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A professional gamer dies unexpectedly during an E-Sports tournament and is sent to Valhalla, a heaven reserved for only the greatest of warriors.

The warriors of Valhalla are pitted against a struggle for survival in the face of a common enemy. Fortunately, within each warrior lies the roots to their own saga, a legendary tale of their ascendence to fame and feats of great achievement alike.

Witness the birth of an epic saga as this gamer challenges legends and carves a path toward the ultimate glory.

The story itself revolves around Nordic mythology and incorporates a gaming system alongside magical wizards and mighty warriors.

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발할라 사가
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Dusk rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: v6c2
Honestly all I can say is that it's decent, it's a story of a gamer sent to a world of warriors who are a bit lacking in common sense and only knows how to fight without caring for their lives, praising the names of Gods like blind believers.

There is no real depth in the characters, the plot is straightforward with logic urks occasionally. Only read it if you have nothing else to read and want some 'snacks' to munch on, basically imo it's overpraised, overhyped and overrated but all in... more>> all it is still better than some (most) of the top ranking novels here which are complete garbage, at least, this is readable.

And probably the fact that it's KR helps, with all those KR praise-boys everywhere, if this was released in let's say, a year or two it would prob be nothing special. <<less
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Edwardcepinperalta rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: c3.2
I can only say this (PROMISING).

... more>>

The system goes like these:

There are Magic, Runes and the typical cheat that a novel need to differ from others SAGE.

Until now there's not magic or rune explanation only SAGE and sage explanation is that it a kind of Magic (mythical thing) that is developed depending on what were you doing or achievement you got in live, since our MC is a Pro G** I mean Pro-Gamer with a really good Avatar (Kalsted a warrior type avatar with the blood of a dragon) with many histories going around his avatar that have so many fans that where crying, panicking and laughing at him, probably because of that he developed his SAGE named (Immortal Warrior) and was picked by a Valkyrie and bring to ASGARD!!!!!!

I'm reading chapter 3.2 and so far is really good, cause is not overly saturated with created fantasy things, well, in the form that is based on Valhalla and Asgard etc. Etc..

(Sorry if you do not understand my review, I speak Spanish and I'm not confident in my written English)

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xtian_gels rated it
January 5, 2018
Status: v13c2
The Development of the characters are stable and not fast faced. The MC isn't really Overpowered that much and for me is balanced. The story as of now is Good but it's still early for me to judge it :) :) But overall its Novel is really Promising
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randomusername rated it
December 18, 2017
Status: v7c4
Have only read whats been translated but already loving it and potentially one of my favorites. Has some light comedy in it but also interesting action scenes and MC seems quite calm and collected. More importantly, MC is strong and has insane potential but hes not cheat level OP right at the start which is nice as we get to see him get stronger. Potential romance I think? If it is then im looking foward to it if done right which so far its fine. Also fair bit of world... more>> building as you get some general information at the start about wheres hes at and places around him which a lot of novels fail to do. I feel that once he gets strong he'll be tasked with more important things and plot will thicken and become 3x better since right now hes still learning and improving his saga. Big thanks to translator for picking this up and hopefully author doesnt screw this up by falling to usual cliches that 90% of novels have (MC f** everything he sees, arrogant as f**, doing s*upid sh**, or whining 24/7) <<less
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Boon rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: v12c1
2.5/5 mediocre at best. Below average time waster.

Rpg gamer becomes his character at lvl 1 in a war. The MC comes to terms with it and fits in immediately at ch.1 and begins grinding levels. There is nothing to this novel but grinding for xp against mobs, and creating new skills once for each boss fight. There is absolutely no substance to this story. There is the occasional beauty he interacts with, otherwise there are no side characters. All the other characters are one dimensional idiots cut from the same... more>> mold. I stuck it out for much longer than I thought I could, but I’ve dropped it. Even as a filler this is barely tolerable. It’s only saving grace is the only moderate amount of repetition.

Tldr. Mindless rpg grinding, don’t expect anything more. <<less
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richter03 rated it
September 21, 2018
Status: v64c1
This novel should be a manga on Shonen jump; if you like Bleach, One piece or Naruto, you will have a fun ride with story; many action, fun joke and some romance.

If you love a drama story or a kid growing to a man story, this novel might be not for you.

By the way, “It’s a meeting!”.
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ZachB rated it
November 28, 2017
Status: v3c3
The start is great. A very very promising novel. Its a bit early but I like the MC seems to be not the typical all knowing trope of Korean MCs.

No time travel. Not inside the game = a good KR novel
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rhianirory rated it
July 14, 2018
Status: c40.1
The premise was interesting and the beginning kept me reading but it degenerates into a typical harem/ power-up story. As the story shifts to him collecting women everything else falls to the background. The interesting mysteries and storyline which initially drew me in fades as the author decides to focus on fanservice rather than actual plot and story. I kept reading, hoping it would get better again but nope. My interest is pretty much gone now. Some day I might read more but but the interest that drove me to... more>> dive in at the beginning is completely gone now. <<less
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Aoto rated it
November 25, 2017
Status: v3c1
It's a bit too early to give a full review so I will give a simple and short introduction of what I've read so far. The MC is a pro gamer, who died while playing in some kind of Tournament, afterwards he finds himself in a hall surrounded by warriors where the story starts, afterwards the story continues on a battlefield where he has to beat monsters to get stronger, how does a useless gamer do it? Of course by merging with his game character. The system is pretty interesting,... more>> he doesn't get skills like in other games, but "Saga's", basically a "buff" from something he achieved. Hard to explain without spoilering anything so just read it yourself :p

Overall it's a bit refreshing and the style of the novel is pretty good, overcome the first 2 chapters (they are a bit confusing and it's not that good or special, so you may think it's the normal MC reincarnated stuff, but it is different in a good way :3) afterwards it gets really interesting, so I simply recommend this novel to everyone who likes good reincarnation novels and new stuff:) <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: v30c3
Brings to mind an old Korean novel when I read this novel; Breakers. It's very basic and stereotypical of the old Korean light novel format.

There's this side, the good guys, and there's that side, the bad guys.

A bit of intrigue sprinkled in, but typically what you see is what you get. Novice comes in, gets stronger > gets rewarded > promptly gets shipped off to another quest > gets rewarded > gets shipped off again.

Rinse and repeat with plenty of girls interacting with him and getting interested before there's a... more>> very sizable harem sitting around with maybe one or two clear cut winner-to-be's.

Eventually gets strong enough to reach God-like levels and most battles at that point tend to blur into a bunch of words where skill upon skill upon passive upon passive stacks up and I just ignore it because I'm pretty much only interested in the character interactions that come after.

That said, my review isn't negative. Even though the story is basic, it is written in an attractive manner to offset its cliche template and sometimes thats all a story really needs to shine. <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
November 30, 2017
Status: v37c3
The best web novel with norse mythology I have ever read. If you like norse mythology, you will like this novel.

Keep in mind, most of the characters are norse warriors and the culture follows suite. Don't go into this novel expecting a korean lore or feel.
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orario rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: v20c2
It's cliche and very repetitive. Plus, the MC never sufferes any setbacks. Even when he ends up in a shitstorm, he always gets out and saves the day by - please take note - riding one of his female companions that can transform.

So far we have:
- gamer MC? Check
- MC surrounded by beauties? Check
- cheat abilities? Check. WAY TOO MANY of them.
- "powerful grandpa" type of existence helping him? Check. And again, not just 1.

The list of cliche tropes could go on and on.

I was quite excited when I just started reading the story because the premise was interesting: there aren't many novels focusing on Norse mythology.

But I guess I was a fool to let myself hope. This novel can be summarized in the following sentence:

"Whenever a bad thing happens, the MC rides on some woman to save the day."

I should also mention it for those that have not realized it by now - this will surely become a harem. There is no way this will end up as a OTP. Mark my words
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Qregis rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: v14c1
To be honest I am a little disappointed.

The story started pretty good and it is an interesting concept, but it rapidly developes into a generic MC gets rapidly stronger plot with slight hints of a harem.

At least his plot armor got an explanation:

it is the blessing of his goddess

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Himari rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: v2c4
So far so good, it has a good story pacing and you could also see a good world background here. Although it has a fast paced action you could still enjoy reading due to the fact that it has no unnecessary elements including in it.

hmmm well I hope I could write more details on this review but the chapters are still not that much so bear with this one. All in all I could see a good and promising novel on this one
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finalwars rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel excels at being boring, and that's coming from a person who doesn't have a problem reading average, off the shelf, cliche and tropey web novels. The 4.3/5 rating this novel gets is f*cking insane.

I will list the only good thing of this novel first.

    • Safe, orthodox writing
It's weird how a novel I rate this low wouldn't actually have much hair-pulling moments. VS is written in such a way where the author is so afraid of going off the tangent, where tropes and cliches are so orthodox from start to finish. But unfortunately, that in itself is a double-edged sword. By inducing an extremely safe and methodical writing style, the author brought upon extreme dullness; which I'll talk about for my next point.

    • Machine made trope inducer - Zero creative writing whatsoever
All the tropes and cliches you can think of, all the standard story progression you can think of, each and every one of them is crammed into the box of the most basic WN format. You are peering into the box which you have full knowledge of, thinking, maybe hoping, that the author's pen will fly out, surprising you, bringing out curiosity and enjoyment from you... But alas, the pen stays inside for the entirety of the novel.

    • Fight scenes & massive plot armor
Very unfortunate. I still vividly remember the first fight MC had with the gnoll chief. A mix of strategy, tactics, quick-wittedness and the good ol' shounen guts. I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed it, as it made a very good and lasting first impression.

Come 3rd arc or so, and the author doesn't give a f*ck anymore.

Fights are started with MC who shouldn't be having ANY business with fighting, losing terribly until midway through, gains the mystical thing known as plot armor, turns a complete 180 degrees and beats the sh*t out of the enemy with said plot armor, flies high up into the air while riding his dragon-waifu, nose dives down at ludicrous speed, autistic screeching ensues, and shouts the same goddamn charge move every single time which I somehow forgot because of how much I almost fell asleep every time.

I hope I am joking when I said "every single time", but no. Ever since MC got the nose dive charge skill, almost every single boss fight ended like that. The only time he doesn't use that skill is when his mounts aren't with him.

I saw the Shounen tag and knew what I was getting into. I've read One Piece, Naruto and Bleach, so I'm familiar with it and don't really have a problem with it. I went into VS with the expectation that it will be plot armor heavy, but this novel STILL surpassed it, 3 (three) times over!!

Changing the Shounen tag to Deus ex machina wouldn't be far-fetched.

    • Antagonists/goal of antagonists
tr*sh. I can only think of a decent one, but the rest are tr*sh. I wanted to call them one dimensional, but its an insult to one dimensional cardboard cutout characters. You wanna know what their goal is? Hear me out, it's technically a minor spoiler, but even the most stringent non-spoiler people won't care about it.

To destroy the world because... they are beings that have to destroy the world. They are born that way, that's the only thing they are alive for and do until their end.

You say I'm making it much worse than what it was? No. That is unironically their one and only goal, with no other motives whatsoever. Conquer the world and rule the peasants? For power? Greed? No. It's because they're born that way. All the way up to the final boss. Author taking the easy way out, by having the antagonists BE that way. Boring.

There's also a problem with antagonists introduction during the latter part of the novel. Author effortlessly introduces mythological characters from the hindu/mayan/middle east mythologies out of his ass like nobodies' business and expects people to turn a blind eye to... Major antagonists with not much introductions. Lazy.

    • Side characters
The side characters who are close to MC are okay. Given how boring this novel is, I'm surprised there are some semblance of development. But the others? Like this novel, they are bland. Nothing much to say.

    • Translations
Dogshit. Machine translated with some bad editing. Off the top of my head, its quite bad even from the beginning (3/10). Around the middle its a mixed bag of decently edited (7/10) to crap that's close to google translate (1/10). From middle to ending its about a (4/10). So if bad translations is you pet peeve, as of writing this review, VS as a whole has dogsh*t translation/editing. (3/10)


If you look at VS as a whole, and compare it to the basic tropes and cliches of WN on the market, it actually doesn't have much problems. But that is only because the author took what has been done and tested, and completely absorbs it into writing VS. That in itself is NOT a problem especially on the over-saturated WN market.

One of my most favourite WN, Everyone Else is a Returnee, is full of cliches. Hell, even Toika the author is a cliche/tropes inducing machine. There are some of his novels that I don't like, but the ones that work (EER), works solely because it has soul. I sound s*upid by saying that, but that's the truth. If you don't discern your work with at least some creative thinking from the most basic of tropes, you will get a soulless second-hand book that is unoriginal, uninspired, uninventive and unimaginative.

To give you a perspective of how boring VS is, I recently completed a novel (Castle of Black Iron, which I reviewed) that is 2000 chapters long in 3 months, and it took me 3 WHOLE MONTHS to complete this novel of 300 chapters from stopping after every 5 chapters from the sheer boredom.

In essence, I could picture newcomers to web novels and younger readers find VS decent. But battle hardened veterans who have been through the flames of war of the battlefield of crappy web novels, bullets of tropes whizzing past your cheeks and artillery shells of cliches dropping from the sky would find this novel... the exact same battlefield. If you're going on a battlefield anyway, why not go for something new; an interstellar space war or something. You've already experienced it when you were just a fresh out of training private years ago, no need to experience it again.

TL;DR: Boring as sh*t if you're a seasoned WN reader.


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UnderTaker26 rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: v22c6
One of the best webnovels I’ve read and one of the few deserving of 5 stars. There’s actually a reason for the existence of his cheat and it was earned rather than given. Fighting is good. Comedy is golden. No harems so far and girls don’t fall upon meet. The women have interest in the MC but it seems more professional to strengthen their group rather than romance. At most they joke but only one girl seems to genuinely have feelings for him. Overall I highly recommend trying it for... more>> fhose who like strong MC, good fights, and norse mythology, Plus superiors are actually decent people and not cowardly scum which was a definite plus. <<less
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eulerman rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: v27c3
Korean novel and mythologies, with a basis in norse mythology and some celtic myths.

The MC has just one love interest even when he interacts with goddess and valkyries AND there is a slow progress with her as the history goes.

Some side characters show personalities but the novel focus in fights and missions, giving little time to reveal more of them outside of combat. Also, most people are well know brave (thickhead) warriors that died in battle (required to go to Valhalla), something that gives the author some leeway to focus... more>> in few like Bracky and Siri.

The warriors in Valhalla have missions constantly regardless of their number, which gives a sense of urgency in the novel. This is more so for the MC because his fast grow and prospects makes him stand out and be forced to more important missions and battles, which in exchange makes him stronger and make him have more missions.

As the novel progress, more relevant backgrounds plot is reveled and the reader makes a more clear and wider mental image of the world around Valhalla Saga.

I personally think is a good online novel. <<less
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radikai rated it
December 6, 2017
Status: v5c2
This is really good!

The writing is solid, MC's improvement is also great, and most importantly, it's not boring at all even though there are only battles until now.

There's not much of world-building since it's always a battlefield. But I believe that it's only because it's still early.
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NovelsForBreakfast rated it
February 20, 2021
Status: Completed

I don't usually leave reviews as I agree with the majority of the reviews most of the time, but for this novel I cannot really wrap my head around how on the Earth did this novel get a 4.3/5 rating. It's not bad, but it's definitely far below average of this genre.

The story:

Korean gamer dies and gets reborn in Valhalla (basically heaven for the greatest viking warriors) by mistake/fate where he learns new superpowers and fight against the evil. From that point on the whole story is about beings who... more>> "want to maintain the world" are fighting against the beings who "want to destroy the world". MC takes part in this war and gets stronger and stronger. End of story.

Good points:

It has a good pacing, with little to no fillers. It doesn't have large uphills and downhills in writing. Very consistent and safe, nothing unconventional, innovative or surprising. There are no major tension/suspense build-up and release cycles, the story just flows naturally.

Most of the concepts are based on real mythology and this novel gives you an opportunity to learn new things.

Bad points:

There is no depth to the story. My summary of the story above is not really a summary, as that is all there is to it. Just a war between conflicting interests. There are 2 types of beings: those who were born to destroy and those who were born to protect. That's all the explanation the author gave. And they are just fighting in a never ending war. No goals, no motives, no causality, no explanations, no context.

There is no depth to the characters. The characters of the story are just convenient tools. You have those "important" NPCs who have no lives, they are just there to conveniently give the MC quests and reward and help when help is needed or cheer when MC achieves something great but otherwise you don't know anything about them. Have you ever wondered what the Gods and warriors of Asgard and the people of the worlds do when they are not fighting for their lives? No bustling cities, no casual interactions or conversations. The same thing is true for the women who (with a few exceptions) are only there for the MC to collect like pokemons (the author actually made this joke), but otherwise has no interactions with them. There is a mass r*pe scene of the valkyres in the story, and for no reason what so ever, as it does not move the story forward and could have been skipped entirely! Be warned.

The leveling system is built around plot armor. There are two ways to get stronger: kill to receive XP (this concept later gets dropped), and trigger random plot armor events like the random increment of a counter (synchronization rate) or random leveling or creation of a skill (saga). So basically every boss fight: Smash-smash boss, boss is too string for us to win!! Boss weakens for some reason, MC sync rate counter randomly increases and triggers an effect... Smash-smash, boss dies. Every bystander is happy. The only exception to this leveling was the Tower of Shadows chapter where MC could hone his skills on practice dummies. No creativity.

World building. It seems like the author has no idea from the beginning to the very end how the world is structured, works or looks like. There are no visual descriptions. The author tries to fit the story into real life mythological concepts most people have heard about but fails and every time we get an explanation, it contradicts with the known world or the story. The whole thing is a mess and really hard to follow. I'll give a little explanation of the world structure in spoiler tag which might deem useful and makes it easier to understand if you are planning to read this novel, however probably the most important thing is that Asgard is both the name of a realm and the name of a world in that realm which unfortunately the author sometimes uses interchangeably. It's easy to mix them up when you can't immediately put into context what the author is talking about.


The universe is based on the tree of life of Kabbalah (look it up if you are not familiar with it), where the nodes are the 10 realms of the universe. Erin (the southern node) got destroyed in the previous great war and is connected to Asgard. Asgard is connected to Olympus, the Temple and Terra/Earth in the center (where the MC came from). Other nodes are other mythological worlds like Mayan, Egyptian, etc. Asgard is both the name of the realm (the universe of the Nordic cosmology) and also the name of a world (one of the 9 worlds of of the Nordic cosmology). This is very unfortunate. The Asgard realm consists of 9 worlds like Asgard (land of the gods) and Midgard (land of the humans), and Midgard has nothing to do with Earth from where the MC came from (which is the Terra realm). Valhalla is a province of the land of the gods, and home of the warriors of Asgard (as world, not realm).



I feel like I should mention this. I'm always very grateful to translators bringing wonderful novels to us to enjoy, but sometimes it is very off putting if the translations are full of mistakes. Names and words getting mixed up all the time, changing the meaning of the sentence which sometimes easy to notice other times it creates misunderstandings.


All in all, it's a readable but otherwise amateurish work. The concept however is very interesting and I personally learned many new things about Nordic and Greek mythology while reading this piece of work. If you are bored and you have nothing better to do, for sure you can pass the time with this, but there are many, far better novels to select from. I can give a 2/5 only.
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Quasator rated it
November 30, 2020
Status: v49c3
I should have trusted the reviews. : (

As the others wrote, I also had a very good first impression of the novel that has an interesting premise: North mythology and some gamy system with skills. The translation is bad but still readable. After the initial rush I soldiered thru without real enjoyment in hope for something, anything, I don't know...

Well, here comes a short list of horror:

  • Fights are always the same. It took me a while to truly accept that but there was no tension from v20 onward.
  • Most characters are the same honorable warriors, which is a synonym for s*upid. It's not surprising that Asgard is losing Ragnarok. In fact, those daft f*ckers should have lost a long time ago. The few exceptions are defined by one character trade.
  • A very wired harem. Really, just so strange. I don't get it at all. MC is supposed to be in love and the women also have no business being interested in MC. Very forced and useless.
  • Remember the interesting premise? Good, because the author didn't.
  • Nobody cares about plot holes, it is a lightnovel. But still, how do you f*ck up something you introduced one chapter ago? Or even, in the same bloody chapter?! The amount of contradictions is impressive.
  • MC interacts way above his pay-grade all the time. He's like a Microsoft intern getting coached by bill gates.
I read a few chapters every evening. This novel made me stop for a few days. Should have droped it way earlier.
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