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One day, on a sunny leisure day, a woman visited my house and asked me if was interested in managing a dungeon along with support offered from a goddess. But of course, I refused. Eh? I shouldn’t ignore a person in trouble, moreover if it’s beautiful woman? No way, that’s too bothersome, why do I have to do that? I’m perfectly satisfied with my comfortable life now, throwing it away is just overly s*upid… …sigh, fine, so it’s go to another world, become a dungeon master, manage a dungeon and deal with the Mana circulation problem? Understood, but how to do it?

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The Way to Absolute Dungeon Administration – There Is No Reason To Meet With the Opponent!
必勝ダンジョン運営方法 相手に合わせる理由がない
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Lachiel rated it
October 24, 2015
Status: --
I'll just review it for now since I've read up to chapter 30.. :P.
The story is another one of those dungeon management types. The story is pretty good and doesn't feel too rushed.
Setting wise it's unique but not original. Plot wise it's pretty interesting and I would love to see more of it translated.

I -WILL NOT- recommend this to anyone at this point due to the fact that the translation has stalled.
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
February 2, 2017
Status: c40
I don't recommend this. Its a complete waste of time.

The MC a hypocrite to the extreme! He had the choice whether to stay or leave to another world! Then when he leaves he starts acting like he's the victim here. He missed Japan so much he decides to recreate it. I thought that was fine and all but.. He takes no responsibility and gives power to his servants. That might sound like a good thing but its not. What can uneducated s*aves do? S*aves that have minds and align the... more>> thinking of s*avery and don't match up to Modern society. They are ok with the Princess or anyone becoming his s*x s*ave but not a wife or have any attachment to the child she bares but they the s*aves willing to raise it. Even the succubus s*ave wants him in bed but she's merely a little girl who kills easily. A yandere maybe. Still the MC actions are questionable and everything is so easy for him yet the Author makes him seem all smart.. Annoying. Then they all sh*t on the Princess who messed up.

Might as well make this a s*x ero Novel since that's how badly the writing is <<less
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Rimpu rated it
July 31, 2016
Status: c17
The story is promising but... well, it's a light novel with hardly any narrative and 90% confusing dialogues. You will have to rack your brain a lot trying to comprehend what, when, where, why, and who is talking to who.

The novel starts off very good with the dungeon master stuff. But once the POV switches around for a couple chapters then it's getting very complicated and confusing.

However, kudos to the translator who picked this up and trying to make it easier to read.

Overall 2/5
Good story
Amateurish narrative
Confusing timeline
Too many dialogues
Frequent POV changes
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Felix3D rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: c62
This story literally insults the intelligence of those who read it.

From pointless multiple Point of View shifts, to treating the reader like an absolute idiot, this novel has all the hallmarks of sh*t writing.

Flat cardboard characters that are worse than normal Cardboard characters - they're literal strawmen wearing idiot hats for the author to use to fuel his ideological wanking and inherent sexism.

... more>> This literally insults me as a girl more than shitty r*pe novels and the p*rn novels on this site.

There are some redeeming qualities to the story, such as some slice of life moments and comedic beats, but they are all bookended by what feels like text-based lobotomization.

It starts off promisingly, but that's only because of how heavily it relies on Cliches. "Template" for all of us weebs.''

It is only the Templates, the patterns, the genre tropes that bring any sort of enjoyment to the reader. Everything else, everything that the Author adds to make this story his own instead of a rehash of the same story someone else told detracts from

It's a story about how the world works, and how it should work, written by a person who doesn't know how the world works and only knows the world from the 2Chan posts he reads while being a Hikki-neet, and thinking that he's so smart and that everyone else is a drooling braindead idiot.

In other words: this is Japanese "M'lady" neckbeard levels of writing.

If you hate women having agency; find social nuances and situations that have gravity to be too complex and need things spelled out explicitly for you; cannot see girls as anything but s*x toys and s*x objects; believe that filling your "nice guy card" entitles you to sex; and/or feel that Mankind has yet to recognize your genius and that everyone else in the world has Autism while you're an underappreciated Savant... This is the novel for you. And only you. And the author who clearly falls into these categories.

And other ones that I won't list because it is so reprehensible.

It is a story that is barely "stomach-able" chapter by chapter, one where Rereading the series or binge-reading the series is an exercise in horror and crushing all hopes and faith in humanity. Specifically Humanity's future of getting anything other than a Darwin Award.

P.S. The Translator's update memes were the only reason I managed to get so far. I highly recommend using the "Next" button at the bottom of each chapter, as that takes you to the update notification page of the next chapter with the memes. <<less
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onelamefrog rated it
October 7, 2016
Status: c32
Wow, where do I start with this? At first I was quite liking it, it was a dungeon management story where the newly appointed master displays all his cunning just to stay alive in the face of adversity... for a few chapters.

Then it was a mess. It was romantic comedy harem with cookie cutter personalities. It was poorly written, obtuse politics in an unpolished world. It was slice-of-life Japanese-culture-is-best-culture self fellatio. All thrown into a pot and stirred around without accounting for taste. If you wanted to read something that... more>> had to do with a "dungeon" at all avoid this title entirely.

This is pure wish fulfillment for building a Japanese town and harem in the middle of a fantasy setting, all without any of the world building required for such a feat. <<less
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Greimour rated it
January 13, 2018
Status: v1c11
So bad!

I tried, I really did. I don't even know how to describe it, so I will just go with my general thoughts:

1: The narrative is terrible. It's hard to tell who is doing what, where it is happening, what the scene looks like, what the characters look like (except when pictures are given), the age's of the people involved... everything is just so bad!

The whole style of writing is chaotic and leaves a lot to be desired. Basically it is written worse than this:
... more>>

Hi, I am the MC. Oh I am a Dungeon Master. Ah, I can connect to the internet back on Earth where I am from. My Goblin army is OP. Lets not give my mana to the dungeon for more DP because I might get attacked at any time and risk dying. 7 days have now passed and finally I have someone to attack with my Goblin army. Hm, it went better than I thought. Lets set them free again rather than leave them imprisoned in my dungeon where they can generate Dungeon Points for me.



2: The characters make NO SENSE!


"My family was killed and r*ped. Lets r*pe and kill the enemy in revenge." — "Oh you're the enemy. Oh, so it wasn't your fault. I am sorry, please forgive my actions. Become your Guardian? Sure!"


The MC is even worse than the above example.

3: The dialogue is excessive and written like a play:

MC: [Yes?]
Goddess: [Nothing in particular...]
MC: [Oh, nice talk. Bye.]

4: POV changes so often they might as well all be main characters. The character can switch and give a general back story and confusing dialogue five times or more in a single chapter.

5: Timeline is random. You start to learn a bit of what is going on and then, all of a sudden, five to seven days have passed.

6: The method to show the stats and abilities of characters trails down the page so much that its hard to form and image of how good/bad the persons stats are. Terribly written and displayed!

Additionally, the stat gains of class, race and so forth is completely random. And I mean RANDOM! No thought in it whatsoever. The abilities are just as bad, but check this out for an example if you don't mind spoilers:


MC Level 5 has 130 HP (26 HP per level)
Random Character level 44 has 2, 530 hp (57.5 hp per level)
Female Higher God, level 10, 493 has 34, 920 HP (3.3 HP per level)

WTH? Shouldn't a Goddess with a level of 10k+ have like 1m+ HP? Even with just the same HP gains as a random, non-important, ex-hero-esque swordsman; her HP should be a minimum 603k.

It doesn't end there. The other stat comparisons are equally messed up. No thought put into it AT ALL.


I give up already! <<less
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metazoxan rated it
May 14, 2017
Status: c44
To put it simply this novel is a dissapointment but not bad.

First off I'll start with characters

... more>>

First the MC is kinda tr*sh. I don't mean in that he's a bad person but that he's useless. See in the story there is this princess he decided to shelter because another kingdom wants to kill her. However several members of his "harem" also talk about wanting to kill her because she was used as an excuse to slaughter their homes by a corrupt minister wanting the throne. What does he do? Just sits there and lets them decide her judgement by themselves. Later the author recycles this same concept with another woman called Lulu who was a high level figure of the enemy nation but is good and tried to stop the corrupt nobles and had to flee. Well one of his girls decides she has to bare his child to live. He of course objects to this but only halfheartedly. Basically even though this guy has absolute power and authority he uses non of it under the excuse of trying to create a democracy. But even a democracy has a leader and such.

Second is the "Goddess" character. She is there for the first couple chapters, says "okay good luck" and never shows up again. It's not that she can't appear she just doesn't. It's not that she was that great of a character but it leaves this feeling of "wait that's it?"

This I'm just going to talk about his harem in bulk. Most of them suck. You know the phrase "give them and inch and they'll take a mile"? These peopjle embody that phrase. It REALLY doesn't take long after he frees them from s*avery and has them help him manage the dungeon that they basically take over. To their credit they are making mostly decent management decisions but that doesn't mean they should have absolute authority. Again this is especially true with our princess and "holy woman" Lulu. While it's understandable for several of the women to have grudges against these two neither of the women actually did anything bad so they come off as a bit unreasonable with their attitudes. To make things worse the author spends WAY too much time talking about just how the harem members feel about these two.

It gets to the point that you'll get sick of hearing about it and you'll want them to STFU and move on already. I don't need to constantly hear about how these petty b*tches "won't forgive" the princess for being a political pawn in an attempt to get her killed and steal the throne!

Next as far as over all plot goes


It goes nowhere. It starts out interesting with him summoning weak monsters and needing to rely on tricks and traps to make up for it. Except after he repels the first invasion or two non of this is adressed again! The monsters are barely mentioned except as a foot note and same with traps. Worst yet the author spent so much time explaining how the goblins have the ability to reproduce by impregnating human women but the MC clearly has no intention to ever use this. Also he can make them evolve by naming them after paying a small price yet he never does this. Basically after the princess shows up the plot derails into a mess of political talk, harem hijinks, and town building. Which wouldn't be bad if it wasn't for the fact there is far too much talking and not enough doing. The author spends two entire chapters having the characters slowly talk about what they want to include in the dungeon and why. The story just drags it's feet and chooses to slowly talk about prep work no one honestly cares about or wants to see in this much detail


In summary, the plot drags far too much and his harem is honestly pretty unlikeable. Only a couple of his 9+ women have decent personalities. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LivingCorpse rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: c14
The story is pretty good at the start. But after chapter 8 it's getting confusing and feels rushed. I think it because of the translation, but I don't really know since I can't read the original untranslated chapter. I think if the writing didn't get very confusing after chapter 8 I would gave it a full mark.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Gadget rated it
August 11, 2016
Status: c27
Started nice but slowly degraded
... more>>

-The problem between Mauve's group and the princess was too easily resolved
-After the princess left the dungeon, there had been too many confusing dialogues and changes of POV.
-During the events after the sister of the princess was brough to the dungeon, it got hard to track who was saying what, who was where. There was a big thing about rescuing the king
-After the whole political thing got resolved, suddenly 9 s*aves were introduced at once. Now you have to get used to 9 new characters with little depth.
- With the whole "showing how the bathroom and toilet works", I suspect the author to be a lolicon who want to do more than look.
-Oh, wait! Ever since the princess got into the dungeon, there has been no proper dungeon management. Even when when the army attacked the dungeon, the dungeon management was minimal, rushed.
-Since the s*ave girls came in. All dungeon management things will probably be even more rare and rushed, replaced by some romcom harem slice of life.

If you came to see a guy managing a dungeon, after the first chapters, it quickly receed, it becomes background music. There are better dungeon management web novels out there. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jarrow rated it
February 27, 2017
Status: c10
Couldn't make it any farther than ch10. Japanese 'justice' has the motto "hate the crime, not the criminal", and that's in full force here; with horrific Evil Crimes whitewashed in a single sentence. Ten chapters is too short to comment on character growth (or lack thereof) but the trends shown in non-existent dungeon operations and harem building so far make any expectation for that a laughable concept. Now I'm going to go back and reread The Lazy Dungeon Master and the OEN I Was Reincarnated Into A Dungeon to get... more>> the flavor of this novel out of my mind. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RpR1337 rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: c176
First off, my customary rant (and because I'm an adult, I have the capacity to at least put it in a spoiler tag)

... more>>

Another extremely typical story on NU where literal dozens of tr*sh write so-called "reviews", featuring everything from whining feminist lols to self-satisfied asses crying it's not Naoki award level.

Seriously. Feel free to disregard my rating and overview, but disregard everyone else's as well. You will not obtain any proper thing from them. And in general - though talking against myself now - do NOT believe the ratings and "reviews" on NU. ESPECIALLY the bad ones. The good ones are one thing - people sharing why they liked the novel. Not necessarily true, but at least believable and openly subjective most of the time. The bad ones are your standard League players going BG after screwing up a game - self-satisfied asses who just have to share their opinion and enshrine it as if it were golden truth pooped out by the Goddess of Justice.

f*ck it all.

Expect a rather generic story. There's only so many novelties in the series, most of it is cliché, but newsflash: light novels are mostly that. Go read some serious literature if you want serious innovation of writing. What you get here quite frankly NECESSITATES you to immerse yourself (as most Japanese media does) ! If you are incapable, unwilling, or flat-out refuse to, get the hell out of here please. Not for my sake, or the novel's - for yours, because this is NOT the place for you.


Now that THAT crap is out of the way:

Again, expect a rather generic novel. There's quite a few "big brain moves" (in a slightly cynical sense) - the MC Yuki's reasoning is often flawed, and therefore generates some level of dissonance with the reader. If you read it properly, you'll see that it's deliberate (frankly, he's just rationalising his decisions like with Lulu, because he is ashamed/troubled/afraid, and doesn't want to openly state his own intentions), but I'll consider that a minus when any other novel protagonist (or NU "review" writers, for that matter) can be seen as realistic and objective. Okay sorry, no more needless shitting on tr*sh "reviews". YES, there is dissonance with Yuki's reasoning. YES, there's often long text of giving out background info. YES, the acceptability of underage characters having a relationship with the MC is on the reader (don't fkin read it then???). YES, it might not be all interesting parts, and there's lots of settlement management instead of dungeon management (wait, so info dump is fine for the former, but not for the latter???). Anyway, yes, it is by no means a perfect novel. Anyone who expected one: beware. You will not get what you expect. Also, don't expect it, be reasonable for once.

Anyway, why I liked this series is that I actually like the Gary Stu archetype main character (I only like "muddy" MCs if they're actually showing the moves, maybe losing out sometimes but doing well overall - unlike MCs tr*shed around by random enemies to avoid calling them plot armor wearers), and boy is MC really overpowered. Another point that does it for me is that it's not the usual BS with the middle-schooler logic of the shounen genre. Don't expect josei level of depth into human relations, but topics that are usually exclusive to at least shoujo manga (pregnancy f.e.) are openly discussed, which already makes this better for me than the standard prudish BS most countries enforce on literature nowadays. Thirdly, I like the world building, and the humour. The latter is highly subjective - the jokes do it for me, may not do it for you though.

Overall, as a proper reader, I made effort to immerse myself, and I could. Therefore, I enjoyed it without going shitbag fussy on what I didn't like about it, providing myself a pleasant experience. I was not betrayed, because I knew what to expect from the tags (seriously, if you don't, it's either your first novel, or you really shouldn't go for Japanese novels to begin with), and I took it leisurely for what it is - a fantasy, most likely catering to the imagination of the author. Maybe because he is the author. I don't know why this still causes problems with understanding in 2020.

My recommendation: if you're NOT the incapable reader, that has to go fussy, read it. If you want to go fussy, read something else. I enjoyed it, so it gets a five from me. The only thing I'd really like is a different translator that actually doesn't disappear randomly, and stops translation every so often. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 12, 2017
Status: --
What are people complaining about the progress if the story.

First they are complain early chapters focused only on dungeon no world build up. Few chapters are focused on inside the dungeon as MC trying to get it ready and plan various before he reveals it and make it opento the public.

2nd they complain why does MC have to go arround and deal with problem of diffetent kingdoms? Saying he should focus on dungeon management. Here is the world building your looking for and your still complain. Remember the reason he... more>> was sent there? Its fix the depleting magic by creating dungeons in diff locations. And for dungeon to function it needs DP in which he can only get from the inhabitants and where would he get them the diff countries ofcourse. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Saint Life
Saint Life rated it
February 24, 2017
Status: c46
Don't be fooled by the low ratings! This novel is really good once you get going. At first you might find it confusing and frustrating because there are parts where there are so many people talking that you lose track! It might also feel a bit rushed and overwhelming during the princess arc in the beginning but it gets much better after that!! The MC is coolheaded and understands what needs to be done to survive and can also be funny too. What is good to point out is that... more>> the MC and his harem are SAVAGE!! When it come meeting new people; even if they are harem candadites, they do not hold back or sweet talk when it comes to scolding them for the trouble they cause. Doing this, you actually see character growth, and with everyone else as well. Even the MC harem members are talked about and shown their POV which helps us give a better understanding of them. So I recommend reading this; even though the beginning might give you the urge to drop it, just push foward, because it gets much better!! <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
leonardo8040 rated it
August 31, 2016
Status: c31
Don't really recomend it, the start is good leaving aside the fact that the MC is just too op, I mean chant-less that replaces a chant of 4 hours?

... more>>

After that the MC verified the fact that "you can't close the access to a room of the dungeon" yet in the army's invasion he clearly closed off the dungeon trapping more than 500 soldiers inside...

And they couldn't either enter or leave the dungeon unless they could fly... No sense at all, and using the excuse "if you know you enemy and you know yourself, you should not fear the result of 100 battles", and he is just using pitfalls covering all the hallway of the dungeon, which is 300 meters long.


In short, do not read this. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
H4cko rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: c10
The story is poorly written, the idea of dungeon management is nice but author lacks in execution. The translation is also extremely confusing. There is 0 character development, the plot is just too simple you end every chapters thinking "Ok, no need to read more of this".

Dropped on chapter 10.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CrazyFanLightNoveL rated it
December 19, 2017
Status: c95
The story is good. Should give it a try.

The translator is awesome. Yeah true not lie although in the beginner chapter the translator is alone doing translate and got so many wrong word and sometime confused BUT now translator antheor got friend/group help him with edit and is doing best =D. I wish him edit early chapter because that the main point story before people from novel update decide to rate or not.

5/5 for me.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
EosTamar rated it
January 21, 2019
Status: c20
The initial 18 chapters are interesting enough to get me through the horrible grammar and very difficult story flow. Those have been well documented even by people who like the story. Id on't know if it is translator errors or something else but it's there.

So how about after 18, starting with 19?
... more>>

In chapter 19 Yuki berates the princess telling her she is the cause for everything that happened to her kingdom and its people. I can't see that as being anything more than him doing basicaly blaming a r*pe victim for her being r*ped.

To summarize; Herge is the third princess that wanted to help the people of her kingdom. She isn't a mage or warrior so it was recommended that she learn to heal instead. That way she can stay protected and still be able to help as she wants. In her training a Goddess descends and grants her a blessing as she has impressed said deity. This causes her to be called a saint and holy woman. Enter a rival nation who prides itself on having a pawn known as holy woman and says that there can't be two. This nation then plans to kill her with the prime minister who will attempt to use this to kill the entire royal family in order to perform a coup d'etat. In order to to be successful on his side of the deal he needs to kill Herge, but along the way he gets the kingdom into a war using her name.

The minister orders a town massacred in a third nations borders. A fairly well known adventurer has his family part of the victims. He breaks and decides the princess needs to be breeding cattle for some goblins. Enter the Jack A** MC at this point.

In 19 tells her that all the causalities are her fault. If she didn't call herself a holy woman and go around healing people the minister would still be a petty villain and the holy kingdom would not have done anything. Basically blaming the victim for her own r*pe.


I will read a few more chapters to see if it improves but as of now. I can't recommend this to anyone. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DarkberserkerAA rated it
October 5, 2018
Status: --
I thought I found a worthy novel to read but I am utterly mistaken. At first few chapters, the MC is super normal (reasonable, relatable, have common sense) also he's kinda clever. But then the story went to a terrible direction. The dungeon became breeding ground for the MC (R.I.P. Story line).

Conlusion: Could've been better if the story went to improving world building and adventuring. I think the novel suddenly changed author cause it became a different story after the first few success chapters (don't mind my speculation 'but I... more>> really think the original author is different from the currently one' well maybe it is stolen novel) (Just kidding) <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ixcez rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: c125
Gave this one a chance and found it to be really really weird.

What is weird is the direction of the story. The feel I get is that the author at first didn't know where he wanted to go with the story or it wasn't well received so he scarapped the original idea and just kept on going.

To start of the first 10-20 chapters lay's down almost close to an info dump to work as a foundation. At the start of chapter 20-21 however everything is thrown out the... more>> window.

The story changes direction. Some spoilers and summary of the story.


In comes a s*ave harem consisting of 9 female s*aves who for all facts and purposes instantly falls in love with MC and wants to marry him some even seeing him or even proclaiming him as their husband (this is done in 2-3 chapters from their introduction). One of them even gives a wedding vow on the first night. They are litterly introduced as 9 flesh dolls for the MC.

After this even though it has been repeatedly mentioned that the worlds citizens are extremly religious (fanatics) idiots. The novels whole foundation is that the people are s*upid so MC had to be summoned to save the world.

On a side note what is even weirder is that the religion is so important that it is the foundation of almost every kingdom but this is a world where gods can appear and manifest give blessings and directly talk with their followers. The setting is that the world is about to end so the gods need MC to save it.

However they can't give to much cheat powers (cause that would be to easy and cheating, stated by the leading goddess) nor can they directly interfere cause then there would be no novel?

Anyhow the s*ave harem is then given the control of the dungeon while the MC takes a back seat. He seriously becomes a "stud" that the s*ave harem + some princesses and others wants to be impregnated by. This is pretty much the story for the next 100 chapters.

It takes some 60 chapters till he accepts it. Then 5-10 chapters are litterly spent on the MC asking the goddess if he can make them pregnant after which another goddess gives them a blessing to easily become pregnant, have a safe pregnancy and child birth, while the MC is given a blessing to increase chance of impregnation and s*xualstamina. It is then spent on how he tries to impregnate them and how they fight over his favour and seed.

The blessing also has to be hush hush since that godess who blessed is the goddess of a single kingdom and if they got to know other countries people were blessed by their goddess there would be a crusade!!!!

I've now given a quick summary of the stories first 100+ chapters with a focus on some parts.


Now if you read the summary of the story in the spoilers. You'll notice the shift of the MC from a dungeon master to a stud horse.

This novel basically starts out with some loose settings for a story but quickly degenerates into a harem fantasy with it's biggest focus on how much the harem all love the MC and wants to carry his child.

I will be honest to say that this feels more like a d-class p*rn novel but without the p*rn being detailed or most of it happening of screen.


Some example three loli's are the first to sleep with him (just sleep) but also the one's who starts assaulting him in his sleep. They all give him a BJ in his sleep to "prevent" any m*sturbation since they wouldn't allow anyone else getting his seed not even a tissue. This is then used as "comical relief" in that one of them say's she wants to lickilick more and get a better taste, which MC thinks means she wants an ice cream. Later on when he is about to remotely control another body they tell him not to worry since they will have fun and continue babymaking with his body even when he's not there....

Also for the record I also had a look at the manga and jesus that one basically makes the first 20 chapters into 1-2 manga chapters just to rush past it. Also the Oppai Loli is show cased to be barely 90-100 cm tall and that her chest is pretty much half her body -.-

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Kisato rated it
March 6, 2017
Status: c25
This... Is not a good story.

The writing is very haphazard, with the author dipping into many different genre types however never truely settling on one. The characters are extremely one dimensional and the main character is a wild card. When I say that I don't mean it in a good way either, because there is just no rhyme or reason to the way he acts. Not to mention all the characters just go with what he says. And the conflict? It was dreadful convoluted.

Character development? What's that? If you mean... more>> the supporting cast slowly liking the main character, well you're fresh out of luck, because you can pinpoint with a laser point the exact moment when the author decided that the background characters need to like the main one for the sorry excuse for the plot.

A lot of people are praising the beginning, and they'd be right because that was the main draw of the manga, which was about a office worker in Japan getting forced to manage a dungeon. When it did that it worked! We got what we expected and we enjoyed it, the amount of tactics and whatnot, even if it did strain my exceptionally high levels of disbelief at times.

Of course, I have to take that praise right back because the plot then devolves into a harem as

he gains a harem of s*aves that are all but unwilling to shag him


I'm disappointed. I'm going to keep reading, but I honestly don't see how this series can dig itself out of this hole it's out itself in. <<less
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