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A 34-year-old NEET otaku, chased out from his house by his family, found that his life is reaching a dead end. He then recalled that his life could actually have been much better if he had made better choices in the past.

Just when he was at the point of regret, he saw a truck moving at fast speed, and three high schoolers in its path. Mustering all the strength he had, he tried to save them and ended getting run over by the truck, quickly ending his life.

The next time he opened his eyes, he is reincarnated to a world of sword and magic as Rudeus Greyrat. Born to a new world, a new life, Rudeus decided that, “This time, I’ll really live my life to the fullest with no regret!” Thus starts the journey of a man yearning to restart his life.

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Jobless Reincarnation ~ It will be All Out if I Go to Another World ~
無職転生 - 異世界行ったら本気だす
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New haohao229900 rated it
February 13, 2024
Status: Completed
I wouldn't consider this perfect by any means, but rating it a 4.5/5 (if it was possible) will be more than fair.

It definitely is a slow read, with certain volumes where things seems to not be happening, but the build up of the characters and the world building is definitely worth the wait.

Having just completed it, I wouldn't say the ending is anything special, but it is still a decent ending for the long journey that we have gone through together on this 26 volumes.

I'll definitely look back upon this... more>> in the future with fond memories. <<less
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Elementarteilchen rated it
November 2, 2018
Status: v10
I read this until nearly the end of volume 3 and I think I really can't continue anymore. This is the most overrated novel I've ever read. Why?
    • the story is slow paced
    • too much focus on redundant elements (redundant thoughts of the MC, redundant scenes)
    • sometimes you have 2 different point of views on the exact same slice of life scenes (which slows down the story even more).
    • there is generally too much info and too much text for too little content. You read for hours and in the end nothing happens. You read a lot of mc's thoughts on some boring matter you don't even care. For example he has some thoughts on things, that are common sense and didn't even need to be addressed, but he does it regardeless.
Volume 1 was okay. Except for some scenes and minor suprises, there was nothing really interesting. You have to bear with some info dumps here and there. A huge dissapointment is the fast acceptance of this genius child (our mc). It doesn't matter his parents, his teacher or in later volumes the other characters he met. They all treat him as if his genius in magic, behaviour and other skills are normal. At least you don't get the feeling, that he is REALLY special in the mind of other people.

In Volume 2 are some interesting characters introduced. I enjoyed this volume a little, because of their personalities. I liked the interaction between some characters, but nothing really interesting happens here either (storywise). Except for the ending, which has no build up/foreshadowing and happens in a few sentences :D

Volume 3 was something that got me really angry, because of the redundant, boring jrpg sideqest (or fetch quest) like storyline. What happens in this volume? Well, basically this:


They travel to a city, enter a adventure guild and do some quest to earn money (yawn*). What are the quests like you ask? There are a ton of chapters on a quest to search for a pet. Interesting, right? Later they discover this pet was abducted. Some adventurers abduct pets, just to fulfill the request of the client later (yawn*)

I kid you not. This is the level you have to bear storywise.


Maybe I try to read volume 4 sometime, but alone this shopping trip for armor accompanied again with a ton of mc's redundant thoughts on the new clothes, was killing me :D I don't know if I can really bear with his inner comments on the most uninteresting things, just to fulfill some word count (#filler).


I READ UNTIL VOLUME 10 and now I'm dropping this for real. It gets better after volume 3 and it really wasn't bad the next few volumes. Just keep in mind, there is nothing especially enjoyable happening. There is a goal and you look forward to it. That keeps you going and let you enjoy this novel more. The problem is, there is no real pay off for this big build up of the story. MC achieved his "big goal", but it wasn't satisfactory. It was even the opposite of satisfactory. You start to hate the MC, his fahter and his sister. They all behave childish and unreasonable. I read tons of novels, but this was the epitome of frustrating and bad feelings I got from a novel EVER. His sister gives you bad feelings, because of this one incident even a few volumes later. So look forward to it.

I could rant more and more, because of certain incidents and behaviours of characters, but I will limit myself to 1 person in this review.

Sylphiette (MCs childhood friend) is one of the most detestable characters I've ever read in a novel. She would screw you up emotionally in reality. This is a woman you want to avoid in real life AT ALL COST.


Do you remember the sweet Sylphiette? Yes it is the little girl, who ows all her later achievements to our MC. Because of him she learned a lot of unique skills. She would even die in a future accident, if it wasn't for MC's training sessions. Later in the story they got seperated and Sylphiette made acquaintance with the princess of the kingdom. Many years later MC and Sylphiette met again. Syphiette is still grateful to the MC. They got all lovey-dovey and even married. All okay so far, right? Yes, except she told him, that she would abandon him, because of the princess. She cares more about her. She loves him and of course she would love her children, but her priority is still the princess. The protection of the princess is more important than anything else.


Of course our beta MC agrees with her. You get frustrated because of her and get again bad feelings (you get these kind of thing a lot in the later volumes. I promise you.) and then you get angry at the MC, because he behaves like the "beta-male-king". I can't continue, because of all the frustrating feelings I get from this novel. I dread what awaits me ahead, because there is a lot more potential to this negative emotions. The story isn't even that interesting. Summary after 10 volumes

    • frustrating feelings everywhere (drama)
    • too much build up and then no or bad pay offs
    • most of the time boring or average story and plot twists.
I think the good rating is just because this was one of the first novel ever consistently translated and completed. In my opinion this really isn't worth reading, because there are a lot of better novels with similar settings out there.

If you like drama and depressing feelings this might be for you. I never felt more uncomfortable to read a novel than this.
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Oreste rated it
June 20, 2016
Status: --
My favorite Light novel; there are others I really like such as kuro no maou and konosuba, but mushoku tensei has one thing direly needed to all series and yet to come for those: a proper end. Also, it's pleasing to see proper character building. Furthermore, for all the immature waifu clusters found under the harem tag, mushoku way is the only way to go about harem I can accept. Do give it a try, even if the beginning can be off-putting.
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natines rated it
December 20, 2020
Status: --
So... Let me rant.

I saw the trailer for the anime that is coming in 2021 and was like: Look! A new isekai! It seems good! Let's give this novel a try!

And, oh boy, I never thought I would find such an overrated novel as this one. So here are my thoughts about the first novel and the last one I'm ever reading of this series and definitely this author. Ah, by the way, I'm definitely not the demographic target of this novel.

I mean, I was put off on the initial... more>> pages. Like, for real? Am I supposed to care for a protagonist that jerks to loli p*rn on his parents funeral?

But, of course, I wouldn't give up there. In fact, I could highly sympathize with him. I know what it to be jobless, a NEET, dependent on your parents and suffer bullying. Like, that was only the very begging, for certain the protagonist can't be that bad!

He was that bad.

Taking aside all the genius boy that got everything s*upidly easy at the first chapters, like, no challenge at all. The plot that was not engaging. The characters that you couldn't care less and yet were so surprisingly upsetting in their own way. I could do with a generic Isekai like that. But, that protagonist and side characters were just so infuriating that I just... couldn't.


Father, a cheater. A mother that could no be there, since not the dad or the MC seems to care about her. A maid that at the begging was harassed by the baby protagonist and them evolved to cheat on his mom with MC's dad. A loli magic professor that our dear protagonist not only had lecherous thoughts, but also stole her underwear.

A bunch of scenes filled with nonsense, no plot-relevant or simply pe*verted for the sake of being pe*verted.

I can't help but think how creepy it would be you helping a child while it has such lecherous thoughts about you. I can't help but want to light a candle to the mother that breastfeed this scum protagonist.

He is pe*verted, but not in a passable way. Pe*verted in the way it made me infuriated every time I read it. Pe*verted as Mineta from My Hero Academia on his on power fantasy, handsome, badass, and flattered by everyone. I tried to turn the blind eye, for real. Most of the time, this kind of story is even funny or you don't find it that bad. But this guy is just THAT bad.

But then, maybe the author made the protagonist that way so he could grow out of it. You know, like character development. He is pe*verted, but he'll learn to respect and see other people like human beings. With feelings.

And I almost believed it on the arc he made a childhood friend. But nope, he just wants to harass her later.

I sincerely think the author sees all this pe*verted stuff as okay. In fact, I almost think he reinforces it since the protagonist so far hasn't been called out of it.


Or maybe the scene of Roxy masturbating to mc's parents having s*x should be my clue that the author really enjoys this kind of "plot". Because, wow, how relevant. We needed to read that and how the protagonist could hear his parents going at it.


The story may be good besides all this "I'm pe*verted because of my character trait." But you know what? It's not worth it.

Slice of life? Slow pacing?

That never shied me away from a story, in fact, I like little moments of everyday life, I don't care about info dumps, I was sticking in the story for the wordbuilding and what challenges he would face. But I guess that even I have a moral bottom line, and Rudius just crossed it from the very start. Which is so funny, because among my friends I'm known as the person that has no filters for even the creepiest hentai stories. Points for Rudius for even making me hate him.

So, maybe the anime will be good since we won't have to be with Rudy and his nasty thoughts. But so far, I'm dropping this novel to never return. <<less
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Druuj rated it
October 14, 2016
Status: Completed
This is probably the best JP WN I have read so far, and the only one that kept me interested to the end. The MC is a pe*vert you can relate to, with good character development and a frame of mind that is not offensive most of the time. The world seems simplistic, but it adds to the story with travels and many different cultures. The MC is not a master at everything he touches. Which is nice. Plot armor is not obvious since the adventures leave some scars behind... more>> (can't/shouldn't spoil). Also the entourage around MC is comprised of really likable characters each one with his own depth of development.

Really you can't go wrong with Mushoku Tensei. It is just THAT good. (Again, for a JP WN). <<less
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AresMichiyo rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: --
I've read this before from a long time ago, stopping when the pe*verted main character slept with a loli he watch growing up...

I know that this has a lot of fan base since this is one of the pioneering isekai out there but return and check how's the reviews in the novel and oh boi I see some "it's wholesome", "MC is the best", "he's a pe*vert but so what" etc...

Just saying, the main character won't mature.. that red hair kid is more mature than him... Don't care even if... more>> he is not op, but he's the cost of some big ass problems that he can't handle....


he taunted a god and almost died even he knew that nobody gonna save them all... Good thing he has a companion that know how to talk things out...


But the worse thing is that everyone around him is fine on what ever he do since his cute/good looking and a genius... You'll really feel why he is degenerative and rejected in his previous life, just imagine a 30 years old, unemployed, overweight start saying pe*verted stuff, physically harass underage on the street....

The main character has an issue that will be address in the story, about his unable to accept rejection and consciousness to disgusting stares at him... But the issue he have was just brushed off since, he is cute, genius kid...

It's a fun read at the first act, reading his actions that he could not do before... So you'll still enjoy it...

Fanbase gotta be fans... What ever main character do is fine cause he's the main character.... <<less
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Wuxtor rated it
January 3, 2021
Status: Completed
When I saw those negative reviews, I knew I'm seeing skim readers, beta male haters, and those who read only tr beginning.

Yes MC was OP from beginning as a kid. Was he acknowledged as really strong and cognizant for his age? Obviously. But is he really OP? When faced with strong people, not quite. It would be more correct to say that he doesn't do well against close combatants especially at close distance.

Side quest? You must really like bland characters.

... more>>

In the side quest regarding when Rudy, Eris, and the hunter forms an adventure party to help combat against racial discrimination on winter's race, readers can learn how the hunter viewed good and bad, Rudy's morality regarding human lives, the reparation of broken trust between Rudy and the Hunter, several setbacks that Rudy experienced so he can be more cautious next time, the extent to which Eris and the Hunter DEPENDS on Rudy, how people really saw the Hunter's race which is basically terror and hostility, and the story will cover the town again including one noticable but not significant character.


As for Syph...


Smh come on, when a person is in love with another, do you expect them to be brainless and throw away everything that they have including friends that she cherishes due to having almost no friends in her life??? She literally told the MC her reason that was valid. It frustrates me that some people allow their preferences to influence the ratings regardless of the quality in character development, worldbuilding, and relationships between characters.


Beta male haters. It is quite certain that this MC is beta male but when triggered, he will go to extreme lengths to do what he needs to do. Although this happens when he reaches that certain point in life.


MC at the beginning was no doubt a tr*sh and really tr*sh at that. His father was also a philanderer too. MC did somewhat fall in love with his childhood Syph but he only fell in love with her after he married her. He gained feelings for Eris after spending at least 6 years training her and being trained from childhood. For Roxy that he stole her underwear, he really really respects her because she was the one who helped him get out of his house as he had psychological trauma of the world being against him (I can understand since he was bullied in school and how his family treated him (handled poorly rather than malicious intent)) He literally worshipped Roxy as a result of her pulling him out of the house. Also he didn't have a concise plan to make Roxy his 2nd wife until he was at lowest point being depressed, guilty, and despairing over his father's death. For the 3rd wife Eris, MC had no choice but to accept her because she would really go far for him and trained for sake of being by his side. The future diary basically described the resolve Eris made for him and how crazy she would go for as befitting the name Mad Dog. To understand this, the diary had a version where MC thoroughly rejected her and Eris hounded after him even when he was at low point and defeated him app the time but never killing him. And she died while taking a fatal hit meant for Rudy in 30 or 40 years in future from the time he discovers the diary.


MC is not really OP compared to top dogs. His true power came from people by his side and I'm not talking about just his wives. <<less
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Khalagar rated it
September 28, 2017
Status: --
By far the best LN of all time, bar none. This series has the greatest world building of any LN or WN series I've ever read, and honestly, it can compare to top tier fantasy series like Wheel of Time, Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire etc when it comes to world building and character building.

An absolutely amazing series
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zozzythebeast rated it
January 22, 2021
Status: v5
the story is well written, with excellent world building. The characters are very well made with great personalities. They did a good job on the story. Why did I rate it at 2 stars then you ask? Well the reason is as seems to be for most light novels and the reason why I mostly stopped reading light novels from japan (Chinese web novels much better by the way). Is the main character for some reason japan is obsessed with beta mc's that are just incredibly weak human beings. I'm... more>> not talking power or weak physically. I've heard people say beta mc's are so popular because the reader can relate and allows for more character development. Maybe if I was a 15-30 year old socially inept, fat, virg*n, shut in, pacifist I could relate. I don't know about you but spending 20 volumes worth of reading just to get to where MC goes from pathetic to just shy of normal. While still maintaining a lot of the things that make him a beta MC. Isn't a light novel series its tr*sh. I mean what do mc's in almost every story ever written do? They overcome, whatever that may be. I don't want to read the story of someone going from being a loser to getting to where they grow just enough to start to be a main character at the end of 20 novels. Also the MC is a pe*vert and a disgusting excuse for a human being. The type who in the real world would go to jail for s*xual harassment of woman and basically mol*sting like 10 year old kids. I don't see how a culture would think that's main character material. Although I guess you can expect that from a country who 50% of there generation under 30 are virg*ns. Also he wont kill any of the villain's or bad guy. Don't get me wrong I don't want to read a blood bath novel or enjoy reading about killers. What bothers me is when MC saves some kid from being kidnaped and sold into s*avery. Then just nocks the bandits out letting them get away. In my book a MC like that is more disgusting than any villain. I just sit there thinking I wonder how many other kids he just condemned to a life of violence, r*pe, and brutality as a s*ave or s*x s*ave. <<less
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Aeonir rated it
February 13, 2021
Status: v19
This is another series that blows it's load at the start then gets progressively worse. I for one liked the first 3 novels. In the first we have him growing up, becoming a less "shit" person while still being true to his inner perv, and learning magic from the "Goddess" herself. In the second we have him leaving home and trying to be a responsible teacher and even more character development and world building ensues. In the third, after the "big event" we have their quest where he/they put all... more>> they've learned to the test, also more world building and actual exploration.

Then the fillers and tropes that lead nowhere start. For the next 12 novels combined, less is learned and less stuff of importance happens than the first 3 novels. It's a slow slog of tropy bullshit, forced misunderstandings with little payoff and character regression instead of development. Just about no character introduced after novel 3 is likeable either. It takes to about novel 12 and 2 years at magic college before he actually learns anything new about magic at all that he didn't already know at the end of novel 2. Sure he invented one spell off screen for novel 7 (?) but there should've been new spells or ways to use them practically every chapter by his previous aptitudes.

In the end, while I somewhat care about the main people, I lost all interest in actually seeing the ending. I predict a lot of deus ex machina bullsh*t and I can't be bothered with 5+ novels of trying to justify some shitty conclusion already reeking of pure mediocrity. <<less
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Level1Pixel rated it
October 28, 2019
Status: --
Since the anime is announced along with a PV, I really want people to read the LN/WN and not be discouraged by the negative reviews. Try to refrain from reading too into those reviews and just enjoy a few volumes before making a conclusion. I am not saying they are wrong. Everyone has their own opinions. I am just speaking from personal experience because reading the reviews ultimately ruined my enjoyment of the series. For half of the series I was constantly looking for the bad things that the reviews... more>> pointed out. In the end, I got nothing.

Mushoku Tensei isn't Mushoku Tensei without the entire journey, from beginning to end. There is that immense satisfaction when you finish reading and you look back at the things Ruedus has done.

There is real character development, characters you first hate become characters you love. And that's what makes the series good. It is willing to start with the ugly and take its time to develop them. Characters start out as childish, naive, and annoying but they learn and improve as the series continue.

The series will constantly remind you that Ruedus used to be a disgusting NEET because that's his basis for improvement. Thoughts are redundant because characters don't change over night. You really get to see Ruedus's train of thought as he reaches his conclusion and overall become a better character. <<less
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eristo rated it
June 8, 2019
Status: v23
this is the best novel I have read so far.

you follow the MC from birth till the beginning of his golden age. You see him grow up, struggle, and make friends.

I like the different POV, some people don't like repeating stuff, but I really like to see the same event having completely different meaning viewed from different angles.

there are spin off stories about his children.
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MaguNexiWarSurvi rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: v24 epilogue
If you're looking for a nice novel with just wholesomeness and pure love, this is probably not going to be your cup of tea.

Our seemingly beta MC according to a reviewer is bad, but he was starved of affection his whole life so he'd have some desire for love and acceptance, and his father being bad just because polygamy is also bad, but you have to remember that ... more>>

Paul was a noble, of course he'd be somewhat aggressive sexually. He also loved rudeus that he sacrificed himself just to let him live.


Sylphiette is also bad according to that guy, but you have to remember that in the perspective of sylphy, she was saved by and cared for by the Princess, and also other various factors such as the mana calamity which hit her memory hard iirc. And if you were to apply modern day Common sense to a time and world where polygamy is accepted and you are in danger of death by a lot of monsters, people, and more, of course some characters would be shitty and bad.

This is a novel about a life.

  1. Treat it like life.
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hollowleaf rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: light novel volume 16
Well. Story was a rollercoaster. Rudeus is perv as they say but he has his moments. He grows as a person with the help of his family and friends. The lack of confidence from being bullied back in his past life still lingers but due to that he treads each step carefully and logically to combat any problems. All in all he's a hardworker and a family guy at heart. Other characters also have their own stories and moments which are worth noting. Compared to the generic isekai where MC... more>> goes and spreads his saintly ways this novel does a great job of showing what being a human means. As for people who don't like polygamy and stuff, chill out its it's a fictional world. No one is being hurt. Try to enjoy the moments they share, it's quite heartwarming. <<less
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phreakinsane rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: --
As with anything else your enjoyment will largely be based off of your tolerance levels.

Can you tolerate a pathetic beta MC? If not, avoid this, he gets that way later on.

Are you disgusted (as I am) by infidelity and other forms of betrayal? If you are, avoid this. It's put in the begining with the MC's deplorable repulsive father. Its also the MC's love interest later on.

I personally cant stand beta males. I also cant stand cheaters nor disloyal lovers or friends, so I dropped this. Personally I wish that... more>> crap like this didnt exist I wasted time and emotional energy reading this. But I know we're all strange in our own ways and some out there are probably in to this. My guess is only a small niche of people would actually enjoy reading this book. <<less
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Aqualaguna rated it
February 13, 2018
Status: v11 illustrations
I think this novel addressed to depressed people.

the MC personality reflected commoner in our world which depressed because of appearance or social interaction.

this traditional reincarnation novel really is the best from other traditional novel. MC is not as OP as we though (large pool of mana) because there is Dragon god orsted and sword god. The encouragement to MC from his wife or side character really touching for depressed people.

the author is thoroughly with his work. This novel is like fantasy biography of certain man. And also there is... more>> a history book at the end of LN which make it like biography <<less
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luckymorris rated it
March 23, 2023
Status: v21
Possibly the best isekai LN out there and also stand amongst the greatest fantasy LN period.

Characters : Yes, the MC is a disgusting creep. I know, that's really shocking these days that a main character have unlikeable flaws but how can there be character development if there is nothing to improve? And what I appreciate most, is that while the MC is indeed growing to be a better human, his initial flaws are not completely fixed but tamed down, I find that to be rather realistic! Let's take the killing... more>> for example, while the MC early in the story doesn't want to kill anyone and was very naive to do so, later on he realise that there are situation that calls for it and will kill if necessary, however in many other novels the MC would go from "killing is very bad!" to "Aight, let me kill those 6 thousands people for being related to that guy who insulted me", in this one the MC will still spare when it's possible and will not escalate conflict but rather try to calm it down. Same stuff for his libido, the more he grow up, the more he keep that contained for his GF

Or rather three wives

instead of perving on random girls (while sometime forgetting himself but ultimately gain back reason and realising that it was out of place).

The side characters also have flaws that over the story manage to tame down, resulting in endearing characters that are always a pleasure to read, there is no single character that I find boring or similar, they all have depth and proper character development.

Story : A pretty good one! I wouldn't say that it's a particularly strong point of this novel but also clearly not a weak point, it has a rather chill pace for the most part, while sometime having particularly eventfull volumes full of action when most of the volume are rather about world building and slice of life, it provide a pretty efficient pacing while you binge read but can prove to be rather "dissapointing" when you wait months for the next volume to read something that doesn't really move the story that much.

However, the main plot is not resolved in this novel, but will be in a sequel that according to the author will only happen once the anime is done, sooooooo... See you in at least 10 years I guess?

World building : I'm not going to expand too much on that, i'll just give my own understanding of what a good world building is : A fantasy/sci-fi story than when you finish the story, you'd like to have other stories set in the same world with different characters. Mushoku tensei provides that perfectly, it shows a fair share of its world but does also keep enough "mystery" for you to wish to learn more about those other places or characters that have been mentionned but never shown.

Really a great LN, I hope that you will come to enjoy it too! <<less
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RetardedKry rated it
January 28, 2023
Status: v3
Basic Summary :

Our MC, a 34 year old shut in who was a victim of bullying gets hit by truck-kun and reincarnates into a world of swords and magic

Sounds generic, right?

... more>> That's where you're wrong

Mushoku Tensei is anything but generic

It explores Rudeus's journey trying to better himself than his previously pathetic former self

For someone like me, who thinks characters are the core element of a novel, Mushoku Tensei was a literal godsend (okay, I may be exaggerating a bit)

The story may be a bit slow paced but I think that it allows for more character development


I especially like the Side Story of Vol 1. It was really nice to see that Zenith cared for Aisha as much she did for both Norn and Rudeus


Vol 2 may have gotten a bit too much into Rudeus's degeneracy (I'm pretty sure it's gonna get worse later on) It was still enjoyable with the world building tho

So if you're like me and love characters, go right ahead and start reading (It has excellent world building as well)

Just a heads up, Rudeus isn't like the normal MCs. He's a scum through and through

But it is enjoyable seeing him improve

This is my first review so please don't be too harsh on this peasant <<less
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MalveLeo rated it
October 1, 2023
Status: Completed
The initial parts are insufferable what with the MC and his creepy tendencies but that's intentional from the author.

The mc's character leaves much to be desired but that's the point. This novel is the journey of a scum, the lowest of the lows getting a second chance at life and becoming a decent human being albeit slowly. We see how his previous life affects him, trauma that makes him act a certain way, how he copes with it and genuinely great character development.

The world of mushoku tensei is my favourite... more>> of all time. Genuinely fabulous world building. The world doesn't just revolve around the MC. The lore is fantastic. Multiple povs, a plethora of side stories and character arcs that make the world more believable. There aren't exposition dumps. Pieces of informations are dropped masterfully through character dialogue. We learn about the world with the MC instead of the MC spoon feeding us information.

The characters are well written, they make mistakes, learn from their mistakes, sometimes make irrational decision in the heat of the moment, mess up, forgive each other, reconcile and feel like actual human beings. The characters aren't too many or too little, each one matters, at the end of it all, is family. Man, did Vin Diesel write this?

The main antagonist genuinely feels like a threat and we actually feel tension in life threatening situations the MC and the other characters face, sometimes readers aren't even sure if the person we're rooting for will make it out alive. I have genuinely been griped with fear at specific points in the story.

The ending leaves nothing to be desired what with the incoming sequel and all the side stories, fantastic conclusion and all.

I'm probably a bit biased because this was one of the first novels I completely finished. <<less
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KOMODO1999 rated it
August 25, 2023
Status: --
It's interesting how people will automatically dislike something just because it's isekai, even if it's a masterpiece of character growth or about important social problems like cyber bullying like "Darkness was comfortable for me" or even racial discrimination like "death mage".

I'm beyond getting angry or offended, I'm just a little sad for them that they miss out on such good stories just because of being biased. Though they probably deserve it.

I am angry however that they bring the score of these stories down and prevent people from finding them and... more>> can't see it as anything but malicious.

Not cool. Not at all. <<less
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GenKi73 rated it
September 17, 2020
Status: --
To be honest: it starts slow, vol 1 and 2 are an intro to the MT world, from vol 3 to 6 is the 1st arc in the novel, vol 3 can make people drop it and yes the MC is a human tr*sh but..., from vol 8 to 11 and 13-14 are slice of life, dont think it's bad it has a pretty good worldbuilding (maybe the best wb I have ever seen on a novel) and the development of the characters is aweasome, and the rest of the... more>> volumes are the best of this novel.

Usually in the isekai novels you have an objective to complete (like defeating the demon lord) or a goal to achieve (like returning to their world) but in MT the MC just want a normal life but it is at vol 15 when the final goal appears and make you keep reading until the the end. <<less
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