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A man who was once called the world’s strongest agent ended up becoming a teacher after his retirement, to train a new generation of agents. After many years of training his disciples, he was killed at the age of 60 by a secret organization’s ruse and was reincarnated in another world with his memories intact. Though he was surprised by the existence of magic and the strange species in that world, he quickly adapted to his condition as a newborn and took advantage of it. He acquired special magic and gained a massive amount of strength thanks to his rigorous discipline, in order to reach his goal: Resume his career as a teacher which he left halfway through in his previous life.

This is the story of a man, who, based on the memories and the experiences of his previous life, became a teacher who travels through the world with his students.

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ワールド・ティーチャー -異世界式教育エージェント-
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CaptainToast rated it
August 14, 2016
Status: c24
I don't think the author actually knows how to write about his own characters. The MC is suppose to be a lifelong special agent. Essentially raised from birth to be the best agent in his first life. He had at LEAST 40 years of active service in a occupation that likely had an average lifespan of 3-5 years. He was known as the best. He would of had to been ruthless as hell to stay that way.

The way the author writes about him makes it seem like he's a teenage... more>> boy who just happens to know how to kill people.

If the author wanted to write about a happy go lucky MC, than he should of had a backstory that actually fits his character.

Totally misleading. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
April 14, 2016
Status: c32
I have mixed feelings about this series. To be clear, it’s not a bad series but it’s so unsatisfying.

Meet Serius, our MC, strong, wise and reincarnated. In his past life Serius was a great military figure who died in order to complete his mission ~ a mission that was meant to be his last before retirement. He wanted to – after retirement – become a teacher for the younger generation of military cadets; to teach them how to become good commandos. Although technically he already had disciples, he was... more>> still at the forefront of his military career. In short, he died during his last mission and was sent to another world where he decides to become a teacher all over again. He developed very advanced magic techniques and formulas based on his past world’s knowledge of warfare. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) he is deemed to be incompetent at magic by his noble father due to his attributeless magic aptitude. Serius later disowns himself from his family and starts his career/life as a teacher in another world along with his two disciples that were taken/rescued from the clutches of slavers.

Pretty sweet premise right? Unfortunately, Serius does not at all feel like a military man. He always hides ~ always! Afraid to offend anyone. I get that he wants to live a carefree life as a teacher but that doesn’t make for interesting reading! He always hides from trouble like Satou from Deathmarch despite being super OP ~ like Satou. Likewise, everytime it seems like the author is going to introduce some badass plot whereby Serius shines brightly, it’s always passified/dumned down to be pretty much diplomatically resolved... this isn’t real life ok!? Be awesome... I want to read awesome... because of this, no one knows just how OP Serius is; likewise, based on how the author writes things ~ it's very likely that no one will ever know ~ save a very small few.

It got to the point where the only way for Serius to be bold and do awesome things was for someone close to him to coax him; accordingly, this led to paragraph after paragraph of unnecessary dialogue between himself and person-x... which in turn led to a cliff at the end of a long chapter; all the author would have had to do was give Serius a slightly more aggressive personality and the chapter-lengths would end up being less than half of what they currently are. Additionally, when event-x finally occurred 2-3 chapters later, it was always completely underwhelming... the first 10-12 chapters of the novel were good tho.

For some, this isn’t a problem but for me, I was expecting a lot more due to the premise and I was definitely disappointed.

2/5 due to enjoyment; I ended up dropping it after 32 chapters

Also, you should be aware about how looooooooooong the chapters are; expect to spend between 30-45 minutes reading 1 chapter. <<less
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Lachiel rated it
October 18, 2015
Status: --
An interesting story about a old man who gets reincarnated and proceeds to teach things to people in a new world...

There's action and romance to a extent.. :o
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ampzz rated it
July 2, 2016
Status: c39
How unrealistic does this title want to be? Even for a fantasy title it's full of itself. A one year old child cannot, I repeat, CANNOT start doing strenuous physical exercises regardless of how made up of a story it is, heck, most can barely even crawl.

Worst part is considering the main character is meant to be an ex-60+ year old man his maturity level is worse than a teenager's yet eventually gets into relationships (physical ones at that) with people who are barely teenagers themselves...

Worst part would have to... more>> be

later on when the focus goes completely off the main character focusing instead on the side character running around gathering up a harem for himself even though the MC is basically the one doing all the heavy part of the "saves".

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happy123 rated it
May 17, 2016
Status: --
Pretty good start, but as it continues to later chapters the MC doesn't show the fact that he was once an assassin with a whole ton of experience. Still a good read for passing time.
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lonewolf93 rated it
January 25, 2017
Status: c56
I don't think the author has never met an old person in his entire life, you know besides his/hers (who are we kidding, it is obvious the person who wrote this pees standing up or at least likes to pee while standing) parents and occasional old person in the streets. Beside the lack of research and mismatched personality of the MC (TYPE-7-JESUS-KUN), with his backstory that mesh as well as dirty oil and c*m, there is nothing great about this story. It has the same problem as most LNs in... more>> this genre. It is the waifu of the month story (the waifu of the week is more like those r*pe novels, I mean mature novel since the love here is supposed to be pure).

I wouldn't have any beef if this LN novel just limited itself at that (the stuff I just described) however it has the audacity of pretending that it's fights are epic while they are among of the worst fights described ever (he is like a poor man's deva path Pain, and yells "impact" like a deranged person. That fight against the principal was so forced into the story, that you could feel the entire novel bleed from the a*s thrusting it just got), also the name Sirius teacher is just ridiculous. It 's like I just decided to name myself (insert stupid name here).

Fails as power fantasy for nerfing it's hero for no adequate reason. Fails as an action action story. Fails as an assassin for obvious reasons (powers and personality). And finally, fails at most things for following the flawed LN formula. However it is probably getting an adaptation because japan's low anime standards in the future.

All in all it is not that bad. As a first LN, it could be passable since it is a good introduction in this genre. It isn't inoffensive in anyway really (besides the fact that it really has nothing of substance), if you are into fluffy stories with a bit of action and overall a casual read, you might as well read it. <<less
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Zedzack rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: c88
I liked this story, don't mistake that, but after the latest chapter (88), I was really disappointed by the way this story is taking.

The author spent all that chapters uselessly reminding us that the MC is strong, female MC are loyal to him, won't trouble him, and yet the first thing he said when ... more>>

things fell through in the chapter was that her action was not wrong... So bringing unnecessary trouble to a trained assassin (who has no qualm killing people).. is good action by wifeys?

I know that the story need progression, but the way things are happening are too stupid, and I am too tired of the Jap (note that I do not read novels other than JP) 's cliches.


First of all, the story's been hijacked. When I read a freakin slice of life story (how it seems to me with all the cooking and whatnot), I want to read ABOUT the MC, Sirius and co., not some side character introduced in a few chapters back, who only appeared in one or two chapters. I don't mind when the story placed more focus on Reus than Sirius, the story need progression, I get that. But this side character I don't even care (or remember) doesn't even have a likable story. It just "I saved a random pretty girl somewhere (by betraying my mentor?) and now I am in love with her"... How long have you known her? Not to mention, what the **** was with that stupid villain?!"You can use strong water magic, so become my underling" THE FREAKIN HELL?! Is he a kid?!


Last note, I was very disappointed when I was writing this review, so most likely I got some facts wrong. Also, not going to come back to this series again, I had enough of stupid decisions made by characters in the novel. I refuse to read a novel (which I read for gratification purposes) that served only to aggravate me. Sorry translator/s for this series, you are doing a really good job, but a sh*tty (for a lack of better words in my anger) is still a sh*tty (still angry) novel for me. <<less
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Melakias rated it
October 22, 2015
Status: --
Reincarnation story, MC was a really strong spy/secret operative in his previous life, taking a lot of students who loved him as their father. Dies in one last mission and reincarnates into a world of fantasy.

He takes time to adapt and quickly starts to train his body. A nice twist to the genre, the MC decides to tell those close to him that he's a reincarnated person, not keeping it a secret. He turns to have Null element for magic, which is usually considered useless, but he quickly creates powerful... more>> magic with it.
Decides to teach again in this new world.

Action, comedy, romance and a lot of feelings that will hit you like a truck and cry like a sissy, awesome story. <<less
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Sumire rated it
November 10, 2016
Status: c57
The story was great until the MC decided to teach other students magic. I get his intention but the biggest turnoff a novel could ever make is mass training, Magi grandson is a perfect example, but we shall leave that alone. Aside from that the development until now was pretty solid except for the fighting scene where it's full of holes.

... more>>

in the fight with the head master, the MC can kill him or destroy his magic completely with just a missile based impact or a nuclear based impact if he want complete destruction, there's no way some kind of rock can withstand that kind of fire power. It might be because he doesn't want to so his true strength but still the hole is big. The same could be said with other fight scenes.


I would give this a 4.5/5 and keep enjoying it if he just quietly leave for adventure but the mass training make me drop it completely. <<less
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frenzy85 rated it
October 26, 2016
Status: c54
Realism aside, this is annoyingly childish...

It's fine early on when the events were all fairly light-hearted, but the childish nature of the story persists through more serious portions of the story.

... more>>

If you're considering reading this, perhaps the biggest consideration is whether you can accept MCs that show too much mercy as a plot device. MC is very passive, to the point where it endangers his allies. He himself is OP, so the author uses his weaker allies being in danger to cause tension... but this is only made possible through MC's unreasonable inaction. There's also an annoying amount of characters who repeatedly threaten the MC and his party, and the MC ignoring them. While one may attribute this to MC's ability to judge that they're just saying it as a front and have no ill will; it's quite unreasonable to completely take it at face value literally every single time... and this actually becomes a problem at some points where his party almost dies.


Personally, I find using such things as a device to move the plot to be quite annoying... but I'm also aware that there are many who can simply gloss over this.

Aside from this, though, it's all right; which is why I gave it 3/5 instead of a 1/5.

As a comparison to Death March, which is the most recommended title (the thing above Latest Release) :

MCs are both OP, but Satou is more so; but it doesn't really matter since both are barely threatened by anything. The main threats are towards their surroundings.

In the case of Satou, he creates a persona as a scapegoat for when he does OP things. Sirius just wings it and it results in his identity getting revealed a few times.

Satou, aware that his party isn't as OP as him, prepares many things for emergencies. Sirius... nothing...

The first time Sirius's party almost died was when Gremory brought in some murderers into the school they were at. He was already aware of Gremory's character, and he was also aware the Gremory isn't above using his students, as he saw during the duel thing. So when his two disciples were challenged by students from Gremory's class, what would one expect him to do? Well, whatever you expected, he actually does nothing. Later on, it's even revealed that he saw that the aforementioned students had some suspicious people in their party, but he just ignored it.

While the author tries to develop Sirius as a decisive character; he forces Sirius to inaction in order to move the plot. I actually had some expectations when Sirius said that Lior was indecisive but turns out author made MC even less decisive than Lior.

In the case of Satou, although he shows a very pacifist attitude sometimes, but it's not excessive and iirc never to the point where it endangers his party. In the most recent chapters as of the writing of this review, he killed a Demon Lord who he identified to be a reincarnated person. He also frequently acts as an advance scout as Nanashi before he goes around touring. In emergencies, we've seen his main priority is to bring the fight away from his party (as with vs. Dog-headed Demon Lord). When faced against potential enemies, he has shown some initiative in tracking them down instead of playing it passive (as with the various terrorist organisations).

Sure Death March has its flaws, but those are for a review of Death March. The points I brought up are things Death March did right, but was ignored by World Teacher.

They both are strong and ultimately never fail to protect their party, but there's a clear difference in how the authors choose to move the plot. In this regard, I prefer Death March as it sticks to its premise. Although you can argue that Death March's premise has Satou being too OP, I'm the kind of guy who can more easily accept stuff as long as its established in the premise of a story. If I'm unable to accept it, I'm able to drop it early and develop no bad feelings towards it.


As a comparison to Oukokukaizouki (2nd most recommended). uhh... well... I don't think they're all that similar, so I'm not sure why it's on the 2nd spot... So not much to say. Oukokukaizouki is a good story, though, so I'd recommend it in general. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
October 2, 2016
Status: v8 intermission 2
Character: 9.5/10. They seem so... humane. MC is not the kind of unrealistic MC like other reincarnation novels, but someone who cares deeply for his family and showing it through acts, almost like a father figure.

Story: just your normal slice of life.

Translation quality: grammatically correct imo.

Read it if you want to know how this MC leadss his life in different world. Ignore it if you seek highschool brat-type MC who loves to flaunt his power.
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emilia rated it
December 22, 2016
Status: c9
The story was quite interesting at the beginning but a certain development made me drop this series. I stopped reading after he saved a certain attractive female and their conversation made me cringe. Too much flirting especially considering he was 5 years old when he saved her.


”I’ll do anything you ask. You may even become my lover when you grow up.”
”Ah, I failed~. Thank you, my prince.”
- female

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Ssjn4vega rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: c39
I love this story it's original and leaves room for growth, plus all the main characters are likable. Once the MC is older though I hope he accepts girls love towards him unlike quite a few mc's that wait till the end of the series to accept or confess.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lnv rated it
October 4, 2018
Status: c79
To start out, this novel is definitely worth reading for a few arcs, once past the school arc it start to decline somewhat until the tournament arc where I dropped it because of some really terrible development, more on that later, but I'll say it is worth reading the first few arcs as it is really good.

To summarize the story, the MC is a special agent who finds himself in another world after he dies as a nobles unwanted son. He learns that he has non-attribute magic which is considered... more>> terrible in this world. The reason is because non-attribute magic functions similar to molecule control magic. Since society doesn't have a good understanding of science, they can't take good advantage of it and it doesn't help that there isn't much research on it.

The MC in this story trains his non-attribute magic himself while training his body (becomes OP obviously) and at same time there is slice of life interactions between his 3 attendants. These interactions are done really well, and unlike many others the MC doesn't add one of the attendants to his harem. I personally like his story with Erina quite a lot. He later on finds 2 slaves of a boy and girl wolfkin which he frees and ends up training (of course he has to first earn their trust which does take some time). The MCs goal in this world is to become a teacher, not a hero or anything of the like. So as others mentioned he tries to keep a low profile as he watches his students grow. Of course he has plenty of opportunity to shine, and he also uses his modern knowledge combined with magic to create new magic tools which he sells works with a merchant to sell. But he rarely the one who steps himself in the limelight.

If I were to rate the early parts, I would give it 4.5/5. This is also one of the few novels which did harem well (initially)

So why did I drop it? Let me get into this with the spoiler.


First, I want to get in how well the initial harem was made. The wolfkin girl who is the primary female lead does end up falling for the MC pretty fast. But it is more of a childish love at first and she wants to more or less serve him as a servant more so than an actual lover. She also admires Erina a lot who is the main servant of the MC. As time goes on, her childish love becomes more and more into real love (though of course part of that is mostly because the MC is such a high bar it's pretty much impossible to compete, even more so since MC is very mature for their age due to their previous life). In the school arc, the second female lead shows up. Over the time of the school year, the second female lead eventually falls in love with the MC (probably due to the food :P and other reasons), but the second female lead also looks up to the first female lead and has ZERO interest in taking the MC away from the primary female lead. The one who actually proposes that the secondary female lead also become MC's wife is actually the primary female lead. Partly due to her knowing the feelings of the secondary lead, and partly due to the primary lead feeling inferior to the MC. She also feels a bit conflicted about her role as a servant and her desire to be his wife. Since both of them get along, they agree with each other on this aspect.

And not only do they do that, they even agree that the first female lead has first dibs and that during the time that the first female lead makes their relationship official, they wouldn't interfere with each other. Aka, each character is given time to sort out their feelings and also time to spend with the MC without any shenanigans.

So consent from first wife, each one works out their own feelings and has their own personality, perfect (at least by non-romance webnovel standards)

Now then, fast forward to the tournament arc. The MC has the boy wolfkin enter the tournament to show his skills to the entire world. (The wolfkins second master who taught him the heavy sword won this tournament so he went in). Then as the arc progresses, the 3rd harem member shows up (the MC rescued her prior but after going home she couldn't come out until 10 years passed). I will refer to this harem member as Elven sl** going forward.

Elven sl** shows up and then tells the second female lead that she wants to bang the MC, but since she is so nice she pushes the secondary female lead to go bang the MC through peer pressure. But Elven sl** is not done just yet! She then gets the primary female lead drunk to extract information on the MC and their relations.

Then Elven sl** and MC take a walk around town and like all harem members she brings her own set of problems when a bunch of people who have been tracking them show up. Now normally the MC would just beat them up discreetly and call it a day. BUT, now the MC has an Elven sl**! So he throws out all his resolve through out this entire story and everything that he has learned in his maybe 70-80 years he has been alive to declare that he will enter the tournament to gain fame so he can walk around with his elven sl**. What about his student? Screw them, he has an elven sl** now!

I don't know how the tournament came out or what not cause at that point I couldn't stomach it anymore. What used to be one of the better takes on harem and characters in OP isekai setting has turned into one of the worst takes on harem.

I have no clue what brought this on, maybe due to it starting to slightly decline, the author decided to go for something big to change the decline and instead destroyed his entire story and premises. Or maybe the author died and got replaced by someone else, I have no clue. But I simply couldn't stomach reading from there.

PS Erina's death was done beautifully and Hokuto is probably the only reason to read the story after the school arc. Hokato is the best character BTW. Ask anyone.

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thonnakorn rated it
June 10, 2016
Status: c37
So-So at starting point, nothing special. Feels like heart warming one than fighting story which I liked

One chapter impressed me and made me cried

I like writer who dares to kill good guys, the maid who raised MC as child died


But the main big problem for me is that MC is not good at teaching in term of educating. If you want to read something focused on educating system, go find something else!
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2Girls1Cupcake rated it
February 19, 2018
Status: c100
I have to agree with the review done by Zedzack, you should check out his review.

I loved the first 70 chapters of this novel, despite avoiding this novel for so long because of the synopsis, I was pleasantly surprised and I got hooked, the chapters are really long too which just makes me even more invested in it.

But.. For some reason it just crashed and burned until the only thing left is a ashes, it's really a shame and I hope that it's only temporary, but we'll have to find... more>> out as more chapters are translated. <<less
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Tarlos rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: c20
Imagine if bashful woman holds a man's hands under a beautiful tree and says "I love you" and then kisses his lips. Awww, isn't that sweet and romantic? Now replace the man with a 5 year old child and the woman with a 200 year old granny. Suddenly it's a lot less romantic.

Okay, that might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but it's pretty close to what happened.

... more>>

Within 2 chapters of meeting a "heroine", the MC makes her fall in love so hard that she promised to be his lover when he grows up even though he's only 5 years old at the time, and she's well over 200 (she's an elf though so that makes it normal? Lol hell no)


This novel is slightly above average I guess. The characters are kind of cute (I guess?) but the "humour" is really repetitive. As for plot, there's really not much up to where I've read. It's basically a slice of life with training and eating food. <<less
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Liu rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: c33
Over descriptive and slow, unlike most slow paced novels I read. I don't get the feeling of anticipation with world teacher. It is the most unsatifying read ever, where one would expect to find a goal or work to achieve something or hell throw in some forboding, you get nothing with world teacher. The beginning was interesting and something to looks forward to reading about his growth. But now, although he is OP, most chapters he does nothing but aid in his disciples growth in tediously long chapters with content... more>> that could be said to be negligible in the wider scope of plot. The disciples (although I get that the are young) have the vibe of 5 year olds that always need attentive care or someone to wipe their asses and to be praised like the good little children they are.

I am quite frankly board and unsatisfied with the current arc, with its long and overdrawn description of what could be briefly called menial tasks. I'm sure that the story could pick up and that I haven't read that far into the story yet. But I simply just can't live though it. <<less
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admira rated it
December 4, 2015
Status: --
It’s a great story, I think, but... There’s a certain story element (event?) that occurred pretty far in (chapter 80+ I think) that ruined it for me. Plenty of OP to go around, in a less obnoxious way than usual.

As for what made me stop reading it... (semi-spoiler for untranslated chapters, several arcs in)

... more>>

The realization of the harem just ruined it for me. Not the fact that there was a harem–I can deal with that–but the way things played out. To me it felt like the author kept on shoving the fact that the girls’ relationship with the MC had become sexual in the readers’ faces ALL THE TIME. It got to the point where I couldn’t even skip over those parts because it was mixed in with most of the normal (pre-romance) content.

After the harem was realized, the rest of the story (battles, training, even new characters) became inseparable from it. As a result, I’ve stopped reading it (mostly lost interest) ; however, other than that, highly recommended.

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Renaxan rated it
December 14, 2018
Status: c152
Actually the start of this novel really good, we got some tearjerking moment and some real character development.

Story is about MC who is agent instructor in previous life reincarnated and want to keep to do same thing in his new life. MC is oddball overpowered gary stu, who can creating magic and flee into sky at age 5 and somehow seems know "all" dish from previous life. Some attitude of MC questionable altho he supposed to have 60y experience of life. Atleast MC isnt coward and bold toward his harem.

About... more>> other character, I could say they develop pretty well. His attendant and some side character isnt some "temporary" character that goes disappear after arc. They have background, some of them have their PoV and even their own story arc.

Talking about plot, this novel pretty inconsistent. They keep traveling and always meet problem to face like p*kemon plot story, but without real target to do (they dont travel to defeat demon king lol). The villain of story really variety but actually their ambition is shallow and cliche af. You guys can assume, MC and their companion always win like shounen manga does.

World building kinda foreshadow, I got slight vibe that this novel inspired from mushoku tensei but with op MC. So far, the continent position and how far they are travel isnt really described. Thats why I said this like p*kemon.

Overall, im enjoying this and author pretty do good job on character. However the inconsistent plot sometimes make felt bland to read + w/o real destination and villain, and thats only thing concerned me. 4/5 <<less
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