True Daughter, She is the Almighty Boss


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Ying Zijin, the former big man, woke up and became the youngest daughter of the Ying family who had been missing for 15 years, and decisively adopted a child to replace her.

After returning, everyone ridiculed her for not being smart and capable, sensible and elegant.

Her parents even regarded her as a family taint, and warned her not to think about the position of the eldest lady. If there is an adopted daughter by name, she should be acquainted, or she will be sent back.

Ying Zijin: Let’s go, don’t send it.

While the Ying family was celebrating happily and everyone else was sitting and watching the real daughter’s joke, bigwigs from various fields were dispatched one after another—


The top-ranking actor with the top fan fighting capacity: Miss Ying, if you need anything, just ask.

Heir to the large conglomerate family who monopolizes the global economy: Ying Family? what? Boss, just kill it, right?

China’s first hidden ancient warrior: Who dares to bully the master?

A genius teenager with an IQ of 228: My sister.

The man with the most enchanting face curled his lips and smiled lazily: “Well, call me brother-in-law.”

Big guys:? ? ?

The identity of the true daughter of the original big boss was restored overnight, the whole network exploded, and the Ying family went crazy, crying and begging her to come back.

The International Giant Family: Excuse me, let me introduce, this is our eldest.

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The Real Daughter, She Is an Almighty Boss (manhua)
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bulls420 rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: Completed
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kawaii12345 rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: CH 500
TLDR starts out at about 3.5 stars but it has been rapidly improving. The writer has some trouble introducing background. While the writing has problems the translation is very readable.

So far the novel very much has my interest. The full novel currently has over 600 chapters and it looks like it will be a very good read for a long while. The biggest problem I have with the novel is the author doesn't introduce characters and background material well at first. This is a very big deal as there is... more>> a lot of both, so following what's going on can be difficult. But it's well worth it.

I thought I'd take the trouble and introduce a scorecard for the characters so far introduced.


Ying Zijin: The main character. Real Daughter of the Ying Family. Lost as an infant recovered at the age of 15? She is also a transmigrating cultivator who for some reason lost her memories until the age of 18

Ying Xuan??: The Adopted daughter hasn't made an actual appearance yet. Mentioned in a phone call

Doctor Lu Zhi: The Ying family physician hates Zijin apparently a put up by Ying Luwei.

Ying Luwei: Her Aunt ? Talented relative who's a hemophiliac and needs transfusions from Zijin.

Zhong Manhua: Ying Zijin's Biological mother.

Ying Zhenting: Father only mentioned so far no actual appearance

Old lady Ying: Paternal Grandmother, apparently doesn't know or doesn't care Zijin is her real grand daughter.

Jiang Moyuan: Ying Luwei's fiance, Originally found Ying Zijin

Family Butler: Knows that Ying Zijin is the real daughter still treats her badly

Wen Fengmian: Adopted Father who raise Zijin, has chronic illness

Fu Yunshen: 7th Master of the Fu family and currently guessing, he's the ML

Nie Chao: Fu Yunshen's side kick

Mu Heqing: Unknown as yet, apparently the head of a wealthy family who is saved by Zijin

Mu Cheng.: Mu Heqing's assistant ? Perhaps relative


Update as of ch 500


The crappy family (tm) arc ends in the late 400s this really should be a stop point for reading this novel. After the family is wrapped up the novel switches into a mystic spy novel dealing with the coming from silly soap opera land.

About that crap family well they may anger you to death


Turns out Ying Zijin was originally abducted and left to die by Ying Luwei when YL was 8 years old. She did it because she felt that YZ was getting everyone's attention.

Not the worst of it. Once this revealed the mother and father still try to cover up the fact she's their real daughter making it seem YX was the one abducted.

Still not the worst of it. Turns out YL was put up to it by the father and his mistress. YZ is his illegitimate daughter via the mistress and this was his way of quieting down the mistress who was b*tchy


Oh just a note, Ying Zijin was apparently a character in the author's prior work, Ling Fei Qingtian: The Demon Emperor Has Been Captured <<less
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April 8, 2021
Status: c139
TLDR at the bottom

Not very original and really just recycles a lot of the typical tropes of the genre, but at least has some interesting things going for it with the martial arts and magic elements, but those are WAY in the background even at this point in the story.

My main problem with the story is first that nobody, not even the FL gets any real personality, let alone character development. So first is the FL who, as per usual, is almost literally perfect. But the author sets... more>> up something actually interesting because

She isn't really "transmigrated" so much as she has remembered her past life and regained past life abilities. But she still carries emotional damage from her current and past life, and the author literally only once brought up how they may come into conflict. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder later and the only reaction was "yeah that sounds about right." Like come on, the author wasn't even attempting to put in work into making the FL interesting.

Besides her, every side character (mostly the women btw) barely are talked about unless they are irrationally angry or scheming, and even then they still have zero actual character.

This gets into my second problem with this novel, which isn't unique to this novel AT ALL as CN novels go, is that THERE ARE NO LIKEABLE FEMALE CHARACTERS AT ALL BESIDES THE MC. All the ones that get any attention are crazy/evil/greedy/ (insert negative trait here), and any that are supposed to be good are ignored unless they happen to be in the room with the MC. It's a novel with a female protagonist, I don't understand why effort is taken to cut out any meaningful positive role for a woman role-model or friend or family, who the MC is more likely to interact with in the first place. Mother? S*upid. Aunt? Irrationally evil. Grandma? Cruel and then yeeted from the story (not a spoiler she literally just is not talked about anymore). Every other named female relative/peer/random stranger or named character (accept for literally one) ? Hostile for no discernable reason. Again this isn't unique to this novel, the problem is just WAY MORE transparent in this one.

Tldr: Mediocre novel overall with boring plot, some interesting world elements, wasted potential with MC, and extremely boring side-characters and "antagonists". Don't need to read it, you've probably read something exactly like it before. <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
May 3, 2024
Status: c2
I was very confused as I thought this was highly rated, but I had just misread, the novel is truly tr*sh just like the rating
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
epexegetic rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: --
There are some aspects to the world building that are slightly interesting. I liked the tarot stuff, parallel worlds, I even liked the separation of the ancient martial arts world. That's it. Please don't read this unless you really love stuff that is nothing but generic yi yun garbage. I read this because I'd never read an actual stolen-daughter-returned-from-the-countryside story and wondered if they were as bad as fast-wear stories made them seem. They're worse.

There are no spoilers to tell you: the FL is more beautiful than anyone on earth,... more>> the peak of musical talent, mesmerising calligraphy, paints like the masters, fights like a xianxia heroine... etc., etc., wins the national champion (of course! one must!), but is looked down by others because of her birth but is really MORE NOBLE and RICH than anyone. No spoilers to tell you it ends in marriage (how else!) and genius babies (can't be normal babies!). The male lead is naturally similarly well-endowed... with talents, but takes a step back to allow his lady to fight her own battles and appreciate her skill. Because the man can't be weaker than the woman (ridiculous), but one must explain why he doesn't help when we're showing off how awesome the FL is.

And of course, for the male lead, we need him to be much older and taller. Male lead doesn't look upon female lead, who is about 15 when he is about 23, as a love interest initially, the story takes pains to stress despite everything else the author writes about his feeling towards her. He thinks of himself as an older brother or father, as he behaves in ways that should get CPS called on him if that were in fact the case. It's the usual conundrum of 'I want my male lead to be a creepy older dude but I know people think that's gross'. Other than that, does he have a personality? But, does anyone? Who's here for that anyway.

Others have complained about the final battle. Apart from having a 'Who?' moment for the big bad reveal, I wasn't disappointed particularly. This is a tr*sh novel. You may like it. People often like this shit. But there must be more fun, or at least shorter, versions than this. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 3, 2022
Status: c40
Read if you want a god-level character grinding her oppressors into the ground with a yawn and a flick of her pinky.

It's not going to be brilliant literature, but sometimes this kind of junk food hits the spot.

This is your standard "real daughter was raised in the countryside, so now she's embarrassing, while the adopted fake daughter is beloved and brilliant and they favor her, but real daughter is going to prove she's better and make them regret" set up. Everyone mean to the MC is a hateful POS without... more>> redeeming qualities, and every friend of the MC is kind and walks a golden path. You will not be taxed with moral quandaries here. They tried to make it extra messed up by adding in the facts that the OG girl:

    • This girl is in middle school. Seriously, she is an early teens, not even legal, minor. It feels really early for her family to write her off as unsalvageable garbage.

      They go on for chapters and chapters about how she has this horrible, skanky sl*t reputation and seduced her future uncle in law, and you're like, wtf happened? Only to find out that all of this is based on the girl, a MIDDLE SCHOOL aged girl, doing nothing more than taking a shower in a hotel room. WTF is wrong with all of them, that they're thinking a middle schooler is trying to seduce a grown ass man?? Of course, she was set up and told to shower and dress for an outing in that room, but seriously, these people are garbage if their immediate thought was a 13-15 year old child was trying to f*ck her uncle in law.

    • She is being used and abused as a living blood bank for her biological family members (20+ infusions in a year!)
    • Her POS family decided to tell everyone she's adopted, not their real daughter reclaimed, because she's so embarrassing. They don't even tell her own grandma.
    • They cheaped out on helping her adopted family who loves her.
HOWEVER, unlike how stories of this type usually go, it is not a whump fic where you sob over this poor, ill-treated girl. It's not sad at all, you will not cry. You will be pissed on her behalf and gleeful. A super powered (super smart, genius medical skills, crazy fighting skills, precognition, hacker skills, glorious beauty, etc. If you think of a transmigrator trope, she is it) ancient being who is basically a wizard takes over the OG girl's body and crushes everyone easily, while barely acknowledging them as ants.

I doubt anyone will actually make it through the bajillions of chapters, so just enjoy the beginning and drop it quick. This is the literary equivalent of Cheetos. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
takame rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: Compled
Just finished reading the currently translated chapters, am now looking for MTL. TBH when it comes to faceslaps. I'm so torn between hating the story and being obsessed reading. There's a side of me that is super stressed of how the FL is treated but another side of me is very strung up wanting to see how she get revenge 😂 The faceslaps are freaking addictive I'm annoyed at myself LMAO.

Anyways this is a reincarnation story (NOTE: TRANSMIGRATION=/=REINCARNATION tho sometimes they go together. But not this novel).

It is implied that FL is a bigwig from her previous life. She just recently "woke up" but before that she spent teenage years being bullied. Met the ML who had an equally bad reputation (and equally kickass underground identity) and he sometimes helps her faceslap people. OP couple to the max. Might add more thoughts after I finish MTLing.


Oddly enough, I haven't gotten tired of it yet. It's pretty amusing? Contrary to what a reviewer said, both ML and FL had a circle of friends and they will be revealed everytime there's a new arc. There's little drama at the start but it's pretty much stress free after the fake sister arc. Hard moments only made me anticipate all the more how MC will serve b*tchslaps. Bits of comedy sprinkled here are there. I like author's style of humor.

The couple is super OP but I know not all readers like extreme op-ness. There's balance of romance and action, the intricate world is nice but you have to read on to figure it. I like that the story did not stray too much, just right for other side characters to have buildup. Since I'm a game fan I find it fascinating that they have a ranking system of the different classes of job. Apparently the author created a whole universe series around it. I'll perhaps check out other spinoffs later.

I kinda like the ending arc actually, a lot of FL and Ml's friends had a part until the end. It's fun to see the friends level up and it's not just the main cpl that are overpowered I'm fangirling my bias op friend (s) at this point.

tho they pull a dragonball in the end with the OP couple doing the finishing touch. I also did not expect that big twist with the villain. I kinda like that person.

And wow, the fanwai is so long it's almost an arc of it's own. It's has plenty of focus, telling stories about side couples and the kids. Also gave proper ending to other side/mini plots in the story. Kind of giving an extended ending which is good. It also ties it up to another story the author had which properly gave conclusion to FL's part in it.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SeraphiiAlice rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: --
I finished reading the available chapters here and I'm so f****** hooked! ^3^

So I decided to read this novel in another site and this novel is so so so f****** amazing!!!!!! It makes you laugh, cry and able to make you think of any possibilities of what their identity was!!! I won't get tired rereading this novel!!!I hope there was a manhwa version or even live drama for this!!! This deserves to have it!!!!superb plot and characterization!!!! SO AMAZIIIIING!!!!

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mystiqueeee rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: Completed
That was a long journey, I must say! There are a lot of twists and turns that going back from the finale to the very first chapter made me feel like it's a different story.

Let's start with the beginning.

It went to the "real and fake daughter troupe" with a lot of face swapping and white lotuses, of course. After that, it jumped to the ancient martial arts and medicine. Thus, the FL, being omnipotent faceslapped everyone again. Then here comes science fiction where spaceships and alchemy were introduced. And then there were sages who are basically immortal. And plot twist, the FL and ML are both sages! But then the plot twists again! The FL was the omnipotent World Sage! So the world was saved from its impending doom.


It was a rollercoaster adventure, tbh. I cannot say I like it very much, but I don't dislike it, of course. It's just that, the faceslapping scenes are redundant and repetitive so it's kinda tiring. It's either the people are looking down on the FL then boom! The FL is way more skilled than them. Then they won't accept it immediately until they court death themselves. Really, tell me any of those cannon fodders who looked down on the FL but didn't die? No one, I guess.

Anyway, those faceslapping scenes amount to more than half of the story, surpassing even the romance. It's satisfying once in a while but if it's too frequent, then it'll be boring.

So as you can see, I didn't enjoy the romance that much because there's really no heart-fluttering moments between them. They are indeed an old couple. In fact, the supporting characters' love story is more interesting than them, (e.g., Norton x Sinai, Caesar x Wu Yue, Jiang Yi x Yun Heyue). Btw, I prided myself for having a cp radar but I got it wrong with Caesar and Rita Bevin╥﹏╥

Lastly, I still commend how the author didn't forget any of the supporting characters. After all, there's really a lot of them that I even forgot some of them who were mentioned at the beginning then were only mentioned again at the latter part (such as Xiu Shaoning, Xiu Yu's father).

Overall, it's not a bad story. The author is very imaginative and creative. The translation is kinda confusing sometimes because I only read the MTL version, but it's tolerable. 8/10.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
User.948761 rated it
November 10, 2023
Status: Completed
Honestly it’s a fun read. Clearly the author improves their writing over time. I was a little worried because of the bad ratings and comments but it’s really not that bad. What it feels like is a cliche face-slapping melodrama at times but it’s more funny in a way.

This story is one where the MC (and ML) are OP and will always win. Keeping that in mind helps to navigate what happens and keeps everything a bit humorous. I actually like the other story this author co-wrote better. But I... more>> had fun reading this too. It’s a mind-numbing interesting mess of characters and relationships. But the plot and intricacy are there - it feels like the author at least wrote a basic outline for the story. <<less
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oobl.moob rated it
February 19, 2023
Status: c228
MTLed up until chap 228.

i really liked the start and I kinda knew that it would get crazier as it went on cus that’s how these kinds of wns usually go 🙃. I really liked the first 100 chaps or so when it was just the MC fighting back against her terrible family.

the MC was really REALLY op but the author did give a reason as to why she can do all of this stuff. It’s still annoying but at least she’s not some random teenage girl who just knows... more>> all this unbelievable sh*t for no gd reason.

i had to drop when it got to the

secret college part

it was just so boring and uninteresting 😭 <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ligayago rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Took me weeks to finish this thru MTL, sacrificed couple of dinners and sleep just to reach the end.

Okay here's what to expect when you read this, it'll get boring and repetitive which is usual for a novel this long. You also can't categorized this as just modern, the story also has topics about cultivation, divination, and multiple reincarnations.

It kinda have that 3 arcs throughout the story, her stay with Ying Family, her stay on the Cultivation World, then finally her stay on whatever that secret city was called.

It has... more>> a good storyline, interesting enough for me to finish a book this long, and have a nice plot twist. I didn't expect the traitor at all. Giving this 3 star for the redundancy of some plots. Could've been more creative than just doing repetitive face-slaps. <<less
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jon95 rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: c1
not too bad but not too good either, I just read it because of boredom.

All I have in mind after reading this novel, sine the MC is this awesome why in the h*ll did those 3rd rate dog-blood drama even take place?

this novel is for reader who like total OP MCs, family conflicts, lots of cliché drama and face slapping,

... more>>

exactly as the novel named, the MC is the the Almighty Boss of whole world and ALL the events that happened or are happening in any place or at any time is related to her in a way or another, all those who want to reach the top, succeed or survive must be associated to her

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Dhaturas rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: c9
As previously stated in a review, character introduction and world-building is messy. You're shunted into a rude awakening in a hospital room on the first chapter. The background is explained through the ML sidekick's gossip and the protagonist's thoughts.

The Protagonist

The protagonist is someone reborn into modern times after previously coming from a cultivation world. But it's apparently not her first time on Earth and the last time she visited was in Medieval Europe? The translations are machine translations so the nouns sound kind of weird.

A small detail I found weird is that apparently the protagonist behaves like ancient European royalty, with the manners and etiquette during meals. The ML can recognize this because he's the ML. Okay... Also, the author has these views about ancient European royalty that may or may not be accurate. I wouldn't know since I'm not European myself.

If you just squint at the weird Euro-royalty details, you have the start of a very typical "she's the real daughter but she was adopted, but her soul has been replaced by some omnipotent Mary Sue proficient in fortune-telling, martial arts and medicine". You know, the whole package.


The ML

The ML is some well-known playboy who saw her beat up a bunch of thugs. He's apparently promiscuous, but he seems pretty nice. He ordered his sidekick to help out the protagonist when they saw she was about to get into a fight.

He's now interested in her because she's nothing like the bad rumors about her.


Nothing really stood out for me to keep reading past chapter 9. I'm sure there'll be some sweet face-slapping, but that's about it.
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