Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (WN)


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Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its prophesied destruction.

As the Shield Hero, the weakest of the heroes, all is not as it seems. Naofumi is soon alone, penniless, and betrayed. With no one to turn to, and nowhere to run, he is left with only his shield. Now, Naofumi must rise to become the legendary Shield Hero and save the world!

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The Rise of the Shield Hero
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50 Reviews

Mar 24, 2016
Status: --
The prose is great and engaging, but the persecution complex the MC has is out of control, and it feels like bad things are happening to him only to vindicate that existing complex. It's really shallow and juvenile, like someone building up the MC being treated sooooo terribly, and then the MC gets to conquer the terrible villains by being better than them, making them regret being mean. It's the mindset of a middle-schooler with poor social development who would rather blame everyone else for their problems than look at... more>> themselves and make educated decisions to improve their straits. This guy is so bad at crisis management that

his stockholm syndrome s*ave had to defend him in a royal court and obsess over her own loyalty in order to paint him as even remotely sympathetic.

All he does is sulk about how terrible he's being treated, but he never acts except to behave even worse. His food turns to ash in his mouth and he's like WELL IF YOU'RE GOING TO JUST TREAT ME LIKE A VILLAIN THEN f*ck YOU I'LL BE A JERK, knowing full well it's not going to fix anything. It's ridiculously childish. This guy is the opposite of a well-adjusted adult.

The MC is also just... really not a good person at all? He fantasized about beating and emotionally abusing his 10-year-old s*ave just because she was the same gender as a single person amongst a group of people that betrayed him. There's no explanation why the concept of women fills him with feverish loathing; it's just, one person who was female claimed he abused her! So all women are tr*sh! Okay?? Are we just supposed to accept that 'female wrongdoing = become misogynistic' is a rational mindset? Or just assume misogyny is the default?

All of his motivations are entirely selfish, which is fine! Dark heroes are neat. I actually adore the angle of "would rather self-destruct than grow as a person". But the narrative only paints him as being absolutely in the right and earning back the appreciation he rightfully deserved from the beginning. No one else is allowed to do heroic things. Only him. Everyone is painted as villainous so he looks like a shining beacon of hope. No good characters are allowed to exist without also regarding him fondly, or their dislike being a misunderstanding. The persecution complex is so thick I'm gagging on it. It's like the story thinks he's entitled to respect and worship, and the idea of happily living in the background is unfathomable.

There's also the fact that the novel honest-to-god puts forth the idea that unregulated s*avery that is confirmed to feature torture - and the main character INTENTIONALLY TORTURING A 10-YEAR-OLD GIRL - is totally okay, because, s*avery is legal, and she loves him later!

I really liked this when I started it, so the subject matter felt like a betrayal. I ground my teeth in hope for character development, but then

his days-old chocobo expy monster turned into a loli

, and I was just...I'm done. That's it. I've had it. Enough of this.

Actually, a lot of Hatred stories play out like this. 'People were being mean to me, so I'm going to be a complete abomination of a human being! The fact I was wronged justifies everything I do from now on! There is nothing wrong with this! I was tooootally a well-adjusted, good person before I was wronged! It's their fault for making me evil!' lol.

... Even if the ideological stuff doesn't bother you, the story is 99% grinding and is boring as sin during the periods between big scenes. You really get the impression the author couldn't think of any conflicts besides the main one, so he just had them piddle about.


EDIT: I've read farther, and as you could probably glean from the other reviews, it just gets boring. Naofumi's sociopathy becomes a macguffin so the author can awkwardly shuffle it away like a narrative chuuni phase, leaving a mediocre isekai story that is neither horrible nor worth reading. There's nothing outstanding or worthwhile to it beyond vague power fantasies. Go read Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken if you want an isekai novel about an inspiring hero with insanely loyal followers surrounded by gorgeous women. <<less
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Nov 26, 2016
Status: c150

For me, this novel went from perfect 5/5 to a perfect zero. The novel instantly became my favorite when he got betrayed at the beginning then he becomes this dark anti-hero character who doesn't trust anyone and a maniac whose thirst for experience to level up never settles because his class is shield type, he doesn't have any offensive attacks, thus he finds an unique way to farm the monsters to get stronger like never have seen before in any other novels, and it just gets even better when our MC was forced to dissolve the s*ave contract with the heroine which results him unlock curse series (Imagine Gohan going SSJ2 during the cell saga). So far, we are off to a great start it had everything that I needed from a novel a perfect balance between hope and despair.

-But just like most of the novel it couldn't keep up with that level. After MC got his revenge on the people who betrayed him at the start of the novel it became a running gag of cliche and tedious f*ckfest, that dark atmosphere and all that cruel and despair build-up disappeared into thin air. It became your generic reincarnation novel, it hit new low for me when the spear guy too UNLOCKED CURSE SERIES power because the same woman who betrayed MC, betrayed him too. I thought it was gonna be something unique to our MC and how that spear guy just easily unlocked it, he didn't face the kind of humiliation our MC faced nor he was forced into a corner thinking he is some kind of creep or pe*vert. I couldn't take it after that and I dropped it right there and then! I still don't get why this novel is so overrated, but I still enjoyed the first 100 chapters for what it's worth.
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Aug 05, 2016
Status: --
WAAAY too childish, I read to the point after (MINOR SPOILER) the defeat of the giant turtle and when they abandon the Bow Hero in the Colosseum thingy.

Its just, agh, its interesting at first, the MC gets transported to another world and its betrayed, so we are to expect some kind of character development story, right? Nope.

The MC so far hasn't showed any kind of character development he is exactly the same person he was betrayed at the beginning of the series, OH!, right, the betrayal righ?, so he is... more>> accused of a crime he didn't commit, BUT he is immediately left off due to lack of evidence, so what is the first thing he does?, why he goes to buy an underage s*ave so he can take out his frustrations on her (you know, like normal people do), granted he doesn't actually go through with it, but he remains an as*hole pretty much throughout the series, even when those who wronged him have been punished and he gathers a kind of surrogate family.

BUT the worst part is that the MC has this Mary Sue thing going on, where he is always right and everyone that follow him is always smart, composed (sexy) and right, and everyone who is against him is either s*upid or evil or both, and of course since everyone is s*upid and or evil they all get tortured, ens*aved, and punished for daring to go against our great and magnificent hero, ugh.

If you're like 12-15 or if you enjoy the "humans are a**holes" stories like Black Bullet, or the "fantasy m*sturbation" genre like Arifureta, you'll probably enjoy this, to anyone looking for an actual story, just steer clear, or go read Mushoku Tensei if you havent already. <<less
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Dream Seeker
May 26, 2016
Status: c386
What happens when expect too much of people? Do you believe people to be giving, kind, humble, and loving? Now that’s what heroes are made of in stories, but this is more than that. This is a story of four heroes, learning how to live with the darker side of their greatest strength or face the threat of getting devoured by it. At first glance, I would agree with most this is a simple, and somewhat childish read, but after reaching the conclusion I feel there is more to this... more>> meets the eye. We have an unorthodox novel that is not in sightless bit simple, written not to entertain, inform, nor persuade, but to feel. It’s unexpectedly a novel written for emotions. As such it’s written for readers to experience the contrast of basic human emotions, and there direct consequences without any subterfuge. Taken literally as elements of plot are the encounter of “sinful emotions”, and how they corrupt the “pure emotions”. There’s an underline experience of what happens to those rare people aligned more typically good are faced with consequences of their pure emotions. <<less
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Feb 11, 2017
Status: --
It is honestly one of the best Web Novels I have ever read. Of course, my view of it might be tinted by my intense loathing of all the bullsh*t dark and edgy MCs that have been cropping up lately, but Naofumi is one of the instances where a "Practical Hero" MC is done right.

After his betrayal by those he trusted and those who summoned him, he doesn't unrealistically become a psychopath who only cares about himself, but simply teems with hatred and distrust for the world, he still feels,... more>> he still cares, but his eyes are tinted by rage. Left with nothing but his "useless" shield, he turns to the only ones he can trust: s*aves and tamed monsters. And thus begins his journey to get revenge on those who have wronged him and escape the crappy world he's been summoned in. Throughout his journey he experiences love and sacrifice, regaining parts of what he lost and in the end grows to be more as a person than he was before the betrayal.

Another interesting thing about the MC is his treatment of harems, he does have a harem, he doesn't have s*x with them, but not because he's dense... he just has no interest, he's in a shitty world that he wants to get out of ASAP, so he's got no time for love... well except for one or two special persons :3

The only thing I have against it is the occasional appearance of unnecessary bits of torture p*rn in it... nobody likes reading about a loli getting executed T_T But I do understand the writer adding those int to show what kind of world the MC is in.

Basically, it's realistic (as far as high fantasy goes), novel, and has good character progression with an MC that isn't a complete a**hole. 5 out of 5 <<less
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May 16, 2018
Status: --
This story really betrayed my expectations. My expectations were not unfounded. The author of this story makes you think it's about one thing and then halfway into this you feel like it's a whole new story while you are left wondering wtf the point is reading anymore.

I really enjoyed the start of this story so much that when this got bad I went and started to read the manga in hopes that it differed. How much time was wasted reading this... ugh.

Btw false r*pe happens all the time in society... more>> and innocent men are sent to rot in prison/jail due to those false allegations. Even if the woman later comes back and says she lied. The damage would already be dealt. That man would have lost his job and once you are put in for something it never leaves your record even if you are proven innocent later. It can be viewed by future employers. It simply says you were not convicted of the crime. I believe r*pe is very serious like most people, but id never just 100% believe someone that says they were r*ped without some kind of proof. It's not "Victim bashing" or whatever it's just the right thing to do. Mob mentality is really bad when it comes to women saying a man r*ped or abused them. Most of you probably hated the Princess, the common people, and his classmates in this story but irl that guy would have gotten the same treatment by most of you sadly. Sorry this one just really hits home for me because my brother committed su*cide due to a false r*pe claim. Even my family and sadly me at the time did not believe him and distanced ourselves from him. I was a tool and I look back on it with regret. Some people still think he r*ped the girl that accused him even after being proven innocent. Lot's of people just heard he was arrested for it and that was enough to believe he did it. That's why I was really hoping for the MC's revenge that never really seemed to come. <<less
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Jul 15, 2016
Status: c388
I really enjoyed reading this webnovel, but it was by no means amazing. It lost an entire star for that mess of an ending, honestly.

The whole thing runs off of the idea that things aren't going to work out just because you're a hero. Our main character is summoned into a world where the natives seem to despise him, and his fellow heroes consider him useless. He, understandably, gets angry at his circumstances and wants to throw in the towel, but the nature of his summoning prevents him from doing... more>> so, and he's forced to work for a cause that has nothing to do with him.

It's a nice, dark take on the summoned hero plot, and Naofumi Iwatani's reactions falls juuuust within where one would expect a sheltered, spoiled, first born son without real responsibilities to act. The other heroes however are just a bit too obvious with their vices I think, from womanizing to willful ignorance. Their contrived behaviors later become plot points however, which I suspect to be a case of the author turning their initially rough, amateur story elements into tools, so props on that.

Our MC's companions aren't introduced well in this medium, unfortunately. In the manga (and, I assume, the light novel), Raphtalia is almost immediately given some back story which validates her strong feelings for Naofumi, but here in the webnovel we can't see anything through Naofumi's incredibly biased first person view. Fiiro's arrival looks like the author just threw a lolita in to grab readers, and if it weren't for her use as a pack mule, her initial addition to the story would have been nothing but demerits.

Almost on that note, the perspective is probably the greatest pitfall to this series, followed by the ending. We're stuck behind Naofumi's eyes, so we can't see anything but what he sees, and his interpretation is nine times out of ten how we have to interpret things. Combining this with the fact that, very early on, our main character stops giving a sh*t about any and everything, means that we're forced to hear about a world that the narrator doesn't like. How are we supposed to like it if the one telling us about it doesn't? This is probably the one place where I will definitively side with the manga, where we see things for ourselves rather than how Naofumi sees them. When the details left out are mostly just angry venting, they're typically not missed.

Finally, I've been mentioning it, but ending spoilers:

If I'm reading things correct, the author originally wrote an anti-climactic end that, though unsatisfying, fit with the theme of the story really well. Naofumi dies against an impossible foe, and he's sent home with Raphtalia joining him back on Earth. It was a brilliant and unexpected callback to the original thesis: heroes don't always win, and the world is unfair. Public outcry retcon'd the ending however, and we were left with a shounen-esque harem end mess. Our main character even asks at one point "Is this the last chapter of an axed manga?!", but there is just too much painfully cliche about the ending to fix with a single lampshade. I was only able to read through those last 20 chapters with the knowledge that the end was just on the other side.


Tate no Yuusha is no masterpiece, but it's enjoyable. If everything besides the top 10% of media is crap, then this would be ranked right around 15% I think. It'll fill a few days while you wait for updates on your other terrible series. <<less
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Jan 08, 2017
Status: Completed
It was mediocre at best, the first volume is the best out of all and that tell you everything about this WN. The beginning will instantly hook you in and give you surge of emotion. It doesn't last.

MC might seems like subversion of typical OP MC with all the persecution he received and the disadvantages of being tank. The universe quickly found a way to remedy that with all sort of skills he 'discovered' to bypass the disadvantages and by the the time the Queen appeared, he's already the face... more>> of the Four Heroes in popularity and power and yet he still find it necessary to act like rebellious teenager. Once, he actually lost all the angst for a brief moment and somehow lost his brain too, his 'loyal' party members (saved for one) quickly derided him as creepy otaku despite their constant reminder of MC outburst.

The other Heroes is just there as a foil to MC. in a inverse of MC they begun as OP heroes and quickly lost their OP status along with their intelligence and any kind of character. Seriously, a parrot has more characteristic than any of them. Spear Hero is so called womanizer but actually more of manservant and a feminist who refused to believe women can do any wrong. Sword Hero is initially the one portrayed with the most common sense but he quickly degraded into another bumbling blob of mess that only exist to argued against MC. Bow Hero is a chuuni that like to act like hero of justice, except his definition of justice is whatever that fitted with him.

Spear s*upidity was already shown from the beginning, but the other two initially show a semblance of fairness and common sense by pointing out the cheating in the duel between MC and Spear. But, somehow they lost it all without any good explanation, by the time the Queen appeared all three of them is same kind of idiot that is programmed to say 'LIES' anytime the MC try to explained his method of getting stronger without even trying any of them. It took each of them a personal fall from grace to regain some common sense, but by that time, you would no longer cares for any of them and considered them as another party member of MC instead of equal Hero.

Now the world is typical lazy RPG cookie cutter, MC keep insisting that the world is as real as it can be, while the other Three Heroes considered it as virtual world which you can hardly blamed them when the world is filled with level, status, skill, magic and job class etc. The only thing that's different is that there's no resurrection skill or respawn. The author is really bad in world building, he will described other countries with their characteristic and places that you will never see because they only stick around in the beginning country. The Village Building Arc is easily the most boring arc in the WN, poor doesn't even cover it.

The skill system is similarly poorly written, initially the system works in term of skill tree that's slowly unlocked when the Four Heroes absorbed any piece of material (ore, monster body part etc) into their respective weapons that will give them new skills and new form of weapon. The system quickly changed to 'it works whatever way you wanted as long as you believe it', I kid you not. MC quickly find a way to refined his various shield (+1, +2...) to boost his skills among other methods which I couldn't bother to remember. The system really complement the author style of writing, an asspull.

The WN will introduced a lot of characters, some as party member or allies and enemies but you would be forgiven to forgot 90% of them because each of them have exactly one personality and stick to that from the beginning to the end. Female Knight is female knight, complete with overbearing justice, mad scientist is mad scientist with glasses, unkempt clothes and weird experiment, you get the point.

Raphtalia and King are probably the only two with character building, but the former will stuck as the typical vanilla love interest after her transformation to adult and was even put on bus in the middle of the WN before she appeared again. The latter actually turn out to be one of the most interesting character complete with backstory for of his initially hostile attitude, but again by that time you already lost any kind of interest in him after he became a buttmonkey.

Most of the villains might look cunning at first, but they will quickly to be revealed as smug snake complete with idiot ball. The big bad appeared out of nowhere and was defeated by an asspull with godslayer power and what not. By this time you only read this for the sake of relishing of the earlier chapter feeling, but it felt like eating a bland oatmeal.

t;dr Read this only up to the Shield and Spear duel, if you really insisted read it up until Pope Arc then forget the rest even exist. <<less
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Aug 26, 2017
Status: v3
Meh.. The story is about a dude with a shield who is disliked by people because they believe that shield hero is evil/devil. Some dialogues were childish and its annoying how dense our MC is. There are also some s*upid actions:

Spoilers ahead

... more>>

s*upid action 1: MC claims to us that he doesnt get drunk yet when a girl accuses him of r*pe after he got drunk he doesnt say something like "I cant get drunk that woman is a liar" and if he brought the innkeeper and ask him how many bottles they bought last night and drink more that that amount and ta daaaa. well, probably wouldnt work since that woman is kings daughter and everyone in the series has iq below 50 but he should've said that regardless Also, one of his belongings was on another hero, someone got into his room and stole everything even his clothes yet other heroes dont believe our dude.

s*upid action 2: After MC defeated Glass single-handedly, he should've forced king to announce that the r*pe claim was a lie and if he wont, MC could threaten king by saying "if you dont, I wont participate in the next wave" Since other three heroes lost to glass, king would be forced to yield.

s*upid action 3: MC is accused of killing kings daughter and whole world wants to kill our MC. HOWEVER. He proved that without him heroes would die which would result kingdom's collapse. Yet people are trying to kill our mc? I mean.... why? Only reason would be someone with authority is behind the waves. But If it is true, MC should've brought back king's daughter back to the king. Because King can't be the person behind the waves since he ordered the summoning of the heroes AND he should've known MC's value so he wouldnt try to kill him. And if we assume he really is behind the waves, our MC should've went to the capital regardless, wait for heroes to come kill him (since he is too strong he can only be killed by other heroes), then give the princess to heroes publicly and prove his innocence with princess's testemony. Heroes have sense of justice so they wouldnt attack him after that. But main character decides to go to a demi human country. BUT WHY. I dont know. Its a mystery.


There are more but they are minor s*upid actions so imma not waste time on them.

All in all this novel is a cliche anime with MC who is hated for crimes he did not commit and easly could've proven his innocence but does not chose to do so for plot reasons <<less
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Apr 05, 2016
Status: --
This novel is in my opinion ment for younger people. For like people from 12-15. If you are in this age range I think it should be enjoyable. If you are older than this you'll most likely only get annoyed by it's flaws and childish nature. Atleast I think so, because I don't like it. When I read this, it only annoys me. Well, I think most Japanese novels do...
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Dec 09, 2019
Status: c18
The thing is, the writing is pretty good. Objectively, the prose is well-done, along with some of the plot points and worldbuilding the author sets up. But please, don't read this story. There are people who care about you. Someone can help you. Please don't read this. Do something more fulfilling, like gargling battery acid or thinking about your middle school years. My inbox is open if you need someone to talk to. But please, for the love of all that is good and kind, don't read Shield Hero.

That being... more>> said, here's why.


So, the main character. He's the protagonist, and he kind of sucks as a person. That part I don't have a problem with- I love stuff like Katahane no Riku, or The Splendid Daily Life of a Mother-Devouring Princess, and other stories where the main character is legitimately a terrible person. The difference is that, in those stories, we know that the protagonists are horrible people. We aren't meant to sympathize with them, or think that they're always right. However... in this story, we are always meant to be on the protagonist's side. He owns a s*ave? Even though that isn't supposed to be legal? And she has a s*ave brand that he can activate at any time to cause her immense pain? And he buys her when she is ten f*cking years old? It's cool. Oh, he purchases another s*ave girl? Who is also ten years old? Who he uses a high level magical s*ave brand that he activates to control her? Well, whatever. Additionally, his first s*ave is freed after a period of time, against the protagonist's will. But, oh, the s*ave didn't want that to happen? Okay, let's brand her again. The protagonist's harem (and I don't like harems, so take this with a grain of salt) is made up of three ten-year-olds. Don't worry though, one of them looks like a grown woman! And one of them doesn't even have a s*ave mark!

Also, the persecution of the protagonist is s*upid. He's hated by the entire kingdom as soon as he's summoned because... why? Oh, the shield hero is always evil? Gonna expand on that? No? Okay. The protagonist also has his own persecution complex. "Wahh, why does everyone hate me? Fine! I guess I'll be evil!" Bro you bought a s*ave. A ten-year-old s*ave who you fantasized about beating because she's a girl and a woman wronged you. She's branded. Maybe if you stopped branding people, then other people would like you more. I dunno, I've never branded anyone and I have loads of pals.

I'm fairly certain this author is a man, if only because of how f*cking badly he treats his female characters. The first interaction the protagonist has is with a woman who robs him and falsely accuses him of r*pe. I'm certain this does happen, however, I'm equally certain that this plot point was s*upid as hell. This woman is a princess of the country, who does this to... sorry, no explanation found. Shield hero bad, princess bad, non-harem characters bad. This princess is eventually punished by... if you guessed 's*ave brand', well done! Her father, the corrupt king, is also punished. But he's not branded, because... again, no explanation found. If I were a betting man, I would bet money it's because the author thinks s*avery is kinda hot and that men are kinda not. So the princess is tortured into loudly confessing her lies, not apologizing to the protagonist, and then being forced to bow to him (s*ave brand) as he renames her "b*tch".


She doesn't even admit her faults. She comes back immediately after the punishment completely full of herself, still super arrogant, and she still has a f*cking s*ave brand.

This sucks, bro.


TL;DR: 2 stars only because of the technically good prose. Like, good enough that if the prose s**ked I would've requested a way to give negative stars.

Please. Read anything else. Read akuyaku reijou #23427804127580. Read the dictionary. Read "The Room" novelization. Read your assignments for class. Anything but this. <<less
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Mar 09, 2018
Status: --
I really want to like this story, but the characters are unbelievably s*upid. As in, I literally can't believe anyone would act this way. Completely, unrealistically, irrationally dumb. Aggressively incompetent.

There are small parts that I like (the shield system and its upgrades), and I love isekai stories in general, but this one is just terrible. A great premise ruined by terrible contrived nonsense.

I regret the time I spent reading this.
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May 01, 2016
Status: --
FInal Verdict: 2/5

Plot: Surprisingly, the plot is pretty decent despite horrible writing and a large number of minor flaws. Here we have an isolated MC who got framed for things he did not do. His revenge plan is quite simple: Get stronger and trample those who hates him. And save the world along the way. Characters: MC is also quite decent: Calm, collected and no chill. The same goes for his harem and troupe: Likeable and kinda awesome. However, the antagonists are super uber childish and incomprehensible. Plus, you are... more>> more likely to find epic fail villains in this LN. Writings: Same as most amateur LN and WN from Japan. They are easy to read in 1st person point of view, which is always forced in my opinion. There’s hardly any creativity and imagination in the whole thing. Furthermore, plot holes and unanswered questions were all over the places. It's really disappointing

World bulding: Okayish. You will see our heroes travel from places to places. But coupled with the not-so-creative-writing, even mythical beasts from legends and places of interest are boring. Conclusion: Good stuff to kill time, especially before bed. But if you were looking for a quality novel, it is not here. <<less
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Jan 23, 2019
Status: c284
Beyond Volume 1 it is pretty much 3-4 filler chapters to 1 actually relevant chapter. If you don't mind a lot of slapstick/comedy read on. But what made this a great story gets resolved and then it devolves into a lot of random idiotic interactions with is followers whilst slowly moving the plot forward. More happens in the first 80 or so chapters than the last 200 that I read.

Imagine watching an anime that had 70% filler with the typical tropes of various scenes, like a bath house or beach... more>> episode. It just goes into that format after volume 1 is finished.

It had a great start, though I personally had a lot of problems dealing with the all loli follower and a protagonist so dense he had his own gravity well, but that's just my own personal tastes. I know a lot of people love this kind of stuff. <<less
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Mister Div
Mister Div
May 02, 2016
Status: --
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari is the light novel that got me into reading light novels so I may be biased but this story has it all great side characters impactful dark world lore badass MC amazing fights and a truly evil villain that will give you a mu*derous rage and really good ending that makes you remember the journey of reading every chapter with a smile
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Mar 26, 2018
Status: Completed
My first novel. It is good to read it make you mad, angry, and inspired all at the same time.... Its translation is done so you can finish this novel. Some how the last arc somewhat rushed for me.. Still it is a great run to inspire me to read another novels....

P. S. You might not like this because we might have different taste but you can try it see its grace.
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Feb 23, 2016
Status: --
Perhaps the prime example (by virtue of completion) of the "MC summoned to another world, treated as a villain instead". A great twist on other stories where the transported were instant heroes. Well written characters with simplistic descriptions of happenings, making it easy for the reader to imagine events as they happen. The stat window, shout-the-name-of-this-move and such are quite typical of JP novels. Dialogue is straightforward and direct, but injected with the flavor from each character. All in all, making reading the chapters a breeze.

The story might get confusing... more>> towards the end with its metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, but suffice to say all's well ends well, leaving me with a bittersweet feeling when the story closes. But wait, there is a spin-off...!

Recommended JP novel to read. <<less
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May 29, 2019
Status: Completed
I was reluctant in reading this novel because the MC has a shield as his main equipment and thought it would be a boring novel and somewhat also interested because the MC's main equipment is a shield. I'm ashamed in being reluctant and judging it immediately.

This novel has a deeper impact than what I thought. It took a day of my life just reading it. That is how good this novel is.

Read it. Trust me you will injoy it.
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Jun 10, 2017
Status: Completed
It was a good read, seeing how I managed to finish it. Really not the best out there, but it sure as hell can help you kill a few days of time. Everyone else has already mentioned the good parts so I'll mention some cons that really bothered me. Oh, and don't use this review for the light novel, I've read a bit of it and had to stop, the characters are completely different in the light novel and the MC is pretty much someone else entirely, with another personality...... more>> I really hated the light novel version because he became even more of a pu*sy in it amongst some other things. I was thinking of reading it all, but it gave me a really bad feeling and destroyed every character in one way or another. Just treat it as a parallel world story or something where the MC had experienced a lot of different things and therefore get another personality altogether, haah.

First of all, he can't attack at all, that somehow grinds my gears. Throughout the whole novel, he can't deal any proper damage with the exception of a few very special cases. As an example, he can't even put someone in a joint lock without getting a backlash. The times he has managed attack is 1: when he lost the power of his shield and got to use another hero weapon, he was fairly badass then, just lasted a single fight though. 2: Curse series Wrath shield, where he uses a curse to burn people to death, but it's not really that effective, other than that the curse shield can also use stuff like an iron maiden or blutopfer (blood sacrifice), pretty much self-sacrifice skills that almost kills him. Even when he becomes a god, he gave up all his attack for defense, so now he can't even deal 1-2 damage by punching, he literally deals 0 damage even if he punches someone with all his power as a god... I know this is the point of this novel, but I'm going to have to read a novel about an OP MC that can thrash people easily after this. Well, combat in this novel just sucks, no matter which character fights, so don't read it for that.

Well, that's one thing, there's a lot more like my favorite character dying and turning into a spirit or how the first female character (villain) was made to come back again and again and again after getting defeated or even killed, even until the end (I fcking hate villains like that).

Other than that, it was a good read with some comedy and adventure. Oh, and this character doesn't have a dark personality at all, so don't expect that. He's more of a "I am trying to be really evil" but he's extremely soft hearted and while he thinks he's an evil villain, he can't actually bear to do anything truly bad. Everyone around him find him to be extremely kind and he really is, never doing anything to harm anyone around him and he can't kill anyone (like most ball-less MCs from japanese novels), not even enemies, unless they've done something EXTREMELY bad, like mu*dering his ally or ruining his life. He believes himself to be working the s*aves to the bone and being merciless, but he actually just about never rebukes them, condoning everything they do, and he never forces them to do anything, they pretty much become like his family/children and he's like a freaking mother, a very lax one at that, so other people have to be a bit more strict because he's not serious enough. He's also dense AF so he believes everyone around him just has familial love towards him, like a child to a father for most of the novel. Only towards the very end, chapter 305+, does he start to be a bit more conscious about their love, but it never turns out into anything really romantic, we only get to know that he married and had lots of children with different people in the epilogue, so don't expect any proper romance because it ain't going to happen, they'll never really get together in the story.

Now when I look back at what I have written, it turned into a lot of complaining, haha. But really, it's not that bad, it's actually pretty good, I laughed a lot and enjoyed the characters and story to some extent. I wouldn't have read this without the comedy though, because the plot isn't that good. This novel should be good enough to kill off some time with. 3.5-4/5 stars... It's hard to decide. The novel was enjoyable but there was a lot of things I also didn't like, it's better than the average novel but it doesn't reach the really good ones that I can read without sometimes looking forward towards the end so that I can start reading the next novel. Other than the novel itself, the grammar in the translation was pretty good for most of the time, a few chapters were of really bad quality but they were sparse. <<less
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Mar 09, 2018
Status: c386
Good series.

MC is reasonable and spends most of the novel considerably weaker than others. The plot progression is good and deviates a bit in the LN (current LN is vol 10 in english and has MC doing otherworld travel that never occurs in the WN, for example). While the WN was good, I am liking the differences shown in the LN more so far. Its pleasing to have a MC that is capable beyond being overpowered and as a reader you really start to cheer for the MC (because he... more>> is hated by the populace and so his hurdles are more numerous and larger, despite being a very decent, even good, guy).

Harem and Romance tags are a bit out of place. The MC is beloved by 1-2 s*aves of his and later romantically loved by 2 s*aves, but he is numb to women's advances entirely due to past trauma. The only romance occurs (imo) at the afterward where you get mentions of "X had kids with Y". Thus the romance tag shouldn't be here.

Overall, interesting world, interesting character, good character progression, and semi-good resolution (the original ending was so bad that the author caved to fans and wrote another 20 someodd chapters that resolves the story in a much better way, when reading, you'll see the translator note where this was the original ending). My biggest complaint is that the latter half of the series falls into 'power-up' fights where its just being 1uped by a new power (in that bleach/dragonball way that I find annoying). <<less
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