Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)


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Suzuki, an adult programmer, suddenly notices that he’s been thrown into a different world while wearing casual clothes at level 1. He gained high levels and treasures after using the 3 times use-disposable-magic, Meteor Shower, at once. After that, he intends to do different world “sightseeing tours”?

He meets 3 beast girls, beautiful purple and black-haired sisters, and an eccentric blonde-haired elf girl along with various people during his trip. Although there are occasional fighting with demons and demon lords, this is a heartwarming fantasy story at heart.

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Death Marching to the Parallel World Rhapsody
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New threqt rated it
June 5, 2024
Status: c17c54
Death March is one of the first slice-of-life novels I've read

The plot isn't really the main focus of the novel - it's more of a episodic, light hearted journey than anything. Yes, the characters may be predictable, hypocritical, and downright shallow sometimes, but it's how unserious it can be that brings comfort and enjoyment. It's nothing that makes your blood boil or keeps you on the edge of your seat, it's just plain normalcy.

Admittedly, some plot points can get really boring and downright annoying due to how contrived they are,... more>> and the MC can be a bit of a chore to read about, but it was mostly a decent ride that kept me flipping the pages.

It's like a culmination of all of these adventure novels shoved into a slice of life setting with an OP MC. It's readable, nothing great, but will keep you company. <<less
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lnv rated it
June 25, 2017
Status: v15 intermission 9
A lot of people seem to hate on Death March because its "cool" to hate on the long running popular stuff. But overall it is a pretty interesting story. There are ups and downs here and there but overall the characters are pretty fleshed out and well done with their unique personalities. If you like adventure with casual slice of life and OP MC, this is a must read.

Now then to address the complainers:

  1. There are some complaining that there is lack of a plot, but that is not true. The plot is just nothing grand like going to kill the demon king or etc. It is pretty sad when we devolve to needing the plot spoon fed to us like a child. The plot of Death March is pretty simple, the MC ended up in a new world and goes to discover and learn about the world, how he got there while at same time enjoying himself. There are also plenty of sub-plots in each volume. There is also nothing wrong with the setting.
  2. The MC has plenty of reasons for not wanting to stand out. Initially his plan was since he doesn't know how this world works, it makes most sense not to stand out until he learns all the details. Which is the smart thing to do. As it goes on and MC gets better understanding of the world and his power, the MC decides to keep his strength hidden in order to protect the girls. While he is very powerful, he couldn't be everywhere at the same time and the girls could be used as hostages or etc against him. So he chose to let them gain strength and fame so that no one would think about messing with them. And since they think he is their weak point, all the plots would go against him instead of directly at them. After they become strong enough, he has no problem revealing that he is strong.
  3. Just because the MC reincarnated into a 15 year old does not mean he should act like one. There is nothing wrong with him acting like an adult. And by the way, if you didn't notice, the MC is into older women. It isn't even about morals but his preferences. And just because someone loves the MC does not mean he should automatically love them back. He also does go after someone romantically and seriously (100, 000 year old high elf). I will also remind you as far as brothel goes, there is a big difference between love and s*x. Or are you saying he should make out with the 14 year old even if he doesn't love them in that way?
  4. I am not a big fan of too much focus on cooking either, but its not too bad. And last I checked it is Fantasy, Action, Adventure AND Slice of Life. Not sure how some miss that genre and complain about it having Slice of Life.
  5. They don't particularly go too deeply into the system, but there is no indicator that it is bugged. Things have skill point values, and depending on the difficulty, things have different values. I will also remind that killing monsters is NOT the only way to level up, it is just the fastest way to level up. Arisa leveled up without killing a single monster simply through reading. I am sure there are other ways to level up as well.
  6. Being 250 levels above is not the be end all, skills and having combat experience are also a huge factor (which is explained later on if you bothered to read). To give and example with the demon, he had a Petrify ability. The MC was lucky he resisted due to higher level, but the possibility of him not resisting was not 0. To say he had no risk to himself is nonsense. Even people who played video games know there are skills that can cause instant death even if your char is higher level. When you don't know all the rules of the world and your life is at stake, of course you would be cautious. And him hesitating is perfectly normal, stop thinking novels and video games and think real life. If a giant demon who can wipe out an army appears in front of you, even if I tell you go in there it can't hurt you, you would still hesitate as hell while pissing in your pants.
  7. Every female does not exist to fall in love with the MC, and every male char does not exist to make the MC look cool. There are plenty of females who do not like or hate the MC. That said, the MC is very popular and for good reason. He is a popular noble akin to a war hero. And he is filthy rich. Every character has growth during this series, even side characters who have no importance in the future which most novels wouldn't even bother covering, the author still provides their growth and stories in the intermissions.
  8. The level he got was 310, not 3000 something. And how he killed them was explained, Meteor Strike as per developer notes was added as a 3 time use to wipe out the entire map, no questions asked. If the dragon god was sleeping, he would easily be wiped out due to the inherit ability of the spell. Not sure what you mean by 2 lolis and 1 normal girl and decided to raise them as pets, but if you mean the beastkin, they were s*aves, so it takes time to adjust them to living more normally. Overall though he treated them like his children, not pets. But he does acknowledge their beastkin natures as well.
  9. It is sad when people read too many novels and lose their sense of realism. It is unrealistic for the MC to not save everyone just because he can? Really? So you are saying the MC should just turn into a robot and become a s*ave of justice doing nothing but saving everyone? He is a human being who wants creature comforts and enjoy life, and him not taking any risks is BS. In an unknown world, risks can appear from anywhere. He learned that the hard way when a dragon bit through all his defenses. He saves the people he can save, but at same time he still wants to maintain his own life. You can save a lot of lives in Africa by donating the majority of your salary and just living on the basics, it poses no risk to you and yet I don't see anyone doing that... why not? It is unrealistic that you choose not to save people when you easily can! Oh wait... please stop pretending with the BS of what is realistic and what isn't.
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TerraEarth rated it
May 2, 2016
Status: --
The worst webnovel I've ever had the displeasure of reading.

Uninteresting side characters. Boring, hypocritical, typical beta-jap MC. An atrociously bad RPG system. The check-list goes on and on. This story leans heavily towards the SOL genre and lacks anything that could come close to resembling a coherent plot (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, except the characters are about as interesting to read about as dragging your face through a field of mud).

MC becomes OverPowered in his new-found RPG-Isekai life by pressing a cheat button that destroys god-level monsters and... more>> dragons that he just so happened to be surrounded by on his arrival to the new world (how convenient!).

In this novel's game-system, every level-up nets you 10 skill points which can be invested into just about any skill you could imagine: from shoveling dirt to stitching mittens, washing dishes, parlor tricks, sword-wielding, etc. You name it - the skill probably exists. This system is incredibly lack-luster and unpolished. The impotency of the RPG structure is to an extent that it's impressively bad.

For example - when it comes to learning to wield weapons, instead of having a broader weapon specialization you are forced to invest into each skill (weapon) separately. In reality, wielding one weapon should give you a better grasp of wielding weapons in general, yet these nuances are glossed over in this low-level story. You might be a master with a sword but you'll still be a novice with a Katana in this world. Logic!

To make matters worse, every time the MC discovers a new skill possibility - regardless of how pointless or useless it is - a popup text will appear describing the skill that was discovered. Imagine reading a chapter when suddenly you are flooded with popups for random skills with no relevancy. Word-padding at its finest.

Since MC gained thousands of these skill points for free, he wantonly wastes them by putting them in anything and everything - no matter how silly or useless the skill is. As he is both s*upid and careless and has god-mode enabled from day 1, no thought or care is put into building his character or his constituent skillset. Why even make it a game-themed world if you're never going to implement it properly - what purpose does it serve?

As if these points weren't bad enough, the readers will have the pleasure of enduring innumerable (and pointless) POV chapters. As MC meets and befriends other characters - many of whom join his party - the readers are constantly bombarded with alternative POV chapters where the author thinks it's clever to show us the same thing from different points of view when it doesn't lend anything to the story and only serves as pointless filler. But hey, at the end of the day that's exactly what this novel is - pointless, poorly-written filler.

If I could give this 0 stars I would but unfortunately there's no option for that. Have fun. <<less
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sixhundrednineteenth rated it
May 9, 2016
Status: --
Typical Japanese novel op, relaxed, moralist MC (hypocritical considering he knows the dark sides of this world), not recommended for those who want action every chapter (but still has some).

Very lighthearted read and adorable characters, perfect for weak-hearted, emotional people hahaha. Slow paced story but has fast quality translation to make up (still good story even if translation speed dropped). 5/5 because of tama and pochi. Nanodesu~~


I just wish they start getting travelling soon or something like very surprising plot twist that you'll get your jaw dropped (foreshadowing is so shallow that the guess comments in translation site mostly comes true) because its getting boring lately (as of volume 13)

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rdawv rated it
February 28, 2016
Status: --
Review as of V12-20.

Death March is what I consider the epitome of light-hearted adventure. It has comedy, it has fluff, its dramatic moments few and far in between and you never get a sense that the characters were in any sort of certain doom. It’s a near day-to-day first person’s diary of an overpowered MC who is hesitant to take advantage of his ridiculous powers to take over the world and his circle of women who follows him loyally.

The main selling point of the series is the characters. Not the... more>> main character, because he is a generic OP guy with superpowers; but the side characters. They are generic tropes (the lecherous one, the shy one, the stoic one who lapses when it comes to meat, the two cutesy ones with speech peculiarities, the emotionally-detached one etc), but because their dialogue and actions are written well and easily digested, any reader who has watched a few animes can basically animate them in their heads. A simple “awawawa” exclamation easily conjures up the image of a distressed loli elf waving her arms in panic, because the author has built up the character and let us read into her personality from previous interactions.

Yes, it’s a harem, the sort you see in animes. Yes, the MC is pretty much a herbivore. The running gag is that he is surrounded by lolis when what he want are busty ones. Usually in novels like this, the harem is a vehicle to show the ‘awesomeness’ of the MC. In this series, the author has built the side characters well that often they are the color to what is otherwise a drab MC who tries to be friendly with everybody. The MC of Death March is basically an excuse to gather these side characters together and showcase their eccentricities. It really reads like a web novel, you feel that the author is writing to please his web readers who click on his page day to day. There isn’t a sense of an overarching plot or end-goal, like a slice-of-life anime that doesn’t have an main antagonist and no end in sight. The LN version is a little more polished and there are some differences to the pacing and sequence of events, but the translation of that hasn't gone far enough to change my opinion above.

With all that said, new readers should read this as a time filler, not as their main novel of choice. For readers who had followed the series for a long time, reading the latest antics of Pochi and Tama are like tuning in to your favorite Saturday morning cartoon. <<less
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MondoX rated it
April 27, 2016
Status: --
Not sure how this novel is rated high, the story is slowly paced. The worst part of the story is the hypocritical MC. One example is:

After annihilating a bunch of enemies, he has a problem killing one demon because he is against using violence. Since he did not kill said demon, the demon ended killing several more magicians and soldiers. The MC was at over 300 while the demon was LV 60ish, and the knights and magicians under LV 30. The demon could not hurt the MC, and the MC was self-regenerating HP the whole time, yet he was afraid.

The MC is your typical Japanese beta OP character.
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lonewolf92 rated it
June 22, 2016
Status: v14
I am baffled by this light novel. It is just so incredible, I am almost speechless about what to say. I mean I read SAO, and compared to this abominable piece of sh*t of a LN, SAO is a masterpiece.

This novel has the WORST game like system I have ever seen (read). They pretend to explain but give no real explanation. I get that this is a light novel, the premise isn't really about the world itself. The world is merely a gimmick to show how OP the MC... more>> is, its real premise is about a grown man g*ooming his own harem mainly composed of little girls. The most disgusting premise I have read so far.

I used to hate Kirito from SAO so much that I would feel disgusted to my core, but this guy, Satou, is so much worst than him that all my hatred for Kirito is gone. I mean before reading this LN, if Kirito was real person and I met him on the streets I would have thrown so many stones at the guy. But after reading about Satou in this LN, I am ready to name my future daughter or son kirito. This MC, is a monster, like an amalgamation of a ton of characters, it doesn't feel real. He isn't your average bland self-insert MC, Satou is the most impossible to relate character I have ever read. I could go on on how there is no plot, s*upid (I mean one dimensional) characters, no tension, the MC being the biggest hypocrite in all the history of LN protagonist, but it wouldn't matter because it doesn't matter to the author, he simply does not care. All those things don't matter, this isn't a story, not really this is pure self-indulgence and fan service. Nothing, will never truly change in this LN, because growth would kill this fantasy like world created in this LN. This world is meant to be the perfect otaku paradise. Thus, any review is pointless, there really is no need to talk about it. This is an endurance test, to see how long one can take of this nonsense. I thought I was strong enough, strong enough to defend myself against the LVL of absurdity, but I can't. I found my limit up to volume 14, but I was already starting to lose my mind at volume 12. I would give this 2/5, 1 point for being well written enough (maybe because of the translators), and another point for being such a parody of everything wrong with escapist LN. But since this piece of garbage took so much time of my life and pretty sure it killed a few of my brain cells, I would give it 0/5 but since that's unrealistic I have to settle for 1/5. Yes, I am petty and dick. But, the real d*ck in this story is the author. That as*hole created worst piece of crap that was ever written. I read Mein Kampf, and somehow I felt more disgusted by this abomination. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
November 4, 2016
Status: v15c20
It makes me wonder how people even rate this novel 1/5; you simply don't get it.

With all of hot-blooded novels in my reading list, I need novels with relaxing story; novels with the purpose of simply being read and enjoyable, and not to be burdened with expectation of intricate plots, awesome character developments, etc.

And you can say this novel has done its job brilliantly. Almost no plot, only your relaxing slice of life stories (killing Demon Lords, destroying armies of aliens, wooing an Elven miko, etc).

Our God★Satou will show you... more>> the true path of life; what an overpowered transported-into-another-world MC should strive to do.
**fading-in epic revelation music playing in the background**


now that tl;dr rants has ended, I'll tell you some important points about this novel.

First, this story actually DOES HAVE plot; you simply don't notice it. The majority of side stories ARE IMPORTANT and RELATED to the main story; even a seemingly unimportant side story about a boy and girl playing around in the park is a spoiler if you notice it. The author is a b—tch, he tends to put important clues on side stories you will forgot in the future. Please be aware that Satou's followers are lurking on the comment section (Disqus chat), and they sometimes provide explanation or background story of the said chapter.

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Yoruno rated it
May 6, 2016
Status: --
Not fun at all. First, It's really quite irritating how the MC wants to stay "low-key" in fear that people might discover his "OP-ness" to the point that he let people die, even if he has the power to help just so no one would know the extent of his powers. Second, despite his powers and cheats he has a hard time dealing with a lvl 41 geezer despite him being lvl 310. *Sigh* I don't even know what happened next and I don't even care anymore I just dropped... more>> it. <<less
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keklel rated it
July 24, 2016
Status: v5c1
Why is it so boring and flat? Most of the story is about shopping. Just the MC walking around with his harem and buying food and eating food. Surely there could be more interesting things than that but no! Forget about fighting the imminent demon lords or finding out just how many magics there are. MC just wants to go to brothels and f*ck prostit**es and then go out shopping with his loli s*ave harem. What's wrong with this guy. So boring. Characters are one dimensional, as I mentioned MC... more>> is defined by passivity and doing random things like wiping out an entire tribe of dragons for absolutely no reason other than "I think this is a dream so I'm going to use this skill for no reason even though if it wasn't a dream it would be genocide" and the girls are defined by wanting his dick. We don't know anything about the girls other than that they are members of his harem and want to fug. All the details about the game are completely and utterly inconsequential. Tons and tons of text about how the game menu is arranged like folders when it's completely irrelevant. Similar details abound. MC is OP. I can accept an OP MC except he doesn't actually use his powers to do anything interesting or useful. He just f*cks around. I can live with some slice of life here and there but this is just too boring. <<less
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donkidonki rated it
October 5, 2016
Status: v14
This is an amazing heart warming novel, it has a good plot, the story is mainly talk about the protagonist's journey but this world is full of concealment and mystery things which make a very interesting story. I like the protagonist, he is OP and also very smart especially in creating goods and magic using his previous life's knowledge.

And a lot people mention wrong information in their review. They who don't know anything to the world in this novel said that the character don't do anything or can't beat a... more>> low level enemy is all wrong, they thought this like some game where high level trample lower level. Level are not everything in this world. One example is Zen. Someone complain that satou can't even beat him then drop this novel. He is only lvl 41 but not a small fries. He has an unique skill immunity to all physical attack. At that time protagonist have only physical attack. Can you link this together. Not to mention that Zen have ability to against people with "absurd strength" via God. You know what it mean, people like satou! His unique skill is very special (the only skill so far divine sword can't cut after left owner's body). And some still mention him as small fries? That made me laugh.

The situation is even worse when satou fights the greater demon in the beginning of story. Someone said he do nothing even his level so high which is not true. This is his first battle. He doesn't own any skill and experience which cause him in trouble. Imagine like a bulky person with out knowing martial arts

About the side character, they are NOT filler. Their characteristics are very well developed. They are very cute with their act and thought. They made the story more warming and interesting. Love them! Later some interesting male character are added too, especially other reincarnated people.

About realistic, if you complain about the unrealistic of the system through something like wielding one weapon should like this and like that then I think you hard to find novel you can read in this side. Each novel has its own system, you get used to one system doesn't mean other are shit. If think clearly, even the existing of magic is absurd if you compared to real life. Alot other novel are one hundred time unrealistic compared to this if you think carefully, don't want to mention. And normal people in this world does acquire and upgrade their skill during training and practice. Even the protagonist need to meet certain requirements to acquire a skill, he just "learn" it super fast. <<less
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PhoenixVII rated it
August 18, 2016
Status: v13c38
I actually went into this novel liking it (not loving, but liking) but I eventually grew bored of it. Satou is just too boring of a character, there have been robot characters that I can relate with easier than this guy. For an OP guy (ridiculously OP, like Xianxia OP, he's somewhere between gods and demon lords) he does alot of complaining how he doesn't want to become a noble and doesn't want fame but he then lets the current of events carry him and/or be used by others over... more>> and over again. For example, when he finally becomes a Viscount, he complains how he never wanted this much status, but does he ever think of telling the king that he doesn't want to deal with this nonsense and go elsewhere? Nope. He just doesn't have a will of his own. The MC also expresses little in the way of emotions (kind of like Tatsuya from Mahouka except that this MC has no reason to be like that), has no ambitions other than marrying an elf princess, and is able to win over the most calculating and uncooperative nobles with the power of... his cooking. I know that the nobles in many LNs are idiots but this series just takes it to the next level.

There's also too much wish fulfillment in this series. As time passes he effortlessly expands his harem and while not all of them are bad characters, with there being over a dozen harem candidates most of them are poorly developed (IMO, harems larger than 5-6 women are doomed to have this problem... High School DxD with 8 women is the one exception that comes to mind, but a dozen? not if you care about well-developed characters), and it feels like they have nothing better to do than spend many volumes waiting for Satou to change his mind even though many of them are higher nobles and should have other suitors. And, as if the author can't help but spoon-feed everything to Satou

said elf princess will in a later volume tell Satou that he needs to make a harem before she can marry him since his awesome genes must be passed down in quantity and humans can't reproduce with elves.


The MC is an absolute passive beta who wants nothing, but the author wants to shower him with everything so he forces everything onto him from titles to harems with the most ridiculous of justifications. And if you ever want to feel any sense of urgency, even if it's only for 2 seconds, then you can bet it's not going to happen in this series. Whether it's monsters, bandits, women, or conniving nobles, nothing ever goes wrong when Satou is on the job. He doesn't even have any enemies in the kingdom! None! Satou combines the worst traits of the stereotypical Japanese salaryman and shounen hero with none, NONE of their good traits... and yet everything works out hunky-dory for him.

The good parts that got this series a 2 instead of a 1 is that underneath all the otaku fantasies lies a well-made world and some of the characters are decent when they're not fawning over Satou or having foodgasms. The current translator also does an exceptional job at translating which is a benefit that not every series out there getting translated has these days. <<less
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kfkeishin rated it
June 22, 2016
Status: v12
If I could put 0/5, I would gladly!

Overpowered MC, who is hypocrite, dumb, naive and boring as hell. How can a 29 years old "adult" can be like this, even as Japanese? Real life programmer, and always questioning about this or that? OMG, are you really in this branch of job for real? USE YOUR HEAD, author!

Translators save all this novel, and author is killing it.I first read the few manga chapters, and found this, I'm at volume 12 atm, and still reading, but I just want to spit and... more>> sh*t on both MC and author who created this garbage.

As a fellow adult, I'm ashamed of this MC, who trully isn't a programmer, neither a japanese, because he wouldn't be like this. I talked about this novel with a 27 years old japanese friend, and he told me he would "kill" if he were to be summoned to an other "cruel" world, like this one.

This novel is obvisouly a self fapping novel where you just skip everything but read the "moe" parts only.

Compared to harem-type / summon to an other world type oàf novel, Afureta is wayyyyy better. (Afureta 4/5, and this garbage, 0/5)

I'll still continue to read, but just to "know" what happens, even if this gives me headaches <<less
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michbot99 rated it
October 10, 2016
Status: v15c10
re-Read it a lot of times when I'm bored or something. It's soft, easy pace adventure novel. And because the MC is sooo f**king OP it became a low tension story which is, for me a nice thing to read when I'm feeling down. I know the MC sometimes gets on your nerves because of hiding his abilities to the world. But Satou is just Satou, you can't do what you don't want to do. You can't go loud and save the world and every individual of suffering just because... more>> you have the power. Well, at the least he does the saving on arms reach. And regarding about the technicalities and stuff, I don't know, It's Another World after all, common sense doesn't work and im just going to take what the author is going to feed. And just because you read a much more good novel packed with savvy actions, buffed up personalities and glamour doesn't mean you can belittle this novel, it's just not your cup of tea.


But for me I read this novel for my one and only Pochi~, I read for Pochi, I live for Pochi and I'll die for Pochi.

Because Pochi is justice~!

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Mahiro9 rated it
October 10, 2016
Status: v16c17
A slice of life and comedy novel that does its job extremely well. A perfect blend of light-heartedness, a bit of thrill, fluffiness, cutesies, and absurd commonsense-breaking events.

The jokes never get old. There are times that you just take some paragraphs or sentences in face value, until you realize what it means and end up with your face in your palm.

"I gaze at the fountain of blue light gushing out from a black disk." these words were thrown out casually, but then you realized he's in outerspace and watching a quasar.


The adventure is done well like a detailed RPG game where each country, cities, or any other places have its own uniqueness, story, and events. The mix of adventure and slice of life is done extremely well that it made the novel entertaining all throughout the hundreds of chapters.

The characters have their own uniqueness, although they follow some stereotype japanese tropes, at least it's mostly the good ones.

Some people might complain about the MC being too strong in later chapters, but please understand that it is a slice of life. But his strength is not without story and struggle, even when he became overpowered, the world-building and storytelling didn't suffer as far as a slice of life novel could go.

I've seen the low rating reviews from other people and from what I can clearly see, they made a review without understanding the story. This novel has an ironically fairly slow start despite him having absurdly high level in few chapters. There's this very important thing in this novel called build-up which is missing from other isekai novels that goes straight to action.

Overall it is a great light-hearted and relaxing novel to read. I recommend this to people who are tired of too much drama or unending cycle of senseless brutality from other fantasy novels, those who just want to relax and have a good laugh.
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Ziru Asteri
Ziru Asteri rated it
April 20, 2016
Status: --
It’s... so... floofy... !

Easygoing MC careful about who knows his strengths that sightsees around the world. Also, lots of cooking. Did I mention it’s floofy? Barf them rainbows!
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jaq921 rated it
June 1, 2016
Status: v7
Read 7 volumes, so far... its bland.

MC is generic.
MC is a half-ass cheat user.
MC, despite being an adult, behaves like a little sh*t from elementary school.
No farm/store/city/empire building.

The plot is messy.


Plot A:
Buy stuff from town-A then go dungeon-town-B to train and levelup.
[Me]: I like it, simple and direct. +1

Plot A-a:
Have a princess rescue mission, while introducing villain/victim X. and add more women.
[Me]: ahhh... forcing the story to a harem.. ok that's acceptable. +0

Plot A-b:
Have a save-the-city event on city-c using 10% of MC abilities, so he can let people pointlessly die.
[Me]: half-ass. -1

Plot A-c:
Give MC honorary court title as plot armor. and add more women.
[Me]:ahh.. a prelude to politics and intrigue, possibly to building an empire. +3

Plot A-c-a
Make MC not care or use his honorary title.
[Me]: Why did he even accepted it? He could have just run away if he didnt want the title.. ahh wait.. right... moe/boobs and all that shit. -5

Plot A-d
Proceed to dwaven kingdom-D and make swords, buy scrolls, books. Lets not buy commodities for wholesale.
[Me]:what the happened to original plan Plot-A? -10

Plot A-e
Lets throw some more women, moe, loli, b**bs, ass, v*gina to the mix.
[Me]: shame, shame, shame.


7 volumes and he still has not done anything that portrays a merchant.
Alice/Arisu/Arisa is the only notable character due to her actually knowing her shit.

+1 though, for this is the only web/light novel I've read where generic shounen-demographic MC actually went to a brothel and f*cked a woman.
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poporia rated it
May 5, 2016
Status: --
If you’re into slice of life and easy going novels this is the novel for you, the MC is overpowered from chapter 1 and could not care less about s*upid struggles for power and some other lame things, he just goes around the world traveling and eating, it apparently has a deeper plot, we are given some clues that lead to that through the story, if you have some free time you should read it.
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Adastria Lillith
elhessan rated it
May 9, 2016
Status: --
Daily life of an OP MC and his harem. So far I find the story interesting. Although most of the time it is about MC's daily life and the food he enjoys along with his friends/harem, but there is a potential plot inside

a fight against demon lords who want to revive their king and also a potential conflict with God (s) who summoned him

The MC is an easygoing person. Different from most of the typical dense Japanese male lead, he knows his companions feelings but somewhat ignore them. The reason is because he thinks that they're too young for him. But he isn't a straightforward person too. In fact, he is in love with one person, but instead of making a confession, he chooses to play with wenches. And this, I think is his most fatal flaw.

Update and

: he confessed to his love and he is on his way to become divine which was a quest in order to be with Aze-sama

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Parth37955 rated it
April 6, 2016
Status: --
Death March is like the ultimate "slice of life" meets "action" and "adventure". There are game mechanics involved, s*aves (don't worry MC does not lust for them, he just took them in cause he's nice), and food, tons of food. There are underlying plots and conspiracies but that's not really the main purpose of the story. This is more like the MC decided to take a leisurely tour of another world and occasionally has to save it. Oh and MC is so OP, it's ridiculous. He's too busy enjoying his... more>> tour and likes his freedom too much to show off too much, though. <<less
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Anatheras rated it
August 9, 2018
Status: v16c58
Ill just start by saying that this is my opinion and in no way should it reflect your own. My best advice is to always check for yourself and draw your own conclusions. That beings said lets start by saying this novel is at least 70% Slice of life, Harem (lots of girls) , Comedy (really? I feel like this tag shouldnt be here) and Fantasy and the other 30% is adventure with some action.

Ill try to break down the story while covering each tag.

... more>>

First of all, the MC feels like a self-insert with no real personality. The guy gets a few cheat items after he gets isekai'd and becomes OP in an instant after he uses them, a few pages later he gets a skill that gives him a perfect "Poker Face" and from there just imagine this guy with his poker face and not showing any real emotion (even though he still feels them on the inside) and basically killing your mental image of the situation. He is also a very contradicting character that goes out of his way to save his enemies despite the fact that they are threatening his companions and even his life. I dont expect the MC to always kill his enemies but it becomes ridiculous.

The MC level of OPness goes through the roof and beyond, he can basically do something once and from there allocate skill points (of which he got a buttload at the beginning of his adventure) and become a master on that area. He wont ever be challenged on equal terms since he can become immune to damage after he gets hit by it for the first time. So it goes like "oh I got burned" he puts 10 skill points into the resistance of fire damage and he will no longer be damaged by fire EVER.

As the story progresses it gets even worse because the guy is a walking cheat that can do anything. The absurdity of the things he can do just skyrockets and it even gets to the point where the guy just casually saves people from what could seem as incurable diseases, he starts doing things that could only be called miracles and all in a matter of minutes. He builds stuff, develop new spells and items on the go while saving the world from demons, enjoying his gourmet tour with all her harem girls and uses his teleportation powers to do so. Did I also mention that he creates a bunch of new dimensions? And he teleports to earth and back like it was nothing.

Also, the MC starts the series putting all sorts of excuses to not get involved with fights or conflicts because he doesnt want to put in risk his life or that of his companions, which sounds reasonable, but later on he gets dragged in and ends up saving the day like a hero with all his OP powers. It just comes out as a half-assed decision that seems to be made on whim.

He hides his identity as a hero because he doesnt want to get dragged into trouble (seems reasonable as far as excuses go) and goes to extreme lengths to protect his secret until he finds the courage to tell one of his allies but then out of nowhere he decides to reveal himself to all the other allies in his harem (i imagine that the author had a raging boner at this point)

As a final note on the MC, he is one of the dullest and coveniently oblivious MC you will find. He suspects that something is wrong or that something will happen yet decides to ignore it until the last minute when everything becomes chaotic and then he saves the day.

Slice of Life:

Most if not all of this series is basically that, you get the MC and his harem doing pleasures trips, gourmet tours around the world and what the MC eats for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the snacks, all in detail while describing how delicious they were. He will hunt almost mythical monsters and eat them along with the harem. You get a lot of daily interactions with the harem members who seem to be the stereotypical personality types you always see in anime. Each girl has its own quirk to identify her by because the author doesnt seem to know how to create an interesting character without it.

Also the world he got transported into just happens to have most of the vegetables that he knows and they taste exactly the same. How convenient!


Lots of girls, the MC is a chick magnet despite the fact that in the very first volume they explain how japanese physical characteristics are considered ugly by everyone in this world he got transported into. He is aware of the feelings of their companions yet decided to ignore them all without giving them a real answer even though he has a high elf girl that he is in love with. Some of the girls are minors, some of them are s*aves. He does feel bothered about minors holding feelings for him but he doesnt bat an eye with s*avery.
Also the girl he loves wants him to have 100 kids with other girls with a lame excuse like "its the duty of every living creature" (not exactly accurate but it goes like something like that)


i got nothing to say here since I feel like this tag was misplaced. Doesnt feel funny at all unless you consider the reactions of those who end up witnessing the MC is OPness.


This series has a somewhat acceptable world building except for a few races that just seem to be made for the excuse to have more harem members who look humanoid enough. The adventure starts at a slow but good pace due to restrictions because of the distances but then it gets absurd when the MC gets teleportation and starts teleporting himself (and others) all around the world. And the action in this series would be barely 10% of the story for most volumes since the MC seems to be always conveniently oblivious to the dangers and future plots. He gets the hints, he ignores them, mayhem ensues, saves the day, rinse and repeat.

Also as I said before there is no fair fights here, as the story progresses he becomes more and more OP and he saves everyone's lives. Doesnt matter if its old age, being already dead because of a hole in the chest or being turned into a demon lord, he can fix it all without fail. He puts jesus to shame with his miracles.

Final Thoughts:

Ill just say it out straight, I have a love/hate relationship with this series. I dont like to drop stories without finishing them. I feel like this series had great potential but it got ruined because the author bleeds out his desires into the story. If you wanted a wish fulfillment story this series is for you.

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