Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)


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A man is stabbed by a robber on the run after pushing his coworker and his coworker’s new fiance out of the way. As he lays dying, bleeding on the ground, he hears a voice. This voice is strange and interprets his dying regret of being a virg*n by giving him the [Great Sage] unique skill! Is he being made fun of?!!

Piccoma Award 2021

Associated Names
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Regarding Reincarnated to Slime (WN)
Tensura (WN)
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (WN)
転生したらスライムだった件 (WN)
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keklel rated it
May 9, 2016
Status: --
Currently on chapter 144. I don’t get why people are downvoting this novel just because the MC is a slime and “can’t have sex”. It’s explicitly stated in this story that you can transfer souls and take possession of other bodies so it’s really a trivial trick for the MC to take possession of a male body and have s*x with anyone he wants. The fact that the author can write an interesting story despite not having any s*x in it just makes it that much better. > ‘pet’ dragon rampaged in an entire country in the past, but luckily didn’t kill anyone? How is that even possible, a giant dragon rampaging without taking a single life, it’s extremely weird and I stopped reading after that

I do think that is weird and also I wonder why Kagurazaka is acting so half-heartedly when plotting his world-destruction plan. The way Clayman acted as well was also very cardboard-villain-like. So yes this story feels very shounen-like and pretty much nobody important has died in all 144 chapters.

Or maybe that’s just because the MC got lucky in this timeline and he got completely annihilated in the other timelines.

Anyways you should not jump to conclusions and yes a few of the dragons and demon lords are actually very tame personalities (Milim is probably one of the few who really belong in a shounen story) but there are plenty of other characters in this story who have no qualms about killing innocent people. Anyway.

The good:

1. Good balance of adventuring and nation-building. It gets boring when it’s one person fighting all the time and also when it’s just making political agreements (boring lol). Good thing this novel has arcs like, fending off an invasion, or rescuing some characters or whatever. Arcs are not identical to each other and the setting continually changes, in the beginning nobody knows about the MC whereas now everyone respects him, so the plot and setting do evolve. 2. Good power progression. MC starts off kind of weak and becomes one of the strongest in-universe pretty fast (within 70 chapters in fact). Given that the entire novel is only 250 chapters long, this is still pretty good. It’s not like the MC has no challenges ahead of him but he makes good progress. 3. Good worldbuilding. The limits of what magic spells can and cannot do are fairly well explained and how things work (souls and so on) are also quite detailed but not overly detailed, so you can understand what’s going on and see that the story appears to be overall largely self-consistent. The bad:

1. The tournament was 9 chapters long and was really boring and inconsequential. The author could have summarized the tournament in 1 paragraph and it would have been fine. The whole thing was overly predictable and the outcome was already clear from the start. You could have literally just summed it up as “Diablo beats everyone except for Benimaru who gains a new power”. That’s it. No need to spend 9 chapters describing an inconsequential pissing contest. 2. Too much pissing around. Tournament arc was a good example of MC and his companions pissing around for tens of chapters on end. Moments like Shion’s terrible cooking repeated over and over. The slime going around eating cake, giving people useless artifacts, f*cking around in the dungeon with Milim and Veldora and other “slice-of-life”-y kind of things. There are only 250 chapters and it’s only been 144 chapters and spending like 12 chapters pissing around kills the momentum of the story especially when there are actually important stuff happening, like, war preparation. 3. Too much useless backstory. Random characters like the kids, otherworlders who have barely anything to do with the story do not need to have their backstories inserted into this 250-chapter novel. Did we really need to know Shizu and Hinata’s backstory? You could have explained that in a sentence. “Shizu was Hinata’s guardian/teacher”. That’s it. No need to spend chapters going over irrelevant characters who died as soon as they appeared and have nothing to do with the rest of the story. 4. Too many characters who aren’t fleshed out. Well this is debatable. Most of the major characters (Benimaru, Souei, Hakuro etc) have no discernible personality. Given their importance to the story it is a bit jarring. The chapter count might be too low to have many fleshed out characters but take Shion as an example. All we really know about Shion is that her cooking is bad and she wants to get good at it, she is impatient and she likes kids. That’s not really much to go on and it’s been over 100 chapters after she was introduced and she’s in almost every chapter. On the flip side you could say she’s just a kid and doesn’t really have much personality. Most characters are like this. There are random side characters like Bester and Beretta and after not seeing them for over 50 chapters when they’re re-introduced you’re like “Huh? Who’s this guy again?”. So that’s one of the problems is that random people who do not have much relevance to the story are given names and text describing their thoughts and feelings but they aren’t really fleshed out enough to make the reader care. Like, if Bester or Beretta died I’m sure the reaction from readers would be “huh? Who’s that?”. On the other hand Diablo and Raphael feel more like actual characters, even though Raphael doesn’t even have a backstory and Diablo’s “backstory” was glossed over in one sentence. In short what I’m trying to say is that the story has too many characters who don’t feel like real characters and the author should just cut them out. On the other hand actual “important” characters like Benimaru, Hakuro and Souei should get more fleshing out than just “stereotypical general”, “stereotypical swordsman” and “stereotypical ninja”. They literally have nothing outside of obeying orders. There’s no personality whatsoever. Even Raphael who is literally just an ability that the MC has, has more personality than these ogres. I’m hoping in later chapters they will acquire a personality but probably we’ll just get more random demon lord/otherworlder backstory.

5. Also I really hate Hinata. Her entire character, personality, backstory, and even her abilities are just awful. The terribad pointless crammed-in s*x scene for no f*cking reason. Her “Mathematician” ability that’s basically just a downgraded version of Sage. Her fake “religiousness” and arrogant attitude. What a godawful character, beyond all hope of redemption.
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LordGrim102 rated it
October 15, 2018
Status: Completed
Please change the genre from seinen to shounen, I beg of you people. The way the MC do things is for shounen and not seinen which is for older male audiences. Sudden power up, power of friendship, you can make it through with perseverance trust and power of love, you bet it this novel have it, its a shounen genre. The best rating it could get is 4 stars for those who have lingering like for this novel. It's starts promising, and at chapter 60+ it gets weirder and worst... more>> at the same time. Correct me if I'm wrong but the MC feels like one dimensional especially when it comes to his personality. The MC is the type that is being spoon feed by the author for him to get OP and the events as convenient for the MC, anything will be solved as long as the MC is there. Also in such a huge scale war you can't expect a perfect victory every time. The first attack done to the city of monsters can be called mild/lukewarm when compared to various nefarious things that could've done to them by the enemies with such restrictions upon the monsters cause of the order (naivety) of rimuru to not attack humans. He died by a human hands in the previous world and he still didn't learned from that, someone close to him died


and he still didn't learned the humans attack again but he still didn't put up a vigilance about humans.

This is a story of a MC that didn't learn but still ok at the end with low quality clichè villains acting as the last boss that could've been kill the MC at early chapters but not do so cause there won't be a novel.

P.S. The translation is good and all. The only thing I review is the novel and not the translation cause its already good and nothing to criticize about. <<less
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Recklezz rated it
April 11, 2016
Status: --
I really enjoyed the novel, though I must say I've got a few problems with it.

The MC is a good guy, the same cookie-cutter hero. Yes, he is in a "villain's" body but still he is righteous for those around him. The story is great and enjoyable, except for small exceptions it is not complex at all, like most light novels from Japan. What I don't get is the author:


The author has really made some weird decisions, making the MC gender-less, while having a romance tag? The MC doesn't interact romantically with the females at all. Heck, he even got a Great Sage title for being virg*n at 37, but he is born gender-less? Also the author is inconsistent with his rating (violence, s*x etc.) The author is clearly against violence and mu*der. Some chapters/arcs the MC kills a lot of dudes. But others the story is made for kids, hit 'pet' dragon rampaged in an entire country in the past, but luckily didn't kill anyone? How is that even possible, a giant dragon rampaging without taking a single life, it's extremely weird and I stopped reading after that. Also the author put in pointless sex-references with Hinata and her partner. The MC doesn't get any action, why would you only let one side character get actions?

Enough rambling by me.


The story is good overall, don't take that romance tag seriously, and the seinen tag is inconsistent. Enjoy the story 3/5 for me.
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senpaireadsnovels rated it
October 3, 2018
Status: c238
Phenomenal storytelling. The concept, art, character development, world building, and action scenes are top-tier. Such a great base of material for official light novel releases, manga releases and the anime cours. I'm almost at the home stretch and the ride has been well worth it.

Circus, Lion, and Guro Translation teams have done amazing work and delivered HQ translations with consistent terminology, contexts, definitions, and explanations.

Since there will be more folks just catching up to the latest translations and others who are picking this up after seeing the first anime episode,... more>> I highly suggesting powering through the series. You may find the author provides redundancy, but this is in very short waves and it was in the middle arcs. Remember, this is a WN (a quasi-final draft if you will) ; the foundation for the more polished mediums.

Warning: I strongly suggest skipping translations by Asian Hobbyist for the following reasons: low quality translations, inconsistent or lack of terminology native to the story, and consistently large chunks of plot missing. They provide at best a light summary of a few events in each of the latest chapters. I highly welcome new translators and love seeing more translations as that gets groups to work together, provide missing info, or deliver better, faster. However, the quality doesn't do the story and author justice. If you need your fix, go for it. That's what I did for two chapters, but you're better off reading the translated source at ncode. Syosetu. Com. <<less
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Skoonting rated it
September 30, 2016
Status: --
The story was pretty good for a while, but the quality steadily drops until it hits rock bottom at the tournament arc around chapter 97. There's a lot of criticisms that can be directed towards this WN, most of which has already been addressed by other reviewers. The cookie cutter personalities of the side characters, the author that seems to be confused about making the novel mature or kids friendly, terrible pacing with lots of pointless filler etc etc. However, my main problem isn't really any of those, though... more>> they are big problems. My main problem is that at this point, is there even a point in the character being a slime? I mean, isn't that the point of this story, that the MC is a slime? But at this point he's basically just a genderless human with blue hair and shapeshifting abilities. <<less
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Immoral Peach
Immoral Peach rated it
March 22, 2016
Status: --
I am enjoying it so far.

The MC is likable, intelligent and is not a ("I will be a harem King idiot"). Although he was naive with the, do not attack humans rule.
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Silveus rated it
December 12, 2016
Status: --
It started out really good, at least plot wise. It had some issues, and some of those issues might be from the translators, but it was a really enjoyable read at the start.

Then... it kinda went downhill.

The plot got overly convoluted, requiring massive explanations, and they didn't come off well. Again, this might be an issue with the translation. But chapters shouldn't be devoted to explaining some kind of hyper-complicated explanation for why person ABC can do XYZ.

The other issue I had, was power levels increased WAY too rapidly later... more>> on. we went, 5 to 10, to 17, to 25, to 35, to 50, to 100, to 5.34 x 10^49

The levels of relative strength increased so much, that making a comparison between two people was impossible and pointless.

If one dude is a champion fighter, and the other is the strongest knight who bare handedly fights trolls, I can wrap my head around how strong these people are. If you tell me one of them punches time, and the other eats black holes, I have no idea anymore. Worse, everyone increases in power by orders of magnitude in short periods of time, making any guess at who's stronger pointless within chapters. <<less
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deefario rated it
January 21, 2019
Status: --
Childish, passive MC, even when he has authority ruling over thousands he acts like some kind of monk who doesnt hit back. The story is meh, every one including former enemies pledge their allegiences to the MC. Its as if all clan exterminating grudges hasnt happened. Basically, a story for children.
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Pixeldrum rated it
July 1, 2020
Status: c250

I first started reading Tensei Slime well before the anime adaption, and probably when the novel had around...50 chapters? The beginning of the novel is fine. You could even call it pretty good. However, as the novel progresses, the power creep just keeps on coming and coming, and you wonder if it'll ever stop. It really doesn't.

Many webnovels suffers the fate of going from lvl 1 to OP tier way too fast, and as we all know, there needs to be a decent balance to a novel for it to be good. Tensei Slime has the actual worse power management with characters and plot. Characters don't "progress." They get absurdly OP within a span of tens of chapters. Coincidentally, they're also all characters on the "good side." Pair this along with "magic science/technology" (Literal 5th grade science, makes you wonder why other people that transmigrated didn't come up with anything) Rimuru's "country" becomes absolutely unstoppable very quickly. In the end, Rimuru and all his subordinates are extremely OP, and there's literally no opposition to speak of. Rimuru is the player, everyone else are NPC's at his whim. It's extremely sad. Super high level existences become a mere nuisance for Rimuru to deal with.

Rimuru wins fights against entire armies. "Wars" are fought yet it's a complete wipeout and surrender from the enemy with 0 causalities on Rimuru's "good" side. Prisoners and neighboring countries integrate within his territory. Subordinates are empty husks that serve as plot armor for Rimuru. There is no sort of struggle that Rimuru or his comrades ever have to deal with. They just plow through with their OP abilities. "Peace" is then achieved, Japanese culture keeps on getting integrated. Random tourist attractions get added.

What I'm basically saying is that this webnovel has no sense of balance in story, characters, world building. Rather, it seems like the author is just making a wish fufillment novel of a bland japanese man that transmigrated and got spoon fed until he became the strongest in the world. Then, he pretends to be righteous in all his actions and integrates his own culture into his own country with decisions and actions that have the maturity of a ten year old. Rather than have an interesting plot, it's more of a formula of getting strong--->"formidable enemy, " can't win------->MC gets op ---------> wins effortlessly. Other than developing Rimuru's subordinates, every other character and place gets a few sentences of flavor text because they're obviously not important and will get taken over by Rimuru's army eventually. This novel is too boring because everything is so easy. I get that it's imaginary, but this novel is like a game I used to play with my friend when I was in second grade. "I have a super death laser that will kill anyone." "Well, I have a super shield that blocks everything!" "Well, my sword can cut down your super shield and also warp space and time... etcetc." Yeesh. My rants been going on long enough.

The only thing left for me to talk about is comparing this novel to Overlord. Overlord also has a transmigrated MC with OP subordinates, yet the difference is stark. Subordinates are extremely loyal to MC, yet they also have distinct personalities that you eventually get to learn of after having multiple character building arcs that barely involve the MC at all. Tons of world building is included, so you get to learn about other territories despite them seemingly being unable to have any chances of beating Ains Ooal Gown. Many weak side characters that are important to the plot are fleshed out, either supporting Ains or against him. The novel is slow paced, yet as a result, it feels extremely satisfying when big events happen. When a war happens, there are volumes and volumes of exposition behind it. Politics are actually a thing in Overlord, despite one side being absurdly more powerful than the other. There are mysterious characters and forces that actually might rival the OP MC and his gang so it;s not a complete steamroll. You care about characters dying (which tends to happen quite a bit). You aren't killing the random king of weak kingdom A, you're killing the king of Re-Estize, who dearly loves his kin, has reasons to not surrender, cares for the kingdom, is sorrowful for the loss of his Guardian Knight, and despite not being the smartest, still tries his best at managing the kingdom to his last breath. This is the difference. Not setting or character difference. But worldbuilding, plot, and good pacing.

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ieh rated it
December 4, 2017
Status: --
The story has potential but is quickly overwhelmed by the erratic change of pace/tone by the author. The start is pretty well paced and fleshed out but quickly goes off the rails when the author throws every shonen cliche at the wall hoping something sticks.

MC goes from cute slime monster trying to build a peaceful equal city to mercilessly mu*dering tens of thousands of people back to a happy go lucky slice of life oh my pet dragon rampaged on accident but killed no one.

Also way, way, way too much... more>> backstory of every character even if they appear for 1 chapter and quickly die. It's followed by chapters of backstory then you never hear about them ever again. The Ogres and demon lords who make up a large part of the story has very little character. The ogres are instantly Japanese-esq and just blindly follow MC's orders. While the demon lords are either comically evil or moe lolicon comedy characters.

Useless tournament arc where nothing happens, a dungeon building arc where nothing happens, Adventures guild arc about teaching little kids that goes nowhere. Not to mention the other problems of comedy computer sage that does all the fighting and thinking for the MC. A loveless weird kiddy story filled with bouts of extreme violence as the story suddenly ramps up power levels because it's time for the climax! <<less
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Konwalia rated it
September 27, 2020
Status: c74
I've read 3 pages of opinions here and I feel like most of the people are reading a different novel from me.

  1. First of all, the idea about the slime is nice. And that's pretty much the only plus of this novel and the reason I didn't give one star.
  2. The narrative is really low quality. It fails to convey what's happening and the pacing of dialogues is really bad. It has a lot of words and even paragraphs that simply aren't interesting and add nothing to the story.
  3. Skills of MC are crazily OP even before chapter 50. At the same time, the way MC uses them makes hardly any sense. MC only remembers about the skills directly required by the plot to progress.
  4. The plot holds no tension. Pretty much everything is a success.
  5. Fights and skills make no sense. There is hardly any rationale behind them.
  6. MC has no personality. Sometimes he's a treehugger trying to save everyone around him. And pretty much everyone joins him shounen-style. Sometimes he does random slaughtering. And there are no emotions behind those actions. To sum it up, the MC is so bland that it's difficult to consider him likeable.
  7. Sometimes bad-plot-novels are rescued with witty dialogues, humour, and gags. This isn't one of those novels.
  8. There are tons of reincarnated people in the world. Apparently, everyone apart from the MC is brain-dead when it comes to using their skills and knowledge.
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DSteel rated it
July 8, 2016
Status: c137
Please stop at chapter 97. Poor author got hit with tournament arc and timey whimey shenanigans and never recovered.

The story that started strong and engaging sadly grinds to a halt at around chapter 104 to indulge in a pretty boring and cliched tournament to then crash and burn, mangling in the process the concept of a straight narrative, with the inclusion of time travel.
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jkmessah rated it
August 13, 2016
Status: c162
I really enjoy this novel. It's not my first Japanese LN, but it's one of the very few that I still read and look forward to. I tried reading those popular ones, like Arifureta or Shield Hero, along with other similar reincarnation/other world types but somehow those seem a lot more... repetitive?

I'm not saying that Slime isn't entirely repetitive, it does have that constant increase in powers, crazily strong allies, enemies dumb enough to provoke him. But I enjoy that it doesn't stay at just that.
... more>>

I like how he literally creates his own country and tries to get it to be as modern as present day Japan. Which is ridiculous in the context of the novel as they were in medieval times.


They don't focus on how he hates the world, or other people, just doing his thing with his own ridiculously OP buddies. I also appreciate the lack of harem (though some will disagree). I think it means that all the other characters get some time to grow a bit.

I'm sure that people drop this for the reasons that I keep reading, but it's down to personal choice and preference anyways. It's 5 stars for me due to my own personal enjoyment of the WN, so I urge people to try it out if you're curious. <<less
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Ruckkus rated it
March 16, 2017
Status: c235
Pretty cool story. MC reincarnates as a slime. Hears voice of god, learns skills, gets OP fast. Instead of the typical harem BS, the MC starts a monster town, then village, then city, then country.

Personality-wise, the MC is capable, not a whiny little b*tch like a lot of other MC's. Not overly self-righteous either.

Edit: So after chapter 200, the plot holes start getting ridiculous. I couldn't take it anymore. Does the author think I'm an idiot? Or has he just given up? I can't say, but I had to stop... more>> reading.


The author states that Yuuki's control over Chloe is abolished upon his death regardless of if he has given her all the commands or not. Well, Yuuki dies and Chloe revives him, using up the 2nd of 3 commands. Yeah, no. He died, that means she was released, it doesn't matter what was ordered before the death. I'm not buying it.



It had been made known that Rimuru's presence alone can eliminate the 'bugs' Yuuki uses to control people... yet he is in the same room as the emperor and all of a sudden, his aura doesn't dispel the thought control anymore. The emperor still acts according to Yuuki's thought manipulation bug that had been previously placed on him.



Rimuru can accelerate his thought process to 1, 000, 000 times the norm. That means that for him, one second in real time is perceived as 11 and 1/2 days. Yes. 11 and 1/2 DAYS per second. Yet Yuuki can run across a room, yell a bunch of lines, and activate a skill while Rimuru is just seemingly standing by in the room as if in a daze, unable to react. This is ridiculous. Why not just omit everything and say a unicorn appeared and brought about Armageddon. Honestly that would have been more believable.

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MrJojojito rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: v9
If I were you I'd take the anime ending and pretend it ended at volume 4, maybe push it farther a bit and read volume 5 if u feeling risky

... more>>

volume 1-5 was kind of okay maybe even "good" but then it became a hot mess. You can only read a "My power is stronger" "I won't hold back anymore" "No! Mine is stronger" so many times before you start wondering what are you doing wrong with your life.

Volume 6 was when it all went to hell, where the author tried to make a poorly made time loop squishing it as much as he could. No, No slow reveals, not making you wonder what's gonna happen next, just shoving the plot of what's to come directly on your face.

What's worse is that if there weren't enough characters already, they had to keep adding more and more, and ofc taking sooo much time explaining each and every power up they had. Yes, I get it, there's supposed to be some kind of character development, but you gotta consider the fact that it gets boring after the 10th character experiencing some kind excessive power up and then following with an overwhelming victory filled with bad dialogues referencing how strong they are. (Even the most ignored side characters will get at least 2-4 power-ups, which of course no-one cares about but will be extensively explained and narrated as if it was a protagonist)

At volume 9 I just stopped. It was so bad it made me realize I love myself enough to read something better.

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Sanatoga rated it
October 17, 2018
Status: epilogue
Absolutely phenomenal story and characters. Don't be deceived by the relatively low rankings, this is a fantastic read and easily the smartest Isekai I've ever encountered.

However, I cannot recommend this novel, because The manga is even better. It takes TSSDK's excellent story, world, and characters and adds much better pacing and translation, which exactly address the reasons that some people rated this story poorly. Read that instead.
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Tempest-sama rated it
May 30, 2018
Status: c226
The early chapters were quite interesting but I feel like recently, the chapters were not as good as the early chapters but I still enjoyed reading it.

The anime should be coming out this year but I'm not very excited because I feel that some parts may not follow the storyline, just like the manga.

(As this is my first time writing a review, I don't really know what to say..)
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ShinzenAra rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: c225
The plot of the novel is good. It's not dragging or it does not spout much bullsh*t about justice, hope and other friendship power sh*t.

The character development is also good to the point where there is changes in the attitude where it felt that the characters have emotion not just straight-forward doll like personalities that does not have twists within them.

The world-building also very impressive. It is detailed and very much understandable in the reader's imagination. The battle scenes are also written well where we can act out in our... more>> head and let our mind do the work. Simply said, the story is very good and recommended to read.

9/10 <<less
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apsisodia rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: c150
Naive and silly. World building, Plotlines, schemes, MC, almost everything in the novel is just too silly. It's rated so highly because target audience are 14 years old kids.

It's highly overrated!
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Wren rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: --
It's a fun, relaxing read at first. Then it becomes typical shonen stuff like nakama power and crazy power ups that make no sense. Typical happy-go-lucky the whole world is my friend and I will forgive my enemy until they become my friend, -oh you tried to kill me, my family, my friends, and everything I've ever built? Well you failed so no harm done- Japanese MC. There was one major event that you thought might change the MC but it got quickly resolved.

All in all it's a light read... more>> for your average LN readers looking for power fantasies and hot monster girls. It even has harem. FFS, it was the only thing I wanted from a novel about a genderless slime. NO UNNECESSARY HAREMS, s*x SCENES, ETC. Still they managed to cram it in. The bloody LN even finds a way to half-assedly bypass the monogamy rule Rimuru himself set up in tempest to give a guy a harem.

I HATE HAREM. <<less
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