I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless


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I, Ichinosuke, failed to get a job for 100 consecutive times. Furthermore, my record is still being updated as unemployed.

On my way to a job interview, I was involved in an accident with a truck and tragically passed away.

And then, a Goddess bestowed upon me the ability to grow at a speed 400 times faster than normal, before sending me to a game-like otherworld.

However, knowing that I would not become stronger even if I continued growing while jobless, I aimed to get a job, but I found out that it was my terrible fate to remain jobless.

As my Growth Cheat and Jobless Cheat existed side-by-side in this otherworld, an adventure record, no doubt certified by the job-placement agency as a harmful book, begins here.

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Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu
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Ixcez rated it
May 9, 2018
Status: c200
This novel is a fairly easy going isekai story that started of with a decent story and decent MC in my book but it went of the rails at around ch 50 and progessivly became a worse read in my honest opinion as the MC fully accepts his beta side and as a person has a reverse growth.

His betaness contains some spoilers

... more>>

At the start the MC is shown to be a semi-beta type character, having killed three unconcious people to lvl up and so to survive a fight, all three are kind of bad guys, one being a criminal and two being adventurors starting to do bad deeds. The MC shows no remorse in killing them even though they haven't really done much at all, they are then killed so he can win against their boss who he is about to kill but decides not to after being convinced he's worth more money if they turn him in alive. Showing that the MC has a cold side to him, but this is the only time.

After this he becomes a real pushover with the big turning point being around ch 50 at which point two girls tries to scam him, fails tries to scam him again, and after which he is forced to help them (for free) which the now beta MC accepts even though he doesn't want to because????

In comes my least favorite character, who he is then later on forced to accept as his companion even though he states he doesn't like her. Later on she becomes accepted, because MC at one time finds her body attractive and after that she is accepted into "harem" so now MC is beta who thinks with lower part, reverse growth as person check.

Get's forced to help catgirl to get ingredients for wine for no reward check, learns he has to risk his and his companions lives to fight a dragon during said quest check, actually puts his foot down and refuses great! Next chapter changes his mind cause least likeable character is friends with cats, and MC decides he wants to do whatever he wanna do "growth moment" = MC starts doing whatever other people tells him to do and loses all will check.

Oh and all the chapters here were pointless since he never had to fight in the first place since the ending is that he just grows the needed material in his secret base.

After this is the moment when MC goes full beta, and you never go full beta.

MC is attacked by pirates who wants everything he owns, MC defeats them and is then given the guilt trip cause the pirates were rookie pirates that just decided to become pirates cause it's such a cushy life being a pirate. So now MC is forced to help the fishermen turned pirates to get a semi-cushy life instead of finding his missing companions. Since you know helping criminals is what a good guy would do. MC also justifies this when asked why he would help them that now that he's strong he feels that he must now help the public.

Yeah cause rewarding people for doing crimnal acts is helping the public! Shush you who don't agree:D.


So yeah in the end MC goes from cold normal person -> semi-beta -> beta -> beta who thinks with groin -> FULL BETA

His growth would make the most sugar sweet happy ending have toothache.

Another part that bugged me is that this novel has some parts that are pretty much copy paste from s*ave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World which is a similar novel released 4-5 years before this one.

I kid you not that some parts of the main wolf-heroine are almost a direct copy word for word when it comes to looks/personality/plot/dialogue especially the first 10 or so chapters when it comes to the heroine are so similar I was wondering if it was the same author rewritting the other novel.

So yeah I will have to give this one a low score because the character growth is done in reverse together with the fact that this novel would get sued for plagarism if it wasn't a free webnovel. Though not sure how the LN got through it maybe the law is just more lax in JP <<less
48 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ssjn4vega rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: v1c30
Awesome, I love it! Even though the plot is nothing original it's fun, well written, and translated well which is what a light novel should be. P.S. The MC is not a douche, always a plus!
45 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
korneliswicaksono rated it
June 8, 2018
Status: v6c126
A story about an idiot protagonist surrounded by idiot people. The use of slaptic comedy is overwhelming, I suspect the author is an idiot themself. 1/10.

The novels from volume 1 to 5 are fine story-wise, but afterwards the author put a lot of unnecessary fillers and slaptics comedy, which is the lowest form of comedy.
38 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fluffums rated it
October 30, 2016
Status: --
There's nothing exceptional about this story either way. It's kind of a mediocre story but inoffensive enough if you like isekai novels and game mechanics in your fantasy. It hits all the main tropes without having the main character be too pathetic or edgy, compared to other japanese novels.

Where it lost me was one point where the main character should have investigated something, and would have based on his personality and actions so far, but the author very obviously made him not investigate it while hitting the reader over the... more>> head with 'foreshadowing'. Don't make your character OP and intelligent and proactive, and then make him act out of character just for dramatic tension. There are better ways to achieve the same effects. <<less
37 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Leon07 rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: v8c220
Updated at Chapter 220 (Quick summary at the bottom)

It's a good story which you can enjoy reading, and unless you're someone who is extremely picky, you won't get bored with this.

First of all, don't judge this based on the tittle, although the MC is Jobless, that is because he finds out that being jobless is more beneficial than getting a job. (Hint : Jobless is just a class like wizard, warrior, thief, etc..... Having the class Jobless does not mean that he is actually without a job)

It's basically... more>> the adventures of the MC, collecting more girls and solving problems here and there and getting stronger (Yet still remaining jobless). The story has been presented in a planned manner and the events happening have their roles in the progression of the story, unlike many other novels which just throw in random stuff just to keep the novel going on even though it has no relevance to the plot.

It's mostly a comedy novel, so you must be ready to accept the humor. If you're just looking for some serious plot with good action scenes, then this novel isn't for you. This for those who would like a light read, a good mix of comedy, adventure, action and bits and pieces of flirting here and there.

I found the story very similar to s*ave Harem in a Labyrinth. There are a lot of similarities, but overall I liked this one much better. The comedy and the storyline in growth cheat is much better.

The characters are interesting and will keep you glued to this. Some of the characters like Miranda and Cenetaur are hilarious and the actions of the two idiots (I think their names were Jofre and Elize) are also quite funny (though annoying sometimes. In the later chapters, it's more towards the annoying part). The characters introduced in the novel are not wasted and they play their roles for the development of the story (You'll be surprised by how the actions of the characters all affect the story when you don't expect it).

The MC, just like other MC's of isekai novels, is OP and his cheat ability helps him grow 400 times faster than normal people. He also gains many skills due to being Jobless


The skills he obtains from his Jobless class are just hilarious, especially the skill he gets when jobless reaches lvl 100.

Also, the truth about the gods and his sister and the many secrets she holds keep getting revealed slowly, making it a lot interesting


There isn't any major antagonist or so yet, and no major action scenes in it (at least till now). It is more of a light read. The translation is also good which makes reading this much better.

I'll admit that it's starting to get a bit boring lately, but it's still worth the read.

To sum it all up, if you like
A story with less action and more plot
MC who is not a s*x maniac or pe*vert but not dense and enjoys his time with his girls.
Funny Characters
Slow paced story
Short Chapters
Then you will enjoy this :) <<less
30 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Retailed rated it
March 12, 2019
Status: c213
Was a somewhat interesting read to have while killing time, but I honestly had to drop this because of what happened in the last chapters of the "Piracy Arc". The build-up for ... more>>

a character's appearance (the MC's yandere sister) took well over 200 chapters only for said character to be kidnapped like 10 chapters later and the MC just goes "well, it can't be helped".


The author could've chosen to take it easy but simply inserted another one of those cliches in an already cliche-filled plot. Maybe it's just me, but it felt incredibly cheap and killed all my enthusiasm in reading it. If you're still interested in this WN, be warned that you'll be disappointed.


"ahaha the church is evil and is doing evil stuff behind the scenes"

. It's time to stop with this. <<less
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Magstzerp rated it
July 30, 2018
Status: v8c215
Great story..... At first. MC gets great cheat that helps him become strong slowly, at his own pace, and not all of a sudden. Then he finds a loophole in the job system and that become a third non official cheat. But once again, he has to work hard for it to be useful.

Everything was going well.... Untill the author decided to start trolling us non stop.

It starts with the arrival of a certain character.... more>>

Miri, his sister.


The author keeps trolling us making the MC almost meet this character multiple times in numerous chapters, but always making them miss each other.

At first it was hype. When will they meet? But then it started to get old and stale. He keeps this up for so many chapters, and finally, when they do meet, it's disappointing, because the author trolls us again. How?

she gets kidnapped, willingly by a certain famous OP Person.Daijiro


So, I've had enough of this shit. I shall leave my scathing remark and bid this story adieu. <<less
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SovereignDao3000 rated it
May 14, 2018
Status: c52
it's a story about idiots, a beta main character traveling across a kingdom helping sometimes and buying s*aves.

there is no growth to the main character, it's just points and skills.

i mean if a person is in a dangerous situation and forced to kill someone there will be change in how he see things.

But he is just a pushover, Great power but respects law.

that's just idiocy.
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JoyArenas rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: --
OP protagonist, okay, like. I love generic isekai light novels like this after all. But, but, but...

He's OP, but he's definitely an idiot. He forgets things when it's most important and needed. Like when he's at the cat sith village, he lost himself thinking about pervy things about his subordinate Haru and flirting with her then going to be embarassed when the cat sith scolded them. Naturally, man. No matter how pe*vert a person is, they wouldn't do pervy things in public, unless he has some kind of a mental... more>> illness. Yeah I know, the novel was categorized as ecchi but doesn't necessarily mean that the protagonist will be an idiot, right? And another thing is that when he got stranded in an island, he spend quite some time panicking before remembering he has a skill called My World that allows him to create his own realm and that some of his subordinates are there. He also forget he has some kind of skill right for the situation but he'll panic and spend quite a long time thinking what he will do before one of his subordinates remind him he has that skill. Seriously, he always forget things. If he's a real person I'll f*cking punch that brainless head of his.

He's also gullible when it comes to his subordinates. One example was when he's stranded in an island with his subordinate Carol. She wanted to enter the hot spring together with him but he doesn't want to because he consider Carol as a kid and he knows she has feelings for him and ulterior motives but all he could say was "eh?" "Really?" "We can enter the hot spring together?" "Really?" "Eh?". It doesn't even took a minute for Carol to convince him. Dudeeeee, Carol is your s*ave. Goddamnit. If you really wish to, she wouldn't have any say about it. But makes me think which one is truly the s*ave when his subordinates and subordinates can easily manipulate him. I know he cares about them and doesn't want to treat them as s*aves, but it's fine to have some thin lines, dude.

This review turned out like a rant already. Lol. But I seriously hate how he's acting brainless sometimes. I like OP protagonists, but I like smart and intelligent protagonist more. Or at least a protagonist with a decent IQ and common sense, not as dumb as this. But since it's quite entertaining, I'll give it 3 stars. You should be thankful it's isekai, the genre that I love, but if not, I probably already spew curses here and there and rate this lower. Or probably already sent a complaint at the author. I'm not joking. That's how annoying the protagonist is to me. Lol.

PS: Lots of confusing lines. When Metias was first mentioned, they said she's the goddess of knowledge. But on later chapters, it said she's the goddess of life? And at the scene when Ichino is thinking about the 6 goddesses, he said Minerva and Crile (the childlike goddess with a bobcut hairstyle) are the only goddesses he haven't met yet. But later, Crile's name, the sixth goddess, was changed to Tet and that she's the goddess of life. Really? Who is who? Make up your mind, author. <<less
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Dizzcity rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: --
Review as of v1c4:

So far, it’s a decent but not outstanding story of a reincarnated individual in a fantasy world with a cheat ability. Rather average compared to others of the same type, but it’s too early to tell which direction the story would turn. Similar to the series Invincible Saint ~Salaryman (also by this translator), Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou, Man Picked Up By the Gods, and Atelier Tanaka. If you like those, you’d probably like this, or at least find it similar. Potential for an OP MC fairly quickly,... more>> but personality of the MC looks like it’ll head more towards the slice-of-life type story instead. Tone seems to be light-hearted and relaxed, but no wild ‘HAHA’ kind of funny moments yet. That may change in the future. Also, the title is misleading...


he can get out of being jobless anytime he wants, just that the benefits of remaining in it is better than not.


Ratings (compared to others of the same type) :
Story Originality: Low
Characterization: Average
Plot: Average
Story Pacing: Slow
Humour: Average
Translation Quality: High
Translation Speed: High

Overall: Decent (3.5 out of 5) <<less
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Somebody-san rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: c390
Man this is frustrating. The cheat growth may help him get jobs easier, but I think it has a demerit which deteriorate his brain performance.

In volume 1-2 he's ok. From vol3 things gets worse. And when I think it cant be worse, it somehow proves me wrong.

... more>>

My tolerance reached its peak when I read a chapter somewhere around 370-390, which he blindly trust the noble he deems untrustworthy, then get caught up in the noble's trap because he was lowering his guard. Sure the author would get him out somehow, but where has the intelligence he had in the first volume gone?

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Acorn rated it
December 2, 2018
Status: v8c200
I was all for this novel was chill laid back read.. actions/adventure sometimes... was going okay for a moment.. then annoyingly for a moment but a lot of novels have their "blah blah blah" "interesting moments".. then it got "interesting".. again. ... more>>

thought the "bro" and "sis" were going to stay reunited but after she "regulated the harem a little bit" some people come and capture the sister and take off... THEY JUST HAD So many separation arcs back to back with different groups

.... wtf this isn't f*cking mario... so I'm dropping this at the moment will come back when its done. I'm actually further then ch200 but going to have to do a little re reading when I return to this one. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LazyLuong rated it
October 28, 2016
Status: v3c58
Basically like s*ave Harem. The difference, the couple in Growth Cheat isn't constantly h**ny for s*x, and the story does not feel like a daily routine trying to progress through the labyrinth to earn their living expense. It's kept slightly fresh by having the MC and his crew to travel to different labyrinth to recieve the blessing of the goddess, with incident happenning at the towns they visit. But the incident seem so small due to the reason below. The fighting scenes lack tension and suspense, making it pretty mild... more>> and tame, which is a huge flaw. This is obviously why the author pretty much fastforward the labyrinth exploration and action scenes. Theres really no memorable scenes. The side story of the idoitic couple antics and the MC sister's mystery at the end of some of the chapters gives the story of fresh air since they are either enjoyable characters or cringeworthy characters depending on your taste.

Again, what hurts the novel is lacks of tensions buildup for all their comedy, conflict, and combat scenes to make it a memorable novel. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
A_Passing_Wanderer rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: v10c407
Finally dropped it at c407. Feels like I've been writing negative reviews most of the time, and here comes another one.

In c407, there's supposed to be this tense standoff where our MC and his companions *might* be in danger, but...

Now that's one hell of an anti-climatic writing right there. No build up, no tension, no payoff, nothing of note other than a bunch of characters standing around yapping away...

Variety of issues commonly found it Japanese LN are all present and correct in this novel - such as the progressively-getting-dumber beta... more>> MC who's more frustrating to read with every arc, cookie-cutter harem members with only one defining characteristic to separate them from the herd, said harem members falling for MC for no discernible reason, poor pacing of the arcs themselves, aforementioned lack of tension in fights and meandering plot points that take dozens of chapters to get a move on...

Honestly, the only good point I can think of at this point is the dedication of the translator who probably has to work hard to translate this novel. Kudos for that, at least.

Okay, review over. This is where I quit this novel and move on to another one. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rutabella rated it
February 25, 2019
Status: v1c22
This is generic, very very generic. And that alone isnt a bad thing. Just because a topic has been done to death does not mean that the topic is bad, because the truth is that what makes a good story isnt the topic or the genre but the deeper meanings and exploration of themes and other bullsh*t you hear in english 101.

And as a story this novel has no redeeming qualities. Its so f*cking shallow I honestly cannot believe it. Even the author openly doesn't seem to give a sh*t... more>> from his author notes. This entire story is skin deep. Nothing is truly explained, no one is truly given depth as a character. Things just happen, and then more things happen. You are told the MC does this, you are told the waifu does that, but you have barely any idea what characters think beyond the boilerplate phrases they output. When its first person with the MC, its like he has ADHD because he never thinks about anything too much. Its 20 chapters in and I honestly have 0 idea what the MC wants to do. His motive is to not be jobless like he was before, but everything else could not be less clear.

All the characters are 1 dimensional, some characters never get any emotion. You have 0 idea what anyone looks like until the author offhandedly mentions one of them has a beard like 10 chapters after they become friends with the MC.

If you want to actually read a story about human beings going on an adventure, do not waste your time with this. <<less
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captain crunch
captain crunch rated it
April 6, 2017
Status: c109
Rating: 3.5 - 4 stars, Translation: 5/5

(My reviews may sound negative, but I'm just listing reasons why I didn't give 5 stars.)

[[5 star = almost all readers will enjoy. 4 star = large majority of readers will enjoy. 3 star = 50/50 of readers will enjoy. 2 star = a niche audience will enjoy. 1 star = maybe portion of niche audience will enjoy.]]

[[5/5 = Infrequent minor errors. 4/5 = Frequent minor errors or infrequent major errors, no difficulty to read. 3/5 = Frequent major errors, some... more>> difficulty to read. 2/5 = Difficult to read. 1/5 = Unreadable.]]

MC is a 20 (?) year old high school dropout, who has been unsuccessfully looking for a job, after he and his sister's parents died. On his way to his last job interview, he was killed in an accident, and a goddess (es) transported him to an RPG-like world with multiple cheat abilities. This series is basically a transported to a fantasy RPG world with cheat abilities. MC has quick leveling, everyone and everything uses a game-like system (even regular jobs and everyday life), and there's magic, combat, dungeons, demons, beasts, demi-humans, harem, s*aves, and other Japanese transports. The story is pretty standard to its genre. You won't find many new ideas. However, it doesn't waste time with too much slice of life or redundant information, that lots of other JP WN/LN suffer from. On the other hand, chapters are extremely short. The storytelling is light and smooth, and the translation is one of the best I've read so far. Characters seem typical, not much development, but they have their roles. MC doesn't have much strong motivations or goals. He's just mostly leveling up while being "jobless, " and picking up s*ave girls. At least he doesn't run away from confrontations, which is a problem in some series in this genre. There are some side characters and side stories, and a background story to mix things up and seems to be directing the overall series along a bigger arc.

I think a medium to large majority of readers (3.5-4 stars) would find this series entertaining, even if it's not original. Some readers may lose interest if they read too many of the same type of story and was expecting something different, especially when the MC doesn't have strong challenges or goals. Some may not like harem or the cliche "good" s*avery. As of c109, a turning point is nearing where the background history and a side story will meet with the MC. I don't think the rating will rise above 4, but there is potential for it to go below 3.5 if this turning point leads to a strange route or doesn't give the MC more direction. I'm enjoying it so far; we'll see how it goes. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 13, 2022
Status: v10c430
This is by far the most disappointing Stories I've ever read. It is a giant waste of time and potential. Its like the dumbass author looked at Game of Thrones Season 8 and thought to himself I can do that so much worse. I IMPLORE you to not read this garbage. You will end up disappointed as f*ck.

It starts out great, good worldbuilding, cool MC, likable side characters and a good plot. The MC is smart and isnt opposed to killing his enemies, while still being a good guy.

Throughout the... more>> story we learn more about the setting, and future conflicts and possible enemies are being set up.

Sounds great so far right? Well yes it does, which makes what follows so much more disappointing and shitty.


After the beginning there is one shitty side plot after the next, the MC becomes a spineless bit*h who doesn't even kill mu*derers anymore, when he was fine killing unconcious enemies like chapter 10. They keep setting up potential enemies and crises, but they NEVER actrually happen.

The whole story ends during a a boring sideplot. They introduce the New demon lord just to have the story end 2 chapters later. The church and the hero who was set up to be a villain dont even make an appearance. This supposed kidnapping case (which is like the main plot) turns out to have neither purpose nor reason, the gods turn out to be all nice and just have been testing him for a potential catastrophic future, the MC and his friends and harem dont even get a real ending, its just like :lol it was all a test, nothing mattered, goodbye. The end.

The author deserves to be reincarnated as a woman into a goblin camp, holy sh*t what a huge waste of time and potential. <<less
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darkevangeli rated it
September 27, 2017
Status: c140
Pretty decent but nothing new. For its Action when ever there are fights the chapter would be 90% talking about being careful and what he wants to do then a couple of words like "I used slash until they died" to end it. Also this is a slice of life to the core and the side characters in the side stories are the one who gets to be in adventures and heroic deeds. There should also be no OP tag in this, just strong. Cheat tag is alright but since... more>> he never fully use he only comes out strong not OP. As for why


He has 3 cheats which are 2 blessings from goddess and jobless. The blessings are 20x experience point and 1/20 experience to level up (meaning if it normally takes 100 exp to level up this blessing makes it so you only need 5), to put it simple it is the same as 400x exp. Quite a cheat right? He must be OP already? The answer is no. He is strong but not OP for one reason. He does not grind for exp. Whenever he does get to fight monster he will only fight very few and you can actually feel the author controlling his leveling. For jobless it is a cheat since he can change his job at will and equip at most 5 jobs where everybody can only equip one. Now you would think he is OP already because of that but no. Even if he can equip 5 jobs one of it is jobless and the other 4 are apprentice jobs. Other people have 1 job but it is holy warrior or barrier magician or demon lord. Yet he has 5 but it would be apprentice swordsman, apprentice magician, apprentice alchemist, apprentice practitioner (healer) and jobless. The stats stack up but still lose out to high tier jobs that other people have. For me it felt disappointing how our MC did not take advantage of the 400x exp and grind. With those blessings and cheat there should be no problem solving trouble along the way. But since he is underleveled despite the cheat and his low class jobs, he barely manages to succeed.


All in all not an OP MC just with cheat he only occasionally us and slice of life story for our MC (journey for food) but adventure and action and good plot for our side characters (demon king vs heroes etc.) Good thing most of the time there are sidestories of each side characters at the end of chapters. <<less
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NakuyKi rated it
February 29, 2020
Status: v1c22
The story's concept is somewhat interesting and I appreciate the author trying to put their own spin on the isekai genre.

That being said though... My biggest issue right now is the writing itself.

The way the MC talks and the way that other characters interact with each other via dialogue is cringey as f*ck.

... more>> I don't know how else to describe it... But thats how I feel.

Hopefully it'll get better, so I'll continue and update my thoughts in the future.

The action is pretty much like pokemon battles.

MC uses Slash!

Goblin is dead!

The MC talks like he is clueless, but as they say: Action speaks louder than words

And what I'm hearing is that the MC is an attention who*e that acts oblivious on purpose so that people are astounded and praise him as the best thing since sliced bread.

Actually I'm starting to think the female characters exist solely to stroke his beta ego.

Main Character: 1/10 (Typical "Only a (blank) can do this" "Oh wait but I can do this!")

Side Characters: 2/10 (Actually One-Dimensional)

Interactions: 1/10 (Complete Cringe w/ White Knight/Social Justice scenarios)

World Building: 2/10 (Basic descriptions are provided when asked, but nothing else)

System: 1/10 (Felt like its thrown in just because the author needed a basic one)

Plot: 2/10 (There isn't one beyond simply living atm)

Overall: 1.5/10 or 1-star

Summary: MC is born & reborn with a silver spoon in his mouth and interactions between the MC and others sound like they're in an old-style-over-exaggerated stage play <<less
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Blaquerose08 rated it
December 3, 2017
Status: c176
This starts out as your typical Gone off to another world LN, but it really starts to detour when you begin getting into the back stories of the characters.

The baby sister is SAVAGE AF

The MC is not a douche which is a nice change of pace. He doesn't immediately screw all his harem including the lolis. He's has performance issues like any normal guy and truly is devoted to his girls.

He doesn't really have a plan other than to meet the guy who helped him out in the begging by leaving him a book and magic bag. So he sets out to do that. Along the way he begins to grow as a person. (Not just becoming OP) He starts to realize it's ok to follow your instincts and your heart, that you don't always have to be logical about things. If it makes you happy you should do it. Ironically, I think he began to realized this thanks to the comical idiot donkey duo that he repeatedly runs into.

Luck plays a huge part in this novel. There are a lot of lucky coincidences that happen that just push the plot forward. However, since the goddess that brought our MC into the world is the goddess of luck then it might not be so unplanned as it appears. So on the surface it looks like a bunch of improbable events, but I personally wonder if that's honestly the case.

This is worth the read, but you really should stick with it because you get a LOT of back story that makes everything in the beginning make a lot more sense later.
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