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Kurono Maou is a high school student who is sensitive of his sharp eyes and bad expression. No girlfriend but gifted with friends in his own way, he had been living a peaceful life.

But one day, without any reason, Kurono was attacked by a mysterious headache while in the literature clubroom and fainted. When he finally awoke…Swords & magic, filled with monsters, an orthodox different world summoning.

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The Black Demon King
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Emiyamanu rated it
December 7, 2018
Status: c405
Good story. Not boring. Realistis. Gore but no problem because he have yandere heroine. Plot progess is good. Carakter build from weak to strong is good. Not "goug goug" "go*ku" because if he to be dead he not mad go to strong in instant. If you like sweet story. Go away
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slimeholder rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: --
Let's start with the fact that I absolutely forgot about what this novel was about, just after 2 weeks or reading it. I noticed that I forgot to leave a review, so I came back to do just that. Before leaving the review I flipped through the novel to try and remember what the thing was about, and to my surprise, the answer was... "nothing".

This novel is super forgettable, the characters are shallow, the name of the MC makes me cringe my *** off, and most importantly, it is boring.

Although... more>> the novel starts very good (and dark, which I really enjoy), it very soon devolves into being "meh". I do not even care enough to describe specific things that I liked and disliked...

Anyways, read it only in case there is nothing better to read.

Edit: I realized that many people may interpret "boring" as in "lack of action", but this is not the case. What makes this novel boring is the very fact that the world and events are boring. It's like a very good looking shirt that is made out of horrible materials and feels horrible on your skin.

Plus, there are people that really enjoy the action scenes in this one, so if you really care about action to the point that everything else can be ignored, go for it, as this novel has indeed very interesting battle sequences, etc.. <<less
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Spike Speigel
Spike Speigel rated it
May 7, 2019
Status: c416
I f***ing love this novel! The action scenes are fantastic! The action is gritty and bloody, it actually feels like the main characters are fighting for their lives instead of walking through battlefields as if they were a field of daisies.

The side characters are really fleshed out and have their own personalities.

The main character is not a beta like so many other isekai's...

... more>> The story actually has proper world building, and the author is good at balancing action and comedy and drama so it doesnt get boring.

Im not a fan of harem genre in general, but Kuro No Maou is an exception. The yandere's following the main character turn the whole harem genre on its head, its actually fun to read...

On a side note, Asian Hobbyist is currently translating this, they are only pumping out one chapter every month and a half, and when they do they split it into 3 and pretend they translated 3 chapters. Asian hobbyist translates like 50 novels at a time with a team that gets paid from ad revenue, so any novel that is translated by them will take literally years to translate. Hopefully some awesome translater thats bored and wants to translate a bad*** dark fantasy will see this and answer my prayers...

Also, id take "slimeholders" review with a grain of salt, that person thinks "Danmachi" is a "masterpiece" and rated it 5 stars, so their sense of taste is highly suspect. <<less
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Darxen rated it
April 11, 2019
Status: c651
Many bad rates for things that don't happen or are misunderstood by the "readers".

This novel is slow, gives great importance to the development of the story and the characters, do not expect temporary jumps and unforeseen incidentals, as far as I know the protagonist has not even half a year in that world.

The protagonist never forgives his enemies and does not forget what they did to him, his only problem is that he is hetare, but that at least has valid justification.

He is a hard worker, his power is mostly... more>> thanks to his own effort, including the power that is given to him.
He is not naive but relies so much on his "harem" that he simply does not imagine what they are capable of (mostly for him).

The harem is not even official (hetare) and is not at all happy (yandere harem), the translation still does not reach the real drama of the "harem".

The novel has several developments so anything that the MC may complete may go wrong or get worse. <<less
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November 23, 2016
Status: v1 prologue
Kuro No Mao starts off with a good, dark premise. A high school is warped to another world and forced into experimentation to develop decent, disposable foot soldiers. Not amazingly original, but we've had dozens of light and airy isekai novels, so it's good to see such a dark start to one. It picks good elements to base the story around, but the execution is lacking.

The author just CANNOT write in a serious tone, and it's incredibly jarring. The MC does not feel any different between the first time... more>> he is subjected to brutal experimentation and the time he escapes. His dialogues feel naive and boyish and reflect none of the agony that he went through nor any sense of vengeance. We slip into a daily routine of slice-of-life follow his escape, and it's as if we were reading another isekai novel where the MC had not experienced any hardship yet!!

Similarly, all the notable characters lack depth. They all experience enough events. We know their past. It's just that they aren't characterized very well.

The other thing is that naming and world conventions breaks the immersion. It's very awkward that this novel takes random parts of the this world and tosses it into the fantasy world while completely ignoring most of the elements of this world.

The people of this new world (in the Arc continent) speak Arabic or at least the novel uses Arabic letters. MC, as a modern teenage boy from at least the 2000s, can't recognize Arabic and is bewildered by it. It would've been less jarring if they replaced the Arabic letters with X's or something.

Virginia is a colony in the Pandora Continent. It is a port city located on the EAST coast of the Pandora Continent. The Arc Continent sent an expedition to the West on the Pandora Continent in order to establish control and take over the Pandora Continent......... <<less
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OfficePony rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: c44
Grammar: 2.5/5 (formerly 3.5/5)
Story: 3.5/5 (same)
Writing: 2/5 (formerly 3.5/5)

(Updated ch44:

Yeah, it devolved quickly into a very confused piece of work. Author very clumsily swaps between perspectives and people. There is no indication as to when the changes happen so it can get a bit frustrating jumping around with no one view point really completed. The translation team seems to be having a hard time making this readable at this point, and honestly I can't blame them, it's the authors fault for using really unstable... more>> view points. I was Enjoying it immensely until about chapter 40, then things just started getting messy. I don't mind when things stagnate in a story, I just push through, but when things get messy I just give up. I'm hear to enjoy a story not a puzzle.)

Far from the worst thing I've read, but far from the best. The grammar is tolerable, though awkward phrasing and wording is almost guaranteed to be found in each chapter. Not really a problem with the author, but a blip from the translation team. Still, a decent job and nothing the really detracts from the reading experience except for the momentary pause wondering what would be a better way to phrase or word something.

As far as the story goes, it's nice, but not anything new or ground breaking thus far. Can't really say anything else on this, seriously.

The writing is fairly well done, nothing is dragged through the mud with too much detail, nor is it really explained enough. The descriptive scenes could use some more flavor, but it's understandably difficult to do that with a translated work. Over all I'd rate this at a 3.5/5, with some hope for the future. Once I've read the entire thing I'll probably come back to finish this review. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
March 13, 2016
Status: --
This is a fairly good novel. There are no cliches so far so it is an fairly interesting read, I personally dislike the normal beta japanese MC thats all on the rage. The main character gathers a harem of yanderes of all flavors, which is probably the most interesting part about this novel. The main character's powers as a dark magician warrior is fairly interesting as well. However this novel suffers from some set backs which would probably be fixed by an editor if it ever became a light novel.... more>> This novel has dry periods where the plot crawls as slow as a snail, also the author likes to have multiple chapters dedicated to side characters which are probably the most boring portions of the novel. I feel like the author has no idea to write at times so he just writes himself into a circle.

I would rate this series 4/5. Its interesting enough to read whenever its update however I would never constantly refresh the page and stay up for hours to wait for a chapter. <<less
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XellossMetallium rated it
October 14, 2015
Status: c190
Story-wise I like Kuro no Maou.

Albeit the character of the protagonist feels quite common and overused it should be noted that (words of the translator) Kuro no Maou is older than a good chunk of other famous web/light novels (i.e. Arifureta).

The main protagonists (and antagonists) are all quite likeable (and hateful, where needed), the pacing is steady and no part of the story feels too strained, forced or like a filler.

Another main point of this novel is

... more>>

the “Game of Thrones” atmosphere. Everyone can die, and usually they will. Right now I cannot say if the author is going to abuse this trope as a tool to “change scenary” without dealing with the aftermath of the previous arc or it will be used prudently and only if truly needed.. This we will see in the future.


Stylistically there are issues, since the author constantly jumps from the third person POV to the first person. Usually is only thanks to the kind work of the translator that the story is easy to follow (they point the POV changes and the speaker for some sentences). <<less
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XXxxxadisxxxXX rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: --
This is the first novel that ever actually got me genuinely angry. The begining was good, like really good. However, it all went downhill from there. The MC suffers from being a bit*h throughout the entirety of this novel. Read below if you want it outlines the major flaws of the novel and also just how bad the MC is in this novel

... more>>

He gets summoned. Then tortured and what not by his captors. He then escapes. After escaping he gains power meets people blah blah blah. He then comes across the people that tortured him and brutally killed people he knew as well as committed many other atrocities such as genocide, r*pe (of people the MC knows and loves), desecration of corpses, war crimes, murder (against his soon to be dead friends), crimes against nature (f*cking human experimentation), and much much worse. So what does he do? He forgives them. He forgives them all and just all around acts like a pu*sy for the majority of the novel. The thing that made me quit was that the only reason he didn't do anything was that the person he met that supports these horrible people had f*cking tits. I mean come to the f*ck on! How much of a beta cuck do you have to be to just roll over and take this shit? He does not even end up getting any real powers or other ways of fighting back until you have read for at least 12-18 hours (mattering on your speed) and even then he's so much of a cuck that he can't get it himself. He has to get it from a GOD because he's stupid. How is he stupid? He just lost his eye due to extenuating beta circumstances. This entire novel is a f*cking mess man. The concept was something I would have really enjoyed if the MC was not such a beta bitch.

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pditf4me rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: c407
Just saw this novel was updated after randomly looking it up today. Wow! Totally forgot how interesting a story can be with yanderes. If anyone knows any novels with yanderes like this one please recommend them to me.

P.s. Love this story and the characters and the world they live in. Fantastic writing.
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martinalus rated it
November 12, 2018
Status: c404
Solid story and characters.

Very dark and refreshing story but the pazing is way too slow and this story has too many haphazard POV changes.

the first 120 chapters or so are very slow but once you get through those things really starts picking up character, story and worldbuilding wise.

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talosparoxi rated it
April 16, 2018
Status: c381
Okay I'm gonna get a bet of a preamble before my main thoughts on this story. The reason this has so many low reviews I think is less due to it's actual quality and more the massive changes in tone it goes through. There are people who just want to read a light hearted story or one with a complete OP badass MC that get turned off by the tragedy and losses early on, and there are those that are only interested in the suffering and gore that get turned... more>> off by the slow moments, especially after chapter 150 where it slows down a lot and the MC stops just getting set up for bigger and bigger losses. So if you want a story that has a completely OP MC and/or is always happy-go-lucky or always tragic and gory then this isn't for you.

I feel that this is a really good story for people who like chinese style storytelling. Specifically this novel reminds me of things like "Against the Gods" or "Ancient Strengthening technique" at a lot of points. It walks the fine line of having enjoyable and happy characters who do thinks that are morally wrong if they need to. It also showcases how horrible people can be and how easily things can go wrong or how wrong your ideas of things you believe to be absolute truth can be.

Many characters in this series have strong personalities and actions and it's interesting seeing how their actions will quite often remain similar even if their outlooks on life and their values have changed drastically. Really I think this has a more realistic, if morbid, view of love than most series. Storybook love where you only want what is best for the person does exist but even if the person tells themselves that it is generally only their self conceit. Love is greedy and angry, always looking to monopolize it's target to remain yours and yours alone. It is merely that the best way to do this is to make them happy.

In short this series has really good characters, character growth, and an interesting story progression, just don't get too put off by the more tragic aspects as there is plenty of fun and joy to be had. <<less
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Oukis Lips
Oukis Lips rated it
April 21, 2017
Status: c56
Pretty much the only good point to this novel is that it's a fantasy setting, and the translators are very good. Beyond that, the plot is inconsistent, the bad guys are one-dimensional, the author randomly switches perspectives with no warning whatsoever, and to top it off, the MC is incredibly weak, to the point where he could be accurately labeled as a small fry. Building a loli harem is one thing, but having to be repeatedly saved/spared by the lolis who are all literally 100x more powerful than the MC... more>> is incredibly unsightly. I don't necessarily need the MC to be an OP Mary Sue, but at least give him some potential. Unless the author randomly throws in some instant power up out of nowhere, I don't even see the potential for the MC to significantly increase his abilities. Also, the author is probably an incredible chuuni. The MC always shouts the name of his attack whenever he uses his magic, even when the author explicitly states that chanting/yelling isn't necessary for the magic to work. All the names of the magic are also overly grandiose, almost to the point of parody. I also think alot of the tags are misleading. It might change with further chapters, but I'm already more than 50 chapters in and I haven't seen a single yandere, the plot also isn't very "seinen, " at least not compared to some serious works that I've read. Moreover, it doesn't have much of the psychological aspect either. Maybe they're confusing brainwashing with the psychological genre. It's really not the same thing. I can see hints of a loli harem, but well, I wasn't really looking forward to that part anyways.

All in all, meh. If you've got nothing better to do, then this might be for you. It's slightly more entertaining than daytime television. <<less
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February 9, 2017
Status: c327
A refreshingly harsh variation of the standard 'summoned to another world' formula.

Kuro No Maou features a fairly standard japanese light novel Protagonist, Kurono Mao who gets summoned to a different world in the middle of being confessed to. What he sees when he wakes up however, is not a mission to save the world from disaster, a Goddess with cheat abilities for sale or a benevolent kingdom, but a kind of cruelty unique to humanity... The story follows Kurono as he tries to deal with that cruelty in an attempt... more>> to live comfortably.

As a result, this story has a more or less 6:4 split between slice-of-life-ish arcs and more threatening war and survival-related arcs.

Without spoiling anything, outside of the characters directly surrounding Kurono, the world makes a surprising amount of sense for a japanese LN/WN. Be it the glimpses we get from country politics, religious actions and especially personal motivations and actions of the side characters, everyone is simply following their own world-view without too much needless ill-intent or good-natured support...

The only sort-of exception to this is that Kurono seems to have a Yandere-attracting or creating aura to the point that even his equipment is yandere, and that when a girl falls for him their dedication to him immediately maxes out.

On the negative side of the WN, the actual writing and story flow is less than great; There is a lot of needless switching of perspective even in the middle of chapters, and there are quite a few strangely placed or even unneccessary chapters that tell the story of side characters. Sometimes it's used well - To explain the disposition and actions of the enemy commander for example... But most of the time these chapters just seem to be thrown in randomly and break up the flow of the main story...

It also doesn't help that the story flow itself is on the slow side.

All in all though, this is still a head above the general 'Isekai' harem stories simply by virtue of allowing for a world where the line between good and evil really should just be considered a question of perspective. <<less
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Aternus rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: c212
Good for its genre and the yandere harem is very welcome. Overall its good but I'll list the issues, because if you can get over these few issues than the novel will be great for you, some of the issues may even be a plus for you depending on your tastes.

in relation to Tragedy:

... more>>

Fake Tragedy, Main chars are generally immune and its just death all around him, in fact the mains have a good helping of Deus ex.

to MC:

MC is both underpowered and overpowered. His true enemies are so far above him its one of those, I won't even kill you scenarios, but he's overpowered when compared everyone else.


Also unfortunately classic Jap MC, though he is okay with killing for the most part. <<less
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Sumerio rated it
November 2, 2018
Status: --
At the beginning of the story it is quite cruel because of the human experimentation and the escape of Kurono to another continent.

Leaving the holy war throughout the continent, and permanent rancor for the crusaders.

Kurono's natural ability is black magic, that is the basis of all his power and growth in power.

However, what most attracts my attention is that Kurono has the super ability to TRANSFORM girls to yanderes. (Unconsciously with his acts).
First with the fairy, then with the witch, and then with an angel. (Willing to perform an... more>> inhuman act for love xD)

If it's worth reading, I recommend it. <<less
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Sketchman rated it
January 9, 2017
Status: c325
1- In general / Plot
Well, first things off. The novel is entertaining, the characters are (usually) not flat, and the plot is just complex enough for you to have a sense of tension without getting tiring nor being too predictable (although some twists have slightly too much foreshadowing on my opinion). The lore of the world is interesting and it feels nice to read about the world.

2- Chapters
As some reviews have said, there are a few villain POV chapters that do not really add anything, and sometimes... more>> the plot feels too slow. The thing is that these only happen in the first few volumes (up to volume 5 or 6). For me it is clear that the author got (really) better as the chapters go on, and at this point, these early ""failures"" do not really matter as there are (at the moment of this review) 17 complete volumes.

Do note that there are some quite heavy moments (gore and rape), but they do not feel out of place and, although not always well handled, the treatment is usually mature. So these scenes seem more integrated into the plot, and not just some fan (dis) service.

3- Characters
They are enjoyable in a very "game of thrones"-ish way. Side characters (except minor villains) are well developed. The indecisiveness of the protagonist is (mostly) good for character development, and doesn't feel as being simply lack of planing from the author. One thing that kinda gets tiring is that, regarding the heroines, they all get increasingly predictable, not more than in any other harem genre work, but regardless....

Oh, lastly: there are many yanderes. It seems every other woman is one. Regardless of that, they are well written enough (if you discount the fact that most of them have to, in one way or another, fall for the MC).

4- Others
The translation is not great. Although I do not feel well criticizing voluntary work, there are some big English mistakes and awkward wording in every other chapter, and there are far too many translator notes. Regardless of that, these annoyances do not affect the general enjoyment of the novel.

On a personal note, what I think is the lowest point of the novel as a whole is how easily (sometimes) girls fall in love with the MC, and - up to a point -

how predictable it is that some of them will become yanderes, regardless of previous character development. It kinda makes the whole "psycho allure" of the yandere feel lost, as it is overused and the characters circumstances underdeveloped.

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vaendryl rated it
July 21, 2016
Status: v6c71
This WN is like an unpolished gem. There's some good basic elements in here but it lacks polish. The author put some good thought into the major elements of the story but falls short on the details. It's possible this is due poor translation but I'm not really getting that impresion.

It's enjoyable enough as it is (since you can read the translation for free), but it's not the best of its kind. If the LN adaptation ever gets licenced though you may want to get your hands on that.
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Leinyl rated it
August 16, 2019
Status: c650
This novel has many flaws but I still find myself enjoying the hell out of it at times that I even endured in reading machine translated chapters.

What I like about this:

  1. Yandere Harem - haha, this just needs to be here since I rarely think having this in the story can keep me entertained. Also because his harem are cruel and manipulative who won't hesitate to do things out their morality, it kinda balances the MC being too idealistic at times.
  2. The Battle tension - the battles here were made to say that the enemies aren't going down just because the MC managed to outsmart or bring out countermeasures against them, they can also think of proper strategies despite not having a propped up intelligent character among them. Also because the main cast may be powerful but enemies are pretty much equal or stronger than them at times.
  3. World building - the setting in the story was thoroughly explored with the lore, situation and power system in the world leaving me to question very little about it.
What threw me off:

  1. The MC is gets careless at times when it is not a major battle which is pretty annoying considering how many battles he had fought in

    the serious offenses here was when he got his arm reduced to a bloody mass since he couldn't control his striking power and underestimated his target, and the time he caused an avalanche since he wanted to fire off a flashy attack despite knowing they are in a goddamn snowy mountain

  2. Only a few battles had gotten me tense because of what the author said in one of the chapters

    So basically he said that he won't try any NTR or death of heroine situations, I'm happy that he mentioned the former but the latter is just stupid when there are arcs when the main consequence of failing the death of a heroine, that just made all the tense atmosphere you made in the arc worthless by mentioning that

  3. There are times when things are just way too drawn out, sure there are instances where an ample amount of chapters are needed to properly tell of the circumstances but some times I feel lengthening the arc is just unnecessary

    For example, that time when all 3 of the main cast was subjected to some kind of hypnosis magic that lets them dream about their ideal world and it took several chapters for the MC to break free from it in which most of those chapters only explained their ideal world

  4. I would have seriously wished there was a better way for the MC to have gained power

    He basically gained an upgrade only because a God suddenly appeared out of nowhere to test him, and what's worse is that it was even called with a cheesy name of "The Power of Protection" despite it never having to do anything about protection and more about the seven deadly sins really

I could probably point out more good and bad things I found about this series but these are what struck me the most.
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Leafron rated it
November 15, 2018
Status: --
Horrid. Dark fantasy should never mix with a happy harem. The author needs to decide on one or another theme. These two genres don't mix well. Furthermore, the reader would absolutely feel frustrated when reading this novel, considering how regardless of what happens, the MC will only lose out more than his enemies would.

The initial setting of the novel wasn't all too bad until it devolves into a typical Japanese novel; indecisive main lead, the creation of a harem, MULTIPLE POVs (really, who cares about what the enemies are thinking... more>> about? No need to go on and on about their thoughts) and so on..

All in all, would not recommend this novel unless you are absolutely bored with nothing better to do. <<less
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