Mushoku Tensei (WN)


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A 34-year-old NEET otaku, chased out from his house by his family, found that his life is reaching a dead end. He then recalled that his life could actually have been much better if he had made better choices in the past.

Just when he was at the point of regret, he saw a truck moving at fast speed, and three high schoolers in its path. Mustering all the strength he had, he tried to save them and ended getting run over by the truck, quickly ending his life.

The next time he opened his eyes, he is reincarnated to a world of sword and magic as Rudeus Greyrat. Born to a new world, a new life, Rudeus decided that, “This time, I’ll really live my life to the fullest with no regret!” Thus starts the journey of a man yearning to restart his life.

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Jobless Reincarnation ~ It will be All Out if I Go to Another World ~
無職転生 ~異世界行ったら本気だす~
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Smooth Che
Smooth Che rated it
January 23, 2016
Status: --
Totally overrated, the MC is one of the most disgusting MC’s I've ever witnessed. The story is good, it’s the reason why this novel is so known. But the main character is just... I don’t even have words for it. Some examples
... more>>

– M*sturbates on his parents funeral day

– Sees a group of s*aves, who are beaten/raped and near death btw. What does our MC think first? Of course that they are nearly naked, what turned him on, ignoring their wounds and sorrowful bodies..

– Mother gets abducted, it’s highly possible that she’s getting beaten/lives miserably as a s*ave. MC does not even care. Forgets her and lives his life, chilling with his girls. Who cares if his mom is getting r*ped all day? As long as he lives fine everything is good. /s

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Diamondking rated it
April 18, 2016
Status: --
A modern classic and a definite must read for anyone interested in LN/WNs. It has everything you'd expect from a fantasy, swords and magic setting but the character's age progression is incredibly well written. Most negative reviews about his character usually point to his younger days but the entire point is to see how he matures later on. Though there is a harem, it's slowly and properly built and doesn't put you off too much. The story itself is also amazing, mostly because of the epic villain. And of course.... more>> Even though the author does drag the story sometimes, it's all worth it because that ending is the single greatest ending in the history of modern internet literature (yes that's a thing :P) So yeah, read it aaaallll the way to the end. <<less
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MondoX rated it
April 23, 2016
Status: --
It started off great, even with a 34 year-old low-life pe*vert getting lucky to reincarnate for no reason. The story seemed to have regressed, and the constant perversion of the MC, especially at the wrong times ruined it for me. In my humble opinion, both "Bu ni Mi wo Sasagete Hyaku to Yonen" and "World Teacher" are better stories, with better MC's.
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rdawv rated it
February 25, 2016
Status: --
One of the series you could read if you ever want a decently written reincarnation-with-memories-intact story.

It reads like an obvious web-novel: rough spots here and there, unpolished prose, unwieldy explanations, superfluous padding of the plots which are easily skippable. But what you have is a decidedly well told first person view's story, able to balance between humor and drama. The MC does know his limits and aware of some powers trying to turn him into a chess piece, and willing to play along until he gets more powerful. There is... more>> a stated objective for the MC, not the mindlessly powering up that you find in Re:Monster or the light-hearted adventuring without a goal in Death March.

Much of the criticism arises from the overly complicated plot towards the end, as well as a large cast of minor characters that aren't fleshed out. Like many of its contemporaries, the author drifts about writing obtaining this or that, which ultimately to the reader doesn't seem memorable or particularly interesting.

There are wildly different opinions about Mushoku Tensei, and I believe the author even considered quitting at one point after negative criticisms. But he persisted and in the end I think he should be happy that he has a story which can be interesting to read. Sure, it can’t satisfy all readers; but who can?

Give it a try. <<less
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mukkaar rated it
December 1, 2015
Status: --
Best and most complete novel I have read. Ending was especially good, usually ending leaves me feeling of lacking something but this didn’t.

Story has “real” feel to it, it doesn’t have that fake or shallow feeling most ln/wn have. Although its novel it has same kind of feeling as books from professionals.
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Lifen rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: Completed
Firstly thank you author for this beautiful story. At the end of the story I cried like a baby. It feels I lived with the cast through this journey, I will miss them all.

For others who are thinking whether to start or not. My advice give it a shot. I hated the MC at the start, so full of flaws, the mistakes he made sometimes I couldn't bear. But I realized that's the true beauty of this story, it is as realistic as possible, no one is perfect and everyone... more>> has flaws and makes mistakes, and as he matures u finally realize it was worth it to follow his story. I take away a lot from this story, and I hope one day I can bravely finish my story like rudeus.

Farewell my old friend Radeus. You gave it your all? <<less
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SuzyKay rated it
July 23, 2016
Status: --
I regret reading this.

The story itself was good, but the added elements like harem, pe*vertedness, loli.. etc, ruined it for me. Not to mention the s*upidity of the first female lead (who I think is the one he traveled with)... ugh...

I had a love and hate feeling for this series. More hate because of the females s*upidity
... more>>

and him marrying another and then the first girl comes back like, uhhh, do u still love me?
I didn't read after the first female lead ran off after their first time... like WTF?!! Thinking 'he would understand why she left'..........

I had skipped to the end to find out the ending FYI

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NinjapowerMS rated it
January 5, 2016
Status: --
Easily my favorite Web novel and even Light novel if the LN ever catch up.

Simply, because the World building is set up fantastically, detailed and engrossing, Characters are mostly likable and Well developed at that, Story tells the tale of Rudeus and is pretty much the best Reincarnation story to date and I'm not throwing sugary words out of bias here.

Of course I have some complaints of my own but looking it objectively, The good out weights the bad by a mile and the ending is extremely fitting for the... more>> Main Protagonist and left that much of an impact to me.

I'll give it a 5/5 - would read again~ <<less
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Traveler rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: v19

The story is good not that bad, but the MC and some is s*upid (especially his decision making when in trouble almost all the time), irritating and disgusting. Let me give some example:

- So you traveled with 2 companion, 1 is a super strong men that always win easily and then someday they cross again a strange person. The super strong man and the other companion is afraid and very vigilant against that man, this is the first time you see this, they want the strange man to go quickly. So I should call to him and ask what is your relation to my companion, right? Instead of wait until he's gone and then just ask my companions.

- You see your father again after several years and he became drunk, depressed and become kidnapper. Of course I would not worry first and ask him what's going on, instead I should tell him my happy story first, right? Something like this happen two times, the second time is when his mother missing.

- There are these two guys that look into person A in the distance and then said to the MC, "Can you introduce him to us?". Then later they said "Phew I got nervous whether person A see our disguise or not because he's got demon eye". When they can just ignore him instead they asked to be introduced without reason and risk their disguise discovered. I don't even know what the author thinking.

- Someone want to give him advice, rather than just hear him, there are like 10 paragraphs just saying how people like them is shady and he don't want to hear their advice. It's just advice and not like they force you to follow it, why don't just listen first. It's very irritating.

- He put a panty, and a cloth that have a virg*n blood on shrine and pray to it. He deitify a girl as his god. And no, it's not funny story.

- He jerk off when his parent's funeral.

- and many more, so many more...

So much inconsistency, non sense and s*upidity. I seriously don't recommend reading this unless maybe you are below 15. I read somewhere that many jp webnovel is written by middleschooler (i don't know at all if it's true or not), so maybe that's why.

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lonewolf92 rated it
June 22, 2016
Status: v24
Mushoku Tensei is a decent light novel for the first half, but everything goes to crap around the time the MC becomes a student. The story at its core is an empowering otaku fantasy. It goes around something like this "If you die, you will reincarnate as a handsome and powerful individual." I am exaggerating a little bit but it is something around those lines, but to be fair it went a more a far more realistic path compared to others LN (as realistic as a LN can get). The... more>> LN is a its core quite mechanical, as if there is a checklist of all the stuff needed in the story.


The powers are broken, but not to the point that it breaks immersion completely. The MC is OP, but that's fine, that's something I don't mind that much if it is handled correctly in the series. But in this case it is not, not really, the MC is good at magic but not good with the sword? His mother is a genius magician and his father was a genius swordsman. So, why is he good at magic and not the sword? They try to excuse it later on as it being because of some bullsh*t with Laplace or something, but I consider this as an asspull for a convenient excuse for a power-up. I understand that the author didn't want to make him too powerful, but that was poorly executed, since he is a magician/warrior there was no real meaning to it. It felt more like the author did this to not change his inner character as an otaku too much, since it would be harder for them to relate as well as a potential weakness. The story also seems to stay too stale for its own good at times, and the author uses shock factor techniques to spike interest. Such as Paul's death and Zenith's state in the later arcs. Although, those were great moments in the overall story, it is easy to see that those things were added mechanically to give drama to the overall plot.

The harem factor was added in a mature way, although the Roxxy's and Eris parts were to lazily handled at the end, but since we had lots of time to get to know them in past, it was passable I guess. There were a few quirks about the girls personalities and they were somewhat closer to plot devices, but they weren't one-dimensional so it can be excused. The author seems like he or she wants to shy away halfway through from the harem he or she created, I mean the MC already had 3 girls in the harem, plus the gangster girls plus the imouto (not promoting in*est or whatever but you know this is a LN). The worst part of it all is their endings, since the girls that didn't get in the harem train had somewhat of pathetic endings (to my knowledge), at least give them boyfriends. Especially, for imouto-chan she needed it the most especially since since she works with so many guys around her (I think the author didn't want to give her boyfriend to not piss off otakus).

There was a lot of nonsense, things that make no sense unless to serve as a plot twist. Such as one of younger sister marrying Ruigerd? because she took care of him while he was injured and he was nice to her when she was a child. That for me killed the character that Ruiberd (I don't know his name so I am going to butcher it each time) was painted as, I could excuse Nell? but for Ruijeberg?, there is no excusable way for a man such as him to make such move. But again this all happened because the plot required so, since their daughter would later become one of the heroes that would kill hitogami.

The ending was nothing short of disappointment, it felt more like the author had no idea how to kill hitogami. Since he was painted to be this powerful godlike existence, for him to omit the final moments of the only antagonist in the entire series felt cheap. Some would consider the dragon guy and the monkey as antagonists, but they weren't to me since none of them had true malice towards the MC. Hitogami was the only real antagonist in the series, he was the second character after the MC to be the most fleshed out. He was smart, careful and planned ahead and stood strong till the end. That's why he was cheapened at the end and we were robbed of an epic finale between the two, instead they just talk for a bit before both of them die while transcending time and space. One word, cheap.

The overall story was decent still suffers from no plot, and this fact became most obvious during the school arc (school ruins everything), it was only used as gimmick for the MC to have an awkward romance with Sylphy. And also used this time to develop side characters too much for their own good, since they weren't as important for the new main plot (defeat hitogami) which they threw away midway for a cheap ending.

last but not least, the MC was decent. Light Novel decent, not as true character, he wasn't bland but inconsistent when the plot required him to be. He felt like a plot device, but he was somewhat well-enough portrayed to seem like a real person (otaku), that was sent to another world. We were never given much setting of the world in general to know exactly how the different places differ except for the races, climates and important places. Politics were also ambiguous, and superficially touched so the overall setting and the MC interaction with it was shallow at best, so we got things towards more of the emotional side of the spectrum. Plus at the end when he became a father, things only went downhill, since his character was struggling to be so many things at times that it became even more inconsistent.

There are many things that Mushoku Tensei did right, it promoted the "isekai" (Truck-chan) genre more, even initiated a few tropes by being one the first ones in this genre (debatable) with its popularity. But, there are so many things that are wrong with it, especially the school part that overstayed its welcome (like a deadbeat one-eyed uncle during the holidays) too much for the WN's own good. Since the MC didn't even go to school for most of the time, it felt like a cheap/lazy gimmick to gather all the characters in one place. The LN did better by not attacking the school arc directly especially after the time skip, but it is also doomed since the school arc is there to stay to the bitter end. Another thing to point out is that there are too many time skips, it isn't good character development if the development is made in the dark, it feels forced. Finally, there are several other quirks, here and there but since most of them would be nitpicking for the most part I won't mention them (this is pretty long already), and the some other problems I forgot about them.

As a time-waster this a good novel series (not that much worst than the Potter series, actually better in some areas), there lots of things wrong, especially Deus EX Machina writting (ex: when the MC is saved because of a doll huh such nonsense), cheap frills, plot threads that go nowhere etc... but it was enjoyable. Except the school arc, I consider all of that nonsense non-canon and so should you, living in denial is the only way to die happy.

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Adastria Lillith
elhessan rated it
May 14, 2016
Status: --
One of great novels so far. The development character, plot is good. the MC however, although he is a pe*verted neet (in the previous life and in his current life), but he is always trying his best to protect his family. He is dense, yes, but not too dense. His devotion, and determination is somewhat commendable.

... more>>

in the end, he successfully create harem, with 3 most influential girls in his life, have a happy family. Although the ending somewhat unsatisfying, but it concludes his lifetime goal. And the super spoiler part is... The last boss in the ending is not properly defeated, I don't know, maybe the author wanted to write sequel of it? I just hope so


And I kind of disagree with previous review about how he doesn't care about his mother.

when the human god told him not to worry about his mother, and told him to stay put, he defied it, even after he was told that he'd regret it if he come to save his mom, he still, in the end, came to rescue his mom.

And when his grandmother from his mother side wanted to take over his mother care and how she planned to marry his mother to some nobles and use her as a tool to giving birth (because his mom is disabled, and according to the grandma, it's the only usefulness she had left) the MC Became furious and defied his grandmom. And how is that categorized as don't give a damn?

As the reason why he didn't do that earlier, because hr believed in that Human God, he didn't know who or what the God was, but it was the only being that knows him and he knows was a divine, so he trusted him.

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ShakaAlek rated it
September 25, 2016
Status: v10c95
So, I'll give a 3, though it would rather be a 2.5. Right now I'm at v10c95. First wedding incoming, school arc, so far the worst part of the story... I'm debating if I should go on reading (but I probably will since I'm bored enough to write a review...).

Let's state the good points so far (there will be SPOILERS) :

... more>>

1.) The plot is not bad: it's lacking a main antagonist so far, but it's ok, each character still has his motives to go on with his/her life, and most of them seem pretty realistic (what with saving your family, improving yourself because you feel you're below the one you love, stuff like that).

2.) The setting: the world could be better structured, but it's still a good, fairly standard fantasy setting, with the different races, it's history with its wars connected to the problems between said races, the different cultures (though only very slightly touched upon).

3.) I like the fighting system/rankings, with how decently structured magic is, with almost limitless potential, but hard to reach (since it's connected to how natural events actually can be manifested, like gathering clouds for a storm is not just "your mana turns into clouds"), and the sword part which has it's schools with different focuses, without one being absolutely better than the other.

4.) Characters (in general) : I like the different variety, which feels refreshing from the usual "arrogant noble with great backing who feels the world is beneath him because he's got a great father/sect" that I got used to seeing in chinese novels. Also as I said above they actually have they're own objectives, mostly coherent with their lives and experiences.

Now on to the bad part: the main character. I find it really really hard to stand Rudeus. On one side I can sympathize with him, I know how it feels to be a shut in, and also how it is to be bullied (though not as bad), so I understand his lack of confidence in himself. What I don't understand is how he doesn't seem to get any better in this regard while piling up accomplishments. I'm not saying he should become arrogant, that wouldn't work well, it would be out of character, but he still goes around with the attitude that almost anyone could be stronger/better than him, while he has actual proof from first hand experience that it is not so. Sure the encounter with the Dragon God has been traumatizing in this aspect, and Eris leaving him with no explanation even more so (as a blow to his self confidence), but after these events what does he do? Basically nothing. It doesn't make sense: he goes on living as an adventurer, almost mindlessly (with the excuse of searching for the missing mother), without trying in any way to improve himself; he got so scared from the Dragon God, but he still doesn't think of improving his ability as a mage to avoid becoming so defenseless again. Even when he gets to the academy he barely bothers to look for more powerful spells and stuff like that, to the point that he got there with the only objective of curing his impotency, caring for almost nothing else.

In short, he doesn't feel like a driven character, someone that strives to improve himself. In the beginning this aspect was present: how he earnestly learned magic, how he struggled and fought to get some decent skill with the sword despite not having as good a talent as with magic and not having a suitable teacher, how he bothered to learn various languages... Then this suddenly disappears. During his journey maybe it was normal, he had to survive first, but after things calmed down, and after seeing how he could not deal with certain situations (hello again Dragon God!) it just didn't come back. The single redeeming feature he had...

And here we come to what was, to me, the worst part: the ever present s*xual urges. The only moment in which he doesn't think about that is when he's dying (and maybe it's not even completely true). It's just too much, to the point that it seems that the female main characters to him matter only as potential lovers, to the point that when he was an infant (even with the mental age of a neet in his 30s) his mother breastfeeding him was something erotic. To the point where while Eris was weak due to seasickness he had to restrain himself from raping her. To the point that he got aroused seeing the naked, vexed and wounded bodies of the kidnapped beast race children. Aroused by wounded, ens*aved children. That was an all time low so far, the most disgusting moment of the main character. That's not simply a hikikomori otaku who lived for years immersed in erot*c novels (he had also spent more than 10 years in this new world, plenty of time to understand that life is different from certain fantasies and that some things are just not right, and plenty of time to understand there's more to life than s*x, like relationships with other people...).

That's it pretty much. It would be one of the best reads I found if it had a decent MC. <<less
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ththth12 rated it
January 25, 2016
Status: --
This is the best JP novel I have ever read. It has strong plot, interesting characters who grow up naturally, and a truly great villain. It has really refreshing lack of usual LN cliches. I have read so many LN that I have gotten too tired of them. There are no powerups in the during the battles. Rage, friendship or protecting someone does not bring you any extra power. There is no quick training or shortcuts. It takes years of hard work to get any skill, and this also applies... more>> to main characters. There are no harem cliches either. Every woman does not mysteriously fall for MC. Main character truly grows up during the story and eventually matures into an adult. He does not become any superhero, just a decent human being who takes care of his family. It takes time, and he is not very great person at the beginning, but it’s worth of it. <<less
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phreakinsane rated it
March 22, 2020
Status: --
This work started out really interesting but it's ruined by the immorality of the MC and his vile father.

His father is a rapist and a cheater. Later he physically and verbally abuses his child for something the child is falsely accused of, and refuses to even hear the child's side of the story. After the abuse, the child finally is able to explain what happens and magically forgives his abusive father instantly as well. He also convinces his mother to forgive his father for cheating on her.

The MC himself becomes... more>> the same kind of cheating scum later on.

I hate people like this most in the world.

If this was meant to be a short r18 story, or these things weren't added unnecessarily, I'd have judged it much less harshly (3-4 stars) but it's not satisfying to read at all, instead leaves me wishing I never read it with a hole in my heart. The author could have done something wonderful because the world building and character development were both done well.

I'll give it a star for those two points, but it's so sad how author had to twist everything here. I'll never read another of this author's works again. <<less
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dinasemrys rated it
October 7, 2016
Status: v24 epilogue
While this story may seem generic, that is because it was made before the reincarnated into another world genre became super popular. As a model for later stories, Mushoku Tensei was quite ground breaking.

It really is nice slowly watching Rudeus's growth and struggles as he tries to keep his family safe. The story made me care so much about Rudeus that at the end of the story, I felt like I lost someone precious to me.

There are some slow parts, but as a whole, this story was amazing.
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GregLuck rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: Completed
If I have to say, this is what hooks me on light novels.

The way story flows, the plot and twist is unexpected and good. Not some weak-hearted or half ass story where every thing always goes well, but could give a tension ans curiosity for each chapter you read.

Not the super-OP-cant-touch-me kind of MC, the harem is good, bit funny but lovable and logical. Each character is well developed and not just some random added character. But a clear human, not just some filler
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ShadowedHalls rated it
January 15, 2016
Status: --
Easily one of the best Jap novels I've ever read. Vey few novels can actually contest with this one. It has a great amount of humor, action, romance, drama; and all of it is very well balanced out. Without a debt, the best Japanese novel I have read to date
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Waffle rated it
November 23, 2015
Status: --
Great light novel; one of the first few I read, and definitely the one I enjoyed the most. The way the author develops the story and works with the concept of coming-of-age and mental progression is nothing short of brilliant. The translators also did a great job, and a "thank you" to them is truly necessary. Overall: 5/5
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sersafir rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: --
The first half was OK. Then there were strange, pointless problems.

First the MC is deplorable in his thoughts. He is strictly gross beyond measure.

He imitates the average Japanese personality of a powerful character with a timid, indecisive, pushover personality, but they all see him as "gentle and kindhearted."


Everyone repeatedly calls him insanely powerful. His "gundam" suit gives him enough power to fight someone who can beat the strongest person in the world. And yet, every battle in the entire light novel he almost always strictly loses constantly. He always finds a way to lose every battle I remember because his opponents are always too quick or he gets rescued by someone who is also quick. He can only fight small fries, never big fish.

He commits himself to getting stronger, then he decides randomly to quit, even gets infertile for some of the most unbelievable boring chapters I have ever read in my life. I was more entertained by the literature my school forced me to read than his slice of life school chapters where he discussed dolls with his otaku friend. It's honestly shamefully boring.

The author constantly and pointlessly implies ntr is going on behind the scenes with his cousin and some guy.

The chapters of him serving the actual main character of this universe involves slice of life panty sniffing crap in some of the most generic, bland writing I have ever read in my life.

The obsession with loli personally grossed me out.

Yes this did start the isekai novel revolution, but there are FAR better alternatives. <<less
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Elementarteilchen rated it
August 28, 2018
Status: v10
I read this until nearly the end of volume 3 and I think I really can't continue anymore. This is the most overrated novel I've ever read. Why?
    • the story is slow paced
    • too much focus on redundant elements (redundant thoughts of the MC, redundant scenes)
    • sometimes you have 2 different point of views on the exact same slice of life scenes (which slows down the story even more).
    • there is generally too much info and too much text for too little content. You read for hours and in the end nothing happens. You read a lot of mc's thoughts on some boring matter you don't even care. For example he has some thoughts on things, that are common sense and didn't even need to be addressed, but he does it regardeless.
Volume 1 was okay. Except for some scenes and minor suprises, there was nothing really interesting. You have to bear with some info dumps here and there. A huge dissapointment is the fast acceptance of this genius child (our mc). It doesn't matter his parents, his teacher or in later volumes the other characters he met. They all treat him as if his genius in magic, behaviour and other skills are normal. At least you don't get the feeling, that he is REALLY special in the mind of other people.

In Volume 2 are some interesting characters introduced. I enjoyed this volume a little, because of their personalities. I liked the interaction between some characters, but nothing really interesting happens here either (storywise). Except for the ending, which has no build up/foreshadowing and happens in a few sentences :D

Volume 3 was something that got me really angry, because of the redundant, boring jrpg sideqest (or fetch quest) like storyline.

What happens in this volume? Well, basically this:


They travel to a city, enter a adventure guild and do some quest to earn money (yawn*). What are the quests like you ask? There are a ton of chapters on a quest to search for a pet. Interesting, right? Later they discover this pet was abducted. Some adventurers abduct pets, just to fulfill the request of the client later (yawn*)

I kid you not. This is the level you have to bear storywise.


Maybe I try to read volume 4 sometime, but alone this shopping trip for armor accompanied again with a ton of mc's redundant thoughts on the new clothes, was killing me :D I don't know if I can really bear with his inner comments on the most uninteresting things, just to fulfill some word count (#filler).


I READ UNTIL VOLUME 10 and now I'm dropping this for real. It gets better after volume 3 and it really wasn't bad the next few volumes. Just keep in mind, there is nothing especially enjoyable happening. There is a goal and you look forward to it. That keeps you going and let you enjoy this novel more. The problem is, there is no real pay off for this big build up of the story. MC achieved his "big goal", but it wasn't satisfactory. It was even the opposite of satisfactory. You start to hate the MC, his fahter and his sister. They all behave childish and unreasonable. I read tons of novels, but this was the epitome of frustrating and bad feelings I got from a novel EVER. His sister gives you bad feelings, because of this one incident even a few volumes later. So look forward to it.

I could rant more and more, because of certain incidents and behaviours of characters, but I will limit myself to 1 person in this review.

Sylphiette (MCs childhood friend) is one of the most detestable characters I've ever read in a novel. She would screw you up emotionally in reality. This is a woman you want to avoid in real life AT ALL COST.


Do you remember the sweet Sylphiette? Yes it is the little girl, who ows all her later achievements to our MC. Because of him she learned a lot of unique skills. She would even die in a future accident, if it wasn't for MC's training sessions. Later in the story they got seperated and Sylphiette made acquaintance with the princess of the kingdom. Many years later MC and Sylphiette met again. Syphiette is still grateful to the MC. They got all lovey-dovey and even married. All okay so far, right? Yes, except she told him, that she would abandon him, because of the princess. She cares more about her. She loves him and of course she would love her children, but her priority is still the princess. The protection of the princess is more important than anything else.


Of course our beta MC agrees with her. You get frustrated because of her and get again bad feelings (you get these kind of thing a lot in the later volumes. I promise you.) and then you get angry at the MC, because he behaves like the "beta-male-king".

I can't continue, because of all the frustrating feelings I get from this novel. I dread what awaits me ahead, because there is a lot more potential to this negative emotions. The story isn't even that interesting.

Summary after 10 volumes

  • frustrating feelings everywhere (drama)
  • too much build up and then no or bad pay offs
  • most of the time boring or average story and plot twists.
I think the good rating is just because this was one of the first novel ever consistently translated and completed.

In my opinion this really isn't worth reading, because there are a lot of better novels with similar settings out there.
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