Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru (WN)


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One day, in a certain private school with dormitories, the whole school was transported into another world. I, Kaya Kazuhisa, from the 1st Grade of the High School Section, had been bullied for long periods of time. To kill the culprit who had bullied me, I dug a trap, but unexpectedly I killed a monster. From that moment, I evolved into a rare existence that can go against the monsters.

At the same day, I saved a girl from Middle School Section 3rd Grade, Shimozono Arisu in the forest from an Orc. When I was working with Arisu to defeat the Orcs, and gradually leveled up, I was forced to make a choice: Should I choose the Summon Magic which is suitable for surviving alone? Or should I choose Support Magic which is used when battling together with others?

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Balancing My Support Magic and Summoning Magic In A Different World
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New WrongColor rated it
August 28, 2021
Status: c112
The overarching plot is very well thought out with very little fluff and no filler. The pacing is fine despite managing to take more than 30 chapters for each in story day thanks to the liberal use of a stopped time state to even out the pacing with character progression, exposition, etc. If you came for anything but battles you will likely find yourself very disappointed but in exchange

The best written battles I've read
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MazinKeima rated it
June 6, 2016
Status: c229
NTR spoiler.

There's NO NTR in this novel. I already read this so far ahead so just trust me on that. C53 just look like a NTR but no it's not.



And it took like 2 chapter or something for MC to get Alice back and destroy the guy.

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jaybirdmcfee rated it
November 7, 2016
Status: v2c50
I have given this web novel a poor rating because of shoddy writing, but that's a pretty general statement so let me elaborate.

... more>>

The MC is a horrible person, he becomes a little more caring later in the series but generally speaking... he's just s**t, he's spineless, self-indulging, and controlling. Whatsmore he gains his first level by trying to murder his bully (but failing and killing an orc instead), and his second level as a result of saving a girl about to be r*ped by an orc... a noble action... except he only saves her for the level, she then becomes his devoted lover. Every female he encounters seems to worship him, a few die or are injured for him. In particular one female that was r*ped but survived was nearly left to die because she ignored the MC and his situation during school, she only survived because the MC came back for his love.

On the subject of r*pe, I'd like to warn readers that r*pe is f-ing everywhere... The monsters in the story go around raping and killing women. Some of these women survive but are mentally scarred, which sucks but isn't a problematic concept in and of itself. The real issue with r*pe in this story is that the author makes light of it with terrible jokes and exasperatingly long monologues that essentially re-hash the same s**t over and over.

The protagonist complains about how useless he is and how he has to be protected, but he only levels f-ing support skills, he's rarely engaged in battles because of his support role, and because he openly acknowledges that he is a coward but doesn't work on improving himself, he's pretty much surrounded and protected 24/7 by his harem of strong willed women (many of who overcome their r*pe trauma, or live for revenge).

I could go on about how his leveling choices, commands, and actions often don't make sense, or about how the supporting characters and not the protagonist's actions or thoughts are indicative of his growth; but that would really take quite some time... so TL;DR: he doesn't really change, people just say he does, and maybe that is due to the author lacking experience or lazy writing, but it is what it is.

This novel's only saving grace is that it has a leveling system.... something which is very popular right now among gamers and webnovel readers alike.


TL;DR: The only thing that makes this novel worth reading is the leveling system, skipping a lot of the monologues and even some of the dialogue is recommended (by me). <<less
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Razorace rated it
December 15, 2015
Status: c71
Despite the initial setting of the MC being bullied, he is not overly self-depreciating and has a minimum amount of confidence to make proper judgments. There is enough dialogue between characters to give them some depth, enough so that you feel the necessity for their existence.

Main flaw which persists throughout the first two volumes is that the author focuses too much on the combat aspects and the skills (perhaps due to the title). However, there is enough progression and change in relationship between characters that you don’t feel bored by... more>> the pace.

Volume two ends on a cliffhanger with possible progression into NTR due to female MC (Arisu), separating from male MC and follows the main antagonist which just so happens to be her brother. However, with prior knowledge of following volumes, the female MC stays true to the male MC and gets rescued during a critical moment, male MC then goes on to kill her brother. This twist also allows male MC to develop physical relationship with other members of the party to establish the harem.


To summarize, despite the darker theme of the story, while maintaining suitable tension, the author manages to leave a generally satisfying outcome which doesn’t particularly feel forced, all the while employing some less-generic side characters with enough depth to make the story stand out. <<less
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Zyst rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: v4c101
I feel compelled to review this novel, now that I've binged it caught up. I see a lot of conflicting reviews, so let me attempt to clear it up. The first section will be a defensive review, so if you are just interested in my opinion skip until you see a separator, my review of the novel will be there. The first section is concentrated on addressing the common complaints I saw.

Complaints Section:

Addressing NTR: In short, there is none. Very very mild spoiler, mentioning the timeframe involved:

... more>>

It's essentially a misunderstanding and gets solved within 15 chapters


Addressing the MC being edgy: Well, it makes much more sense after you understand his motivations which does come later. But the MC is not an edge lord obsessed with killing, he has very nice character growth over the first couple of volumes which addresses it. I'd go as far as to say it's a poor fit if you are looking for an edgy main character. The character growth is actual growth and not something glossed over, it's actually very well written.

Addressing excessive r*pe: There is a substantial amount. Frankly it becomes a bit numbing after a while. What I like is that the female characters that went through the experience are fairly strong, they deal with the experience and many channel it into motivation to become stronger. If r*pe is something that you can't deal with, which is understandable, do give the novel a pass. There's a lot of it involved.

Review Section:

I really wanted a novel with the following:

  • A leveling system
  • A fantasy world
  • Characters without cheats
I had to strain the hell out of the tag system to find this novel, I'm really glad I did. In a world with many novels with "I'm already max level" and similar, I'm happy to have found this novel.

The growth speed of the characters could be considered a cheat in and of itself. But it's mostly done in a context of a world that seemingly called the cast with that purpose. The cheats aren't "We have power that is completely above anything else" or anything of the sort, the fights are tense and well written. The leveling system scales very organically, there's tradeoffs the characters have to do to survive, even though it means they will take longer to reach a stronger fighting potential.

All in all, it felt like a perfect salve for my itch, I wanted something that was essentially this verbatim, it felt like my back was on fire with desire and this scratched it in just the right way. Naturally, my rating is maybe higher than it would be otherwise due to the enjoyment I felt through this.

The girls are well written, have distinctive personalities, and around the second volume I didn't have any trouble putting names to all the faces in the illustrations. I do feel the girls fall in love with the main character a bit too fast, but well, it's that kind of genre. Their relationships do grow, the MC isn't the absolute Japanese dense type that blushes by accidentally rubbing hands together. There are sexual relationships which are handled tastefully and make sense in the context of the situations. All in all I liked it, although the relationships could've grown a bit more organically.

The characters most have a certain trauma which is very nicely explored and kept around even on later volumes (So not a case of the MC d*ck healed years of trauma magically), and the main character himself is a fairly flawed person. This, I feel, gives the cast more depth and makes them more interesting all around.

The novel is very densely focused on fights, it really is almost back to back fighting. I think the fights are written well. The skills the characters earn are applied skillfully, the author does a good job of not forgetting older skills, all in all it's very interesting.

All in all, this is a very well executed Isekai novel. I'm looking forward to seeing what is in store for the future. <<less
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DarkberserkerAA rated it
September 26, 2018
Status: --
"Do we really accept mediocrity as being good and bad as being mediocre?" -DarkberserkerAA

I'm starting to hate most JP novels that has MC that is weak minded, indesicive, toxic thinking of MC just like the MC of this novel. I'll tell you now, don't read this thing. I'm grateful for the translator for having the time to translate this but the novel is just stressful to read.

MC - being bullied wants revenge but not on his right mind on who is he gonna blame or not. Conclusion - he has... more>> mental illness, he doesn't deserve to be bullied but he is too petty and nasty for a bullied person. He should be around 16-17 yrs old close to being adult he should think more maturely at that age.

Plot - nope, only one thing is in the plot "sense of crisis" this a*shole author likes to give the MC run for his money. I don't know if he is advised that the story should be interesting and eventful but to me this crappy novel is more crappy of thick plot armor the MC and his harem is wearing.

Like I always says in reviews I hate Illogical stories especially that are far out of reality. What about fantasy? That's where the author should explain the mechanics and believable logics in that fantasy world and everything is no problem. Most of this JP crao novel are just translated left and right while some other deserving good ones are being held hostages by translators that are too greedy for profit. Sorry but not sorry if some translators out there hurting to my words then you know who you are. I appreciate translation websites really and I occasionally donate at them if the translation is good but most are gibberish. <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
February 12, 2016
Status: --
At first I was hesitant to try reading this since the old tags made me think it was up front NTR r*pe of heroines by orcs. Instead, the r*pes done are in the background, and the MC isn’t perverted enough that the story focuses on the state of the girls after being r*ped. This creates a maturity I find reassuring.

Probably a bad thing is how focused the MC is on his low “values”. I am still unsure how handsome the MC is in the eyes of the other girls, but... more>> he pretty much believes he’s low stats. At the same time, he tries to push them away which is kind of endearing to his character. Still a bit of a grind to read if you dislike emotionally unstable and confidence-lacking MCs with a habit of acting before thinking when feelings are excited...

The concept of White Room and levels are quite nice. I’m unsure if the skills are able to be reset, but the mix and match of the skills at the moment are quite well done.

Heres hoping none of the girls get NTRed. Mia for best girl! <<less
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AlphaOC rated it
January 12, 2016
Status: --
The main character starts as the lowest of the low in the first chapters, but he doesn't cling to that mentality in subsequent chapters. The MC is neither arrogant nor subservient. He serves his own purposes but doesn't screw people over in the process. Overall, it's been a satisfying read so far (as of chapter 27).
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Loosergirl rated it
February 17, 2018
Status: v1c6
So I've only read a few chapters but I just have to write a review. Somebody please rescue the female character from the MC!

So he is a bullying victim who has a dark outlook on the world. Rather than transferring to a different school or some other non-violent solution he decides he is going to kill the main perpetrator. Typical thinking of a psycho. Later he uses a girl who is about to get r*ped as a distraction to kill an orc. Ok fine, that might be necessary but shouldn't... more>> make her like him.

He chooses to use summon magic (sic.) and support magic. His reasoning is he doesn't want to, or is too weak to, fight in melee. Despite the fact he has been striking orcs with bamboo spears and their own swords, he still doesn't think he could do it. Instead, he decides this little girl he doesn't know should fight in melee. I'm sorry? You think somebody weaker than you should do it instead? Though he doesn't think he is suited for it, he wants to order somebody random to do it instead. Shouldn't he ask this person to choose something she would be good at instead? If you are convinced you are bad in melee, wouldn't this person also have some idea of what she is bad at?

So the MC is an idiot and a psycho but what really makes him unattractive is that he is just lazy. He just doesn't want to fight himself because it is a bother. He could have chosen elemental magic to fight from a distance. Insead he chose summon (should be summoning) where he doesn't have to do anything himself, and buffing with support magic where he only has to re-buff every 20 minutes. There was no other explanation why the combo summon + support would have been more effective than other options. Did he pick this because he didn't want to choose healing for his summons? I can only speculate the MC thinks reality turned into an RPG where healing is boring.

Is this going to turn into a harem? That would be the most unrealistic with this lazy, psycho, domineering, s*upid MC. Girls should leave him when they discover his shitty personality. <<less
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weakedsick03 rated it
January 24, 2018
Status: v5c103
Best Isekai I've read so far.

Sure the idea of having an MC OP from the start might be very interesting if you just started reading these type of novels, but soon enough, you'll start seeking more realistic themes.

And this novel does exactly that.

I praise the vibrant description of the surroundings, geography, characters, emotions, trauma, and even the 5 senses (heck even smell and sound ... more>>

they even had a skill to cancel sound

. MC also has flaws and has things he cannot do and he admits it instead of trying to show off and doing it himself. The enemies are no pushovers and do not exist to glorify the MC. Instead, each are a threat on their own progressively. Heck even a single orc is a danger from the start of the novel. The progression is good, based on stats, and the character's mental and emotional states. The skills matter very well and can really turn the tide in most life-threatening situations and they really have to do some trade-offs and compromises (the white room is very good!). Strategy and teamwork really plays a great role and the consequences are explained very well. Skills are plenty and unique and the MC has to utilize them correctly. MOREOVER, THE TENSION IS ALL OVER THE AIR. And you will feel strongly for the characters and their situations. You will naturally remember their names because their characters are fleshed out. Even the side characters <<less
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Overclock rated it
December 31, 2017
Status: c100
This is definitely one of the better school transportation novels I've ever read. And while I don't find the story exceptional or unique, what makes this novel stand out is the great character development, dark and raw setting, a good and realistic harem development, and the lack of plot armor in battle or tactics. If you've grown sick of the typical power fantasies or main characters with intellectual plot armor you'll love this novel like I do. And best part this jp protagonist has a personality.
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September 1, 2017
Status: --
Oh look at all the good reviews! Must be good! I decided to give it a read based solely on that.

Problems I have with it and some others may or may not have a problem with as well:

  1. The MC is fairly ret*rded based on many of his actions regarding game elements and also how he decides to deal with his problems.
  2. Either the translator or the Author has trouble writing readable content. I don't know which. Possibly google translated. I praise good translators so I don't like to ever really sh*t on anyone that can translate. I can't do it and I appreciate that people give their time to do it or id have less to read.
  3. Drink a shot of your favorite alcohol every time the MC says "fellow". It's the only way I could endure it.
  4. The Harem seems to be the actual main characters with the only flaw of having sh*t taste in guys. (The Mc)
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FierceFury rated it
March 12, 2017
Status: v4c101
This story is different from your usual another world life, as a whole school is transported into a new world. It starts off somewhat slow with the MC understanding his situation, and when you find out what is going on it's really grim.
... more>>

The whole school with over 2000 students gets transported to another world. If you think about the survival rate, it would be utmost 50% on day 1. Day 2, 25%, Day 3, 5%. This isn't the only horrible thing that happens in this story, most of the girls are r*ped.. Damn.


This is one of my favourites due to it's uniqueness and depth in character development, with realism when it comes to survival mentality. People will depend on each other and fight with each other for power and control.

Although the story is good in this sense, it is impossibly fast pace. I mean like how and why did the author force the students to do impossible things in a span of 3 days? The mental and physical exhaustion would've been extreme... I can't fathom why the author did it this way but yeah.

Major spoiler-

Why is the world ending in literally 4 days, the moment the students are teleported? Why does the MC's harem have to save the world, right after a massive fight with a timespan of a few hours? And when they are asked to save the world, they are told the world will end in 1 day. Why is this so fast paced? This is one of the major flaws in this novel that I find really annoying because of how BS it is.


Even though the story is extremely fast paced, the character development is really well done and allows for a better emotional attachment to the characters.

The skill system is really well thought out and is easy to understand. Also, instead of the story creating BS skills for certain moments, all the skills have been created beforehand so no matter what, if the MC is in a situation and levels up. He can't just get a BS skill that will instantly turn tables like other novels. Also, the experience points, mp and party calculations are all followed through. Due to there no being any XP bar for the MC and his group, he has to calculate the XP gained from enemies with his own knowledge. Not only that, but this also helps with when we can expect the MC to level up or his harem. Instead of other novels causing a random level up in the best possible situation ever, this is impossible here due to everything being calculated including enemy numbers.

For all of this well done thinking in the story and a good plot.
5/5 Stars <<less
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summers rated it
September 22, 2016
Status: v3c75
Amazing read. The MC is not overpowered, he is not a jerk, and reacts realistically. Sometimes he is a bit too hard on himself I a way that many people won't like but he is a formally bullied teenager.

MC starts out wanting to go it alone and it works for a while until he gets swept up in a series of events that have him gaining and caring for allies. It's also a harem that bears results quickly, teenagers in such a charged situation and with few strong figures to... more>> count on its felt natural that girls would turn to MC. His support style of play makes him more ideal for this than a simply damage dealer.

MC is no OP, thank god for that. It means the skills actually matter, the stats actually matter, the game system matter, I found myself thinking what would I do with these skill sets and that was fun.

The enemies did not feel like pushovers even when they starting getting used to the weaker enemies, The pacing is not slow but it does emphasize that fighting through a large school full of enemies is difficult and wont be done quickly.

Read this!

Update ch102: still good, I waited a year and only couple chapters have been released. The world expanded and am a little confused about where they are. <<less
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Tesuji rated it
May 22, 2016
Status: v2c52
This story has a really nice 'dirt gaming' feel for me.

To me, a lot of these kind of stories skip over the early levels way too quickly, and I don't really get the appeal of stacking the deck so that low-level threats are meaningless, and then scorning people without cheats who have to be worried about those threats.

Here, you have people thrown into an RPG-like fantasy world, but they're starting out at level one, where orcs are honestly scary and can kill you, and you have to leverage your abilities... more>> and teamwork to survive. <<less
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satseh rated it
September 24, 2016
Status: c76
This is one of stories which is worth reading even with the whole "transported" theme.

School gets transported to another world with magic where the girls get rapped by orcs and guys get killed before they make their first kill, however, those do make a first kill ends up leveling up and have a chance to fight back using the point system to buy "ability" in element, arts or strengthening your own body. Our MC is someone who has decided to kill his bully by digging a hole and sticking some bamboos in it but just than they are transported and orcs ends up falling into it. This is how we see "not-your-normal-JP-MC" who is willing is so beaten down and lost interest in people and his recovery through his "harem". Getting to trusting and understanding others

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ghelo00012 rated it
September 25, 2018
Status: --
Sh!t, full of buttle's, full of desperate sitiation, full of explanation in sitiuation like in battle and strategy but in the end it will failed and go to another desperate situation.

ex. When they rescued the city and brought back in world tree, miko said that the world is ending tomorrow sh!t or when they are rescuing the females in main building of middle school section secrectly they discovered by orcs when they are retreating sh!t

Sh!t this kind of genre are for masochist,
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
falcon010 rated it
June 25, 2017
Status: v7
Rarely, I give a 4 star to J-LN. If u see my reviews u will realize that I'm kinda harsh on my reviews.

The story plot is kind of mainstream, a transported story as always. Leveling system is kind of unique, but in the end, still a typical leveling system. What made me really interested is all the character development, the story flow, and the world building.

Following how the MC and everyone around him embark on a journey around the new world they are transported with is somehow amusing. Usually I... more>> find this kind of novel boring. But the way author make his story, all the cruel and heartless situations, seem so realistic to the point where I can't refute any of the story itself.

Absolutely love it. 8/10 from me. <<less
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naknuknik rated it
July 3, 2016
Status: v3c57
Before you ask, the so-called NTR is tentative.

The review:
It is a story, that is the most important bit. What do I mean? I mean its not a straight up clone or thoughtless satisfaction. There are characters, there is a plot direction, sure there is some drama and some might not like it, as well as a weak MC, but he is definitely not stereotype to make you pull your hair out which is good. Well what else can I say, I rate it ~3.5 simply because its rare finding... more>> a story that is not sh*t in the current TL'ed novels. <<less
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MondoX rated it
May 8, 2016
Status: --
I give if three stars because of the MC. The MC is surrounded by younger girls, with the exception of one that is his age, yet most of them are mentally stronger than the MC. Especially his main girl, she is both mentally and physically stronger than the MC, but younger. Also, he is making a former female bully run things, and he is always internally praising her. The MC is kind of worthless, because one of his former bullies is smarter, and mentally stronger than the MC, even after... more>> being rapped several times. <<less
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Fuxy rated it
March 17, 2017
Status: v2c39
It's too horror and tragic for my taste. It is definitely unique and there is some decent character development but the constant sense of danger and luck of the MC convenience makes if feel underwhelming after about 20 chapters. Does this other world have nothing else to offer but orcs and enemies?
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