Legend Of The God Of Light


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Huh, reincarnate as a God and build a kingdom? That’s great!! Fighting with other Gods? No problem just have cheat powers……….. what. All the power I have is to emit light? This is too miserable.
The story will keep going age by age starting from the stone age to the modern era. Therefore, there will be some time-skip between each era.

This novel is inspired by a well-known game Civilizati** V.

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05/04/21 Oliang Chayen Translation c5
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New Chayen de liberte rated it
May 2, 2021
Status: c4
The story is nice and a bit funny. As for kingdom building, it gives quite details. The MC is just a typical back-row high schooler, not an engineer or godsend genius like other novels. The power granted by God is not really OP either. I think this novel is worth reading.
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