Goblin Kingdom


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With a hideous visage they came to be known as goblins.

Hunted day after day, trampled, and crushed, these creatures lived with no other lot than to be killed.

But all that changed when the king was born.

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Goblin no Oukoku
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mahina rated it
February 26, 2018
Status: v2c145 part2
The mixed feelings many users have about this novel have made one thing clear -- nobody on this site likes nuance. They want it all one way, or all the other. The protagonist is either too human or too monstrous.

Gimme a break. If you want an OP goblin who conquers the world with overwhelming violence and f*cks everything that moves, this is not for you. If you want some Twilight-level, Anne Rice BS about monsters bemoaning their lack of humanity then this is also not for you.

What this novel is,... more>> is a story about a guy figuring out how to strike a personal balance. He's looking for the best of both worlds as he sees it. Yes he kills his mother. Yes, he then later causes headaches for himself by trying to minimize casualties where he can in his path to world conquest. He's figuring it out and he changes his mind a few times as he not only grows as a character, but also as he creates a world around him where it becomes easier to operate with a level of "humanity."

OMG - a warrior protagonist who faces setbacks, does not win every battle, and occasionally uses... DIPLOMACY!?!? Shocker. Yes, he also doesn't fight every battle himself. He raises capable subordinates who have character arcs of their own. That's a novel concept on this site where most readers seem to have forgotten that, in the real world, having paper-thin secondary characters is considered bad writing.

My only gripe is that the female protagonist/love interest could be given more screen time. She hasn't been allowed much agency in the past 100 chapters. The author could do more with all of his female characters actually. But that's just me. It's already good when you get six to seven female characters in a Japanese isekai story who are allowed to be awesome without becoming harem fodder. <<less
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Pleasantly-plump rated it
July 14, 2016
Status: v1c57
It is nothing like RE:Monster which is. MC does not have any overbearing cheat gear/abilities and is kind of strategic. Overall the author presents a nice kingdom building experience..... so far
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Necrowasp rated it
February 19, 2016
Status: --
Simple, easy read. MC is not op. It is reincarnation but he doesn't seem to draw much on his life from the past and is fully focused on becoming a Goblin King, although he keeps his humanity. I really love it and recommend it to everyone.
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Fluffums rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: v2
For better or worse, the protagonist retains his human personality while being in a goblin's body, his actions reflect that and have (usually bad) consequences. That's fine, but the protagonist doesn't seem to learn from it. Instead, he resolves to keep being human and treat his monster subjects as humans. But they're not human. They don't have the same mindset or strengths and weaknesses as humans. He doesn't have the same strengths and weaknesses as humans.

The way the story goes, and I won't go into spoilers, but the author basically... more>> turns the protagonist into his own worst enemy, his tribe's worst enemy, his race's worst enemy. There seems to be an obsession with keeping him always as the underdog, meaning he'll keep meeting worse enemies (the enemies always come because of his own actions) while being praised as a great leader. Great leaders don't keep making mortal enemies out of stronger nations. Great leaders don't protect foreigners in ways that will weaken their own nation.

I think if the narration changed a bit and actually acknowledge the protagonist's fundamental flaws as flaws, it would be much more interesting, but as it is it's like watching Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner with people unironically praising the Coyote's cleverness each time he sets up a scheme. The first couple of times you might be fooled, but it doesn't take long to realize that he's not actually doing any thinking, he's just relying on a random plot device he picked up, and then he'll end up suffering no matter what his opponent does. No, he (this novel's protagonist) won't do most of the suffering, but whoever relied on him will.

I guess that's the main reason I don't like it - the guy keeps doing things that are actively bad for the people around him, and they're still okay with it because ??? And he often only succeeds or survives failures due to plot armor. There's a lot of potential in the story, so it can be rewritten into something great with some help, but this version is mediocre at best. <<less
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serialno5370 rated it
October 3, 2016
Status: c54
Alright, guys. This is my third revision of my review for Goblin Kingdom, mainly because I'm just not quite sure on how to describe its awesomeness. This truly breaks the mold out of all the other reincarnation stories I've read before. It's like what if Glen Cook sat down and started writing a story about a dude reincarnated as a goblin. Madness in power is most definitely a large theme here and it's freaking beautiful to see it so well done in the later fight scenes as the MC loses... more>> his goddamn mind every time he gets tested in battle. The supporting cast are fantastic. Unlike most stories, they are not just plot-filler scrubs to act as a foil for the main character to tsukkomi. Well, actually I take that back. The sort-of main support cast of characters is wildly devoted to the MC, but their specialties still shine through that, by god, you actually put efforts into remembering each of their horrible names on account that they actually start to matter to you. (Like Gi Za, the best of them all. 'I guess it's true that there is no such thing as a perfect man...')

Other than that, the MC is at the perfect balance of qualities that makes him a good antihero in my book. He's angry and self-loathing at the fact that he's a monster, but he takes it in stride as he lets it motivate him into becoming a king that will be remembered into history. He doesn't take it to an annoying level of so-called 'chuunibyou' or emo scale where it annoyingly justifies his cruel actions. In fact, while he tries to come into terms with his monstrosity, he struggles with his conscience a lot that he kind of takes it up there at the same level of broodiness as Batman.

Anyways, I'm going to finish up reading what's left of the translation and end this here. <<less
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adgmw rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: v3c239
(4.5/5) (This will be a bit long so i'll throw in the summary first if that's all you're looking for, i'll also go over pros, cons and addressing some over reviews which have given this novel a low rating unfairly in my opinion)

To give an introduction to the novel: a reincarnated human who awoke inside a goblin's body in a fantasy world. In this world, like most others, goblins are viewed as the lowest of the low and weakest among the many races and monsters, MC is... more>> no different from any other goblin to begin with and learns to adapt to a goblin lifestyle (hunting for food for example) with help of his human knowledge (basic example is his use of traps to defeat stronger monsters, like orcs, which the goblins previously just avoided or charged at and died). The MC quickly rises to a top position of his small group of goblins when the previously leader suffers from an orc attack and the MC finishes him off which leads to a racial evolution, making him the new ruler of the group since they basically follow the strong (very simple minded). Throughout the first volume and into the second, the MC continues to evolve himself to new variations of his race with his leadership, human intellect and own schemes involving many traps and intimidation. He also receives a blessing from a certain god which does help boost his power, but he keeps the use of his gifted power to a restriction as there is backlash. The MC decides to become the king of his race, determined to lead his people (who he has grown to cherish) to salvation rather than their predetermined destruction.

Sorry for the long summary but this is just what I thought anyone reading this review (who is looking for an interesting monster MC, kingdom building, army fight and great character development novel) would want to know to be interested to give it a start and become absorbed on your own.

I missed out a bunch of stuff too, there is a love interest (kind of) and the story develops greatly (involving other races, politics, diplomacy and various other interesting points considering the MC is a GOBLIN).

Addressing some negatives that people have been posting: "MC killed his mother". This has been repeated by a bunch of people, about how the MC killed the captive human women when he first took control of his group of goblins at the beginning of the story. People seem to forget that although he attains his human mind, he is in fact a GOBLIN. As described, he sometimes loses himself to his instinct, especially when involving his emotions, he could have done what the previous goblin chief did, continued to r*pe the women, give them to the normal goblins or many other horrors that a GOBLIN would do. It is CONSTANTLY repeated in this novel how the normal goblins cannot help but lust for females and often act on their instinct, even defying the MC sometimes. Even ignoring the fact that he is a goblin, for the woman who were held captive, repeatedly r*ped by goblins and gave birth to the very creatures that r*ped them, it was clearly seen that they were completely BROKEN. They are beyond salvation, how can people not understand this simple fact? Should he risk himself and his people to deliver the humans to other humans when he has NO IDEA about anything in this world, no map, no contact with humans (other than the broken woman who can't even attain their reasoning). In that case maybe he should keep the woman in the house without raping them or killing them until he attains more knowledge and can give them back to other humans... he. is. in.a. village. of. lustful. GOBLINS! It is later seen that they defy him when they are starved of releasing their lust even when he is more powerful, please use your brain for a second and think what would happen. In this context, although it is questioning his humanity for following through with killing the woman, it is literally the greatest salvation he could give them, other than releasing them into the forest to become food for other monsters. --------Sorry for the rant, this comment repeatedly came up and people give the whole novel a 1 star because of this which deters possible readers and gives them the wrong impression that he almost finds joy and satisfaction in killing the woman who could have been his mother, he is clearly pained by it before and after killing them, but whatever.

Another issue that people are saying is that the "MC is trying too hard to make the goblins into humans". I'm not sure if these people are s*upid or s*upid... It is literally described that the goblins are basically on the level of wild beasts (basic goblins, not evolved). The MC's goal is to create a KINGDOM (as seen in the title), he needs the goblins to publicly display that the general perception of them is wrong, he needs allies, such as the demi-humans and elves, who will not follow him if he is leading a bunch of wild and lustful creatures. Adding to this, he attains his human mind (although he develops and sometimes loses himself to instinct like during battle), he knows of methods (such as farming) which can benefit his goblins but he knows of these methods because he has his mind of a human, obviously he's going to be teaching them human tactics and resourcefulness. If he was previously a elf, he would probably be teaching them elven techniques to develop them, he's trying to create a kingdom, how can teaching goblins human methods harm them, in no way is he trying to convert them into humans, he finds a balance by allowing them to remain as goblins but develop their species as a whole by integrating basic human techniques such as farming. Please explain how he is trying to turn the goblins into humans, he allows them to release their lust, he allows them to hunt and fight in reckless bestial ways even after teaching them basic group fighting formations. Another long rant, apparently I like to type :P

I'll go over a few pros and cons and that'll be it for me;


-Great character development: throughout the novel, be it MC, his goblin retainers or even the humans and other species he interacts with, they all develop as characters to an amazing degree. Especially the goblins, it was a great idea to allow the goblins to develop intellectually as they evolve into a higher species, allowing further character development.

-Awesome action: be it one-on-one fights, army fights involving tactics, reckless charges, mixed race forces and awesome retainers who display great development in fights, the action throughout the novel is great, and there is A LOT, especially later in the novel.

-Not too overwhelming MC or army: unlike in many other OP MC novels, this MC struggles to obtain his power, he does not always win his fights and even when he becomes pretty strong, he can be forced back along with his army. I also really like later in when he receives backlash from using the gods power, it truly differentiates from the typical Japanese OP MC who curb stomps every enemy in their way and still mystically finds themselves claiming to be a pacifist.

-Kingdom building: as seen in the title, MC's 'main' goal (which hasn't changed from the start which is another nice touch instead of being an indecisive wimp) is to create his own kingdom which he literally creates from the ground up in an acceptable manner (not just majestically getting his own resources, army and retainers), you literally go on the MC's journey as he builds himself, builds his retainers, unites his race, all while fighting off never ending threats from orcs, humans, elves, demi-humans etc.. which also add to his kingdom through various situations created through the conflicts.

-Perspective changes: although not often, when the perspective does change for a chapter or two, it is great to see the development from the characters from their own views, especially the goblins, an example is how the initial goblins tend to follow him simply through intimidation, instinct or mild appreciation at the beginning, to genuine respect, devotion and almost reverence as a result of MC's actions, which makes a lot of sense considering he united his race, freed them from ruin and continues to lead them to a foreseeable future while continuing to earn their loyalty through him always standing on the front lines in battle (well most of the time).


-Romantic interest: the romantic interest can be somewhat annoying in my opinion, although foreshadowed that she will have a big role in the future, she basically disappears after the first volume, to the point where I would rather there be a different romantic interest or none at all. She takes some s*upid actions and the MC got attached to her pretty quickly, although you could say it was because of the gods involvement. So i'd rather she just be a fellow he wants to free from the gods (as he is seen to dislike their involvement) rather than someone he wishes to have a future with. It doesn't really affect his actions of building a kingdom or his actions when facing the humans, in fact it motivates him a little, but I think the romantic aspect is very shallow and should have been directed towards another character or just left out all together.

-Villains: although there are some very intriguing villains (especially when concerning the monsters, elves and demi-humans), when considering humans, it can be a little bland. I emphasis that it is only a little as there are some decent human villains who have some interesting circumstances, a few can be portrayed horribly to begin with. An example is (of course) the Storm Knight who is really painted out to be a hopeless maniac, along with the other knight, but takes a huge 180 at some point without a reasonable explanation, going from psycho to vengeance seeking hero... As I said before, there are indeed one or two head shaking villains, but most the enemies the MC faces actually have a lot of interesting motives and character development, a lot becoming allies of the MC after resolving understandable conflict.

-Lack of illustrations: although this cannot really be faulted, this is just more of a personal disappointment as from the few illustrations that can be seen, it would have helped me enjoy the novel a lot more if there were just a few more images along with the context and better helping the reader visualize the charters (because there is a lot) which can get a bit muddled up to begin with until you get used to the names and usually their specific weapon. Again, just a little personal con, defiantly not to say that this novel deserves less stars just because there are too few illustrations.

These are the main PROS and CONS that left an initial impression on me, there are other pros and cons but you'll have to read and decide for yourself what you like and don't like.

Sorry for the long review, but I had a lot to say, pretty disappointed in the people that read like 10 chapters than leave a 1 star and tr*shy review without giving it much thought, which often deters other readers who might really find enjoyment in a novel like this.

Although I put up top a 4.5, realistically it's more like a 4.9, only true demerit for me is the romantic aspect. The translation is pretty good (especially compared to some novels) and dialogue is also very interesting, especially between different species.

I recommend you read this novel if you're into: a decently OP MC but not too unbearable, tons of character development, huge scale and small scale wars/a few one-on-one duels, wars and fights involving multiple races which serve under the MC (using their own battle styles and species advantages which really are used effectively throughout the novel), realistic (as it gets in a fantasy world) kingdom building, lack of romantic presence (the MC doesn't have some ridicules harem of goblins, humans and other species, there is literally like one joke so far about the MC having s*x, he basically retains his king-like image throughout, other than the first arc involving the female priest which quickly disappears and is barely mentioned after) and even a few emotional scenes which is unexpected from a reincarnated goblin MC novel.

So far I'm really enjoying this novel and only wrote this review after seeing the lack of support it's getting and a few unnecessary comments which are overly exaggerated. Hopefully this helped a few of you get interested in a novel you will grow to like, and allow you to have a realistic review from someone who has read a fair amount of this novel. There will be things you don't like and things you do that I have or haven't mentioned, but just give it a read at least until the end of volume 1, unless you're looking for the intense action then i'd recommend toughing through parts if you don't like them and make it up to volume 3. <<less
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Scaethys rated it
June 30, 2017
Status: c80
First of all, I don't know what people are complaining about. It's in no way similar to Re:Monster. The author of Re:Monster made a huge mistake granting the MC an OP skill with loosely-defined boundaries (consigning himself to a hell of skill names and descriptions). This novel is much more realistic with the leveling up (although it's still pretty fast).

What makes this so much better is that it's much more hot-blooded. Someone said it was like Kingdom, and I totally agree with that statement. It really emphasizes warrior spirit. As... more>> a plus, all the s*xual stuff is generally avoided within his kingdom. Even when the author brings up the other goblins, he doesn't really go too in-depth about what they do.

All in all, a solid read. Definitely much more interesting than the typical monster reincarnation novels (and a lot of the JP novels out there). Translation is also on point and easy to read. Believe me, there are many more novels that have crappy translations, so I'm glad I didn't have to read in between the lines for this one. <<less
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DekuHero rated it
November 3, 2017
Status: --
People upset about r*pe or killing ones own mother in the reviews. You are aware this is a dark fantasy right? They are monsters, not some weak ass boy scouts. What did you really expect?? Only thing I can say to these types of people are "Boo hoo". Also id like to point out that the only thing I can see that is similar to "Re:Monster" is the fact that they are goblins, otherwise it's nothing like it. Why even compare the two? People hating on Re:Monster can go eat... more>> sh*t as well. Quite possibly one of my all time favorites.

Some people can't appreciate the finer things in life and I have to assume it's because they just don't understand the appeal due to their own lacking in life experience. Sheltered kids that are like "Oh no! R*pe and killing are not good".

Okay, I'm done ranting. Basically it's a decent read. I don't feel comfortable comparing it to Re:Monster and I felt the translator did a great job. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
February 20, 2018
Status: c44
Redemption theme. It's so heavy in presence in this story that I would say that it utterly dominates the entire narrative. Every action is based upon philosophical humanity; every action is dictated by deluded, desperate morality as the protagonist clings to his 'human morality'. The entire world aids in the obsession too, as his companions, to a few goblins are so humanised, that they serve absolutely no purpose but to keep him hypocritically human. In the end, it results in an absolute wreck, so pitiful, so craving of societal acknowledgement...... more>> that it Just feels, and reads pathetic.

Tags are incorrect. Not antihero at all. Just another self-righteous protagonist, and hideous world-building. Not worth the time or effort. <<less
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Varno rated it
April 1, 2016
Status: --
I'm not sure if it's the author or translator but this novel is difficult to understand, it's like reading and trying to decode at the same time. This probably happens because the author try's to pervade the story as deep.

This story is needlessly hard to read, so I can't recommend it.
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Raphael rated it
March 8, 2017
Status: v1c25
Kinda disappointed with this, I mean it's not bad but it's not quite what I expected or wanted. I liked how it started, MC is savage ruthless and ambitious, great characteristics to have if you are a Monster MC, but then he lets the Saint's Charm thing get to him, I mean I was loving how he was rebelling against the 2 gods but he allows himself to be charmed? I understand the girl is useful but he clearly is letting her have too much control. I don't understand why... more>> he is saying one thing "I won't allow destiny to control me" and doing another "hey lets get this chick to grow to like me so and then in the future be forced to face off". Also it was fine how he started appreciating his most loyal followers but I think he went too soft too fast.

Anyways hopefully it dashes expectations in later chapters, but as much as I've read so far it doesn't seem like the kind to try it's own unique thing. <<less
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Wujigege rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: v3c162 part2
Most of the negative reviews complain that the story is different from other novels.. Which is odd as that is actually a good thing.

Also some reviews are simply making things up.

... more>>

He didn't eat any humans. He tried communicating with women used as breeders by the former goblin leader but they were far gone and he killed them out of mercy. He is trying to teach goblins to eat vegetables.. Sheesh. Disliking a story doesn't mean adding things to it is Fine


This novel is refreshing and different from standard fare. I am dreading the romance when it comes in full circle but I can skip that part.

The main point of the novel is consequences. The protagonist loses when he takes the wrong action and his enemies outsmart and beat him.

Of course he will win at the end, since he is the protagonist but losing battles is refreshing and does not stop one from winning the war. <<less
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thornyflower rated it
August 23, 2017
Status: c60
When you love the genre of novel (re:monster, green skin), but still end up dropping the novel is not a good sign. I disapprove almost all the choices the author made, evolution path, the gods influence, skills, MC aim, villains I didn't like any of those things.

The fact the MC is a goblin and that he evolves is not enough for me to read more
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metazoxan rated it
December 8, 2017
Status: v2c150
So the Goblin Kingdom is an interesting novel with a start very similar to Re:Monster. However the novels take completely different directions for better or for worse. I will focus mostly on reviewing Goblin Kingdom by itself but will put a comparison between the two in spoilers for those who have read Re:Monster.

First thing I'll talk about is the main character. ... more>>

The main character has a very determined and strong willed personality and there is more than enough emotion in him to keep him interesting. However there are a few problems with his character and the writing surrounding him. See the story feels the need to constantly remind you that he IS NOW A MONSTER. However he NEVER acts like it in the slightest. Sometimes the story will make it seem like he's turning into a savage beast but it's either because of his one ability that steals his sanity or he just ends up acting like a gentleman anyway. I'm not implying it's bad he doesn't act like a blood thirsty beast but he acts a bit TOO human. Basically, it feels like the author had trouble deciding how to balance the human and monster aspects of the MC and in the end just went with having the MC act like a human while mixing in things to try to make him feel like a monster. But as most of it isn't very convincing it feels like the MC is a monster in body only. Another issue is how he'll constantly spare enemies even when there is no hope of him eventually winning them to his side and this causes a couple issues as time goes on. The MC does kill people plenty of times but almost all are just faceless people often without a name.


The strongest point of this novel is the combat. The author himself mentions in a post chapter note that he loves all kinds of battle scene and it shows.

The detail and passion of the battle scenes doninates a large p art of the novel so if that's your thing you'll probably like this. However.... at the same time the author gets a bit lazy with how he sets up said battles. After the author gets past the MC just fighting wild bests and hords almost every enemy wants to kill the MC because "He's a mere goblin". Even when the MC evolves to a point he no longer should really even resemble one not only do they still see him as one but they treat him as a common goblin with zero consideration he might be outside the norm. This even happens with non human species which should understand the pains of descrimination and at least consider giving the MC a chance. The other issue is people in this novel are too quick to resolve issues with all out war. Again I get the author likes battle sequences but sometimes it feels like the characters might go to war over how to butter their toast with how easily they just go for it.



The action is intense and the battles are well written and the kingdom building is detailed enough to be interesting without boring you. It's a relatively straightforward novel with straightforward reasons to like it. The flaws in it comes in some of the finer details which hold it back from being truly great.

1."game system" elements


Goblin Kingdom attempts to restrict the presence of gameplay elements to make it not feel too game like. While this does work in some ways it also causes some parts of it to feel vague and unfinished. For example levels of characters jump whenever the plot demands it and there are times where it feels like he should have leveled up but didn't but then other times he jumps 40+ levels in one chapter. There is a similar issue with skills as instead of them being constantly active they seem to have requirements and activate and the plot demands it at times rather than solid logic. Possible the worst is the magic system. The characters seem to be able to make magic by just making up a chant and putting a spell name to it. The problem is the logic behind how this works is so vague that it's impossible to tell what the limits are. For example after several chapters the MC only creates three spells but there is no reason given as to why additionally all his spells are augmentation based and no reason is given as to why he makes no ranged attacks.


2. Evolution


In this world there is no evolution tree and instead it's more like a class up from common > Rare > Noble > Duke > Lord. Except the ranks apparently differ for some races which makes it difficult to understand how different species stack up to each other. The reason this is somewhat of an issue of the MC's ambitions are great and forcing him to remain as a goblin feels too limiting. Although at the same time he does grow powerful but at that point it feels wrong to keep calling him a goblin as he clearly is no longer one.


3."cheat" skill


As in the lack of any sort of "Cheat" skill. While it adds to the drama that the MC isn't instantly OP there is also the issue that he feels a tad overly restricted and lacks traits that help really distinguish him from enemies around him. While he doesn't need to be OP it still would have been nice of the author had made more efforts to make the MC feel "special" so that his rise from common goblin to King felt more natural.


Re:Monster Comparison


There are a few points where Goblin Kingdom surpasses Re:Monster but in other ways it fails short. First of all I mention how the MC in Goblin Kingdom acts a bit too human. This is one of the points Re:Monster does better as it's MC acts much more savage and monstrous but still shows a level of sanity that shows he's still himself. Another comparison goes back to the "game system" elements, Re:M had a more solid sense of level progression due to the stronger presence of game elements. Additionally because the MC's power revovlves around skill acquisition there is more emphasis on skills and their use. It's only after the MC gets so many it becomes impossible to keep track of them all but you still have a fair understanding of his most important ones. On that note while it's true Re:M has an issue with fights becoming too easy as the MC gets OP rapidly he also feels far more memorable.

Going to the evolution element Re:M has a more interesting evolution system. For example while the Goblins are weak their evolution tree includes a lot of interesting monsters which allows his goblin comrades to take a lot of interesting paths. This doesn't feel unnatural as it's clearly spelled out and it makes sense how a goblin ends up on each path.

So since I said they both had their good points where does GK shine above Re:M? Well it's monstly in it's action. While GK restricted itself a little too much that restriction did help in making the action feel more desperate as the MC didn't have a guaranteed instant trump card.

Another Plus for GK is the MC has a more defined objective. In Re:M the MC's goal was just "make a base, get stable income, have fun" besides that and killing enemies that threaten him he doesn't do much else and it causes the story to lose focus in later parts. On the other hand GK's MC wishes for conquest for everything he does is for the sake of that goal.

There is one thing that both Re:M and GK miss the mark on and it's the MC's personality. Re:M's MC was too apathetic and often seemed to not care about much of anything. As for GK's MC while he has a more developed character the mix between his human morals and his monster insticts feels a tad messy like the author is never quite sure how to portray that balance. On that note Re:M does something right as the MC fully embrasses his monster self but still holds on to a few moral lines that he won't cross

A good example of this is their treatment of women. In Re:M the MC sees the women the goblins used and sees them suffering a fate worse than death. Because he lacks the power to save them as the time he instead chooses to secretly give them poison and walks away. HOWEVER in GK by the time the MC meets the goblin's captive women he's already in charge. But he chooses to mu*der them after only trying once to get their attention and seeing their dead eyes. While these two scenes seem similar GK fails as it doesn't feel like it was his only option. He was in a position to try to protect or heal them but chooses not to while in Re:Mosnter the MC was not in a position of authority to do so.

Later on both MC acquire women and again Re:M handles this better although only slightly. In Re:M after the MC acquires the women the previous cheif kidnapped he offers them the chance to eventually leave and offers to protect them until then in exchange for their services making medicine, armor, ect. Not long after when some goblins defy this order he shows his will to keep his word by slowly torturing them to death in front of everyone as an example. but in GK the MC doesn't offer them the chance to leave and his handling of them feels a bit wishy washy and uncertain much of the time.

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Hamsta rated it
October 14, 2016
Status: c70

Recommended Read. Decently well written.

1) It's similar to Re:Monster like Naruto is to One Piece (Dumb OP kid trying to be hokage/king). Unlike Re:Monster the MC doesn't have some OP evolution cheat that also forcefully evolves all his subordinates. In fact his "divine protection"/skills usually end up hindering him one way or another. Also every individual in GK has to strengthen/evolve themselves individually which is a bit more realistic than Re:Monster (King basically makes living/warfare standards better for his people so they can evolve). 2) Warfare/battles are more realistic than Re:Monster. Severe injuries actually persist *gasp*. Such a novel concept.


Mecha Gi Ga and Hasu will save the day. \O/


3) Interactions are more believable than Re:Monster. Such as the affection between Reshia and GK or the treatment of prisoner of war. In Re:Monster, everyone just bends over backwards to the MC. Here GK knows that everyone is extremely prejudice against monsters so goes out of his way to treat them with kindness and slowly win them over yet still prioritizing his little civilization. 4) Apparently the gods are dicks in GK unlike Re:Monster where the voice of the world-bro is chill. 5) MC's memory is simultaneously great yet crappy. He can memorize a ton of names & situations easily but his memory of his previous/human life is horribly inconsistent. He distinctly remembers he had a human life but can't recall simple stuff like smoking meat.
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apa rated it
September 19, 2019
Status: v1c25
Actually, this novel has a great potential. But ruined by poor development of story flow. The character reactions seem like forced and shallow. It is your typical JP Novel with "pacifist and ero" character also the line like "onee-sama" this, "act cutesy" that, "waifu" this, "onii-chan" that and etc, shit. In the end I fast-scrolled but there's no development nor any improvement, so I decided to lump this novel in my "tr*sh" list after I can not tolerate the character anymore.
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Arrocha rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: v2c1
I've been seeing some people here and there comparing this to Re:Monster. There are some similarities, what with both MCs being goblins who rise to the position of leader of their race, but they're only alike on the surface level. As of now, I have finished the first volume and I can confidently say:

This is completely inferior in every way to Re:Monster so far.

The MC of Goblin Kingdom, who tends to just go by "King", is a pathetic, incompetent weakling who almost never wins on his own merits. It's always... more>> a last minute power-up or power of friendship 'aka numbers' that win his fights. Unlike Goblin Rou of Re:Monster, who has both the power fight on his own the the basic intellect required to come up with effective tactics, King always gets wrecked in all of his major fights before plot kicks in. He talks big but always ends up being the underdog who wins based on plot as opposed to Goblin Rou who actually deserves his wins. I suppose a more accurate description of King would be that he is like a generic shounen protagonist in that sense.

That being said, King fails at living up to even the most vital shounen protagonist attitude:


Climax of Vol 1 has King crying and begging for his life like a little b*tch. He abandons hope, forgets about all his comrades, and dies like the mook he is. Yeah, as I said : King is a pathetic, incompetent weakling who almost never wins on his own merits.


If you haven't been scared away yet, it seems lots of people are saying that it gets better in Vol 2. I have yet to start on that as I understandably reluctant to see more of King. But who knows, I'll edit this if there ends up being anything worthwhile in the next Vol. <<less
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UnderTaker26 rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: c125
Good novel. For those comparing it to Re: Monster I’d say it is better. The MC doesn’t just randomly get op powers in the beginning or by eating like other stories. It mostly comes from gods and will power after proving himself which is better than random reincarnation or a mistake by almighty gods? The side characters also have growth and although it’s not as much as the MC it’s still enough to keep them important and better than many other web novel characters who are just one dimensionally fitting... more>> a mold. I also found the simplicity to the story fitting considering he has mostly dealt with goblins so far and everyone else isn’t expecting much from such. I especially love how loyal all the subordinates are and find it more believable precisely because they are simple goblins. Overall a good novel and worth a read especially since it’s on the shorter side <<less
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Xaverius rated it
February 16, 2016
Status: --
It similliar to re:monster but it was more epic because the MC is not way too op and need help from his friends which is refreshing its a good novel and the fighting scene also detailed and theres no r*pe (for naw)
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freezray rated it
February 25, 2017
Status: v1c74
A fantastic piece of work it really took me by surprise. There's serious dept here that you absolutely wouldn't expect. The reason that I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I found myself bored towards the last 15 or so chapters. This is far more a personal reason and not a serious negative. It's just personally I enjoy the kingdom building, enemy fighting and evolution portions a lot more then the (in my opinion) trivial diplomacy, Different character perspectives and "quest" like parts of the story.
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