Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce


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The servant looked at the grieving princess. “Your Highness, the Regent Prince sent your scholar fiancé to the Western Butcher’s daughter!” 

The princess gritted her teeth, speaking to her servant that it matters not as she has other suitors in line. Many days later, much to her dismay, the servant ran in a hurry. “Your Highness, the Regent Prince expressed his intention of becoming your suitor! All other men in line were sold to Gou Lan Red District!”

The princess was distressed. She said to her servant it matters not. She’ll soon be married to Prince Fuma. Then the uneventful came. The servant once more ran to her, almost tripping in the process. “Your Highness, Prince Fuma was imprisoned at home! Meanwhile, there’s a red sedan chair waiting at your residence for your marriage! It was led by the Regent Prince!

The princess was stunned. For a day such as this to come, it seemed impossible. This nothing but a sad story of a female boss crossing back in time to hold the thick thighs of the big boss. But while raising him, she was eaten in the process.

Associated Names
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Chóng Shēng Bà Chǒng: Shèzhèng Wáng Yé Tài Xiōng Měng
Don't mess with my sister (manhua)
El Rey Regente Es Demasiado Feroz
Es Demasiado Feroz
Renacimiento De La Mascota Del Tirano: El Principe Regente
폭군이 내 새끼가 되었습니다
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March 12, 2018
Status: c26
I'm not going to rate yet, but I do like the novel from the first 6 chapters. And I have to disagree with Alina Moktan's review.

Sure, the ML is the dude who killed the MC on chapter 1, BUT!!! You have to take it into account that before the MC was reborn ML was nice to white lotus girl cause she was the only one who treated him good in that life time. As on the other hand, MC was in love with that the prince (2nd ML?) who broke his promise with her, letting the white lotus take her place as empress (?). Therefore I think it somewhat reasonable that we can forgive ML for killing MC caused they weren't even lovers in the past life. However if they had been lovers then we don't have to forgive ML cause that would be a different story.

(The person we for sure know who not to forgive is the prince (2nd ML? Gonna call him that from now on) who the MC love and helped him, creating weapons and killing people for him. Only to have MC kicked aside after what she did for him cause he thought that the white lotus girl was gentle and kind. So if you guys say that you can't forgive ML, then you have the wrong person. 2nd male lead IS the person you can't forgive.)

Also I wouldn't say that MC has Stockholm syndrome. MC was reborn, going back into the time when she was 7, the ML was still young and not evil yet. So she wants to try and stop him from going evil/crazy after she finds out that ML too, was not treated right as a kid like her in the palace. SO!! If you were to think that at least MC went back into time before all the sh*t happens, then it wouldn't be so much of a Stockholm syndrome. It's more of a "I pity him cause he's just a kid who got poison which makes him dumb/unable to really speak tills he meets a doctor who somewhat heals him, only to meet white lotus girl who is the only who had treated him kindly after bad stuff happened to him. So I must stop him from meeting white lotus girl so that he don't go crazy in the future."

AND!!! The definition to Stockholm syndrome is: feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.

The MC does not have any affection/love feelings for ML, while she does pity him somewhat after her rebirth she is not all so forgiving. She is actually trying to avoid him in the new life time after helping him the first time. Therefore if you say that she has Stockholm syndrome, then you are wrong.
Lets's all remember that ML is now a kid who have yet to grow evil towards MC, a 6 year kid living in the palace with no one to protect him. We can watch him take a different path from the original one, and grow into a ML that we all can like.
This is it. Sorry for writing so much. BUT give this novel a chance, it only have 7 chapters out, it's still to early for you guys to give this a 1 star (unless you read the raw).
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BookwormADA rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: c14
To the person who stated that this is Stockholm syndrome, you clearly do not know what Stockholm syndrome is. First off, the MC did not forgive ML for all the horrible things he did in the past. She always contemplated about whether she should help him out or not. But she is not ruthless. Before her rebirth, MC didn't have any feelings for ML. At the chapter I'm currently at, the MC doesn't either [still kids and its so cute] but she is planning to groom ML to be a... more>> better person and someone that will not betray her.


In one of the earlier chapters, reborned MC, 7 years old, saw 6 year old ML being tortured and fed poison by servants. At that point, he realized that those he thought were closed to him betrayed him. She realized that this was one of the reasons he became so ruthless and a bit insane. This was unknown to her because in her previous life, she left with her master before ML got kicked into the cold palace. When MC saw that the ML, who is currently a kid, is hurt, she was hesitant about helping out. But she still decided to help out because at this point, he is still an innocent child. She even said that in this lifetime she did not want revenge and that it was the last resort for her. Of course this action benefited her as well. He thought of her as a savior. When she got "sick, " [she pretended to be sick so that she could learn martial arts] he decided to steal food for her to help her recover and didn't eat anything himself. He was kicked and harassed by some servants when they suspected that he stole the food. Mind you, he was the only one in the cold palace willing to give her food as the servants were afraid of catching her sickness.


I think people should read this novel. The ML as a kid is such a cute puppy and MC is very witty. <<less
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Cyberlina rated it
November 8, 2018
Status: c30

This novel is based on double cheese burger chinese novel gendre : transmigrator double rebirth cultivator mumbo jumbo harry potter magic tricks mic mac.

so this modern coca cola fan woman transmigrated during a s*upid accident dies once, dies twice and this story is about her third chance to live. To sum it up : The adventures of a c*ckroach.

... more>> 20 year old into the body of 7 year old. the wet dream of every pedophile. and the author seems a big greasy pedophile hidden under a cuddly bear disguise.

The plot and story are good but premises of this novel if you don't open your eyes and mind, things are pretty disturbing.

The beginning of novel : it's all about child grooming. if you don't know what child grooming is : Grooming is when someone builds an emotional connection with a child to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or trafficking.

although MC 's finally objective is not to jump the other 6 year old kid, everything the author writes about these children gives me nausea. Author is constantly drooling over seductive children beauty, tender white flesh and even gives the 6 year ML sexual awareness and physical attraction to the 7 year old MC. it only gets worse from here. 9 year old ML is drugged with aphrodisiac (yep child sexualisation guys) by a horny maidservant. Lusty 9 year old ML he starts to fantasise about his blood sister MC.


text quote#Last night, when a maidservant drugged him with aphrodisiac, he immediately shut himself in the palace, but his mind was filled with his sister's figure.

... Her sweet smile, her melancholic expression, her carefree manners, all these things blurred in his mind... and... when she practiced martial arts, her sleeve swept aside to reveal her white skin. When they fought closely, his eyes were drawn to her bright red lips... Gong Jue felt himself going crazy, so he spent the entire night immersed in cold water.


and what does 20 year old MC bit*h in a 10 year old body advise the 9 year old boy ?


"The maiden was already lying naked on your bed, why didn't you just vent on her! In the future if you encounter such a situation again, how can you torment yourself?"


the MC is white female lotus burger with Mary Sue cheese and topped with mayonnaise sauce cheat in her arm (space in which she carries sh*t from previous two lives modern life and ancient china life and this randomly draws out modern objects and pulls out rare pills from her ass, I mean spass, uh I mean space.

Every male is harem type generic and ofc right when she hasnt even started menstruating yet but everyone finds her so attractive and fall in obsessive fascination for MC . BTW the ML is cold (yandere to be) type, the prince gentle brother type, and the other little marquis/duke is wild fiery type. where's shota? GURLS it's over 30 chapters and we are still stuck in kindergarteners playing adult games. they are all OP shotas atm.

MC can be considered to be likeable [or else author won't sell her crap) but overly cheesy and inconsistent. And her rebirth purpose is obscure, because she doesn't want revenge, just goes about being white lotus mary sue eating and cultivating and groping children (for sleazy authors satisfaction) .
MC real title should be Latrine Princess, because despite the dark previous life between her and her murderer, her first accomplishment is not some smart revenge scheme but a nationwide sanitations upgrade!

Indeed, the reason the population is soooo grateful to the daddy emperors pet (because that's what the MC really becomes, her [adoptive]daddy emperors spoiled pet princess) is the modernisation of sewage and invention of toilet paper.... Latrine Princess For the Win!

im really reading on with a knife under my neck hoping the kiddy sexualisation fantasies of the author dies away soon. because despite the above details the plot seems promising and interesting only because of ML (ex murderers) obsession with her, and her seemingly trying to escape his advances....#rolls eyes. <<less
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Tikkitumble rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: c710
***Changed to 4 stars from 3.5***

For the most part, the novel is logical and character development is progressive.

However, this changes when we're about 3/4 of the way in. I'm at chapter 710 now, so I know a lot about the story up until this point. The author has gotten into the same trap that had beleaugered other long novel auhors -- the plot declines in quality and common sense.

One of my biggest gripes about the plot so far is:... more>>

Gong Yi Mo, our leading lady, is impregnated by Gong Xue, our male lead, yet she still goes and fight like she's invincible! Literally the things the author allow her to do as a pregnant woman is ridiculous. She drinks alcohol like water, takes hot spring baths like it's super comfortable and bombs places like a terrorist with nary a thought for her unborn child. Not only that, but during her first trimester, she's been infected by voodoo bugs and she becomes the Hulk, killing and being injured by numerous wounds. Coupled that with a huge drop down a cliff and immense distress and tragedy that befalls her family and you have to wonder if the author did any type of research prior to writing a novel like this. You see how crazy and ridiculous the plot is, right? If a real life baby is ever born from this mess, no doubt it'd have severe biological problems. Even when I can suspend my disbelief and overlook these glaring problems, because I adore the intense relationship between our female lead and male lead, even I got tired of her savior antics. She's literally pregnant yet still flirts with other men and act like she has 9 lives, trying to save everyone (everyone except her kid.) Any partner of hers is bound to be upset. Not to mention, I think the author has an agenda against women. There are no supporting female characters in here. They're all scheming or destestable. Aside from our main girl, the rest are fodder.


Another problem I have

is the input of weird plot devices like voodoo bugs and queens who have amazing medicinal skills or people who can disguise themselves with face masks or a nation that uses magical/alien rocks. At least the alien rock thing can be explained, but when you insert the addition of magical elements and face masks, that's when the story lost me. It wasn't the genre that originally attracted me. It sounded like the author either got really lazy or she is really trying to milk the story. And I really hate both types lol.


But as far as the love story is concerned, all the characters got their happy endings (sort of.) Even the crown prince (he redeems himself in the 2nd life and gets his happy ever after in 3rd life.) What initially drew me to the story was the extreme infatuation the main lead had for our girl. He is severely possessive and probably suffers from some type of abandonment problems. Yet our girl goes and makes him relive it over and over again. It's repetitive yet I love how he goes crazy for her. Pretty much all the guys in this story goes crazy for her. She's mostly not aware of it which is incredibly idiotic of her, but I really don't mind reading about it, even if my heart aches for her suitors. <<less
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namige rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: c6
Someone's upset that the MC didn't let the guy who tortured and killed her in the first chapter die by poisoning at their first meeting after her rebirth. At that time she's 7 and he's 6 and they're both abandoned and abused. I think it's quite well written explaining that she hates what he did to her and can't forgive the adult him, but can't let the child him, who hasn't hurt anyone yet be killed. It even states that she doesn't want to get revenge at the expense of... more>> living well herself. Although when she can get revenge without hurting herself that's different.

Loving it so far. Looking forward to more chapters. Thank you author and translator. <<less
51 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hevaLaLuna rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: c14
I had to drop this at chapter 14, I simply couldn't stomach this any longer. The MC is creepy, the male love interest is getting creepier and creepier and the awful author lady cramming preteens in scenes full of 'sexual tension' is the creepiest of them all.

The old, perverse woman transmigrating in the body of a young one with memories of two other lifetimes no less, taking advantage and encouraging a young boy (age 10 or less), romping with him on her bed, sitting on him, opening his shirt and... more>> commenting on his muscle definition made me puke in my mouth. Her mental age must be close to 50 at least but for the love of God, she is totally oblivious of the way he looks at her and creeps his 'biological' sister. Oh, I wonder why?

The male character is simply obsessed with her to the point that food only tastes good if she is eating it with him, everything is dull and colorless compared to her majesty the female main character. He is 10 or so but he is already full yandere. She can do no wrong and everyone else beside her is an enemy. I am sure he would sniff her sweaty undergarments if he had the opportunity to do so. I think he will be written to have no other friends and no life of his own except for her.

The author made it so that he is fully dependent on her to the point of obsession because that is the only way he could possibly remain faithful. Full blown obsession is the only way to compete with other women if everybody can have concubines and harems. God forbid he looks at someone else, nah, the solution is to worship the ground the goddess walks on.

I don't think the author was in any romantic relationship ever because she is trying to romanticize a female groomer and a yandere who would keep her in a dungeon to protect her. At some point it was mentioned that the male love interest triggered maternal instincts in her. Mothers don't do filthy things with their children. <<less
36 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rin.Rin rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: --
This novel went the WRONG DIRECTION...

The novel at the beginning was SO GOOD... one of the best I've read regarding development and angst... However, for people who haven't read far... Here's a spoiler if you don't want to WASTE YOUR TIME. Read if you want to. But let me say, I wanted to cough up blood.

... more>>

The MC becomes ret*rd due to some poison on her wedding day with the ML... I forgot..I haven't read this for a long time... and she becomes basically mentally problematic. She starts to self harm herself and rip off her flesh until you can see parts of her bone. She becomes so depressed she thinks suicidal thoughts and tells the ML about her being reborn etc. She jumps off a cliff and prevents the ML from chasing after her by cutting his leg tendons and your good old pal AMNESIA comes through and... idk something about being pregnant.. and something along the line that some other dude told her it was his/ made her think MC belong to him... The MC ends up fearing the ML beause he chased after her after falling off the cliff, but she lost her memory so she thinks the ML is after her life. The ML was so stressed that his hair turns white and hates on the world for doing this to him and the MC and spends the rest of his life trying to destroy the kingdom or something :/

35 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ziaoi rated it
March 9, 2020
Status: c317
Honestly? I feel like I lost brain cells reading this. The thing is, I'm okay with possessive, yandere male lead. OP, perfect female lead is also okay. I like the satisfying revenge plot with rebirth cheat mode. A good vengeful story satisfy our desires. I adore Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife, I love Lucia, but this?

If you only read up until the first 100 chapters (mtl) or 200 chapters (translation), the story is decent and interesting. Gong Yimo has amazing drive and confidence, also with brain and physical excellence, respected by... more>> the citizen of the country. She's upright, a proper decent female lead with ruthless streak but still wise, so you won't see a little white lotus flower and it's awesome.

What I don't like about the story;

    1. The vicious cycle. The story plot is basically repeating over and over and over again. The current translation probably shows that it's on chapter 272 (at least that's when I write this review), but in the real novel it's about chapter 150-ish. So you can imagine that I read up until chapter 317 on mtl, and the real deal that we want to see whether Gong Yimo and Gong Jue can become a couple, still... nothing. Stalling. A bunch of filler. 500+ chapters worth of translation, still nothing.

      It's all the same. Gong Yimo is being suspected of *insert any crime you can possibly think of* by Gong Sheng, then she tried to reason with him, guilt trip him (don't get me wrong, he did deserve it), and then Gong Sheng would find that he's being unreasonable and not a loving father, felt sorry, and "forgive" her. THEN IT'S START ALL OVER AGAIN. LIKE HE NEVER IMPROVE. OR LEARN. OR TRUST HER.

      Then the creepy Gong Jue. Hey, I love conscious yandere like Li Hong Yuan. Even though he's equally creepy, he doesn't force his beloved and respect her fully. Gong Jue though? He's this close from breaking the barrier. After the banter between Gong Yimo and Emperor, where Gong Yimo is just tired and sick repeating the same thing and have basically sacrifice all the things she had to defend herself, he would then turn to be a new leaf and stop harassing her, finally realizing how 'broken' she is and his pestering has put her in difficult situation. He realized that he's still not strong enough. THEN IT'S START ALL OVER AGAIN. HE HARASSED HER AGAIN.

      At this point, I'm just tired y'all.

    2. Wishy-washy female lead. Yes. Gong Yimo is very OP, yet on certain things she's very ignorant. She seems smart and know EVERYTHING, but incredibly dense that all the 'kindness' she gives will not attract affections from all helpless male cannon fodder in this story? She experience failed love from her past life but doesn't mean it will totally turn off her "love radar"! She wants to put distance between her and Gong Jue because she's 'unable to love' and 'incapable of feelings' anymore (bleh), but never really take serious measures? Most of the time she just ran away, then Gong Jue will be sick to death, throwing up blood, showing weaknesses, then she will come back for him again due to her 'sisterly' affections ONLY TO GET TRAPPED AND ASSAULTED. AGAIN.

      I highkey suspect she secretly enjoy the harassment and have some weird fetish.

      She did some bdsm roleplay in a chapter!!!!


      She said she didn't love him as a man, but feeling 'sad' when Gong Sheng propose an idea for Gong Jue's marriage. Girl, if you like him, go for it. If you don't, then don't. What even is this. Just get together already, we all know the expected ending. :/

      All the guys just have to fall in love with her, bearing her endless refusal, only to turn perverse. 'He really wants to kiss her. Hug her. Touch her.' like every one of them is thirsty af and have the exact same description on what they want to do to her. After all, she's so perfect it's blinding.

    3. Endless Greentea b*tch*s and Corrupt Officials. Like, please. All the (other) girls in this story, none of them are proper and nice. They're all short-sighted pervert who hates Gong Yimo to be 'perfect' and stole their crushes. Especially Gong Jue's girls. 'Even without seeing (yes they haven't even met her before), she already felt incredible hatred' nonsense. Are all girls this shallow? Why nobody is decent? They wouldn't even let go of the Elderly, like the Empress Dowager. AND. THEY. KEEP. COMING. The author probably have a whole room filled with cannon fodders spare.

      But it's still kinda okay, I guess, because all the cannon fodders (only the girls tho) were killed in a short time after their appearance. There is no nonsense-extended-useless plot except for our ultimate cannon fodder Su Miaolan. Gong Yimo isn't exactly compassionate and forgiving, she held grudge pretty well. Wrong is wrong. No pity, no gap hole for trivial forgiveness.

      But the thing is, even if it's not another love interest, every female in this novel is just one-dimensional evil. The only female with harmonious relationship with Gong Yimo is Gong Che's mother, The Empress. She's pretty chill. But she can turn into snake anytime, if it's related to Gong Che. So much for woman empowerment, female protagonist type of story.

      The officials--ohhh, they never get tired do they? I get that ancient kingdom settings need corrupt officials to put extensive plot on politics, but not ALL OF THEM have to be... madman. After Gong Yimo defends herself in public, pointing out their hypocrisy, her tiredness of never ending suspicion, they will be subdued, even kneeling to 'please don't give up on the kingdom, princess'. HAHA BUT NOT FOR LONG.

      But really, they never put anything substantial on the politic plot except for Gong Yimo's matters. The corrupt officials get caught, thrown into jail by Gong Jue, that's it. The end. Happy ending. No follow up, no interrogation, nothing. The politics is only on how perfect Gong Yimo's international relation skills, both in negotiate terms and belittle the other party because she knew all their dirty secret.

    4. Not chronological. You often got spoonfed on the plot. They tell you which person is bad, but never tells you why, never explore the backstory. Like the corrupt officials. You only knew their crime because that's what Gong Jue said with the exchange of 'their pale complexion' to prove their guilt. But there is none, NONE of backstory to support this. We don't even know who is who and why. Why they did Gong Yimo dirty? What is their problem? Because of the Emperor spoiled her of her achievements? Nobody knows. Another example is her former master from past life, the one she got her martial arts from.

      So this person, in the new timeline, has a new disciple. But this disciple is unscrupulous, spoiled and kill people without reason. What did he do? Nothing. No reproach. No punishment. Just plainly begged Gong Yimo to let her go in exchange of his life, and the disciple wasn't concerned either, she wants her life. Why this person become the new disciple when in the past life she was dead? Why her master doesn't know how to distinguish wrong? LIKE, NOTHING. NO EXPLANATION, NO BACKSTORY. Why did she kill the old man? We only know she's spoiled, but really just this?

So, the thing that upset me the most is how one-dimensional every character is. Gong Yimo is probably on the higher level of two-dimensional, but for others there isn't really any depth to their growth. Especially the villain. It's start off really good, then plummeted down after you reach half of the novel.

Certain tips for Gong Yimo, if you really don't want to be with Gong Jue and Gong Che, just tell them about your past life. Gong Jue is suspicious for a long time whether you are an immortal due to your perfection, so telling him this would make a perfect sense. Then, proceed to say that in the previous life, you were Gong Che's wife but got betrayed by him after give him everything, then he switch you with Su Miaolan, then you ended up dying on the hands of his regent, Gong Jue. Worst of all, both of the men love Su Miaolan to death that you will never believe them again in this life.

Done, you're free from Gong Jue and Gong Che due to guilt, as it is the best you can do; guilt trip people.

I'm not always comfortable giving novels low rating, especially with a very hardworking translator. I follow the translator, Kitti Jiu's works a lot in novelupdates, and I like her neat writing and translation. At the same time, I want to give an honest review just purely based on the story. More into criticism and suggestion towards the original author of this novel. I was quite upset on how repetitive it was, even after 300+ chapters mtl. It was so frustrating and hard to read. You're wondering which way will the plot brings you for the rest of the story, when even before halfway marks, it already turns you off.

After all, a well-written story will be enjoyed by many.

Thanks for reading. ^^ <<less
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JinVodka rated it
April 22, 2018
Status: c7
This is quite a good novel besides those people who judge it for not fully understanding.

Rebirth novels showing forgiveness is only a few and this is only one the novel that I read so far.

Rather than the MC killing the ML, she was able to change him when his younger for the better.

... more>> It's a good change since most villains have a reason why they become bad and they only need someone to guide them for betterment. I really like villains with sad backstory since they have a reason.

Don't listen to those people who label MC as Stockholm syndrome since they don't understand the full meaning of it. Please google it, study psychology... Don't use words you don't even fully understand. <<less
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mariean rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: c11
for any potential readers of this series out there, don’t pay any mind to those 1-star 2-star reviews. Because honestly, if y’all are really out here shitting on a novel that only has like, 11 chapters out and there’s over 1000+ chapters in total... well, that’s just plain dumb.

Translation is great, Jue (the male lead) is such an adorable kid and (personally), I very much find myself endeared to the main character’s personality and her logical thinking processes. A big bonus for me was how she wasn’t too hung up... more>> on revenge (she stated that she actively wouldn’t go out to seek it) and all in all, her composure and ability to see the grand perspective of things is right up my alley.

Ughh, just everything about this series gets me going so do yourself a favour and read it!! <<less
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Senethari rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: c36
At 36 chapters, I liked it enough I went to the MTL for more. At 100+ chapters, I was in love with the main character. At 150+ I was getting a squicky vibe from all the love interests, but I still can't bring myself to put it away. Rather than gush and gush about what I love (or hate) here's a list of what's different. If these check your boxes, you're in for a treat.

  • She has reincarnated more than once, and in different time periods, though the story doesn't dwell on the past much. At least, we don't get huge info dumps. The story flows smoothly.
  • Her rebirths have actually resulted in *gasp* a mentality that chooses against taking revenge. She's no pushover, though.
  • Past conflicts are written as the culmination of circumstances and choices (karma) rather than "chars are either on the protagonist's side or they're a big bag of dicks".
  • MC does a lot of the usual transmigration stuff, but it's the first time I've felt like a character put thought into consequences.
  • MC is not twitterpated. I like that word. Twitterpated. (If you're looking for the usual love plots, this may actually cause you rage.)
Note: This leads to a series of yandere chapters where even a psycho-lover like me was annoyed. It's only sexy if doki-doki, otherwise, it's... more>> just a heart attack. Frankly, I'm not sure this kind of thing is something a couple gets old and laughs about.


Hey, remember when we were young and you drugged me when I was asleep to keep me weak so I couldn't leave and then nearly r*ped me a couple times? Man, I had to escape during an assassination attempt when the fu was in disarray. I had to flee the country to get away from you and your emotional attacks. Good times, good times.


Truly, I don't know how that love is supposed to work out, but she is so strong, so fierce, and so real that I want to keep reading for everything else. <<less
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lorry rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: c7
Warning: the story starts with ML killing MC, before she undergoes rebirth.

MC in the past was cannon fodder, while ML appears to be a supporting male character who is in love with the white lotus "female lead, " who ends up not with him but with the ostensible "male lead, " the guy MC was in love with and gave her all for.

I don't know if I would call it Stockholm Syndrome, as MC doesn't like ML, before and after rebirth. She comes to the realization that ML became who... more>> he was because of a screwed up childhood, and grew to sympathize with their similar childhood experiences. Her acts of kindnesses to ML are equal parts compassion and pragmatism. She comes off as tsundere to ML. I can already see how this story is going to go, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy reading it. <<less
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Novelana rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: c17
This is a really good novel... As the reviews said it is not the typical so cliché revenge story you will ever read... It kinda have the reality feelings specially the MC...

... more>>

the MC is really good and yeah... Even if the ML tortured and killed her in her past life you can't really turn away your eyes and have a heart to ignore when a child is being abused and tortured.. even if you know that that's the one who killed you in your past life.. Like duh!! The MC did reborn 2 times.!! (the first one was when she has transmigated and the second one is when she was reborn again..) Did you ever think that a mere 6 year old child have a brain of a corrupted old man? She at least have a adult mind to realize it.. The ML did have a good side.. So I think the MC is SMART and Loving for helping him rather than throwing him to the pit of darkness..

If you are looking for the typical OP MC, ruthless with no heart, Revengeful person and kill there and kill here with no care in the world.. Yeah this novel is not for you..


That being said but I recommend this novel for you if you're tired of having something like that. So enjoy and let's support the author and the supporting team that is translating this novel for us... I like the author by the way of how she/he writes the story.. OK then.. Bye bye for now.. <<less
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Ruyi rated it
March 17, 2018
Status: c17
Amazing story. I didn't realize I needed something like this until I read it. If you're tired of the same old rebirth + revenge tropes, here's a fresh take on an old fav by pitting the MC against the ML when they're both young children. How much can you blame a villain when you find them before they did anything wrong? How willing are you to kill a child who grew to be your killer, when you have a chance to change him for the better in your own way?

I... more>> haven't read much of it yet, but the childhood arc is already provoking enough. I love the fact that the chapters don't drag on unnecessarily and the plot proceeds at a steady pace. I'm eagerly looking forward to more! <<less
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Liri rated it
September 6, 2019
Status: c181
If you had treated yourself to some spoilers (as I had), you will know that the review is between mixed and negative and doesn't sound too promising. But I still decided to give it a chance and... it was not bad.

First of all, in response to the reviews and judgments, the novel has to face before some even gave it a chance. I understand their sentiment, towards the female MC and even the ML (s), it is not completely wrong. Nevertheless, I still urge people to give it a chance and make their own choices. It's easy to read a sentence that sums up an entire story, but it also disregards the complexity. Especially in today's cancel culture.

First, let's start with the good.

... more>> What I loved:

  • The MC
  • Satisfying highlights
Despite some backlash, I actually quite liked the female lead Gong Yi Mo. Compared to other transmigrated MCs, she is honest and upright and for the reader, a very sympathetic character. Arrogant, but not too overbearing to the point of being absolutely ruthless

she appears to be exactly that at first, but her character develops from there


Realistic remorse, not s*upid (see spoiler explanation)

A Defense for the FL:

Some people find her s*upid because she 'wasted' her transmigrated life. But I disagree. In fact, I actually find it realistic. We see so many OP FLs introduce crazy inventions, but rarely do we see the repercussi9ons. They don't necessarily know, but especially more, I find the GYM's regret so realistic. She could not anticipate her action and she is not too OP to control what happened. It is something that could happen to anyone.


What I also really enjoyed is the canal/boat incident (150ish chapters)

where the readers see her achievement acknowledged by the people and the support she receives from the common people. To read about the power it gives her, enough to stand up to the almighty Emperor, was so satisfying!


The bad:

  • The novel building
  • The male characters
  • Short
The structure of the novel is a complete mess! I think we can all agree, it feels like two or three plot ideas mashed into one, because the author couldn't decide. This makes the novel seem so convoluted and messy. It also makes it difficult to tell where the direction is going in the beginning, is it a wuxia level with her martial arts or palace scheming/revenge story?

It is not on par with Chaos of Beauty level of shitty MLs, but when the 3rd ML is the readers most favoured love interest, and the relationship between the FL and her father is more interesting, personally seen, the novel definitely has a problem with its male characters!

While the pace is okay, it feels like the story is very short. It is not a lengthy Chu Wang Fei, and while it is not necessarily bad, I do wish that there would be more descriptions. It some times feel like the author was in a rush or had to write it down on paper.

Overall, the novel is a mix between many potentials and wasted potential, hence the 3 stars. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it for what it was, a very good novel for killing time. <<less
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Drake888 rated it
December 27, 2018
Status: --
This seems decently translated and the writing is about average for the genre. I'm not fully caught up to the current translation but I'm just gonna drop it here.

My main problem is this: the MC's goal is too wishy-washy. Basically, her main goal is to live a happy life after two previous reincarnations. Because she is a decent human being, she can't help but want to save ML when they are both children, even though he betrayed her in the previous life. This makes sense and can be justified but... more>> it is a huge deal-breaker for me. The author makes it abundantly clear that she gave this guy absolutely everything she could only for him to toss her aside for some bimbo that gave him soup for his injured throat. Then when the bimbo wanted MC dead, ML tortured her horrendously before murdering her. She used future tech and OP kung-fu to make him emperor and he didn't hesitate to cripple her, rip out her fingers and toes, and whip her over one hundred times. Yet 3 days after reincarnation she is unwilling to see him die. Even feeling worried about if a rainstorm will make him sick.

Basically, the author makes the betrayal too extreme and her concern too extensive. If you are willing to overlook that, it moves well enough I guess. <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: c6
If you like Stockholm syndromes Female MC who fall for psycho murderer ML who imprison her and torture, kill her. Go read this.

I am not happy with male lead. He killed our MC at first chapter. He doesn't deserved HE. He is crazy psycho who deserved to burn in Hell. Don't care if he is pity or not. What about MC who was abandoned and bully by servants, royal. Do people only pitiful disgust psycho murderer ML who kill innocent people too. But author Make him whitewashing and trying to... more>> make him look good person at second chance but she fail cause he is still psycho.

If you don't like revenge, it's for you guys. <<less
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Moonson rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: c42
Im shocked to see the bad reviews! Bcs Im totally hooked into this novel. Theres so many reasons to love this story as I continue to read the raw by my own... but some of it are:

... more>>
  • The main character, Gong Yi Mo, has a good heart. You know, shes been killed by false accusation in her second life by Gong Jue (the Male Lead, the regent lord), bcs hes madly devoted to Lan'er (female antagonyst) who secretly plot to stealth GYM lover, Gong Che (the emperor). BUT, in this third life, she let go of the revenge, and start afresh. Although she initially helps Gong Jue to hold it thighs, but the later affection between them is real. The story progress and develop into better circumstances between the three Gong's siblings, and its heartwarming. One of my favorite dialogue between GYM and GJ are, "The greatest power that leader holds is not punishment, but forgiveness". You see? The story kept MC holds the integrity and righteousness despite the past hard life. If you fond of this kind of character plot setting, definitely should read!
  • The story development was kind of funny... or rather Id say entertaining. I never really fond of historical setting that mixed up "modern invention" and past life nor Over Powered MC that acts high and mighty just because she had the previous life memories. But this MC is rather fresh. The personality is really cheerful. She thought that she was a mother who raise a boy, just like farmer to raise crops, she and GJ are what you called, air headed girl being petted by her 'son'. Theres some warm-heated scene in every 5 chapters or so, between GYM to GJ or GC. It might add some excitement to see the development of this naive MC!

Its a good light novel worth to read to. ((Sorry for the bad english)) ? <<less
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
August 19, 2019
Status: c200
2.5/5 but I'll round it up to a 3. General premise is a reincarnation story with a twist that the female main character (FMC) already lived the same life before as a reincarnator with some OP cheats. Its still cliche that she became the empress but then fell out of favor to a concubine, lost her position, lost her children, and lost her life. I think there's a couple novels with this exact reincarnation premise.

The author put a twist into the 'meta' by allowing the female MC to not become... more>> full bloodthirsty mode. She still has her heart and kindness. She saves the male lead (ML) who actually killed her in her previous life and decides to mold and train the ML. She also forgives the crown prince who she married in the previous life and became emperor. She decides to still support him but not be romantically attached to him.

The meta shift is pretty interesting to read, however, there's some stuff with the novel that are disturbing and that I can't digest.

  1. The FMC is a princess and supposedly half siblings with the ML and the crown prince that she married in her previous life. The twist is that her mother was pregnant before marrying the previous emperor so she's not blood related. However, before either the ML or crown prince knows this, they already lust after the FMC, their 'sister'. The ML even kisses and mol*sts her in her sleep when they platonically sleep together in the same bed.
  2. The ML in the previous life was a homicidal maniac due to the abuse and neglect he received up until his teenage years in the palace. The FMC decides to change this by teaching and training the ML starting at 6 year old and showing him familial love and affection. However, the ML still ends up as a homicidal maniac. Except this time, one that loves the FMC instead of hating her, facepalm.
  3. For a person on her third life (real life, transmigrated life, reincarnated life), she has a terrible time picking up on the lustful gazes of her army of male acquaintances. Up until ch200, the FMC has friend zoned every male who love her or lust after her. This includes the ML, crown prince, a prince of another nation acting as a spy, and some other men.
I won't discourage people from reading this novel since it does have meta shift compared to similar novels. However, just be mentally prepared for the above points. <<less
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Jian Yue
Jian Yue rated it
March 28, 2018
Status: c19
Though it's too early to say this but so far the story is good and cute. You'll be able to sympathize with the characters. I hope the story doesn't go down slope. Looking forward to more translated chapters
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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