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Earth Online – a virtual MMORPG that takes place in the future year of 2190 – a game that everyone will bet their futures on. Set in a map that is ten times the size of real-world Earth, players battle for supremacy in the first game to feature personal adventure, territory construction, and grand warfare. For every death you experience in the game, your level would drop back to zero. Ouyang Shuo, an above average player, suffered the ultimate betrayal. For merely a piece of equipment, his sworn brother betrayed and backstabbed him. This time, after he reincarnated in the game, Ouyang Shuo swore to exact vengeance.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Ouyang Shuo found himself back five years before the betrayal – right before the launch of Earth Online. This time, armed with the knowledge from his past life, Ouyang Shuo would venture upon a new path.

How to perfectly complete quests? What historical battle maps would appear? How should one build up their territory? Utilizing the experience from the predecessors of his last life, Ouyang Shuo makes his bid for the top against all odds. Follow his journey as he seeks to lord over the world!

A different kind of tale that blends historical characters and virtual reality gaming, with heavy emphasis on kingdom building and warfare.

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Tarlos rated it
November 1, 2017
Status: c60
I don't get why this novel is rated so highly. Apart from the excellent translation it doesn't have anything going for it.

The characters are bland and undeveloped: I don't think it's possible for the characters to be more one dimensional. The MC is the most developed character in the novel and the only thing we know about him is that he dotes on his sister. He doesn't even react when he is sent back in time in an unexplained, mysterious way but just takes it as if it's something that... more>> happens daily. He's just like: "Aww yeah! I got sent back in time and I don't care why! I'm gonna go be the best now! Weee!". All other characters are basically just names

Writing style is yawn inducing: Every chapter is just MC built this, MC built that, MC talked to NPC #1, MC talked to NPC #2. It's more of a single player game so far than a MMORPG. Have you ever sat behind a friend and watched them play a game? That's what this novel feels like. Also, the MC only really interacts with NPCs so far and there's virtually no contact with other players which makes everything tensionless.

I see people saying TWO is a better version of Shura's Wrath, but that's not true at all. Shura's Wrath, despite its flaws, is damn interesting to read and does a good job of holding the reader's attention <<less
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jacobpaige rated it
October 31, 2017
Status: c27
Utter tr*sh. I only regret that I can't give it a lower rating.

Its basically just poorly written, wish fulfillment nonsense. If you want to see someone having stilted, unrealistic conversations with cardboard thin characters, while making his way through a game that doesn't seem to have any other players in it, using nothing but his incomprehensibly good luck to conquer everything, then this might be for you. If you want something that was written by someone with more talent than your average five year old though, look elsewhere.
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pentadrian rated it
January 8, 2018
Status: c134
Literally word vomit. I have no idea how the author could write such ban*l tripe that is so absolutely boring. I have most definitely lost a few million brain cells and am sure will be a "very stable genius" for the rest of my life thanks to this novel. To begin with, this is set in a post-modern utopia with resource scarcity somehow accounted for where everyone lives in peace and joy and humanity has progressed from denying global warming to riding on starships in all of 200 years.

But wait... more>> there's more. Apparently, despite advances in science, technology, face-slapping and being juvenile jerks, people still have to go school for doing nothing. Suddenly Earth is threatened and the only way to survive is to play video games. Man, I need to know what kinda drugs the author was on when he came up with this crapfest. And the game is set in some medieval era despite all advances in tech. This is where it actually gets worse. Apparently, there are "cultivation manuals", "chi" and "dantians" which are real. Yep, like 200% real. Realer than real, in fact. The MC discovers a manual in-game and suddenly starts cultivating and practicing IRL. When you have starships and cruise missiles, all you need is a cultivation manual for world domination. And said "internal cultivation" is detectable by CCTV camera. Man, what an advanced society it must be!

Oh, and all the girls want to suck his c*ck and desire for his glorious man-juice. The writing is dry and boring. Almost as if you're reading game logs. At least game logs were somewhat interesting if you were playing the game. The writing is abysmal and the translation is barely holding on. Grammatical errors, syntactical mistakes and the like litter the translation like mines in a no-mans land. I lost so much time that I would never get back. Take my advice and don't be me. Do better things in your life. Get a few hours of extra sleep. You'll be happier! <<less
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Sinai rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: c147
This novel is offensively dumb gamer wish-fulfillment fantasy.

The MC is a start-over-from-the-beginning time traveler, with all the presumed advantages of knowing the future, so that's his advantage. That's fine as far as it goes. But the problem is that the author simply isn't smart enough to imagine what top people actually do and how competent they are and why, so his competition is basically dumb.

Author goes into incredible detail about how they're playing the game, which mostly consists of talking to NPCs and assigning them in some kind of ancient... more>> Chinese bureacracy, and we're supposed to believe that the entire rest of the world of real people are incompetents who are less competent than the MC in almost every sphere. For example, the MC starts a revolution by commenting to a friend of a friend that they should try buying something in the game with real money, which is somehow a novel idea even though it's a "real world" setting where people have literally been doing the same for a couple of hundred years or so by the setting of the game. For some reason, despite being repeatedly declared the top player in the world, nobody in the entire world has considered spying on him, even though his general location in the game is known, and any newbie player can start in his region. It's like the entire world has completely forgotten that espionage exists.

The 2nd highest ranked player in China, which should be essentially the 2nd best person in China because major organizations are aware that the game is the most important thing in the world, is a prideful young master who repeatedly makes terrible errors, has terrible interpersonal skills, and really cannot be taken seriously. For that matter, all top players seem to be between the ages of 15-30, which is fairly ludicrous given that this is a mangement sim and in the real world competent top-level managers typically start 30+, and again, all top organizations in the world are completely aware this is the most important thing in the world to be doing.

The author has virtually no conception of realistic economics, which is incredibly irritating given the subject matter. For example, at this point the game has a closed economy with no trading in real markets - gold is generated by the game when he personally sells things, and items are generated by the game when he personally buys them with no fluctuation in pricing. Yet he randomly decides to increase wages in his city by 10x, and believes this will cause his economy to boom. In reality, with a completely closed economy, all this would do is cause inflation of exactly 1000%., thus drastically decreasing his available gold to spend on items from the system while not benefiting his economy at all. MC has no concept of reserves in terms of money or military reserves - he spends down to zero, and since nothing unexpected ever happens to him, it's no big deal.

Despite being a management sim intended to reward people who can essentially run large organizations, MC does not have a single other real person in his administration a couple of hundred chapters in. Given that the NPCs are fairly unrealistic, it is immediately clear this game is absolutely terrible for its intended purpose of teaching people to manage organizations - where I've read up to he rules over 30, 000 people and there has not been a single significant episode of in-fighting, corruption, or even resentment from his NPCs. The game itself seems extremely shitty as a method of training people - people get immense advantages forever based on how well they did in the tutorial. Imagine the top genius in the world makes a poor decision in the first ten minutes they play the game which he has absolutely no idea is actually important because it's marketed as just a game - he is forever doomed to having absolutely no way to make up the permanent disadvantage he is given. Also, his management is fundamentally based on ancient chinese bureacracy spruced up with some modern Chinese bureacracy, and it seems extremely dubious that ancient chinese bureacracy would be a solid basis for best future administration, given how it is no longer extant anywhere in the real world. Perhaps even more hilariously, he shuffles around his bureacracy what feels like every other day, and fortunately because it's a video game there's no apparent penalty for making people do entirely new jobs every week or so. Which again, would be fine if you're playing a game but this is supposed to represent a training simulator for the rulers of the future.

MC is incredibly lucky where everything goes his way, even though there is a luck stat in the game which he has a 5 out of a possible 20. Although we are aware he is a time traveler from the future and has a basic knowledge of the future, the story explicitly says he doesn't even have any personal experience playing the management game. Yet he has never made a single mistake and nothing I would consider unlucky has happened to him, and now that I think about it, it isn't even reasonable that he knows perfectly how to structure his city considering he never even played the management game in the past. It's like expecting somebody who is really good at Counter-Strike to know perfect gameplay in Civ VII even though they've never played it just because they come from the future where CIV VII has been out for a year. There's really no reason to believe the MC is actually skilled at anything other than the fact that somehow he keeps being ranked #1 in the world. He had a mediocre education, appears to have never worked a real job nor had any real responsibility in his past life, and performed mediocrely in the game in his past life (which he played in MMORPG mode rather than sim management mode). Even assuming he can competently leverage his advantages of future knowledge, there is really no reason at all to believe he has any skills at all, and everything we see in his life that doesn't involving future knowledge cheating appears to indicate otherwise.

For example: MC unreasonably spends enormous amounts of money and effort on every girl he sees for not much return, yet somehow this never bites him in the ass. He doesn't even get laid for his trouble, for chrissakes. He's like a 13-year-old who gives big gifts to girls online because they are girls, for no real benefit in the game. Of course all the girls like him anyway because the whole thing stinks of harems, even when he is hiding his secret identity as the top player in the world. It's all clearly an enormous waste of resources for dubious benefit in a lot of cases, and honestly, I would literally prefer if he managed to seduce every last one of them for his harem because at least that'd show some actual competence in doing something instead of acting like a 13-year-old virg*n. Imagine if Bill Gates, when Microsoft was worth $10 million dollars, decided to gift a hottie female tech CEO Windows to get on her good side, because why the hell not. And imagine if somehow, this ended up all working out in his favor or something. Nevermind the fact that so many top managers and gamers in general in the world happen to be extremely beautiful young women, which contravenes real life to an absurd degree. Pretty much all his major allies are hotties who are described down to their pink nipples poking out of their braless top. There's literally only two dudes he's allied with, who have been so poorly described it's easy to forget they exist, except for the fact that I'm damn near certain one of them will betray him in the future for no other reason than the fact that he hasn't bothered to investigate their background at all because hell, it's not like he pays attention to his male allies. God only knows how irritated I would be at that "big reveal"

We've seen plenty of wish-fulfillment MMOs about how people who are good at playing a video game can become the most important person in the game, which may be a real world. As masturbatory as that is, this novel wants you to believe that one of those shitty phone games that involve building a city and a territory and I guess probably attacking other cities would result in you being the best administrator in real life for the world. It's made further offensive by the fact that it's inherent to the story that the MC is only the top in the world because of his future-knowledge cheating, so assuming everything goes perfectly for him and he's given mass power and privileges, he has essentially f*cked over all of humanity, which is facing an existential crisis and must have top leaders for an uncertain future. There is zero awareness by the MC that he is actually risking the entire human race by winning the game by cheating.

So. The novel tries to take itself seriously with a super-important real game, but the game is shit. Everybody but the MC is incompetent. The MC is forever distracted by any girl. The writing is below average. Fundamentally, the entire premise is shit. The novel, as a whole, is attempting to represent the MC being a perfect king by having future knowledge, but that has absolutely nothing to do with actually being a good king and the whole thing is fundamentally limited by the author's poor imagination of good management, and how the real world as a whole functions, and what skilled and intelligent people are actually like.

Unless you can literally make yourself believe shitty empire-building phone games are excellent simulators of real-life nation management and thus can mistake "highly-detailed" for "very realistic", I do not recommend reading this. I am extremely tempted to give it 1-star, yet, I am all too aware there are worse novels out there.

edit: I read another 15 chapters through to his city defense arc and it is so vomit-worthy I'm lowering this to 1-star from 2-stars. Things that happen:

Top players continue to fail quests for no reason like 1) gosh, what is a military reserve, or 2) I thought I would win, but it turned out that even with everything going according to plan I didn't have enough guys.

He's unsure he can win it, especially since he just took major casualties. Decides to fight the battle anyway because he wants to be first in the world despite no important benefits and he's really weaker militarily than he has been in some time.

MC asks random low-grade officer who isn't even a famous historical figure or whatever to snipe the enemy general with a ballista bolt 1.3 km away. He does it, first shot, wins the battle.

Personally leads a charge to enemy outnumbering him 4:1 when he's behind his walls on the theory that "oh their morale is weak, best to end the battle quickly". Never mind the fact that he's leading a charge into the enemy lines and the whole reasoning their morale is weak is because their leader just died. Never mind the fact that he's supposed to have a low Luck stat so bad things should happen to him just because. Doesn't matter, enemy collapses and retreats immediately, it's not like he's potentially throwing away a won battle or anything like that....

Refused to conscript more troops into a battle where he's badly outnumbered because he already has twice a big an army as he planned to. After battle, recruits bandits into his army because he shrugs and says he'll be growing in the future. Says that bandits are just decent guys forced into dire straits. Neglects that in the last arc he didn't want bandits to join his army because of their generally poor moral character.

I don't know what the hell I was thinking continuing to read this a little further, every chapter made me hate it more. <<less
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Aoto rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: c1146

It's rather interesting, this novel isn't just about getting money and fame from the game like in basically every other VR novel, but rather a test/training set up by the government, to get a better foothold on the new planet and increase the chances for every individual to survive. Of course our MC also has his cheat and it's the most common VR cheat, that he goes back in time and of course exploits it like crazy, while solving the regrets that he had in his pastlife. At the beginning the novel was rather casual and except that the gametype was new, plus the rather interesting setting it didn't have much to offer, but later on, as more and more content was added the novel got more and more unique and sometime later the author also slowly got the hang of how he should develop this novel, so as the novel goes on, it simply gets better and better, of course the repetition of war that is common in kingdom building novels can be a bit annoying or even boring, but it gets balanced by the new content that gets added along the novel. The only thing that really bothered me was that the human relationships get somehow neglected as the novel goes on and that MC focuses more on the game than other things, of course this is justified, because the MCs responsibility grows along with his power, this is simply a personal preference.

Overall I would highly recommend this novel to everyone who likes VR novels, Kingdom building and novels with unique cultivation system/modern cultivation, as long as you can overcome the rather casual beginning and don't hate the war and management parts :3

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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c6
This may be a bit early for a critical review, so just take this as encouragement for more chapters. I like this novel. It's everything I like (virtual reality, strategy/cleverness, action, adventure) with things I like that I'm pretty sure are going to show up (kingdom building, army building, and such). I like the idea of a strategy territory building game and so far it's been pretty easy to understand and follow along. It'll be interesting because it seems the land is the same as Earth (hence the name game... more>> name Earth Online?), making me wonder if there's any bonuses for certain famous lands/landmarks.

I read it all in one go (not hard with only 6 chapters), but I sit here wanting more. I'm eager to see what happens when war to breaks out and to see how the MC's starter village turns out as he develops and builds it. What sort of mechanics the game has to handle war, what opportunities will show up, how do things go with his little sister? I'm eager see how well the MC handles conflict and obstacles. So, basically, I personally like this and want more. Keep up the good work! <<less
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Pupu rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: c125
So this is just my personal opinnion and should be taken as such.

Start was good. Update speed was good. Language was quite acceptable. Unfortunately the story started to decline way too fast. Author tries to make a cunning and strategical MC without heaving any idea what that actually means. MC only gets ahead of others through luck and plot-armor. The build up to see others react to his "awesomeness" kept me reading quite a while. But because of the rapid decline in quality I had to drop this novel for... more>> good.

So here is the thing: A story about a guy who gets mysteriously reset in his younger body using his knowledge of future events to get every benefit there is (nowadays a standard setting). In the beginning it was a well done and slow kingdom builder story (although the MC knows a lot of stuff he should not know as he never built a kingdom before) and very little distractions with the MCs social life. Just a flatmate and a little sister he is fond of. But now: Bam! *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Chinese novel uses "Girls comparing breast sizes"! It is very unfitting! The first time we get a little insight into the thoughts of anyone who is not a NPC and it is about who got the bigger b**bs. Why? Makes no sense at all. Not even 10 chapters ago the MC was struggeling with the guilt of massacring innocent citizen and children. Now we have incredibly poorly scripted and two dimensional conversations like that. Before that the MC asks a historic strategist to make battleplans for an upcoming war. The strategist says: "Well its war. So we need to be like ready to react to sh*t and stuff." Everyone applauds. Enough said. (First review, because this just got me really riled up. I apologize for spelling and grammar mistakes) <<less
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Teddywonka rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c1001
I read the raws since this novel is damn good. But who have thought that this piece of **** will go downhill for me. Or to be exact the author became brainless as the chapters goes by.

The most annoying of all is that the author forces some nonsense situations to create a force plot. Smart Characters become s*upid. Unusual situations. Out of this world luck and bad luck. Smart enemies become s*upid. Rational characters become insane. And many more especually out of this world events.

example of one of author's nonsense... more>> events:

His elite army trained by modern special forces and equipped with best equipment with cooperation with elite spy group.... was.... being close to annihilated by large enemy forces.

The f... Where are their scouts? How come such a large enemy second rate force being undetectable towards his elite army? Wheres the training in combat?

The author boast about how great MC force is yet it become paper sticks in a whim of author's mighty brain and pen.

Conclusion: Start is good but you will just get disappointed later on. It is just like a shiny apple with rotten core inside full of plot holes... worms. <<less
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ATorturedReader rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: c82
Easy mode, what's the point?

Npcs are a new species of sheep, real life proceeds smoothly too and there's no challenge. Sure it's better plot than "time traveller vindicator", yet I can't see anything that justifies our MC being the MC. It might get better over the time, that's the pattern of Chinese novels, I know, however it also might get a ton of filler content because author needs to mill money from his job, see? If you wan't to really enjoy this novel, please, ignore the actual plot and read... more>> the alternative description.


For only-god-know reasons the entire humanity future depends on a simulation game that will enforce a new government system on every nation. Cultural disparities and long-term conflicts? Who knows! It happens that once our MC followed the wrong path and somehow travelled back in time, now he perfectly follows the path of a ruler, even though he has no actual experience to begin with. But that's the actual plot. The filler itself resolves around the diligent MC, his perfect sister and his romantic life with crushes falling over his knees, everyday he enters the game to give some orders and relies on his luck/plot armor to become the very best Siscon that no one ever was. That's all, you welcome.


"Let me feel the salt." <<less
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Sigh Berian
Sigh Berian rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: c159
How is this rated so highly?

I love kingdom building novels but this is just so bad. There is zero character development, there is zero strategy, zero mind games, zero descriptive fights, zero emotions, however, there are a lot of unnecessary micromanaging, and really unnecessary descriptive math.

All the characters have one trait (if any) that separates them. They are all one dimensional. I have never read a novel with less character development than this one.

MC is the smartest one. When there is a fight apparently it's a really genius idea for... more>> the MC to suggest having the players fight the enemy players on the battlefield of players & NPCs vs players & NPCs, no seriously, everyone hails that idea as genius. That's the level of strategy and mind games in this novel. <<less
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nasi90 rated it
October 8, 2018
Status: c555
A nice concept of using kingdom building/video game/martial art. While the concept of MC who die and get rebirth is not foreign to the "Chinese Novel" and japanese type because let face it many famous novel are this type.

in the begining I quite enjoy the story and ignore all the "chinese is true ruler of the world" stereotype because I have seen many chinese novel like this but the other novel are fantasy not realty it got ridiculous that the author should watch doremon for the novel idea

not only that... more>> the author also lack history knowledge of the world including the china history. I wonder why only 4 major peasant rebelion. Not only that the plot and scheme of politic/power play/influence between the lord of in the novel is ridiculously simple and not like the true history. Futhermore the NPC become yesman to the MC like the MC is the God Emperor of China and all of Mankind, and gift from heaven to them. While Military type NPC is so-so in battle making decision or plot. Other department of NPC is like s*ave to MC not only their cannot think from themselves their also lack the will of human inside them, I mean man, even the most loyal servant will try to betray you in all culture if they gain benefit. That why china has many internal war and dynasty

and the author also use the theme of "china superiorty over the world" mindset. MC just steamroll all the country in other region and the famous NPC and playe in that region just stood they like a dumb stone in the beach I mean spanish fleet destroy by china floating fortess warship if author use a 18th or 17th century european cannon yes I can believe it but the MC use Ming Dynasty cannon??? How the **** did the famous spanish galleon and fleet can be destroyed it is not logical even the backward Wokoku pirate of Japan can defeat them not to mention the famous Malayan pirate that can read the wave and wind in the sea. While they are many famous general in ancient china but seriously don ranked them according to you nationalty. Zheng he while is good admiral, explorer and diplomat is only view as 2nd ranked general in the eye of the world. Did you think the Mughal in india afraid of china during zheng he expedition while the it true he lead a massive fleet but without the support of supply depot both in Malacca and Bengal do you thing he can reach into the Arabian penisula.

not only that while it true china has massive advantage of it population but it also extremely isolated even during the so call golden age of china in Tang Dynasty. Other than few war again the horseman of the north, the korean and the vietnam the china army has no truly elite army even the ancient greek can defeat them. For example during the height of Han dynasty their army of 100 000 infatry can be easy to mascacre by the roman legion of 50 000 men. Not to mention during the tang dynasty the arab easly defeat them in battle of talas only because of the desert that separate China from it western neighbour and the byzantine empire that save them from the islamic invasion. <<less
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graydragon12 rated it
August 21, 2018
Status: c145
I came due to the highly rated review but left feeling disappointed. The thing that just make me lose any attachment for the MC is his arrogant declaration. You can check the spoiler for the quotes else just think of something really arrogant that most wuxia MC has ever said.

... more>>

All the beauty women belong to me


What make me annoyed at that statement is that the MC did not earn thing. All of his achievement was stole blatantly from other people he knew from his 1st run and yet he think everything he has right now is by his blood and sweat. Pathetic.

The guy describe by the author is a dude who was surround by luck and wealth but didn't see it the first time due to his short-sighted and idiotic believe. After he reincarnated, his "coincidence" with future powerful and strong character get to the point of comical.


Top beauty from high school has a crush on him since first time she seen him due to his "silence" and "pure" eyes (it is always the top beauty). Oh she is also the soon to be most famous knights and rank top in most beautiful girl in the game in the future. His aunt is the leader oh the soon to be most famous mercenary group. His roommate is a cute girl that study construction and will soon be employed by him due to that "coincidence".


Also what with the deal of only beautiful girl play games or is it in the future, normal looking girl die out ? None of the top female ranker has normal face. They are all "beautiful" and "gorgeous" that make men drool for them.

So taken out his connection, stolen achievement and luck, what did he accomplished on his own ? The expected of a veteran gamer. For example, you don't congrats a veteran CS:GO player for scoring a 80-90% head-shot rate, remembering the spray pattern, you expect him to do so since his life is depend on the game. Same for this dude, He live in the game for 5 years straight so to not know the minimum of what expected of him is just an embarrassment.

What I want in the future is a part where he lost big time, sitting down bawling his eye out screaming I was too arrogant. That s*upid statement came out of no where and just annoyed me more from this dude who was basically born with a golden spoon in his mouth but act like he is the man for some reason. <<less
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Vvibulo rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c161
The premise is, the whole people in the earth playing one game.

For the game aspect I think this novel is above average.

for the plot, its not surprising to see a chinese novel with plot armor and heavenly luck. But a great plot if I say myself with kingdom building more intense than LMS.

for character, they are quite likeable and not too flat. Unless for his men in game (NPC), they are all submissive to him, making some reviewer rate this low. But if I must say what did you expect,... more>> they are npc after all.

romance, I didnt know, too early to tell.

overall I recommend reading this novel for you who like game elements and kingdom building, but be prepared the MC tend to be a ruler (to kingdom building) than adventure (slaying monster, exploring area etc) <<less
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freezray rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: --
I'm sorry but this is too much I can't actually believe people voted this novel top of this list on GT it does not even remotely deserve that spot. Walls of text that convey little to no meaning at all there's so much information that has no bearing on the actual story itself. This author has to be paid by word count there's no other reason for it to be otherwise. I cannot describe my frustration with this novel its all so very dry and cliche I feel disgusted for... more>> forcing myself to read as much as I did. I couldn't help feeling that it might have gotten better later on NO it doesn't. And it's not like I was hoping for action and never got it there's plenty of action it's just very boring. Somehow the author has managed to make even battles a snooze fest. A great example is, in the beginning, they attack this raider camp and a lieutenant of his engages a the bandit boss. A cannot make this up it's little more than "one had a spear the other had a club they engaged for 20 moves and he made quick work of him" complete and utter tr*sh. <<less
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shuiko rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: c26
Awesome Cute Little Sister 10/10, moe story lets go!

But in all honesty, this story has a good plot and some fun characters to enjoy. Characters so far aren't very deep, BUT the simplicity actually helps due to the writing style, which is deep into the world and the actions FROM the character instead. The trade-off helps quite in bit in order to bring a very interesting kingdom developing story to fruition.
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darkKaldero rated it
October 2, 2018
Status: --
Interesenting when it comes to the war parts and seeing how the territory progresses, but most of it is just info dump.

There are too many characters that have names that sound the same. It makes you wonder who is who and you'd just go WTF who is this guy again. There would be people who would be introduced on this chapter and disappear after but then after 20-30 chapters he would show up again.

I also don't like how there are freaking 18 year olds who act like they are 5-7... more>> year old kids. It looks to me that the author has some weird fetish or he just doesn't know how 18 year olds are.

The author clearly doesn't know history apart from China's, he says Europe relies on the industrial revolition like the American history did, but wtf would you call the ancient Greek civilization, the Roman empire, the byzantine, and ottoman empires. An african player wasn't even strong during that siege of the beast thing, africa had ancient egypt for God's sakes. The author glorifies china too much. <<less
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Celsica rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c52
I usually don't write reviews here, but I was quite glad to see something nice come out of Gravity Tales and thought I should encourage these translators.


-Translation quality. Having read 50 chapters, I've only noticed a few egregious spelling or grammar mistakes. There are also a few instances of repeated vocabulary, but Chinese as a language tends to repeat for emphasis. Considering the topic, sentences are well constructed and explain in depth the various administrative challenges that the MC encounters. Probably one of the top on Gravity Tales, especially... more>> out of the works that were added recently

-Kingdom Building & Historical Figures. A nice mix of a kingdom building MMO and the inclusion of a few historical figures and concepts. The administrative underlings present a conundrum and the MC rectifies the problem in a well thought manner.

-Intelligent MC. Beyond the reincarnation aspect, the MC fills the role of a wise ruler quite nicely. Makes the whole thing satisfying to read.

-Translation Speed. Considering the complexity of the topic, I'm really surprised I've been reading 6 chapters a day for a week now. I'm not sure if the translating team is planning to keep that up for a long time, but it's a big plus. Helps keeping me invested in the work despite some flaws.

-Overall Fun. Despite some negatives listed below, I've generally enjoyed this work. I read a LOT of webnovels of all styles, and I can say that this one has hooked me for now. Having a cool village lord MC outsmart opponents right from the start, without any ridiculous cheat? Yes please.


-Pacing. In 50 chapters (a few months in game?), the MC already has a whole town built. The world first achievement system make his quick pace satisfying, but the quick speed means that everything is glossed over and lacks impact. He might create an entire industry at the wave of a hand by telling his subordinates to make a salt pen, for it to be mentioned a few times then POOF! It's making money. As a consequence, focus shifts to the administrative problems of the expansion of small village/village/town. In a sense, it separates this novel a bit from other kingdom builders

-World Building. Wait, a kingdom builder with poor world building? There's quite a few interesting elements that keep things nice, such as the announcements and likely competition with other factions in the future. There's also an important event in the real world that will probably have more importance in the future. No, my issues are mainly with how unclear some of the rules of the MMO are. Characters need to buy plans for their early buildings? NPCs migrate automatically? Raiders appear outside the village for no reason? No NPC villages have been really detailed? Buildings are constructed in a few days, apparently with furniture, but crops take a long time to grow? Completely unrealistic amounts of resources are produced by the village? I really hope the inconsistency throughout the novel is rectified.

-Poor Side Characters. Considering the quick pace of the novel, side characters have absolutely no place to grow organically. They appear out of nowhere and tend to be replaced quickly, or fade from our memories only to reappear later to be appointed as an administrative branch manager of something.

Rating: 4.5. I put a 5 stars to balance out the many 1 star ratings, which considering the overall quality of the translation are completely unjustified. <<less
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hiiampal rated it
October 13, 2018
Status: c639
Garbage indeed. Not just the fact that greedy international (qidian) has taken over it, putting a paywall over it. Actually, I am glad they did that so they can lock this racist heap of vomit under wraps.

As said by other reviewers, it's basically easy mode wish fulfillment novel where China is number 1 and the rest should just keel over and die. The author is so blatantly racist that he regards others as monkeys for example. He literally demonized an entire country and claimed that the Chinese people in it... more>> were oppressed to justify genocide.

This is why CN novels should stick to the sphere of CHINA and not anywhere else.

I suggest anyone who has an ounce of respect for their own nation to not read this. Because this author will take a steaming pile of sh*t on it with a cherry on top. <<less
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Derpmadness rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: c26
My first review on here, so far I really enjoy this novel, it is the usual whole reincarnation novel, but at the same time it's not. This one is more oriented towards kingdom building than the character becoming op (so far) and I'm really enjoying it. The translator is also pumping out novels like a goddamn machine
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Piratemonkey rated it
May 15, 2018
Status: c430
This is an interesting novel. It combines a mix of historical figures, Litrpg elements, and kingdom building. It has a unique feel to it compared to the many novels that all follow the basic premise and repeating chain. Personally it is one of my favorite webnovels running now and I hope for more chapters in the future.

Keep up the good Work
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