression you're reading a grocery list of actions, the narration in this one is extremely charming--a lot of the humor comes from the comments in the narrative. It's so extremely well... more>> written that the MC manage to influence your perception of reality, you get influenced by his happy-go-lucky personality until the narration switches to another perspective and you realize just how much he has been trivializing important issues to not make his friends worry. MC is an intersting guy. He's the laziest and most annoying two faced bastard ever (according to other characters). He's also apparently pretty evil, but as you go on you realize just how, how much he has a big heart under all that sassy narration. He's probably the biggest dummy of all. The irony is probably that he's supposed to be the least hero-like hero, and least cliche MC, however you then see how much of a big-hearted cliche MC he is. Except he is not. Except he is. Bleh. Lmao. There are some parts I've seen coming a mile away, however Yu Wo is really talented as she manage to change cliche's into something completely different and jump outside the expectations. (I still have to say, the Chinese raws has slightly more "flavour" than the narration. Sun Knight sounds more sassy in his use of words that aren't as well translated into a foreign language. The translation is extremely good tho, I highly recommend it! PS: The Chinesefied western names in the original are reallllyyy hard to remember lol) <<less
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Ruyi rated it
November 11, 2016
Status: Completed

This is it. The light novel that started my trek into all other light novels, the one that amused me with its setup, surprised me with its depth, and filled my heart with both love and pain for its characters. I really loved reading LSK, to the point that I hunted down the raws and finished the story on my own when the translations were still in progress.

How do I describe the story? It's all about cliches and then overturning them. The protagonist makes this clear in the very first... more>> chapter between how he acts and how people /expect/ him to act. For a bit, the story arcs focuses on the humor aspect and milks it for all it's worth. You laugh at these characters. You make fun of them. For a while, you even feel annoyed by them (and that was for me and the MC! He really does act for his own selfish interests, funny as they are and frequently as he fails).

And then as you read on, you find out more and more about the world, its background, it history. Unexpected things happen that turn the comedy serious--never completely to the point of losing its lighthearted roots, but enough to make your heart ache for the characters you've grown to love. Yu Wo really does a grand job setting up her story and unveiling its secrets in this series. I especially love how she keeps good track of her loose ends and ties them all together by the end (to be carried on in LSK's sequel/prequel stories).

More so than the strength of the plot, is the power of the relationships binding all the characters together. Long after I finished this series, the memories of their escapades, arguments and tears still stayed in my head. I hope they'll stay in yours as well.

Really a gem. Thank you for translating this wonderful work. <<less
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afaerytale rated it
September 4, 2016
Status: side story 19
Loved it! This series completely swept me off my feet.

And the MAIN CHARACTER. I am completely in love with Sun. Not only is he hot as hell and possesses a very realistic view of how the world works (there won't always be a knight in shining armour to rescue you, etc), he had me in stitches of laughter from start to finish. He is without a doubt one of my favourite characters in both Western and Japanese novels.

I never knew a despicable character could be so much fun. His backhanded... more>> compliments, devious schemes and sly, conniving way of thinking number just a few of the reasons I fell completely in love with this series. Legend of the Sun Knight is a definite must-read - plus there's a sequel! (I'll only be reading it when more chapters come out tho)

"Child, from this day forth you are the successor to the position of Sun Knight. So long as you stand firm in the face of tribulation, grow in courage with each trial you encounter, and defend your knights honour no matter what difficulty or temptation you face, you will receive from my hands the title of Sun Knight the day you come of age."

"Teacher, may I recant my decision?"



"Because I forgot to choose a back-up Sun Knight."

In case you don't get the gist of the story from the synopsis, the story is set in a fantasy world - no reincarnation here - that is divided into different kingdoms with three main religions.

Our main character, Grisia (known to his friends and reader fans as 'Sun'), belongs to the religion of the God of Light. He is the Sun Knight - the leader of the knights of the Benevolent faction of the God of Light. As a result, he is expected to fulfil certain requirements - always be kind, helpful, generous, merciful, etc.

Basically the exact opposite of Sun's personality, which is one of the driving forces that makes this story so hilarious.

This is the life of a Sun Knight, to forever wear a smile and forgive others.

This is because, as the entire continent knows, the Sun Knight is the benevolent spokesperson of the God of the Light and he will never give up on the redemption of any individual!

Thus, even if I actually really want to kill that fat pig of a king with a single stab of my sword and make that old bugger who refuses to die hurry up and pass the throne on to his far more pleasant son, I cannot. I can only continue to wear a brilliant smile, walk over, and do my best to persuade that fat pig of a king to stop collecting more taxes.

His relationships with the other knights are equally hysterical and the bromance moments had me fangirling all over the place XD. For example, take the Judgement Knight - the leader of the Cruel faction of the God of Light. He acts as the Sun Knight's dark counterpart as a way to maintain balance and is supposed to be the totally dark, cold, mysterious, badass rival of the Sun Knight. When in public, they are required to argue and disagree over the tiniest details, but in reality, the two of them are secretly best friends and Judge is SUPER SWEET and caring - the total opposite of the wicked, scheming Sun.

To give you an example of one of the interactions between Sun and Judge:

"You have not concerned yourself with the judging of criminals for a while now, Sun. I thought that you had finally understood that only the harshness of the God of Light can bring an end to their criminal ways."

I understood what he meant by those words. My good friend was complaining that I had not come to chat with him for such a long time.

"The God of Light's benevolence does not exist within the Church alone. The palace, too, requires the illumination of benevolence, and His Majesty the king thirsts for the teachings of the God of Light more than anyone else."

Meaning I was dispatched to 'educate'

that pig of a king.

"His Majesty the king surely treats you with scorn. Only the God of Light's harshness can make him aware of the perils he faces."

It must have been really tough, dealing with that pig of a king. Judgment gave me a sympathetic look.

"Through the efforts of Storm Knight, His Majesty the king was able to experience and comprehend the God of Light's benevolence."

If it weren't for Storm that fat pig would still be unwilling to back down and lower taxes.

Etcetera, etcetera. Of course not all their conversations are like this - just whenever they're in public.

Basically, the series is all about Sun's misadventures during his tenure as the Sun Knight and all the mishaps and mayhem he causes with his devious schemes. If you're looking for a series with magic, intrigue,

If you're looking for a series with magic, intrigue, and, scores of bishounen to fangirl over and secretly ship together, then you've come to the right place. If you're looking for a light read with lots of magic, bishounen and laughter, this is the perfect series. (No really - it's hilarious. Read it.)

"Child, your lesson for today is to drink wine."

"What? But teacher, doesn't the Sun Knight have a low tolerance for drink?"

"The Sun Knight always forgives others, but have you ever really forgiven someone?"


"The Sun Knight always wears a smile, but how many times have you really smiled from the bottom of your heart?"

"Only a few times"

"The Sun Knight is a benevolent spokesperson, but are you really benevolent?"


"Child, if you have a low tolerance for drink, then how are you going to make sure that after drinking, you'll still be able to maintain the image of the Sun Knight as someone who turns red on the first cup, has a headache with the second cup, and topples over unconscious after the third?

So you see, the idea that the Sun Knight has low tolerance for drink is actually founded on the premise that the Sun Knight cannot be defeated by drink."

This argument might sound really reasonable, but when I think about it carefully, it seems to be full of contradictions as well!

"Drink up, child. You have to drink wine every night for the next month, until you can drink wine like it's just water."

The year I turned twelve, I became someone who could drink wine as easily as water, an undefeatable drinker, all for the sake of the Sun Knight's image as a lightweight drinker. <<less
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Shaiole rated it
August 2, 2016
Status: Completed
Best chinese novel I had ever read. Compare to WN and Xianxia Novels, the fanbase is small but doesn't mean it's bad. It is a rare hidden jem among hidden gems. I don't think anyone will regret finishing it.

Reasons why this novel is my favorite:

Unusual comedy that will make you laugh.

... more>> Awesome characters. 12 knights with their own quirkiness. 12 assumed personalities, 12 weird personalities

Shamless MC. I love the main character. He is evil, shameless and funny but needs to show a compasionate, smilling and graceful appearance in front of everyone.

like other CN, it also has... kinda...

An arrogant narcistic antagonist like character (the MC is already it.)

Some beauty with jade-like white skin (again the MC is already it! Dammit! He has smooth silky jade white skin. HE!)


You don't have to wait 4yrs+ for updates because its completed. consider yourself lucky. I think I started reading this 4 yrs ago and that time it was at around v3? Many thanks to the translation team with their quality translations and PDFs <<less
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Aina Seira
Aina Seira rated it
September 5, 2016
Status: Completed
This is actually my favorite Yu Wo novel. I love the Sun Knight though the one I want to marry is the Judgement Knight. The plot is full of funny scenes. I love how Grisia fears Lisus.

When it comes to the real plot, it started good and ended awesome. I'm in awe of Yu Wo's antics where she turned the greatest Sun Knight into a Demon King.

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ArgosYesu rated it
March 19, 2016
Status: --
Out of all of Yu Wo’s stuff, I like this series the best. The Characters stick to their personalities throughout the thing, and the introduction of plot isn’t all that bad. Our MC’s change in characters are still fun to read and the fights are nice since our MC isn’t really in the need to fight. All he does is comment about other’s fight or uses OP to win... so yea...

Romance? Please, he’s the Sun Knight... forever a virgin and all...

Best character? Judgement...

Most hated character? Damn playboy... more>> Earth...

Memorable aspects? Our self-sacrificing MC. <<less
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ErryChu rated it
May 1, 2016
Status: --
I'm sorry if my comment offended you. So read at your own risk.. If there is actually a person that gave a 1 star to this novel, I would literally laugh. This novel is simply too good to have 1 dislike. If is there is, I would ran up to them and depend a reasonable reason. This novel is simply amazingly and ridiculously hilarious, it is a fantastic novel with great translations. This is the one that get me to start reading the world of novel. It start off very... more>> light and funny in the beginning then it get dark at the end but it has a happy ending, promise! Is there any romance? Pitifully, he is a Sun Knight and his benevolence God of Light declare that Sun Knight can only love God of Light. If you ever hesitate thinking if you should read this or not, I’ll say just do it. It is worth your time. The side characters are all great and especial, the MC, Grisia Sun. He is very sneaky and cunning. He is very loyal toward his own people, but if you get on his bad side, you just screwed up. He’ll get revenge by twice or tree fold you do to him. <<less
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Sky Farrow
Sky Farrow rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: v8 end
One of the best books I have ever read, the MC is a huge troll and the story is really hilarious.

Yet the plot is amazing and the world building is alright, the twists in the story are great, the characters are a bunch of handsome men yeah, but there are relevant girls too. And while it seems like a BL-ish novel it really isn't, the MC is entirely straight.

Entertaining, worth reading, I spent all my savings just to collect all the books ; - ;)
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justmehere rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: v3c10
Id recommend to read this.

It might look long winded for the first chapters, but believe me and stick with it.

The 12 knights interractions are the gems of this book. Do you know how in typical xianxia they have to dumb down other characters to make the MC look smart? Well in here we have a smart MC doing dumb shid while side characters try their best to ignore what the MC did coz they didnt want to get trapped in his schemes.
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Zackarotto rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: v8 epilogue
At first, it's kind of funny, but you may have mixed feelings about the unbelievable premise. Generation after generation of knights each pretending to be someone they're not, never going wrong? But it makes it all the more touching when Grisia ultimately says, "A little pretense in exchange for eleven brothers, what a good deal!" It takes a while for each of the ensemble cast members to come into their own, but they do.

I found this series somewhat fun, and very emotionally touching towards the end. Memorable characters, clever plots,... more>> good running gags, and often-predictable but still-appreciable twists. It's written by a woman, which is great for a change from the other things I've been reading on here, and it has some cool perspectives on some classic tropes like the evil demon king. I didn't burn with a desire to binge the whole thing, but it's only 80-90 chapters and it feels well-planned and neatly tied up without overstaying its welcome.

It's also well translated with ample footnotes to explain puns and the like. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
timma rated it
August 16, 2018
Status: Completed
I avoided this one like the plague for a long time. The series has a few tags I tend to dislike: Amnesia, Demon Lord, Demons, Priests, Religions, and it didn't have one's that I typically would want with a novel: character growth, maybe some romance.

I thought this would just be a standard cutout of a typical fantasy adventure novel, but I was very wrong. The 4.8/5 rating is not an oversight, this one is solid gold.

I'm writing this review to inform anyone who is avoiding reading this novel for... more>> any reason to just try it now. (Also you can read this before Female Warrior and be fine, but personally I'd read this first. I think the author has plans to add to the female warrior series even though it's marked as completed (from what I read on the extras of female warrior volume 2). Either way, that's worth reading too.

This series is a MUST READ. <<less
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B2j rated it
October 6, 2017
Status: side story 19
While reading this novel, I found myself experiencing sudden mood swings. I would laugh one moment then cry at another.

This novel is one of best novels that has both sides of the same coin; hilarious but sad. First of all, the comedy is original, witty, and it fits in perfectly. The comedy is in sync with the plot and it’s beautifully inserted. U can find the comedy in a variety of elements, I.e dialogue, thoughts, actions, self image, and first impressions. Heck, the whole plot reeks of parody and gag.... more>> On the other hand, this novel is a tearjerker. It’s not the usual romantic tears or the cliche familial tears (not that there’s anything wrong). This is all about being bros. Yeah, that’s right, the BROMANCE. The friendship. The brotherhood. The bonds. The homies. Whatever word I use for it, this novel exhibits a rich taste of brotherly ties and their simple but deep relationship. It’s truly really beautiful and very precious. There are moments that are full of feels while there are moments that are full of laughs. No matter what, the transition between the two is so smooth, I don’t even notice the change in mood sometimes. At the same time, the mood is clear to see and very distinct.

The characters are just a bunch of idiots, honestly (except Judgement 😎). Sun is more of an idiot than anybody else. He is useless when it comes to fighting but he is very badass. He is strong willed, decisive, and very selfless. Although, he is depicted as a selfish, arrogant, and cowardly being during his usual days, he will, no doubt, uses everything in his power when it comes to the people important to him, especially his fellow 11 brothers. He seems to care about many things like his self image but in truth, about the only thing he truly cares about is his holy knights and few other people, ie the pope or king (the son, not fat one).

He even once threatens the pope that the one thing that the pope can’t touch are the holy knights.

), Earth (surprisingly), Ice (marry me), Hell (BFF 2), and Blaze (fanboy). The others are not as close but they are also willing to risk it too. Not to mention, the pope, king, teacher, and the vice captain. They each have a distinct and unique personality and quirks. Finding out the secrets to each one of their quirks is one of the most enjoyable things.

Not only the are the characters one of the best, the plot is extraordinaryly exhilerating. It is like a roller coaster ride. It starts off with a slow and not much drama pace. It slowly accelerates. Then, things just got a sudden skydive. Drama and exciting plot lines kept popping up one after another towards the climax. It’s not stuffy, the pace is somewhat rushed a little, but it just makes you feel like sh*t is going down and getting real before u realize it. It’s like u accidentally stepped in the tail of a soft kitten and it turns savage and starts ravaging u. At first, the intricate and manipulative plot lines was really interesting and helps u open up to the characters. After that is just angst after angst after angst. It gets a whole sh*t crazier each time. At one point u think the conflict is over, u get three other conflict after. They are the climax type of conflicts, not just some side ones. Sometimes, it plays with u by giving u a light and funny side story type of event. Then, it turns out it’s many shades darker than u think. It was really enjoyable though. It uses a lot of literary devices too which surprises me because some novels I read are just like diaries. This novel has foreshadowing, and I mean A LOT, metaphors, repetition, symbols, etc. It makes the plot more of a bigass maze than some half assed word search. Honestly, it took me a second reading to understand everything that was said throughout the novel, especially that blatant foreshadowing in the very first prologue (for those that reread it, u probably noticed too

where the author lists the achievements of the holy knights and the plot actually follows it, ie killing a dragon or killing the demon king.


I just really love this novel. For once I actually do not ship these boys into indecent relationships because I was in awe of their strong bond. I feel like the theme of the story is that not everything is the same as is shown on the outside. This was shown through the characters’ personalities, the characters’ actions, the characters’ identities, and the plot events themselves. But what am I doing, giving a literary analysis. What I am trying to say is that I enjoyed this so much so that I can’t help but tell the world. <<less
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AWESOMEney rated it
July 1, 2016
Status: Completed
Great story, likable characters. Love the friendship between knights who are supposed to hate each other. The only thing missing in this story is romance.
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dustmite rated it
April 14, 2016
Status: --
This is the one. The one that sucked me into the world of translated novels before knowing what they were. Every page is packed with comedy and laughs, I really enjoyed the dynamics between the titular sun knight and the two factions under his wing. If friendship is magic, then this story really brings it out in an endearing way.

There are moments where it does get serious, and times where you will cry. But most of the time, as the reader, just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey while... more>> it lasts. <<less
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Neverfire7 rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: side story 19
I got to this story through its manhua, and immediately I was drawn into it. I was disappointed at seeing a great story end so abruptly with not much development. Imagine my surprise when I found out that a manhua I read a few months ago was actually a Chinese Novel that had been completed.

I picked it up as soon as I saw it and spent a few days of my holiday reading through it. The main reason why anyone should read this novel is because of the Main Character.... more>> He would normally be a 'just' another funny guy, but when coupled with his situation, the very idea of him becomes humorous. A shameless man who has learned to hide under his mask as one of the holiest men on the planet. The people who know his true nature call him shameless and evil but realise that he is a good person underneath.

The story is told in a first person narrative, which is breath of fresh air in regards to Chinese fantasy novels. The first person narrative means that the focus of the writing is not on the MC's surroundings, but the MC himself. We see through the eyes of our MC which can cause you to laugh a bit.

The story itself develops and isn't as episodic as it may first seem. Things do connect and develop and there is an end result. The main theme of this novel would definitely have to be brotherhood. The level of love the MC shows towards his fellow holy knights is heart warming, especially when you contrast it to his usual shameless behaviour. There are also some interesting side-characters, my favourite being the pope.

Although I do like Chinese webnovels, I would place this novel far above them. This story is different. I would recommend this to anyone. Definitely one of my favourite stories out there. <<less
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maiha-sama rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: side story 19
hohoho... one of my favourite books ever!! My very first CN.

Grisia is the most adorable black-bellied MC. When I started reading the first book, I almost brushed it off as too childish. Luckily I continued on and am I glad.

Initially it comes across as a very light hearted story of Grisia the troll and his band of knights (all of whom have their adorable quirks) I thought it was quite childish. As you read on, the plot becomes increasingly complex and dark. Deceit, sacrifice, bromance and friendship intertwine as you... more>> delve deeper into the story and see Grisia grow as a person. Its brilliant how the humour is maintained throughout - laugh out loud moments combined with dark humour.

You wont regret reading this! Perfect shoujo fare despite the lack of a romantic line. <<less
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ohmygulay rated it
September 6, 2016
Status: side story 19

Definitely a must read story. If only the sequel and prequel is also complete, then it would be awesome!


I first read the manhua/manga, so I was quiet familiar with the first few chapters but damn. Reading the novel is much more fun and exciting. Action. Drama. Fantasy. Oh, pets not forget the Comedy which made me laugh for an entire night.
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tanzmoon rated it
March 13, 2016
Status: --
My absolute favorite! If I could forget a story just so I could re-read again, then this novel would definitely be it. It is simply an amazing story that just draws you in. While reading this I smiled so much that even I found it creepy lol.

It made me laugh so many times, I just love Grisia Sun and Judgement too, actually I love all 12 knights, they are just too cute!

It also made me cry at Times, made me feel so sad! But I still loved the sad parts... more>> too.

Sigh! Just give this a read, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it.. <<less
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Fauie rated it
March 5, 2019
Status: Completed
Funny and light hearted, I ended up reading it all in one sitting. Translation quality was also top notch! Highly recommend for those looking for something to cheer themselves up.
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BillionJellyfish rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: Completed
I found this novel after finishing the author's other work, Half Prince, and absolutely fell in love with it! This is like no other story that I have read before. There is no romance, no harem, no cultivation, and no martial parts, it's more like a RPG fantasy novel with knights in gleaming armors, priests in flashing robes, and demon kings as the set up. The MC is a hilarious character with a lazy attitude and each and every one of his companions have very specific traits which make them... more>> memorable characters.

While reading this novel, I sense bromance/shounen ai going on between the male characters which is very exciting as a fellow fujoshi. In fact, I have a few ships in the novel (if you know what I mean), but sadly the author did not go along the route of bl, just bromance. Overall, I highly recommend to give this novel a try because the comedy aspect is actually funny! <<less
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