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It is the story of a young man who died and was reborn as a level 1 skeleton soldier in an underground world. Follow our protagonist as he struggles to survive in a foreign, RPG-like setting surrounded by danger and monsters. Watch as he levels up and overcomes all obstacles through sheer perseverance and wit, rising to prominence

Lv1 Skeleton average rating 3.8/5 - 212 user ratings
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Level 1 Skeleton, Such a Pity
너무하네 1레벨 해골병사라니
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New ThatOneJester rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c49
I have no where most of these people actually called quits to this novel, but most of the reviews re kinda lying. Except that one that just seemed like advertisement... Anyways, the title is indeed about a person reincarnating as a lv 1 skeleton. But sorry to say to those who hate it, he becomes OP-ish after maybe 20 chapters? Regardless it was a decent read for what is available, and I would recommend it to others. The characters are alright in the personality department (especially a dragon far later... more>> in the novel). The plot seems decent since for a large part of the available chapters he has to use his brain a bit to level up or solve issues. There is not a lot of character development, but in how the novel is written it didnt bother much. my only problem with the novel is there are a lot of characters he meets who are completely biased in a way that pisses me off, not listening to reason when it is in their face with actual proof. Great novel though. Try not to listen to such negative people in these reviews. If you just look at the actual ratings you will see those people are hating on a novel they probably skimmed through. 9/10 times you would rate this novel with 3-5 stars. <<less
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New Rosver rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: --
The title doesn't really fit the story at all. Level 1 my ass.

The story actually starts really well with an interesting situation and atmospheric setting. It really feels like it would be a solid take of the reincarnation story... then the story deteriorates into random and often nonsensical plot-lines. Numerous incoherent developments happen with very little logic and sense behind them. It feels like the author is just writing whatever comes to mind. Sure, there are lots of things happening all the time, but it doesn't feel like there is... more>> any actual "story."

The characters are forgettable. All of them sucks as a character. The main character has no personality and his motivation change every chapter. There is this pixie (?), I can't remember exactly what creature that was, but god she is annoying. The other character are either bland or pointless.

The game-like level up system is a mess. Come on! An exponential point system? The author is such an idiot.


This story is just really messed up. <<less
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Sinai rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c9
Can't really recommend this. The "system" of the world is so bad it rapidly ceases to make sense.

Briefly, in this world, you get exponential experience for killing more than one creature at a time. By chapter 6 or so he's killing thousands of creatures, and there's no way to make this non-ludicrous. The ramifications are absurd - killing 20 people at the same time would be equivalaent to killling a million people one at a time.

There is no way to make this system work, at all, and it's only one... more>> part of the sloppy worldbuilding that's running rampant in this story.

Example: he class changes into an enchanter... spends some absolutely insignificant amount of time enchanting some trash he finds, then a chapter later he class changes into a lich, and him being an enchanter becomes completely irrelevant.

The writing is poor, the large cast of characters are utterly unmemorable, and we're subjected to humor like this:

"‘Legol, Arin, Hattan, you guys get minus two points. Mir, Tagan, Jenna, just the minus one. You three spiders hesitated too long so that was minus one point, also none of you cooperated as a team so minus one point for everyone.’

‘... ’

It was silent as none dared to talk back.

‘Hm, actually Arin performed quite well so you’ll be spared the penalty this time.’

‘Huh why? If it wasn’t for that spider girl, things wouldn’t have been so difficult!’

Jenna’s telepathic message was burning with hostility.

Jenna, minus one point for promoting internal discord, anything else to add?’"

Or maybe it's character development, I'm not even sure. Whatever it is, it's impossible to care about what is happening to these characters. <<less
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crazykat rated it
October 19, 2017
Status: c17
This story started out quite nicely with our MC getting reincarnated into a skeleton, but then the story just kept going down hill. Author just started adding everything you see in a dungeon story and accelerated it by 1000%. If the author actually took his time to build his characters and setting, this novel would have actually been an amazing read. At the end of the day all this novel has is "bones" no pun intended, there is no "meat" in it at all.

I recommend this novel for people who... more>> actually like reading a novel that has no real story, is extremely fast paced and has side character that agrees to everything MC says.

My final score for this novel:


Grammar: 8

Story:3-4 <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c50
The best way to describe this story is mediocre. It isn't bad, but there's nothing really special about it either. Most chapters have some time skip where the MC grinds a newly acquired skill to maximum immediately in the middle of a chapter, and adding in the actual time skips, it feels like the author is trying to rush through his own story.
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Torauth rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: c5
5 chapters in and I'm already really enjoying this one. Despite the MC not being able to speak his personality is well reflected in his silent outbursts, and this even adds an extra bit of charm to story so far. The fact that the MC is a skeleton heavily influences the way he behaves, and the writing is done well enough that you can clearly tell that the author has put thought into it. The translation quality is good as well.

If you're a fan of stat sheets and game-like elements... more>> then I reckon you'll enjoy this one. So far it hasn't fallen into the typical Isekai traps and instead gives off small vibes of a more light-hearted version of the early Arifureta chapters (without all the angst and revenge plot). <<less
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Cenarous rated it
September 28, 2017
Status: c3
Quick review on the first 3 chapters and some possible insight for how it will hopefully continue.

As of right now it's ok. Obviously this is only 3 chapters so getting a deep understanding is difficult but it does have positive which I hope continue to create something a little more unique than man turn to monster, blah, blah, blah.

First the MC can't talk and while I doubt it will continue forever (it would definitely be interesting if it did) I do hope it continues for awhile as you can... more>> get interesting interactions with silent protagonists.

The MC is also aware that he is a skeleton and is beginning to learn the benefits from it. I only hope that these aspects don't disappear due to something like overwelming power.

I would recommend a read and hope it doesn't slip up in the future. 3 chapters is hardly a accurate review but it is a good start to get an idea. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
November 13, 2017
Status: c21
So typically bad, that it hurts. Truly, this novel is copy, and paste of all the monster reincarnation stories. There's a pixie, which is Just a variant of the usual fairy. There's a human companion, whom Just so happens to act as the conscience. And, oh my, there's now an Elf as well.

The protagonist himself has absolutely no thought for himself at all. He moves according to the whims of those around him. Reacts to stimulus, rather than taking the initiative. Save the humans the pixie cried, so he does. Make the monster species your allies, the human companion says, and so he does.

It's Just so very typical Korean. Formulaic rise with bland protagonist whom never matures in anyway at all. He does however make sure to sprout some moral rubbish once in a while. Great.

I would not be deceived by the Hardship the protagonist experiences at first. For that is temporary. When a fairy is introduced as a companion, with typical happy characteristics, it's a trigger warning. TO AVOID.
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ninthlite rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: c9
Its ok. The story is not unique, as its just a generic story about reincarnating as a monster with stat/skill porn. However even for the monster power fantasies on this website this novel manages to make the MC incredibly op fast. Its chapter 9 and we already have more skills than the MC will ever use. Usually the best parts of these novels is when the main character has to struggle to survive before the MC becomes so envitably op that the story becomes meaningless, but this novel just is... more>> passing that by. Another problem with this novel is that its incredibly bare bones, barely any detail to describe anything. All I see so far is a boring story with pointless status porn. A minor quibble is that the monster evolution path so far doesn't really make sense, how does a enchanter level into a lich?

The story is not good, just incredibly bland and generic at best. <<less
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Horoscope rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c22
This is a well balanced story, despite the minor flaw here and there.

One of the biggest 'problems' with the story is that the system that runs it is too... game-like. Experience can be gained in great amounts by killing thousands of smaller creatures. As a result, killing a high level being is not as beneficial as farming lower level enemies, which is kind of silly by most game world standards. Additionally, some of the magic he gets has no relation whatsoever to what he is doing at the moment, and... more>> has a very 'game like' inflexibility (ex. getting enchanting skills when he doesn't have any weapons). So far, these flaws are balanced out by the fact that the MC has a LONG way to go. The rankings start at H and go all the way to (presumably) A rank, and maybe even S rank, with the added bonus of each rank having + and - (ex. H+ is stronger than H-). This ranking system has INCREDIBLE range, a dragon being only about D, and a world crushing level 665 Arch lich is only C+.

And recently, the Author managed to fill up a plot hole that has been bugging me for a while. I initially took it as poor writing, but there was actually foreshadowing to this.


The MC, at the start, had very minimal emotional reactions despite waking up as a freaking skeleton in another freaking world. He's like, 'oh, we're doing this now?' and that's pretty much it. This is one of the biggest problems with 'another world' based stories: the MCs just adapt way too quickly. He even says things along the line of, 'I am glad this doesn't freak me out'.

In the latest chapter (22), the MC becomes a higher level version of his race. It is hinted that, as skeletons are lower ranking existences, their intelligence and comprehension are generally limited to following orders and acting on instinct like animals. That being said, sometimes one might receive consciousness by chance, becoming a unique undead (there is a precedent for this as well). In this chapter, he becomes high ranked enough for his current race to no longer be considered 'small fry' and thus is now able to receive an ego/emotions.

And boy is his reaction good. 'Holy flip d*cking sh*t, im a skeleton and all my friends are monsters'. He is sent into turmoil that he would have normally spent days being traumatized about when he first awoke. It's even worse, because ALL of the experiences he has gone through so far under a 'guiltless' mindset are now crashing down on him. I wonder how the author will resolve this. I hope he doesn't cop out by saying 'and he gets over it'. Instead, please, give him a conscience!! I was originally disappointed by his willingness to kill those who could not benefit him/attacked him (a shallow and flimsy character trait), and was considering dropping this novel. It seems like a trend that every person has to become an unfeeling douche to become stronger, which is something that is arguably necessary, but looks really messed up when put into action.

Anyway, I hope the author carries this one out well. They have already proven to be good at setting things up, foreshadowing wise.


The Author's way of handling things in an interesting manner has ultimately kept my attention. I will continue to read this one for now, despite some minor flaws. They aren't so bad, and are easy to just ignore and accept. And hey, maybe another plot twist is in order!

Edit chapter 27

Its getting worse. -1 star for ending this chapter with MC hearing a girls cries of 'help!' in the distance.

OK, so the problem now is that no, he DIDN'T get any significant effect from his 'return of emotions'. It says it happened... but there is nearly no effect. Heck...


He is 100% fine with walking around buck naked in front of his subordinates. There is no explanation for this at all, other than 'he is a pervert'.


There is a SEVERE lack of world building. There are no explanations. I have so many questions!!!

Why makes the highest form of currency 'purple gold'? Like, is it purple? What does it look like!!You put two colors together and I don't know what to think!


On top of everything

He is human now. And it looks like he is going to be human for a WHILE.


The author is being clumsy to say the least. So, 4 to 3 stars for now.

Edit Chapter 40

Apparently this story is destined to run headfirst into every cliche in existence. The handling/detailing has gotten worse. Like, 'cliche' encounters can be great if they have good wind up and resolution to them, and it ISN'T that the author can't do it. No, instead the author is putting details into the WRONG places.


The recent misadventure with an elder dragon had SO much potential. I'm not kidding when I say that the author done goofed. One minute he is in huge trouble, the next he finds an exploit and wins the fight. That's fine. However, the moment he spares the dragon... jeez, this makes me want to puke:

-She suddenly becomes super loyal (like, super unnecessary details here. It's so poorly written you will have to read the latter half of chapter 40 to understand my pain).

-Oh boy, you were a GIRL dragon? THAT sure wasn't specified before (it was). Time to draw a HUGE amount of unnecessary detail to that!

-MC gets Another territory, and essentially accomplishes all of his goals. Now all that is left is to crush the invaders, which should be easy now that he has a rank +B dragon on his side. Also, said dragon that had been tormenting an entire nation for 100 years has been waiting for a rival all this time, which SHOULD MEAN that there are NO people left to challenge said dragon.

If there are ANY people that challenge them now that are either shocked about the dragon's existence, or stronger than said dragon by a huge margin, then forget taking off a star, I'm 1 staring this thing and dropping it immediately.

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VannVann rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: c9
Are you bored of mc's reborn in another world with op cheat skills? Are you interested in reading something ligh yet with some action in it? Are you searching for exploits and shameless tactics?

If you are this novel is for you!

Our ptotagonist is a Lv1 Skeleton, a rock bottom of rock bottoms among monsters. His rank is H- for crying out loud! He has no cheats at rebirth, only night-vision and ressurect lv1. Mind you that ressurect does not work as you would think and our MC survives his first... more>> day by sheer luck.

All he has is his natural perk of an undead creature - endless stamina.

And what do you do to survive in a dungeon as a tutorial cannon fodder? Answer: you grind and grind and grind and grind and grind your skills till they are at decant lvl, completly abusing your one and only perk.

And how do you deal with raid class monsters? Answer: you exploit and exploit and exploit and exploit the absolute crap out of their aggro and programming, doing endless cicrles for as long as it takes to down 'em, compleatly and utterly shamelessly claimng dat sweet sweet exp!

This story is simply fun to read and fufils my gamers heart - who doesn't love exploits?- <<less
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metazoxan rated it
October 27, 2017
Status: c51
This story is very entertaining if you're a major fan of "Reincarnating as a monster in a world with a level up and evolution system". The MC is pretty basic but is good enough to carry the story and unlike some that try and fail to make the MC a pitiful loner forever he manages to get allies and friends soon enough. There are, however, some major flaws that need to be mentioned. I'll try to convey the basic issues spoiler free but for those curious I'll elaborate in the... more>> spoilers

1. Evolution branches- The author barely even pretends that this is a branched system.

From the very start it's just "Because a sh*tty skeleton knight, become a sh*tty skeleton assasion, or become a skeleton mage" which is obvious since skeleton monsters are almost never good warriors. Then later on the other branches are equally worthless until the MC reaches lych and of the three he could become after that one was a vague entry and the other is ignored without a second thought. Normally novels like this at least try to craft a branching evolution system with the MC going down a specific path but here every other path besides the one the MC picks is clearly filler. The other monsters are even worse as when they evolution is addressed they just immediately jump to "Demihuman" status without even an attempt to talk about other options.

around chapter 50 it gets even worse as the MC is presented with three options Demi-lich, golden dragon, or golden slime. He chooses the lich evolution even though he's told it's pure evil by nature. He's given the power to resist that evil influence but only just barely and it still results in him losing most of his emotions that he only got back a single evolution ago! While it's obvious the MC would choose lich in the end as the novel is about an undead MC it shouldn't make it so obvious that the MC is choosing this path for the storie's sake rather than it being the best idea.


2. pacing- The pacing for this story is fast and not in a good way. I don't mean that it's skipping the grinding and wordy chapters. No it's just skimming over details and making things happen out of pure convenience to avoid having to take time to set up or explain anything. Later on there are even a few chapters that could have been their own volumes with how much apparently happened yet only some of it is even vagely described to us while the rest is simply implied. I understand if the author doesn't want to make a whole novel on certain things but sometimes a bit of world building and such and nessecary and they can't be just skimmed over like they don't really matter. Even if enough detail is given so that the story can be followed it still leaves the story feeling lacking.


The one tiem I don't mind the author's skimming habit is when the novel speeds through the early stages and jumps to lych. After all if the meat of the story is meant to be after that then it's fine. Novels like this tend to be slow around the early portion anyway so not much is lost. But even besides that too much is just being rushed though. Take for example the world roots. He apparently clears up all the pests but there is no details even on what this accomplishes besides a stupidly fast level up. Or like when he has the monsters evolve it's just "Surprise they are all humanoids now"... seriously? Isn't that a bit fast? Shouldn't they go through at least another stage or two? And of course there is the mess with the reincarnators. I mean they sacrificed one of their FIVE FREAKING MEMBERS just to SEAL a lych without even knowing what he did. I mean seriously? He even returned your vampire loli unharmed!!! Also Why did the girl not say anything? Only the golem tried to speak reason and was flat out ignored.

Then to make things even worse later on the leader of their group manages to arrange an ELDER DRAGON and her 4 children to attack him. BTW this elder dragon is blessed by Gaia and it the gaurdian of life and thus not only is biased again the MC but has the idea skill set to beat him... conveniently.


3. Skills- I just find the MC's skill composition dull.

I mean he's a damn skeleton with necromancy. He should try using it more. But he hasn't touched necromancy since the first time he used it. Instead he just relies on fire magic of all things (Shouldn't fire be a lych's greatest weakness?) with a little bit of lightning and gravity to stun and slow people down. Speaking of slow he got that ONE debuff spell "Slow" and never even tried to upgrade it or get another like it. Gravity magic itself isn't a debuff.

Then to make things worse he forgets ALL of this later on. After he gets the seal removed he hasn't used slow, gravity, or lightning even once and instead just uses fire for attack or uses the "creation" skill he got to just make skills. But since he can only own three created skills at a time this limits him in a lot of ways.


Overall If you like this type of story then it should satisfy you well enough. <<less
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Chance rated it
October 6, 2017
Status: c11
Its pretty generic but easy to read. The thing with this story is there is no depth. Maybe because it is just at the start, but things are coming too easily. Perhaps the author is going through his evolution too easily because he wants to get to the point where the plot develops and the MC can actually get a goal beside surviving.

again my recommendation is too read it, but beware that it is a bit bland/Generic. As of right now, my advice is to keep reading to see where... more>> this goes. <<less
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fearthedeep rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: c7
It's quite a simple little story so far, but it's also got me hooked already.

There's no OP cheat skill here so if you're tired of that trope you're in luck, the MC actually spends DAYS leveling things but since he's a Skeleton he has no fatigue and just spams things till they're at the level he wants them to be.

Excited to see how the story unfolds.
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TheGamingNerd rated it
November 10, 2017
Status: c40
Fun read for your free time

  • Fast story progress (no needless sh*t like conversation, s*x and other useless things like daily life in every detail
  • Cold MC (the MC is pretty cold matches the story pretty well cause he is afterall a lich)
  • I think there's no drama in it it's just fun read (still chapter 40 propably someone will die in the future)
  • Necromancer MC plus a monster like lich :D
  • Op To the extreme
  • Not for xuanhuan or xianxia fanatics
  • Translation stability
Thats about it the story is fun pretty fast pased those who... more>> like fast progressing story will love this <<less
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Yung_lane rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: c8
It's pretty good, my only major qualm is the writing is fairly simple, but in the same vein it makes it an easy enjoyable read. Also I'm not a huge fan of the evolution choices, they're quite boring


no class --> Wizard --> Enchanter --> Lich...?? Hopefully his next upgrades are more combat orientated as I felt dejected after the choices.


But other than that...I mean it's only 8 chapters at the moment, but it looks fun.
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ProXy4 rated it
October 2, 2017
Status: c8
While it is a simple story, it´s definitely worth as read. The MC is reincarnated as a skeleton, but doesn't have any OP cheat. He grinds and grinds, like a true rpg hero, and has an interesting personality. Reminds me a bit of Ian from Praise the Orc.
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November 9, 2017
Status: c8
It's not bad but it's not that good either. It's a great read to just pass some time but it is sourly lacking in world building.

15 chapters in all we know is that the MC is in some kind of dungeon somewhere since he neither attempts to get out that strongly or gather intelligence from the outside.
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Ascension rated it
November 8, 2017
Status: c36
It started out really interesting unfortunately last few chapters the quality of the story has been going down. It's like the author wants to make a darker story but ends up failing while trying to be comical also.

... more>>

The MC goes to a cave as he gets a quest to clear that cave, while there, he sees multiple girls getting raped.... BY ORCS. At first he's decided to not intervene cause it's not his problem, but later he saves them but only due to happenstance. Up to here all is understood, it kinda makes sense considering he's like a game character and up until recently he was a skeleton so no feelings. Later on he meets those girls again, yet again he pities them and helps them by offering to get them into the same hotel as him. But those girls end up in his room in some miraculous way by morning, and a few chapters later, it's like they are stupid fan girls. They got raped by orcs, but it's fine cause they love our MC and need to be by his side. So now you've got 3 cute girls that are like sisters that once were raped by orcs, but they're acting all giggly and googly with our MC like nothing happened. Although I'm not one of those people that drops a novel due to a rape scene, but this scene and the subsequent scenes felt so unnatural that it's kinda disgusting.

Another scene that I felt was so out of sync was when our MC chooses to take a bronze mission from the adventurer guild. (this is the beginning of the story so bronze is probably among the lowest type of missions.) Anyway he chooses to "kill the goblin king". This goblin king was terrorizing some villages in that region. He ends up going and killing him, but when he comes back the author makes it look as if he's the newest hero of the country. He says that the kingdom's army already tried killing that goblin king but after getting the spoils from that village, they ended up failing. So.... our MC who just recently got his powers, and is supposed to still be at the beginning levels kills the monster army that was supposedly impossible to kill by a freaking kingdom's army. Really???? REALLY???


The story started out really well.... our MC wakes up in the body of a skeleton and in a catacomb system, while there he has to survive and level up using his smarts. Honestly up until recently when things have started feeling fake and unnatural I would've rated the story 5 stars. Now I'm thinking I want to rate it between 2 stars and 3 stars. I'm still going to be reading this for a while, to see if the author wakes the hell up... but if he keeps doing this type of mistakes i'll probably drop this. Forgot to say, the translation is very good and readable. <<less
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neetKING rated it
October 20, 2017
Status: c21
if you are looking for really good and juicy story for your main reading list this is not for you but it is pretty good as a filler story since it is fast pace d nice story and very intresting powers and ranking system story grows not in only one one direction and MC have many other good qualities rather than being a cheat overall for me it is a five star since I picked as a filler read and its is too good for that and everyone should at... more>> least try it at least once <<less
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HellSingFang rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c18
I really like the story.

The leveling and evolution at the beginning is really easy and it depicts how hard working our MC is in working hard to raise his skills to max level.

We don't really know much about the world that he is in other than he is currently I some type of dungeon.

Give it a try.
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