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“THE NEW GATE”, an online game that trapped its players and turned into a death game, was now releasing the thousands of players that had been dragged into it, thanks to the efforts of Shin, one of the most powerful players. But after having defeated the last boss and freed everyone, he was swallowed up by a strange light and found himself inside the game world 500 years in the future and unable to leave.

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Randflag rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: v3
Imagine this being the superman comics.

Now imagine if the superman comics was not about superman occasionally fighting and struggling to save the world from badass villians like darkseid, zod and doomsday.

Instead this superman comic is about superman overpoweredly helping grannies cross the street, gently suppressing muggers, and sometimes joining the olympics by running slightly faster and jumping slightly higher than our best athletes. Oh also this comic superman teams up with wonderwoman with her awesome wargear and they use their combined powers to complete riveting tasks like stop car accidents... more>> or superman using his super breath to dry a huge wall of paint really quick.

Now you might be thinking why would anyone read a superman comic like that? That's a good question, now you should ask yourself the same when reading this novel. <<less
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321anko rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: v15c6
I've read all the fifteen volumes (which are all the volumes so far when I wrote this comment). Currently the WN is at volume 15, while the LN at 11.

This story is about a man who were transferred from a game world to a real version of that game world, as the description of this series suggests.

The main characters in the story revolves mainly around Shin, Schnee Raizar, Tiera Lucent.

Shin is the MC. He is a long time veteran player who has become possibly the most powerful... more>> being in TNG world. Basically, he has become quite overpowered. Shin's new powers are justified by the fact he fought and defeated the final boss in the death game, freeing all the trapped players. However, he himself is dragged into "Gate of the Otherworld" for mysterious reasons.

These reasons have been made unclear most of the series, but the author has shed some light here and there, but has mostly tricked readers into thinking that Shin wants to go back to his homeworld, Earth.....


That is not the case, already in vol. 2, Shin has unconsciously made his decision on staying in the TNG world. Schnee having a great influence on his decision. Shin's heart is greatly conflicted from staying or going back to Earth, but his mind had already decided a long time ago. The author is dragging the issue out which I find annoying, he should've focused on the actual main goal of the plot. Which is, to discover the truth of what happened 500 years and why Shin was dragged into the TNG world. Shin's legendary identity is known by a dozen people at most outside his traveling group, but I know the author is doing this to make at least HALF a volume of reactions JUST about Shin's identity reveal.


Schnee Raizar is a 521 year old High Elf, who is Shin's support character NPC, who has now become a real person with real feelings. Even after 500 years, she still waited for Shin to return.


Despite being loyal only to Shin, like what is expected of a person who calls herself his servant, she isn't absolutely/blindly loyal to him or inclined to feel positive feelings for him, simply because he is her master. After the "Dusk of the Majesty", she became a real person with real feelings. Schnee has her preferences, and she can't stand a dangerous, unstable, maniac who kills blindly. Shin had a dark time in the death game and she tries to shoulder his burden because she doesn't want Shin to turn bad again. She would never be in love with an evil Shin, just because he is her master. She loves the true, good natured Shin.


Tiera Lucent is a 157 year old elf, who has black hair because of a powerful curse. She is much more than a character who reacts to Shin's out-of-common sense actions, she hides a mysterious past which will greatly involve Shin.


Long story short; Tiera is a world tree priestess who was cursed at some point and lost her mother, while her father drowned in deep depression over losing his daughter and wife. Shin's dead girlfriend's spirit from the death game is inside of Tiera, because her death was unlike other dead players, who have been absorbed by the NPC turned real people of the TNG world. She can communicate with dead people and purify corrupted people, something Shin isn't capable of, therefore she's very useful to the group of OP characters.


The characters are multi-dimensional and have a reason to follow, like or be suspicious of the MC, Shin.

Shin & co travel the world to reunite with his direct servants and find a way back to earth (?). Constant obstacles gets in the way of getting home in a strange and convenient manner. Not ex-machina (plot convenience). Shin hints how suspicious this is in vol. 3, when Schnee finds Kagerou, for future plot refference.


The world itself, the Ley Lines, is what guides Shin to places as a form of divine sixth sense for him and those around him. Leading him with a single loose string of a puppet. Although this power is only there to help the world, not actually trying to hurt Shin. The goal of this story is ultimately to discover the truth of the TNG world.


My favorite part of this novel is the world building and how the world has changed after it became real and how people percieves the past as legends, as well as most side characters.

The MC doesn't try to stand out in a flashy manner like an insecure teen would, but hides himself moderately so he doesn't restrict himself in an uncomfortable way or gains attention of people who might hurt his new friends (not OP ones) while he's not looking. The consequences of standing out means less private life and harder to make new friends (not everyone can befriend a godlike figure in a normal manner). Reckless enemies who has no regards for their own life won't care about his private life or his friends. These problems can be lessened by using illusion magic to some extent.

The author is bad at pacing battles and makes too long explanations as if he was holding our hands. This needs to be cut out, IMO.

If I could change something:


It would be Shin and Marino's relationship from being lovers to rather Shin having a little sister. That way Shin doesn't need to hold back from finding a lover and be so incredibly indecisive regarding staying in the TNG world with Schnee. Despite Marino being dead Shin has problems moving on, which is not strange, but Shin could find closure faster in someone like Schnee if Marino was a sister and not a lover.


I recommend this to people who likes to read series according to the tags written, as well as know how to check for clues, as most (if not all) points brought up in this story, the author will come back to. Other reviewers on this page who give this series a bad grade haven't dared to show how far they have gotten in this series, most likely they haven't read long enough to actually understand the plot. Hopefully I've enlightened some people out there.

For people complain about Shin not revealing himself; Why would he do it? Does he earn something other than blind fear and praise from those around him? Would you do it? Seems like an insecure thing to do. Regardless, yes, we would love to see the characters' reactions who have met him and interacted with Shin. The author has commented on alphapolis after I asked him about how people will react:

The author intends to dedicate at least a whole chapter to reactions, but it's not crazy to believe he would make it HALF a volume on reactions from people Shin have met and other influential yet-to-meet characters. The world Shin explores is BIG, it takes time to make connections, but I have the feeling we will see these reactions within a couple more volumes. <<less
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RANTMAN rated it
April 22, 2016
Status: --
Four volumes Read

Reading this novel is like watching paint dry. The story has barely progressed from the start, with near whole volumes full of empty talk. It is a shame since the translation is of good quality. The premise is interesting, and the characters introduced so far are adequately fleshed out. While this novel has several more good aspects, these are again buried by boring and tedious interactions between characters.
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ninthlite rated it
March 5, 2016
Status: --
The main character is op, but this is a japenese novel so don't expect him to do anything. The world is interesting but the story is so focused on a boring MC that it neglects the most interesting aspect of the story. The writing is seems solid with no glaring flaws or mistakes that I rate it 2/5. Really everything in this novel is meaningless as the author streches from could be done in one page to encompassing a entire volume.
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TerraEarth rated it
November 19, 2016
Status: --
Nothing happens: the novel. I'd personally rather watch paint dry than have to read this again. It wouldn't have been so bad if we were given some kind of alluring atmosphere to read into (something along the lines of a SOL perhaps). But nope. Two volumes in and I've concluded that reading this novel is a waste of time.

It makes no sense to me that the MC while being basically 3x stronger than the final boss at this point goes out of his way to try and just fit in... more>> - of course he makes sure to show just enough that everyone wants to fellate his ere*t member, but otherwise it's a rather mundane and wearisome way of writing a power trip. It just feels like a chore whenever he 'shows off' to people in an attempt to get his ego stroked. But then you have scenes where he goes out and does low level quests like collect herbs for the entire day - but why? Why does he even need to register as an adventurer? He's practically a demigod at this point and can do anything and everything he wants to do so why does he choose to pick up weeds again pray tell? I don't understand it. He doesn't even seem to be concerned that he's trapped in this world, or if he's in some kind of danger as a result. It's a thoughtless, mindless approach to a story such as this. It's vapid to say the least.

Is it terrible? Not really, but there doesn't seem to be any kind of direction or plot or interesting characters or anything at all for that matter. <<less
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naruhina rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: v6c3
Remember, you can't please everyone. Everybody have different views and likes. So if you don't like the story, go away. To the supporters to this novel like me, we remain...

I really love it! To the author and translator, don't be discourage from other commentators and reviews. I read lots of novel too, not many online game novel but other realistic novel. But this online game story got me interested. I like the characters especially shin. Its good also keeping him a low-profile unlike others MC making boastful about powers and... more>> all. I like the conversations too between the characters, it shows more their feeling and emotions that grasp by the readers, so please keep it up. For others, the action might not enough, but for me its quite good because as the MC attitude, he doesnt want to be in light shine for the mean time. The story is solid and focus more in objective so I salute for that. I will keep reading so please continue this masterpiece. <<less
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DeDraNix rated it
June 18, 2016
Status: --
Was interesting at first but the MC got annoying because he didn't want to show his strength for some reason, even though he is the strongest being in that world. He keeps going out of his way to pretend his not that strong and eventually I couldn't handle it anymore, I'm sorry but this novel had potential but the MC ruined it.
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Minueko rated it
July 7, 2017
Status: v5
I made an account just to review this... curry tasted shit.

The setting? Is fricking promising, I mean a guy soloing a death game, saving all people trapped in it, and receive omnipotent power when he awakes in the future. Thats the curry looks (looking delicious~)

The story? Woow if I'm allowed to quote the awesome comment bellow me, "it's like reading about superman who helping grannies to cross or competing in sports tournament being slightly faster than the other player". Thats the feeling I get after I read this till... more>> volume 5. The warm yet bitter feeling, thats the sh*t taste (taste horrible!)

Whilst its good if the main character is humble, however if the MC is too f*cking fricking humble its just sickeningly disgusting. At this point I just wonder why does the author pick this theme, might aswell pick slice of life to write (fyi the new gate also crap compared to other slice of life genre)

Usually I satisfied just seeing the review of the novel I read, but for this I couldn't bear others get tricked by the setting and genre like me, and for the comment bellow me saying "this is the standard of jp novel" no its fricking not, this lukewarm curry-tastes-sh*t is not normal. Even now I still couldnt get the taste out of my mouth. Just stay away.. bleh~ <<less
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Cryarc rated it
September 22, 2016
Status: --
There's no human touch in the story, it's extremely mechanical so a lot of people find it dry. There's no human interactions deeper than random and shallow chitchats. The arcs only resolved around: [visits new places--> meets some people--> gets into a party--> fights grunts--> fights boss--> 1-hit KO after the MC serious--> break up temporary party--> visit new places.] The relationship between the characters are superficial and only shown trough dialogues instead of being acted out.

Everytime that the MC is in battle, the author always repeated his explanation that... more>> the MC is actually OP and can 1-hit-kill the enemies if he wanted to but he just don't want to for dubious logic. The fights becomes prolonged unnaturally since the MC just don't want to go all out, and the author writes heavy expositions about weak skills that's being used in the fake fights. There's no tension at all. <<less
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Project Eden
Project Eden rated it
March 14, 2016
Status: --
Interesting take on “transported to another world” and “virtual reality” genre. MC is OP and has rather mature outlook compare to others and doesn’t suffer from cliche trope like being dense, harem-seeking pe*vert, or emo-like avenger. Compare to them, it’s a refreshing outlook. The plot is solid and each arc makes me want to read more.

While MC likes to keep low profile, the fact that he’s the only High Human left and was the strongest player in New Gate as well as being the master of Schnee Raizer (his support... more>> character who became very famous) means that it has potential to bring lot of drama. The political intrigue is always on the background without being too difficult to follow or simply boring.

Other than slow update and minor cliches, this is one of the best series I’ve read. <<less
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ieh rated it
November 12, 2017
Status: v6
This started out with promise where you're experiencing an unfamiliar world with a seasoned main character who is a legendary blacksmith/super katana Jesus that saved the world. I eagerly waited for the 3rd and 4th volumes to be translated but it was all a huge letdown. Reading this LN is like watching a dull slow-motion montage of Superman saving people out of resigned obligation. There is no tension, no heroics, no danger, no threats at any point, and most importantly no human connections or character depth beyond a basic physical... more>> description.

Pretty much every problem or fight is solved by the main character pulling a legendary item, ingredient, or releasing his self imposed limiter. Fight a monster? Gotta pull out a now mythic level sword that will eventually break because the main character is just too cool and strong and good and stuff. You might be thinking, "Oh he's a legendary blacksmith so it's going to go into detail about him making or repairing gear!" No, he just hits it with a hammer a few times and it's magically fixed and so strong that it makes normal gear look like wet limp paper.

Everything is glossed over and incredibly shallow including major characters in the story arcs. We have Sword princess, pale spearman, foxtails girl, visions girl, older elf maid, younger elf maid, and Beastmen #1 to #5. You don't even have to learn any names because the only role they serve in the story is by being shocked and awed by the main character's actions or an excuse for the main character to hide his powers. I don't even have to mention other characters because they all disappear shortly after introduction.

What a disappointment since this LN has a very nice English translation. It just drops the ball so hard by having the story go nowhere with endless and meaningless exposition that has nothing to do with the overall plot. I read the first 5 volumes and all that's really happened is the main character found his servant whos still guarding his house and leaves to meet another servant. <<less
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Dart rated it
February 25, 2018
Status: v9c4 part3
There's a lot of unfounded hate for this series. The MC is very mature and has grown out of the Chunnibyou phase, unlike a lot of the readers who have problems with the novel. The only issues I have with the series is the slow translation pace, the plot taking a little long to form, and a lot of the girls just falling for the MC (Although nothing really happens, and the MC is not dumb and picks up on the cues). Other than that, it is a very enjoyable... more>> read and I would recommend it. <<less
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Keimichi rated it
July 23, 2016
Status: v6c3
Good, multi-dimensional characters. Very likeable OP MC. Except nothing really happens. I don't know, even at vol 4, so far the battles haven't been really that enjoyable. Maybe I have been spoiled by some of the other novels with flashy battles. I actually don't mind that the MC hides his strength. I like relaxing MC's that are powerful but pretty humble. He's calm and collected. So none of those unreasonable, hot-headed, hypocritical, pe*verted, weak or dumb actions. He's just someone who wants to lay low and progressively find a way... more>> to get home. However, it's one thing to have an MC with little ambition, it's another thing if nothing really happens to push the story forward. Even the small interactions or events in the story doesn't really push the story anywhere. It felt like 4 volumes of introduction and lazing around that amounts to very little in the end. It felt like it's not doing things right. If you say it's a story focused on action and fighting, then obviously it doesn't have enough action and fighting. If you said it was a story about character development and world building, then there hasn't been really that much character development and world building. It's kinda awkwardly stuck in between, and you have no idea where it is going, or what the author is trying to do with the plot. It is an interesting novel, but I still feel like it's lacking something substantial.

[Update vol 6: so more things happened. Except it still doesn't feel like much happened.] <<less
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lonewolf93 rated it
January 25, 2017
Status: --

Most disappointing LN the displeasure of reading. This LN doesn't do anything different (though the story is a bit different from most LNs but it is all just dressing (if you read my reviews you probably know of my salad dressing metaphor). You can smooth talk a "lady of the night" as much as you want but she is still paid to cough* "pleasure" you at the end of the day. Conclusion, you are just wasting everyone one's time, you wanker.

I guess I need to give some kind of... more>> real review, otherwise I'm nothing but just a troll.
The problem with this LN, it's just that it is really unremarkable. It is trapped by all the tropes of this genre and never tries to do something different. Although I stopped reading around volume 2 or 3 it still had the potential to become better since everything was so underdeveloped, however I'm not willing to take the risk of ever continuing reading because the characters and the story are platonic and uninteresting (not kidding but the MC is soooooo bland and dense I'm afraid he may attract planets). Overall, avoid it like the plague~~~ or the mouth of a toothless hobo, if you find a copy burn it, and wash your eyes with acid too, for having the misfortune of ever seeing this satanic "book". real score is 1.5 I could have gone for 2 (not that it really matters) but, it just need some few things changed and it could have become better (mainly replacing the boring MC, I hate Sato from Death March the most of all LN MCs, but this one is so bland like air you could throw something at him and it would go right through that's just how bland he is. YOU MONSTER) <<less
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scribbledoutname rated it
July 16, 2016
Status: --
An awesome world, an awesome set-up, so much potential for crowning moments of awesome... and all of it's wasted on an MC that wants everyone to think he's a scrub. Why introduce all of these awesome elements if you're just going to play them down? Why wave all this stuff in the face of fans of the genre?

At the end of the day the author can do whatever he wants, but I can't get over the waste of potential, so my opinion is that the execution of the story sucks.

World:... more>> 5
Premise: 5
Unfortunately, Execution (aka the complete waste of the above two) : 1 <<less
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sleed rated it
April 4, 2017
Status: v6c1 part1
A novel about showing how much you have a beautiful women, and how the use of conflicts in a novel serve as stepping stones to show how much of a secret royalty MC really is

This doesn't come in the start but later the autor seems to completely forget about the larger objectives feels like the immediacy of the moment social pressure -BY NPCS-[Non Player Characters] and such pressure it's more important than his life saving objectives

Why do I think this is? It because that's 85℅ percent of the novel:... more>> other people.

It was okay and wasn't a Shure thing. After 2 volumes it really becomes apparent the real reason why the autor ignores the MC strength potential and possible intelligence: to the experience of social self-gratification that his female NPC (bot) partners provides him.

I like the simple battles.
What's bad about this novel is that the autor spends WAYY to much time on:

Bromides about how much social proof this guy has -cute women by his side and the much "sorry I'ma guy" kinda Japanese fantasy service theme.

40℅ of the chapter can be about how MC walks with heroines and how much normal people envy him.

20℅ is getting red face when a few of the woman he interacts with proposes to him, just to be later, rejected as the nice Japanese duty he carries dictates" to not take any sort of meaningful action with women because to do so it is ultimately shameful, you little dirty and puny man"

I expected to at some time to read some plot advances but what this is about its a giant

Slice of life

Masquerade as a quest to return to real life but then real life is made a second priority and in this moment a third, potentially a 4rth.

This is made implicit by the countless meaningless every so interactions that gets written and takes every the more space in each of the upcoming the chapters pushing away anything that resembles importance to his real life objectives

This has turned from an epic adventure into a washing machine discussion of unintentional cavort demonstrations

This novel lacks a strong willed, intelligent action taking MC. More like a suspicious middle of the roader they had already forgotten why he is there and has little differentiation from "I killed bad guys, therefore I got dark past but my character isn't developed yet" chunibuyouu archetype and very often had depressions over the things he could not control, his never- to- tell but just be inferred and not to think or be judged past.

Don't expect complex villains here, at most casual killers that are leader guys. Just evil npcs that happen to be spawned and emulated by the evil human nature program-system wich is barely touched and discussed

Probably this novel has target of 1k chapters+

Plannig on packing crucial explanations after miles and miles of trivialities and royalty experiences.

No clue as to the reason why he was put in such place

Events are happening without being epic

Mostly this is slice of life Through lot of surface talk, low and few critical context conversations, arised from an aura of self sufficiency, sprinkled with awe from the plebeian villagers born in trivial actions for trivial purposes, that in my opinion should just be omitted or resumed and just focus on what's important.

20℅ villager interactions talk and why they think that such is such: needless details about something unimportant wich can be fixed with MC five minute-effort based on already knowledge he posses

5℅ MC plotting with such villagers limited by the grace that he is hiding his ability

3℅ On the MC background

7℅ meaningful battles

5℅ exploration <<less
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Axelord rated it
February 6, 2017
Status: v4
I got into it, then I dropped it. Liked the story somewhat. Characters were enjoyable.

But combat killed it. Best way I've come to describe it would be to compare the way the MC fights to the 'Goku vs Frieza' fight from DBZ. I'm strong. I'm stronger. I'm the strongest! No, I'm stronger. No, me! I'm the best! No, I am! Ad nauseum, etc. Complete with small increments of powering up all the way. Unlike DBZ, however you might like or hate it, this story is obviously not supported by visual... more>> so you can't even get distracted by pretty lights and bulging muscles. This is about as exciting as a five minutes fight being stretched to five episodes. MC's not a complete doormat but like 90% of protagonists in these kind of stories, he has zero libido. Or, if he has feelings for someone, he prances around the issue for no good reason, blue-balling the reader (and himself) needlessly. And somehow, he still tries to appear as selfish. More like no-backbone shell-fish! <<less
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MondoX rated it
October 20, 2016
Status: v5c2 part2
The premise of this story had a lot of potential, but not much happened for five volumes. I forced myself to read more than I had to, because I was hoping for the story to get better. It turned into a slice-of-life story, which I was not expecting according to the genre.

I was not able to understand why the MC hides his power. He is probably the most powerful being in this world, and may be able to topple kingdoms on his own. One of his underlings may be the... more>> second most powerful person in this world. The MC has an OP pet companion that is growing, and other underlings that are powerful as well. Yet, he is afraid to show his true power. The MC and his companions could probably take over the world if they wanted to. It is not that the MC wants to relax, because he involves himself in many situations that he does not need to or that someone else may take care of it. The MC suppress his power by a lot, but he is still the most powerful person in this world. So, he suppress his power so people do not think he is overpowered by a large gap, only by a small gap? <<less
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colombopl rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: v12
This novel has got demerits but in my private ranking it is placed very high just after Overlord and near SAO and LogHorizon. The most of other isekai/fantasy stories are much worse. I like it because as for this genre this one is very unique LN. What is unique? My answer will be very long.

Main character Shin is adult. Most of other characters around Shin are adult, too. Action is not placed in a school (with exception of one volume that is placed in a university).

There is a lot of... more>> female characters and a kind o harem but at least girls with Shin's team are not s*upid babes and Shin is not thickheaded idiot who does not see that women are falling in love with him. For a lots of volumes there is well balance man/women (2/2; 3/3). There is only one official romantic relationship and one another girl who we know for sure that loves MC. Btw she joined a team as another girl follower. So using a tag harem is rather a misuse.

Main character is normal member of society who loves only one woman. When some other girl approaches him too aggressively then she is swiftly turned down. There is one main love thread where Shin and his beloved Shnee are together (not like SAO) an even when they are separated they are still in touch by talking via telepathy.

As I said main character is normal member of society. Who does not show off, does not cry like Kirito in SAO and does not play artificial alfa male like for example MC of "Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei". As Japanese Shin is polite to everyone and he limits his powers to make easier his main goal of finding a way to real world and to make it easier to travel though RPG world. But it does not mean that Shin cannot kill his adversary with cold blood or torture the one when needed - o yes, he can and he does it.

Number of lolitas is diminished. The same with over sized breasts. Well this is still Japanese LN so I cannot expect that this basic elements are not mentioned at all. Main character does not have deviant sister. No one behaves like idiotic pe*vert.

As for this genre, described world and a story is very logical. Good and bad guys are not s*upid like in another novels but they are well developed characters whose actions show that they have a brain. I like first 7 volumes where side quests and side characters lasts much longer then in one volume. Most of a story is observed by eyes of Shin and his team. (I do not like a lot of side stories in Overlord where we can see a world by third characters point of view).

Other people say that Shin does not show his supernatural powers but it is not a truth. Abilities and skills showed by Shin astonish a lot of other world denizens (mainly girls). What a lot of readers truly miss is that main character does not disclose his true identity as legendary being to all babes in the world.

Kazanami Shinogi is worse writer then for example Kugane Maruyama but still better then many other writers. At late chapters he become a little lazy. I do not like dialogs being replaced by narrator. It destroys the mood. This story is repetitive but for example SAO is as well. I like that main thread is developed slowly because that means that it will last very long. And it will not look like SAO where Kirito just changes a world and picks up another girl almost the same way by becoming more stronger in a new world again. <<less
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Arnissan rated it
September 23, 2016
Status: v3c1
A very dry read about MMORPG systems that everyone already know without anything much really happening. And what ever happens, everyone knows that the OP MC will deal with it pronto. Why this is so popular is beyond me. The manga version is a bit more bearable due to a lot of the tedious MMORPG mumbo jumbo monologue being skipped but it does not make the story good. And that's the problem, the story just isn't good.
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