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Kurono Maou is a high school student who is sensitive of his sharp eyes and bad expression. No girlfriend but gifted with friends in his own way, he had been living a peaceful life.

But one day, without any reason, Kurono was attacked by a mysterious headache while in the literature clubroom and fainted. When he finally awoke…Swords & magic, filled with monsters, an orthodox different world summoning.

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The Black Demon King
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October 5, 2018
Status: c397
so I made a account just to review this novel as well as point out one simple thing to future readers. First the later if you prefer novels with mc’s that can do anything or are op in some way then tho novel isn’t really for you (I’m talking about the now generic MC transfers into a different world gets power and becomes the strongest right of the bat type of novels). This novel is mostly for those who like stories similar to berserk or goblin slayer, or pretty... more>> much any dark story where anyone can die at any minute.

alright as for my review it’s a 4.5/5 it’s not perfect but it’s still pretty good, the fact that no one is safe (apart from mc’s party) makes much better compared to stories where the MC ends up saving everyone he/she cares about, here it’s different the MC (Kurono) has everything to lose his friends, his new home in this alternate world and even those he considers family, and this is what makes the novel great very few novels incorporate this into its stories as it’s mostly avoided like the plague or done of screen but here the MC sees it and witness it at times.

again if your not into stories like this then move on but if your curious about it the I suggest you read on as the novel is mostly just a simple introduction into darker stories that most tend to avoid. <<less
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gahara31 rated it
January 5, 2018
Status: c380
story is pretty slow paced at first 200 chapter, telling some side stories that actually have not much contribution into main story. I pretty much skimmed it. After 250 chapter, however, the story become a bit better and interesting. The main things that kept me reading the series is the character development of the heroines. They started weak like background character but slowly making their spotlight as the story progress, an element that I think the most charming things about this series.

as for other part of story is pretty much... more>> your generic isekai harem plot, if it were to summarize into one sentence then the story going into route the MC got special unique power that make him different from the rest and worked up his way to develop his power while collecting harem member. <<less
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Hotaru.Kuro rated it
November 12, 2017
Status: v9c136
This is what they call the true meaning "What will happen if you were summoned to another world?"
... more>>

You see not everyone has a complete luck like that guy in SMARTPHONE NO TOMONI... even in the RISING OF THE SHIELD HERO has a HARSH experience. jeez

Kuro No Maou gives you the same feeling as the RISING OF THE SHIELD HERO but the HAREM here was exceptional. you see, the 2 girls i've seen so far was FIONA (Although I do not know if she have a feelings for the MC but I hope it is) and Lily (at first you thought you want to protect this little cute loli but it is not. She have a twisted personality when she regained her consciousness or should I say the older Lily.) but this is a good Light Novel so far. Just that this LN has a gruesome environment so if you want a unique LN with twisted and gruesome environment then this one's for you.

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SethArk2136 rated it
November 9, 2017
Status: c376
Kuro no Maou is a great story, that isn't predictable and is undoubtedly a step up from other harem isekai's.

It is a harem, however things are very different. Everyone is the harem is.. Either yandere or guudere, I'm not familiar with the terms, but basically the romance is no joke. You actually really grow to like the MC, for his reasons and beliefs and struggles, and although he has his faults, he's not dense in the same way as other harem MCs, and his awkwardness is more than understandable.

The characters... more>> are 11/10. They are that good, I have never read a story with such well written characters, in some ways the darker elements of the story are necessary for this, but everything apart from that is done almost to perfection. If you like the idea of a darker, gruesome, nitty-gritty realistic take on the isekai genre with characters that have as much depth as actual people, then you should enjoy this.

In my opinion it's a 9/10, but with my current enjoyment of novels involving MCs that experience suffering, but continue on to eventually surpass it, it's 10/10. Do have some patience though.

If you have read certain spoilers that are affecting your decision on whether you will enjoy the rest of this novel, as it did for me (thanks PercherTM u bastard I had read animesuki to get over that) - for BL:


To those of you worried about the BL, yes there are a few scenes, however the only one that's actually descriptive has an author warning and can be skipped. There are also some complaints below about Kurono and the crusaders, and his relation to them in another spoiler, however that is a misunderstanding, I'll post a second spoiler below to be more explicit about that.


Warning 500 chapters in spoilers, do not read unless you have already read spoilers concerning Sariel in the crusade against Spada:


Sariel is indeed Shirayuki, however Kurono doesn't betray Spada, he simply can't bring himself to kill her.

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Dotdotdot rated it
September 28, 2017
Status: --
Kuro no maou was not a novel that I enjoyed, at all. The whole novel is basically tragedy after tragedy with very little build up. They constantly kill off characters left and right that have had very little development so you really don't care much when they do die. I stopped reading after... more>>

Suu San died, I really don't know why I liked hers so much but she was my favorite character and in my opinion was part of the best romantic pairing the novel had

another problem is that the MC efforts were never really rewarded and his main love interest is terrible with almost no good qualities one any particular reason to like the MC other than he was kind to me. The novel isn't complete dribbling garbage but personally I did no like it. <<less
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Owloid rated it
April 26, 2017
Status: c340
This story is worth checking out. The main draw of the story are it's characters and world building, with tragedy on the side. Most of the characters are interesting and their interactions even more so. Torture disguised as experimentation and Yanderes are basically a cheat for making an interesting setting. The writing is quite good in terms of the Yanderes and despair, but is a bit lacking in other areas. This leaves long stretches of relatively generic isekai fantasy. I suggest you try it out and see if you find... more>> it interesting.

I suggest you read from one tragedy point to the next in continuous blocks, because the long stretches of mediocre parts pass quickly when you read them in bulk and allow you to get at the nice, juicy despair. <<less
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sersafir rated it
October 17, 2016
Status: c307
EDIT: Consider yourself warned, there's a major YAOI tentacle r*pe trap scene and the MC makes out with his cumstained lips. I've dropped the novel.

Take Game of Thrones, mix it with yanderes, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, and r/atheism.

You'll end up with this.

So why did I pick those? First Game of Thrones: there's some noble status incestuous themes in some situations, but even more than that, there's characters who just die off. The main character builds a relationship with them only for them to
... more>>

die 50-100 chapters later.


I even faintly recall reading "Winter is coming." at one point.

I'm surprised there is such a thing as a yandere harem. The main character gets one, but is denser the the particle that led to the big bang, and foolishly doesn't pick up on the queues that his companions are psychos. This I found pretty interesting. I think yanderes are a bit more creepier than they are hot, but they are much more interesting than a simple romance.

In Legendary Moonlight sculptor a great tragedy is inflicted upon the main character. You might think "that's where the similarities end right?" No, they don't. There's one MAJOR point I want to make about the author's writing styles: they both focus FAR too much on insignificant, minor characters. There's a filler chapter about too many characters backgrounds. I've come to dread seeing a new character because apparently I need to know everyone's backstory before I can move on. Characters we don't know or care about. I'm currently on ch 307 of this work, and in the past 100 chapters I'd say about 50 of them feature the main character. The rest are filler chapters about other characters or things the other members of the cast are doing. This is basically just an estimate, I haven't reread the whole thing back to that point, but I doubt it's wrong. The current pace of the current translator is about 1-3 chapters a week and it's honestly disappointing checking in and noticing "oh you mean the author wants to retell us the same part of this story from another characters perspective? Woohoo..."

Why is r/atheism on this list? If you've ever talked to a religious zealot, they'll condemn atheism as evil. Similarly, if you've ever talked to a militant atheist obsessed with anti-religious rhetoric, you can expect them to cry about crusades, the evils inflicted using religion as a symbol of fear and greed, etc. That's basically here. It's an r/athiesm perv fantasia in which the religion of the cross goes from our world to take over another world and to do so will purge all non-humans and all their alternate religions mercilessly.

The crusaders come to the small village where the main character lived, and said "What are you doing? Quickly offer all the things of value, then bring us the humans living with you [non-humans] demons. They get to live as slaves." They quickly kill the surrendering humans and 'demons' without mercy, causing the remaining to fight in fury, but lose miserably. It's also apparent that they torture innocents mercilessly to break them down into emotionless slaves to God.


Another note: One major thing I don't like about harems is why they decide randomly to have boys who look like girls be in the harem.

It's clear the main character has been written out to be bisexual, he doesn't care "as long as its cute."


I'm not sure why the author, as well as most well known harem titles cave into this trope. Are they trying to attract wild fujoshi? From what I've known they usually don't read these kinds of LN, so idk why.

The next spoiler is a big, big, spoiler. It's about a chapter that hasn't been even close to TLd yet. But it does help explain the mc's personality and what he is and isn't willing to do.

Apparently around chapter 500, he literally rapes Sariel.

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Sorata rated it
August 30, 2016
Status: c293
Damn I really love this novel. I think the author loves me. It's completely my taste. Dark story tragic MC with yandere heroines.

MC becomes an experiment subject. everyday he was tortured badly during experiment. finally he found peoples he could trust but when he knows it the whole village has turned into hell. Remaining only a mountain of corpses inside a river of blood. Yeah... It was hell.

But he didn't give up and found new comrades but the same things happened again he experienced hell over again and again...
The... more>> only things I hate is the growth of MC is too slow and MC still has his virginity. Many novel I dropped after the MC lost their virginity just like deathmarch the story is great but I can't accepted the MC without virginity so I recommended this novel Kuro no Maou and Tate no Yuusha <<less
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constant15211 rated it
May 4, 2016
Status: --
The pacing of the story is quite good. The developments are neither forced or try hard. It just flows smoothly. I like how the author conveys the despair and hopelessness of the MC but yet giving hope. A good read! They are no round characters in the story which are important to the story. They all have their personalities. So in short, I like it very much. Just read it before saying anything. It kinda gets addicting and you just can't stop.
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Ultramarine rated it
April 15, 2018
Status: c381
What I like in this novel is that the author always finds a way to surprise us, that cursed sadist, taking the fact that the heroines are yanderes and are incredibly cruel, hahaha, there are enough bloody parts in this novel and despair, Kurono is a nice guy and I like him in the course of time we can perceive the growth of the MC and there is a good construction of the world, if it were not the part of the POV's of third people that neither imply so... more>> much in the work and sometimes it becomes tiring I would like to give 5 stars to tell the truth I have even skipped some of these POV'S mainly from the Apostles. Anyway give a chance to this Novel and draw your own conclusions for me I found it very pleasant to read. <<less
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iCataclysm rated it
October 6, 2016
Status: c200
Currently giving it a 3.0/5.0

*minor spoilers ahead*
... more>>

The story starts off with the typical high school Japanese student who still has trouble getting up. He gets transported and is subjected to torture and what not. Then he vows for revenge, gets saved by a yandere loli and starts a slice of life novel after that. I mean cmon I was reading this because it was supposed to be dark and the MC not having OP skills were supposed to be a plus. Then they pacing got all weird when they introduced the school arc. School. Arc. Why would you go to school if you want revenge? He vowed to get stronger but he isn't pursuing powers relentlessly. I don't see the fire and honestly when the school arc began I totally just dropped the novel. Might pick it up again at some point but definitely not now.

TLDR; It turns from a dark story into a slice of life. You end up skipping chapters like they're endless because POV of the harem members... why not? Honestly the author should've just set those as side stories.

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findwrite rated it
September 12, 2016
Status: c260
This is a brutal tale. A savage, twisted tale. But I love it. I love it so much that I have difficulty seeing why I enjoy it.

Let me try to translate my feelings into text.

Kuro no Maou's protagonist is the foundation. He keeps me reading. I was surprised to see there are some changes in his personality as the series progresses (character development, my old friend, it's been too long!). The novel presents him in his times of joy and his times of despair. Some readers might be irritated by... more>> him, but I'm sympathetic toward him. Perhaps it's because I've read too many xianhuans. Those novels rarely have protagonists with more depth than a pond, and they're like characters frozen in time - their personalities are never affected by the events that occur around them.

I enjoy that there's a clear antagonist. The threat it presents the protagonist is frequently reminded, and enemies are often shown as more than just a bunch of nameless peasants served on a silver platter for the protagonist to dominate. Some are shown to be just as human as the main characters.

The romance adds a lot to the series. I'll leave it at that and leave you to discover the insanity. In any case, I enjoyed it.

I have three reasons for not rating this 5/5. The first is that the series has some really gruesome scenes. Despite having read so many other novels with descriptions of cruelty, I can't help but feel disgusted while reading them. This novel is absolutely not for the faint-hearted.

The second reason is that the novel slows down greatly at some points, not just in terms of action, but plot. Some people think the politics and scheming is boring, but even worse is when barely anything is happening. Most of such speed-bumps contain a lot of comedy, but most of the series' jokes missed their mark for me.

The third reason is one that bothered me for a while. The author (not translators) frequently changes the point of view and tense like they're nothing. I've seen the tense change from past to present in a single paragraph. The first person point-of-view can be confusing if you aren't aware that it sometimes changes later in the story to be in the perspective of the heroines. It bothered me even a hundred chapters into the series, though now (at 260) it's just an inconvenience.

I like the novel, but its torture and gore (the scenes aren't frequent, but they do exist) might be too much for many. Even I thought the beginning is slow, but now I greatly enjoy the series.

Note: The quality of the translation is decent (grammar and spelling errors are frequent but the meaning is easy to catch), but infrequently the sentences require a bit of artistic work on the side of the reader to decipher. <<less
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Grarg rated it
April 14, 2016
Status: --
Having read up to chapter 150 (the first two major arcs), I can say Kuro no Maou is decent. We have a protagonist who is strong, but not broken. His powers are well explained and he has acceptable weaknesses. The world is interesting but I didn’t give it a perfect score because I have several gripes:

1. All the villains are monolithically evil. There’s no redeeming qualities. There’s no subletly. They’re all fanatics or just downright crazy. If this continues, the story will suffer severely. 2. I’m seeing a disturbing trend... more>> in the way the author lays out plot progression:


So far, the MC has encountered two major groups of people, both of which have been wiped out. The first incidence was well done and really hammered in the nature of the world he’s been summoned to. The second incidence, however, was just downright lazy. It’s like the author though “these characters are no longer necessary to the plot” and murders them en masse via an extremely lazy plot device (literally someone OP drops out of the sky and kills everyone. Are you serious?). If this sort of pattern continues over and over, the story will get stale really quick. The violence and tragedy will cease to have any meaning and become just a joke. I hope that it will be different as I dive into the next 100 or so chapters.

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angmar1233 rated it
April 6, 2016
Status: --
Rating 4.5/5

A highly under-rated but interesting novel that veers off the usual Japanese novel cliches and more towards a light novel except for the harem and yandere characters the MC seems to endlessly attract. The world building is very thorough and the author uses multiple pov’s to do this but this makes the plot move slightly slowly, but if you can stick past the first arc, you’ll definitely see the pace picking up. Give this a try you won’t regret it, if you like plots filled with fairies, witches, wizards,... more>> gods, elves and the general theme of saving the world kind of plot. <<less
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mukkaar rated it
February 25, 2016
Status: --
I like writing style and characters, they are more "real" than usually in novels. Main plot is really good but chapters many times get sidetracked in my mind. There are too many pov's from relatively unimportant events and characters that could be easily dealt with less letters, or just left out.
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Reugros14 rated it
February 24, 2016
Status: --
@Oklaroma Mate, I think GOT is like “You died, game over”, here that representation is done in a different perspective like “Your friends died, game over!”.

The reason people call this novel dark is absolutely not because of MC. He’s just... you know not worthy of fitting that tag. The reason for calling this novel dark is everything else but MC. Yep you got it, he’s a kind, dense, still-no-so-overused type of MC.

This novel is about MC trying to survive in this harsh world, without any problems to his psyche, and... more>> always getting beaten up some too much OP enemies. yeah, those bitches just surpass out-of-norm powers too.

In my opinion this novel is really good, readers will sometimes hate author for giving uneventful slice of life chapters, but worry not, readers will want to kill him just some chapters after slice of life gets over. I eventually smashed my I-phone.

This novel has finished it’s introductions around 150+ or something (hell yes that is one damn slow pace, but you won’t hate it), after that is somewhat side char intro’s and then from chapter 200 the story finally ensues. I like it really too much, however I don’t have time, and enough knowledge to read the Japanese raws. Neither do I have brain to waste trying to find the meanings of MTL.

In the end, the only thing I hate related to novel and not about novel is the Translator, who seems to be fighting a lot with his bitchy RL. because of that I have to wait a lot, but the wait does bear it’s fruit.!!!!

I recommend everyone to read it and not hate it after just some chapters just because it got uneventful slice of life. That only runs for some chapters, so try to boggle down your urge to drop the novel and read till now, you will love it.

And guess wat, it has got yandere haraem, in which every girl would kill the other for kurono <<less
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Asf rated it
January 1, 2016
Status: --
Kuro no maou is one of my favorite japanese web novel out there..

The world have a similar aura to the middle/dark ages with the addition of magic powers.. It has the crusaders, witches, dark magic, demi-humans.. And much more.

There are many feelings that will engulf you along the way of the story..

... more>> The transition from a nice guy to the guy that can kill people are also within reason and it is done nicely. *Unlike some brutal xinxia MC*

I like it so much to the point of reading google translate of its raw. Lol <<less
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fir537 rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: --
Story is pretty slow paced, jumping around here and there without clear purpose. Sometimes the POV changes around to different characters, and then the time rolls back for a different POV. MC doesnt even seem to be an MC other than the fact that he has more POV chapters compared to other characters. Author maybe is being influenced by George RR Martin's series Song of Ice and Fire if you consider the multiple POVs, but is trying to not make it apparent so he slices in 3rd person POV every... more>> now and then.

Story at least from what I have read, is basically Zealots vs MC + others. MC and Others want to live a normal life, while Zealots want to kill them all for the 3Gs, gold greed and glory. Some might actually have a somewhat noble ambition (god instead of greed), but they are mostly composed and influenced by the 3.

Not a spoiler but is quite long so -


Understandably, finding a new unexplored (from the explorer pov) would make them desire it. In some ways it is similar to Europeans 'finding' (someone else already found america before them) the American continent, and staking their claim on it even though the land already have owners. Pushing in with force and invading with disrespect towards the locals. That is how the Zealots in this novel is.

MC is a normal student in modern Japan, summoned over to the otherworld, and treated as lower than human since he isnt a native of the Zealot continent. The Zealots, or the Crusaders of the Ars continent, bear high resemblence to actual Crusaders in the Medieval Era, with the same aim of 3G. Zealots treats anything other than their followers and farm animals as demons, which includes monsters, any humanoid creatures, and foreigners (humans summoned over from other worlds). MC after suffering more than a lifetime's worth (probably still less than Vandalieu/Death Mage) managed to escape to the other continent, and lived a simple life as an adventurer.

The Others, is a collection of every other character that gets a POV and is not part of the Zealot troupe. Part of the Zealot army is also among the others, and so do some of the Ars continent people. They all want to live a simple life and yet due to the 3G their life is either ruined or a mess.


All in all I will recommend this to someone who likes boring developments and lacklustre despair. If you dont, Death Mage that doesnt want a 4th Time is a good alternative to this. I read this because I have free time and am bored. <<less
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Tirp rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c376
The story starts with a tragedy befalling the MC. It started really really good and dark.

Then as the story progresses it became a bit shounen with the MC becoming naive.

The MC's harem is unique and I loved it.

... more>> The members of his harem are awesome but it doesn't overshadow the MC because MC develops his own awesomeness.

Also the author is a sadist. He will give you a heart attack if you read this novel!

That's just how intense some scene inside this novel.

Overall I would have rated it 5 if the MC became totally dark cuz he has the right/reason for it.

That is how I think will make the story a lot more interesting. Final rating 4/5. <<less
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Chourou rated it
May 7, 2017
Status: c150
If you are a masochist, this novel is perfect for you. Not gonna spoil anything but I stop reading this after 150. I drop this and never touching it again. Thats how I feel. But still worth 3 stars because of the way it is written and translated. Well good luck new readers.
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