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Lyle Walt is a young noble boy and heir looking forward to the day he can inherit his family’s territory. Except around when he was 10 year old, his parents started neglecting him more and more in favour of his little sister, Celes.

On his fifteenth birthday, he is challenged to a duel by his sister to see who will inherit the household and horribly loses, being cast out of his family. Afterwards, he gets treated by the family groundskeepers and receives the family heirloom Gem from him that Lyle’s grandfather had entrusted to him. From there, he begins an aimless journey with his childhood friend and former fiancée, Novem, and the Gem-turned-Jewel that houses the memories, personalities, and Skills of seven of his ancestors.

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Parth37955 rated it
November 16, 2018
Status: --
Loved the web novel. Expect even more from the LN. One of the more realistic harem novels I read so far. Main characters starts out as a bit bland, but he grows a lot throughout the entire story. This is really a story of him growing as a person and becoming a true "Walt". The harem serves a purpose and they're not damsels in distress.


Mr. Lyle is best Lyle


Edit: so far v2 has changed greatly from the webnovel and I consider it an improvement for the most part.
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Peacewalker rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: --
One of the most enjoyable read. You might dislike Lyle (MC) at first, but you will surely come to love him as the story goes on. The story has a clear direction it is heading to, and not just daily life of OP-showing story like some of the fantasy novels. Most parts are very well-written in the WN and I think the LN version will be even better, so I strongly recommend you to read it.

Watch out for the Onion-Cutting Ninjas

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KuroInfinity rated it
June 9, 2019
Status: --
As an individual who's finished reading the Web Novel version, I'd definitely give this story 5 stars. Sevens is a story that excels at pacing and character development. While it may follow the standard harem trope as many other fantasy novels, the characters that you'll grow attached to aren't the various young maidens the main character will charm throughout his travels, but the seven middle-aged men who help guide and shape the protagonist into an amazingly deep character, while forging a strong bond of 'family'. You will cry for these... more>> old men.

The Light Novel version here changes events slightly so that various developments make more sense and the world and side characters are more fleshed out than in the vanilla version, so content wise this is definitely the one to read.

The only reason why I've given the Light Novel translation 4 stars though is due to the translation itself. I won't mince my words, Yorai-kun is the superior translator in comparison to bakape*vert. Awkward grammar, punctuation mistakes, and inconsistency in translation (with names and such) litter this version. Don't get me wrong, its still a good book, but I recommend reading Yorai's WN translation first for the cleaner and easier session to first-time readers.

This series would be a perfect 5 stars if they got a proofreader or editor that was proficient in English to double check the grammar and such. <<less
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Krazyguy75 rated it
October 9, 2019
Status: v3c32
I'm nowhere near the end yet; I'll probably get there without dropping it, as I've read worse things all the way through... but for all the positive reviews, this novel so far is just... mediocre?

I mean it's not bad, but the characters are two-dimensional archetypes, the comedy falls flat, and it suffers from almost every possible cliche you could shove into a Japanese fantasy novel.

The MC is immature, and the novel acknowledging that doesn't make it any less grating. The harem is forced on the MC by the plot, and... more>> so far he has done nothing to deserve it. The MC has next to no motivation, just drifting from place to place. Even the ancestors are all pretty much stereotypes.

I went in expecting a top notch novel with likable characters and so on, but all the people claiming that the harem is "realistic" and that the characters feel like real people aren't reading the same novel as me.

For those who haven't read it, here is a spoiler of the plot for the first two volumes in low detail; I suggest you read it because you've probably read it before anyways, in the form of one of a hundred Japanese Fantasy novels:


A young man gets kicked out of his house by his family for being too weak. He gets a magical macguffin from a family servant, and teams up with his devoted childhood friend (who loves him unconditionally because he "worked so hard") to go off and become and adventurer. Turns out, the magical macguffin contains the soul of a mentor figure (or in this case 7), who train him. He encounters a random girl in an ally and befriends her. She gets kidnapped. He rescues her, and she falls in love instantly. Another girl participating in the rescue also falls for him for no apparent reason. Volume 1 over.

Volume 2. He goes to a village that is in a border conflict, due to a body being found in their territory. The leader of the village is a pushover who is encouraged to conflict with the MC by his totally-not-evil brother who is the one that found the body with only one other witness and is now trying to push for a war. The other territory says that that was their retainer and that they think the first village was responsible. Then they find out from the other witness to finding the body that... WHAT? THE TOTALLY NOT EVIL BROTHER WAS EVIL ALL ALONG. Also the girls were probably there, but all I can remember is that one of them did a big magic attack.

In fact, it was such a poorly done twist that I almost suspected that wouldn't be the twist, because anyone with a brain would know that picking a fight with a territory 5 times your size was a bad idea, but apparently they wanted the story to both be predictable and run by idiots.


Maybe this story gets better; I may change my review if it does. But so far this novel is... bog standard. A bog standard japanese fantasy harem lead by a bog standard japanese fantasy MC who doesn't ever do anything to the girls despite leading them on constantly, in a bog standard japanese fantasy world filled with orcs and elves and nobles and adventurer guilds. The only thing that surprised me is that he wasn't a reincarnated guy from Japan who got hit by a truck, it's so standard. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
June 13, 2019
Status: c27
I honestly don't see why everyone praises this novel to death so much. If I had to describe this story in one word, it would be "Basic". The concept that revolves around the seven ancestors passing their knowlegde and skill on to the MC as the story progresses is interesting, however everything else about the story is so basic that I find it a real chore to read. Basic monsters; slimes and goblins that are no big deal unless in large numbers and of course orcs that are severely op... more>> as they usually are for some reason. Basic magic; fireball, *insert element here* bullet, earth spikes yada yada. Author couldn't even be bothered to throw in a short and sweet chant. Basic melee combat; dodge, block, hack, slash, parry. Basic asf 2D harem; Super devoted genius magician childhood friend, the one that wants to repay a dept with her body but not in that way ecchi blush, the sweet clumsy one that has a rough scary side when she's angry. Basic conflicts; bandit gang, some hotheaded idiot did some sh*t and now everyone's in danger. Basic adventure system, basic wanna save em all MC, basic basic basic. <<less
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deasture rated it
April 19, 2019
Status: --
The best novel out of all I have read and it is really nice

Web novel is finished already so anyone of you want to read can go to yoraikun website to read

Story may start out slow with main character being naive young man (there is a reason for that) and him slowly growing

... more>> Realistic harem (not even joking) and great comedy (yes I am looking at you Mr Lyle)

Most heroines have their own characters instead of just dolls

And if you like this novel, you can go read up another novel written by the same author called Dragoon which is another masterpiece

PS: Shannon best girl <<less
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Poppukko rated it
July 8, 2019
Status: --
A decent realistic harem novel where not everyone in the harem is in for it or get along without complaint compared to many Japanese-based stories out there. The story is rather straightforward with some plot twist here and there about a young man growing up from rags to riches while involuntarily racking up harem members left and right along with dealing with the growing threat from his little sister. Don't get me wrong, my description may seem inadequate to the c*cksuc- I mean, hardcore fan of this story, but the... more>> main reason as for why you should read it is a certain persona inside our MC that I won't say much because it would ruin the fun and why I rate this as 4 out of 5 since without that guy, I would rate this as 3 or worse 2 because of how plain it is.

"Boo hoo, you're just a hater who got a sh*t taste."

Nope, this novel is a standard fantasy about a young man manning up from being a p**sy. The drawing point is that the pu*sy got a sealed persona of a wild tiger. If you want to talk about taste, RotSH and Mushoku Tensei (Aside from THAT arc) are much better read, especially the latter where the harem situation is addressed and being one of the major plot point instead of being handwaved.

"Don't judge just because you're only reading a handful of volume, it gets better later on!"

Mate, I already read this till the end. The only thing that made me stick around is THAT persona, if it weren't for him, I'd ditch this a long time ago due to how torturous reading MC with wimpy personality for too many chapter until he manned up and become badass. And no, I don't like overconfident or brave or Rance-tier protagonist right from the start, they're just as bad, but being a wimp for sizable amount of the novel? Sorry, that won't draw many people in, especially early readers. <<less
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Mayanobrien rated it
October 1, 2022
Status: v10
I will be straight and say it, this novel is garbage just because of Lyle.

MC is a beta MC to the end. the 'character development' that mentioned is nothing more than a plot advancement.

The things he experienced is more than eneough to develop someone else more throughly, but Lyle ? No he is absolutely s*upid, indecisive, beta until the end no matter what!

I don't know if he will become an alpha in the upcoming chapters but I'm already finished vol 9 and I don't want to torture myself anymore. I... more>> came here only for good reviews and 'character developments' but even after 9 volumes nothing much changed.

Lets start by Lyle, the most I like about Lyle is his phrase of 'I'm unable to understand'. Like really they are literally slapping him with truths one by one but he is always "I can't understand" Even after all those times, when some male adventurers glares at him or approaches him, he is always "ehh why ?".

Like goddamn s*upid m*ther f*cker just how many times has it been said;that you have a harem party, people are jealous creatures, people are s*upid etc. And, AND when someone approaches him and says "i will save girls, you villanious b*stard, realease them" etc. Lyle is always, "Eeer, wait a minute, If possible I don't want to hurt them, I'm sorry".

But do you know what is the most frustrating thing is ? That is 'kindness'. Lyle is giving his achievements to undeserving people, compansete them for their failure,

Like really, that Lionel guy both stole his prey (couldn't) but also couldn't kill it but also made a fake report about him killing and not only that he shamelessly asked for reward and then they gave him a gold coin... Snort. And various other things but I don't want to mention it.

And worrying about people that 'troubled' them, talking about them, considering their future, believing in them for no reason.

And of course story is damn predictible. Plot armor is ridiculous as always. But these things are not rare so I'm just gonna cast -1.

Anyways long story short, Lyle is a beta male MC who doesn't get better no matter what under the pretense of false 'character development'. If you want to torture yourself, read it. Other than that there is nothing to offer for this book to you. <<less
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Ajthg69 rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: v10 epilogue
Hello everyone! As this is my first time writing a review please forgive me for making any mistakes or offence. Now I shall start with the review. I randomly chose this light novel series "Sevens", as its ratings were very high and when I started reading this epic novel I came to understand that this is by far the best novel I have read till date. When you start reading this series from start to end you will notice the realistic aspects of the story, MC's is not unnecessarily overpowered,... more>> his life doesn't become easier as he becomes strong, his party is not always stable, no unappropriate bullying etc. Every single thing in the plot has a meaning and you will feel the problems faced by Lyle and its party very realistically not every problem is solved after it has just begin. At first I guess everyone will say that the MC is pathetic, naive, loser etc. Even the characters in the novel also said, and slowly you will feel the growth of our MC, not a very drastic change but it is very amusing to watch MC's growth. The characters are also very understandable with unique traits enhanced by the beautiful character development. All girls are not randomly loving the MC, some of them are even understanding /comprehending their feelings towards him and they also not do everything he says. They have their own minds and become very reliable at the end of the 10th novel. If I have to say the best parts of the novels it would be the interaction with the 7 ancestors, each one of them have their personalities and traits good and wicked side I love them arguing over random things and telling their experience to MC, and the second best part would be absolutely Mr. Lyle (post -growth tension) its so fun that you would read it again and again for the overflowing confidence and boldness of Lyle, and after returning to normal his sulking and ancestor's teasing also gives a very funny impression. Thank you for giving your time for reading this review. <<less
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Kiwilicious rated it
October 5, 2020
Status: v7 epilogue
Compared to other light novels of the same genre, Sevens definitely started out as one of the better ones that stood out. The story starts out as generic but builds upon itself to become something unique and enjoyable. There is meaningful character development not only for Lyle but the rest of his party as well. Like others have said, the world building is fine and for the most part, character decisions and their motives are believable.

That being said, some things frustrated me as I progressed which lead to me dropping... more>> the novel. Some are probably nitpicks and some I wholly believe to be a shortcoming of the novel.

  • Comedy placement. The comedy is pretty typical for your average light novel. It starts to get annoying when it is interjected in the middle of a battle or otherwise supposedly serious situation.
  • Ancestors. This somewhat ties into the comedy section. They are presented as memories of adults in their later years (but have appearances of their prime) who are there to train Lyle and teach him their arts. However, they seem to have the same mental capability as Lyle when not actively helping and giving advice. I'd like to believe it is possible to write good banter and dialogue without dumbing everyone down to children. Their role as mentors is also questionable. Sometimes they offer a plan and Lyle is literally just a mouthpiece for them. Other times, they want Lyle to figure things out himself when it really isn't necessary and a few words of advice could have helped immensely.
  • Celes. The story makes it obvious that she is/will be the eventual final boss. Her defining characteristic are her cruelty towards people (especially Lyle) and how she charms essentially everyone else. You eventually get some basic explanation of Celes in volume 7 but it's not satisfactory at all. Seems like a very generic villain.
  • Noven. There are little hints here and there that Noven isn't exactly forthcoming on what her objective (s) are. No one finds her suspicious until Miranda joins the party. And even then at the end of volume 7, Noven only reveals information on Celes/the situation but somehow gets away with not explaining anything about herself or her relation to Celes. Her inaction to curb Celes's influence early on or the fact that she withheld information from the party is glossed over and everyone (Miranda has reservations) is accepting of her?
  • Lyle. This might be a combination of the dense protagonist trope and just how much you as the reader, are willing to attribute Lyle's general lack of awareness to his upbringing. The first few volumes were tough to watch Lyle flounder around but understandable, as we are aware of how much of a warped childhood he grew up with. I'd had expected Lyle to mature more than where he currently sits but this might be more of a personal gripe.


I spoiled myself as I was curious on how this would end and skimmed the last couple chapters of the WN. Can't say I was really a fan of how it turned out.

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Elgon rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: v9c107
Sevens is probably the best novel I've read on novelupdates. I've read the web novel beforehand, and I'm hopeful that the LN can further improve an already great book.

Its just a well written, well packaged story that knows what it wants to deliver. It has great world-building, interesting characters and a focused plot.

It also doesn't fall off in quality over time like many of the other popular novels. (Where the first 50-100 chapters or few story arcs are amazing, and then dive headfirst into the dumpster :/)

Recommend to give... more>> it a try. If the genre/description interest you, most likely you'll enjoy it.

Edit: I'm gonna reduce the rating by 1 star. I appreciate the translator (s) who are currently translating the novel, however the grammar is pretty messy and a lot of the lines don't flow very well, which is a bit off-putting. <<less
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June 16, 2020
Status: v9c107
I really enjoyed reading this LN I finished all 9 volume so far in 2 weeks.

The character development is great and the MC is likeable.

My Warning is if you hoped to read the LN and continue reading the rest on the WN version. You better stop as the LN is different than the WN.

There are added heroine and plenty added characters. Even the name of some character is different between the LN and WN. While the core story is the same, the depth how on it is told in the... more>> LN is better it show the author experience since his WN days. IMO the LN is superior read and more intresting <<less
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Draakon rated it
November 23, 2019
Status: v4 prologue
One of the worst pacing ever among novels that is not utter shit. It's slightly better than WN version, but you still need to suffer throught whole 3 volumes before story become good.

And whole first is utter unenjoyable but absolutely necessary for understanding of the story. Two next have very little of meaningful content, but they are somewhat interesting as stories in themselves. Why the hell the third is ended with that horrible drama that going resolved only several volume later I have no idea.

The world building is great, as... more>> well as some characters, especially some of the ancestors but what the point if it's a chore to read the story itself? And this is more or less rewriting of WN only all bad stuff is still here.

And people think that character development of Lyle is great but it's actually considered a standard in western literature. <<less
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tyler89558 rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: --
I've read the WN and it was an utter masterpiece, a rollercoaster of emotions. Don't be chased off by the slow start, it's like that for a reason. The dynamic between the ancestors and Lyle really makes the story as well, and by far Sevens is my favorite novel.

PS: I disagree, Aria is best girl.
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VillageMoron rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: --
I got very far into this novel, its good. The MC is meh, the world is good, the characters are good. Anyway now for the cons. The harem is just out of control, there's going to be a thousand girls I have to care about by the end. Theres this feeling of going forward but not making any progress. I'm just not going to trek through days worth of reading in the hopes the novel decides to get off the treadmill and actually go somewhere.
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April 25, 2020
Status: --
For future readers I hope you dont drop this in the earlier volume because this novel is actually, not a masterpiece.

I have only read the webnovel (and I only start reading this now) and I trust that it should be better

Also don't get discourage in the harem because it is actually unique especially the part that

they were not actually united and have different faction between them

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November 4, 2019
Status: --
ALL I’m gonna say to new readers is don’t mock it till you at the very least reach further into the story this novel has a lot of volumes and it just started I’m making this review so that people won’t get put off by other and there lame reviews of a story that just truly started just stick with it for a bit
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patpay rated it
July 12, 2019
Status: --
To see the ln version of this story is good. I hope that in this version the 100th floor dungeon would be clear and the goddess or something like that would have a role not just a joke at the end like the WN version.

The story is good in the comedy elements and drama but that would come in the later parts.

As some comments before "that" part of him was very attractive to read.
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Sad Immortal
Sad Immortal rated it
March 18, 2023
Status: v7c87
The story follow a very naive MC that always forgiven by doing so, making him never really seen growth, and always make s*upid decision and are forgiven for it.

Everyone around the MC is competent which is why he was able to get away with being naive.

After 7 vol, MC still unable to kill a person, and from vol 1-7, the novel is all about MC character development, but as the reader, we don't see any growth in character at all.

after reading so far, I wish his little sister should have... more>> just kill him already for being that naive.

It was reasonable at first as the MC is a child with mental problem, but during his travel, various thing happen, and even when he was set up into a trap, he willing believe that nothing bad would happen. This happen over and over, and the MC still not putting up guard against it. He never learn from past mistake. Always forgiving to those who hurt him and his close one. Even the plot make itself convenience for the MC to be naive.

The ancestor do try to mold him into a competent person, but the person himself are hardheaded.

Even a children from a small town is more competent than the MC in the story.

MC keep planning flag that will cause trouble to his close one again and again, and he is forgiven for it.

I was under an impression that this is a novel about war and politic, but it only happen after vol 7, and from what I see so far, I don't have the will to see how the author will ruined a war novel. So I will drop it.

For anyone who hate this type of MC, I suggest not reading this.

The only worthly point about this novel is the harem and romance part, which is quite enjoyable compare to other novel. Each FL have their own character development which is why most of them are more capable than the MC. <<less
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JustAMerePleb rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: v10 epilogue
You know that one prozd video where a character gets better later? This is it, this is what the video was talking about. The MC is really hard to like in the first 6 volume due to how pathetic he is, at the end of volume 7 he is at least a little likeable. The ancestors + harem member is great tho. Sometimes the cooler version of the MC come out to resolve plot that MC can't solve and those moment are legendary.
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