Lady Su’s Revenge


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Su Li has never expected that those she met in her first life would follow her to a new life in a new family.

Everything in this life is new and seems easy, but she knows that’s not what she wants.

She wants a revenge. Those who have done terrible things to her, those who have separated her from her husband, and those who have let her brother fail the royal examination in last life, she will let them pay in her way.

But how can a 14-year-old girl, innocent and elegant, take a revenge? How can she fight against her family on her own? How can she deal with her weak-kneed father and heartless mother? Just read and find it out now!

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New Dizaster
May 4, 2020
Status: Completed
After completing the novel, I feel qualified enough to give this novel a just review as all other reviews are based on intial impressions of the novel, so buckle up for a long ride.

I will rate this novel a 3.5. Especially for the lack of romance, otherwise it was a pretty good story while reading the translated version and I kinda struggled with the MTL.

This novel is a short segment in MCs life where she solely focused on revenge as mentioned in the title. All other aspects were temporarily llaced... more>> on back ledal to focus on the hidden danger awaiting in the front. It vividly describes how a naive and innocent girl sheds away her naivete and emvarks on a journey to gain ultimate strength and wisdom.

The story begins with the classic revenge theme where Su Li the protagonist or Lady Su as in title was tortured to death all while her half-sister publicized her as devil and her magnanimity of destroying evil even at the cost of kin ship.

The revenge plot pans out from the classic style to something truly unpredictable. It starts from family drama and ends up with saving an entire world.

The story has all factors that appeal to the cultivation readers. It has Space ability, cultivatio, realm crossing, action, Gu's, poison, medicine, non-human races, friends, family, loyal followers, contract, business, cooking etc.

However thesad part is none of the above aspects have been dealt with appropriately.

It's like they appear suddenly and disappear after soem 10s of chapters, only to pop up here and there later on.

I have often seen people complaining why in all FMC novels ML has to be superior in strength to MC. Well guess what guys, here the roles are reversed. The ML is pretty much an oil bottle often suppressed by unknown factors living a miserable existence, forever cursed and misunderstood by everyone. Though he is stronger than her at the beginning, but at the end he'll need MC to clean up his messes and solve troubles for him.
    1. What's most annoying is her self righteousness. Though short they had a happy marriage in the previous lifetime where she fell in love with him. She really loves and cherishes him, but always keeps him on tenterhooks by showing a deliberate disregard and making him constantly feel guilty, anxious, sad and lovelorn. There's no mutual understanding between them and she doesn't clarify their realtionshup until the very end scene of the novel, which to be honest is pretty irritating. Her attitude of trying to solve everything by herself and keeping ML and her friends in the dark made it feel like she was looking down on them (which wasn't the case). It was always like they'll find out how big sacrifices she made and how much she did for them in the dark only after everything is settled and she's moved on to the next level and they are left eating dust behind.
After rebirth, she showed her overflowing emotions when they first met, but as time passed on, her emotions were almost impossible to detect by anyone, be it her loved ones or the 10k year old ancestors, she can deceive anyone. 80% of the time she is cheating people with an innocent look while harvesting their

resources. She is a perfect example of conman. However, no one hates her cause in the absence of strength you can only win by using wits (& gold fingers). Her cultivation can be seen as a game where she is always clearing levels with different scenarios and challenges and old characters from previous levels might make guest appearances at latter levels.

The overall read felt pretty unsatisfactory for me mainly because of romance.

But also after I started reading the MTLed version the story began to become vague to me and I missed out on some details and the cultivation levels difficult to understand.

The novel kinda felt like an abrupt ending or like reading a short phase from someone's life with it ending in " and her adventurers continues". Her origins were vaguely mentioned with more to be explored by herself after she solves the current scenario. It kinda made me feel like she's gonna have a sequel or something, but I guess not. Even at the end I was like 'is this it? Where's the rest of it?'. But I guess its not that difficult to put down considering how none of the elements of the novel were fleshed out enough to make me nostalgic. Except Fang Yuan who kinda gives you the second ML syndrome and the ML who was like a puppy who was attended to by its master only at the very end. <<less
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New Freedomlife145 rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: Completed
At first, you would think it’s a classical revenge novel, with all the good ingredients. But I didn’t expect the twist in the later parts of the novel.
I like the MC character. Witty, smart and caring, she will do everything in her power to protect those she cares about. Her relationship with the ML is so sweet, yet heartbreaking because of all the obstacles.
Definitely one of my favorite novels.
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Julianita rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: c440
I really don't know why the low rating.

Nevertheless, it's a really, really good history. Don't be fooled by all the family-kingdom-revenge mask. This is not a simple "I was a young miss but my family hated me and treated me like a beggar, my life ended in tragedy with my fiancee being stolen by my sister and my loved ones dying etcetera" drama.

This is a cultivation novel. The main stage is the cultivation world. One hand flips the mountains the other brings rain. This kind of cultivation theme.

Su Li is... more>> a reborn soul who seeks revenge against her mother, sister, cheap father and the ones that did her harm in her past life. Se goes with little but steady steps towards her goal.

She is not a brain-dead-revenge seeking main character. You see her growth, you see how everything is painful for her. Se is not a revenge vase with a cute ML flower ornament. He is strong, but she puts herself to get even stronger so she can make sure he gets his objectives. And she does it in the background. Only when it's too late does the ML get to know all that she did for him. Their relationship's not a mess of misunderstandings. It's just really too difficult but they do love each other a lot. That's no doubt.

One of the most heartbreaking moments, I'll put them hidden. BE warned, they are HEAVY spoilers.


Just when she and the ML were having their most sweet time after finally being able to accept him (and this was a really hard choice for her), Ling Li's maid cheats Su Li into going to a point in the city. Her aunt, in her early pregnancy, happens to be stalking Su Li (she wanted to talk to her, she knew Su Li was her niece and Su Li knew she was her aunt, but they did not tell each other yet). She decides to follow Su Li to where was she going this late. Arriving at the appointed place, Su Li encounters an ambush.

Ling Li's maid was a hermit cult princess (the cult ML is the leader) and could not hold onto her jealousy because she was mad in love with the ml. She fakes a history and calls a cult elder with higher cultivation to kill Su Li. And he is way stronger than her. When he was about to crush Su Li's head her aunt takes the blow instead and dies trying to buy time so she can escape. Another elder that found the request fishy comes desperately and finds Su Li almost dead. The maid (sorry, forgot the name) instead still tries to kill Su Li. But now Su Li with her aunt's death lost her reason and with the distraction the new elder gave, she picked the maid and was going to crush her neck. But at this moment ML arrives and only gets to see that Su Li is killing his maid. He asks her to stop but she turns a deaf ear and crushes her throat. When he arrived the only thing he did was to blame her why did you kill her? and the maid died in happiness that in the end, he chose her side.

Heartbroken, Su Li tells him that their fate thus has ended and goes away. After he finds that the situation is fishy and inquires more. It turned out the maid ambushed Su Li and in the end, her aunt died in her instead. Because of him and his hermit gate. One body two deaths. This blood debt makes it impossible for them to reconcile. Then he crashes the maid's coffin and tells how ruthless she was, that in the end, she made it so that they had not the chance to get together ever.

Su Li was doomed to die due to her injuries but she had to pay a heavy price so that she could have more time to make sure everyone that was beside her was covered up so she could just die silently, without regrets. Those parts... were hard to read.

Even with this debt, ML didn't give up her. The emperor made a plot so that Su Li the talented was forced to marry Ling Li the capitol's nº1 waste so she could protect her family. They married, she still hated him to the bones. But he still took on all the abuse. As he said, if one year not, if ten years not, then he had all his life so he can seek her forgiveness, and he would not give up her. He was stupid with the maid ambush at first, but he was so determined on her, even staying at her side was enough that it was silly. He did let her down many times because he had to have his revenge but in the end, you cannot hate him.

One more sad note. For the aunt to be able to get pregnant is really hard because of her age and cultivation. Just sometime earlier before the ambush, Su Li, in her disguise, finds her aunt pregnant. The members of the pub throw out a party. The aunt's husband was silly beyond comparison. It was a really sweet moment. But then she died. The uncle did not blame Su Li and even tried to console her. he just buried his wife beside Su li's mother grave and quietly disappeared. Maybe he just died afterward from grief. This was really heartbreaking.


This is a revenge-driven plot. Yes. But you can see how much the MC grows, how much she suffers. Because hate and revenge are hurtful things. It's not like most novels were the MCs are seeking their revenge but it feels like it's just a way for them to hit people. Su Li's life is really really hard, to the point where sometimes she just wants to die and be over with it. But she still keeps going on, until the end. it's not stubbornness, it's determination.

This is a history that is still ongoing, reaching the 600th chapters. I would bet this would make 2000+ chapters. Even tho it's not completed and the translation speed isn't fast (hey, it's hard to translate!) I would recommend this for any lover of MC cultivation novels. It's one of the best I've read. This one doesn't have an ML as a tool to wipe the MC's ass magically every time she messes up. Su Li has to clean up her messes herself and she grows with them. This is already a 1+ for me. <<less
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DemFeels rated it
August 11, 2019
Status: c10
I don't really know why it only has 3 stars right now despite there being only 10 chapters out but so far I'm finding it quite enjoyable. It has a lot of questions currently. I can't say much as only a couple of chapters are out.
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August 19, 2019
Status: c18
Firstly, it still feels too soon to place out a vote, so I'll leave that be.

Now, on to the main point! Before we begin, kudos to the translators for the effort! The grammar and all isn't perfect but it's enough and not thoroughly cringe-worthy or headache inducing (maybe because I'm not a grammar Nazi...). Thank you for putting this story out for us NU readers!

It's quite enjoyable and well, yeah... Sorry, first review here ;;

So far, I don't really see a story. Yes, it's the usual blame-on-blame sister relationship and... more>> the disharmonious relationship between daughter and mother. Basically, the whole fam ain't happy, but she got two bros that's (sort of) looking out for her, so yay! There's nothing of romance since the our MC is more clear-minded but the slyness is not apparent since the format of the story doesn't focus entirely on what she feels.

This is all I could say as of now, but if you're wondering if you should read it: sure, go ahead. it won't kill you ;) enjoy! <<less
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Himawari rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: c75
Average reborn revenge story. It has some nice ideas regarding character backgrounds, but also deep flaws.

MC can do everything from cooking, calligraphy, embroidery, cultivation, poisons and medicine perfectly either from her past life or after a short learning period. ML actually has an interesting background and real character, but appears only shortly. They are interested in each other from the start.

Side characters are rather one-sided, but some are quite funny.

Especially annoying are the exaggeratedly stupid opponents, which mostly comprise of her family. Her father's flip-flopping attitude changes nearly every chapter.... more>> Her grandmother does not even have a real reason to hate her. Scandals happen every ten chapters but seem not to have any consequence for the future. In short, the writing is shallow and often sloppy with the timeline. It is thus only suitable for some mindless reading while waiting for updates of more substantial novels.

The translation started out alright, but quickly took a nosedive. After chapter 40, some sentences can barely be understood by guessing their meaning. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: c144
Decent story so far. There's not much revenge and more like foiling the enemies plan. Enemies so far are her family members, who are incredibly stupid and few school members - but somehow they get away with so much crap with no consequences being faced by society/government. MC is shoring up her energy and building a 'cult'/faction/team to face her future enemies and to help her husband (in previous life). Her aides all have different personalities leading to sometimes hilarious situations.

Both MC and ML are OP, especially MC who is... more>> an expert in a lot of areas. Not much of ML is seen so far, and was just briefly introduced. Looking forward to more MC/ML interactions. <<less
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