Kuro no Maou


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Kurono Maou is a high school student who is sensitive of his sharp eyes and bad expression. No girlfriend but gifted with friends in his own way, he had been living a peaceful life.

But one day, without any reason, Kurono was attacked by a mysterious headache while in the literature clubroom and fainted. When he finally awoke…Swords & magic, filled with monsters, an orthodox different world summoning.

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The Black Demon King
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New DuelMephistropheles
August 11, 2020
Status: --
I like the brutality, I like the magic, and I like the world building. It's a pretty awesome story

Stranger: I'm sensing a "but" coming.

And you are correct random stranger! What I hate is how the MC is treated. He's a nice guy, use to people being scared of him, just wants to be a hero an help people, yet despite his good intentions EVERYWHERE he goes people treat him f*cking terribly. If they don't come to some s*upid misunderstanding they treat him like dirt cause of his appearance and the... more>> rare time someone is nice to him they get slaughtered. Brutality. Or mentally tortured! It's like the author goes the extra f*cking mile to make Kurono's be utter shit. Kurono has been tortured in everyway imaginable yet still remains a great guy, but people can't see that and end up treating smug entitled douchebags better than him, like a certain group of adventurers called..I cant remember, I call their party chicken wing squad because I hate them so much I don't wanna remember their group name. Speaking of they are BY FAR the characters I hate the most in the story, next to the people who tortured Kurono first. They appear later in the story and do nothing but make dumb misunderstanding after misunderstanding and insult Kurono whenever they talk about him, despite them knowing NOTHING about him. Seeiously, they don't. They know nothing of his goals, background, anything, and they don't even try asking him because they're so f*cking conceited they think they're right. That, or they know they are wrong and refuse to speak to Kurono about anything because they refuse to admit they are being s*upid! I HATE THEM WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE! You know that a**hole, that group, in every story like this that serve no purpose other than pissing the reader off, and no matter how many times you beg the author to give them a brutal, slow death they still breathe? That's what they are. Like the "Cool Kids" in Arifureta or the classmates of Touka from Abnormal State or the Hero Party from Ankoku Kishi Monogatari. F*ck. THEM. In short, I love this story, but it makes me hate it. Until chicken wing squad dies horribly I'll probably always hate this, they're that insufferable. <<less
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New JackB
August 6, 2020
Status: --
Not my cup of tea. For me it is like the author took a great premise of a story and just butchered it with bad execution. The story builds up these expectations that never materialist. Mix that with a MC that could have been worthy of empathy or admiration but is just flat out unlikable and you have this. I was rooting for them to just kill him and get the story over with only a few chapters in. It only got worse the further I read.

Readers looking for action... more>> and adventure might enjoy this though so I wont say you shouldnt give it a shot. If you are not hooked after the first few chapters then it unlikely you will want to read any further. This is defiantly for a very specific audience. More mature readers might want to find something else. <<less
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lonewolf92 rated it
June 22, 2016
Status: --
Novel, suffers from the whole Beta-male syndrome package to the point of being terminally ill. Also, slow, so slow, the pacing is awful, too much internal dialogue. Never seen a LN like this one, where the harem destroys the entire feel of the story. This LN is supposed to be dark, where people get burnt alive and massacres happen goddamit. OK, the chicks are all crazy so still kinda dark, but the other chicks are not. So we have the main character, doing shitty romance stuff while he is supposed... more>> to want revenge, it just feels surreal. Plus the author had to add a school, the pacing is all destroyed again, schools in LN/WN destroy everything with its cheap gimmicks. Overall, the harem is pointless, the school gimmicks destroyed the overall setting, and the lack of balls of the MC.

Overall diagnose the story is solid suffers from schoolacide and haremcide

Rest in Piss

PS: that Nell character is so annoying she is even more annoying than hinata from naruto <<less
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Davr rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: v11c166
The Novel started out pretty good, but was ruined by five things in particular:

1. The MC is basically a loser, no matter how many enemies he kills he always loses more. The author probably did this to increase the sense of dread in the LN, however, it backfired on him. By the time the MC gets some type of chance against his enemies, the readers will be extremely frustrated.... more>>

160 chapters in is when the main character gets a power from a god, but this power is not explained or even technically revealed and will take a bunch of chapters to actually develop into something the MC can use.


2. Too many POV changes. Seriously, who gives a f*ck what the enemy thinks. Would have been better if it stayed as a first person. Poor translators by the way, they had to identify every POV change.

3. The unnecessary introduction of guns in fantasy world. Should have seen it coming since the MC came from Earth and the only attack magics he has are gun related.

The author uses Simon, an alchemist who made a gun, as the gateway for guns into the fantasy world. Are you f*cking kidding me, some guy in an alternate universe dominated by magic and martial arts just thought one day, "I'm gonna make a gun". The fact he sucks at magic is not an excuse for this. Modern technology in a medieval setting ruins the story.


4. Harem+Dark storyline filled with gore+pathetic MC=Crap

5. The pacing is turtle speed, the useless POV changes to the villain's side do not help.

If you didn't like Law of the Devil, you definitely won't like Kuro no Maou

This review is probably really bad, but I was just so pissed at this LN.

Why the f*ck is the author trying to give the readers a sense of attachment with the apostles by changing the POV?!
Why does the author tease us by getting the MC super depressed and close to loner OP mode, and then changing his attitude all of a sudden?! Which happened THREE f*ckING TIMES!!! It will happen eventually, why delay it for so many chapters

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TerraEarth rated it
June 18, 2016
Status: --
It's better than Death March. However, that's not much of an accomplishment.

The novel gets side-tracked constantly. Every other chapter we have to read a POV chapter - usually about scenes we've already read about, or about people who we really don't care about at all (such as the unnecessarily evil bad guys). This kind of narrative swapping usually only works when there's an important side to a story that we need to explore for the work to flesh itself out, or if the characters that the narrative is switching off... more>> to are interesting and/or have interesting insights to offer about events in the story, however you'll find neither of these in these pov changes. They're written just like SoL scenes, as if we really need to know how the bad guys are getting along with each other, or what kind of jokes, pastimes and preferences they have. It's simply a huge joke.

On top of this, there is no tension in this novel. Would you feel suspense over a lion playing with a mouse? Because that's precisely what occurs in Kuro no Maou. We can't appreciate the character's progress and development when everything he does is in vain. Every single breath the protagonist takes, every 'victory' he wins, every time he alludes death, all of it is attributed not to his own strength and progress, but rather to his enemies choosing to play with him like a toy - just like the lion and mouse analogy. The bad guys literally let this poor sap off over 3 times when they had his head on a platter. They did this knowing fully well who he was and what kind of threat he poses to them. This just isn't very interesting to read in a story where 'heroism' is a big theme. The only way MC can win this battle if purely through 'luck' and 'laziness' on the enemies' part, which is a shitty way to write this kind of story.

I could go on and on but I think I'll stop here. <<less
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Aicila rated it
November 30, 2015
Status: --
Time of Review: c217

I like Kuro no Maou. The start is a little bit of a chore to get through but once it opens up a little the worldbuilding is quite interesting and there is a very wide range of characters and concepts. Despite this, the author manages to delicately balance what fleshing out is required with not dragging it on too much which makes the novel feel well developed without being too slow. The motives of the antagonists side are mainly a little one dimensional (wrong beliefs/race = r*pe... more>> and pillage) which is a slightly dissapointing way to build up the tension but there are a couple of exceptions.

One of the things I like the most about Kuro no Maou is that characters aren’t safe, which I think adds greatly to the sense of desperation and/or helplessness which is prevalent in many cases. Characters will die. If you can’t handle getting attached to a character only to see them have their head lopped off 20 chapters later, Kuro no Maou isn’t for you.

So far, Kuro no Maou hasn’t tried too many different things, but what it has tried has worked out pretty well. If you’re looking for something a bit grimmer, a bit more brutal, or a bit more desperate, Kuro no Maou is worth a try.

Oh, and there’s a yandere. <<less
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violetbroom rated it
May 2, 2017
Status: c600
Good story.

I'm reading ahead using google trans because I can't wait for the translation, but I also read the tranlation when it's out.

Among many web novel which I read, it have origanillity compared to other isekai novel.

... more>> Kind and hardworking MC, not OP without effort like many other MC. Even right now (ch.600) he can only be considered strong, not strongest or OP. He still growing.

There is tragedy, some happen to MC, some happen to strangers (not important character), and some backgroud tragedy story of cursed weapons. MC is not pathetic MC that always got misfortune, misfortune events became experience for his growth. I don't like tragedy, but cursed weapons backstory really interesting, just like reading dark fable which start with "Once upon a time...".

Even though the author like yandere and tragedies in this work, he knows limits. The author alredy said (in one of chapters) that there won't be dead of mc's loved ones and best friend, and there is no NTR toward MC. Author also says he aim toward happy ending.

Romance and harem quite slow and proggress faster after ch.500, but it's still good because each heroine character developed well. MC dense toward love because woman ussually scared of his looks, but he is not 'dense with s*upid harem (choroi onna) around him' type. He is more daring toward love in later chapter.

This story shows MC proggres in becaming strong while meeting new people, but not trapped in boring pattern.

Just try it if you are alright with a story with some dark side. <<less
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Katsono rated it
September 2, 2016
Status: c58
The novel starts off with an unoriginal prologue of a highschooler's daily life. Nothing wrong about it, it's readable and still enjoyable, but still, nothing interesting. However, it switches from that boring setting to another world quickly, becoming innovating through a story of experimentation and torture on the main character.

The first volume will be about his experience as a guinea pig in a religious lab, but what follows... The story really was promising, the protagonist seemed good, and no one could guess his personality after all the pain he went... more>> through, but certainly no one awaited the novel to fail so much.

A bad trait appearing early is the inability of the author to create good skills for the main character. Almost every he has outside of his shadow space is bullets, and the differences are barely noticeable. Also, he yells like a s*upid power ranger, making the fights awkward if anything, and it's so repeated and elongated that it's boring after the first one.

After his escape, what follows is a slice of life. The protagonist, after suffering a whole year as a guinea pig, is just a dense almost goalless character, and decides to lead a peaceful life along a loli. A yandere loli, what's more, and the next characters of his harem are already apparent as of chapter 50+.

If only that were it, but to achieve all of the starting potential, the author chooses to narrate other characters, and that's when I started literally skipping through the chapters, sometimes even when the main character was present. Not only does it become extremely boring, but it starts accumulating cliché of slices of life and even becoming unrealistic (wow, the MC made popsicles in middle age and they were the most tasty thing anyone ever hate, so realistic, so interesting, so badass).

All the drama the author pretends to show is lost into boring and annoying stories, and it's so bland you'd almost root for the bad guys. It would have been better if he was mad and murdered everyone, or if these religious bastards just kept him as a tool. <<less
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Overlord rated it
June 7, 2016
Status: c275
Kuro no Maou - well, what can I say, first and foremost, this novel is surely underrated with only 4.0/5.0 rating at the moment. The dark vibe and cruelty of the story are quite refreshing, far away from all those boring novels with happy-go-lucky protagonists. One of its greatest feats are the awesome as hell (yandere harem) characters, their development and interactions, evolving from innocent maidens to ruthless killer machines! Kurono's walk through hell throughout the novel feels conclusive, you can easily relate to him, most of the time. Naturally,... more>> there are also happy and fun times, but the protagonist and his entourage are not invincible, but they always try to make the best out of their possible options and resources. The world building is sufficient, background information to locations, history etc. Included. Furthermore, the length of the chapters is not too long, and not too short. I nearly forgot to mention the amusing black humour, or hilarious moments in general.. (◦'ںˉ◦) Another strong point of the novel would be the interesting "curse weapons", which come with their own gruesome story that gave birth to their existence. If you're looking for a story with a more mature tone, characters that stop at nothing and a believable protagonist, I can highly recommend "Kuro no Maou". <<less
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kublikhan rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: c148
I do not recommend this novel. First off, no matter how much the MC struggles, all of his work gets undone:

... more>>

First the MC is kidnapped, tortured, brain controlled, turned into a murder toy, hunted, etc. Wow, bad luck huh? Well many characters have a tragic back story, maybe his luck will turn around right? Nope.

After escaping his hideous ordeal, he finds a nice friendly village, makes friends, and enjoys life. Now a scary evil army is coming to destroy all that. MC goes off to desperately fight the commander of the enemy army. He gets his ass kicked and the whole village and all his friends are wiped out. Ouch. More tough luck. Well, now his luck will start to turn around right? Nope.

This time the author has a 50 f*cking chapter buildup of the MC's desperate actions to save the remaining villages from the evil army. Only to destroy all the work of 50 chapters with one sentence: "Oh hey MC! Nice job repelling 5000 soldiers with your band of merry men! But while the author was writing 50 chapters of bullsh*t I slipped in and destroyed everything you care about when the readers weren't looking. See ya!" I always hated storylines where nothing the MC does matters. Hey author: we don't need three tragic back stories per character, nor for them to last for 50 chapters!


Second reason I don't like this story is all of the characters keep getting killed off:


First off he is separated from his friends and family after getting kidnapped. Then all of his friends in the village he was living in are killed off. Then all of his new friends he made after his old friends were killed are killed off. It seems this author only know how to write two types of characters: Those that get triple analed with tragic back stories left and right and those that get killed off in a few chapters.


Third reason, MC doesn't go through any growth. Right from the start he starts off fairly strong. Although there are many others in the world MC can't even touch. So we get to witness our MC get stronger right? Nope. He never levels up. He stays with the same power he had for the next 150 chapters. Sure maybe he adds some new spell/equipment/party member. But the same bad asses who were kicking his ass at the start of the novel are kicking his ass again 150 chapters later. <<less
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dedition rated it
August 31, 2016
Status: c11
I'm only on chapter 11, so I haven't gone far yet, but if you're like me and believe the beginning is the most important in the setting of the main character and the backdrop of the story then, nothing to lose by reading this.

Kuro No Maou is about a young man who is teleported from his school on Earth to this unknown planet where some magic users/scientists keep him for brutal experimentation.

Every day is a living torment to him, to the point where he can actively withdraw his... more>> consciousness but keep his body moving. Keep his body fighting and killing whatever the scientists throw at him everyday whilst also being under the subject of psychological torture as well. He is living a life barely worth living, but lives all the same.

Minor but extremely obvious spoiler that can barely count.
Once he escapes the facility due to the extremely absurdly dumb reasoning the author writes out, I can already say I'm enamoured by the world building. Whilst it hasn't gone indepth as of yet, from what I've already read I can imagine the author will give me much more to imagine soon enough.

My problem so far is the MC. They want me to believe he was under strict conditions to wake up at a certain time every day under the consequences of extreme trauma/pain, along with the tempering of many battles and killing, but the second he has a good night's sleep and has to wake up the next morning once on the outside world, the author throws him straight into the stereotypical teenage trope of "No Mum, please just a little longer....5 more minutes."

I can't begin to explain how much that annoys me. I know it's way to early to have an overall judgement, but I believe the beginning sets the pace. Some books you know will have massive potential, whilst others seem like it'll be pointless.

You can't expect me to believe he still has trouble waking up right? Right?! And the fact that he still sounds so innocent and nonchalant is annoying as hell. He doesn't sound traumatized, merely bothered.

"Aw man, they may be searching for me, maybe I should run here."

Scared to keep reading since the character already sounds like he'll be a disappointment.

I'll read more solely for the purpose of updating this review. <<less
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Baddermawan rated it
May 25, 2016
Status: c267
One of the best wn I've read so far, the author have successfully built solid story so far. Characters' developments are also very well thought thru'out the series w/ many interesting perspectives (sometime too many tho) given to give the readers the 'whole' flavour of any given topic.

The overall theme (crusade bs paganism) might bother some people, but for me it was actually told very tasteful and psychologically perfect.

For me KnM has more potential to be an epic saga much better than the likes of mushoku tensei or tate no... more>> yusha. The only downside has been the ever-slow translation pace (1 month w/ no update?) that hindering its greatness to shine. Now that's a pity. <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
poli rated it
June 18, 2016
Status: v12c180
I don't understand the low rating for this one. I guess people feel the MCs don't talk enough or feel the yandere angle is too forced?

The war situations, various fights and course of events, the enemies and allies are all very interestingly set up. And while this work does spend a lot of time with people being completely remorseless jerks - lots of people who are brainwashed into mindless or selfish killing machines, or the people doing the brainwashing discussing their unholy holy war being naturally the correct thing to... more>> triumph - when this actually tries its hand at comedy like chapter 176 it does a really good job.

This work is not original enough to be a perfect triumph of writing or anything, but it is a fine read nonetheless. This work does an extremely good job of having constant conflict without the MCs just mindlessly ramping up power or always pursuing some new magical technique, no boring, meandering cultivation explanations.

Also, the cursed item histories are fantastic! <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Elkon rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: --
Starts off wonderful and dark with the MC being tortured and brainwashed, and then goes on to happy go lucky slice of life dense JP protagonist with a happy go lucky harem and pointless POV changes every other chapter. 'Nuff said.

BTW the 'slow' chapters at the start were my favourite because it was the only dark-dark part of the entire story, and no PTSD or memory blocking with what happened to him? Seriously?
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DekuHero rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: --
Imagine being summoned to a world without wanting to be. (Kidnapped basically). Doesn't sound bad to me, but some people wouldn't like it I am sure. Imagine after that they immediately start experimenting on you to the point that it's basically torture. Imagine they started giving you power but you had to ... more>>

Kill people from your original world to survive without knowing they were people at first because they were in a golem that appeared to not be human.


What would you do to those people? I don't know what you would do, but I'm pretty sure id get revenge in the worst possible way. It's not about being edgy or anything, it's just my basic human emotions would not let be live a carefree life after. Id be beyond bitter and angry. I wouldn't even be satisfied with simply killing them. Why do Japanese Authors always make their MC out to be so spineless?? I personally cannot read this anymore. It feels like it started out nice and dark and then turned into something opposite of that. I feel cheated. <<less
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XXxxxadisxxxXX rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: --
This is the first novel that ever actually got me genuinely angry. The begining was good, like really good. However, it all went downhill from there. The MC suffers from being a bit*h throughout the entirety of this novel. Read below if you want it outlines the major flaws of the novel and also just how bad the MC is in this novel

... more>>

He gets summoned. Then tortured and what not by his captors. He then escapes. After escaping he gains power meets people blah blah blah. He then comes across the people that tortured him and brutally killed people he knew as well as committed many other atrocities such as genocide, r*pe (of people the MC knows and loves), desecration of corpses, war crimes, murder (against his soon to be dead friends), crimes against nature (f*cking human experimentation), and much much worse. So what does he do? He forgives them. He forgives them all and just all around acts like a pu*sy for the majority of the novel. The thing that made me quit was that the only reason he didn't do anything was that the person he met that supports these horrible people had f*cking tits. I mean come to the f*ck on! How much of a beta cuck do you have to be to just roll over and take this shit? He does not even end up getting any real powers or other ways of fighting back until you have read for at least 12-18 hours (mattering on your speed) and even then he's so much of a cuck that he can't get it himself. He has to get it from a GOD because he's s*upid. How is he s*upid? He just lost his eye due to extenuating beta circumstances. This entire novel is a f*cking mess man. The concept was something I would have really enjoyed if the MC was not such a beta b*tch.

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Facepalm.exe rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: v4c51
I tried to like this, however after 50 chapters I had to put this down.

The author seems to be a master of talking endlessly, but conveying nothing.

As mentioned in other reviews, the author seems to meander around a lot with the plot, change scenes and POV abruptly, (for no constructive reason) and the plot as a whole moves so incredibly slowly.

A slow plot is bearable as long as the content (such as the daily slice-of-life, and behind the scenes movement of the enemy/etc) is actually interesting to read, however... more>> the entirety of what I read was shallow, boring and generally a chore to read.

The premise itself started relatively interesting, however it nose-dived very quickly.

I really cannot recommend this unless you are after a mind-numbingly boring read. I'd say give this one a pass. <<less
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Avil rated it
October 21, 2016
Status: c308
Some readers might be offended by the atrocious torture and constant killing sprees in this novel but if you are able to stomach this you'll find a masterpiece with remarkable qualities:

-MC is not OP by any means and people bashing Kurono about being dense should remember that the yandere harem is hellbent on hiding their tendencies to avoid scaring him, that gives him some leeway to avoid the dense tag.

-Dark fantasy with thin plot armor, nobody is truly safe from death and suffering.

-Character growth and good characterization which makes even... more>> secondary characters and antagonists interesting.

Unless you are extremely disgusted by gore I see no reason to avoid this novel. <<less
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oldmantanzo rated it
July 20, 2016
Status: v12c187
TL;DR : Good read if you have patience to slog through some useless pieces of filler slapped randomly within the novel. Have a good atmosphere and Character but suffers from badly designed progression. You'll be scrolling down quite frequently and just glancing through large chunks of texts maybe even whole chapters. We might as well start on the positive because it is easier. There is a great deal of focus character development (somewhat incessant and obsessed at some point). The characters have some unique qualities to them if you don't... more>> look past to other novels. The theatrical tragedy kind of atmosphere is choreograph quite well within the course of novel as well to blend everything to create a very imaginative world of sword and magic. The novel is far from perfect after that point is established though.

Don't get me wrong, the novel is great when everything lines up to a T. It does deliver a sense of excitement and thrill but unfortunately it also builds up anticipation; something this novel massively fails in fulfilling time and time again-- All because of something called "pacing".

I've read other reviews, both the good and the bad, and I rarely gets discourage when someone say a story is "slow". However, this novel is beyond just a problem of being slow because it is not sluggish because of content but by design. What do I mean by "design"? Just breeze through a few dozen chapters and you'll encounter something you can call "POV chapters". This chapter can be relevant if it is really necessary to provide a broader spectrum of understanding of the undercurrents that is happening in the story away from the original perspective of the Novel-- but MY GOD this novel sucks at using POVs. Seriously, most of the Perspective change chapters are either redundant or just plain obscured that it ruins the mood you develop when you read from chapter to chapter. Then there is the Arc progressions chosen by the author.

I won't go too much into details because I don't want to be a massive spoiler C*%$ but one arc is already discussed by other reviews anyway and I also think think this particular arc hit this problem right in the head--The School Arc. This novel is really good at delivering a dark and gritty world full of social injustice, depravity, atrocity, and everything in between that induces an inner moral dilemma for readers then out of nowhere "this" rear its ugly head. I know some people would think "Its for character development because MC wants to get stronger" to that I can only say "f*ck THAT". A trail-by-fire kind of strengthening would have been better at that point you can also use a God damn training montage arc and it would have infinitely made a lot more sense. Sadly, you had to slog through one chapter after another that breaks your immersion to the dark would of Kurono Maou.

This really turned into a rant-- I apologize. However, I only sound "ranty" because this would have been a really good novel and it is if you skip a chapter or two (maybe an entire arc) and I really wanted to like it. Dejectedly, I concur that I cannot at best I can give it a passing score but I cannot recommend. <<less
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naafx8 rated it
July 2, 2016
Status: v11c164
As for me who likes the story likes Mushoku tenshei, tate no yuusha, Death march. The story of kuro no maou pretty much bored me to the hell. The pacing quite slow, the unimportant and side characters got so much spotlight without advancing the story at all. The MC very slow to evolved. No fantasy world exploration at all.

My point is, this novel not suitable for someone who love fast paced story and fantasy world exploration, like me for instance.
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NovelPolice rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: c380
Personally, I don't mind when protagonists experience difficulties and have to work towards their ambitions. But this novel goes out of its way to make everything more infuriating than it has to be.

There's a review with someone saying:
> The author already said... there is no NTR toward MC

This is how bad it gets. The author actually had to clarify that there won't be NTR toward MC.

Nevertheless, even with all that MC's misfortune and his enemies' broken deus ex machina, it still was a good read. A gruesome story,... more>> good writing, interesting characters, and worldbuilding. The battles were actually engaging since they relied on the use of strategy and cooperation, rather than just "muh RPG skills".

Until chapter 140 or so.

Then that was essentially a "Game of Thrones in the making" transforms into "Yet Another Japanese Battle Academy Harem." A bunch of new characters was introduced, with their own POVs, life stories, harems, and petty dramas. The author killed 20 likable adult characters just to replace them with a bunch of annoying teenagers.

After all that torture and murder, MC still behaves like a Japanese high school student. His past experience is almost non-existent. He spends his time flirting with girls, getting forced love interests into his harem, leisurely hunting monsters, participating in an edgy tournament...

It's not terrible, but I can't force myself to care about this story anymore after such a change of tone.

tl;dr: this is Arifureta all over again. Even worse if you read the summary (Pastebin uQ8wXysu). <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
slimeholder rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: --
Let's start with the fact that I absolutely forgot about what this novel was about, just after 2 weeks or reading it. I noticed that I forgot to leave a review, so I came back to do just that. Before leaving the review I flipped through the novel to try and remember what the thing was about, and to my surprise, the answer was... "nothing".

This novel is super forgettable, the characters are shallow, the name of the MC makes me cringe my *** off, and most importantly, it is boring.

Although... more>> the novel starts very good (and dark, which I really enjoy), it very soon devolves into being "meh". I do not even care enough to describe specific things that I liked and disliked...

Anyways, read it only in case there is nothing better to read.

Edit: I realized that many people may interpret "boring" as in "lack of action", but this is not the case. What makes this novel boring is the very fact that the world and events are boring. It's like a very good looking shirt that is made out of horrible materials and feels horrible on your skin.

Plus, there are people that really enjoy the action scenes in this one, so if you really care about action to the point that everything else can be ignored, go for it, as this novel has indeed very interesting battle sequences, etc.. <<less
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