Dream Life


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A middle-aged engineer who was weary of life ended up being reborn into a different world as Zack, the son of a frontier feudal lord. Once there, he received a mission from God. He was told to prepare himself for the task of “guiding the future hero of the world”. With that in mind, Zack not only trained himself in swordsmanship and magic but also committed himself towards reforming problems in hygiene and education. After developing a new local product, Zack was reminded of his once forgotten dream: brewing alcohol! As he resurrected his long lost passion, it was the beginning of his “Dream Life”.

Associated Names
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Dream Life ~Living in an Oneiric Parallel Universe~
Trinitas Series - Dream Life ~Living in an Oneiric Parallel Universe~
Trinitasシリーズ ドリーム・ライフ~夢の異世界生活~
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07/12/17 SodaChip v1c2 part2
07/10/17 SodaChip v1c2 part1
07/08/17 SodaChip v1c1 part10
07/06/17 SodaChip v1c1 part9
07/06/17 SodaChip v1c1 part8
07/04/17 SodaChip v1c1 part7
07/02/17 SodaChip v1c1 part6
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06/28/17 SodaChip v1c1 part4
06/26/17 SodaChip v1c1 part3
06/26/17 SodaChip v1c1 part2
06/26/17 SodaChip v1c1 part1
06/24/17 SodaChip v1 prologue
06/26/17 SodaChip v1 illustrations
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July 11, 2017
Status: --
Im a pretty harsh reviewer so be warned you may like this. All I can say with the chapters out right now is that its the usual. Normal guy goes to other world, growing up with his pretty mom. Blah blah. He doesn't seem like an OP jerk so far, that good, but I could not keep reading. It is marked slice of life, but that does not give it a excuse for that life to be uninteresting.
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EumenesOfCardia rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: v1c1 part6
This story is somewhat nice and there was a lot of potential with the narrative, but poor characterization really killed it for me. The MC is actually well-built and human, with a depressing but normal past life (without being a NEET, which is always a plus). The problem is when he attempts to interact with others, it always falls flat. If it was just the MC it would be fine (even interesting) but none of the other people in this story seem real at all but just automatons designed to... more>> make the MC more comfortable in this Medieval world.


Case in point, in the chapter I just read (v1c1 part 6), he decided to tell everyone that he was a reincarnator. This would be a very interesting decision, and a logical one, especially with his desire for an interesting and self-fulfilling life. However when he tells his parents, they... well, they still consider this 45 year old inside their child exactly the same.


It just killed the narrative for me and made the previous poor characterization even more obvious.


If you want something like this, but with better characters, read Duke's Daughter or one of the "recommendations". This just does not stand up well as a story.

Again, the sad part is the potential was there. The MC seems like a smart and capable person who does not wish for superpowers but to use his knowledge to build a better world and live an interesting life with people. Unfortunately again, the author does not live up to his own expectations. <<less
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