Trinitas Mundus


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Rei was a young man who was preparing to start his university life. However, one day he was suddenly sucked into a fantasy web novel he wrote himself. Rei was then reincarnated into the body of Ray, the holy knight. While still trying to grasp the absurd situation he was thrown into, Ray came to the aid of a female mercenary named Ashley as she was being attacked by a gang of bandits. Somehow in the natural course of events, he ended up working together with her. During this time, he gradually got wrapped up in a conspiracy of enormous scope. However, the world was based on the novel Ray had written himself. In addition, the body in which he had reincarnated into was blessed with a splendid physique. Equipped with these two weapons, Ray attempts to overcome the obstacles he faces . . .

Associated Names
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Trinitas Mundus ~A Tale of Ray the Holy Knight~
Trinitas Series - Trinitas Mundus ~A Tale of Ray the Holy Knight~
Trinitasシリーズ トリニータス・ムンドゥス~聖騎士レイの物語~
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08/08/17 SodaChip v1c5 part6
08/06/17 SodaChip v1c5 part5
08/05/17 SodaChip v1c5 part4
07/31/17 SodaChip v1c5 part3
07/30/17 SodaChip v1c5 part2
07/27/17 SodaChip v1c5 part1
07/27/17 SodaChip v1c4 part8
07/26/17 SodaChip v1c4 part7
07/25/17 SodaChip v1c4 part6
07/24/17 SodaChip v1c4 part5
07/23/17 SodaChip v1c4 part4
07/22/17 SodaChip v1c4 part3
07/21/17 SodaChip v1c4 part2
07/21/17 SodaChip v1c4 part1
07/21/17 SodaChip v1c3 part8
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Rudeus03 rated it
July 22, 2017
Status: --
I swear you can read any japanese ln and it feels like the same author wrote it. This story is plagued by all the same problems of its ilk, weak willed but op MC, unmemorable sides, cliches, and deus ex machinas. Which honestly is not that bad, the xianxia stories in this site share a similar problem but still can be etertaining.

Instead the problem lies solely in the MCs mind. The mc's interactions with the people he talks too make absolutely zero sense to me. Like I might no be... more>> a social butterfly but at least I do not act like a moron in conversations with random people, and although this can be chalked up to japanese culture and "I'm just not getting it, " a true great story can appeal to anyone of any culture reading it. This brings me to another problem, the MC is not just a social dysfunct but also a mental one, look at the chapter where he describes how he looks or better yet why he has not had any experiences with women, it is honestly pathetic.

Truth be told this would not have been rated poorly if this was not a first person story, its a pov very hard to do right. Seriously, only a handful of japanese lns have managed to do this right. This is not one of them. <<less
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