After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness


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When she woke up, Zhong Youyou had become the vicious supporting female lead in an old, stereotypical romance story.

The supporting female lead was unpleasant; her parents, brother and fiance were actually partial to the delicate and pitiful heroine. After being robbed of everything by the heroine, the supporting female lead’s envy evolved into hate and her mind became twisted. She then finally met a tragic end on the street.

When Zhong Youyou read it, she complained about the supporting female lead’s s*upidity. She had the money and the looks, so why must she make it hard for the heroine and be so dead set on that fiancé — but then, she transmigrated and became the supporting female lead.

She had 90 million in her card, countless estates under her name and a beautiful face reflected back in the mirror.

“……” She laid on the hospital bed, screaming silently under the covers. So rich! Who cares about some fiance, some scumbag father and scumbag brother? Who cares about fighting with the heroine?!


Father Zhong, Mother Zhong, younger brother Zhong and Zhong Youyou’s fiancé, Shi Zhitang, were all reborn and deeply regretted their actions.

Why didn’t they treat Zhong Youyou better in the previous life, and all for the sake of an outsider? Zhong Youyou died a tragic death because of them, yet in the end, Zhong Youyou still disregarded past grudges and sacrificed her life to save theirs……

In this life, they vowed to treat Zhong Youyou well and give her all their love.

However, while they were full of guilt and remorse and began to desperately try making it up to Zhong Youyou, she……Zhong Youyou happily went out shopping for bags, going to the spa, and eating luxuriously expensive dough stick pancakes. With greasy hands and shining eyes, her face was glowing with happiness.

“…” Where did the Zhong Youyou, who went mad and became twisted in order to get their love, go?!

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32 Reviews

Apr 12, 2021
Status: --
I was very frustrated and found this sort of pointless until I learned it was a ... more>>

sandwich rebirth


At the end of her first life, the poor, neglected child, whom everyone treated like crap because she didn't have the polish that comes from attention, redeemed herself to her shitty family by sacrificing her life while saving them all from a car crash. The 'fake' daughter they preferred ran away and saved herself. Her POS family have now transmigrated back to the past and realize they were total a**holes and wish to make it up to Zhong YouYou and treat her better. However, the girl is now a transmigrated stranger who does not give a flip about them, making them even more sorry when they realized they went too far and made too many mistakes: she doesn't care about them anymore. So now they'll try even harder. Which is the bit that frustrated me--they wronged the original character, but this transmigrator gets all the benefit and apologies? That poor original girl!

BUT!! Then it turned out

that the original girl was reborn and had a full second life, where she did everything she couldn't in her original, even though she did not retain her memories. She studied all she wanted, she earned money, she got a college degree, she developed a classy sense of style, she became more confident, and she stopped caring what others thought. THEN she transmigrated back into her original life. This makes it an absolutely stunning act of revenge. She proved them completely wrong. They thought she was a s*upid, tr*shy idiot, and through her own efforts (because she was an orphan in that second life), she managed to show them she wasn't the problem, they were. Then, when she wound up back in her original body, she continues her amazing revenge, not by playing elaborate tricks and schemes to 'win', but by forgetting those scumbags existed and living well without them, while they feel like tr*sh for not recognizing she was a diamond in the rough.

and that was very satisfying.

It is definitely a Mary Sue, wish fulfillment type story, and everything will go our main girl's way, and she'll be this 'beautiful as a fairy' princess everyone now loves, even as she blows them off, but hey, sometimes that's fun.

It does contain an extra-high dose of the "ugly people are worthless" and "average/ s*upid people are tr*sh" sentiments you find in most Chinese novels, and I found the heavy emphasis that the original daughter was not worth loving because she had purple and blue hair and had been r*ped completely disgusting. <<less
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Jan 19, 2021
Status: --
Actually, I gave three stars.
I mtled this one as it looked interesting. But unfortunately, only in chap 14, it disappointed me.
FL said she has 90 millions and doesn't want to face the family which was bad to original owner. Then why does she search for ML just to move out from the family? She has money. Can't she buy it herself? If she really want to stay far away from original owner's family and in peace, she surely can as she knew the events which led her... more>> to be destroyed. Does she really need ML's help? I don't think so.
And also just because ML loved the original owner in the past (?) /the book, she wants to use him? Those facts irked me totally. <<less
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Jan 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I MTL-ed the whole thing. It was a pretty good story. If you like a smart FL who bites back when offended and can do almost ANYTHING, then this novel is for you.

... more>>

All of these may have happened because of the ML's last wish in their previous life. However, the cost might be his & the FL's memories (?) That's why, the FL thought she transmigated at first, but it was revealed that she is ACTUALLY the original FL herself. She was reborn, but her memories of the previous life only came back through her dreams on the FINAL chapter 😂


The author was also quite clever. Whenever her family repents/regrets their actions which can arouse the reader's pity or make the FL seem merciless, it is immediately followed by the memories of what they did in the past life. It then destroys whatever pity I had left for them initially. The only thing that annoyed me was the Fake sister. She is totally delusional, like an annoying c*ckroach that bounces back to life even if you smacked it with a slipper. <<less
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Mar 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating this 5 stars simply because I enjoy how the MC uplifted so many people in her path to success.

I usually HATE any MC who is too OP. And that’s what this MC is. But unlike all the other rebirth stories where MC goes back to school and has had to contend with jealousy and rumors - I found it a pleasant surprise to read a novel where her success pushed people to become better versions of themselves.

Plot wise this was 3-stars. But I like the positive messaging (even more... more>> than the romance, I kinda skimmed over it to be honest). <<less
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Jul 28, 2022
Status: c17
veeeeeeery similar to I want to freeload on your luck. But this book took everything I really liked about the MC from I want to freeload on your luck and removed it.

MC comes off extremely selfish and self righteous and kind of immoral. She judges the zhong fam for their awful treatment of the OG ZYY but also happily uses the money they gave her. She doesn't seem to feel bad about using QY even though the person QY likes actually isn't her. What I loved about I want to... more>> freeload on your luck was that the ZMX was seriously a very very kind hearted genuine and independent person and when she left her family behind, she didn't take a single thing from them. She moved out by herself and accomplished whatever she wanted by herself. But here, ZYY judges a fam that isn't hers, uses money from a fam that she's judging that isn't hers and immediately reached out to use a guy that she knows likes her from the book. But not her, the OG ZYY. She also flirts with him. It's very weird and dislikable to me that she seems to feel entitled to do this.

I've read the reviews and I'm aware it's a sandwich rebirth but she's not aware of it currently. So what right does she have to immediately hate on the zhong fam while using what they gave her. And what right does she as a random transmigrator (as she thinks of herself at the start) have to flirt with and use a guy that liked the OG ZYY.


urgh. Rather than a FL she really feels like a villain. <<less
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Feb 27, 2021
Status: Completed
It's really good and satisfying. I love watching her become amazing. And I love her accepting the ML.

I like that in this book she's straightforward with him and clearly tells him she likes him, instead of being ambiguous like some second chance books. She never even considers someone else.

But, there are a few things I wish happened:

... more>>

1. Her family and her never talked about the first life. Do they know she remembers it all? I wish she had a moment where she exploded her grievances at her (or what she thought was the original hosts greivances). I just really wish she confronted her family instead of being indifferent. Part of the problem with these complaints is she didn't realize she was the real daughter until the extras. So, she didn't want to act for the original host. And she lost her memories of the incidents, so she wasn't as emotionally affected, it was only in her subconscious.

2. Did her family even actually apologize to her? Like a proper apology? No, they admit guilt and push blame, but don't apologize to her.

3. Does the family not remember the ML? It's pretty clear in her first life he was incredibly devoted. He went to jail for her after trying to get revenge for her, but her family doesn't remember that? Her brother wonders if the ML is good enough for her, why don't you remember he's the only one good enough for her.

4. I also wish we saw more of the bad things they did to her. Just because at some points I thought her family, especially brother, was trying hard and wished she'd give them something, even though I logically knew they were all scum who should suffer.

5. I wish more people knew the neglect she faced in the Zhong house. There was a documentary/ news piece about her life with the brood parasite mom. The Zhong family didn't get their reputation hurt for being awful to their real daughter.


I have a lot of feelings about this book. I love the switched at birth type books, but it's a hard dynamic because one of them is always the villain. Even if I discovered my parents weren't my bioparents, they'd still be my parents. And in these books that dynamic is always challenged. <<less
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Spatika shetty
Spatika shet
Oct 05, 2021
Status: --
Honestly this novel is a bit bland. I mean if you like mary sue novels where everything goes right for the FL, this is the one for you (at this point, its hard to find non mary sue c novels since the FL is always perfect)


I was looking forward to the premise of the family being reborn and repenting their mistakes since that's my guilty pleasure but I'm not a fan of how this was executed. I would have preferred it if the FL had memories of experiencing... more>> the mistreatment instead of her being upset in the original character's place. It would have been so much more touching and heartbreaking. This way we readers would also get emotionally attached to her. Instead we feel bad for the original character but form no attachment to the FL. You cant expect the readers to cheer the FL on in avoiding her family when she's not the one who has suffered.


Yes, I know it's a rebirth novel but we dont discover that much later. But her not having the memories prevents us from truly understanding her pain because we think she's a tranmigrater (atleast that was the case for me)


The story consists a lot of studying and how the FL is unbelievably intelligent (tho there's a reason for that) and beautiful. This is expected from a mary sue novel. Its pretty predictable and generic.


All the characters are pretty. The FL is pretty boring but I like the fact that she always stands her ground. The ML is pretty cute. I actually like the Fl's brother the most. I think he's the one who repented the most and put the most effort to make up with the FL (doesnt forgive the fact that he was really shitty in the previous life).


I didnt really like it but this is just a personal preference. I like novels where the characters fall in love as the story progresses instead of the story staring off with a one sided love. I wasn't a fan of the FL taking advantage of the ML's feelings to use him (eventhough she tried to justify it by saying that she's being affectionate to show gratitude since his love was never reciprocated) . I especially disliked when the FL played with his feelings. She'll purposefully either play dumb or say stuff which will make the ML sad then once he's sad, she'll say something to make him happy.I honestly think that she enjoys seeing him sad since its usually caused by jealousy or him thinking that she doesn't like him. This might be cute in a novel but in real life it would be very toxic. If the genders were reversed everyone would think that the FL is scum.

I think I've just read too many 'revenge' novels so the novel seems very lackluster to me. <<less
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May 09, 2023
Status: --
Thanks to the majority of the reviews here, I could finally pinpoint what my issue was with this novel while reading through its chapters.

1: The way everyone treated the other female lead once they all rebirthed back. I, myself, would never expect my child to risk their life to save mine. Never. I would prefer it if my child ran off to safety. So for this family to claim they 'loved' this girl and then all of a sudden switch up because she didn't die tryna save them... scum. All... more>> of them. On that note, the fiance. Knowing his family's business was declining, he wanted to marry the og FL as a means to save his family. He was using her. He couldn't use the actual daughter because her family didn't love her. So reading his pov about her had me heated!!! The hypocrisy!! 'she isn't who I thought she was' 'She isn't gentle' Buddy was only with her for the money in the first place.

2: Crying out 'I DON'T NEED THEM' but spending their money. Relying on the ml, and basically what others have already pointed out.

3: This is with every novel. Being a genius but then wanting to act like they aren't, especially when it comes to exams. I just want one novel when the main lead doesn't give af, they're confident in the smarts and they ain't dumbing down for no reason. I want that attitude.

This is all. Not sure if I'll carry on keeping an eye out for this novel. <<less
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Sep 01, 2021
Status: Completed
Well, the novels alright but I do have some issues with it. I feel like the family all in all learnt nothing over their 2 lives, yes the antagonist was a bit of a bit*h to the MC - and yes she fled from a car accident... but is any of that really so egregious? From my understanding of the mtl the antagonist was never purely evil, just more like a spoilt scheming brat who was a bit*h but never went too far. And to see the family so very... more>> quickly turn around and treat the antagonist like how they treated the MC in their original lives, it felt a bit off putting if I’m being honest, the only person who had a justifiable reason to hate the antagonist as much as the cast did was the Original ML.

As for the good parts of this novel, the twist is quite nice and does fix a bit of the underlying issues I would’ve had, but many of the reviews have commented on that already. The forgive not forget attitude is also very refreshing. <<less
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Feb 24, 2021
Status: Completed
MTL: 3.5☆

Its very much like I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck in many ways, but I feel that its got a much darker take on things.

Its heartbreaking once you know the painful life of MC before and after being taken back to the Zhong's. The hard life when she was a child, the indifference, the biasness, the isolation when she was taken back that MC felt is just crushing.

... more>>

I hate that the 4 of them were reborn (3 Zhong's and Ex Fiance) because they thought that this was a chance for them to make up for what they didnt do right to MC.

But its good because, it was more like their own piece of hell. Living in guilt, and painful memories and realization. Feeling the heartbreaking pain that MC felt when they were indifferent, bias, dismissive of her pain. I hate that they were reborn because they didnt deserve it, but I know that if they weren't, they wouldn't know what they know now. After MC regain her memories, she felt conflicted, she hates them but know that they are have been trying to repay their sins.

Its good to know that in another reincarnation. They were able to be this happy family together. And have the fake daughter suffer the karma of rebirth.

Ex Fiance, he still needs more pain. Lol.


ML is just a sweetiepie. I just hate that there wasnt much scene with him. And I really felt bad for him. Giving MC everything without even receiving anything. Its so sad. Its really great that he gets love back this time. Oh man, I just love him so much.


MC I feel conflicted. Its not that I dont like her, I just dont like how she treated ML in the 1st life. She's had a very bad 1st life. Because of ML, she was able to live a normal life in the 2nd reincarnation, although she's an orphan. She was also given a chance to treat ML right and live her life properly in the 3rd and to treat herself right too. She took ML for granted before because of being hung up on all the drama. She kept looking for love and care to those undeserving people, not knowing she was just not looking at the right person.


Its like karma. They pay the price for what they did. <<less
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Feb 21, 2021
Status: Completed
TLDR 5 stars it's pure wish fulfillment / power fantasy / Mary Sue/ tr*sh but it does a pretty good job of being tr*sh.

Pros: it's a fun read that works very hard to provide an enjoable experience to the reader. The novel moves along at a brisk pace, never feeling drawn out or stretched. It's a very good binge.

It's a story about the MC not about the ML rescuing her all the time

cons: The characters are really bland. There's many scratch your head moments where you wonder just why anyone... more>> would do that. There's some big "That's not how that works" moments and a fair number of "how did that happen" moments <<less
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Feb 02, 2021
Status: Completed
I wanted to give it 4 stars at first, but upon reading the extra chapters about ML's past I decided to give it 5 stars. Most arcs of this story are about MC's academic journey.

ML and MC's interactions are pleasant bits you'd get throughout the story. ML is so pure, I want to keep him in my pocket. He adores MC and he deserves all the good things in the world. This one is heartbreaking in that the wounds are too deep. You want it to be all smiles and fluff, but you also understand why MC acted that way towards her family. The family conflict is similar to that of I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck.

Towards the end, MC and her family had a distant but still connected relationship. She's there to support then when needed but still does not let them be close to her and the family still craves a good relationship with her. However, after the extra chapters, MC gains her memory for her past life. From then on, she really hated them. It's sad because on the father's 60th birthday, he's longing for his daughter and even went to treat MC's small gift as a treasure which he showed off to guests. But I understand why MC did that. It's sad, but you understand.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Since I enjoyed "I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck" so much, I thought I would like the author's other series too. But I found myself really forcing myself to finish. I'm not sure which series was written first, this one or "I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck", but this series is like a bad imitation or the bare bones copy of the other series. They are both Rebirth Do-Overs & Swapped at Birth themes, as well as coming back as geniuses. There are so many similar... more>> elements in both stories, yet this story wasn't able to incorporate it well. Overall, it just came out as a another OP FL that didn't feel connected to this world.

Ignoring whether this is the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd Rebirth Do-Over for the FL, the fact that so many others also had a Rebirth made the uniqueness of it quite casual. I am assuming that the only reason for so many Rebirths was to force everyone to live a second time in regret...? There doesn't seem to be any other reason.

The more I read, I couldn't help getting annoyed with the FL. She's OP in her educational skills, and although it's mentioned countless that she's beautiful and smart. There's not much personality on her character. After her Rebirth or supposed Novel Transmigration, she runs off to prove she doesn't need her family and anyone. Yet, she utilizes the 90 million that her father had given her, and constantly calls up the rich ML to be her chauffeur everyone and take care of all her problems. While all she does is try to prove herself through one school or competition educational test again and again.

As for the ML, who is about 7-8 years older than the FL. You don't find out why he was in love with her until a flashback at the end of the series. Still, it's silly as one of the few who wasn't a Rebirth, why he would be like a Wife s*ave to her after only knowing her 1-2 years during rebellious punk/gangsta years in which she just ignored him.

I get that she wants to cut off ties to her family in this life, but she wouldn't let them make up for it either. They neglected her, but they didn't abuse her like her previous 15 years. Whether she's really a rebirth or a transmigrator, the FL has no willingness to even try to get revenge or get back what should have belonged to the host's body. Instead, she's blissfully running off spending money and doing her own thing with no emotional ties in this world. Because she doesn't have any emotional ties, she comes off as shallow and cold, only concerned with taking tests and competing in more tests.

Which makes all the idolizing by others kind of feel weird. All her focus is on studying or taking exams. Sure it's admirable she went from the bottom of the rankings to the top in school. But her suddenly becoming such an almost celebrity like idol, and not having any real friends doesn't make her character 3-dimensional.

Another thing I didn't like about this story was also the random POV stories from various characters I really didn't care about. It didn't contribute much to the story because the FL didn't have much emotional connection with those characters. Basically, every character came out as flat.

As for the mother's & younger brother's original prejudice and bias against her newly found blood daughter. It's a bit baffling. If the mother looked down so much on her daughter's etiquette, style and etc. Why didn't she or the family hire an etiquette coach or even a stylist if they were afraid of embarrassment? Bringing back a long lost daughter, catering to the adopted daughter, only to neglect the real daughter seems like such an extreme ridiculous plot devices. Even if the original host was neglected, it's a far cry from the real abuse she had for 15 years previously. She could have used her 90 million and lived her own life by her own. Other than rebelling, arguing, running away, dressing horribly, dyeing her hair all colors, failing her studies, and hanging out with other truans as a call for attention didn't seem to fit her character. She's described as prickly and stubborn since the beginning who didn't try to work at getting the correct attention from the family. It doesn't seem like that type of person would have that much emotional attachment over the 2-3 years she lived with them.

Since the FL wasn't the only one to have Rebirthed, it's interesting that the guy she pursued in the previous life also came back. My question is, since the FL can ace every exam because of her previous lives memories and study skills, why wasn't this guy able to ace every test as well? He was an original genius to begin with. Coming back a second time, he should have been even better.

I really wanted to like the story because I enjoyed "I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck" so much, but I was very disappointed. <<less
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Jan 22, 2022
Status: c30
I’m conflicted on this novel.

The title is correct, they are SCUMS. People around her got a rebirth so they treated MC better but then also disdained original FL (cuz she ran away from an accident and didn’t save them in past life). I feel like these people (parents, servants, school mates, fiancée, etc.) are like the eunuchs who only bow down to power and maliciously neglect those below. Like okay you want to be better to MC, but then why neglect, disdain or be malicious to original FL? MC even... more>> admitted to them that original FL didn’t abuse her or hurt her back then. In fact, FL just did what the rest of them did, which is ignoring MC.

The parents who raised FL, if you think FL’s wrong or what you feel toward her is changed then talk to her. You raised her, then just threw her afterwards? So what if she didn’t risk her life to save you. I feel like it’s a normal reaction and you can’t expect people to be like that. She’s young, teach her.

The maids abuses MC before, but after knowing that FL is not the real child, they now abuse FL. Fire these people who are not doing their job. What do they care who’s child is who, do your jobs that you’re being paid for smh.

Honestly, I’m only reading cuz of ML. He good. <<less
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Mar 04, 2022
Status: Completed

I MTL-ed the story and it's not that bad. The author did not make it too long and draggy. Atleast the author did not add any unknown 'characters' just to make more things complicated.

So, I read about a review telling that the MC is double standard just because she choose ML but did not forgive her family. After reading it and proceed to reading the novel, I gave MC the benefit of the doubt, and good thing I did because how did the MC became doubel standard by that? The ML did nothing but supports MC everytime, what about her family? They did nothing for her in the first life. In fact, when I read that review I feel that the MC was also quite too much because she's not the real ZYY in the first place (not until the end) but how can you forgive them if they did nothing but regret and compensate?

It's normal to regret and want to compensate but to forgive without hearing any 'sorry' was unreasonable. I didn't even see any word 'sorry' or 'apologize' with their every word of regret. So, unless they apologize for everything they did, I will agree then the MC is double standard.

So now let's talk about the fake daughter, in fact I didn't hate her that much because she too was a victim. To be unwilling is normal because I, too, will react that way if I learn that the family I grew up with wasn't really my real biological family. But to feel that the world owe her everything is quite annoying. MSX thinking that everything must belong to her despite occupying it for about 18 years and knowing it isn't hers for 3 years was s*upid. It's okay if it was only for 3 months or so but she have known for years yet she feels unwilling? That's being greedy and self-centered.

In fact, the Zhong family give her not just once but manh times to survive with everything she did. After Zhong Family's rebirth they didn't settle the account for MSX betrayal in the first life but atleast want to wait for her to pass entrance examination before giving money and house to live on her own. Second, after Zhong Mother learns her little schemes they throw her out but give her enough money and a house to live and lastly, MSX camping on Zhong's enemy just because she felt that the world owe her an apology so on and forth was really disgusting. I even felt that the Zhong was too lenient because they didn't sue MSX it.

MSX's thinking is toxic but I can't understand why. Because unless you grow up in a toxic household you would have that kind of toxuc mentality but she didn't, she grew up being pampered and loved even when the real owner came. So I don't understand where is she coming from. Comparing her so-called hardship compare to MC who suffers for almost all of her life till death in the first life is nothing. Also, the author did her dirty in the extra chapters.

Anyways, I must say that the way the author make it looks like the 'scum' rebirth except the lead character was commendable. I like that the story did become a sandwich rebirth but a quite unique one because you can't remember all thing in the right places that vivid like the other transmigrate-rebirth story.

Also, when the MC transmigrates and call ML for help but did not rush into saying that ML was the one she really love unlike other story but instead develop her feelings was more like it. And gpod thing that the OriML did not became self-centered, brainless and 2D vicious character was commedable and I feel like he can be a rightful 2nd ML.

Also, I may add, the girl Fei Yun (in the MTL) I felt unfair for what happened to her. I can't say she doesn't deserve it but I felt that she should be justify. Atleast, she should tell MQ on people because she too became a victim.

Anyways, it's a good read although I felt that this kind of real-fake daughter kind of story was s*upid because whether the MC is the real or fake she would always be on the bad situation which is kinda tiring to read.

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LIght Novel San
LIght Novel
Aug 02, 2021
Status: --
It's a good 10-chapter read but the FL is not my cup of tea. Still, I'm staying for the ML.

As I navigate the story, all I want to do was just raise both of my middle fingers or enter a rage booth.

I like these kinds of stories in which the FL who was mistreated at first and then her family tries to redeem themselves. This novel is that kind of story but I'm sorry I just really can't.

Just like the other review, it's gonna be smooth sailing. And f*ck, it's... more>> the kind of one-sided interaction. Just like other boring and tasteless troupes.

The FL was like, "Oh, if that's what you want to do then okay, " that was good but can't you have some depth? <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 08, 2021
Status: Completed
It was a decent read. Good for some feels-relishing. But after a few chapters into the story, you already have an idea that everything's just going to be smooth sailing, especially after the introduction of the ML. The conflicts that come into play later in the story seem trivial and sure-fire solvable stuff.

It's good, but it can be boring too. The problem is that since all members of her family have memories from the original novel timeline, they all treat her better. They're all immediately on her side. It's just... more>> a one-sided interaction from there: family wants to make up for it, she doesn't want anything to do with them.

Going further into the family's perspective, I can't seem to recall any particular moment where they outright apologize to the protagonist and promise to make it up to her. They all just rush back into their second life expecting the protagonist to jump into their arms. This is a fair assumption for the first few interactions, but they should have taken a hint that it's possible the protagonist was familiar with the original timeline's events as well.

It's a character flaw or plot hole that the author chose to ignore in favor of writing the whole "Why doesn't she want our love anymore? Let's keep giving her money and stuff! Does she forgive us now?" route.

That said, I can't definitively claim that if the author had chosen for her family to be unaware of the original novel timeline, then the story would be more interesting. There are other novels where such a premise is done, but none come to mind right now, so it's likely such a plot wouldn't be very memorable either.

I'm ranting now. But again, good, but not great. Good for those seeking raw emotions involved with their family feeling bad for not treating them better. High appeal for readers with troubled family situations and emotionally distant parents.

That said, the writing is still solid. 3 out of 5 stars. <<less
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Jan 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Really liked this novel. The extra chapter, Qin Yao's memories was so sad. I'm glad about the author's choices regarding their memory. Her parents, brother, "fiance" kept their memories, so they had to go back in time with guilt. ML doesn't know anything because he had enough pain in the past. The fake daughter also doesn't know, so everything comes by surprise and she's unprepared. FL thinks she got into a book world, and this makes her a little alienated and not so affected by the original storyline, more like... more>> a spectator... eventually she remembers trough dreams but only after she achieves everything she wanted and deserved.

Not too much drama, just the family trying to compensate her, and I like the fact that she let the past go and don't keep tormenting herself, she forgives but don't forgets, so they are not close as a real family. <<less
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Jan 23, 2021
Status: --
Its her third life.

Her first life was the so called novel.

  • Her second life was the time before her so called tranmigration into the the novel. An orphan who work hand to gain friendahio, happiness, cllwgw degree, etc.
And the last, is her so called tramigration in the book.

I agree with on how the author describe on how to handle the wounded relation pertaining to her reborn parents, brother and fiancee. Since, an unspeakable damage has done in the first life as oppose to most of the c-novels were the MC forget... more>> and forgive, having an amnesia to forcibly move on and/or the tendency to develop an stockholm syndrome.


  1. She's not using the ML at the start rather out of all the character as supposed on her analysis, the ML has her good favor and her feelings (retained by instinct and residual memories from the first life), .
  2. Second, in the city she live only the ML has the level higher than or can contend with the Zhong (MC Family) so it is the wisest and best choice.
  • As the title say "Rebirth" not transmi
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May 25, 2022
Status: c10
Hmm I like this trope but the plot in this story is only surface-depth and thus, a shallow read.

Here, we have a transmigrated genius MC who is proficient with all kinds of subjects, is stylish, shopaholic and beautiful enough to crush the school flower at first glance.

Not only that, every reincarnated characters in the story was obsessed with making her happy.

... more>> Her opponents are weak, her plot armors are made from fortified tanks and anyone who has glanced even once at her superb beauty would love her.

Yippee. Boring MC.

It doesn't even feel heartwarming despite the tags saying so, because the MC was already flawless and her attitude towards the reincarnated characters made me felt like they are jumping clowns begging for her alms (while I felt that this transmigrated person doesn't deserve it because she's not the original soul who saved them back in their past lives).

What bothered me even more is that she doesn't seem to care much about the regrets of the ori!MC... From what I've read through the ori!MC seemed like a stubborn but pure porcupine with a low self-esteem who just wanted her real family to love and care about her.

But what we got was a GENIUS MC (yes, I must capslock it because she's a super genius as emphasied by author numerous times *rolls eyes*) who squandered the money that even the ori!MC didn't want to touch at first opportunity, snubbed the family whom the ori!MC wanted to be close to, and sneered at every small kindness given to her because she thought that it was due to her beauty and the plot.

Just... This transmigrator is a big nope. I wished the ori!MC got reincarnated instead because she deserved all the second chances in the world to be reunited with the family whom she sacrificed her life for. She doesn't have to be a genius, or beautiful, or charming, or stylish... As a passerby reader I want that pure porcupine to get the happiness she deserved. <<less
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