Being Expelled From the Wealthy Family in the Beginning


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Opening her eyes, Bai Lian realized she had transmigrated into the body of a notoriously frivolous young lady.

Word has it that her father, a self-made man, had gained widespread acclaim in the northern city.

Her illegitimate elder brother was a prodigy, achieving the top spot in the city exams and heading to Jiangjing University.

The illegitimate younger sister, a talented beauty in the international class next door, was graceful and well-mannered.

Her fiancé, a wealthy scion in finance and a campus prodigy, had never given her a second glance…

And she, an inconspicuous and average person with not-so-high intelligence, was promptly kicked out of the family from the beginning.

Bai Lian: Alright, then she’ll focus on studying and strive to be an ordinary person~

Crowd (with a mysterious smirk): …you better be??

The young lady banished to Xiangcheng, without any background, lacking in skills, and everyone can step…..Can’t step on her???

[A uniquely beautiful and lazy girl, doing as she pleases. Whoever provokes her ends up dead, female lead vs the noble, cold, emitting an aura of a king, with intelligence overwhelming everyone present, male lead]
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New zetnnik rated it
May 17, 2024
Status: Completed
It’s a work of fiction and intended for entertainment, and that’s how I took it. The MC and the ML were ridiculously OP. I found the way their characters were written as having scary/oppressive auras funny after a while. One thing that bugged me about the MC was her habit of having a Bluetooth on all the time and always on her phone. I think the writer was trying to portray her as being unaffected and detached with irrelevant things, thereby making her too cool for the mundane things, I... more>> just found it rude and pretentious. 🤷‍♀️ Things I liked about the story, the beginning had several funny scenes between the MC and her grandpa, the MC and Jiang He, but unfortunately those went away around chapter 50 or so. I liked how Class 15 supported each other. I liked how the teachers in the story were actually supportive and were good people.

I don’t know if it’s because I MTL’d the rest and a lot was lost in the translations, but there were some details that I found were missing or the writer just did not include in the novel.


Such as — What happened to her second uncle? It was only briefly mentioned that aside for what happened with the second Uncle the Ji family never actually asked the Ren family for any help. What did happen? Another example was — what happened in that business trip that the ML and the MC’s mentor went to where the mentor died and the ML went into a coma? How did her mentor die? What happened to the ML? Those were never explained.


Aside from those things, I enjoyed it and gave it a 4-star rating. <<less
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Aldis rated it
November 25, 2023
Status: c151
While it have standard genius underdog MC 'face slapping' everyone while hugging shiny golden-thighs plot, MC has a rather 'normal' progress (she is genius, for sure, but she came from ancient time where study limited only to art of war and liberal art studies) and she was fascinated by physic science first. Her chemistry and biology were basically zero lol (she reach top ranker in her school in the late 1/3 of the story with said subjects so-so score but still not facing her illegitimate siblings and ex-fiance yet).

It... more>> also have lots of (important) subplots and drama that connecting each other. When I said lots it's really.. a lot. Those are good but can be too much. The author did not really separate the story per arc, every subplots were overlaps from each other. It made me tired sometimes.

The story also tend to be more 'slice of life'. It has good time to developed each supporting characters. And also veeerrryy slow romance. I love a little bit of her past here and there, and how reluctant she is to history subject because the 'truth'.

And... yeah although she's good by herself, in some cases, ML is really her premium sssr golden-thighs. Need advance physic book? Here's limited university book for you. Can't understand this formula? I can privately teach you. And your friends, too. Need high tech hospital equipment? Can bring it tomorrow. Need private jet? I lend it to you. Highly calliber lawyer? You can borrow him for free. But he also her calligraphy works' super-fan. It's kinda cute.

The only character I regret is MC's mother. She is kind of waste but I guess that's her role, sigh.

In general the whole story is a 'slow face-slapping' lol so if you want the 'feel good revenge' feels you need to wait quite long. I feel conflicted but I guess people of high society have reason to look down at commoners, yet in the end will grovelling and licking those who have more power. What I love is some people with genuine sincerity will have their own way, free from the rich's hierarchy. This is the reason Ji Family esp Shen Qing is my favorite. <<less
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rumly111 rated it
March 26, 2024
Status: Completed
I'd say the novel is above average. Lots of face-slapping and not much drama/angst. The FL is so OP that sometimes it's ridiculous, but that makes it funny.

What kept me reading is that the novel focuses a lot about studies, from school to university.

Recommended for casual read.
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March 20, 2024
Status: c65
Too much face slapping makes it boring...I mean come on after 50chapters of face slapping people should know how power female lead is!!But know... by the power of some black magic smart people doesn't understand this simple thing
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08phamann rated it
January 23, 2024
Status: c350
The reincarnated MC is actually very OP (but still actually quite low key) and does the face slapping quite well. It's just that a lot of the villains (mainly her father and his scum family) never really learn and get beaten down by her or her people, which is quite satisfying. The MTL is readable although sometimes it is confusion and I feel like I missed a lot of things by reading MTL but sadly no other option.
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Iwashereyoo14 rated it
January 14, 2024
Status: c341
I MTL it directly from the chinese site I found through Googling.

The novel is the kind of face slapping one just like how it is described in the summary. The FL is actually ... more>>

reincarnated/transmigrated (I don't know which one) general Bai

. The FL and ML is very OP but at the beginning the FL is only able to move forward fast because she meets ML and kinda get lucky to stumble upon the qinglong gang. But of course through out the story, FL is able to get to where she is today because of her skill.

The face slapping one is kind of the FL keeps quite about how OP she is and how her network is amazing, and the "villain" will get slapped because they looked down upon FL and FL family (well, FL does gives them a misunderstanding about her lol).

FL and ML is a character that is all silent and cold. Lots of the face slapping scene kinda doesn't make sense in real life, but I get their point of view. Like

how FL can get the doctor from out of nowhere to operate her aunt lol. The doctor doesn't even prove he is A doctor or like show some licence or whatever


So, if you want to read this, better abandoned your logic and enjoy the ride 😆

I will give this 5/5 because I like the face slapping scene. <<less
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