Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~


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Beings that create and control monsters and demons, beings that build and reign over malicious labyrinths, the chosen individuals to possess an overwhelming Unique Skill… They are the Demon Lords.

Demon Lords entice people to come to the labyrinth they’ve built and eat the people’s despair as their nourishment.

However, Creation Demon Lord Procell has decided that he will obtain people’s hopes and not their despair as nourishment, and built a happy town instead of a malicious labyrinth to collect human beings.

This is the story of an eccentric Demon Lord, his inner thoughts, and his poker face.

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Dungeon Builder: The Demon King's Labyrinth is a Modern City
The Demon Lord’s Building a City! ~The Strongest Dungeon is a Modern Day City~
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58 Reviews

Sep 23, 2016
Status: v8c10
The Good:
Lots of curb-stompy, OP MC battles where MC absolutely destroy the opponent thanks to his ability to use modern weaponry + special monsters creation powers. So those who like monster summoning and guns in a fantasy world may like this. There's also that anticipation of what type of monster he's going to get with the medals he can combine so gatcha fans may like this. Fairly cute girls too. The Bad:
Okay, so first of all, despite the MC being a Dungeon Master, this is not really a dungeon building story. The main plot revolves more around building a city where the MC can slowly harvest human's DP over time than the quick harvesting that most dungeon masters do when killing adventurers. Fortunately, I'm fairly fond of city-building novels too. However, like with many WNs, this suffers from OP MC concept where every single challenge isn't a challenge since the MC has the power to create modern day equipment from his imagination and the power to create incredibly strong monsters. I don't really mind OP MCs in most of the cases as long as there's some sort of challenge/struggle. Or if there's no struggle, at least some type of focus on SoL or something. However, this MC just utterly curbstomps all of his opponents to the point that I'm actually feeling sorry for them. For example, when

he used gatling guns to wipe out all of the newbie dungeon lord's army in the noob battle, or when he bypasses every single trap his opponent sets up.


And as for the cool city building aspect of it? Well, he relies on selling rare goods (created by his similarly OP servants), offering amazing incentives to immigrate (also thanks to his special abilities), and providing super cheap services (which is possible thanks to his powers). Although this isn't a bad thing as of itself, there are almost zero chapters spent on him actively developing the city and it's economy; everything is just solved with magic. There's slight more city development now, but it's still mostly reliant on his amazing summons that only he has access to. Tl;dr: Possibly cool concept but has a MC that is so ridiculously overpowered that nothing is a challenged to him in a story that is focused around battles.
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Nov 18, 2016
Status: v1c20
As of now I'm up to date with the original webnovel with the help of some machine translation, so here goes some spoiler-y comments:

... more>>

Procell's the MC and he's a Demon Lord with the ability of [Creation]. Every Demon Lord has one such ability, like [Beast], [Wind], [Alchemy] and so on; each ability grants some powers to the Demon Lord and the ability to create minions of varied capabilities. Procell's [Creation] power allows him to create any object from his memory out of thin air. And for some reason, he has modern-day knowledge (in a european medieval fantasy-type world), so he immediately creates some modern weapons like pistols, rifles etc.

It baffles me that the MC limits his own OP ability to the creation of some 4 or 5 weapons when he could totally overhaul the world he lives in and how its warfare is made with some small stuff like radios for instant communication between troops, night vision goggles, watches, cameras or, idk, some better clothing or armor. In one instance he does create a pair of binoculars, but it's never mentioned again and no one acts with any curiosity towards it. Also, although he does create some computers for Elder Dwarf (one of the main characters and a general in Procell's army) to work with, he does not create other similar devices, like smartphones or any other electronic device whatsoever (and even the computers he made, they're of exclusive use of the Elder Dwarf), which's pretty dumb. ED's computers are powered by a diesel engine, but it never occurs to MC or ED to expand the usefulness of electricity or combustion-powered machines.

What I'm trying to say is that the author dropped the ball hard on the creative department when it comes to MC's powers' versatility. There is some kind of explanation for that, but it's not very convincing and also doesn't tackle this issue directly.


Also, I'd like to say some pretty obvious thing about MC's war strategy: His main thing is that he builds a looong corridor and puts some machine guns on its end, so that the enemy has to take fire all the way across it. Seems an OK strategy, up until you realize that he could just build some freaking grids in said corridor and just let the bullets through without the risk of a quick enemy dodging 'em. Also, if the machine gunners had night vision equipment, the whole corridor could be kept on the dark. Also, the whole floor and walls of the corridor could be electrified or coated in glue. Also, the machine gunners could have some rocket or grenade launchers. Also.... well, you get the point. The author's too weak on the creative department.

BTW, I must say here that there's some major lazy writing on part of the author on Elder Dwarf's role in this story. ED's basically responsible for everything pertaining to "production" in MC's army and city. She builds buildings, infrastructure, weapons, tools, clothing, everything ---- but we never see any of that. All we know's that ED has a "workshop" and works there, and voilá, when the MC needs something, the author just says that ED made it for him, and it's always the bestest ever thing ever made. Just because reasons.


Up until now there's barely any character growth, but that's OK I guess, since we're still in the beginning of the story. That said, if you like the characters as they are now, you'll most likely like them for the months to come, but I find them rather bland and one-dimensional stereotypes. The MC doesn't truly have a personality, he's just "a nice guy" and the rest of his troup's mainly composed by japanese tropes. As for antagonists, it's quite depressing that the first true villain of the series was the moustache-twirling-kind of villain and he's dealt with pretty easily and effortlessly, not only because he's weak, but because of some bullsh*t cheating by MC's crew during their fight. It's all smooth sailing for our heroes, who never seem to be in any kind of danger or pinch whatsoever - if you're faint of heart and rather take it easy or if you don't like plot twists or major turn of events, then this story's for you.

As for the city-building part of the story, I must say it's pretty lazy and undetailed. We never see anything happening, but get reports from time to time of how things are developing. MC's city's infrastructure's mainly built offscreen by Elder Dwarf and her helpers and the author does not think it's interesting to delve into city planning or things like that. Things just work, don't ask me why. There's no modern structures in this city and MC doesn't give any input or insight towards this area, he just lets things flow naturally. There no drama here.

All in all, this novel's more slice of life than anything else. Very lukewarm, tame and easy-going. Everyone's nice to everybody else, there's always giggles and cute stuff happening everywhere and everything our heroes set out to do turns out successfully, there's no setback at all in anything, it's all handled perfectly. Is there cruelty and evil happening in this world? Sure. But not to our main cast and their marvelous city.

So... Yeah. 3 stars.

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Oukis Lips
Oukis Lips
Jun 17, 2017
Status: v2c19
The characters and plot are completely one-dimensional. The MC has no back-story, rather than being a reincarnated person with amnesia, it's more appropriate to say he's just a newborn with random knowledge of earth technology.

And every chapter, there are at a minimum 5 paragraphs detailing the specs of the guns, and another 5 paragraphs of the characters praising the guns... Are the guns are the main characters? You'd seriously have to be a gun-otaku in order to enjoy this story.

It's supposed to be a dungeon-building, reincarnated into a fantasy world... more>> story, but it certainly doesn't have that vibe, I mean, there's no magic or anything that I've seen that isn't pertaining to guns. I feel like the author's thought process was something along the lines of: 'well, nobody will read my story about guns if it's set in a modern setting, and those Isekai novels sure do have a lot of readers, so I guess I'll just try to trick people into reading about my gun-novel by making the setting a fantasy world where the MC just conveniently has the knowledge to build guns but nothing more.' <<less
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Sep 17, 2017
Status: v2c16
I'd be honest, why does this have high rating?

Everything goes way too easy for the MC, the sub characters glorifies him for no solid reasons.

And realistically speaking..... more>>

how can he build a city out of nowhere, without anyone's permission? It will be realistic if it's away from civilization but he is just walking distance away from another city with a capacity of 100, 000 people. So logically speaking the land is within protection of that said city and I doubt the governor of that gigantic city will allow another city built in between a dungeon and his city because he will lose resources. He is suppose to be smart..?

He build a freaking city out of nowhere without asking any land lords. I mean it's a freaking medieval period, a royalty or a nobel should have ownership to the land especially one near a freaking city. And assumes that he will be the governor just because he build it? I don't think life is that easy, especially on medieval period and force can't be used once a nobel or a royalty makes a move since it will be an all out war from there.

He only asked permission from another demon lord. The setting is way to unrealistic.

I don't know how many times I cringed from reading this. At some point it became outright creepy. <<less
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Imortal ZoD
Imortal ZoD
Dec 15, 2019
Status: v8 prologue
Dropped this at volume 8

Here are a few of my gripes with this work and why I feel you should stay away:

The biggest issue I have with this novel is its eastern storytelling style. The story has no overarching conflict basically, leaving the whole thing feel directionless.

... more>>

At the point I dropped it our protagonist was in his this world for less then a year and was moping the floor with demon lords with almost 3 centuries of experience under their belt.

Why was he doing all that? One thing led to another, basically. Things just happen to the MC. No rime, no reason, no setup, no rewards. There's no tension because he's op, at no point is he challenged more than he can take and his adversaries are both evil geniuses and fumbling buffoons at the same time.

Me: Hey mister author, which girl do you want to be the love inters?

Author: Yes!

Me: Wait, even the 13 years old looking less then 1 year olds?

A: What? NO! Those are technically his daughters and he views them as such

Me: Oh, good. For a moment I thought he wanted to fu...

A:... and he secretly wants to f*ck them.

Me: FUUUUUU@^%#$!^@#

Rules and characters keep being bent to suit the author's needs and as a result the whole world feels comically unreal. It's basically a carton cutout badly painted. The only thing you could call this novel is a badly written power fantasy.

I've read erot*c novels with the same premise done better. <<less
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Sep 04, 2017
Status: v2c16
As far as fantasy novel go, there is no problem.

When in come to city management, number of people and the creation of product, the author is pulling it ouf of nowhere.

This is fine for those that like it, but for people that are into more realistic novel (as much as you can in fantasy novel), this will be hard to read.

edit: After reading more, the MC become way creepy. The heroines, that he used to be called his daughters, became more like lovers.
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Dec 02, 2016
Status: v1c24
Really fun novel to read, has not progressed much at all really, but the premise till now is really interesting.

While there are elements of op showing through in the MC it's not immediate, and shows the power be is capable of, though he is still stronger than others of his own level.
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Nov 20, 2016
Status: v4c8
Review as of v1 c21

The story hasn't actually gotten to the part he makes the town mentioned in the title. But even now it's looking pretty interesting. It doesn't exactly do anything no other series has done but it's an interesting blend. A bit of reincarnation, a bit of amnesia, a bit of modern weaponry, a bit of OP subordinates with the MC being a support based character, and of course a bit of harem (However given how the two girls so far seem to view him as a parent... more>> we'll see if that goes anywhere). In any case it blends the themes well and seems to do so with a goal in mind and isn't just throwing plot elements together.

Review update as of v4 c8

The series is really progressing well. The town building is interesting and the battle side of things is interesting. Possibly the most interesting part is that the MC's abilities make him easily the most powerful demon lord ever but because he's less than a year old he has to be careful against the human kingdoms and the senior demon lords. For example in the series demon lords make monsters through medals, with the medal ranks ranging from A to C. But they can only make original medals once a month and make imitation medals two grades below the original through spending DP which they earn through luring humans into their dungeon. As a result no matter how OP the MC is he only has so much to work with after a few months. While a senior demon lord will have build up a massive force of A class monsters after so many years. Even if the MC's monsters are of higher quality they are still less plentiful and less experienced making them vulnerable

Because of this the series has an excellent sense of peril despite how OP the MC is. <<less
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Nov 25, 2019
Status: v8c7
Awful, just plain awful, avoid at all costs!

This novel can be summarized like this;

Take almost every imaginable Japanese cliche you can find, make your novel based upon dungeon master's, then mix all those cliches in a bag and try to write a story based on those mixed ingredients. The result is this tr*sh-tier web-novel!

So you get this novel based on dungeon masters (which was the only reason I even bothered to read this tr*sh in the first place), where the dungeon masters acts as some sort of demon lords feeding... more>> of human emotions, engaging in war against each other. The dungeon masters are given a mentor/parent too teach and guide them the first year of their life and that first year also acts as a sort of safety net before they can be attacked by older DM's. Each new Demon Lord/DM are born with one unique ability to create their own personal monsters via a medal, with various ability's like fire, water, time, dragons, beasts, wind and so forth. The DM's can then combine various medals to create unique monsters and the strength of the created monster they get, is based upon the added medal's strengths and traits. In theory, this dosen't sound bad at all!

The problem with this novel and it's premise (which on paper could turn into some pretty interesting novel imo), is that the author lacks the skills to do something decent with it. Since he doesn't have the skill to do anything interesting with the premise, the novel degrades into the worst kind of Japanese slice of life crap instead, with a heavy focus on various weapon descriptions and a even bigger focus on some creepy "daddy" role-play too really make it off-putting. The male lead is the usual cliched, annoying, dense, Gary Stu beta harem male (The one in this novel is probably one of the worst I've ever seen) lead, that's way to common in Japanese web-novels. The fact that he has an extremely OP ability plus the fact that he lacks any sort of personality or personal appeal whatsoever makes the novel even more annoying to appreciate. Yeah, I get it, he's supposed to be a self insert, but all that manages to do is to make the novel suck even more. Then you have his cliched semi-harem of extremely OP summoned/created female monsters, which the MC treats like his "daughters" for some disturbing reason, instead of being endearing, it just comes off as extremely creepy instead. I call it semi-harem due to the reason that even though pretty much all of the major female cast wants to bone him, this guy is so afraid of women that he has to resorts to role-playing as some sort of a father figure instead of actually growing a pair.

The world building is also hilariously bad. For instance, there is a huge plain between a city and a senior dungeon masters dungeon where the MC decided to build his city, which he did in a week or so without anyone asking why or how a city just magically emerged on an otherwise empty plain. There are some random citys mentioned, a few dungeons here and human kingdoms do exists, but that's pretty much it in terms of world building. There is no background whatsoever on where in that world they actually exist, which regions they are in, what they produce, their culture, how they are ruled and so forth. I'm serious, absolutely nothing whatsoever is explained (except for annoying info-dumps about guns), they just exists somewhere in the world just because the author said so. As if that weren't enough, pretty much all the side-characters are flat and boring as hell, which makes even the slice of life parts a chore to read. No character really stands out aside from perhaps the only other male worth mentioning in the MC's "dungeon", his aide. He is pretty cool actually!

But wait, there's more, the author also decided to give his op MC access to modern day weapons and modern culture. So yeah, the MC gets the isekai bonus despite this not being an isekai novel, giving him a huge lead over all the other DM's. Hell, there is even some futuristic weapons thrown into the mix to really make him invincible. The worst part of this novel is the many boring, repetitive descriptions of the various present day weapons his "daughter" invents. Wait, actually I take that back, the whole father/daughter role-play thing he has going on is way worse.

The below spoiler is just a small part of the icing of the already OP cake of OP-ness the MC has access to...

One of the mc's monster manages to create fu**ing terminator like golem's, yes in plural. Yeah, that's not going to be OP and totally destroy any sort of immersion in an otherwise extremely generic and sub-par sword & board fantasy world, nope not at all!

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Mar 11, 2017
Status: v2c20
So close to being a great Dungeon Master/builder story.

I had thought to myself if I was to write this type of story, I would have many similar concepts and ideas.
... more>>

Such as Unique Monster Creations, Gathering skills/creature types from other dungeons, creating a city for humans to live in, even fight for my protection (their own home), Small other world introductions, such as city management, apple pie, a casino.


Thankfully author avoid the worst of the Japanese Light novel killers, making it readable, and enjoyable for light reading and passing the time.... Such as avoiding repeating the same thing 3 chapters in a row: (MC acting humble while the author uses 3 sets of people to praise him for the same event in 3 different chapters, therefore repeating MC's achievement 3 times in a row...)

The are a few problems keeping this from being a great story...
Often found in Japanese Light Novels written for a younger audience, and for easy conversion/transition into Manga/Anime.

But the big problem, and it might be a bit more personal, is the use of, or over use of guns. (Sorry gun otakus)
Generally speaking, the inclusions of guns into a fantasy setting ruins the mood.
- It sucks away any action, shoot and their dead. (This story at least has some shotgun action)
- It makes the MC OP.
- I'm to lazy to think of other reasons why....
Also, this story has paragraphs explaining the gun specs, and how it's used.
Honestly, this stories gun use is not as bad as others where the MC is an adventure using gun magic.
Its actually explain, and its not the most op thing, as in magic may be able to get past it... but still, there are a few chapters in a row that only a gun enthusiast would be excited reading. <<less
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Sep 14, 2017
Status: v8c7
Kind of meh.

Our MC is a newly born dungeon master. All dungeon masters hold some special power, his being creation. Unfortunately this turns out to be the biggest problem in the novel. It's too OP and convenient and it's not used in any interesting way.

... more>>

He can create firearms of any kind essentially at will over long term. Short term is limited by his mana, which is still pretty allowable. They are as powerful as you'd expect against fantasy people.

He can also create legendary monsters with certain relatively lax conditions at will. Other dungeon masters have 33% chance of getting A rank with the same method (B otherwise), MC pulls S rank at 100%. Yeah.

Now combined these two points make him broken OP. At one point 3 other dungeon masters ganged up on MC under favourable rules to them and had powerful monsters supplied by older dungeon masters. They got defeated with barely any difficulty.

When they get to city building phase it's used to pull workforce out of nowhere. Need more smiths? Here's some master smiths out of thin air. No effort required.


How does that make an interesting story when the tone is serious?

The first volume was fine as a showcase what the MC can do and getting to know some of the characters. Unfortunately that's also where the dungeon management aspect stagnated. You can probably guess from the title where it went and at least there is some development. The powers were showcased but no new challenges to use them were presented in the later volumes.

The author also likes to focus on the guns a bit too much. Multiple times per volume we get to read about the same guns' things like weight, rate of fire, ammo capacity and all that. Why? I don't think even the characters were described in that much detail. Luckily it seems to get toned down a bit at volume 4.

Speaking of the characters, they're nothing special either. I can remember the main cast so they aren't completely worthless but they really don't stand out that much from each other.


There's the fox girl, dwarf smith that is good at building stuff and flying elf. They all love their "father" and want to be of use to him. Oh, and the male undead butler dragon and the yet unnamed water girl. They also love their "father" and want to be of use to him.


Now all this looks pretty negative. I started reading because of the potentially interesting premise but it didn't turn out as I hoped. It's not bad enough to drop now that I have started but I wouldn't expect too much of this. There's occasionally something mildly interesting, and as of vol 5 prologue there might even be something that can't be solved with creation power, but we'll see.

Edit v5 prologue -> v8c7 - 3.2019: I'll be dropping this due to general uninterest. Not even the fluffy animal eared girls can save this dreg.

The MC is a Gary Stu and the rest of the story has no value. There's little humor or comfy life or good characters or worldbuilding to keep the story worth following. Just a guy who can do pretty much anything, that has a strong plot armor and everyone who's not an obvious bad guy seem to implicitly trust him for some reason. And any plot items get resolved in some incredibly lame and/or convenient manner. Take the thing I left off with in the original review:


MC was getting corrupted by him being a demon lord if he used a power. How was this solved? Have a subordinate call a powerful subordinate to whack the MC every time he seemed to go out of control until he realized that going out of control was silly. Normal subordinates cannot harm demon lords, but conveniently he had just acquired a subordinate powerful enough to have a subordinate of their own of that level.


Or that everyone just trusts the MC:


MC is giving off great deals one after another and no one is suspicious of things being too good to be true. Say, the casino. MC decided that his city needed a casino, so he went for a business partner. 90% payback rate wasn't good enough, so MC built the facility and compensated with the city's income for the partner to handle the casino. Yeah, definitely not a suspiciously good deal. Or the time MC just claimed to be a god to counter another hostile religion encroaching his city and everyone in his city simply accepted it.

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Jan 25, 2017
Status: v2c8
I really liked the novel when it started, it had a great concept and a lot of room for a nice story, but it was clearly not what the author had planned for the novel, as of now it has crashed into the "master, amazing~" spiral in which no matter what happens during the chapter we will get a full standing ovation for the MC, I won't even begin with the lazy story telling or the smooth sailing of the MC or how bland the side characters are which can... more>> only be called stereotypical Japanese troops with no redeeming traits, honestly the only reason I gave it 3 starts is because I like the concept. <<less
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Aug 24, 2016
Status: c3
Interesting at the first read. There are many potentials for development and world-building.

And the title seems to be spoiler-ish. Although, it does give us a sense of direction for the author's as well as the protagonist's intention and dream for his future occupation: building a dungeon in the shape of an "Urban City".
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Sep 04, 2019
Status: --
Far too many jokes about MC being a pe*ophile, but in japanese that's called a lolicon, so that must be ok... The novel even aggressively explains several times when doing a description of how beautiful a child is that the MC doesn't think of it in a s*xual manner.
I find downright creepy the mere fact that the author thinks it is important to specify that the body of a 12 years doesn't invite le*d thoughts. It should be a matter of course!

MC has amnesia which is a good excuse... more>> for him having no backstory and since he has no backstory, that's obvious that he wouldn't have a personality either. None of his summoned demons (or 'daughters') have a personality either. Well unless you count 'being cute' and 'loving the MC' as a personality. The fact that they are summons also conveniently remove the problem of having to create a backstory for them.

There is little to no world building and the building of the city shows that the author doesn't understand the first thing of how a city works or is built. There are no thoughts about economics, politics, position, roads, policies,... and so on. There are lots of description of guns though.

Finally, this is a world in which demon lords gain power from the emotions humans inside their dungeon have. So they all design their dungeon in order to have the humans that do come experience the strongest of emotion such as adversity, greed, hope and despair. MC genius and unique idea is to make a city that will attract lots of humans and the story shows that he does benefit from such a dungeon a lot more than his colleagues.
Such a solution is completely obvious! If the rules makes the demon lords benefit from having more humans in their dungeon then what idiot would make it inhospitable? Even a moron should be capable of realizing that a city will host several orders of magnitude more people than an inhospitable dungeon (and you can still provoke strong emotions in them). <<less
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Enutas maph
Enutas maph
Apr 01, 2017
Status: v3c1
This is a generic tech-gap in fantasy world novel. It has some fluff moments and some bits of romance/love triangle. MC love his monsters and makes smart decisions after finding loopholes in the rules that god made for him. It's got a lot of people underestimating him then getting their asses whooped. I thing that if you like Wu Dong Qian Kun, Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri, or Zettai ni Hatarakitakunai Dungeon Master ga Damin wo Musaboru made then you'll like this novel.
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Dream Seeker
Nov 22, 2016
Status: v1c21
Not bad, while it does suffer from usual systems of web novel disease, I find to amusing enough to give biased give stars. I would recommend this to not City Builder fans nor dungeon master fans but instead card master fans.
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Feb 07, 2019
Status: v7 epilogue

This novel loses some likability from when the MC starts making his religion and brain washing people into joining his religion. One thing I hate is when a novel starts story telling about bad things and the author goes his way to explain that it is a good thing.

Not to mention there are many major plot holes before he start his religion, So this one got a 3 stars only rating because you can still pass time reading until volume 6. Volume 7 and onwards aren't recommended to read.


The author is repeating details about a persons ability multiple times. Treating the readers as incapable of remembering details and anything. "Being a R'lyeh Diva, she was able to use water as medium to communicate from the other dimension." "Kuina is a celestial fox and she can use flames magic." "Rorono is an elder dwarf and she can make things better than my creation." I've read it repeatedly through out the chapters about 3 or more times already.

I personally think there are more better ways for the author to take the story in a good direction but the author is incapable and talentless.

You will notice that the reviews before volume 7 started are high rated. Because volume 1-6 have minimum acceptable plot and logic in it. But now in volume 7 and on wards it becomes stagnant then worse when he starts doing hypocritical things and the author goes his way to portray it as a good thing.
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May 23, 2017
Status: c137
The protagonist looks like reincarnated person, but APPARENTLY NOT.


the god told him about himself has fragment of old memories from the ancient time (apparently have earth tech). Basically he can create stuffs from ancient tech because of that, but himself is not a soul who died and reincarnated after several centuries.


The story are depth + its late harem.

The plot kinda cliche but the author can keep it at bay, not boring at all.
The author is pretty talented especially in dark setting...
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Feb 06, 2017
Status: v2c13
By far it's a really good novel and have a lot potential to become better. If you like OP MC, Strategic battle, Dungeon management, City management, and harem, just give it a try

This was a good novel, it's just start to getting good when the first demon lord meeting start, so don't judge it when you haven't read till that point.

This novel is really enjoyable if you like OP MC, and the MC use his OP power effectively, He's smart but not a lazy type MC. It's also a heart... more>> warming story but don't expect any romance here. <<less
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Aug 15, 2018
Status: v7c6
This is another entry of the "dungeon master subversion" genre (I can't believe that is a thing either, but it is)


The MC is born (or maybe reborn, it's not clear) as a demon lord who is supposed to rule over his own dungeon where he would harvest residue of the strong emotions human adventurers leave behind. After being shown the ropes by a veteran demon lord, he decides that, instead of making it a maze with monsters, he would create a dungeon town to generate DP, the generic dungeon... more>> master currency.
He can safely do that because of his unique power, Creation, allows him to replicate items from modern Earth, from food to firearms, which gives him such a technological leg-up he doesn't really have to fear other demon lords. Said demon lords pose a threat because each of them possesses a single unique skill, and once a month they can create a magical medal representing that skill. Using that medal in a fusion with another one, they can create high-ranking monsters, but the actual monster is random. The MCs medal not only allows him to morph it into any other medal he knows during synthesis, it also allows him to raise the rank of the monster and pick which one he specifically wants as the end results, which means that while other demon lords are happy if they can get an A rank monster, the MC creates S-ranks one after the other. Naturally all of those monsters are cute lolies, who are madly in love with the MC, but he refuses to touch them because they are his daughters. Oh, and his mentor is also in love with him, but he refuses to touch her because he considers her his mother. Oh, and he also has a rival tsundere demon lord who is obviously crushing on him, but he refuses to touch her because they are... friends?... Yeah, it's one of those MCs.

Anyways, while the story flirts with the idea of kingdom building, in reality it spends little time on that, mostly focusing on the power-fantasy aspect where the MC uses modern technology and out of the box thinking to curb-stomp the invasions of other dungeon masters while also collecting more harem members all the time.


-The love interests are decently likable

-The system, with the monster fusion and the medals, is well thought out and makes the conflict between the dungeon masters/demon lords make sense.

-Enjoyable as a power fantasy.


-Lots of gushing over firearms. If you are into gun-p*rn, you can count this as a pro, but otherwise it is fairly annoying.


-The MC is aware of the fact the girls want him, everyone around him knows the girls want him, he also accepts the fact he wants the girls as well... and yet there is still practically zero romantic development.

-There is zero tension during the battles due to the protagonist possessing not only overwhelmingly powerful monsters, but then those monsters are also armed with full-auto shotguns and anti-materiel rifles.

-The kingdom-building, which was built up from the beginning, ended up being a little lackluster, as everything worked out way too conveniently for the MC.


This is a fun light read, but nothing really amazing. While there is practically zero tension, and the harem is being as much of a tired cliché as ever, the world-building and the characters keep it from being forgettable. Still, I would only recommend this if one really likes the kind of curb-stomp battles where the MCs side completely trample the opposition every single time, with no losses whatsoever. <<less
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