Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai


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On that day, due to the outbreak of an unprecedented and abnormal event, 41 students from class 2-7 of Shiromine Academy are summoned to a different world, one full of magic.

Separated and summoned inside a vast dungeon, where the only way to escape is to head to the deepest area, they are given the power of a Divine Protection 『Vocation』 as the only means of survival.

While some of them are brave, some just do whatever they want, and some harbor treacherous intentions, they all aim to capture the dungeon.

In this place, one person gained a 『Vocation』 whose skills are unsuitable for combat, attendance number 19, Momokawa Kotaro.

A boy with a small and lean build from the Literature Club wasn’t blessed with a physical ability, swordsmanship, or strong magic, rather he only had the 『Shaman』 vocation to rely on.

After being driven out of the group and left behind by his powerful classmates —– his survival instinct starts running at full throttle!

Pushed to the limit of survival in the different world’s dungeon, what starts with trusting and loving each other soon ends in killing and betrayal.

The most beautiful and gruesome battle royale has raised its curtain.

Associated Names
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A thaumaturge can't be a brave
The Shaman that Couldn’t Become a Hero
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New Dandot rated it
November 12, 2023
Status: --
I disagree with low reviews. I actually read this when I was much younger. I got impatient and read Mtl at the time up to a point where ... more>>

everyone meets up again

. I'll retract review if I think it's sh** after rereading

i give this a maybe 4-5 stars because I did enjoy the story and kind of battle royale and survival tone. My rating isn't accurate because I read it awhile ago and I binged it which causes bias.

im giving 5 stars also due to a lot of people complaining about things with little chapters read. The love interest is fat, the main character is hated by everyone, why do I want to read about some other guys harem. All these things change later on, love interest transforms

to a badass toned warrior, main character is able to grow companionship with some other classmates, hero guy and his harem is collapsing..

the MC is definitely an outsider but the attraction to me is him finding his own people and being accepted/overturning expectations, being dark horse kind of edgy blah blah

overall enjoyed, I liked the gritty tone, a little bit of a guilty pleasure read for me so I don't recommend this for everyone... but this was a memorable story for me. Kind of slow tho and has kills that people may complain about. I mean the slow pace is fine if there were enough chapters but I think the translations caught up to what I read mtl years ago <<less
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hawlol rated it
June 24, 2018
Status: --
Why this is bad:

  • MC is beta JP male that gets beaten and bullied without even trying to run/hit the opponent back.
  • Long exposure/ramblings/useless info dump/internal dialogues that takes most of the written content. Plot is painfully slow because of it.
  • Several POV of characters that we don't care about slowing the plot even further. Btw everyone is stronger than the MC in every way, skill and self-worth wise.
  • There's no tactical thinking or smart MC as in some reviews. He's just some wimpy kid that figures some way to use things at hand that are perfect for the situation because 'plot'.
    • Spoiler

      putting poison mushroom he found a few chapters ago in food of bear monster is not award winning feat

  • For the most part you're cheering for the monsters because all characters are unlikeable.
  • Love interest is a big, fat and shy girl with a battle oriented vocation. Every interaction of the MC with women is the usual h**ny with anything cliche. There's even s*xual tension when he's looking at the panties of the fully dismenbered body of a classmate that's getting eaten by monsters. WTF.
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Cyrylius rated it
February 26, 2017
Status: --
If you compare this novel to rest of "classroom summoning" family, it turns to be surprisingly different from others. Mainly in the MC department. In novels in general, authors tend to create one of two basic types of personalities : either ruthless, cunning and distrustful, or opposite - nice, naive, helpful and silly. And MC here is in between, which happens, but is rarely well done. Additionally, he seems quite self-conscious, so I hope he won't turn into some typical protagonist.

Author also equips him with inferiority complex, which I think... more>> fits nicely in the story.

Concerning the story, it's hard to say anything about it. Class summoning type settings are similar, so everything I can tell is that shaman as a skill set is pretty rare. And, the psychological part of the story is done (at least for me) realistically - I can imagine someone in given situation behaving similarly to the description, and that is uncommon. <<less
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julesrjs rated it
February 3, 2020
Status: c101
For a while I've been thinking of making a critic of some the novels I've been following, but none of them need to be justified like this one.

From the same author of "Kuro no maou", this one is a very rare and interesting novel with a common premise this time: isekai, and a oldie from some years, battle royale.

A lot of people say that this novel is not as good as KnM but I think it is the opposite.

For starters, this is not a simple "wish fullfilment novel"; we have... more>> complex characters and a 3 way story:

1. The classic hero story. Here we have our harem hero, yandere sister, loli, samurai girl, etc... we all know how the story goes.

2. The antihero story. Another harem and a dqn who follos the path of "conquer" (a.k.a. steamrolling)

3. Our real MC. A normal kid. He doesn't have an OP job or inherited skills. He's not a genius or is trained in some ancestral art. Just a regular person, with his good things and flaws. Not a bishounen, not a dqn and even a little bullied (not a lot)

Just another person like one of us.

This boy inherits a lousy job and has to use all his wits and even offer even his own flesh to survive in his first fight, only to be betrayed by the one he considered his "best friend" until that moment.

If someone can say something about this kid is that... he's very resurcefull. A little manipulative also but not overly so, he's just human.

Full of flaws, he crawls slowly his way and is being betrayed again and again, and even like that he just thinks of surviving. Not vengeance, no world saving, just raw, human desire of living.

Some people says he' s a stereotype beta male, but they sould read better. Not one moment our MC has the upper cards. in every encounter he's the weakest one, and he's not a sociopath who thinks onle how to overpower the other... sorry people, go overcompensate somewhere else, Jujutsushi is well written.

I'm not going to deprecate others novels, each fan knows the sins of their favourites, they just close their eyes wide shut.

If you compare with KnM just a little, you can feel this work better made in character design and a story with a slow but steady pace, necessary for a good story building.

Author-san made a great work, but maybe the humanity of the characters causes rejection in the fans of this gender; I mean, most people don't like a character so like us, it remind us how flawed we are as humans.

It feels like our MC is nos going to be op for a long time, but his suffering and hard work make some of us relate with an ordinary kid who has no choice but to live extraordinary events.

Finally, I'm deeply grateful with the translators who took time with Jujutsushi. I know it's not popular and it has being left and taken a lot of times, I thank you a lot for taking this unrewarded job, I'll keep reading faithfully this work as long as you keep translating it. <<less
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Kreuz rated it
April 5, 2017
Status: c23
Since this was written by the Kuro no maou author I was expecting something better. It's like he is trying everything he can to make people drop it. I dont mind that the protagonist is useless and not very popular, but I dont need to read about the other popular guy and his harem all the time. Should have made him the protag then. The only saving grave is the fact that the heroine is once again a yandere, though she is a "fat pig" Very disappointing but I still... more>> have faith. <<less
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Asf rated it
March 27, 2017
Status: c21
If youre looking for a classic OP MC, then this is not the novel for you. Turn back and look for a xianxia instead.

This story is about a class transfer isekai novel with an underdog MC. The MC will be put down few times because he is pretty weak.. Only having support abilities and class while also having a weak constitution unsuited for combat.

Theres many characters in the class that makes it hard to remember, but the story itself is quite nice. The MC is pretty brave and witty. He... more>> take advantage of his misc skills and pull through in a difficult situation. This is an otherworld survival story. <<less
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BroRoyVa79 rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: c71
Edited: I've read a bit further.

This novel is entertaining for the most part. As many others have said, it takes a realistic look at another world tropes and I read somewhere else that the author wanted to deconstruct the whole uber-perfect-hero with harem trope. Essentially trolling another world + harem + perfect hero + plot armor genres. Much of this is evident in the story and much of it works, but the story is not without its flaws:


    • The Main Character (hereafter referred to as MC) is smart, cunning and tactical. (Your mileage may vary on this)
    • The MC side of the story is intense, engaging and keeps you interested in what will happen next.
    • The MC is at the bottom of the barrel, but not in the sense that you get tired of self-loathing. While there is some depreciation of the self to some degree, it is not overwhelming. The MC overrides this with his own tactics and actions which propel him forward.
    • The plot premise is interesting.
    • Character development. Especially watching Futabo Meiko go from scared and useless to OP and pretty much an uber tank and guardian of the MC.

    • So far the plot has some unanswered internal questions which could develop into plot holes. This isn't really a con, but a concern. As you can see, as of writing this I'm on chapter 47 of Act 5 (I've lightly skimmed up to chapter 50ish). I understand this has been officially updated by the original author to somewhere around chapter 111-112ish. Still, I have sort of spoiled myself to some degree so the issues I bring up, I don't think they've been addressed.
        • First, the whole situation has not been questioned by anyone. Yes, I get it that they are in a survival situation and are focused on that, but there have been times when the characters have the opportunity to consider their situation.

          I'm talking about the whole situation with the Kingdom telling them everything at the beginning, then dishing out information at certain intervals and at certain times between people. Pitting them against each other and then there are the deities who seem to give them power, but seem to be entertaining themselves with their plight. I see this manifested a lot in Runhilde, who on the surface seems to be developing a relationship with the MC, but then again their interactions give a lot away in the regard that Runhilde could give the MC more practical skills, but chooses not to for the sake of watching how MC would react to situations as the weakling that he is. Edited to add: This thing with Runhilde is further driven home since Runhilde says these words to MC about being happy about his growth. He says it again when he finally gives MC an attack skill. End Edit. This strikes me as both the Kingdom and the deities using this situation to their advantage. Speaking of the Kingdom, I started to wonder if this was some sort of training stage. They summon a massive amount of people from a world into a dungeon and those that reach the Kingdom are considered the ones who passed the test and can be utilized in whatever way the Kingdom needs.

    • MC suffers from some cliches that plague Asian fiction and it sometimes hurts and otherwise cunning and realistic MC.
        • While he is in tune with his obvious attractions to the heroine, he is dense to her obvious attraction to him. Even when she puts herself in danger on his behalf. I'm not entirely sure what he chalks this up to, but so far his inner monologues have not made him aware of this fact. Thus, this causes him to fail to inform her of pivotal information sometimes which could have avoided other issues.

          Such as the requirements to construct a new Mud Doll, which would've come in handy had Meiko knew about them and could've stood guard to keep the ultra-self-righteous girls at bay.

        • Some say he's a beta JP male. I beg to differ. While he's not initially overly assertive or even in groups outright forceful with is views, he's not breaking his back, bowing down in apologies when dealing with people. He picks his battles and given his lack of offensive and OP skills, he takes the tactical route rather than the brute force route. That's what Meiko is for. She's his brute force. I get that some may not like that and want a male MC to be the one who always delivers the physical force, but I think it works. MC is active and does things and has a goal as much as any goal he can have with the information given to him. This isn't necessarily a con, that he's not the physical type, but I can see how that would be a turn off for some people.
    • The author seems to enjoy dragging things along.
        • The MC is a prime example of this issue. Everyone around him has useful skills that could be considered OP when compared to the MC. While he struggles and claws his way through confrontations, which is the obvious point, but his leveling up is still minuscule and while he does grow in other areas as a character... given the situation that they're in then his weak abilities do start to get irritating. No, I'm not saying he should jump from weak to uber overpowered in a flash, but it would be nice to have seen him get a few attack skills way back in chapter 20 or 30ish which could've been considered useful.

          Even the non-combatant girl they eventually meet up with has useful skills in and out of combat. The author tries to have the characters claim she can't use her in-combat-defensive skills because they could cause collateral damage, but the problem with that is she doesn't even try, nor does her teammates even consider thinking of a way for her to use them. Had she been in the MC's team, he would've probably thought of a way for her to use them. The point in all this is that she has what could be considered a defense/attack skill as opposed to the MC's "curses."


          Edited to add:


          If I recall correctly, he doesn't get an attack skill until chapter 60, and it's still a relatively weak one. Of course, as I said, Runhilde gives him weak skills so that MC can use his wit and come up with ways to use them. So it's only as strong as MC puts time into making it be strong. Long story short, he has to use another skill to make his attack skill stronger. That skill requires him to take time to make the ingredient stronger to make his new attack skill more potent.


        • I usually don't have a problem with different points of view, but some of these points of view are pointless and serve to drag the story longer. For example, I really didn't care about the two girls. The only point it serves was to show the depravity of one of MC's nemeses.
        • I would prefer the dungeon situation not to be the entire story. So far it seems like it may be the entire story or at least take-up far more than half of the story. Given the situation so far I would be interested in seeing how these characters interact with their world outside the dungeon and have the question answered about why they were pulled into this world, the aforementioned question about the Kingdom's true intentions as well as the motives of the deities.
Beyond these issues, I consider it an entertaining story thus far.
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Zerak rated it
August 3, 2017
Status: c57
IDK why but I feel like writing a few reviews as I read this novel.



... more>> I started this novel because it's by the same author as kuro no maou.

It starts out boring as hell with too many characters being briefly introduced till the end of chapter 2. Then it starts looking like it would start for real at chapter 3.


The story is realistic and not over the top. It's predictable to a point but fun to read (there is a POV chapter that I skimmed didn't like it too much)


The gore scenes are well written and realistic, without having to write too deeply about them. The way people react isn't over exaggerated and the writer knows how to bring the ugly side of people in believable way.


I skimmed the POV chapters involving the most popular guy in class. But it's interesting as it shows you the story progressing from the point of view of a standard MC that's strong from the start and a MC that is weak at the start. For the main story plot it's interesting to see how the MC starts to shape his personality, and figure out his true nature.

Also there is a little bit of comedy that flows naturally.

as an overview as of chapter 57 the novel is unpredictable at times making it enjoyable to read. The stuff happening in it seems very realistic and refreshing. If I have to say a con it would be the POV chapters about the guy who is popular in class the other POV chapters are nice.

It has a similar writing style as kuro no maou since it's the same author but it's feel is very different. If you want soming very similar to kuro no maou then this might not have everything your looking for but it's certainly and entertaining and refreshing novel to read that doesn't follow your standard template or other world genre.

id rate it anywhere between 3 - 5/5 Since hard to tell how the novel with proceed.

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Anemology rated it
September 14, 2018
Status: c158
I almost let the previous reviews keep me from reading this, I'm glad I gave it a shot. I enjoy the fact that the MC isn't the usual run of the mill OP character and that he understands just how weak he is in comparison to the rest of the other vocations. Overall a great read!
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Anduin rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c4
The novel begins by introducing numerous characters very quickly and describing them in detail. The author describes their physical attributes, personalities, and even what club they are in. This is one of my pet peeves. I don't like to memorize a dozen or so characters at the beginning of a novel, and if you don't memorize their names you'll find yourself having to look at the character list whenever one of their names comes up (which seems to happen quite often). Not a good start.

After an excruciatingly long chapter about... more>> their school life, the real story finally begins, but it becomes no less of a chore to read. The author tends to spend many pages describing events that a better author would have described in only a few paragraphs. The slow pace makes the novel very tedious to read. If you like very slow paced novels, then this novel may be for you, but I don't think I'll be continuing this one. <<less
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Verylongdragon rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: c156
I understand why some review is low since this novel because of the main character growth slow, too many op character and tragic things happen but I can't help but praise this novel for its main character growth and how he handles the situation as well as other characters that introduce, maybe I don't recommend this story to the person who read mostly strong from the start novel or have general knowledge about there surrounding but this is worthwhile novel to read.
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Chinchiruuki rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: c15
I really tried reading it, but I just can't.

Spoiler warning or whatever.

First thing first - I really hate when author thinks of an excuse to give our protagonist a bad situation.

... more>> Like: "let's our protagonist sleep for a week, so other classmates have a head start". For what reason you do that? So readers will feel sympathy towards protagonist? This is just useless writing.

or: "Haven't you heard? You need this and this to do that and that". Our protagonist was busy sleeping/working/fighting/studying/shitting/pissing/literally anything and couldn't be informed ahead of time or something. There are times when it works, but in my opinion it didn't work too well here. This type of writing creates unnecessary drama - although that's my opinion.

A LOT OF WORDS. Now that sounds s*upid, but when you read a book or a novel from experienced author, it doesn't matter if you read one paragraph or two, you know the plot is advancing. Because you're reading it, you see it. But in this novel, there's this problem that author keep putting long explanations explaining various topics or situations - just about everything. These 15 chapters i've read, could be compiled to 7-8 chapters if you've just shortened the amount of unnecessary words the author is spewing.

Also, every few chapters with our protagonist, there's a 1 chapter from focusing on other classmates (mainly our hero and saint). I have to say, it's a great idea in my opinion, but it just doesn't fit here. Our story is about beta male who's happy when he happened to find a lunchbox, so he can use it to mislead monsters. Some time later we see a chad male who's strong enough to kill with wooden sword, traveling with his cute sister. And then back to the reality. I really dislike it. I'm not here for inferiority fetish.

Overall, up to 15 chapter it is a utter garbage (no, I wouldn't write anything better) and honestly I wouldn't try again in the future. It's really hard to find a good fantasy novel to read huh.

sorry for mistakes here and there. <<less
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DocWut rated it
August 24, 2017
Status: --
Lets just say, Shaman Can't Become A Hero is very cliche, but that doesn't stop it from still being a decent read.

At the beginning, I didn't like it very much, due to the fact that it introduced way too many characters at once, and tbh, it still stresses me out trying to remember all the character's names. However, the ones that I can remember, or even care about at all, like the MC, and Fubata, are very well thought out characters. I like the fact that the MC, unlike other... more>> characters in web/light novels is very dynamic, he is constantly adapting to his new world, and always becoming more and more of an interesting character. He isn't instantly OP in the first 5 chapters, and still isn't really that strong. However, this is balanced out by a cunning, yet decently interesting personality, which I very much like. The same goes for Fubata, who is also very dynamic, and is constantly becoming more and more confident with herself and her ability. Fubata also isn't the kind of beautiful female lead you would expect in this kind of story, making the reader like her as a character for who she is, not what she looks like. I enjoyed the side chapters about Souma, and his party, but I felt that him and the others were cliche, however, this did not make me dislike these chapters, because like I said before, they are enjoyable. Personally, they made me look forward to some sort of meet up between the parties, which would further the relationships between the characters. I like the story, and the author does a very good job in executing a very cliched and overused premise. Which made the story feel refreshing. I personally liked how the author didn't waste time giving extremely long character and monster descriptions (excluding the main two characters), because it let me fill in the blanks and gave me more time to remember all the character names (lol:). However, one major thing I didn't like, which caused me to give this story 4 stars, and not 4.5 stars, is the fact that the author did not spend time expanding the setting, because so far, all I know about is the dungeon, and the forest that the MC was in for like one chapter. It makes the world feel cramped, instead of feeling like a vast, new dimension to explore, making the setting uninteresting.

Final Verdict (4.0) : Introduces too many names at the beginning, but most of the characters that I can remember are refreshing, new, and are overall likable (except for the ones the author doesn't want you to like). The author does an amazing job with creating a refreshing story, but the author does a poor job of creating an interesting setting. <<less
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dablo rated it
November 13, 2018
Status: c163
This is story that I like the most now, even though the male protagonist (Momokawa) is weak at first and starts to become a little bit stronger and stronger. I like it, his characteristic is also a part that I respect the most, especially don't talk about Gender Equality to him, also his leniency is unexpected and reasonable, even if how coward he is, at least he did what he could. About Female protagonist (Futaba) I respect how royal and strong she is.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Meap rated it
February 1, 2021
Status: c120 part1
Give it a try.
Even if some parts are worse, it will get better.

Try to read through some of the chapters that might seem unnecessary to you, it will all come together in a future part of the story.

It depicts a lot of cliche powers with the usual protagonists. Though the "protagonist power" does not belong to our protagonist. Instead, he is a sidekick.

... more>>

Currently, to my understanding, he is the Trap. A beautiful young man who might be mistaken due to his beauty. We have the usual hero, the other cool dude with the getting the skills of the enemies he kills, and many more of such cliche. The author also makes fun of the people who believe themself to be protagonist in a tragic way.


All in all, a novel which I recommend to anyone. The parts you might find unaccepting, at least that is how I found them, turned out to serve a purpose in showing something.

The progression is also decent. A little slow at first with lots of annoying things. However, it gets better and when looking back the progress will be rewarded. <<less
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AvERaGeNP rated it
April 27, 2019
Status: c100
I have no idea why this novel has so many good reviews. As for me it was nothing but fraustrating reading load of disaster of literature. Weak willed MC probably wont change so yeah there isnt much of a character bulding anywhere for him. I dont understand when every classmates of his have become battle hardened but MC just remains the pathetic beta knight. Also, despite his thought process being logical and sound he never really acts on them. Reading how he does exact opposite of what he thinks is... more>> correct is so excruciating.

There seems to be no near prospect of MC weilding any power to defend himself amy time soon and if he does later on, several 100 chapters, this novel is already a pretty much a let down. Its mind boggling as to why author would make MC as weak as a ant. C'mon just why? There isnt even a reason as to why. He is weak simply because he is...? Too much painful to go on <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
December 13, 2018
Status: c169
I'm reading from Google Translator for the sake of latest chapters, as I got really into it. Here I will try to explain what you should expect of this story and see if it's to your liking.

First, about the plot/world building: A classroom suddenly finds itself being transported to another world, the self proclaimed god says he is trying to save them, but has little time, as such, giving hurried explanations of what they should do, and telling them a human kingdom has promised to take care of them, then,... more>> once they are transported, they find themselves scattered and isolated inside a dungeon, and at the end of it, a transfer gate to said kingdom, problem is, it seems there is a limit of 3 people to go through.

Hence this Isekai is actually a Battle Royale, with some trying to trick others, and others just trying to help everyone, after all, this limit info comes from the same dubious source as everything else. There are all sorts of events between such classmates, friendship, romance, betrayal, mu*dering, su*cide, etc. Because they are isolated inside a labyrinth, there are no other local humans, only monsters and other classmates.

In regards to world building, there are ups and downs:

In regards to the class, it's one conveniently created and even the author understands that, a school focused on studies (Hence hard to get into) for some reason has delinquents, the class also has all beauties and handsome in one place, there is the evil guy, the quiet girl, the fat girl that loves to eat (heroine here), the otakus that stay on their own and the otaku that despises everyone else, a romantic couple that love each other, there is even a lesbian and a gay couple, so pretty much, it's a convenient setting filled with as much "diversity" to the point of being unrealistic, but if you can let it pass, the rest is all fine, it's for the sake of the story after all.

In regards to the isekai world though, you could say there is nothing besides unknown world filled with monsters, each classmate woke up to a Job Class, there are the cheat jobs like Hero and Saint, plus others, and normal jobs like <Element> Magician, Warrior, Archer, etc, but the world itself seems devoid of logic... Or is it? By my own idea, at some point, some places were so "strange", like inside a palace, sewers, a "kingdom of monsters", an abandoned city filled with vegetation and animals, and some zombies akin to Resident Evil, etc, that let me consider the idea of an extra storytelling akin to Dark Souls, and by that I mean to compare the logic of enemy placement and strange places connected creating a confusing lore with some hidden logic there.

There is not much linearity either, because the groups move by teleporting, sometimes a group that should have advanced a lot finds themselves teleporting to a group that shouldn't have progressed as much, sometimes, two groups seem to be in the same place, but the "difficulty level" are so different that they are either in different places in the same area, or in actual parallel worlds or something like that.

In this world, the class also adds stats, while there are no "levels" and numerical values, they do get gradually stronger, so magicians are glass cannons, they are usually very strong in damage dealing, but normal humans themselves, meanwhile, close combat jobs reaches inhuman levels of speed and strength, with little to no long range.

The MC gets the Shaman job, more specifically, an "exclusively curse-based" Shaman, so he is a magician (no physical buffs) with no direct attack (or defense) magic, he is ill suited to battle and hence can't survive alone, he is betrayed by one of the delinquent guys in class, survives and has to work hard, and while he is not the typical "bullied kid" in such stories, other classmates may turn his life into hell thanks to their own biases.

The Heroine starts as a pig, she is big, horizontally and vertically, is betrayed by her classmates too and left to die, but even after saved by MC, she is still a coward to the point of being able to escape by herself into battle, she does change though, turning into a monster of close combat enough to have slimmed down horizontally while remaining THICC (She has a skill called Blessed Body, hmmmm...?). Later on turns into pretty much Lu Bu (Dynasty Warriors) mixed with some Berserker (Fate/Stay Night).

And that's about it, there is no harem (There is the Hero's harem party though) because the only humans around are classmates, if I were to say MC has one cheat it would be to say he always has the "complex of the weak", which means he always knows he can die, and will try to be prepared most of the time. His powers are no cheat, if he gets a power that looks like a cheat, he finds out it's just a shortcut with added convenience to something he can do manually, while other characters with similar abilities can upgrade and/or create magic items from random items out of nowhere.

However, it's not one of those everyone is an enemy, even MC got in very good relationships with other classmates, having to leave them thanks to ordinary and extraordinary circumstances (like being kidnapped by a monster and having to save himself).

If you start the story now, there will be a number of chapters with the hero party, most of the time fighting something similar or stronger compared to MC and resolving them much more easily, while increasing his harem party, you may find it frustrating, but try to keep it going up to arc 5, where heavy changes will happen to that party. <<less
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DekuHero rated it
November 12, 2017
Status: --
The main reasons I felt this story was awful was because:

  1. The MC is a spineless physically weak kid that gives new meaning to the word "insecurity".
  2. The romance interest is some fat giant of a girl who is also a stalker.
  3. The side characters seem like the actual MC's.
  4. A lot of unnecessary writing that gives me a headache. The author can go on for half a chapter just describing a rock.
  5. It's boring. I tried my hardest to like it, but it's just... meh.
Do what you want with this information I have provided... more>> you. <<less
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AliceSynthesis80008 rated it
August 25, 2019
Status: --
"Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai" from the same author of Kuro no maou.
It's very good and unique in a way that, true to its summary, the MC's vocation is really weak.
It's not one of those like in Arifureta where the MC starts off weak then after volume 1 he's curb stomping them all.
You would find enjoyment on this one on how the MC tries to do everything just to survive
from the deadly monsters as well as from his overpowered classmates.

People who are complaining have one commonality.... more>> "The MC is weak" Well duh, this isn't Arifureta. If you're the type that enjoys seeing how the MC rises from all the absurdities and overpowered entities around him while still retaining his weakass vocation then this is for you. <<less
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Nitpicking Reader
Nitpicking Reader rated it
October 22, 2018
Status: c86
I give this story 4.3 but seeing it underated (it deserves at least a 4.1 star) I'll put a 5stars for help then change it to 4 when the story gets the rating it deserves (maybe I'll stay at 5 if my original 4.3 goes up. Maybe even less if the author somehow mess up badly but I doubt it since the story is going in good tracks... well you never know *sigh*).

True the foundation of the novel got some clichés like: classroom transportation, MC strating with shitty Job,... more>> betrayed by his friend, going to a dungeon and the like; but just these, true not original but the development of the story is what matters (for me anyway and most of readers).

Just be patient a bit because the story has a slow start considering the chapter are not short. (I saw people making bad reviews with not even reading 10 chapters so no wonder)

The story will develop well, and the characters' change is not illogical and personally I like it, also the struggles of the MC are not half bad.


Especially after his separation from his vanguard (the heroine)


One downside is the coincidences, but no problem it's made in a good way.


Ah also the MC complains alot about his Shaman Job, true at first it was super da*n useless and he can't compare to the hero job or other cheat jobs like the heroine "berserker" but later it developed very well and he got his share of new skills.


All in all a decent story with logical event development and full of action and thrill. I highly recommend.

Edit: just 4 stars is generous <<less
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JackB rated it
February 18, 2020
Status: c92
I have really been enjoying this but only in the parts that pertain to the MC. I just end up skimming the chapters about irrelevant classmates. The only real shame is I had to read it on a pirate site because the original work at wn404 is a god awful website that kills my phones battery and makes it hot to the touch. This is the only WN site that does this and for simple text it’s inexcusable. I try and support translators but not at the expense of damaging... more>> my property. <<less
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