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Betrayed by his sworn Brother, Ouyang Shuo miraculously finds himself 5 years in the past. Only this time he would embark on a whole different path, using his 5 years of knowledge to build an empire.

Novel contains the technical aspects of kingdom building like setting up different departments and divisions, as well as the war aspect that everyone knows and loves.

Read on as Ouyang Shuo climbs his way to the top against all odds!

The World Online average rating 4/5 - 329 user ratings
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New beddedOtaku rated it
April 21, 2018
Status: c366
The World Online truly feels as though you're reading a report from someone who played a game... a very, very, very, very detailed report. I don't hate it as much, personally, as I've had CIV sessions which lasted for it-shall-not-be-spoken number of hours, but some people might find The World Online exhausting to read. But, even beyond that, the novel is simply too flawed to be called at least good, if not entertaining.

  1. Characters. All are bland. There's not an ounce of interesting personality anywhere in 366 chapters that I've read. There are only 2 characters (that I remember, at the very least) that receive the smallest of developments, but that's it. MC is dull. He's got no personality past 'my sis is cute I love her kyaaaah'. All his subordinates are forgettable. Honestly, I remember a few names here and there, but even if you set my brain on fire, I couldn't tell you what's the difference between the characters. So, keep in mind that characters are secondary (because thirdary isn't a word) if you're planning on reading this.
  2. Too. Much. Stuff. You'll often come across kingdom-building novels that just blaze through that sh*t and feel frustrated, and then you'll come across The World Online which is the opposite extreme. Past the inflated word count, I see no reason why's there so much detail. I can leverage my left nipple that 99, 99% of readers can't remember half the departments, 89% of the subordinates that are in charge of those departments, and who knows what else. While detail is important when it comes to kingdom-building, here it just literally suffocates the pace of the story and shoves the characters back into the template canister.
  3. MC knows things he couldn't have, shouldn't have and wouldn't have known. I've noticed this trend recently with the reincarnation stories, whereas MC goes back in time and chooses a completely different path than his own but somehow still knows everything. That's the case here. MC was an adventurer in the previous world, but he knows everything when it comes to being a Lord. Fine, maybe he knows some specific events, important triggers, battles etc., but he should know jack sh*t about territory building and everything involved in it. I don't understand why didn't the author just make him a Lord in the previous life. He still got betrayed and stabbed in the ass, but at least know it's logical why he knows so much sh*t he can't possibly now with this route.
  4. Story. I won't explain why the story makes no sense as that would be a huge spoiler, but it makes no sense. The way it is handled is so far removed from reality (no, not just because it's not reality) that it hurts my soul.
  5. MC single-handedly defeats the alliance of supposed big-shots in this game. Ok.
  6. Romance. Lol.
  7. Large-scale battles - they are not well-written. They are too rushed. It's hard to properly set up an image inside your head as to what is going on and how is either side winning.
There are many other things I could list, but it's almost 3AM and f**k me if I know why I even started writing this so late. I enjoyed reading TWO and will continue reading it. But, mind you, you'll probably be skipping paragraphs and pages like mad if you want to milk even an inkling of enjoyment from this. It has too many problems, clear and simple.
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New Molenir rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: c347
For world building, this is a pretty good story. Very entertaining, fairly well thought out, rebirth story. Some good action, mostly though slice-of-life, with a lot of detailed world building. Which while good, becomes burdensome at times. Particularly when the author is walking us through assigning responsibilities to many different people. Can we even remember all these side characters names, and their current responsibilities?

Overall, I recommend it, but you really need to power through it, rather then read it chapter by chapter, only way you'll be able to remember who... more>> is who. <<less
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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c6
This may be a bit early for a critical review, so just take this as encouragement for more chapters.

I like this novel. It's everything I like (virtual reality, strategy/cleverness, action, adventure) with things I like that I'm pretty sure are going to show up (kingdom building, army building, and such). I like the idea of a strategy territory building game and so far it's been pretty easy to understand and follow along. It'll be interesting because it seems the land is the same as Earth (hence the name game... more>> name Earth Online?), making me wonder if there's any bonuses for certain famous lands/landmarks.

I read it all in one go (not hard with only 6 chapters), but I sit here wanting more. I'm eager to see what happens when war to breaks out and to see how the MC's starter village turns out as he develops and builds it. What sort of mechanics the game has to handle war, what opportunities will show up, how do things go with his little sister? I'm eager see how well the MC handles conflict and obstacles.

So, basically, I personally like this and want more. Keep up the good work! <<less
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Tarlos rated it
November 1, 2017
Status: c60
I don't get why this novel is rated so highly. Apart from the excellent translation it doesn't have anything going for it.

The characters are bland and undeveloped: I don't think it's possible for the characters to be more one dimensional. The MC is the most developed character in the novel and the only thing we know about him is that he dotes on his sister. He doesn't even react when he is sent back in time in an unexplained, mysterious way but just takes it as if it's something that... more>> happens daily. He's just like: "Aww yeah! I got sent back in time and I don't care why! I'm gonna go be the best now! Weee!". All other characters are basically just names

Writing style is yawn inducing: Every chapter is just MC built this, MC built that, MC talked to NPC #1, MC talked to NPC #2. It's more of a single player game so far than a MMORPG. Have you ever sat behind a friend and watched them play a game? That's what this novel feels like. Also, the MC only really interacts with NPCs so far and there's virtually no contact with other players which makes everything tensionless.

I see people saying TWO is a better version of Shura's Wrath, but that's not true at all. Shura's Wrath, despite its flaws, is damn interesting to read and does a good job of holding the reader's attention <<less
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jacobpaige rated it
October 31, 2017
Status: c27
Utter trash. I only regret that I can't give it a lower rating.

Its basically just poorly written, wish fulfillment nonsense. If you want to see someone having stilted, unrealistic conversations with cardboard thin characters, while making his way through a game that doesn't seem to have any other players in it, using nothing but his incomprehensibly good luck to conquer everything, then this might be for you. If you want something that was written by someone with more talent than your average five year old though, look elsewhere.
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Aoto rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: c1146

It's rather interesting, this novel isn't just about getting money and fame from the game like in basically every other VR novel, but rather a test/training set up by the government, to get a better foothold on the new planet and increase the chances for every individual to survive. Of course our MC also has his cheat and it's the most common VR cheat, that he goes back in time and of course exploits it like crazy, while solving the regrets that he had in his pastlife. At the beginning the novel was rather casual and except that the gametype was new, plus the rather interesting setting it didn't have much to offer, but later on, as more and more content was added the novel got more and more unique and sometime later the author also slowly got the hang of how he should develop this novel, so as the novel goes on, it simply gets better and better, of course the repetition of war that is common in kingdom building novels can be a bit annoying or even boring, but it gets balanced by the new content that gets added along the novel. The only thing that really bothered me was that the human relationships get somehow neglected as the novel goes on and that MC focuses more on the game than other things, of course this is justified, because the MCs responsibility grows along with his power, this is simply a personal preference.

Overall I would highly recommend this novel to everyone who likes VR novels, Kingdom building and novels with unique cultivation system/modern cultivation, as long as you can overcome the rather casual beginning and don't hate the war and management parts :3

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pentadrian rated it
January 8, 2018
Status: c134
Literally word vomit. I have no idea how the author could write such banal tripe that is so absolutely boring. I have most definitely lost a few million brain cells and am sure will be a "very stable genius" for the rest of my life thanks to this novel. To begin with, this is set in a post-modern utopia with resource scarcity somehow accounted for where everyone lives in peace and joy and humanity has progressed from denying global warming to riding on starships in all of 200 years.

But wait... more>> there's more. Apparently, despite advances in science, technology, face-slapping and being juvenile jerks, people still have to go school for doing nothing. Suddenly Earth is threatened and the only way to survive is to play video games. Man, I need to know what kinda drugs the author was on when he came up with this crapfest. And the game is set in some medieval era despite all advances in tech. This is where it actually gets worse. Apparently, there are "cultivation manuals", "chi" and "dantians" which are real. Yep, like 200% real. Realer than real, in fact. The MC discovers a manual in-game and suddenly starts cultivating and practicing IRL. When you have starships and cruise missiles, all you need is a cultivation manual for world domination. And said "internal cultivation" is detectable by CCTV camera. Man, what an advanced society it must be!

Oh, and all the girls want to suck his cock and desire for his glorious man-juice. The writing is dry and boring. Almost as if you're reading game logs. At least game logs were somewhat interesting if you were playing the game. The writing is abysmal and the translation is barely holding on. Grammatical errors, syntactical mistakes and the like litter the translation like mines in a no-mans land. I lost so much time that I would never get back. Take my advice and don't be me. Do better things in your life. Get a few hours of extra sleep. You'll be happier! <<less
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Pupu rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: c125
So this is just my personal opinnion and should be taken as such.

Start was good. Update speed was good. Language was quite acceptable. Unfortunately the story started to decline way too fast. Author tries to make a cunning and strategical MC without heaving any idea what that actually means. MC only gets ahead of others through luck and plot-armor. The build up to see others react to his "awesomeness" kept me reading quite a while. But because of the rapid decline in quality I had to drop this novel for... more>> good.

So here is the thing: A story about a guy who gets mysteriously reset in his younger body using his knowledge of future events to get every benefit there is (nowadays a standard setting). In the beginning it was a well done and slow kingdom builder story (although the MC knows a lot of stuff he should not know as he never built a kingdom before) and very little distractions with the MCs social life. Just a flatmate and a little sister he is fond of. But now: Bam! *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Chinese novel uses "Girls comparing breast sizes"! It is very unfitting! The first time we get a little insight into the thoughts of anyone who is not a NPC and it is about who got the bigger boobs. Why? Makes no sense at all. Not even 10 chapters ago the MC was struggeling with the guilt of massacring innocent citizen and children. Now we have incredibly poorly scripted and two dimensional conversations like that. Before that the MC asks a historic strategist to make battleplans for an upcoming war. The strategist says: "Well its war. So we need to be like ready to react to sh*t and stuff." Everyone applauds. Enough said. (First review, because this just got me really riled up. I apologize for spelling and grammar mistakes) <<less
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ATorturedReader rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: c82
Easy mode, what's the point?

Npcs are a new species of sheep, real life proceeds smoothly too and there's no challenge. Sure it's better plot than "time traveller vindicator", yet I can't see anything that justifies our MC being the MC. It might get better over the time, that's the pattern of Chinese novels, I know, however it also might get a ton of filler content because author needs to mill money from his job, see? If you wan't to really enjoy this novel, please, ignore the actual plot and read... more>> the alternative description.


For only-god-know reasons the entire humanity future depends on a simulation game that will enforce a new government system on every nation. Cultural disparities and long-term conflicts? Who knows! It happens that once our MC followed the wrong path and somehow travelled back in time, now he perfectly follows the path of a ruler, even though he has no actual experience to begin with. But that's the actual plot. The filler itself resolves around the diligent MC, his perfect sister and his romantic life with crushes falling over his knees, everyday he enters the game to give some orders and relies on his luck/plot armor to become the very best Siscon that no one ever was. That's all, you welcome.


"Let me feel the salt." <<less
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shuiko rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: c26
Awesome Cute Little Sister 10/10, moe story lets go!

But in all honesty, this story has a good plot and some fun characters to enjoy. Characters so far aren't very deep, BUT the simplicity actually helps due to the writing style, which is deep into the world and the actions FROM the character instead. The trade-off helps quite in bit in order to bring a very interesting kingdom developing story to fruition.
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Vvibulo rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c161
The premise is, the whole people in the earth playing one game.

For the game aspect I think this novel is above average.

for the plot, its not surprising to see a chinese novel with plot armor and heavenly luck. But a great plot if I say myself with kingdom building more intense than LMS.

for character, they are quite likeable and not too flat. Unless for his men in game (NPC), they are all submissive to him, making some reviewer rate this low. But if I must say what did you expect,... more>> they are npc after all.

romance, I didnt know, too early to tell.

overall I recommend reading this novel for you who like game elements and kingdom building, but be prepared the MC tend to be a ruler (to kingdom building) than adventure (slaying monster, exploring area etc) <<less
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Derpmadness rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: c26
My first review on here, so far I really enjoy this novel, it is the usual whole reincarnation novel, but at the same time it's not. This one is more oriented towards kingdom building than the character becoming op (so far) and I'm really enjoying it. The translator is also pumping out novels like a goddamn machine
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Celsica rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c52
I usually don't write reviews here, but I was quite glad to see something nice come out of Gravity Tales and thought I should encourage these translators.


-Translation quality. Having read 50 chapters, I've only noticed a few egregious spelling or grammar mistakes. There are also a few instances of repeated vocabulary, but Chinese as a language tends to repeat for emphasis. Considering the topic, sentences are well constructed and explain in depth the various administrative challenges that the MC encounters. Probably one of the top on Gravity Tales,... more>> especially out of the works that were added recently

-Kingdom Building & Historical Figures. A nice mix of a kingdom building MMO and the inclusion of a few historical figures and concepts. The administrative underlings present a conundrum and the MC rectifies the problem in a well thought manner.

-Intelligent MC. Beyond the reincarnation aspect, the MC fills the role of a wise ruler quite nicely. Makes the whole thing satisfying to read.

-Translation Speed. Considering the complexity of the topic, I'm really surprised I've been reading 6 chapters a day for a week now. I'm not sure if the translating team is planning to keep that up for a long time, but it's a big plus. Helps keeping me invested in the work despite some flaws.

-Overall Fun. Despite some negatives listed below, I've generally enjoyed this work. I read a LOT of webnovels of all styles, and I can say that this one has hooked me for now. Having a cool village lord MC outsmart opponents right from the start, without any ridiculous cheat? Yes please.


-Pacing. In 50 chapters (a few months in game?), the MC already has a whole town built. The world first achievement system make his quick pace satisfying, but the quick speed means that everything is glossed over and lacks impact. He might create an entire industry at the wave of a hand by telling his subordinates to make a salt pen, for it to be mentioned a few times then POOF! It's making money. As a consequence, focus shifts to the administrative problems of the expansion of small village/village/town. In a sense, it separates this novel a bit from other kingdom builders

-World Building. Wait, a kingdom builder with poor world building? There's quite a few interesting elements that keep things nice, such as the announcements and likely competition with other factions in the future. There's also an important event in the real world that will probably have more importance in the future. No, my issues are mainly with how unclear some of the rules of the MMO are. Characters need to buy plans for their early buildings? NPCs migrate automatically? Raiders appear outside the village for no reason? No NPC villages have been really detailed? Buildings are constructed in a few days, apparently with furniture, but crops take a long time to grow? Completely unrealistic amounts of resources are produced by the village? I really hope the inconsistency throughout the novel is rectified.

-Poor Side Characters. Considering the quick pace of the novel, side characters have absolutely no place to grow organically. They appear out of nowhere and tend to be replaced quickly, or fade from our memories only to reappear later to be appointed as an administrative branch manager of something.

Rating: 4.5. I put a 5 stars to balance out the many 1 star ratings, which considering the overall quality of the translation are completely unjustified. <<less
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freezray rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: --
I'm sorry but this is too much I can't actually believe people voted this novel top of this list on GT it does not even remotely deserve that spot. Walls of text that convey little to no meaning at all there's so much information that has no bearing on the actual story itself. This author has to be paid by word count there's no other reason for it to be otherwise. I cannot describe my frustration with this novel its all so very dry and cliche I feel disgusted for... more>> forcing myself to read as much as I did. I couldn't help feeling that it might have gotten better later on NO it doesn't. And it's not like I was hoping for action and never got it there's plenty of action it's just very boring. Somehow the author has managed to make even battles a snooze fest. A great example is, in the beginning, they attack this raider camp and a lieutenant of his engages a the bandit boss. A cannot make this up it's little more than "one had a spear the other had a club they engaged for 20 moves and he made quick work of him" complete and utter trash. <<less
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Cryotic rated it
January 28, 2018
Status: c185
I like how this novel is mostly focus on world building since the beginning, cause most of the time the usual pattern is:

    • MC reincarnates to his younger self, have game knowledges
    • Started to level up like crazy, getting all first dungeon clear and hidden classes
    • Be the first person to build territory, leaves territory to level up more and drops by to give coins/ upgrade territory every now and then
This is the first novel I read which is purely about world building (as of the chaps I've read). And as of the part on how the MC is very knowledgeable in the game, even in lord mode when he was an adventurer in the past, I think it is justifiable.


The game is where all the people from Earth will live for 10 years, their real body will be put into hibernation while they were on a spaceship otw to the new planet. Plus, their game performance is one of the factors that could decide their future and standing in the new planet, so it's easy to see how everyone will search and learn most of the info they could get related to the game. And as of why a mere game can decide their future, the game is designed to be as realistic as possible. Tho in the end it is still a game, their performance there can show how resourceful they are, or how talented they are. Remember, they're moving to a new planet that only have raw resources in it. What they need the most are talented individuals to rebuild a new planet for humans.


As for how the MC allegedly remove his NPCs in position once someone better comes, let's get real and remember that the NPC's abilities are greatly limited by the system. They all have ratings that can tell how much ability an NPC have, and how far this NPC can go with.

One con for me in this novel is the names... There are a lot of characters (npcs and players) that I lost track of who's who...
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Ignus rated it
December 12, 2017
Status: c50
A good concept that moved too fast.

The first 10 chapters of setup was really good. Then followed 40 chapters of Civic upgrading, and getting lucky (plot armor). ... more>>

I mean, the MC's two weaknesses (in stats) is his luck and his charisma (story calls it something else). Yet, everyone loves him, and he gets beyond lucky plot armor.


If this story paced itself better... More world building/combat/game time between a repetitive civic upgrade.


MC ranks village up 3 times in what seems to be a month/month and a half. The same thing happens each time. MC wakes up, upgrades a building, calls a meeting, makes some commands, rinse and repeat

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Teddywonka rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c1001
I read the raws since this novel is damn good. But who have thought that this piece of **** will go downhill for me. Or to be exact the author became brainless as the chapters goes by.

The most annoying of all is that the author forces some nonsense situations to create a force plot. Smart Characters become stupid. Unusual situations. Out of this world luck and bad luck. Smart enemies become stupid. Rational characters become insane. And many more especually out of this world events.

example of one of author's nonsense... more>> events:

His elite army trained by modern special forces and equipped with best equipment with cooperation with elite spy group.... was.... being close to annihilated by large enemy forces.

The f... Where are their scouts? How come such a large enemy second rate force being undetectable towards his elite army? Wheres the training in combat?

The author boast about how great MC force is yet it become paper sticks in a whim of author's mighty brain and pen.

Conclusion: Start is good but you will just get disappointed later on. It is just like a shiny apple with rotten core inside full of plot holes... worms. <<less
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SwiftFate rated it
December 1, 2017
Status: c110
Anyone interested in kindom building/army management will probably enjoy this series immensely. While t isn't entirely "deep" there is certainly enough content to drive it past the vast majority of other series with similar premises. This series (so far) focuses primarily on the building and management content. If you are looking for in depth battles between armies or sieges etc then at least for now, this series is not for you. It DOES have that content, but for the most part it is very brief and at the current point... more>> in the story is primarily glossed over to advance the MC's territory/income etc. I have reason to believe it will be expanded upon as time goes on however and we will get more and more of said content as the MC encounters actual player territories, but so far it has been mainly NPC based with little interaction other than through trade/auctions/messages with other players.

I am confident that we will soon be getting battles with other players, but right now the MC is still in the building stage of his initial territory, expanding his economy and increasing the numbers and experience of his military/navy. And yes, it looks like we will be getting naval battles in this series as well.

My last point for those that might be interested is that this game is literally world spanning. At first it looks like it is based solely in an ancient china-like setting, and this is what I thought. It is, but we then find out that no, every major country is involved in the game and have their own territories in their own respective regions, currently separated from the China area. It is clear however that they will definitely interact in the future.

I have high hopes for this series and have recently become a patron on patreon in hopes to spur the translators (currently doing a chapter 7 days per week) to increase the pace. It is seriously addicting. I love this kind of content and there is not enough of it around... <<less
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Mega Might
Mega Might rated it
November 2, 2017
Status: c65
good novel if you love kingdom building type of novels and it has a slow start

but if are some one who want to read novels where hero is a kick ass then this will not satisfy you

In this novel I find more logic than Release That Witch, here MC is not too smart where as in Release That Witch you will find MC is too smart some times felling that his IQ should be more than 20000.

MC has his previous life experience of the game and some events, even luck... more>> plays a lot of role in getting better NPCs for his village to have better roles in his village and our hero is only good in politics and some administration and he reads a lot of books to improve his knowledge so logically this make so much sense than several other novels

And world building is too good and the characters are good and till now I did not find anything too stupid to believe so I gave it 5 stars but in future it may change <<less
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Himari rated it
October 27, 2017
Status: c30
Shout out to all of world building/kingdom building genre lovers. This series almost has everything that you'll love from kingdom building type novels. Good story background, good interaction with other characters and a well balanced story pacing.
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Skool rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: c20
a tad bit early for review, but from what i've read, it's looking good, the main character seems to have calm personality that's pretty much ready to take on the world after his rebirth.

what's happening inside the game itself seems promising, in how the Npc can be human (from the AI) and in return the MC does take care of his relationship (and doesn't see them as just Npc) with the supposedly npc with human like inteligence. To achieve his goal and some mystery that haven't been told to the... more>> reader about the game itself.

the kingdom building, are detailed enough and I'm looking forward for more

last but not least

Bing'er are cute As hell!, worth the 5 star just for her cuteness.


what more do you ask for? Read it. <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: c1200
This is legit the only novel that ever deserves a Kingdom Building tag. Other novels only touch upon the subject while this story builds a complete system from nothing. If you like other story's kingdom building, then this may not be for you since it isn't stupid.
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