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What’s there to say? 100 people got randomly selected to be thrown into anime worlds.

Unlimited Anime Works average rating 3.7/5 - 119 user ratings
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S. Capo
New S. Capo rated it
November 8, 2017
Status: Completed
It took me a lot of patience just to finish this novel. Of all the BS in it, the author still had the guts to make the ending open-ended WTF?

... more>>

The ending is he still has to look for an arthur (out of all the arthurs in parallel universe/anime worlds he made) to make a world for him. Tsss out of all the things that happened to make him omnipotent he still wasnt able to make the last thing he has to do, just so that the novel ends in an open ended way. Alright author, you want to be artistic I get it, but too late, why do it at ending, it just doesnt make sense. You can just say, bam! And the MC created the world and that is it. Why make a simple thing complicated for crying out loud?

The author just keeps adding anime after anime, he made the characters' emotion and personality to his convenience, heck he even added "The Land of Fantasy" and I even wonder if he watched that anime, the personality of the characters are all way effin off. He made Yakumo Yukari a spoiled brat loli. WTF? Ok I know Land of Fantasy has a lot of lolis in it but not everyone is loli. Tsk this author. It was really a headache, most of the animes he used I dont think he even watched. I had a lot of complain which made me had a headache but im not gonna say it since it is his novel, he can do whatever, it is just of all the patience it still didnt end well. A lot of plot holes. A lot of confusion. Dont expect anything out of the plot. It doesnt make sense.

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aakashwadhwa7 rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: c106
This novel could have been so much better if only author didn't make the main character such a hypocrite.

The first world he gets transported into is high school of dead MC being a Chinese has very big hatred towards Japanese people and the story is continuing in Japan and you know mc's thought about saya's parents was to kill because they were deeply related to japanese politics!? Come on you're not even a politician you're just a student be a student! MC loves to kill. Yes after his first kill... more>> he went wild to kill 15 more before he stopped, making him scared, wtf!?

MC being a Japan hater you would expect MC not to know much about anime but our MC does know about the storyline just like you would expect a otaku to. Seriously I was expecting more rejection towards things like this from amount of hatered described till here. It do make the taste of whole novel go bad. It was supposed to be a anime novel which usually doesn't even care about world let alone country!

MC, first bed experience was with a women from Japan, he did her and later she is forgotten coz MC had a different girl at that time and MC is like soz I can't coz I gotta a girl and that girl happens to be a Japanese too. Wow.

I was expecting the novel to at least focus more on the plot or give more Spotlight to anime characters but they just get over shadowed to the point it's a pity (later he gets power up where he can kill MC and replace him, by this you can understand the overshadow level).

By the end of high school dead arc he got power up which lets his blood to allow those bitten by zombies not turn into a zombie. Mitary wants mc's help and will protect him and mc's reaction I want freedom and I'm a Chinese so you can't detain me! Seriously? Yes you got power ups but you still will die by a gunshot buddy. MC was willing to give his blood but only to china which will later give it to rest of the world with conditions. Come on its world endcyou won't even have that much population anymore to even call yourself a city let alone a country and still going on about this?

Overall it was okay nationalism, racism is very high. Gives the feel chinese human is different human than rest of the world humanity.

If you're not okay with those kind of things like me then I dont recommend this book to you as more than plot it is filled with this. I'm here for reading plot and maybe action or romance but not about being a chinese!

Plot is full of holes even though its using an anime as a base. Story telling skill of author is very average and parts which author feels hard to describe are changed to something else like turning into a chinese hating a Japanese thing.

It is very fast paced, anime was fast paced but this is even faster. Literally new stuff happen in each chapter and words used to describe any thing besides MC are very less and it's not even 50 chapters we get our time skip of 2 years!!!? I get it MC doesn't really have much to do besides killing zombies but still I would expect you to continue a bit more!

Reading this will require patience and tolerance so good luck

Update ((second arc))

In second arc there is not that much racism regarding being a Chinese or japanese so kodos for that but author got some other problem here now which I feel is more worriesome than being patriot...

Girls are very one dimensional like seriously they totally loose how they were in anime... And they sure have got a problem with falling in love with MC too fast it's just too fast and the reason for falling I find weird too. I mean seriously, arisa fell for MC because he didn't give a sh*t about her when they first talked. The way MC acted should have left a bad impression instead of a good one!

Start of second arc MC in first chapter gets an identity of a student in school with Shu.. guess what he went there and started sleeping by being scolded by teacher for it he started trolling the teacher and I really feel bad for the teacher like seriously what kind of student tell their teacher to roll? So bad humor sense! If you hate learning that much you can just skip school instead of being a jerk!

Problem with MC and relationship with girls-

He chooses one set goal he wants to conquer in each world as far as I get it till here

After acting in front of them and making them fall he will go to bed some other girl who fell for him while knowing MC is in relationship with a girl while saying "let me by your side I will do anything and won't get in your relationship either". And MC gets a soft heart after listening that and they do it. God that is the time you take a stand and let that girl move on you jerk! Okay fine if you do her at least take responsibility she's giving her first time. MC just leave the girl and be chummy with his girlfriend in the morning like nothing happened! Seriously!?

I was hoping some romance and continued since I didn't really like this much considering MC hypocrisy and nt so good plot descriptions and plot holes but I was sorely disappointed. If you're like me, I will not recommend this novel. <<less
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Overclock rated it
November 2, 2016
Status: c10
Can't say much about the system at this point. Overall interesting, but has faults.

MC goes from scared normal guy to ruthless fighter quickly. His existence overshadows the original MCs to the level its sad. Borderline NTR by stealing the hearts of females before they hook up.

Author is bad at describing characters. A female character who had orange hair is blonde and a man with dyed obvious fake hair is just blonde.

... more>>

Author also has a odd outlook in rxxx and women. In the first mission, MC's group see a man forcing himself on a woman, and they all react by blushing and turning their heads for half a minute. You would think this group who can kill would have a better reaction. When they finally do chase the man away, the girl follows him, saying she's a weak girl who knows her place. This was all not even 24 hours after the apocalypse of this world.

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Bubbletehh rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: --
I don't even need to continue reading to know this will be a sh*tty novel, the premise was good but ruined by his characters. Unlike Shoujo Grand Summoning which did a splendid job, this novel purely shat upon the very concept of Anime. The MC is some 2D idiot with basically no thought process, side characters are all seemingly the same. It felt as if the author forcibly tried to introduce the anime aspect. The Chinese nationalism is also a giant turnoff. Would NOT recommend reading this novel, instead skip... more>> to Shoujo Grand Summoning which has the same anime focus. <<less
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superpsycho7 rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: Completed
Don't take another bad comment too seriously.

This novel deserve for 5 Star for real, it remind me from Terror Infinity but with anime reference instead.

Someone said he's racism, it's not, it's more patriotism than racism.

... more>> On earlier story, he treat anime world just as a games. Even treat heroines like "Woman who should I conquer".

But as the story grew, he changed, he's attached to anime world. So it wouldn't be the same.

He truly cared about all (Harem) of them, even so he would do anything for them. Until they (harem) aware how &important his existence in their life.

So the harem is not just a background character, they also changed (which I like) for better.


Later the earth changed, even some of the anime world merge on it. It's chaotic that Nagato from Kancolle and Nagato from Aoki Hagane always quarelled about who is the true Nagato, Reimu Hakurei who always extorted MC with her shamelessness, there are also eastern myth mixed in this novel, like Lady Wa, Fu Xi. Etc.


oh and one more important thing in this novel


Loli, Loli, Loli, and Loli.

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dreamerhope rated it
June 21, 2017
Status: v32c2606

I just finished reading this series. I saw previous reviews. Always some criticism. The author is Chinese, like any other person they would like to have a connection to themselves. The sudden change in Feng Yu Chen is explained later on quite well. Of course Feng Yu Chen would over shadow the other protagonist, 100 players are the new protagonist of those worlds. Those anime protagonist became protagonist because of certain events (High school of the dead: Takashi Komuro) normal person raising to the challenge to protect those close to him. Feng Yu Chen takes over that role, becoming a pillar of support, causing Takashi Komuro to have little reason to become leader) 2nd world Guilty Crown Shu Ouma (well massacred for his unique power, very weak and wish washy, great for role to be taken by ruthless Feng Yu Chen) 3rd world Sword art online Kirito (not so social, experience not much.

Feng Yu Chen experience becoming protagonist by surpassing his skill, social game, and experience.) Other worlds similar Feng Yu Chen became the pillar of support. Feng Yu Chen growth in all aspects were truly touching. From playing the game to truly interacting in the world and recognize bonds made to be genuine. From giving his all to protect the females he saved to recognize they to want to fight to protect himself and recognize them as comrades. From relying on the system to truly being able to fight. Alot of events leaving a emotional impact. Feng Yu Chen going through the over 20 worlds never became dull. The system moved from beta testing to improvements and drawing players from other universes. The system would try to balance the players through limits to similar level. Some worlds Feng Yu Chen had no strength, such as assassin training, before entering akame ga kill, out of every 10 players, 1 would live. System added memory seals, basically having no knowledge of the plot or other players. Some times system makes error due Feng Yu Chen's saint mark and he becomes a loli in attack on titan. (Feng Yu Chen very great in this world). Feng Yu Chen surpasses other protagonist, achieving very satisfying endings. Saving Inori Yuzuriha from death, redeeming Saber and saving her truly. Blacking females to save them, ex Sinon making her embrace her violent desires, having pass point of no return by having Sinon torture Kyoujii Shinkawa to her hearts content. Feng Yu Chen character was very interesting a major super die-hard lolicon!!! Hahaha. Slaughter his enemies without mercy, treating those close as family. This novel was truly great. A few things I felt inconsistent, but reasonable. Machine translation I am use to so I can read. I Chinese novels pattern to have a vague ending, but I still wish this novel had an after story. Author's own work has right to his own preference. In conclusion, great novel.

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gilbert777 rated it
July 15, 2017
Status: v10c800
For me this novel deserves 5 star rating.

It 's like Infinity series where MC gets stronger every time after battle royale in Anime world and just like Shoujou Grand Summoning, our MC brings back heroines from their anime world to the real world. Some readers complain that MC trigger love flags with multiple heroines everywhere, but in the end only bring 1 heroine to the real world due to the system limitation. And here I'm telling you that starting from the 6th world, the limitation has been relieved and our... more>> MC also revisits each world to bring those 'forgottten' heroines back to real world (although not everyone accepts it).

There is only 1 anime world for each volume and although I only know Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online and Naruto (current world 10th volume) plot story, I still enjoy other anime world plot since this novel skips the anime world building and certain plots quite a lot. Afterall the focus on this novel is how our MC competes with other 99 players finishing the main plot quest with different settings sometimes.


In Naruto world our MC status is adopted son of Hyuga clan which is an orphan who has both Sharingan and Byakugan bloodline which is called White Sharingan which doesn't exist in the real story

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