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Tomokui Kanata has been reincarnated into the weakest race, goblin, and given a new name, Rou, after having undergone an unfortunate death. However goblin Rou has retained his previous life’s memories, an unusual evolution, as well as being blessed with ability to gain status boosts from eating.

In this alternate world of survival of the fittest, will the goblin party end up becoming the heroes of this world?

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Re:Monster -Shisatsu Kara Hajimaru Kaibutsu Tensei-ki-
Re: Monster~Monster reincarnation chronicle starting after being stabbed to death~
Re:Monster ~刺殺から始まる怪物転生記~
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New RedsBlue rated it
April 10, 2024
Status: c100
This starts off super interesting. But sorta devolved into harem isekai wishfillment instead of writing.

... more>>

there's this really thought provoking moment where the human women die and new human women show up. It's so f'n interesting to see how this character deals with it. Makes peace and learns to work with random human women. Then it's like the author got into the chapters in and sorta just took every other isekai and pasted the rest of the plot. He was actually building interesting thinking beings and even the human women were starting to become interesting then nope. ISekai empty ass plot time YAy was turn on. It's one of those great ideas... Wish for a different author moments.


2 stars I've never given anything this low of a rating. I normally just post nothing but this had such a good start. Such a talented interesting start. Before it turn to mush I feel like I have to save folks time. There's gonna be people who dig this book though. I'm happy for them to have that but the warning THIS IS WHAT IT IS moment. should be said. <<less
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mystichead rated it
November 9, 2015
Status: c201
I liked it a bit in the beginning...
But there is Survival and necessity or even just for major profit.... and then there is just sheer dickery...

The Protag is a serious douchebag.... I dont mind him not caring for justice or anything... and I also accept to a degree where since he is now goblin, and not on earth, many of the ethics and morals dont apply... FINE... COMPLETELY VALID

But this guy takes unnecessary aggressive steps in just being an a**hole, killing sentient innocents... r*pe and torture... of someone who is just weaker and not TRUTHFULLY opposing him.... or just FINDING excuses to unleash mayhem, destruction and to r*pe and pillage...

In the beginning there is some justified stuff, and he showed relatability... He felt regret and guilt and even disgust at his own actions.. and he cared for those who suffered pointlessly.. to a degree... but now the type of character that the MC shows left and right is similar to the following: [this did not happen in the story but events that follow the same logic happened multiple times]
-MC approaches farmer to borrow shelter.
-Farmer invites MC to dinner with family of wife, older son, adult daughter, child daughter and child son.
-Dinner isn't spicy enough so that's reason enough to attack the wife, family defends wife and asks to leave
-that resistance is sign of war, farmer and older son is brutally tortured slowly, wife is beaten in middle of being r*ped because she doesn't want to enjoy it, the young children will be set aside and bound for s*x s*avery for the other goblins and him, the adult daughter will now be r*ped and slowly magically fall in love with him cuz she's addicted to his s**en and the magical powers they give her..... All the while the author will portraying it as isn't this the most hilarious thing ever, they deserved it... Or the "I do what I want b*tch" cuz I'm powerful... He's more like an cookie cutter evil bandit king stereotype now than anything else... Which I guess is novel if considered perspective wise....

I can enjoy and understand the fact that he only cares for those he cares for... or more specifically those he f*cks... and that outside this layer he is cruel to the rest... but you can be cold and cruel without being an active agitator, aggressor, or just pure a**hole... And he just isn't relatable at all

The problem is He doesnt just do it once.... he does this repeatedly... and you start to really hate him.... and its being played off as funny or justified... its not.... and im not usually easily offended... I enjoy Cards against humanity too much for that to occur

I guess.... it can be a fun read.. if you're ok and think you can manage constant a**holery from the protag
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sadsa rated it
June 1, 2016
Status: --
This is a blatant wish fulfillment fantasy, made especially obvious when the author practically bleeds through during the s*x scenes. The MC (or author) of course has to be an absolute chick magnet, right? As he evolves, he again, retakes the role of harem MC of his previous life and enjoys many days of snu snu. The popular playboy MC dies? Okay let's have him reincarnated in to the weakest race, only to have said race be imbued with the the ability to evolve and make void the quality that... more>> was theoretically supposed to have been a handicap in the first place, rendering any possible obstacles obsolete before he even encounters them. Anyway, there's no plot at all and this exists for the sole purpose of self inserting and if that's what you're looking for then go ahead and take a read. <<less
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Rain-XIX rated it
August 1, 2016
Status: v1d61
Is actually interesting at first till you realize it's a wish fulfillment novel in disguise. The mc's power is s*upidly op, has op plot armor and after day 30 you'll realize the entire process will be eat-get new power-fight new badie-kill badie-proceed to take and semi r*pe their women.

Yep he r*pes by using aphrodisiac slime bs and then has the f-king gal to say it's consensual. If you want a mu*dering, pillaging, raping, ret*rded plot armored, hypocritical MC then this for you!
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JohnyXD rated it
January 18, 2017
Status: --
I really don't get the low ratings here. So I'll try to defend it for a bit by pointing out a few things readers may misunderstand.

It was never mentioned in ANY part of the story, be it in the novel, manga or mobile game, that the MC is a hero, or even a good person. He is selfish, greedy, gluttonous, opportunistic, sadistic, vicious, blood thirsty, etc. The list goes on.

Not understanding the plot is only because the author is thorough in some aspects. The community gets bigger, more characters are... more>> introduced and are slowly getting more "screen time". That's story complexity, not bad structure.

The MC gets too strong? That's the point! What use is an extremely hardworking leader in fantasy world where no matter how strong you get, you'll always be weak! And make no mistake! He does get very OP. However, there are always some monsters just as strong or even more powerful than him. <<less
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ninjaerrant rated it
May 22, 2016
Status: c194
If you like power trip wish fulfillment fantasies with a somewhat dark feel, then this is probably the series for you. If not, avoid this like the plague, because it is pretty much prototypical in that regard.
It starts out well, but once he evolves a couple of times he becomes too OP for there to be any significant challenges. Incidentally, for those concerned about the r*pe tag

MC doesn't like r*pe, and tries to avoid having it happen in his tribe. There is some r*pe going on on the sidelines early on (goblins are r*pey little bastards), but he doesn't take part in that. However, later on he convinces a bunch of captives to become s*x s*aves for the goblins by giving them aphrodisiac until they ask for it. Hentai logic. Pretty sure that wouldn't hold up as consent in any modern court, but it does avoid any extreme r*pe scenes at least.

But yeah, he's a pretty scummy MC overall. If a somewhat hypocritical/generally amoral MC bothers you, probably avoid this one.
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TaoTie rated it
June 7, 2016
Status: --
Just so You all know, hundreds of chapters have already been translated and posted on the wiki. This is a fun novel with evolution and skills. The story about a protagonist starting as the weakest monster and growing OP as hell. Such a delicious story.
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Sillvog rated it
August 2, 2016
Status: c287
In the beginning I truly fell in love with this. Unfortunately later on as I read more and more about the MC in the later chapters, I suddenly caught myself wishing something horrible would happen to him. At that point I realized I had fallen out of love. When you start to root AGAINST the protagonist, it's time to cut your losses. I now sorely wish I had not read ahead at re-monster. Wikia. Com as far as I did. The thing that hurts the most though is that I... more>> still very much like several of the support characters and the general setting of the story, but can no longer stand the MC.

Goodbye my once love, it is with a bitter taste I now leave you. <<less
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greycolors rated it
December 30, 2016
Status: --
Read the manga more than the LN, but the beginning was pretty great. The MC shows that he has this sort of frontier justice attitude when he kills a bunch of s*x s*aves kept by his goblin clan, and tries to show mercy to some intelligent visitors. He also has real struggle and difficulty in his battles, needing to rely on his friends and wits to win.

This completely reverses itself after a while. He becomes god compared to anything around him and becomes a vile raping and pillaging piece of... more>> tr*sh. What totally lost me is when he takes the servants of someone that pissed him off (the servants were innocent and showed themselves to be calm and reasonable compared to their boss), and makes them into his goblin clan's public s*x s*aves, completely reversing his original morality. Things don't improve from there. If the story was going to make the MC become a horrible person, it should have either given some reason for his gradual moral decline, or at least been self aware than he had become a monster instead of acting like he is still a good person at heart the whole time. <<less
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scribbledoutname rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: --
One star is all this series deserves.

I love wish fulfilment. I love power fantasies. I also love the monster evolution element of this story... but I can't read stories with piece of sh*t MCs.

Rou is a complete piece of shit. None of his flimsy justifications would fly in real life, and the fact that he's in another world doesn't make this stuff OK (capturing someone and drugging them until they succumb to a desire to have s*x is still r*pe. I've read some comments trying to justify this plot point.... more>> Go on, try it in real life and see how that works out for you. As I said, Rou is a piece of shit).

Anyway, there are two major problems with this story:

1. Rou is extremely hard to relate to. He seems reasonable at the very beginning of the story but quickly throws away any semblance of decency. His reasoning is "hey, I'm an ogre now", completely disregarding the fact that he was born with human intellect and morals and ogres are not. So... you can use the retained memories of a human to completely overhaul the life of the goblin colony you were born into, but somehow you can't use your retained morality to exercise restraint? Anyone notice a huge hole in his reasoning there? I call bullshit.


2. TMI. The journal format is enjoyable, but the story quickly degenerates into an infodump of things nobody cares about. Rou doesn't have to cover every last thing he stumbles across and eats. It's boring and you'll find yourself skimming a lot.

I gave this a long (ish) review because this is actually one of the first LNs I ever read, and it got me into reading RPG LNs, but at the time only a few chapters were translated so I had no way of knowing this series would go downhill so fast.

TL;DR: This is a power fantasy that fails miserably because of a crappy MC. If his decisions don't make you angry, cool. If you need to like the MC and what they do to enjoy a story, stay away from this, you'll only be disappointed. <<less
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Horoscope rated it
May 17, 2017
Status: c200
The story can be further read on it's wiki page. Unfortunately, the author ran out of things to write about. This is the problem with weak to Strong' novels... They eventually hit god class, become invincible, and lose all tension. What is frustrating is that the MC was already pretty much to invincible after chapter 150 ish and you can tell there is nothing else that can stand in his way. Yet the author just keeps stacking more and more OP powers onto the MC. It becomes more and more... more>> like a wish fulfilment novel to the point I can no longer read this, as the tension is gone and the MC is just being a jerkwad. The MC's association with the opposite s*x is also handled rather poorly, to the point that those that he violates... become his loyal followers? Looking back on it the author probably just wanted to add more characters, which was also why I don't like this novel. So many characters! Especially love interests!

Finally my reason for dropping this novel is because the next strongest opponent is a peace loving being, and I get the feeling that the MC is going to make an awkward choice in this. He's already offed those who could have been good allies for the sake of taking their abilities...

You eventually ask, what was the point of making him a goblin? The answer is sadly that no one wants to read the story about a human going from weak to strong. Asside from starting out as a goblin, there is nothing that separates this novel from the most cliché and boring reincarnation novels <<less
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Hawke rated it
May 4, 2018
Status: v10c8
Personally I really enjoy this novel, but I know alot of people won't read it because there's not many translated chapters. It's actually been translated more then what's shown here, they're just on the wiki for it.
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Bondage Radish
Bondage Radish rated it
November 27, 2016
Status: v2d93 ss
To start, you're probably going to have mixed feelings. But get rid of your feelings. Feelings are gross. Stop being gross.

Rou is a magnificent bastard par excellence. The best way I can put it is that he's a khan, first and foremost. A true warlord. He skips through deadly sins and general bastardy like playing hopscotch, so you should probably check your morality at the door.

Having said that:


Caveat: The middle is kind of tedious compared to the beginning if you don't understand what he's doing and why. That is, he's gearing up for a big, beautiful mu*derfest. Like I said, he is a khan.


All I need from a light novel is that it take me places I want to be, do things I want done, and introduce me to people I want to be with *coughcoughmicough* and this does all that for me.

no one man
should have all that power
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Raphael rated it
October 24, 2015
Status: --
lol when was this added here =D been reading off the wiki since forever and before that from the google docs =D good series I think it was my first of the gaming style series before that I only used to read japanese novels like MKnR or Campione! This novel is a good opener for the genre.

EDIT: nvm my first rpg like novel was Mushoku Tensei
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aytrama rated it
September 5, 2016
Status: v2d93
What do you expect from the title? He is a monster, reincarnated and evolving and adapting with cruelty and viciousness of a monster. R*pe, torture, bloodshed, comedy, wars, and everyday life.
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verine rated it
October 21, 2016
Status: v2d93 ss
Although the rapid development of the MC may seem a little hasty, this story has been a great read. I found it hard to actually take any of the dangers he faces seriously but the overall read is for someone who is looking for a break from reading psychological LNs all day. In any case, the MC lives a life of grandeur by vowing to experience everything in world. His interactions with his side characters is lighthearted but to his enemies no mercy is shown. His type of personality is... more>> cliche in this genre. Unlike some MCs, he is not shy about his physical needs and s practically a lady magnet. <<less
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rdawv rated it
February 2, 2016
Status: --
Re:Monster is written like a diary, and it reads like one written by a kid stuck on a wish-fulfillment fantasy. It's literally about how the MC eats, sleeps, powers-up. At first it was interesting, but as the MC grows he gets more abilities than he can use and overpowers every single challenge that he comes across. The side characters exist to revolve around the MC, they don't have much personalities of their own except to be his right hand and s*xual relief. There is no over-arching plot, no real danger... more>> to the MC, no prime antagonist. Each chapter is episodic in nature, a day-to-day adventure of a more le*d Superman. At least Arifureta's MC has a goal (going back to Earth).

I put this in the Frozen Throne category, ie, something you can read while doing your major investment in the toilet. <<less
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ieh rated it
December 4, 2017
Status: --
Reads like a dry checklist for a power tripping "NO YOU CAN'T MAKE ME DAD" story.

Main character's cheat is that he learns and gains ability from what he eats. You'd think it'd be limited to actually edible things but the MC can eat metal, giant ancient bones, poison, pretty much everything under the sun that he can fit in his mouth.

Each chapter represents a day in the new world and reads like a terrible checklist of abilities with casual mentions of torture and lots of horrible r*pe. R*pe is almost... more>> the currency of this fantasy world, every difficult situation is either solved by r*pe or the other side gives an offering of r*pe s*aves.

No characters are fleshed out and every woman has horrible r*pe-induced Stockholm syndrome while men have horrible torture-induced Stockholm syndrome. Since everything is written like a dry grocery list just listing out the skills the author gained that day from mostly cannibalism. <<less
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grandplex rated it
August 28, 2016
Status: c270
This developed much worse than I was expecting. The unique format/storyline was quite amazing in the first 100 chapters, but it started getting old fast after that. Aside from the MC having practically no redeeming features to make you like him, his development, and the stories development, comes to a screeching halt after he leaves his initial area. Sure, he picks up new skills left and right, and pops out babies, but nothing relating to the overall storyline progresses at all. It turns into a ruthless dark version of Death... more>> March (a light-hearted OP MC who goes around doing whatever he likes, with lots of fluffiness), which completely clashes with the story was going before. Finally, what on earth was the author thinking introducing hundreds of characters, and constantly referring back to them left and right for no reason, the story becomes a pointless information stuffed mess past 200 as a result. <<less
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Prometeo rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: c278
As a lot of reviewers started... I really liked this novel at first... but not anymore... I'll continue the review in a spoiler format. Its a kind of rant mixing the things I don't like and like.

... more>>

Initially, the things that some people say like the elf make to be sex-s*ave... I kind of passed it because the reasoning was plausible as the MC said... in a cruel world like that, and blah blah...

So he decided to take hostage of attackers (obviously of both sex) and dope them with aphrodisiac to convert them into mindless sex-s*ave for the goblins and hobgoblins... at some point in the chapter with the elf POV, the somehow are fine with that and are happy... I get that he does that for the reproduction of the goblins and because in that way they don't have to go pillage some village to get a female adult/kid like the ones on the first day.

I really get it, as I said before... but at that point, we know the MC character... a scum at least.

He befriends the elf and after a war with the humans, he goes to their place to offer a prayer for the dead elf soldiers... so MC goes with some lovers AND the previously captured elf turn sex-s*ave... just because for some reason they are now tanned and don't resemble who they were so that they pray for their family... I mean, MC even think "thank you God out there for making them turn that way so I don't have to lie to father-elf and maintain the friendly relationship with my new drinking buddy (father-elf)... although it doesn't matter if they recognize them either way"...

See? that's the kind of guy MC is at first... I kind of liked him at that point...

Later, it mixes some base development, leveling of cast... really bad pseudo-romance... and some plot in the "shadows"...

About the romance/harem... I generally like harem if it's well written, in this case, it's not... the female cast is there for whatever the case... I mean, you are a girl, captured by ugly goblins and hobgoblins... rescued by a black hobgoblin (no discrimination there) that talk the human language, and he says that you can go back to your village/city/country and reunite with your family... or whatever... normally you won't stay and fall in love with a monster... even if he saved you... The female cast/harem is there for the sake of that... the harem. Oh, and "Kanami"... the first female goblin that is with him... if in one of her evolutions or Rank Up you see that she have the same face as the stalker/little sister that killed you on your previous life and give you hugs that can split you in half, and have stalker tendencies... don't just say "Meh... whatever". MC tries to be cool-headed but it's just an idiot.

The thing later is a repetition of what I said before... leveling, etc. But for me, the thing that ruined this is the skill he gets to make clones and parasite.

Thanks to that, he practically fills the world with clones and parasite/s*ave people to spy the other countries.

So, he gets to know behind the scene plots... and even make/provoke a conflict of his own... just for the sake of "plot armor". I don't like this because it takes the suspense or the surprise of things...

Much later, as one of the reviewer have said... approximate in chapter 244, the novel takes the "gourmet" route...

He saw with his OP buddies, an OP dragon, an later a much more OP dragon as an ingredient for food, and on a later chapter you just read how good dragon meat taste and that bullshit.

At that point, I lost my interest in the novel. Even on the "serious" -ish part of the novel all the MC think is in dragon meat with sake... Meh...

Apart from that... MC is cruel and doesn't care for anyone but his harem club membership... With little kids who he kidnaps... he selfishly cures, bath and gives food so he can use them... although for the kid's let's say is good... but he forces them to train worst than the army and if someone dies he gives a sh*t about that... the same with the hero kid he plunders his fate, and later with the sub-cast of the said hero kid... there is two little kid, let say about 9 or 10 years... he makes them train in the rain with 3 times the gravity and cast a lot of undeath (strong) to fight...

At some point, I wished that someone close to him dies like his sons/daughters... when that happened I closed the browser...

The MC gets "unhappy" or "Irritated" if the quality or quantity of alcohol doesn't satisfy him... or if because you send a dragon as a messenger to some country as a threat and when you fly on the borders of that country and the patrols are chasing you, you attack them...

This novel is bad for MY hearth and mind...


Well, if you want to be corrupted in morals and the like, read this novel...

And if you don't want to read a ret*rded MC who is a god and create chaos for his enjoyment, leave this novel...


OH!... and I don't care if later this novel is good or not... the damage to my brain it's done at this point. <<less
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Stompai rated it
April 14, 2018
Status: v3d117
This novel in my opinion, while not being a masterpiece, can be considered as a good introducer to LN/WN genre.

It involve a lot of sub-genre such as reincarnation, evolution, army/kingdom building, op MC, harem, etc..

But as said before, it's not a masterpiece and the main weakness lie in the plot of this story. The MC is a "no f**k given, handle things as they come" type of character. his main goal in this new world is to eat good stuff... and that's all. no serious goal, no long term goal,... more>> not tension, just : "look for enemy > kill enemy > eat enemy > end".

Which is why after reading up to vol.3 I started losing interest, the content of the story is the same all along just on a bigger scale as MC grow stronger and thus kill stronger enemy and eat better food.

There is some kind of game system ruling this world poping at random telling MC completed said condition etc... but since MC don't care, we won't learn anything from it, beside, 1/3 of the info given are hidden and even if you, the reader, guess what's hidden it won't bring anything beside confusion. It's almost like it's here to troll you saying : "Look, there is actually an awesome plot playing in the background but it's not for you..."

At least the story stay true to itself, as a 1st person pov. If the MC don't care about something / don't want to think about something, you won't get any infos about it even if it look important. On the other hand if MC think it's important you get load of info about it, like the taste of food, quality of alcohol, benefit of hot spring...

Actually, the parts where you get the most informations are in the side-story, when you get a 1st person pov of a side character who actually care about what happen in the world around him.

All in all, my final review is : Good introduction to LN for new readers, fun at first, confusing / boring / frustrating after. <<less
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