Dimension Wave (WN)


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Dimensional Waves. And the people who rise up against this calamity… That’s the kind of VRMMO our protagonist was playing, as he holds a rod in one hand and faces towards the coast.

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SunsetChaos rated it
February 7, 2019
Status: c9
This is nothing like OSO except for the casual gameplay, if you disregard hardcore fishing grind.

I'm actually interested in seeing MC sailing to edges of the sea and being the first/only one to discover what's beyond, while the rest of the players are still on land grinding and whatever early-mid game gameplay.

Kinda unique that we have a fishing main MC. But MC becoming a loli is so pointless and unnecessary. Nothing special happens, no reactions or anything, just another guy playing a female character and only cares about fishing. Might... more>> as well not have genderbender in the first place. It's unlike OSO where the theme felt unique and fits the story, and also fits Goddess Yun perfectly because she was already a feminine trap. <<less
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Cosmo rated it
November 10, 2019
Status: c30
imo, the author has a decent grasp om mmo mechanics. It's not one of those gritty "OP MC ruthlessly fighting his way to the top" novels, but it's not just a comfy "cute girls doing cute things" either. There's a good balance between slice of life and battling bits, imo, and while some things are awfully convenient, like the bunch of useful discoveries the MC made, and some degree of plot armor, so far the power balance seems fine. Don't know how things will play out from here on, but... more>> I'm really curious about it, the naval setting is a bit refreshing and I can't recall many novels exploring sea traveling, which I bet would be the among the first things many people would try out in an actual vrmmo lol <<less
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Citizen27 rated it
March 4, 2019
Status: c7
I don't quite understand the bad reviews. The author has..... quit the notorious reputation, but in the aspect of having a grasp on "game mechanics" he certainly has it.

And in this story, the author's solid grasps on an vrmmorpg is granted a stage to work with. Other than that, the quality of the writing and the translation made everything much more ledgible. The story itself though, not much to work with for now. Will edit later.

In general, the story left a favourable impression on me; good choice of diction, relaxing... more>> atmosphere, though the setting is absurdly generic at this point, but what's to say...

Gave 5 stars to negate the terrible scoring, this story is minimum 3.5 and max 4, but definitely not a 3. <<less
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cavler rated it
July 10, 2022
Status: c210
Overall I think the story is quite nice. The game itself has a really cool concept: playing for 1 day irl is several years in game. Asside from the mental complications that would realistically occur, its a really cool concept that fixes the problem of bothering with irl stuff. Other than that it sounds like a typical mmorpg with sligt balance issues.

the story is similar to the summary, the MC is addicted to fishing. However unlike the implication of the summary, the MC does not shy away from combat. This... more>> isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the MC feels inconsistent. One moment the MC is religiously addicted about fishing, the next it feels more like a small priorty over friends. There is also a repeating patern that Every time a balance is found between friends and fishing, something happens to disrupt said balance


like the MC being summoned to a deserted island and all forms of communication is blocked


The characters themselves feel realistic and believable, hopefully they develop more in the future.

I hope to continue reading at a later date <<less
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hose246 rated it
May 23, 2022
Status: prologue
It's an ok novel I guess?

There really isn't much for me to say. The novel starts off pretty good, with the exploration of the ocean and fishing. All in all, it's pretty chill, at the start that is.

Then it starts to get more and more generic from chapter 9, the side characters are one dimensional, and the novel just turned into a monster beating grind fest.

There is absolutely no reason for the MC to be a loli, most novels will make the MC a loli to make people comment on... more>> his/her appearance, but this novel doesn't have that, and there is almost no mention of any significance on his appearance.

Then when we decided to get back to fighting on the ocean now, the author decides to add in boringly annoying material grinding stuff for building a boat or whatever. And I don't get enjoyment from reading generic harem stuff.

It's quite disappointing, honestly. <<less
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