Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (LN)


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Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its prophesied destruction.

As the Shield Hero, the weakest of the heroes, all is not as it seems. Naofumi is soon alone, penniless, and betrayed. With no one to turn to, and nowhere to run, he is left with only his shield. Now, Naofumi must rise to become the legendary Shield Hero and save the world!

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The Rising of the Shield Hero
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New Elphus rated it
July 11, 2019
Status: v12
This is what constitutes as a good book? This is a misogynist slave-owner's fantasy being published officially.

The main girl, apparently in love with the main character, is canonically eleven years old at the end of the first book. She's "aged up" due to demi-human fantasy nonsense to show the author isn't a paedophile, and fails at it.

The for the longest time is someone who sent out a false r*pe accusation at the hero, and it's explained away that it's because he's the Hero of the Shield, but in all honesty... more>> it's most likely that the author is an incel that wanted to write something other misogynists, Redditors, MRAs and incels would relate to.

Later on in the series, under the idea of "humanely" finding the people from Main Girl's village, the hero buys up slaves and has his own slave harem, most of them children. This is, quite honestly, the worst idea of isekai in the eyes of literally anyone born after 1910 that has studied the history of this planet.

The author lays on other tropes and stuff, and yeah I'll admit that the translation is technically good, but the content is only good if you think you're a man hard-done-by the victories of the social justice movements of the last one hundred years.

If you want to read it, I suggest searching on pirate sites, because the fact that outright misogyny and pro-slavery sells is harrowing if you're someone that isn't a complete piece of sh*t. <<less
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Read DxD
Read DxD rated it
April 20, 2018
Status: --
Okay I'm caught up with Shield Hero's published novels and I wrote a review, I did my best to take consideration for those of you who care about spoilers hence the vague lack of description.

Shield Hero: An exposé on how to not turn your web novel into a light novel.

First things first, there is a TON of new content, out of the 10 volumes I read more than half of it was new, but overall I'd say this actually hurts the series, something I never imagined I'd say.

Volumes 1-4 were mostly the same with content added here and there, the one flaw of my review is that I remember the pope from the novel but feel like he was a later addition but I cant remember how the outcast situation got resolved without him.

Anyway volume 5 is when things change, half the content was new and several new major characters are focused on and introduce concepts from much later in the web novel earlier for better story flow, no issues at all here, it was actually a very good change, but it all goes down from here.

The Spirit Tortoise Arc is covered in volumes 6 and 7. I'll start with the good, Ost, pretty much everything about her addition to the series was well handled and well done, by far one of the better characters. Thats all the good.

In the web novel this arc isnt very long, it was about a 4 stage fight covered really fast which was kind of an issue in terms of plot relevance. But it was a much better alternative to what the light novel did, turn it into a 20 stage fight that is continuously making the protagonist lose or win a fight the wrong way, and connecting it to the plot changes in volume 5, by adding yet another insufferable twat psychopath that only cares for themselves, in a series that measures named characters with that main trait in the triple digits already. The 20 stages took about 400 pages of the 500 available, but without the fluff could easily have been covered in 200 or less with less than 10 stages while being a much more climactic fight. It could have been 1 volume easily if they covered the aftermath at the start of the next volume.
Ive never enjoyed a novel less in my life than these 2 volumes.

On to volume 8 and 9, it follows said twat psychopath into the newly focused on late series plot stuff, again not a bad idea, it introduces more good new characters but again refuses to advance without fluff and a 50 page fight. But atleast there was time to relax and have fun here and unlike the last 2 volumes.

10 is the start of the best arc in the series when we get the majority of the major characters and the plot slows down, sadly it too added a conflict that took up half the volume and honestly contributed nothing. I'd have put this as the climax of volume 7 and then slowly built up to the 8-9 content more organically with the new characters involved and started that at 10 once we had most of them, instead we feel less related to these characters and delayed major events vital to already introduced characters development, who will even renember the other 3 heroes at this point when we havnt seen them since the start of volume 6?

1. The author refuses to end a volume with new content on anything less than a 50 page fight, even if he has to write 200 pages of badly written fluff to do so.
2. The new content is placed en bulk all at once delaying vital events and characters to the series overall quality.
3. There's a pretty strong quality difference between the original content that had a framework and the new stuff that is pretty jarring due to the above.
4. The author is bad at fights and plot but the is really good at kingdom building stuff.

I recommend just reading the web novel since you can pretty much read all of it in the time it takes you read these 10 volumes and although some of its better youll get more enjoyment from being farther in the series with all the development that entails.

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Destrucfor rated it
April 22, 2017
Status: Completed
The novel is available as a webnovel and as a lightnovel. You'll have to purchase or search for it yet if you do buy it, which I highly recommend, it's worthwhile.

Filled with dynamic characters and a dynamic world, the plot has lots of foreshadowing and a great amount of dark hero overtones. Over all the author showcases great character growth in all the main and secondary characters as well as the tertiary characters in the later chapters of the novel. Fanservice, as well as harem plot points exist and of... more>> course it's well penned out compared to a sudden swimsuit special for no apparent reason that is for some reason drawn within 12 episodes of some anime.

I whole heartily recommend reading this novel and if you can purchase it, I would say it's worth it. <<less
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mario1994 rated it
February 26, 2019
Status: --
Its a great novel with isekai theme.. Yet after volume 4 quality drops so so much that I wonder if it is still the same author.

After struggling for 4 volumes MC gets on lucky horse and everything he does end up in successes.. I dropped it after half of second rebuilding arc.. So I cannot be certain if it will be better.

MC got denser, humour shallower in Japaneese style. Puns etc or game, anime knowladge of Mc/author overflows in each chapter.. Its rainbow puke fest for me to read all... more>> this information about games just to understand what author means.

MC gets love and respect from all after arc 4..

MC should have more.. Manly desires? I mean, not to ra+pe or fu+k female characters.. But being oblivious to their feelings gets on my nervs. The same with their, female cast way of showing it.. They sleep in same rooms, same buildings, same tents, wagons or the same bed.. Yet there is not even a kiss or any romance..

There are multitude of attractive women around MC yet he keeps those toughts at bay.. Die a virgin and die a virgin once more.. Who normal would fight for others, risk their lives on many occasions and not try this forbidden fruit?

Besides that.. Later in the game MC is too Op.. Almost unkillable. Similar to his companions.

His enemies/antagonists will be turned into comic characters.. Lolicons, broken mentally husks of their selvs.. There are several characters which should die but won't couse its a kids story <<less
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Ayasi rated it
February 24, 2019
Status: v13
To not be dissapointed consider this title as 2 separate ones.

The first title is "The struggling of the Shield Hero", which consist of the first 4 volumes. It is one of the best isekai novels out there, it feels great and fresh and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who enjoy isekai and rate it 5 stars.

On the other hand, the 2nd title is "The rising of the Shield Hero" and it is ur mediocre fantasy isekai with just a bit more struggling than in the others. Starting from... more>> 5th novel the difference is so distinct that I had just dropped the title for half a year being gravely disappointed in it. However, it is not that bad, it is kinda ok, but the diffrence between first 4 volumes is just that distinct.

So by the end of the day u will have 2 options - either read the first 4 volumes and enjoy one of the best isekai out there or continue and read it mediocre part. Think of this title as 2 different ones and it might help u overcome the gigantic dip in quality like it helped me.

Also, Atla best grill. And if u know russian, руранобе has translated up to the 16th volume and u can read it for free there. <<less
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shinidoshi rated it
January 24, 2019
Status: --
If you read and completed the Web Novel and decide to read the Light Novel, I suggest to skip at Volume 5 (if you're in a pinch of money or time). This is where the story changes, but in such a way where it makes me believe the Web Novel was just a rough draft of the Light Novel.

Explaination and Pseudo-Spoilers: in the Web Novel, the final boss fight had an abrupt and a disappointing ending. After many complaints, the Author extends the final boss with additional chapters, and a... more>> better finale. (Yorikun Translations points this out). To put it simply: imagine the additional chapters as DLC that makes for a better ending. The Light Novel is a remake that includes the DLC, but surprisingly enough it also expands on some lore that screams "loose ends" in the story.

For example (spoiler warning) :


Glass' World and the Wave Invaders. Raphtalia's and Sadina's country. The 4 Benevolent Spirit's purpose.

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