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Group Name Ebisu Translations
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
02/25/18 Shoujo Grand Summoning c152
02/23/18 In Search of Love c6
02/23/18 Shoujo Grand Summoning c151
02/21/18 Shoujo Grand Summoning c150
02/20/18 Strongly Pampered Male Wife c13
02/19/18 My Pet Is a Holy Maiden c61
02/19/18 Holistic Fantasy c54
02/18/18 Strongly Pampered Male Wife c12
02/18/18 Strongly Pampered Male Wife c11
02/17/18 Shoujo Grand Summoning c149
02/17/18 I Bought a Girl c38
02/16/18 Wicked Soldier King c163
02/15/18 Shoujo Grand Summoning c148
02/14/18 Shoujo Grand Summoning c147
02/13/18 Shoujo Grand Summoning c146
02/12/18 My Pet Is a Holy Maiden c60
02/09/18 Wife, You Can’t Run After Eating c6
02/07/18 Wicked Soldier King c162
02/07/18 Strongly Pampered Male Wife c10
02/07/18 My Pet Is a Holy Maiden c59
02/07/18 Cheat Magician Life That Started From Being Judged Useless c3
02/07/18 In Search of Love c5
02/05/18 My Pet Is a Holy Maiden c58
02/04/18 Strongly Pampered Male Wife c9
02/02/18 Wicked Soldier King c161
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