The Great Demon Lord’s City Development ~The Ideal City Built with Magic, Science, and Monsters~


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Instead of building a dungeon to feed on the despair of humans, the eccentric Procell used his [Creation] powers to build a city where humans and monsters could live and laugh together.

Before long, he became one of the three strongest Demon Lords.

However, through a series of events, a jealous fellow Demon Lord sent Procell away to an unknown land.

And so, in order to return to the city he built as well as to his beloved monsters, Procell and the [Infinitely Evolving Slime] he came with began to move.

However, unbeknownst to him, this new land, the new companions he would meet, and the city and monsters he was separated from…

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Dai Maou-sama no Machizukuri ~Mahou to Kagaku to Mamono ga Tsukuru Risou Machi~
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UncannyLuck rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c8
As someone who enjoyed the prequel, for the most part, I cannot recommend this novel if you enjoyed the prequel. This review is aimed at people who've come to check this out after having read the prequel in its entirety - if you have not, I recommend reading it rather than this.

As the blurb suggests, it is set in another world due to some shenanigans involving another Demon Lord. It starts off with him meeting and rescuing some fox girls that remind him of Kuina, his first monster. After realizing... more>> that he's starving, he is coaxed by his newly-introduced-in-this-novel monster into doing something the series has always flirted with him doing.


He ends up sleeping with the older-but-still-underaged-and-reminds-him-of-his-daughter foxgirl. This is somewhat stark departure from his character in the previous novel, where we basically waited to until the end of the series for him to sleep with his mentor-turned-wife, Marco.


As I said, the series has always flirted with that so I figured I could ignore it. I've ignored other parts that were questionable at best. Then, this chapter came out.

In Chapter 8, our Demon Lord finds himself at a s*ave auction in the other world he's transported to.


He is, of course, buying the aforementioned foxgirl that he slept with as well as her sister - "saving them" from s*xual s*avery, as is often the case in isekai-like manga. This would be par-for-the-course in your typical isekai adventure.

Except the author decided to detail what would happen if any s*ave put up for auction wasn't bought. In fact, it was described as something demonstrated before the auction began. The auctioneers brought in a tiger. A tiger that proceeded to violate the woman. It violated the woman until it 'grew bored', after which it ate her - presumably alive.

The author described how, desperately, the woman would try to keep the monster going in addition to the futility of doing so, since it was inevitable that the tiger would eat her after it was finished.


Since I was already lukewarm on the sequel, this was the final straw that made me drop the series. There was no benefit in writing any of that in detail. The author could've very easily left it vague as to what happened to the consequences of failing to be bought at the auction. The villainy of the owner of the s*ave auction had already been established by the fact that they are holding a s*ave auction in the first place.

So, as I said above, I cannot recommend the sequel to fans of the first novel. Maybe it gets better after chapter 8, but I won't be the one finding out. <<less
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draknem rated it
December 3, 2020
Status: c29
The skip of a year feels pretty abrupt but the events between the prequel and this story are hinted at and will probably be described later. To me this feels like a fitting continuation of the Procell's story.

Wait, what do you mean - Status in COO - 30 chapters, completed?

The end was pretty abrupt. It feels like there is still plenty of room for the story to continue. The story as whole is not badly written, it is just very short, more like being an epilogue to the... more>> main novel, not a story on its own. <<less
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