Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)


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Suzuki, an adult programmer, suddenly notices that he’s been thrown into a different world while wearing a casual clothes at level 1. He gained high levels and treasures after using the 3 times use-disposable-magic, Meteor Shower, at once. After that he intends to do different world “sightseeing tours”?

He meets 3 beast girls, beautiful purple and black haired sisters, and an eccentric blonde haired elf girl along with various people during his trip. Although there are occasional fighting with demons and demon lords, this is a heartwarming fantasy story at heart.

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Death Marching to the Parallel World Rhapsody
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Anatheras rated it
August 9, 2018
Status: v16c58
Ill just start by saying that this is my opinion and in no way should it reflect your own. My best advice is to always check for yourself and draw your own conclusions. That beings said lets start by saying this novel is at least 70% Slice of life, Harem (lots of girls) , Comedy (really? I feel like this tag shouldnt be here) and Fantasy and the other 30% is adventure with some action.

Ill try to break down the story while covering each tag.

... more>>

First of all, the MC feels like a self-insert with no real personality. The guy gets a few cheat items after he gets isekai'd and becomes OP in an instant after he uses them, a few pages later he gets a skill that gives him a perfect "Poker Face" and from there just imagine this guy with his poker face and not showing any real emotion (even though he still feels them on the inside) and basically killing your mental image of the situation. He is also a very contradicting character that goes out of his way to save his enemies despite the fact that they are threatening his companions and even his life. I dont expect the MC to always kill his enemies but it becomes ridiculous.

The MC level of OPness goes through the roof and beyond, he can basically do something once and from there allocate skill points (of which he got a buttload at the beginning of his adventure) and become a master on that area. He wont ever be challenged on equal terms since he can become immune to damage after he gets hit by it for the first time. So it goes like "oh I got burned" he puts 10 skill points into the resistance of fire damage and he will no longer be damaged by fire EVER.

As the story progresses it gets even worse because the guy is a walking cheat that can do anything. The absurdity of the things he can do just skyrockets and it even gets to the point where the guy just casually saves people from what could seem as incurable diseases, he starts doing things that could only be called miracles and all in a matter of minutes. He builds stuff, develop new spells and items on the go while saving the world from demons, enjoying his gourmet tour with all her harem girls and uses his teleportation powers to do so. Did I also mention that he creates a bunch of new dimensions? And he teleports to earth and back like it was nothing.

Also, the MC starts the series putting all sorts of excuses to not get involved with fights or conflicts because he doesnt want to put in risk his life or that of his companions, which sounds reasonable, but later on he gets dragged in and ends up saving the day like a hero with all his OP powers. It just comes out as a half-assed decision that seems to be made on whim.

He hides his identity as a hero because he doesnt want to get dragged into trouble (seems reasonable as far as excuses go) and goes to extreme lengths to protect his secret until he finds the courage to tell one of his allies but then out of nowhere he decides to reveal himself to all the other allies in his harem (i imagine that the author had a raging boner at this point)

As a final note on the MC, he is one of the dullest and coveniently oblivious MC you will find. He suspects that something is wrong or that something will happen yet decides to ignore it until the last minute when everything becomes chaotic and then he saves the day.

Slice of Life:

Most if not all of this series is basically that, you get the MC and his harem doing pleasures trips, gourmet tours around the world and what the MC eats for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the snacks, all in detail while describing how delicious they were. He will hunt almost mythical monsters and eat them along with the harem. You get a lot of daily interactions with the harem members who seem to be the stereotypical personality types you always see in anime. Each girl has its own quirk to identify her by because the author doesnt seem to know how to create an interesting character without it.

Also the world he got transported into just happens to have most of the vegetables that he knows and they taste exactly the same. How convenient!


Lots of girls, the MC is a chick magnet despite the fact that in the very first volume they explain how japanese physical characteristics are considered ugly by everyone in this world he got transported into. He is aware of the feelings of their companions yet decided to ignore them all without giving them a real answer even though he has a high elf girl that he is in love with. Some of the girls are minors, some of them are s*aves. He does feel bothered about minors holding feelings for him but he doesnt bat an eye with s*avery.
Also the girl he loves wants him to have 100 kids with other girls with a lame excuse like "its the duty of every living creature" (not exactly accurate but it goes like something like that)


i got nothing to say here since I feel like this tag was misplaced. Doesnt feel funny at all unless you consider the reactions of those who end up witnessing the MC is OPness.


This series has a somewhat acceptable world building except for a few races that just seem to be made for the excuse to have more harem members who look humanoid enough. The adventure starts at a slow but good pace due to restrictions because of the distances but then it gets absurd when the MC gets teleportation and starts teleporting himself (and others) all around the world. And the action in this series would be barely 10% of the story for most volumes since the MC seems to be always conveniently oblivious to the dangers and future plots. He gets the hints, he ignores them, mayhem ensues, saves the day, rinse and repeat.

Also as I said before there is no fair fights here, as the story progresses he becomes more and more OP and he saves everyone's lives. Doesnt matter if its old age, being already dead because of a hole in the chest or being turned into a demon lord, he can fix it all without fail. He puts jesus to shame with his miracles.

Final Thoughts:

Ill just say it out straight, I have a love/hate relationship with this series. I dont like to drop stories without finishing them. I feel like this series had great potential but it got ruined because the author bleeds out his desires into the story. If you wanted a wish fulfillment story this series is for you.

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ushinotane rated it
February 15, 2018
Status: v16c35
Was bored and decided to read the reviews on this site for this novel and decided to write this review, since there are a lot of reviews here that bother me.

So first is, this novel is a slice of life novel. This is the main genre for this followed by comedy, more so than the fantasy setting and harem settings. Its also very slow paced so if this isn't your thing then still give it a go but remember these things.

Second is, lots of people complain about the side characters... more>> being uninteresting. They really aren't, you'd be surprised how often characters mentioned in passing suddenly turn up later to move along the story. The Author goes to great lengths sometimes to flesh out characters you wont see for several volumes at a time. It seems if a character gets a name they will turn up again at some point unless they're killed off (mainly bad guys) but even then still gets mentioned such as:


Zen, the first named "villian" (the demons never got actual names just nicknames) he is mentioned from time to time in passing by Satou.


Third is, and by far the one I disagree with the most, that the MC is a beta jap/Herbivore. This is completely untrue and if anyone takes the time to read the novel they should notice it. First is the fact that the MC, despite having a 15 year old body, is in fact a grown man in his 20s or 30s and up until volume 13 I think his so called "Harem" consists of children aged between 9-15.

Yes Mia is technically over 100 but is considered by her people and actions to be a child of about 8-10

He views the girls in his group not as things to have s*x with but as important members of his family and regularly referes to them as "our girls" or "our families children" Second is that the MC regularly goes to brothels to satisfy his needs and even goes to some lengths to protect his ability to do so.


He cuts his corrupted arm off, not because its corrupted or deformed but because he has no feeling in it so he couldn't enjoy the prostit**es fully.


And third is the fact he does in fact actively aim to get a lover and is going to some crazy lengths to achieve this love.


The girl in question, the high elf Aze, can only marry a god so Satou is actively seeking how to attain Godhood.


Theres also the fact that he does in fact kill people/monsters. Yes at the start he avoided doing this but thats a very normal response if you think about it. Hes just an ordinary civilian, of course killing stuff is going to bother him and hes going to be afraid of something like a demon even with his OP stats. In his first "big" fight he hesitates, he has no combat experience knows how to cast a single combat spell that is out of the question in that setting. He slowly gains a backbone once he gets something to protect.


The beast girls at first followed by the other girls. After he sees the girls with single digit levels willing to fight monsters in the labyrinth he "mans up"


And regarding the whole hiding his power thing, again he has a very valid reason at the start and further along he stops really hiding that hes strong. Remember he now has the girls, they aren't strong to begin with so he tries to not standout too much until they can protect themselves even going as far to make himself seem like the weakest so hes the first the villains will target.


In fact during the divine punishment arc, when he finds out someone put Poochi in danger he went looking for them and scared them so much they fully abandond the idea of getting involved with him to the point they were glad they would outlive him. He then went and threatened them anyway by recreating a myth with a sword hanging over an emperor's head with a warning "I'll overlook it this once. There is no next time."


Finally the fact the MC is just too OP, its simply a device so the Slice of life aspect can be the focus. Hes so OP there is little that can actually effect him and in most cases its actually quite funny just how much he breaks the common sense of the world hes in. If thats not your cup of tea, fine, you might want to avoid novels with Overpowered Protagonist tags. <<less
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Animeboyz rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: v16c9
For those of you who are here after having reading the Light novel or Manga, I suggest you wait to read those rather than the WN. This WN is really rough, but full of gems. I think with a lot of polish it has great potential. I have to admit that I skimmed through quite a lot of boring contents.

The Bad

  • There is no consequence to any action. The author is too lazy to think deeply about causation. All the actions and reactions are just too fantastical. It's totally non sequitur.

    The Divine Punishment storyline had so many issues. MC easily nullifies all of the effect of God's wrath. There's no mention about other countries that was punished. The whole arc took 10 chapters but it was so anti-climatic. Nobody of significance died or were even in any real danger. The people that were to be punished escape to the moon and the King and his underling, both are demon lords, lives a comfortable modern life with our MC on a paradise Island. WTF?!

  • There's absolutely no logic to why the MC was the only one summoned is such a unique way. So far up to v16 there is absolutely no hint as to why he was summoned and what's his purpose. All we know is that the God loves him and approves of all his deeds.
  • Everything is predictable. There are some shallow plot twist but it's distracting rather than interesting.
  • MC is just way OP. I have read dozens of these new world stories but this one pretty much tops everything. MC not only has access to Google but also Google Map with all information in front of him. Almost no criminal or antagonist can escape. By the time we get to v15 it's been almost 2 years since MC was summoned and how OP is he? He can turn a person on the verge of dying back to a loli. It takes only the power of one follower to almost kill a God. The MC himself can probably mass produce God killing sword as well as having God killing spell. But since MC is actually not trying to kill God but to become one his OP abilities are just there to save his harem and friends.
  • The food reference is overwhelming. I think the author is a foodie freak. Easily 30%-40% of the story talks about food. There's more food related lines than romance, maybe even more than battle. There's food from morning to night. I find myself skipping literally chapters, not just pages of this garbage.
  • MC is a pacifist. MC is just reflecting non-aggressive Japanese culture after WW2 rather than the feudal Samurai spirit. MC hates blood and gore, he wants to defeat his enemy and capture them. All crime and punishment is left to others and he need not bear any guilt or responsibility.
  • His Harem isn't really a one because MC is a monogamist who loves to visit prostit**es for his sexual needs. He has only one heart for a supporting character. Clearly the author is an engineer and is absolutely not qualified to write a romance or harem narrative. This part is an absolute disaster!
The Good

  • The author drops some interesting ideas about writing (coding) spells (programs). It's kinda like the Matrix where the world is an OS with many programs running. MC being an engineer can hack the system and obtain new and interest powers.
I hope this review helps you.
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Narutolvr rated it
December 12, 2017
Status: v12
Read to the end of volume 12. Or volume 13. Or volume 15- I'm not too sure since everything melted into one big load of crap where nothing happens. Some people love this novel, some hate it. I'm of the faction that hates it so read this review keeping that in mind. Honestly, I hesitate to call it a "bad" novel. Because most of its elements are palatable, or even decent on their own; but throw them all together, and you've got something like a peanut butter, pickled mayo, and... more>> fried chicken mint chip ice cream.

I can't say harems are my favorite, but I enjoy when they're done well (when the girls have their own personalities and aren't just portable p****ies), and can tolerate when they're done badly with a decent plot to distract me. I can bear with isekai novels with weird/insensible leveling rules when the MC uses his illogical powers to do something worthwhile. I quite enjoy slice of life novels where the MC just goes around being OP and relaxing everywhere so long as we get to see the characters' growth through everyday interactions/comedic situations. Somehow, death march manages to take the worst part of all of these concepts without following any of them through.

The author starts off as slice of life with the "merchant" story line, but veers off the track by taking this to a power-leveling/getting stronger manga (cue harem). Yet, for some reason, the MC isn't able to even fight despite the absolute difference in strength already explained by the shoddy system introduced chapters/volumes earlier. Then the MC vacillates between being able/unable to fight, prepares to take on a career that he forgets about 3 chapters later, claims not to want things yet is forced to accept them by people who have NO ability to control him, and eats Japanese food- the most consistent part of his character. Clearly, the author couldn't make up his mind on how the novel should proceed, so he just throws in random events/plot devices from other light novels for the sole purpose of making the MC's tension free life even easier. Stuck in a plot hole? Just throw in some random female character! Or write a chapter from one of the harem members' POV to make it seem like they're not just meat flaps when, in reality, the only distinctive parts of their personalities is their inexplicable love for the MC. And, in true virgin hiki style, he won't even touch them!

This novel is such a wish fulfillment story that I can practically see the author wanking himself to each new plot device/harem member. I always wish the author would throw in an issue with ED in these types of novels. It would it explain why the MC with constantly shifting morals refuses to touch the many women literally throwing themselves at him AND add some tension to the novels. A quest to recreate vi*gra sounds way more interesting than running around looking for miso... <<less
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DarkberserkerAA rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: v16c40
Some like this novel, some hate this novel, and some have become fanatic that they accept mediocrity as masterpiece to them. Well I am not one of the above mentions. I would like to rate this 3 stars but I am forced to rate it 1 star cause the fanatics overrated this Desumachi WN/LN. I review according to logic, common sense, morality (maybe), and realistic view. "Have we really accepted mediocrity as being good and bad being mediocre?" - DarkBerserkerAA

Firstly, This WN/LN is overrated. The flow of the story becomes... more>> uninteresting at volume 16, the conversation quality degrades at volume 9 (cause harem keeps inserting useless tsukkomi), the MC isn't human personality despite being adult human from earth with proper job. But it has its moments. It shines the most in volume 1, it gives the readers good premise and let the readers imagine many possibilities within the world of Desumachi. It has good description of the world, has heart warming moments, has light hearted atmosphere most of the time, the MC has the balls to go to brothels (don't mind this), the MC is a hero of justice (well its too much that it becomes negative), The adventure is fun and exciting. So that is that and this is this.

I will review the story (tree analogy) / In volume 1 & 2 it sprout and takes root, volume 3 4 & 5 it stands straight and grow, volume 6 leaves grows on its sides, volume 7 & 8 it becomes a sappling, volume 9 it grows sturdy and straight, volume 10 branches are growing, volume 11 & 12 the leaves becomes stale in the tree, volume 13 14 and 15 the leaves starts to fall and the roots that is supposed to be sturdy becomes rotten, volume 16 the tree has little leaves left and it will start to die, volume onwards, the tree will die and rot. It doesn't even given a chance to bear fruit.

Then the world building / Well I will praise the world building as being decent enough. I won't tell spoilers.

The MC / In my honest opinion, the MC is a big disappointment. I mean come on is he really have a human personality? Or a doll that is secretly a robot? He is easily being controlled by people that doesn't have the power to control him, overly cautious about pointless things, doesn't have reason the reason to hide his strength when he is so OP even you factor the s*ave harem it doesn't really a deterrent for hiding. He is the most natural hypocrite MC that i've ever found through the 200+ WN/LNs i've read. He treats the world he is in as a game. Thick plot armored MC. Well I don't really like the MC for being a doll. MC doesn really have resolute mind, thats why he is easily have been manipulated by nobles (though he know he is being used).

Harem / I hate to break it to you but he is being passive about his adult harem members. No haremu in harem tag, it is just playing house, not a harem (genuine). The author wants the readers to be frustrated and readers thought the author is sexually frustrated (maybe). He has fiancees but he denies them cause his weak reasoning of it was just push at him so he denies it (I think the author tries for MC to be a RIAJUU (explode)).

Comedy / the tag comedy, don't take it seriously (seriously) cause it just a passing joke between conversations. The comedy in this WN/LN is just supporting the slice of life tag.

Action & adventure / plenty of adventure the action is minimal. The fight scenes isn't really spectacular it is just a medioce.

Slice of life / Shokugeki no kumo desu ga nai ka is what I like to say. Copy cat of food obsessed MC like shiro from kumo desu ga and food p*rn of shokugeki no souma.

Morality / s*avery, he is easily convinced to not let the s*ave girls go free cause the s*ave girls says so, In my honest opinion he could just release them and let them work for him and gift them something can be worn. Hypocrisy is number 1 thing that violates morality in this WN/LN.

Characters / Not bad and not good, mediocre. Two high ranking nobles become friendly because of food? Really? There are two kinds of character common in this WN/LN, the characters that do harm to him and characters that likes him after a short amount of time being together.

When you place it desumachi to overlord and kumo desu ga nani ka? And rank it. Desumachi is at the bottom basing it at 1 - 10 desumachi get 5 overlord get 9.5 kumo desu ga get 9.

Well that's all I have to review. I don't want any unnecessary spoilers containing my review. This WN/LN is recommended but I only recommend volume 1 - 9 of this novel before you get disappointed really bad then stop at volume 10. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: --
It's Japanese, Just what else did you expect? An intolerable protagonist, utterly weak willed, without an ounce of control over his own destiny. Furthermore, rest of the characters don't exactly contribute anything either. It's typically Just Japanese.
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SageRozenburg rated it
May 28, 2016
Status: v13c38
If you want a laid back OP MC novel, a slight fluff and slight harem this is for you, I recommend this
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montblanc512 rated it
December 24, 2016
Status: v2c10
The MC is hard to like. A lot of people defend this on "It's not his business", but there's something really unrealistic about a guy who just lets people die around him despite having the ability to save them without any risk to himself or even revealing his identity. The MC doesn't seem to be bothered by this at all, which makes it really weird when he's portrayed as such a good guy type at other moments. It doesn't come off as protecting identity, or even that he can't be... more>> bothered, it just comes off as a poorly written character that changes on the whim of the scenario he's written in. Maybe it gets better later, but this is the first transported to another world story I've dropped for non-translation related reasons. <<less
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shadow1716 rated it
May 24, 2016
Status: c100
So boring. After reading the first few chapters you could skip to nay chapter after that in any order and still be able to understand whats going on. Each chapter is a mini-story with the only long term change being the additions to his pedo-harem.
MC is not only a coward (no loveable kind) but a hypocrite. So much so that its disgusting.
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qzty rated it
March 17, 2016
Status: --
A touring story with the sidequest of hunting down demon kings
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plushiesoda rated it
March 1, 2017
Status: v5c1
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Aelan rated it
September 21, 2016
Status: v15c2
Absolutely the best LN/WN I've read. Very few other stories come close to it.

The story is written from MC's perspective and we hear his thoughts on many matters. It shows the MC being very reasonable and adaptable when dealing with problems. The MC mentions things when he doesn't understand them and this makes it very enjoyable to read. The character is incredibly well fleshed out.

This is also one of the few stories you'll find on this site that actually has progression: the MC goes from a nobody to somebody that's... more>> respected. This fundamentally changes the dynamics of the story, unlike in xianxia where it's the same formula over and over again.

The story itself is kind of "slice of life". It would be like having slice of life of a xianxia character. The MC does go around kicking a lot of ass, but he's so much stronger than his opposition that he is usually able to deal with anything with ease. Nevertheless there are multiple times when the MC has to think of alternate ways to deal with situations.

Aside from the MC being one of the most reasonable characters I've read about in fiction, there are also pretty awesome side characters. The story has a harem tag, but really, it's not harem. Most of the girls in the story are more like the MC's daughters and the MC has his sights set on someone.

The world is interesting, because there are a bunch of unknowns, but it doesn't feel like the author is just constantly pulling things out of their asses like in many many fictional stories. The MC is essentially just exploring the world he is in, and dealing with problems he sees on a whim.

Overall this is one of the most enjoyable stories I have ever read and probably will ever read. I can't quite believe that there's so much negative feedback, especially since many of these mention actually incorrect information. <<less
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hikufalafel rated it
November 6, 2019
Status: v17c39
TL;DR at the bottom.

First of all, don't read reviews that starts off with calling the MC boring and typical, complaining about the lack of character development, and the lack of action elements. These people basically just skimmed through the pages of the story if that's all they can inferred.

What is Death March about? In short, it is something like a travelling journal of the MC named Satou after getting transported into another world. This is probably the most interesting part. Instead going on to be a hero and or an... more>> edge lord anti-hero, he chose to tour around a fantasy world.

The MC is a thirty year old programmer and for once, this character actually acts his own age. He is bland and hypocritical, yes but that's how your average person is supposed to be. Not a marry sue. Yes, he's OP but he really abide with Jeff Goldblum's principle in Jurassic Park "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Instead of forcing his own ideals on the world, he either kept it to himself or do as the Romans do. He has a really mature way of dealing with issues which is incredibly rare in this kind of story. He doesn't have an ego. He does not mind giving way to some a**holes in the story as long as he can settle things peacefully. Once again, this ain't call being beta, is being the better person and mature. He's a good-nature guy but no saint. His actions were often misunderstood as charity when it was always just an attempt future investment. And no, he's not dense nor does he have no common sense. He does learns about the world's culture and standards but one step at a time. Don't tell me you would seriously expect someone to 180 his own standards and morals in just months when he had spent a good thirty years of his life on Earth. People can't even do that for a workplace let alone another world.

The MC is a wuss though. He's dislike gore and bloody stuff but he's well aware of that. In the LN, he calls himself a wuss many times when he sees gore. Which is why he doesn't kill. He's all for killing as long he ain't the one doing it or the person-in-question deserves it.

The side characters are unique and distinctive. Even the ones that are cliche, the author utilizes those cliche traits very well. Just don't expect character dramas or development as that is not the focus of this story. I'm not saying there are no developments or dramas, there is but those are not the focus.

The story is surprisingly mysterious, for a lack of better word. Underneath this slice of life story, is actually a heavy plot. A lot of clues are spread out throughout the story and it takes a couple of re-reading to actually grasps those. The flow of the story is very arbitrary but then again, it is suppose to be that way. I mean, anything can happen on an adventure in a fantasy world. Even if action elements are rare, when there are actions, it's hella good. There's no power of friendship or some hidden power bs. Everyone's abilities and arsenal are laid out before a fight and doesn't use any asspull in the fights. (Eg, rage power or power of friendship)

There is romance but once again, not the focus of the story. (Although, the fandom sure hopes the romance aspect gets more focus)

Death March is a very unique story among other isekais out there. For once, it is actually about adventuring and world-building to an insane level (The LN is even more detail), instead of edge-lording or gathering harems. The MC isn't trying to beat some final boss, gathering girls for a harem, getting revenge, establishing his dominance, etc.... no. There is none of that. This is a super slow-pace story of world-travelling and cooking as the main quest for the MC, the secondary quests are subjugating, bandits, evil peoples, demons, and demon lords.

TL;DR This is an adventure slice of life cooking story with an actual mature MC with well-done cliche yet unique and distinctive side characters. A fun-filled heart warming fluffy story (nanodesu). No drama nor edginess, every is issue is resolved straight to the point. No needless dragging out. <<less
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L1ef35 rated it
December 16, 2017
Status: v16c10
I see a lot of reviews complaining about this series, but complaining in a way that makes me wonder if they know the way this story is supposed to be read. The MC is overpowered, so overpowered he can tr*sh demon lords and fight on par with gods, but this is not I repeat NOT the point of this story. ... more>>

The MC is in fact too overpowered once you reach diety level power there is no point in combat, and there are some who complain about how unskilled he is in combat... He programmed games before getting summoned so that complaint is so nonsensical I question that person's intelligence.

I'm actually amazed at the authors usage of the overpowered tag.

This is a story about interaction, interaction with the world we are reading about and it's residents not combat. This is a leisure story, if your expecting drama, combat, and all other manner of fast paced heart pounding nonsense it's there but as garnish, it's not a focus and not important. What is important is the interaction of characters and environments. I also see reviews complaining about flat characters to which I again question this persons understanding of tropes and their usage

Take Arisa for example, she is a form of shotacon trope, the kind that is sexually driven. Alot of her interactions with MC are her sexually harassing Him because of his babyface this however is not all she is, she is and otaku, a former spinster, and an all around goofy character that brings a lot of humor to her scenes.


All in all a reader must understand how a story needs to be read before forming some vapid, self assured opinion. I scroll through some and frankly question some individuals' intelligence quotient. That is the only reason I wrote this review, to explain that not everything is explosions and hentai. <<less
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Jatomo rated it
September 18, 2016
Status: v11c1
Awesome novel. Beside the funny "slice of life" part, it also have a mystery and very interesting story. The character design is very good especially female character, the moe power is over 9000. I especially like the ss and intermission chapters, it is hilarious. Definitely recommened. And it seem some people misunderstand the protagonist's power because of his level. He has very high level but has no battle skill and battle experience in the beginning so he having trouble defeating enemy with much lower level than him even though he... more>> tried his best. He became stronger during his journey later though. He also helped a lot of people and saved a lot of life during his journey, so I don't think he is a hypocritical person. He is not a saint but a nice person. <<less
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GDLiZy rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: --
My God.

This is a story that makes you question your own existence. How can MC survive in RL when he is this s*upid? This loli god can somehow, the leveling system is too broken, every character is 1-dimensional and there is no plot whatsoever.

How can MC survive in RL when he is this s*upid? This loli god can somehow.

... more>> The leveling system is too broken, every character is 1-dimensional and there is no plot whatsoever.

The story goes like this: OP MC get all loli in the world while becoming more and more s*upid. <<less
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melk rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: v16c14
I've read 16 volumes of this web novel and it's NOT worth the read.

The 'Main Mystery' is not proactively adressed and the MC sort of loiter's around throughout the entire story.

Characters are extremely shallow and I often have to try to remember who a person is when they show up again.

... more>> The story drags on too much and you're quickly going to be skimming through text.

Conversations and attempts at ''jokes'' are recycled garbage. (I know that's pretty subjective though.)

I still don't really care about the main cast at all and I honestly I find most of them to be pretty repulsive. (Lol)

At one point the MC breaks character so much that all his character development is tr*shed. He's irreversably a hypocrite afterwards.

Bless the Sousetsuka group for being amazing though. (But the comment section on their website is aids) <<less
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sgrey rated it
July 16, 2017
Status: v15
I was looking for a slow-paced novel with an interesting setting for a long time, and this is it. I really enjoy slice of life part of it. I got really tired of other novels where there is nothing but action. The MC is really OP, but because he does not know enough about the world, there are still dangers for him and his companions. He goes at his own pace and does what he wants. I also like that he is not an idiot and actually talks to his... more>> companions and friends and tells them stuff that need to be said (for the most part)

A lot of people complain about him hiding his identity, but in the novel it is a proper thing to do. He does not want to get involved in the politics and wants to be able to travel peacefully with his companions. He would not be able to do that if just exposes himself. Overall a pretty nice easy read, where you don't have nothing but action, but it also keeps a good balance with plot progress and things happening. It does get a bit more boring at some point, but then recovers and major stuff happening in v15 <<less
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gradient rated it
November 1, 2016
Status: v15c19
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I'm sure you heard that before. In a world of magic it goes differently though. Any sufficiently advanced or powerful magic is indistinguishable from God's miracle/wrath.

Seeing the 1 star reviews made me think why I liked this so much.

A lot of them are complaining about the lack of plot. I find that there is a plot, even a mystery, it's just buried way too deep. There is MC's arrival, how he got the so called "easy mode". The rest I can think... more>> of contain spoilers so I won't say, but there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the MC, and the world. And yes MC is OP AF but the main source of the plot at this point in the novel seems to come from MC trying to figure out the things others are plotting, and then foiling said plots.

The harem thing is also not as bad as some people think it is. MC himself is aware of the harem but his heart is set on a single woman, although even said woman is trying to push him into the harem route. That being said I admit that the women falling for him left and right seem a little ridiculous, until you realize that he is a 21st century gentleman in a middle age setting, as his standards are very different from other men, he might be more desirable by the women.

Last thing here, there is a running gag about MC being cursed with lolis. <<less
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clowred rated it
February 20, 2016
Status: v7
Do you consider watching paint drying an entertaining activity?

Are you masochist?

Have you been dropped on your head by your mother after you were born? (Multiple times)

... more>> Do you wish to die slowly, filled with pain and anguish?

If you answered yes at any of these questions, then this novel is for you. A protagonist that has everything from the beginning yet decides to go on an adventure to recreate the perfect JAPANESE society, especially foods. Where underage girl (<18) are constantly in heat, yet he only goes to brothels as his middle aged man conscience doesn't allow him to do the unthinkable. (It seems he forgot about countries like India or many other Muslim ones where such things are perfectly normal, in the modern world of course). Anyway, as we wonder if our protagonist is slowly turning gay, we have a breathtaking adventure of a hero that reminds me of a n**ger (no offense) on drugs, absolutely f*cking lazy. If until now you haven't given up on my review and started reading the story, then this novel is not for you.

Anyway, I will absolutely f*cking not start describing the story or the events, it was a f*cking pain having to reread a chapter up to three or even four times to finally be able to focus enough to keep up with the ret*rded plot. I don't know just how old are the NU users that rated this sh*t so high, yet I'll bet they are at least 60 years old.

This novel is f*cking with your brain, it dilutes your force of life, it puts water in your gasoline. F*ck it, go read a p*rn magazine, it might do better to your concentration. This is not a matter of tastes, this novel was created to turn any human being into an old man. <<less
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