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A world where all of the greatest in all dimensions have gathered.

Three out of five were the strongest in their world, and one of them was considered the strongest in history.

A crazy world where a wandering goblin would be above level 90.

Asgard, otherwise known as “Heaven above the heavens.”

In a world where all of the monsters of the worlds meet, Vulcan’s new adventure begins.

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I’m the Max-Level Newbie
만렙 뉴비
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New AnimatorOfSouls rated it
November 11, 2023
Status: c41
The plot is okay but the MC is just way too brainless. He can't think of anything other than leveling up, and never doubts anything that anyone tells him. He never bothers asking around for information about the world he's in and basically just lets people use him as a weapon.

Romance: none

Dropped because I couldn't stand reading all the s*upid decisions being made.
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October 18, 2016
Status: c3
Yeah, I feel the synopsis is kinda confusing. Basically the MC was a guy who got transported into another world, got game system, completed quests, and reaching level 99, which is the highest in that world. That is just the background that's covered for 1 chapter, it's not important. But what's interesting is we'll see the story when the MC enters Asgard, where levels of 3, 4, 5.... digits exist. So this guy with level 99 up against lets say level 800? yeah, he weak af, but I like how... more>> the author is taking the previously strong, to weak, to growing strong again idea into an unique type of premise! <<less
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Overclock rated it
September 29, 2016
Status: c2
Just beginning, but very good. Also don't be misled by title. Not about some new player with a cheat that maxed out his level, OP nonsense.
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scribbledoutname rated it
February 24, 2017
Status: c33
Vulcan is a great MC, but even though I love RPG stories I find it hard to enjoy this one...

I really enjoyed the first few chapters and some of Vulcan's later dungeon grinding, and maybe a few moments here and there, but man. Maybe it'll get more exciting further down the line but so far MLN is taking a lot of energy to keep going.

Like another reviewer said, it's not BAD but... I can't put my finger on it. It might be a mix of the events (which IMO are... more>> kinda meh so far) and the characters' personalities, which I don't find very interesting either... I can't think of any characters I look forward to seeing. It doesn't help that Asgard is, to me, a really unappealing place to explore, so I'm not excited about that either. Somehow Asgard -- or at least the city the start takes place in -- feels less like a living, breathing world and more like a vaguely sketched out outline with some random factions / nuisances who aren't very interesting.

Summary: Has promise and some decent bits here and there, but isn't exciting enough (so far). Might change later though. I'll keep going for now and maybe change this review if the story gets more compelling. <<less
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knifeandko rated it
December 9, 2016
Status: c9
This novel is not exactly bad, however it's just not my piece of cake. The MC is positioned at first as an extremely powerful guy, who capped his level at 99, with skill at S lvl. But then he is transported into a world where he is on the bottom of the power chart. And here the things start to get kind of "meh" - ... more>>

a relatively powerful street vendor directs him to a really powerful inn owner, who then starts training the MC and another guy. All the while the protagonist whines at himself. Then this "master" orders them to attack trees (which, for some reason, have levels)

and here I stopped reading. The translation is OK, the setting is interesting too, however the characters just irritate me. I'd not recommend this story, but you are free to see for yourself if it's your kind of novel. <<less
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Chamber rated it
May 29, 2017
Status: completed
One of the few novels I actually enjoyed reading to the end. The ending feels slightly rushed (like the last two chapters though) and is pretty generic, but overall, it has some nice quality to it.

Recommended for those who like cultivation novels.
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
April 5, 2017
Status: c73
Starts slow as the story uses the first 10-15 chapters setting things up. Things pick up after the newbie training and gets really interesting. The world building is well done and very creative. The author has taken common gamer tropes and embelished them into something mature and well thought out. Instead of explaining obviouse gaming machanics the author instead focuses on the pros and cons of the gamer system and how the MC overcomes and exploits them. Its a combination of gamer levelups and wuxia enlightenment. Pure grinding won't help... more>> the MC get stronger and so he has to level his skills by properly learning magic, swordsmsnship, etc. This saves the story from being a boring grindfest that half the gamer stories fall into. It helps even more that the author focuses on character development and doesn't waste more time then necssary on the grinding bits. By not getting caught up in the repetitive monster hunting it allows the story to keep a good pace. Some more details on the world would be fun but unnecessary as the world is heavily based on classic MMOs. Its refreshing to read a gamer webnovel thats not smothering the reader in excessive and obviouse details (like basic rpg machanics and pages of level grinding). <<less
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Aeternus rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: c119
The novel is not bad. I say... and give it a 2 star review...

You could read it, if you have the time. The basic ideas are interesting, some choices are too, but it suffers from inept execution. It is short and straight, like a stick, that lacks ornaments, which I feel are necessary, but you may not.

I feel the plot alone is not strong enough to carry the story, to engage me to care about anyone in it.
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madstack rated it
August 19, 2018
Status: c37
So, this is basically a slice of life novel, with some action every now and then and an occasional training montage... The problem is that these crucial elements are simply terribly done. The author puts no effort into anything.

Details below (no spoilers).

  • The premise is all right
    Nothing special when one gives it some thought. It's not that original, but would probably be much more entertaining if it was a comedy (which it isn't).
  • Slice of nobody's life
    This is the core of the novel, yet its execution is simply horrible. 'Slice of Life' is usually carried by dialogue, but dialogue is probably the weakest point of this novel. The author seems to either put no effort into it, or he counts on readers being idiots. Most of the time, dialogue is actually used as a word padding tool.
  • Bad action
    The basis of it is pretty good, but it is very plain and poorly described in the end. This generally shouldn't be a big issue in this kind of story, but because the novel doesn't actually have anything else, it stands out even more.
  • No characterization
    There is no proper character exposition, the protagonist is just some guy that wants to return home and that's about it.
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Assasianfury rated it
April 26, 2018
Status: c112
I like to read the entire novel before giving a review but the translation has stalled for so long I fear that it will never be finished! I have really enjoyed this novel since it have a brand new spin on the game system / world genre, so it starts off with our MC who is teleported to a fantasy world with a game system but unlike other novels our story doesn't start off with him being lvl 1 he is already 99 and at the top of the world... more>> because he has worked hard to get there but that all takes place before the novel. Our story takes place after he reaches 99 and let me tell you, it is one hel l of a journey for only 112 chapters so far! I just hope someone else picks up the translating so I'm short I am giving this novel 5 stars and the translator 2 stars because of the dropped ball on pace.....I mean come on chapter 111 came out in December of 2017 and 112 came out in February and it's March now! Where is the chapters and don't give me BS! <<less
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LoneDK rated it
May 2, 2019
Status: c115
Story is very shallow. The formula is going to dungeon to train, get into some trouble with some powerful people, duck into another dungeon to train, revenge,.... There's no tension, nothing. Worst, there were some conflicts that went completely unresolved. Characters are introduced and then quickly forgotten. Some might pop up now and then but it's more of a cameo. The main character is all over the place. At one point is intelligent, calm, collected. Other places he acts as complete dumb-ass. Everything just goes his way, we don't see... more>> any struggles. I'm fine with an OP character but it has to be backed up with interesting character/story/world building. There's nothing of sort here. The world feels small and empty. In each "dimension" he goes through, it's the main town + some training ground and dungeons, that's it. It was ok at first since I thought it would develop but it never did. Overall a very lackluster and mediocre story. <<less
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grandplex rated it
February 16, 2017
Status: c38
Haven't seen a review beyond the intro phase basically, so I'll write one. This is actually pretty good. In the beginning it seems a little generic, and the personalities are a little flat for the first 10-15 chapters, but then it really takes off, the characters start having interesting personalities, and we get past the MC being really weak. The only small downside is it is actually going a bit too fast almost, I hope the MC does not reach the point where he is OP and then it spends... more>> a bunch of chapters with him s*upidly messing around before he moves on to the next area like in some bad chinese novels. Not expecting it though since this is a korean novel where the author's aren't whoring their consciences to pad their chapter count into the 1000's. <<less
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NOVEllUPdATEss rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: Completed
This is one of the few novels I actually enjoyed the full ride. It isn't exceptional nor unique, but the consistency throughout the story was the best I've ever read on NU (and I read a LOT of them). Try the first few chapters, and if you enjoy them, you're almost guaranteed to enjoy the rest of the novel.
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naknuknik rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: c120
As of chapter 120 I can say this: This novel is pretty good and I think its fine for it to end now. It's a struggle to get powerful, but there's always someone stronger and its not just another mob-character like in xianxia. The thing I like the most is that there's a clear reason to get stronger and its not a walk in the park despite whatever talents he might have. Sure the MC is a bit unique, but his ass can get handed to him by quite a... more>> number of people and there are dangerous situations.

TL;DR I guarantee reading up to chapter 120 and ending there will be pretty good (3.5-4). Idk about continuation. <<less
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Yung_lane rated it
September 27, 2017
Status: c92
*** Decided to delete previous review, as qualms I had became baseless after a certain number of chapters. Before I would have said I was being generous giving it a '4', however now, after getting up to date it has proven its worth in being much more.

The setup is new and interesting, the progression seems dry at first but gets exciting later on, and lastly the character development which the novel seems to be devoid of in the beginning, rears its head from around C.40 onwards. It is not... more>> the "best" game based novel I've read, but it's still exceptional.

I can definitely see how this might not be to some people's tastes, but if you love the "game" or "level up" kind of genre, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. <<less
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OrderedChaos rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: --
Okay soo the best thing about the novel is that its well written but everything else is basically meh. I feel as if im reading a journal aside from the character interactions/monologues. The author doesn't talk too much about his system which is great for people who dont want to get info dumped but at the same time I think hes just bad at explaining background settings and/or avoiding it too much. He only states the minimum possible parts of the setting and doesn't say much else. In turn, the... more>> reader feels like the MC is just running around from place to place (oddly enough the before entering a hidden dungeon there seems to be much more details which leads me to believe that the author can get detailed but oddly doesn't seem to want to, another example is the act 1 boss and other character details). At first I thought it was smartly written but its just well written to the point where its as if you got on a leisurely train ride. Basically the only thing thats making me want to read this is just to know what happens next. Its not a horrible novel but its not a masterpiece either. The great thing is that its executed decently. <<less
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dosithee rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: c35
MC is dumb. Over and over other's tell him super obvious things and he is like "WOW! That's a good idea." and I'm slapping my face at his s*upidity.

Focus is heavily on pretty boring drama so far. There are fights, but they lack the kind of charm that makes a fight fun.

Closer to "This dungeon is Too Hard, " than to any of the other good Korean stories.
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Diddler rated it
September 24, 2019
Status: --
It's simple. MC literally has no adversaries and steamrolls through anything in his way. And somehow he's the only human in the entire universe with a shred of talent.

Basically a litrpg with no frills, and pretty good up until ch120.

After 120, you're hit full force with a healthy dose of korean nationalism (MC literally does military the first thing after coming back to his world LOL), and a garbage plot of "MC forgot to tie up all the lose ends before goofing off for a thousand years now it's coming... more>> back to bite him in the ass". <<less
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introparadox rated it
November 1, 2017
Status: c104
If there is something that I would complain about, it would be that this novel is not hyper good, and that it's a women-less novel up to now, it's truly dry in this aspect. So I think it deserve more than 5 in the rating standard of this website.


... more>>

the MC starts to overly relay on the help of summons (he spent 100 years grinding only trying to gather orbs needed for summoning, he didn't try to improve himself during this time at all), and he start to be overpowered by enemies his level or lower considering that the MC is higher than his numerical level and with his top notch equipment. The MC personality also started to feel unstable, he started as a calculating man only to discover that his true personality is the inverse hotblooded, then now he is neither, he start to seems a like a s*upid coward, though all of that is not extreme, and justifiable so the story is still good, but it started to get annoying.

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Ashra rated it
August 21, 2017
Status: c84
I am a massive fan of this series. I just love how different the setup is to most other novels i've read.

In this after everyone maxes out in their world they upgrade to Asgard where nearly everyone else has insane skills/levels/everyone else is a MC in their own right.

Fairly fun series with a lot of grinding/fighting/bosses/awesome side characters
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Farella rated it
December 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Now that I finally found the bravery to read the mtl I can review the whole novel.

The open ending wasn't disappointing because the whole novel was driven by the desire of the MC to battle and improve himself.

The novel is a mix of leveling up like in a game and the discovery of the MC's talent, so there are both slow and really fast arcs, but it has a tendency towards the latter.

... more>> Overall the novel is great.

In the great words of NOVEllUPdATE: This is one of the few novels I actually enjoyed the full ride. It isn't exceptional nor unique, but the consistency throughout the story was the best I've ever read on NU (and I read a LOT of them). Try the first few chapters, and if you enjoy them, you're almost guaranteed to enjoy the rest of the novel.

In my words, it's a 4/5 for all its aspects (characters, world building,...), but is not outstanding in any of them, even then, I would give it a 5/5: even great novels like LoM, which have great world building or character development, can have a great defiency in an aspect (which this novel doesn't have, as I just said). <<less
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