Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman


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An engagement paper to lock one’s destiny. With her family facing financial difficulties, she marries into the family of the richest man in Qingzhou as his wife. Her Mother-In-Law’s doubtfulness; her husband’s childhood sweetheart; her mean elder sister-in-law; her narrow-minded younger sister-in-law… Being inferior, Sang Wan withdraws without a choice. As time passed, she ended up being lonely and died tragically.

Reborn on a sedan chair, how shall she proceed? Standing right at the cause of the tragedy when everything restarts, can she change her fate and find her beautiful melody?

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dysry rated it
May 14, 2017
Status: Completed
Compared to various other reincarnation stories filled with vicious, multi-talented women with a knack for torture and bitchiness revenge, some people might find ROAAW a little dull since the MC never actively fights back, simply defending herself against various plots, or relying on her husband to shield her. But for me, the charm of the story is that the MC doesn't undergo a dramatic change in character and can overcome her adversaries without sinking as low as them.

In terms of plot, the story is actually quite simple. The MC is... more>> reborn after her marriage with a rich man fails due to the plotting of his childhood sweetheart/cousin. Now wiser and aware of the cousin's ill intentions, she offers to divorce her husband after a year, while deflecting various attacks from both their families well enough for him to understand and fall for her. Realising this, her husband then pursues her, allowing them to form a relationship based on trust and withstand all the traps set by the other characters - primarily his cousin.


The MC is a gentle, introvert girl from a scholarly family who marries far above her station. Overwhelmed by her new circumstances, and unable to connect with the stranger that is now her husband, she falls into the traps of those around her and dies miserably in her first life. Given another chance, the MC remains a gentle and introvert girl, but smarter and more aware of the sinister thoughts of others, allowing her to adapt to her new position and form a better relationship with her husband.

While the ML seemed disappointing at the start since he failed the MC so badly, he's actually a decent guy who has the potential to become an ideal husband. Reluctant to marry a stranger, especially when he already has a childhood sweetheart, it's only natural he'd disdain the MC as her reputation kept plummeting in their first life. And since his own circumstances are comfortable, the struggles the MC faces never occurred to him. Although he originally fell for his cousin's plots, so did the MC, since both their characters were too honest to suspect her. However, in their second life, the MC expresses herself more, allowing him to understand her struggles and appreciate her for who she really is.

The cousin is the primary antagonist in the story. While the ML's mother married well, her sister suffered under a violent alcoholic. Unable to watch the same thing happen to her niece, she takes her in. Ashamed of her own background, the cousin is determined to marry the ML, to some extent more out of obsession and financial security than genuine affection, manipulating her aunt's guilt over her mother's death, and the misery of other characters to her own benefit. While she does love the ML, she doesn't trust him enough since securing her survival and material comfort is more important, causing her twisted personality.


The story's strength lies in the fact that it's set in a normal (ish) household, with realistic characters who develop a genuine relationship, and the MC doesn't have to snark, slap and stab, or arrange the r*pe of her rivals every second chapter. However, the greatest weakness is that the length of the story was a little too long for the plot. Since the cousin is the primary antagonist, the story should have ended much sooner (at 200 chapters?). While her actions are understandable since the fate of women in those times are tied to their husbands, using her single-minded obsession as the main plot device made the story a bit repetitive for the length. <<less
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Hanawie rated it
January 21, 2017
Status: Completed
As of c87:

I can honestly say this is one of the better re-winding back to the past stories. The big thing that sold me was the male lead. I love him (Yes, I know he was a jerk in the past and loves his maternal cousin). However, you have to remove your heroine bias first and try to understand how he must have felt, being forced to marry someone he didn't love when he loved another. In fact, everything in the past is the cousin's fault and the male lead... more>> just has really really really bad taste (that's putting it very lightly; his taste is crap). But the thing that got me was his character development as his eyes are forced open. I love it that he didn't switch feelings immediately because it shows that he is very loyal to his love. Instead, we see a slow development of how the main characters fall in love. That aside, all the side characters are sort of realistic and have likable and dislikable sides to them all (particularly the male lead's mom; she can be such a witch and then a tolerable witch).

At completion:

I finished the novel and I really enjoyed it but I just had to drop a star due to how long the author dragged it out for. It started feeling really repetitive and tiresome near the end. The repetitiveness was sort of mollified when the plot went on a small intermission and the author focused on a new side couple.


Several chapters were dedicated to the side couple but they're skippable if people want to focus only on the main couple. You don't really miss much since the evil cousin and the main couple don't play a super major role (They still show up though!). The side couple consists of people you already know of from earlier chapters: the runaway male cousin of the male lead (who eloped with some tavern girl, I think) and his abandoned wife. I love how the author drew parallels between the two couples.

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Dreamless48 rated it
July 22, 2018
Status: c77
This is my opinion-

This story is alright, depends on you as a person. At first, I loved this story as I love rebirth stories, but as time goes on I just started to hate the story due to the male lead. Also, the translator is amazing.

... more>>

this story is about a woman who marries a man in love with another woman and then she dies a sad death due to being isolated, while he takes that woman as his concubine and treats that woman as his main wife than her, who just a victim of this marriage like he was. I hate him! I slowly started to hate him! So she rebirths and tells him she's aware of his feelings of his feeling for the other woman and plans to not get in the way, yay..... this is where it starts to change.

They pretend this fake relationship sigh* the other woman (the one he's in love with, she hasn't married in yet) doesn't like her and bullies her because she's a normal woman to me that's jealous that this woman (MC) has the position she always wanted (his main wife). So as time goes on, he tells that woman the truth that it's all lie (the MC's and his relationship) and she doesn't believe him (understandable as she thinks they slept together and she fears losing her man) - remember women depend on men to survive in this society.

So she doesn't believe him and becomes a little vicious, again, understandable to me. Then he has the audacity to start to like the MC because the woman he loves doesn't believe him and isn't what she seemed as she isn't as gentle as before and she's obsessively jealousy🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Screw him.

To me, you should understand where your woman is coming from if you were in the same position. Like in novels we see a ML kill another man for touching his woman so I get why she's mean to the MC. She's a insanely jealous woman whose fears her man loving someone else..... it's not right but I get it.

However, his love is so flakey that he easily likes the MC as she's such a gentle character. I feel like he just loves the idea of a beautiful gentle woman than the woman herself. It's sad. I hate him. I dislike the other girl too but I understand where she's coming from. However, I just hate him the most as he's the root cause of everything and the reason why the woman he loves becomes horrible.

I bet there's happy ending for the MC and him but I feel deeply for the other woman. To me, she's a victim that's blindly in love.

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honeybunny55 rated it
September 3, 2019
Status: Completed
I was hoping for a novel where I could see the ML groveling to the MC because he's a piece of sh*t. Unfortunately, I didn't get that, and everything else about the novel was just utter trash.

Cousin is annoying af, the family is annoying af, the ML is weak and annoying af, and the heroine is honestly too pitiful for having such a crap husband and crap family.

The ML was giant flaming bag of trash in his last life, and in this life, he's still honestly a weak and dumb... more>> piece of sh*t. He barely helps the MC out at all imo, just tries to win her affection by giving her gifts and telling her random crap that he thinks is meaningful but actually isn't remotely meaningful at all. Guess he's so used to just giving gifts thinking that'll buy someone's affection, I mean, it worked on his cousin, didn't it?

For example:


When he was telling her about all the personal stores and stuff he has because he thinks that if he tells her this, it's meaningful? Because... reasons? Like, how would anybody ever listen to that and think "omg he must love me cus he told me he owns personal stores! wowzers!" Like come on, not even in ancient times would somebody think of that as romantic. Like wtf????

Furthermore, the root of all problems, the cousin who the ML originally loved, STILL effing marries in and even tho he spends no time with her after seeing "her true face" but she still causes 43783178437185013804 problems because she "loves" him aka she LOVES HIS WEALTH which is VISIBLY SHOWN. I don't know why people sympathize with her because it is VERY OBVIOUS that she doesn't ACTUALLY love the stupid ML, she just loves his wealth and how much money she can have if she marries in. She talks all the time about her dumb dilapidated home and how crap it is and how much she wants all the glories and riches of marrying the sh*t ML. She even gets mad cus her family member died which means she has to go into mourning and can't marry and has to continue staying in her crappy, dilapidated and old home.

And of course, rather than divorcing her cus societal proprieties or whatever, he sends her away thinking this'll totally solve all the problems!! But does it? NO. IT GIVES HER THE OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEMPT TO MURDER THE PREGNANT MC, WHICH ENDS UP WITH THE PREGNANT MC KILLING HER AND THEN HAVING HER JAILED FOR MURDER. LIKE WOW. THIS IS HOW IT ENDS.


Anyways, the story is trash, the ML's like ENTIRE family is T R A S H (I'm also low key mad at the side couple, the abandoned wife who EVENTUALLY GOES BACK TO HER GARBAGE CAN TRASH HUSBAND just cus he stands outside her door for a couple of days like wow, that's perfect, all he has to do is stand out there and "suffer" for a few days and that MUST mean he loves her to death right???? oh my god what is wrong with the brains of all the heroines in this stupid story for f*cks sake and don't get me started on ML's stupid b*tch sister (s? can't rmbr) because I swear I'll be here for years) the ML is a weak pathetic loser with no spine and no brains and I just -


Insanely enough, I still read this to the end hoping something better would come of it. But of course, it didn't, and the ending only served to utterly infuriate me. I just can't stand these types of weak heroines, where they suffer so much and then the ML does like one nice thing and suddenly they're falling over their heads for him. Major eye roll. Can't stand it. Have some dignity, for god's sake.

Don't bother reading this story, it's an utter waste of time. I have absolutely zero clue how this has a 4.1/5 star rating. <<less
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c100
EDITED Feb 16 2019

EDITED Dec 2 2018

This is a beautiful read. I wasn't expecting it to be so simple, yet complicated. I'm extremely pleased that the protagonist did not go the whole ruthless, let's kill all my enemies, I'm the most amazing ice queen route. I got sick of that a long time ago.

She is practical and tries extremely hard with the resources that she has in her hands. She is hardworking, gentle, but very skillful and observant. I love this type of MC a lot. She shows that being... more>> overbearing won't always be helpful.

She shows that being respectful and mindful isn't a horrible thing at all. There is nothing wrong with knowing your place and using it to your advantage.


As an extra note I must add that the MC falls in love with the ML slowly overtime. As of chapter 90 she is still in the process (...). And the ML slowly falls for the MC without realizing it. When he does, it is very satisfying. It is very realistic in my opinion.

I would like to add that though you may feel frustration about the ML being deceived by the other girl and not realizing it... You can't exactly blame him. He grew up with her. He never once was shown her evil and cunning side. The ML also realizes that he is being deceived overtime. It is extremely fulfilling when he does realize.

Contrary to what others may think the MC is extremely capable. Could you do any better in her position? The ML isn't weak but adhering to his previous emotions of devotion to not only his cousin but the rules of the society they live in. If you make it past this point the relationship between the ML and MC becomes very trusting and loving.


I am very pleased. I do have a secret wish that the translator speeds up a little. ;) 😄

Please do not drop it just because you think it is slow. Slow stories are often the most fulfilling.

And yes, the antagonist is an annoying hypocritical backstabbing idiot. If I was to say one thing that may have lead to her twisted character it would have to be


her useless, drunk, no-good, rotten, sleaze bag father

He only appears briefly though... before dying.


By nineties the ML has become ideal and has now


fallen in love with the MC and realized his cousin's true nature and it is so satisfying.


But there is a new annoying problem


his sister and her useless manwho*e husband

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jellybeanhater rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: Completed
As a romance novel, the plot and the relationships between the characters falls pretty flat. However, as a 'historical' drama backyard intrigue type novel, it is kind of tolerable IF you have an itch for it.

Instead of a mature and experienced MC who had undergone torture, betrayal and abuse in her past life to be reincarnated as a cunning, ruthless bad-ass who is hell-bent on seeking revenge on those who had wronged her; you get the neglected wife who kinda just faded into the background whilst her shitty husband lives... more>> a happily ever after with the cousin before silently dying.

Also her 'rebirth' doesn't really intertwine that much with either the story narrative or her growth as a character. She still maintains that traditional patriarchal mindset that enables her to be oh so tolerant about the unreasonable circumstances that she is subjected to, not forgetting the fact that she had already been forsaken in her past life. Every character from the MC to the supporting all prescribe to the Ancient China mentality towards women's submission to men and their confinement to the home. The ML himself is nothing to dream about either really.

If anything, I feel pity for both the MC and the scheming cousin in that he himself is not a sincere or committed man to either of them, he prescribes to the notion that these women must shape themselves into this ideal and once that mould cracks even a little, he becomes disillusioned and dismisses them without thinking further into it or questioning the reasons behind their change, because to him, these women are just dolls in a play to act out a performance of this 'perfect woman' for him


The ending itself was pretty predictable, and realistically speaking, its not surprising that the MC chose to stay in her marriage out of practicality as well as societal judgement, I would have preferred if her feelings were slightly more ambiguous towards the ML, like it would have been more empowering if even though she did choose to resign herself to this marriage, she never truly fell in love with him due to distrust or trauma from her previous life or even just due to her resignation about her role as a woman during those times. Also, I feel pretty pissed that the ML got his happy ending in both the past and present lives. F*cking b%stard

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New Moon
New Moon rated it
December 8, 2017
Status: --
This novel is not my taste. I hate ML he is so weak and annoying worst than cousin. I hate him more this cousin. I think you better not read this kind of novel where ML is so weak and MC suffer worst from ML and his sweetheart. I don't know what author like about MC husband that make him ml. One of best annoying novel that you wanted to strangled author.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
July 21, 2017
Status: c20
Worst novel with weak husband ML who can't see people true face. He is worst than cousin I kinda hate him more than cousin. MC is idiot stupid girl for fall in love with hubby when he treat her worst in her past or abandoned her and let cousin kill her. MC is stupid for forgive him. I think she kinda deserved it in past because she is dump girl who easily forgive hubby when he treat her worst and let her die worst. I don't care what he felt... more>> when marry someone despite in love with other if he truly love that cousin he should avoid marry. He is biggest aashole son of bastard bitch.

this ML are like ex hubby prince from evil prince and his precious wife. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nascentechuva rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c25
deleting review to reread
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
luxannefelix rated it
July 31, 2019
Status: c148
I don't like the male lead, can they just divorce already? I wish this novel doesn't milk too much and drag arcs too long. And the characters are so flat; evil for the sake of being evil, plot convenience and rebirth isn't even relevant to the story except in the initial chapters. And I know that in ancient China, there is male superiority complex but isn't this too much? I get that FL shouldn't be too ooc but she really doesn't change much. The FL is not particularly charming and... more>> the same main antagonists keeps repeating, coming again and again to try the same old tricks and the FL still doesn't learn even though she had an advantage of knowing the future. The male lead is plain spineless, hypocrite and an idiot who keeps swaying wherever the wind blows without using his own brain. He also is such a scumbag who break promises and almost raped the FL multiple times. And most of the "problems" could be resolved if they just talk it out, I don't see why the author is putting so much filler and using such simple plot.

In all this is just basic rebirth plot that is ranked among the low quality ones, I don't see any unique points. I say this as a person who is saturated in these type of genre but for people who are fairly new, this novel is not bad. As for me: dropped <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jessicaaa rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: c55
So far I find this novel very enjoyable and likeable. The characters are all realistic and MC is not OP and only rely on the past life memories for help. I personally like her she’s neither weak nor strong but she isn’t stupid (as she learns from her past mistakes and isn’t naive anymore).

Male lead - for people that seem to find the ML weak, we need to remember his cousin and him are childhood sweethearts and ML has been with her for all these years and only ever seen... more>> her with her false pretentious image. If anything I’d give the ML credit and say he’s loyal to his romantic interest because he didn’t change his feelings towards the cousin and MC instantly. He only started and became confused after being able to spend time with the MC and seeing the cracks of the cousin’s fake image.

Some characters are annoying like cousin (obv), ML’s mother MC’s aunt and uncle but I guess those characters are created to be annoying.

But im looking forward to the novel being translated and reading further chapters <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 2, 2019
Status: c140
Everyone has their flaw and life can't be picture perfect is

the lesson this story push to the forefront. As the summary said, Sang Wan by no means a fool or naive even in the first life BUT- she was condemned by her husband's family simply because she was the unfortunate girl the previous patriach engaged to his grandson. From her perspective, there's no logical reason for all injustice she suffered and that's true- she is just simply set up in unfortunate position.

She came to an understanding in her second... more>> chance at life and strive to live peacefully. Sang Wan doesn't care about revenge all that much, or rather she can't see the point of pursuing past life grudge. A big difference than most reincarnated MC who wants to get justice for themselves. Surprisingly everyting turns out the better for her after she state her intention to not vie for his attention.

Surprisingly I think the best point of this series is not the MC, ML or even the plot twist but HOW author discredit the antagonist of this story and build his character.
  • Gu Fang Zi has a alcoholic gambler father, hence... her obsession to secure monetary and power comfort in Shi Family. However- her bad experience with her father also cause her skepticism towards men and no matter how much she loves ML she prioritize money and power behind him than the person himself.
  • This distance made Fang Zi never really view Shi family as her true family but as means to a better life, this become apparent when this antagonist starts using ML's sister and mother to sow discord and discredit MC.
  • Having so long wearing a mask to make ML fall in love with her, Gu Fang Zi never really earn his genuine love and it gets progresively worse when he saw how far she would go to secure her position in family, and she is not above harming her family.
  • It become increasingly ironic when Gu Fang Zi's mask actually match Sang Wan's personality, a honest, caring and hardworking lady.

Now the ML... it's no suprise a lot of readers are unsatisfied by the ML, especially with how bad he was in previous life to MC. However it was explained later on that he was a guilible person blinded with love and later on he slowly fall in love with Sang Wan's honest and gentle personality.

He was also fell OUT of love with his cousin, disillusioned when he realize her feeling towards him isn't that sincere and there's greed behind her love and he doesn't really know the real Gu Fang Zi in the end.

It gets so bad that ML come to a realization the woman he loved in his cousin only exist in her mask and once he gather his wits, he was horrified of his past self to be so throughly deceived by his lover. Especially when his cousin starts sowing discord in family to discredit his wife, he can't stand she was heartless enough to harm his family who had kindly raised her since she was young for her own gain.


What strike me to fall in love deeper with Sang Wan's character is... how in line she is with character of ancient woman of that era but in the same time she took her experience in previous life to heart and learn the happiness of ancient era's woman such as good husband, economic safety and children are relative.

When ML beg her to stay and promise to make her happy, she didn't fall for it. She bravely told him that it wasn't a concubine she can't tolerate but his concubine who can't tolerate her. At this point Gu Fang Zi had tried her best to alienate Sang Wan from ML's mother and sister and Sang Wan feels his love doesn't worth it. What's the point of being loved by ML if she has to suffer injustice that might land her to her previous fate?

And didn't ML fell OUT of love? What guarantee Sang Wan can keep his favor? So she gave him an ultimatum, if he didn't send his concubine OUT of the house, she will leave as they promised to each other. No matter how nice it was to be loved by her husband, she doesn't want to suffer living in the same house with a woman as wicked as Gu Fangzi


It doesn't feel out of place when Sang Wan learn values modern woman takes for granted. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
c888 rated it
March 26, 2018
Status: --
I wanted to like this novel but I just felt so frustrated with this novel. I wished the MC would not end up with the ML. The repetitive (and I mean repetitive) plotline of the ML's childhood sweetheart/cousin and the ML's indecisiveness and the mother's precarious personality just became annoying and a source of frustration towards the end.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
guqintranslations rated it
November 14, 2017
Status: Completed
I really liked this. Even though it's a 'rebirth' story that was kickstarted by the MC's originally tragic fate, it's not entirely revenge-driven. The husband who had abandoned her in her previous life is also not as heartless as one would originally think.

There were also quite a number of annoying characters in the story besides the ML's childhood sweetheart. I was most especially irritated by...

... more>>

The ML's elder sister and her husband -- they were so irritating that I was hoping for a much much more satisfying form of retribution than how it was dealt with in the book.


The only downside to it was how the ending was executed. It felt rather abrupt, considering how certain events prior to it were basically drawn out. It felt like the author just wanted to get it over and done with by that point and so decided to compress the ending as much as possible.

Other than that, I really liked the main character. She was not too talented nor was she a well-renowned beauty, but she's a quick-thinker as well as considerate. The antagonist is also smart so the MC also gets caught unawares by her schemes from time to time, yet she still somehow manages to remain upright and steadfast. She's also human, so there will be parts where she gets fed up and doesn't make a secret of it when other people go too far. I found those parts to be some of my favourites, especially after all the other times where she had to bottle up her anger and grievances just to maintain her manners and decorum.


It really grinds my gears how the ML's mother was so easily influenced by the ML's cousin's words and easily blames everything on the MC at the slightest provocation. If it weren't for her, most of that cousin's schemes wouldn't have come to fruition. At the same time, I also had the nagging suspicion that if they had told her of the cousin's true nature earlier then everything might've been resolved more quickly. Their main reason not to reveal it earlier was that they were worried about her health... and yet everything was revealed in the end anyway... without any real repercussions to her health.


There were a bunch of side stories as well, but I didn't really think any of them overshadowed the main story too much. All in all, it's not a perfect novel, but I found it to be better than most. <<less
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Delaura rated it
July 17, 2017
Status: Completed
This story is wonderful. I just love it.

... more>>

ML is the best husband. The way he loves MC is so sweet. When he knew the true color of the cousin, he never give her chance to sway his heart again. Then, he devoted all his heart to MC. I like the way the main couple love and trust each other.

But I have to give the title of the best wife for JingYi (the second young master's wife). She fall for her husband at first sight, forgave him without a word of complain, and never even consider to remarry. I am happy when they get together.

FengJu and FengMing, these two cousin just hopelessly nice stubborn brother. When they love, they love with their all, no matter what.

FengMing is so cute. I forgive his stupidity for that.


The minus point... hmm... it's just too long. But even with that, the end of story is kind of rush. <<less
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Damshooter rated it
December 4, 2016
Status: c1
By reading the first chapter, you'll know whether this novel is to your taste or not. And it is your choice to continue reading subsequent chapters or give it up. However, even though I myself am not really a fan of drama and tragedy in a novel with romance genre (I love pure straight love with no love drama), this novel does seem interesting after reading the first chapter...

... Enjoy

I'll rate a 5 star because I don't know why there are 1 stars for this novel even though it's... more>> just the first chapter


Chapter 1 tells you almost everything you have to know about this novel. The subsequent chapters show how she overcomes them. Well, quite similar to many other romance/drama novels. This is all I know so far (Haven't read that far for this novel)

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Silkscreen rated it
August 28, 2019
Status: c132

  1. The story progress and characters is profoundly slow for many.
  2. This is not the modern era so please keep the historical mindset in place while reading it.
  3. You will be emotionally charged, dragged into melancholy and depression when reading the first few chapters but chug along until you read through a few rewarding scenes.
Story plot:

(4.5 out of 5) It felt very realistic to me. There's bound to be slow progress in character build up and also development in relationship just like in real life. It's hard to digest but readers... more>> can't help but wish that the female lead grows strong and the male lead would dote on her endlessly while killing off the poisonous white lotus on the side.

Side stories: (5 out of 5)

It really moved the story along and helped define the characters of both the male and female leads, even the villains. I can't help but applaud the author on these.

Translation: (4.8 out of 5)

Well translated with very minimal mistakes. I highly applaud the translator because my heart would have bled already at just translating the first 50 chapters. They did a really good job and asked for so little in their Patreon page for what probably took them months in delivering chapters.

Why you should read it:

There are many small victories on the side, which at first felt like very sour appetizer because they're hard to swallow and made one feel all the more hungry for justice and impatient for the ending. Yet later on it showed development of the character. For a historical setting bound by strict rules and customs, it's nice to see how they moved forward to get the upper hand. This is also a far cry from many of the rebirth stories dealing with the higher echelon of society and filled with revenge schemes--where the face-slap is really loud and rewarding for some. The female lead may sound like she has no personality at first but eventually worms into your heart because she is the real virtuous, gentle, smart and scholarly woman you'd want for the family.

Please refer to reviews written by 'dysry' and 'ScotlandForysthe' for further enlightenment regarding the novel.

Reading status is at 132 out of 334 chapters. I'll update my reviews once I've completely read the novel. <<less
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Dhaturas rated it
April 17, 2019
Status: c118
This story is another wonderful additional to the Chinese lady rebirth trope. Unlike in some other stories, the MC is the daughter of a poverty-stricken literary family poised to marry into a rich family due to an old promise between her deceased father and her husband-to-be's late father. She suffers grievance after grievance within the family all because of her husband's childhood sweetheart and cousin, the Gu chick, a despicable two-faced bit*h who knows nothing of love and only yearns for power. After the MC's initial death and return to... more>> the day of her wedding, the story begins its magnetic pull.

The reader has to follow along as the MC is relentlessly attacked by her cousin-in-law and is subjected to the foolish and self-righteous whims of her mother-in-law. The MC is smart however. On the eve of her wedding night, she strikes a deal with husband that they could act out the facade of a fake marriage and could simply divorce in one year's time with the condition that he is not to take in his childhood sweetheart/cousin as a concubine within that time frame so as to avoid all shame.

Like so many other stories of faked romance, true feelings of romance begin to bloom between the two. But it's mostly one-sided on the male's part. And thank God for that. Because the MC has a deep-standing trauma of being abused by her evil cousin-in-law. She will never truly acknowledge her new feelings and her husband's new feelings until the day the Gu bit*h is taken care of. Her trauma of the Gu bit*h is heart-wrenching and she is unlike the other vengeful/overpowered MCs in other stories. As the daughter-in-law from a poor family, she has no proper backing except for her initially unfaithful husband. The readers have to time and time again witness her suck up her feelings and suffer whatever humiliations she has to. We get to feel her sorrow and her anger. So, we take an even larger pleasure every time she comes up on top by the skin of her teeth.

Really. This is the kind of story that tugs on one's feelings of injustice and kindles the indignant flames of righteousness. It makes you wanna squeal every time the MC finds something to smile about. It makes you ache every time the MC has to force a smile at her unruly in-laws. It makes you cheer loudly every time the MC's husband dotes on her.

It's a freaking good story. Hateful, tragic, clever, with a dash of romantic fluff in the cracks. 5/5 <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 13, 2017
Status: c23
The MC used to be a white lotus in her previous life but died alone due to being stupid.... Now after her rebirth she chooses to walk more carefully but she still loses to her hubby's more capapble female cousin.... Somehow she manages to catch the attention of her hubby (dont ask me why lol... his cousin is wayyyy more capable that she is >.>)
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IamSweetPotato rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c1
Based on the first chapter, the MC is very realistic and not OP. Honestly, transmigration is an interesting concept, but OP MCs are not my cup of tea. Hence I only read plots similar to this. I hope the translation schedule runs smooth. This is quite an intriguing novel. Good job transator team! Kudos!
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